In my job, videos take a huge place in our content strategy. It's always easier to watch a 2 minute video about a complex subject like big data or Artificial Intelligence than reading an article about it, right? In that case, you will surely need to add subtitles. This article explains all the steps to create subtitles for your videos.

In order to add  subtitles automatically on this video, you will need:

  • Your video in one of the following video formats.
  • A Happy Scribe account (it's free)
  • 5 minutes of your time

Tutorial: Adding subtitles to a video

  1. Create an account on Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator (free)
  2. Upload your video file
  3. Select the correct language
  4. Generate your subtitles
  5. Download your subtitles

I have this trailer of a new movie called REV and I want to add subtitles to this video to make it more accessible to those who are hard-of-hearing or to share on social media.

Trailer of REV movie (without subtitles). 
  1. Create an account on Happy Scribe Subtitle Generator
  2. In order to create and add subtitles to your video your will need to use a subtitle generator like Happy Scribe. To use Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator you will need to create an account. Don't worry, it's free and Happy Scribe offers a free trial for all its new users.

  3. Upload your video file
  4. Once you've created your account, click on the Upload button, select " Subtitles" and browse your video to upload it on the platform.

  5. Select the correct languages
  6. Happy Scribe uses Artificial Intelligence to convert the audio of your video into subtitles. So it's very important that you select the right language of your video. This way, you will increase the quality of your automatically generated subtitles. As the audio to text conversion is provided by a machine, you may need to review and correct small details and errors in your subtitles.

  7. Generate your subtitles
  8. Once you have uploaded your video file and selected the right language, simply click on the button "Submit". It will take approximately half of the file length to fully convert your video into subtitles.

  9. Download your subtitles

Once your subtitles are correctly generated, they will be automatically synced to your video. You can use the Happy Scribe's Subtitles editor to edit and your subtitles to the last details. You can correct the wording of your subtitles and change the timecode of each lines to make them perfectly synced to your video.
Once you did that simply click on Export > Select the subtitles format and Tadaaaaa! your subtitles are ready!

Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator

Here your go! You now have an automatic SRT subtitles file generated automatically:

Let's see the final result! Here is the result of my initial video with subtitles automatically generated and edited with Happy Scribe. If you want to have a look at my automatically generate subtitles files, feel free to download the SRT file.

Tadaaaaaaaaa! 🎊