More and more people are working from home. According to the figures from Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people working from home has increased by 140% since 2005. This has been possible thanks to the increase of huge telecommunications infrastructure but also thanks to the stability and the quality improvements of the networks (remember doing a Skype call in the early days?). Naturally, this trend increased the use of video conferencing tools like, Google Hangout, Zoom, Skype or GoToMeeting. Despite the rise of video-meetings, workers still need to take notes to better document and communicate the meeting's outcome. That's why transcribing the meetings into text is so important. In this article, you will learn how to transcribe a meeting from the tool GoToMeeting into text.

What is GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting's logo

GoToMeeting is a video-conferencing software that enables the users to meet with other persons through a computer. You can use GoToMeeting to host a team meeting, a customer interview or simple chat with your colleagues. Unlike other tools, GoToMeeting is a conferencing tool mainly oriented for professional use, it offers features like meeting scheduling or calendar synchronisation that make it very useful for work purposes.

Why transcribe a GoToMeeting recording?

It is recommended to take notes at every meeting. Most of the time during an in-person meeting, someone will be in charge of note-taking and keeping the focus on the meeting's agenda. During a video-meeting, that task could actually be automated! You just need to record the meeting and upload the recording on an Automatic Transcription Software in order to convert it into text. That way, you can share the meeting's transcript with your team or archive it.

To transcribe a GoToMeeting conference into text you will need:

  • A GoToMeeting account
  • The GoToMeeting Desktop App (Mac or PC)
  • An Happy Scribe account
  • 10 minutes of your time
  1. Go to the GoToMeeting website and click "Start free trial" to register

GoToMeeting offers a 15 days free trial, you will be able to use GoToMeeting for free for that period of time. Once your trial is over, you will need to buy a Premium GoToMeeting licence, the cheapest plan starts at $9.50 per month.

2. Download the GoToMeeting Desktop App

To use GoToMeeting, you will need to download the Desktop application on your Mac or PC. The other users that you will invite to your meeting will also need to have the desktop application installed in order to participate.

3. Create a meeting on GoToMeeting

Log in, click on "Meetings" and hit the button "Create a meeting", and pop-up will appear. Click the button "Meet now" to create a meeting directly.

Create a meeting on GoToMeeting

To invite participants to the meeting, click on the "People" button at the top right corner of your desktop app and click on the "Copy meeting link button". Anyone you share that link with will be able to join the meeting.

You can have up to 150 Participants with the $9.5o plan.

4. Recording your GoToMeeting conference

In order to transcribe your meeting, you will need to record its content first. To do that, hit the "Record" button. For privacy reasons, you can't record meetings without the participants knowledge. Once you hit the record button, an automatic-voice will announce to all the participants that the meeting is being recorded.

Start to record a GoToMeeting meeting

5. End the meeting

At the end of your meeting, click the "End meeting". Once you click on the "End meeting" button, your meeting's recording will be stored on your GoToMeeting account.

6. Download your GoToMeeting's recording

Log in, go to "Meetings" (1) and click on "History" (2). Select on your last meeting and go to "Download"(3) to download an .mp4 recording of your last meeting. This file will allow you to upload and transcribe your meeting on Happy Scribe.

Download a GoToMeeting recording

7. Sign up to Happy Scribe

(if you already have an Happy Scribe account, go to step 8)

To sign up on Happy Scribe, go to our signup page and submit your information.
Once you have completed our signup form, you will be able to upload a file. Happy Scribe offers 30 free minutes of transcription to all our new users. If you have a file longer than 30 minutes then you will need to buy credits from your account.

8. Upload your recorded meeting

Click on the "Upload" button and browse your .mp4 Meeting's recording to transcribe it on Happy Scribe. Wait a little a bit when to let Happy Scribe transcribe the file. It usually takes half of the file length to transcribe a file.

9. Proofread and correct your meeting's transcript

Once your file is uploaded, open your transcript to proofread your meeting transcript. Anytime our Happy Scribe's Automatic Transcription Software has a doubt, it will highlight in red the potentials errors.

10. Share it with your team!

Once your transcription is done and reviewed, why not share it with your team? Click on the "Share" button from your transcript editor and activate sharing.
Copy the sharing link and send to your team! Share the love!

11. You're all set!

You're all set! Repeat those steps as much as you need!

What can you do with your GoToMeeting transcript?

We have no idea about the amount of information and small decisions that we make during a live meeting. Most of the time, once the meeting is done all that information is lost. Which gives a chance for self-interpretations, mis-understandings or oversights. That's why we recommend you to always send the meeting's transcript to the participants at the end of the meeting. That way you will improve communication and transparency within your team.