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Bloodlines E3: The House Is Condemned

30 For 30 Podcasts

  • about 2 months ago
  • 43:21

A trip to the breeding farms of Kentucky where the fastest horses in the world are made, but not without also passing on the dangerous defects in their blood. All of this will lead to us examine the question: What is the future of horse racing?

Bloodlines E2: Inheritance

30 For 30 Podcasts

  • about 2 months ago
  • 53:43

A look into the history of thoroughbred horse racing in America from the family dynasties that rose during the Industrial Revolution all the way through the 20th century, when a possible murder changed all of this from a sport to a business.

Bloodlines E1: When A Horse Dies

30 For 30 Podcasts

  • about 2 months ago
  • 44:35

An examination of the 49 dead horses at Santa Anita. This episode examines the theories into what happened and the effect it has all had on the people who live and work at the track.

ESPN Investigates: Bloodlines

30 For 30 Podcasts

  • about 2 months ago
  • 01:39

Between July 2018—June 2019, 49 horses died at the Santa Anita race track in Southern California. The story of the dead horses spread— from the trade publications to The New York Times to Good Morning America until journalists, politicians, and DA investigators started to ask: should American horse racing still exist? From ESPN Investigates, Bloodlines examines horse racing’s current existential crisis. How did horse racing go from America’s most popular sport to a game driven by returns on investment? How have decades of breeding for races changed the horses themselves? And what might the dead horses at one track mean for the future of horse racing?

HEAVY MEDALS Part 7: The Unraveling

30 For 30 Podcasts

  • 4 months ago
  • 51:01

Martha has turned the U.S. women’s gymnastics program into a world powerhouse. But as Martha is taking her final victory lap at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the gymnastics community is rocked by a scandal that will shock the world. The Karolyis’ legacy is called into question as the gymnasts grapple with the cost of what it took to earn all that gold. If you or someone you know has been subjected to sexual assault or abuse, and you would like more information or support, these hotlines can help: RAINN's 24/7 confidential national sexual assault hotline: 1-800-656-4673, or ChildHelp: 1-800-4-A-Child.