For documentary producers, it can be very important to create markers to fast-track the editing process. Postproduction and production companies can use Happy Scribe to fast-track their projects.

Creating transcripts is making the post-editing process much more efficient. However, when you have dozens if not hundreds of recording hour to transcribe it can get very expensive or time consuming.

At Happy Scribe we've looked at how we could make this process simpler. We've discussed with renown post production companies to see how the process could be improved.  If you are working with Adobe Premiere Pro, you can now auto-transcribe your interviews and directly import markers in your video-editing software. You can now export your transcript for Adobe Premiere Pro without any problems and in a matter of minutes.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

How to create Markers ?

  1. Create an account at (If you don't have an account yet)
  2. Upload your file (We accept almost all video and audio formats)
  3. Go grab a coffee while we're processing it (Usually takes 1/2 of the audio length)
  4. Open your transcript and proofread it.
  5. Click on "Export" and select "XML (Adobe Premiere)"
  6. Set the offset timestamp if not correct.
  7. Click on "Export Transcription"

You're done, now you just have to open your Adobe Premiere Pro project and import the file. You'll then be able to search through your videos.

Our customers that use this feature explained us that they have been able to divide per two the time that they were spending editing. Why not you ?

Want to learn more, get in touch with us at !