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This is what I call a gentlemen's dream. This is going for the gold medal, even when you didn't qualify for the Olympics. This is being an absolute thoroughbred. Even when you're not a horse. Because this is the home of your 2000 and 30 Masters champion, I'm Kayla Presley and this is 51 strokes.


OK, welcome to 51 Strokes, this is Caleb, we've got a good episode today, I hope we haven't done it yet, about to do it, but an announcement episode that will for sure happen.


But before we get to it, let me tell you about five Iron Golf are presenting sponsor.


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Golf, you can do food, Bier's simulator time less and time with the professional. You can rent to equipment, top line equipment. You can get real feedback. You go on a simulator, they have trackman which are I want to say like twenty grand to have a trackman, which gives you every single piece of data about your swing. You could possibly imagine more data than you would ever.


Would actually be able to interpret. They also have slow motion capture cameras from the side view and from behind you so that after you take a swing on their simulator, you can literally watch it back immediately in slow motion from multiple angles so that you can fix your swing or just look at the beauty of what you just did. Also, they serve food.


They serve drinks. You can play pop a shot, you can play they they got ping pong pool, which is good vibes.


You going to drink? We got Avery Averys coming in here with a he's here speaking of drinks here. Oh, I know you're going to say it. Speaking of drink, we have our own 51 strokes.


We have our own drink now in five bar at the bar. It's called The Gentleman's Dream.


It's a it's a tequila soda with a little splash lemonade, speaking in a drink.


I had it yesterday. Oh, the gentleman's dream is unbelievable. You got whoever goes to five hours. Got to order the gentleman's dream. It's great drink. It's like it's a little lemon taste. It's got a little bit of that vodka taste and man, listen, like you can two of those. You're going to be sweet. Nice, good. That's good news. I hope it has a lemon evocative way.


No, it should be limited tequila tastes. I don't know I, I can tell it doesn't. You have no idea how endorsing Avocats. You don't even know his name. I know, but it was good. It was really, really good.


And if it tastes like vodka tell him serve you tequila because they served you the wrong drink.


They might have. They might have. That's messed up. I know what I was going to do.


I was going to try to make like a real pricey drink like some hit you over the head. Sixty five dollars. And I'm saying that's what it sounds like. Yeah.


But I was like, that's not that's not on brand food. That's not us funny though. Yeah. Somethin's No one ever orders because too expensive anyways.


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All right.


So today I'm sorry if I was Clapton is there so as a solo episode today and I know we already have one this week about trading cards, by the way, I'm still interested to hear what people are saying about when we kind of go off the off the rails. Have you heard anything back on that?


Everyone seems to like it. It's like very informative. I think it's good in terms of like it's been pretty much just investing. Like people are just probably making money off of this podcast now. Yeah. Which is good, huh? Yeah, right.


And they're getting good deals too, because all these ads have good deals anyways. But we have two episodes this week and today it's just me and Avery and we're in the booth here in New York City.


And I told you on Tuesday that there was going to be some news coming down the pipeline.


Some very important announcements told you were at a pivotal moment is, I think, the phrase I used.


Basically, what's happened so far in the history of 51 strokes is and I'm going try to do an abbreviated history right now because I know a lot of you already know it.


But during the beginning of the pandemic last year or in the summer, who was in the summer of last year, I played golf for the very first time. I played with some buddies. They kind of forced me to play. I tried not to play because I was nervous. I thought I was going to ruin their time. They forced me to play.


I fell in love with the game of golf. And that afternoon, I made a decision that at that point in my life that that was a turning point in my life and from then on it was my goal for the next 10 years to become a professional golfer on some level, to some extent. And I now said on Instagram, I think it was the beginning of maybe sometime in the middle of June. What happened from that point was. I start playing a lot of golf.


I got injured almost immediately by a bunch of golf books and basically in area, you feel free to chime in here any time, but I bought a bunch of golf books. One of the first ones I read was about Tiger Woods, and it was a Hank Heinies book.


And basically we talked about Tiger's schedule, not the whole book, but part of it was about Tiger schedule, what he did on a daily basis, and he like put in like eight, 12 hours a day.


And I said, all right, well, if I'm serious about this and I'm going to be Tiger Woods or the next Tiger Woods or I'm going to be, you know, competing at a high level, let's say I got to start doing what the high level guys do.


And I started to go eight to 12 off RIP, which is a bad decision. And, you know, hindsight's 20/20. That was a bad decision. I'll call it what it was.


I got hurt immediately, hurt bad. Almost every bone in my body was broken or and if it wasn't broken, you know, it was very close, as close as you can come to break in something without it actually shattering.


And it put me on the sidelines for quite a while, actually, until football season started. I would say I was pretty hurt.


I hurt my at one point I got a toe fracture whose athlete's foot.


