Two weeks ago we question ourselves on what happy scribers were doing with the transcripts ordered on Happy Scribe. We saw that the final purpose of most transcriptions was to have a basis to collaborate with peers. So, here we are, today, we are releasing Happy Scribe for Teams.

Teams for all

We could have only allowed teams for our business customers, but we don’t think that it would have had any sense. Researchers, journalists, video-editors, PhD students, and others all need to produce faster which requires good collaboration tools.  

  1. Team for Individuals

Basically, anyone with a Happy Scribe account can create a team and start collaborating on transcripts. With this first offer, we’ve set a “you upload, you pay” policy.

  1. Team for Business

However, if you need Teams for your company you might want to use Team for Business. It makes it easy to manage multiple teams and team members. The billing is also centralised to make things easier.

How does it work ?

  1. First you need a Happy Scribe account.
  2. Once on your dashboard, click on your name that will be displayed on the left side of the screen.

3.  Then Click on “Create a team” and follow the process. It’s very simple, you will be asked the name of your team, if you want to create a People or Business team and then invite members to the team. 😼

4.   You are ready to go, you can enjoy this new space for better collaboration.

We want your feedback, let us know what you think and what we can do to better serve you. Send me an email at 🎈