If it's not the first time you are trying to hardcode subtitles to a video, you know it's a PAIN IN THE ASS*. I've tried to do it last week actually and wow... I never thought that something that seems that easy can be so complicated nowadays. But let's not talk about the past, because yes, it's the past. Happy Scribe just launched a Subtitle Generator that will generates subtitles and captions automatically to your videos. More than that, you are able to either download your subtitles on a separate file or hardcode them directly on your video. Does that sounds like an answer to what you're looking for?

*In that context, ASS refers to a subtitles format, didn't see that coming uh?

Tutorial: Burn subtitles on a video

  1. Create an account on Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator (free)
  2. Upload your video file
  3. Generate your subtitles
  4. Proofread and edit your subtitles (if needed)
  5. Download your video with the hardcoded subtitles

What does "hardcoded" or "burned" subtitles means?

By default subtitles are on a distinct file with the video. That way if you want to read your video with subtitles, you need to open the video with a video-player and then open the subtitles on the player. The thing is, some video-player or device don't support subtitle on a separate file.

"Hard-coding" or "burning subtitles" on a video means that you basically add the subtitles directly on the video by merging the video and subtitle file. That way your video will ALWAYS have subtitles regardless of the video-player, the device or the platform you are upload your video on.

How can I burn my subtitles on my video with Happy Scribe?

So I have this movie-trailer video and I want to hardcode subtitles on it.

REV movie trailer (without subtitles)
  1. Create an account on Happy Scribe Subtitle Generator
  2. To use the Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator, you will need to have an account, it's free and you can test our product fully by using your free trial. If you already have a Happy Scribe account, skip directly to step 2.

  3. Upload your video file
  4. You're in! We will now upload your video on Happy Scribe to generate your subtitles. Drag and drop your video to upload it on Happy Scribe. You can also import your video from your favorite cloud-based file storage like Google Drive or Dropbox or from your video platform like Youtube, Wistia or Vimeo.

  5. Generate your subtitles
  6. Once your video is upload, wait a bit till Happy Scribe proceed your video and generate your subtitles. Happy Scribe can generates subtitles for videos in more than +119 languages and accept most of the video formats.

  7. Proofread and edit your subtitles (if needed)
  8. Once your subtitles are generated they will be automatically added to your video. You can proofread and edit the timecode of all your subtitles to perfectly sync the audio and video. Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator make it very easy to edit your subtitles in every details. You can even edit the font or the position of your subtitles!

  9. Download your video (with hardcoded subtitles)
  10. That's it! Your subtitles are correctly generated and synced with your video you just have to download your video! In order to do that, just click on top-right corner button "Download". By clicking on "Download video", you will be able to download your video in .mp4 format.

    Et voila! You now have your video with hardcoded subtitles!
    REV movie trailer (with hardcoded subtitles)