I even get that from golf. I just got that from my mom talking to choose to type.


But I think it was because I had worn it out so much playing golf that that was the final straw. Basically, I pulled a muscle on my back.


A couple of muscles in my back, maybe my morale was injured. There's a this is a bad situation, so basically I had to stop playing. So I started putting because I like I got to keep doing this. So at that point, I just started putting exclusively I started receiving putting lessons from a guy named Colin Woods.


And that's all I would do. And then as football season happened and I had to work on four bars to work on the college football show, a pro football show is traveling a lot. You know, New York City, at some point during the fall, you you kind of lose access to outside golf courses, which is why if you're in a city like that, you should check out five iron golf and basically come around to January.


I had only played probably like four rounds in my life. And I talk to some of the foremost golf instructors. Tutors in the world had aligned myself with Chris Cuomo as my swing coach. And he then in turn kind of set me up with a bigger team of people helping us achieve this goal. We sold a lot of merchandise because you guys were being supportive. And so you guys had to have something to wear to show your support. And and every part of this has been a smashing success and exactly what I wanted other than one piece, which is.


The actual golf piece. I going into January, like I said, it probably only played four rounds of golf and had not swung a club in, you know, probably 100 times in my entire life. Actually, I know I've swung over 100 times because I only have kept score one time and I scored, I think, one hundred and thirty or one hundred and twenty five.


So and and that's why, by the way, if you don't know, 51 strokes, that was my handicap.


The one time that I played, I was fifty one over par and I to this day have not kept score again. Because it hurts my morale, because it's so bad, it's demoralizing anyway, so I'm here, I'm sitting here and and I've done this podcast and we were talking last week or two weeks ago.


I was talking to Dan McLaughlin, who is the guy who tried to do this, the Dan plan.


He got really famous. I don't know when it was twins, probably. And he tried to basically accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish. He said at the age of 29, I did it at the age of twenty seven. He said he wanted to to go pro golf. He wanted to play in a tournament and make a cut. That was his goal. And so he quit his job and dedicated his life to golf. I don't have to quit my job, and that's the biggest the best thing about this, and that's what makes Borstel so incredible.


And that's also what factors into my decision here that I'm announcing today is. You know, not a lot of people, and I I recognize there's not a lot of people are in the position where they can go after something with their whole heart, mind, body and soul, and their job will back them up and support them. That's a very rare, maybe even non-existent thing that I have going for me. And I want to take advantage of that.


I don't want to squander that opportunity. I want to look back and say, man, I really could have went for that barstool, would have supported me the whole time. What was I doing? So recognizing that, recognizing a few other things, I am sitting here and I'm like, how can I really go for this?


Because with 51 strokes, it's all fun and games and everyone's being supportive. But then if I'm not taking it seriously, then what are we doing?


So I was talking to Dan McGlaughlin and he said. If he could have done it all again, the one thing he probably would have done is he probably would have moved to Florida. Or Scotsdale or one of these Gulf capitals where it's golf year round, you got the best instructors there, the best facilities there, all the resources you get in with golf, you know, get in a golf circle, basically, your life becomes golf. You embed yourself in the golf world.


And that was what he said he would have done. I took that to heart because in New York City, it's not a Gulf City, there are people who play golf. But by no stretch of the imagination is the Gulf City pretty much the best golf you're going to get his five iron. So. I basically really started thinking about it seriously and and I decided that I wanted to do it, that I wanted to move to one of these Gulf capitals and I wanted to go for it.


And my timeline was pretty much immediate. And it is exciting for me to announce to you now that I am going to be leaving New York City behind. And I am moving to Florida. To pursue golf and my golf dream and passion and to become a professional golf player. That's massive thoughts, massive, I mean, this is exactly what we need you. It's so different. You know, you can only hit in a that we saw it with when we were Como.


You know, you're hitting inside his house. But then when we go out in the course, it's a whole different game, like the amount of time you can spend. It, of course, is second to none compared to just, you know, being inside all day, hitting, hitting on a simulator. Yeah.


I mean, you need both. You can have the simulator stuff works for sure. But there's obviously other elements like a batting cage versus, you know, playing in a baseball game.


I guess the the simulator stuff, especially with this, if you can look at your swing, it's a great place to kind of make some changes.


But in terms of just being inside of a golf world, I felt like Florida or, you know, some of these other ones because I didn't really consider them, because they're so far from New York, which is where Berzins headquarters is.


And, you know, I will be coming back here regularly to, you know, for for a number of reasons.


I got some stuff still going on here. I still got a place here that's, you know, probably not going to I'm not going to get rid of for the four now.


So I don't want to move across the United States, but I do want to take it as seriously as I could take it. And I did want to not look back on this and regret, because I know it's funny that, you know, it's like, oh, I play once and then immediately said I want to go pro.


