The whole Happy Scribe team is so proud to announce the launch of our new product: the Subtitle Generator. You can now automatically generate and edit subtitles for you videos in more than 119 languages.

After all, life if better with subtitles.

Na na na na, na na na na, ooooooh 🎢

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Constantly improving creator's productivity and creativity

Happy Scribe counts more than 300,000 users from all around the world. Our transcription software is used by many journalists, media-groups, researchers, video makers or podcasters. We convert audio to text for our users for many different purposes such as content creation, archiving and documentation, video subtitling or content production.

It’s more a fact than a prediction anymore but video is one of the next trends of the future of our internet. Most predictions state that by 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic β€” 15 times higher than it was in 2017. (source: Cisco)

Subtitles generated automatically (audio to text)

We realised that a large amount of our users we using Happy Scribe transcription software to generate subtitles and captions for videos. Those trends lead the team to conduct a research study about the the usage of Happy Scribe for video subtitling. The team realised that among all the professionals and individuals that were using Happy Scribe for subtitle generation we all had the same workflow.

In fact, the number of .srt file exports on Happy Scribe was multiplied by 7 during Q4 of 2019.

Happy Scribe's .srt exports - Q4 2019

Create a simpler video creation workflow

Current workflow for subtitle generation:

  1. Exporting final video from the video editing software
  2. Importing final video on the transcription software
  3. Proofread and edit transcription
  4. Export transcript in a subtitle format (ex: .srt)
  5. Import subtitle file on a subtitling editor
  6. Export subtitle edited final version
  7. Import the edited subtitle file back on the video

That's a lot of import/export between different tools right?

The idea behind developing the Subtitle Generator is to absorb multiple steps the create a leaner workflow in order to constantly make our users save time to improve their productivity and their creativity.

Generating subtitles with Happy Scribe Subtitle Generator:

  1. Importing final video Happy Scribe
  2. Generate and edit subtitles directly on Happy Scribe
  3. Export edited subtitles version from Happy Scribe
  4. Import the edited subtitle file back on the video editor Software (like Premiere Pro)
Edit subtitles to the last detail

Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator

Happy Scribe Subtitle Generator is a cloud-based web-application that automatically generates subtitles and captions for Videos. Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator generates subtitles for your video in more than 119 languages. Import any video format, generate and edit your subtitles to the last details and export your subtitles in any generic format or video-software compatible format like Premiere Pro.

Visual timeline & soundwave
Synchronise video and text with the interactive player

Control and adjust the speed and duration of your subtitles for perfect accuracy. The audio waveform allows for perfect placement.

Web-based and Collaborative

Our subtitle generator is cloud-based which means that you can access it from wherever you are while keeping it safe at the same time.

Characters per second & Characters per line

Readability is an important matter when doing subtitles. The CPS allows you to ensure that your viewers will have time to read your subtitles.

You can also manage the CPL. The CPL refers to the maximal number of characters that may appear on a single line.

Manage Caption Settings

Set the number of lines per caption or the number of characters per line to get the perfect captions.

Machine Translation (soon)

Translate your subtitles in 9 different languages in seconds.

Export your project
Export in any subtitle/text format

Subtitles aligned with your audio? Time to export your project and share it with the world!

All the Team is super excited about this product and we hope that you will like using it as much as we enjoy developing it. Start using our Subtitle Generator by starting your free trial on Happy Scribe.