At Happy Scribe, we work frequently with video-editors. They told us how painful it was to create captions for their videos. In today's world, you basically can't afford not to have subtitles on your video for two major reasons; which are accessibility and retrievability by search engines.

One such video-editor (from a famous educational platform) explained that he was spending 1,5 hours to generate subtitles for a 5 minutes sequence. Insane. No?


To answer this problem, we are releasing  Natural Subtitling Engine™

What is it ?

It's an algorithm we've developed on top of our transcription product which uses millisecond level timestamps and heuristics to generate high quality subtitles.

To generate high quality subtitles,  you also have to take into consideration many elements such as the punctuation, the number of characters readable etc ... To build this subtitle generator engine, we've been looking at how leading broadcasters are dealing with this. Our Natural Subtitle Generator Engine was  designed to comply with the BBC Subtitling Guidelines.

The video below was transcribed and subtitled 100% automatically without the help of any humans.

What subtitling format do you support?

At the moment, we are able to generate subtitles in two different formats:

  • SubRip Cap (.SRT) is a very basic subtitling format which can be used on most web publishing platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc...)
  • EBU-STL (.STL) is a European format used by many broadcasters for subtitling TV programs.
  • webVTT (.VTT) to create video for web applications.

Need another format? We're able to build new subtitling exports in a matter of minutes. Email us at

Do I have to edit them?

Generating great subtitles is very difficult. As the BBC explains in its subtitling guidelines, it sometimes becomes a bit like an art. That's because there are situations where people will speak very quickly, or there are multiple people speaking at the same time.

In these edge-cases,  the subtitling engine has to make decisions based on that specific situation. That's why in many cases, the quality of the subtitles generated with the Natural Subtitling Engine™ will be very good, but not 100% perfect. That's why we propose an interactive subtitle editor:

Who is using it ?

Betevé, the TV channel of Barcelona has used our subtitle generator engine to provide subtitles on 90+ hours of regional broadcasting.

Maestro Corporation, this event promotion and concert ticketing system uses our Natural Subtitle Generator Engine for all their customers' testimonials.

And you? Start transcribing and create subtitles for your videos at