Since its invention in 2010, Web Video Text Tracks (WebVTT) has become one of the most popular caption and subtitle file formats. This is in part because it is compatible with almost all major online video players, social media platforms, and video editors. The fact that it's a little more sophisticated than its older brother the SubRip (.srt) file extension may also have something to do with it.

The WebVTT (.vtt) file extension is broadly based on the SubRip (.srt) format, but is considered superior because WebVTT files allow for greater flexibility in the look of your subtitles and captions. A WebVTT file includes robust formatting options including greater font styles, colors, text formatting and placement. It is also the preferred format for HTML5 video. Vimeo, Brightcove and YouTube are popular platforms that use WebVTT.

Creating your own WebVTT file is possible; however, you have to generate your own timecode and this make DIY captioning very time-consuming.  Alternatively, a WebVTT caption generator will create the timecode for you and auto synch the video and audio. This allows you to quickly generate a WebVTT file.

Tutorial: How to Create a WebVTT File

  1. Create an account on Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator (free)
  2. Upload your video file
  3. Generate your subtitles
  4. Proofread and edit your subtitles (if needed)
  5. Download your WebVTT file

How to Create a WebVTT File with Happy Scribe

1. Create an Account on Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator

To use Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator, you will need to have an account. You can test our product without obligation with our 30 minute free trial. No credit card required.

If you already have a Happy Scribe account, skip directly to step 2.

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2. Upload Your Video File

Log in to your Happy Scribe account and click on 'Upload a New File'. When it asks you 'What do you need?' select subtitles. Next, simply select your video file from your device or import from your favourite cloud-based file storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. Alternatively, import your video directly from YouTube, Wistia or Vimeo. There is no file size restriction.

Upload a new file to Happy Scribe

With Happy Scribe, you can upload your video directly from your favourite cloud based storage.

3. Wait. Your Subitles Will be Generated Automatically

Once your video is uploaded, all you have to do is wait a bit.  Happy Scribe’s automatic vtt. caption generator will convert your video audio to text in a few minutes. Happy Scribe can generates subtitles for videos in more than +119 languages and accept most of the video formats.

4. Proofread and Edit Your Subtitles (If Needed)

The .vtt file generator has a very high accuracy rate.  However  no transcription is 100% perfect, so you may need to make some minor edits. Luckily, Happy Scribe’s Subtitle Generator makes this a simple process and even allows you to edit the font and the position of your subtitles.

Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator makes it easy to edit subtitles.
You can change the font, color, position and size of your captions with Happy Scribe.

5. Download Your WebVTT File

That's it! Happy Scribe's Subtitle Generator has correctly generated your WebVTT subtitles and synched the text with your video. All you have left to do is download your video! In order to do that, just click on top-right corner button "Download". By clicking on "Download video", you will be able to download your video in WebVTT format.

Happy Scribe has multiple subtitle formats.