Did you ever wonder if there was an iPhone application that was able to record and transcribe the audio into text at the same time? Recently I had to conduct an interview outside of the office, so I did some research. I took my iPhone and I typed "Speech to text" in the search bar of the App Store (you could also type "Talk to text" or "Voice to text", it works the same way). I tested 7 applications in total and listed them all in this article.

What is the best Speech to text app for iPhone?

In an episode of Madmen (great show by the way), one of the main characters is recording notes from himself with an old 60's microphone and sends it to his secretary for transcription. The show would have been quite different with iPhones & computers don't you think? Here's the list of all the Speech to text apps that I tested:

  1. Transcribe  - The simplest one
  2. Transcribe Live - Best for live recording
  3. Speechy - The most complete
  4. Voice to text Pro - The straightest to the point
  5. Translate - The international
  6. Transcribe - The most effective
  7. Voice recognition - More simple you die!

Out of all the iPhone applications that I tried, some of them have very interesting points and are adapted to different situations and context. There is a certain satisfaction in "seeing your own voice" transcribed (almost) perfectly into text.

Here's the list of the best Speech to text app for iPhone iOS

Transcribe (The simplest one)

Transcribe is one of the first applications that you will see on the App Store. Out of the 7 Speech to Text apps I tested, Transcribe was by far one of the simplest. The interface is very graphic and intuitive.

Pros ✅

  • Import short video from your phone
  • Great interface, really simple to use
  • Large set of languages

Cons ❌

  • No live recording
  • No integration with Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Transcribe Live (Best for live recording)

Transcribe live app is optimised for live recording only. There is kind of a "Wow effect" to see the text appearing on the app while you are dictating. But don't be disturb! Otherwise your text is going to be affect by the background noise.

Pros ✅

  • Great for live recording!
  • Font size management
  • Speakers management

Cons ❌

  • Only 8 languages
  • Can't import files

Speechy (The most complete)

On all the 7 Speech to text applications I tried, Speechy is maybe the most complete one. You can either import an audio file or a live recording there are multiple options in the settings and a translation module.

Pros ✅

  • A large set of parameters
  • Integrated with Google translate

Cons ❌

  • Interface not very intuitive

Voice to text Pro (The straightest to the point)

Voice to text pro is a very good balance between a very simple app with six buttons and complete features. There is a large set of languages managed and there is a dark theme! A Speech to Text iOS app with a dark theme, what else?

Pros ✅

  • A good balance between complex and simple to use
  • Large set of languages
  • There is a Dark theme <3

Cons ❌

  • Not a lot of setting options

Translate (The international)

Did you ever dream of having an app that could translate what you said in real time? Well, that's kind of what Translate is trying to accomplish, and it works pretty well!

Pros ✅

  • Optimise for translation
  • Great for live recording/translation

Cons ❌

  • Complexe interface (ugly?)
  • Can't import file

Transcribe (The most effective)

I really liked this one as well; the interface is very well done. It's clear, you can either import a file or do a live recording. If you interview someone in Spanish or English this Speech to Text app will definitely be your best choice!

Pros ✅

  • Super interface
  • Live & import
  • Export in PDF,TXT, RTF

Cons ❌

  • Only works for Spanish and English

Voice recognition (More simple you die!)

This app has literally two buttons!

Pros ✅

  • More simple you die

Cons ❌

  • Live recording only
  • Can't import
  • Only works for English

All the Speech to Text Apps that I tested had very interesting features. However, the best iOS iPhone's Speech to Text app for you to choose will depend on your needs and the type of files you are dealing with.  In my case, I chose this one because I really liked the interface and because my interview was in Spanish.

What if I have longer audio files ? (more than 1 hour)

If you have a longer file (more than one hour), I would recommend using specialised tools. One specialised tool for recording and another one to import your audio file to convert them into text, like Happy Scribe.