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Add Closed Captions & Subtitles to Adobe Premiere Pro

Are you editing a video on Adobe Premiere Pro and searching for a tool to generate and add subtites or closed captions to your video? You're in the right place! Happy Scribe is the perfect tool for you!

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Speech recognition with Automatic Subtitles
Our platform converts Audio to Text to automatically generate subtitles in a matter for minutes.
Easy to use Subtitle Editor‚Äã
Goodbye to complex software, with Happy Scribe you will be able to edit your subtitles to match your needs.
Timecode management
With Happy Scribe you can easily edit your subtitle timecodes to perfectly sync them with the video.

What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

If you're a Windows user, Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing softwares available right now. This one is a bit of a no-brainer: Premiere Pro is an all-singing, all-dancing video editor from one of the biggest names in the industry, used by multitudes of creative professionals.
Emma K.
This is the most amazing software you can find online for transcribing your audio/video into text. The price is amazing. Worth every euro I paid for it.
Gabriel D.
The integration of editing text and audio syncing is the best I have seen. It was a pleasure to work with Happy Scribe.

Join +300 000 Happy Scribers!

How to add subtitles to Adobe Premiere Pro?​

  1. Export your video from Adobe Premiere Pro into a generic format.

  2. Log in to Happy Scribe
    To add subtitles to your video, you need to log in to your Happy Scribe account. If you don’t have one, you can create one by signing up on Happy Scribe!

  3. Click on “Upload a new file”
    Click on “Upload” and browse your video files from Adobe Premiere Pro to import to Happy Scribe. You can also import your video from Dropbox, Google Drive, Youtube or Vimeo.

  4. Select the right language
    Make sure to set the right language before generating subtitles of captions to your video.

  5. Transcribe your video
    Hit the “Transcribe” button and you’re done! It will take us a couple of minutes to process your file and generate your subtitles.

  6. Proofread & Export your subtitles
    Make sure that the subtitles are corrects before exporting your subtitles.

  7. You’re done!
    You now have subtitles for your video! You can now export your subtitles or your video with the subtitles hardcoded or import your subtitle on Adobe Premiere Pro.
    Start using Happy Scribe’s Subtitle Generator.

    Add subtitles to your videos from any video-editing software

    Join +300 000 Happy Scribers!

    Ready to create your Subtitles & Closed Captions?

    You are one click away to make your subtitles for your video! Register today, free trial, no card required, no application to install!