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Video to text for Video Editors
Automatic Transcription Tool

Happy Scribe can securely transcribe your videos
in more than 119 languages and accents in a matter of minutes.

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Why Happy Scribe?

Der Transkriptionseditor - Happy Scribe

How to convert a video to text?

  1. Upload your video. We can transcribe almost all formats of audio and video files. No size restriction.
  2. We auto-transcribe your file. Your file will be converted from audio to text in just a few minutes.
  3. Proofread and Export. Make sure that the transcript is well transcribed. Add some final touches and click on export.
Create Natural Subtitles from Transcripts

Natural Subtitle Engine

Easily transform your transcripts in subtitles, our algorithms will ensure that you get the most accurate captions for your videos.

Create Markers from Transcript

Markers Integration

Easily import your transcripts on AVID & Adobe Premiere to fast-track your video-editing process.

Change transcript/subtitle timecode

Offset Timecode

We read the meta-data of your file to set the offset timecode and frame for your transcript. But you can also set it up manually.

Align Transcript and Audio

Realign Transcript & Track

After you edit a transcript, it might be useful to realign the text and the audio to ensure a correct timecode throughout the document.

Create Subtitles from Transcript

Subtitle Export

Export your file in SRT, VTT (beta), STL (beta)

Team Management Option

Team Management

Collaborate with your team by projects. You can create an unlimited amount of team.

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Why Transcribing Audio to Text?

Reduces Editing Time with Synched Time Stamps

Synched timestamps, like the ones you can get with Happy Scribe, help speed up the video editing process by allowing a producer to quickly identify and make comments about the part of the video they want to include or discard.

Creates Accurate Subtitles and Captions

Happy Scribe’s Natural Subtitling Engine™ algorithm uses millisecond level timestamps and heuristics to generate highly accurate subtitles automatically.

Simplifies the Translation Process

With a finalised transcript of your video in hand, you can quickly translate your content into any language you need. Ultimately expanding the distribution reach of your video.

Easily Extends Your Content

Scanning transcription text is much easier than watching hundreds of video hours. This makes it quicker to find interesting content that might be great for reformatting, recycling, and re-promoting through different mediums such as social media posts, podcasts, or an engaging e-mail newsletter.

Facilitates Efficient Team Collaboration

Happy Scribe for Teams allows multiple individuals to watch the video, highlight relevant text, communicate ideas, insert timestamps, and provide comments in one centralised document. This reduces the need for cross-referencing Word documents and results in an efficient team collaboration process.

Improves SEO Rankings

Including subtitles and transcriptions with your video increases SEO rankings, as search engines need text to crawl through. The end result is increased viewership.

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