Happy Scribe enters the world of broadcasting and media distribution with new high-quality subtitling features

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Happy Scribe enters the world of broadcasting and media distribution with new high-quality subtitling features

Happy Scribe's Quality Centre ensures high-quality, distribution-ready subtitles and transcripts with minimal revisions. Our Quality Centre, featuring subtitling Style Guides and Glossaries, also includes advanced settings like subtitle timing presets, transcription customizations, and more.

Barcelona, ​​June 2024 - The audiovisual language platform Happy Scribe has just announced a new launch that includes a series of innovative functions designed specifically to meet the needs of media and broadcasting companies. This latest update positions Happy Scribe as one of the most advanced subtitling solutions on the market, offering Netflix-quality subtitles that guarantee accuracy, personalization and efficiency.

Among the most notable features of these new tools are customizable style guides, which allow project managers to have meticulous control over aspects of timing, formatting, advanced grammar corrections, and speaker identification. Thanks to this customization, users can create subtitles that meet the highest standards of quality and readability.

To further streamline the process, Happy Scribe has introduced the ability to add specialized terminology to a glossary, such as brand names and slang, significantly reducing review time, and ensuring greater accuracy in subtitles. Additionally, special guidelines for SDH (Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing) and verbatim transcriptions have been included, supported by a team of professional linguists.

Key features of this update include customizable style guides that allow you to adapt style, timing, and formatting rules to achieve high-quality captions and transcripts. Users can request human-made grammar corrections to ensure clean, professional results. The platform also offers the ability to order verbatim transcripts that capture every verbal cue, perfect for detailed documentation needs. Additionally, users can customize how speakers are identified and tagged in their subtitles, with options tailored to specific requirements. The ability to create and manage multiple glossaries to include uncommon terms, industry-specific terminology, and proper nouns further improves accuracy.

New AI model for automatic subtitle generation

The new Happy Scribe update follows a previous recent release in the field of subtitle generation, Gen 2. This innovative artificial intelligence model is set to transform the way subtitles are created automatically, offering a combination unprecedented speed, precision and efficiency.

The implementation of the Gen 2 Model allows users to dramatically speed up the subtitle generation process, delivering accurate results in record time. Thus, expert linguists spend 24% less time refining the results of the subtitle engine, while accuracy increases significantly, reducing the error rate by 8%.

The AI ​​model for Gen 2 subtitles is based on two innovative components unique in the field of technology, the Syntactic Analyzer and Local Search, which work together to convert the continuous stream of spoken words into segmented subtitles in an orderly manner with timings. precise.

With the combination of these powerful new tools in the style guide and glossaries, and the advanced technology of the Gen 2 Model, Happy Scribe remains committed to improving and raising the standard of quality and efficiency in subtitling, offering solutions that transform the way to produce and manage audiovisual content by creators, audiovisual and media and broadcasting companies. The goal is to make it increasingly easier to produce professional, accurate and engaging content.

About Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is an audiovisual language platform that enables media brands, traditional language service providers and corporates around the world to scale their audiovisual language needs with ease. Combining language experts with cutting-edge AI, Happy Scribe helps teams securely manage collaborators, optimize collaboration, and produce high-quality transcripts, subtitles, and closed captioning quickly.

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