It is commonplace for companies today to video their business conferences. Many do so in order to live stream keynote speakers and/or to keep a record for historical purposes.

What many don’t consider is either converting the video content to text or additionally recording the conference and converting the audio to text.  

Having a word for word text transcription of keynote speeches and roundtables from a conference are highly valuable. Transcriptions can aid journalists, press officers, meeting organisers, and senior executives. From updating people who weren’t able to attend to engaging your audience after the event, the versatility of transcribing audio to text from business conferences is far-reaching.

Here are 8 ways automatic transcription can improve your next conference:

1. Update Absent Attendees

If you work for a multi-national company, it will often be physically or financially impossible for all relevant employees to attend an important conference.  

Creating and providing automatic transcripts of key conference speeches can update individuals unable to attend. This is particularly useful for major corporate events that absolutely need to pass down conference information to all employees. It can also be helpful at conferences with simultaneous panel discussions.  An attendee that wants to attend both can relax a little bit better knowing they can get the content for both streams later.

Whilst one solution is to just offer a link to the video of the speech or roundtable, the reality is that reading a transcript takes far less time than watching a video or listening to a recording of the entire thing.  Additionally, it is quicker to find and jump to a relevant part of a conference speech in text form.

2.  Eliminate Note-Taking

I’ve been to many business conferences in my days as a marketing manager for an investment bank.  Business conferences are information packed, generating copious amounts of content that sparks ideas for new projects or ways to be more productivity in the office.

The trouble is, as soon as you are boarding the flight home and reengaging in your email, nearly all of those ideas dissipate.

Even if you tried to take notes during a conference, you often find that what you wrote is unintelligible or missing the key points.

If you are an attendee at a business conference you may want to consider recording any important sessions you attend.  By adhering to some good recording techniques, you can walk away with a quality recording that you can easily convert from audio to text later.  This will free you up to fully listen to the event and ensure that every critical point said is captured.

If you are a conference organiser, offering an unabridged transcription of the speech later to all attendees will help them relax and be more engaged in the discussion.

3. Bolster Social Media Impact

An audio to text transcript of the keynote speeches and roundtables at your conference will be a godsend to any employee in the Corporate Communications Department.

Excerpts from a transcribed event can be used in a variety of social media outlets. Instead of a press officer having to jot down notes during the conference and later paraphrasing, there will be exact quotes in the transcript that can be pulled for tweets and company web pages.  Finding interesting and important snippets is also much easier in text form.

4. Craft Press Releases

A two day business conference generates more content than our ancestors probably encountered in their whole lifetimes. Many thought-provoking ideas are discussed. Often new research is released. Content that the press would be desperate to report on.

A transcription of the key speeches at your business conference can be an powerful tool for press officers to craft thought-provoking press releases. Moreover, a transcript can provide juicy, accurate quotes and statistics to include in the press release, something that journalists love.  The benefit for your business is the possibility of getting additional positive press coverage of your conference.

5. Enhance Journalist Relationships

If you have invited media to cover your event, you can go one step further and offer attending journalists a full transcript of key speeches afterwards.

Most journalists work to tight deadlines and are juggling several story ideas at once. Providing select journalists a full transcript of a speech that you want to be covered in the press will help gain favourability with those journalists. A full transcript will save them time and make sure that they quote accurately. Maintaining positive relationships with key journalists is essential for any company.

6. Develop Marketing Materials for Clients

Were there some key clients that couldn’t attend the conference?  How about packaging up a pdf version of the keynote speech and emailing it to every individual that was unable to attend? A nicely formatted and branded transcript from a key speech is a simple piece of marketing collateral to develop and provides an additional connection to clients.  

Such a valuable marketing piece can also be used at future conferences and events as promotional material.

7. Translate for Global Audiences

Once your conference speeches are transcribed, it becomes easy to translate into other languages. Providing key content outside of the original conference language can help you reach a global audience. This is beneficial not only for clients but for employees that may not speak the same language the conference was conducted in.

Whilst professional translators can capture all of a speaker’s words directly from an audio or video file, a written copy of the words will make the translation more accurate and speed up the turnaround time.

8. Create Subtitles for Accessibility

It is increasingly important for businesses to make all communication as accessible as possible.  Providing only a video version of a key speaker or roundtable does not cater to those clients and attendees that are hearing impaired.  Including a transcript alongside any video fulfils this requirement.  Even better yet, a full transcript can be downloaded as an SRT file to easily add subtitles or closed captions to all of your business videos. This is especially useful for adding subtitles to  LinkedIn videos.

Whilst not every speech or roundtable at your conference will warrant an audio to text transcription, the key ones will. Having a full transcript of the most important parts of your conference will yield many versatile uses from crafting press releases to further engaging with your target audience.

If you are interested in obtaining an automatic transcription of your latest or next conference, then contact us at Happy Scribe.