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Automatic Transcription Software

Lightning fast video and audio to text transcription
Upload in any audio or video format
Available in +119 Languages and Accents

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From audio to text, in minutes

Advanced Punctuation
The transcripts generated by our Automatic Transcription Software include commas, full-stops and question marks.
Fast, very fast transcription
Automatic transcription enables you to get a first draft in less than 20 minutes for 1 hour long recordings.
Accurate Automatic Transcription
Our automatic transcription software is probably the best out there. Get audio and video files converted to text which is actually usable.
Speaker Identification
Our automatic transcription creates a new paragraph when your speaker changes. Add speaker names with the click of a button.

Interactive Transcript Editor.

Proofreading Helper

Edit your automatic transcription faster by looking only at the places where our software struggled.

Highlight and Comment

From leaving a note for yourself to highlighting areas for a colleage to check, we give you the freedom to edit your transcript as you wish.

Sharing Links

Share a link of your transcripts in view-only mode or with editing options for easier collaboration.

Timecode Management

We auto-detect the starting timecode and frame rate for your transcript and give you the ability to change it to match the original file.

Embed Transcript Player

Add a copy of your transcript on your website to leverage the power of search engine and increase your viewership.

Personalised Vocab.

Your transcripts include proper nouns, accronyms or terminologies? Add them to your vocabulary and we’ll properly transcribe them.


Happy Scribe
4.6 Great experience and the output is great!

Happy Scribe
4.6 Best transcribing software ever.

Join +300 000 Happy Scribers!

Transcribe in +119 Languages

Export your transcripts

Text Files
Plain Text (.txt)
Microsoft Word (.doc)
PDF (.pdf)
Interactive HTML (.html)
Subtitle Files
SubRip (.srt)
WebVTT (.vtt)
EBU-format (.stl)
Avid Markers (.txt)
Premiere Markers

And more...

Teams on Happy Scribe

We made it easy to create teams. All the transcripts can be accessed by everyone that is part of the team through a dedicated dashboard. We also offer centralised billing for your company and many other collaboration features.

Integrations & API

Connect Happy Scribe to your apps for seamless transcription and make your workflow more effective by integrating your systems with our API.

Love from our users

Happy Scribe
4.8 The integration of editing text and audio syncing is the best I have seen. It was a pleasure to work with Happy Scribe.
Happy Scribe
4.8 Excellent transcription software. Highlights anything it feels it might have got wrong but corrections are easily made as the audio is available to play along with the transcript without having to hook up drives etc. Very impressed!
Happy Scribe
4.8 I had been looking for a powerful tool like this for years in graduate school and documentary production. I found my match this year.
Happy Scribe
4.8 I've been able to post the output with minimum error corrections. Much unlike any other that I have used so far. I strongly recommend Happy Scribe for all transliteration jobs.
Happy Scribe
4.8 Great service and easy to contact for help with questions. I used this service for my dissertation study and it saved me a lot of time. I’d recommend this service to anyone in need of quick transcription service.
Happy Scribe
4.8 Happy Scribe saves me so much time. As a journalist, my dream was to have an intern to transcribe my interviews to me - but Happy Scribe answered my prayers instead! And for a reasonable price too. Super happy with it.

Join +300 000 Happy Scribers!