Whether you are a professor who records oral histories for your research or a market researcher looking to document the conversations that took place during your most recent focus group, Happy Scribe’s transcription services allow us to easily transcribe your audio files to text in just a few minutes.

We then synchronize the audio and text in an easy-to-use, friendly interface where you can edit your transcript. To minimize editing time, it helps if you can provide us with the highest-quality audio possible.

While phones, laptops, and notebooks often have built-in audio recording and talk-to-text capabilities, the quality of these apps tends to be rather limited.

Dedicated audio recording and editing apps -which you can often download for free- can help you get the highest quality audio files possible. Audio recording apps filter out background noise and produce crisp, clear audio. Audio editing apps allow you to pause, delete, and mute your audio as necessary. The apps can also store anywhere from hundreds to thousands of audio files.

Here is an overview of some of our favorite apps for audio recording and editing:

Audio recording

This cloud-based note-taking app automatically syncs across your devices and operating systems. It markets itself as a notetaker, pocket notebook, and to-do list all in one. While there is an audio recording device, there is no option to convert audio recordings to text. There is a monthly subscription fee.

Audio editing

This free app has a wide range of audio-editing effects including the ability to record, delete, and mute audio. The platform offers advanced editing tools and plug-in support.

This free app has a clean interface and is available across multiple platforms (including online). It is a fast and functional audio editor that is idea for people who do not need a lot of bells and whistles.

Ashampoo Music Studio
This app has an easier-to-use interface than Audacity and is great for simple tasks like splitting and trimming files.

Let us know how else we can help you get the highest quality audio so that we can make your transcription process as seamless as possible!