But it was true. And I said from the get go was a gut feeling. And the good thing about gut feelings is they're usually right or always right in my experience. And the other good thing is you don't really forget them like they kind of stick with you. So, you know, someone's right in your gut. You don't forget that it's right in your gut. So even through football season where I wasn't being able to do as much golf stuff as I wanted, I knew in the back of my head it was kind of festering.


I what am I going to do with this golf stuff once it's all over?


And I just feel like Florida gives me the best chance to do that while still being able to come back up here, pop back up here whenever I need to.


People who don't really know about, you know, what what I do on a daily basis, which I think is probably everyone half of my job or more, I would say more than half my job is done on the road. I say half because I'm probably half the time on the road. But I would say my almost my whole job is done on the road. I make videos which are on the road. And that's kind of like what I've always done for bar stool, the one thing that I was doing in the office for the last two years was Sirius XM.


I was I was on the Yecch, which was has been just I mean, it's been awesome. It's been my number one thing, my my favorite thing I've done in New York City.


And the Sirius XM deal came to a close. Two weeks ago, yeah, the yeah, I don't know if they haven't figured out what they're going to do Abasto Radio, but the Yak is has decided to continue as a YouTube show. I think everyone still kind of it's in its infancy. People are figuring out, you know, Big Kakha covid, which took him out for two weeks. So we weren't able to really jump on it. I've been out for two other work trips, plus then I took a week for vacation.


So, I mean, that's I think the yak's going to continue without me, and they should and it's kind of sad. That's number one.


That's that's the one thing that I'm going to miss the most about New York is going to is doing the act because big cat Ron, KBE named Brandon Walker.


You you know, Steven Chase, the guys in the booth, oh, and of course, this is a bunch of good guys on their kolby. I mean, just everyone who's involved with it has been a good vibe.


And and people you know, for me, it even has got to the point for the backwards is something has always grounded my day when I'm in New York City. It's in the middle of the day, you know, always can rely on that. It's my one.


New York, although there's so many people, can be a lonely place to live because it's almost it's almost too many people where you can't really even develop really close friends because everybody's got a million friends. So then if you have a million friends, do you even have one? It's kind of a weird dynamic. And in the back is like some friends who I consider real friends. And I guess the only people that I'm talking to in real life off my phone for an hour a day, it's the only people that I in my whole life who I'm talking to like that.


So to leave, that sucks. And the way I had to look at it was, you know, first of all, I'm only there half the time. And and I even had a conversation with Big Cat about this a couple of weeks ago before I made this decision.


But, you know, I feel bad when I'm not contributing, if I'm a part of something and I'm not, like, really contributing to it and I'm not really putting my best foot forward, that kind of makes me feel guilty and it makes me feel bad.


And with the yak, they understand that I have to travel half the time for these other videos.


But then, you know, it's still like it's just a dude who's just not showing up. Kind of that's how I if I was the guys who were in studio every day, I wouldn't resent me.


But, you know, you always want people who are affiliated with the team to be putting their best foot forward. And I felt bad that I wasn't able to do that. I don't see that ending. And with Sirius coming to a close and they're going to have to, you know, build that into something kind of different, I just felt like if I am going to make this move that for them, it would not be right for me to, you know, continue on in the infancy of this.


They build stuff, more stuff around me. And then I and then I leave at a later point, because at some point, if I was serious about this golf stuff, I there was no stay in New York City and do this forever. That was never an option. It was always at some point it was just at what point do I leave? So leaving behind the guys is going to suck. And that's going to be the worst part about it, I will miss New York City because I'll be coming back like the best parts of New York City.


First of all, left with coronavirus, the worst parts still going strong.


I came back from there, have been out for a couple of weeks.


Came back first thing I saw was just dirty snow with poop on it. Just gross, dirty snow just littered with poop. I wish I could I wish I took a video of it because it was just unreal. You can't see this if you're just listening to that.


I can see it. So it's. Oh, my God. It's just you walk down the street, it's just dirty snow and just poop piles after poop pile after poop pile because and you don't know if that's dog or human food.


People just don't care anymore. Yeah, I just I mean, if I don't want to say they've ruined it, it will come back like the city will come back. It's New York City.


But for right now, it just it sucks. It's just nothing about. It's good. So. I'm not going to miss that, I'll come back and I have a place here. I'll come back when for a weekend or whatever, but then I'll come back for Barstow as needed. But that's not what I'm going to be.


I'm OK to leave behind New York right now.


And I think my prediction is fall 2021. You know, it probably Besar rippin again. It'll be awesome. But you can't have it all. You can't have your cake and eat it too. And so. I don't know, I just felt like that was the right move. I felt that was the right move and I have yet to talk to Como about it. He suggested I do it.


