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Barack Obama delivers scathing takedown of Donald Trump

US Election 2020

  • 6 months ago
  • 32:52

Former President Barack Obama delivered a blistering account of his successor's first four years in office in Philadelphia, arguing that President Donald Trump has proved he is "incapable of taking the job seriously" and has shown no interest in "helping anybody but himself and his friends." The event is Obama's first stump speech for his former vice president, a welcome sight to Democrats who see the former president as Joe Biden's most potent character witness and a key factor in encouraging Black men, Latinos and younger voters to turn out and vote. Obama's speech represented his most direct attacks on Trump to date, with the former Democratic leader leveling both substantive critiques -- like questioning Trump's tax policy and handling of the coronavirus pandemic -- and personal barbs, jabbing at shrinking ratings for the President's speeches and town halls. The remarks drilled down on years of Democratic concerns about the President, with Obama arguing Trump's presidency has not only changed the way other countries view the United States but remade the way Americans feel about politics.

Full Debate: President Trump and Joe Biden Square Off for Final Time Ahead of Election

US Election 2020

  • 6 months ago
  • 01:33:50

Watch the final presidential debate of the 2020 election between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Full Debate: President Trump and Joe Biden

US Election 2020

  • 7 months ago
  • 01:36:50

Watch the first 2020 presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Cleveland.

Joe Biden Speaks on Donald Trump's America LIVE in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

US Election 2020

  • 8 months ago
  • 25:39

COVID runs unchecked throughout the country, killing thousands of Americans a week and turning our economy upside down. Parents around the country are struggling to send their kids to school safely. And Donald Trump continues to fan the flames of division and encourage chaos in our cities, rather than trying to calm tensions and heal this country. Tune in to hear Joe Biden speak from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on a different vision for a better future in Joe Biden's America.

President Trump holds a news conference at the White House — 8/31/2020

US Election 2020

  • 8 months ago
  • 29:53

President Donald Trump holds a news conference on Monday at the White House. Former Vice President Joe Biden on Monday issued a rebuke to President Donald Trump’s false accusations that the Democratic nominee is anti-law enforcement, or that he condones violence that has erupted in cities like Kenosha, Wisc., and Portland, Ore.