I have yet to actually tell him I'm actually doing it. I did talk to Dave about it, and I didn't foresee it being a problem in Dave's mind because, you know, all he cares about is that I continue to, you know, do my videos and do my content and and do my work. And he I mean, he wants, I think, everybody to be happy in their own, you know, pursuits.


It really doesn't change much, except it just makes things better. Like there's nothing for the worse of you leaving.


Yeah. So the act I mean, that's it. That's really it. And the show is transitioning. And you today, even like everyone's like, oh, we're traveling too. So it's like now that it's off serious, we ought to be there every day. A lot of people are starting to do different things, more travel, this and that. So it's not it's I mean, until everybody was here today, there hadn't been a full group on the act for maybe like a month.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I think that's I think the yak is like more more so than just being a radio show, which is the group of those guys. But also like I wasn't the you know, it wasn't the main guys. And I like that show taking a huge hit.


I would hope to believe it's like, you know, that they like me being around, but that would be fine. I'm not I'm not worried about the yak, like not continuing. Right. I'm just sad that I'm not going to be a part of the continuation. Of course. Yes.


But yeah, dude, I don't know. What would you have any questions that you wonder? I mean, it's probably going to affect you too. Yeah.


I mean, it's it's big. It's huge. You told me right before we recorded that it's happening. So I'm super excited for you. I'm super excited for this show. It's it's so important. Like the video content with golf, like you see just around the golf world, everybody's itching for more and more, especially with you, like people want to see what you're doing. Swingin' like people want more videos just on the golf course, not just the podcast videos that are great.


It's you know, when we went to see Como, like that was such a big hit because people love seeing your progression. And that's what this is all about.


Yeah, it is what it is about. And so. The content is going to be way better, and that's why I told you I was on the phone with Dave, I said basically, here's what's going to happen. I'm going to continue to do the videos I've always done. But that's the difference there is. I fly to New York City or I fly out of, you know, whatever airport in Florida, by the way, I'm going to be trying to find somewhere around Jupiter because that's kind of the Gulf.


The Gulf. Yeah, but yeah. So, I mean, they're going to be going out of New York or Florida, but I'm still going on the road to make those videos. And if I meet up with a guy from from New York to make the video producer, whether it's Dana or Tom Mullins or Steve Romano or if it's you, if it's a golf thing, people are flying.


So that doesn't really matter. The only other thing I'm doing here is golf stuff, this 51 stroke stuff. And that's going to be way better in Florida. I have a chance to make way more cons and way more of the golf balls down there to give better interviews, you know, and better just lessons and and meeting with different people.


So I'm not I'm not worried about it all.


And I wouldn't do it if I was weird, but I'm actually really excited about it. It's sad in some ways, but more than anything, I'm really, really excited about it. Yeah.


I mean, to pick up your whole life and move to a different spot is obviously, you know, something like you just wouldn't expect. But at the same time, I feel like I think it was kind of lingering in both of our heads that it needed to happen at some point, especially when we were in Dallas. And it was like even there, it was like nice and warm and like you felt the golf vibe, like that's what it's going to be like down in Florida.




And you can't like my thing, too, is I can't keep telling people I want to be a professional golfer and then not try to be a professional golfer. Right. At some point that wears thin. Just like when I was injured. I couldn't just keep saying I'm injured, I'm injured, I'm injured. I'm not playing golf. At some point that was then. So.


It was should I get off the pot, hopefully people now realize that I'm actually being serious. People are asking people, we're asking me behind your back like, hey, is he actually going to do this? I'm like, hell yeah, he's going to do it. Like, he's very serious about this. Like, I know there's things in content that may not like, you know, never pan out. Like you could plan on something that's nice.


But like, I have never seen someone, like, more motivated to, like, actually achieving something that is so out of this world so high. Like, I seriously believe you can do it, like, no question in my mind and shout to barstool because without barstool, no chance.


There's no chance because. Name another place you go. I could go do this and they're like their mindset on it is as long as you are, you know, filming some of it and posting some of it and giving people insight to some of it, go for we don't care.


And I think I could have been yeah.


It's like, oh, mind's I, I'm going to pursue a dream or whatever. And then I think it would have been the same answer if I was like, hey, I'm going down there to I don't know, like murder or fish or something. Yeah.


Right there. Just go fish and I guess it's the same thing.


Yeah. Dude I don't know. I mean I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know exactly all the details. I don't know. I won't have to start building a Florida team in terms of a swing coach in Florida. Como's in and out. He lives in Dallas. Obviously, he's in and out of Florida because he has clients there, but he doesn't stay there all the time. I got to find someone I can work with pretty much on a daily three times a week or something.


I should be able to play every day there. I should be able to work on my game, make continue this stuff. I think we'll probably go zoom for a while on on interviews, unless they are down there in Florida will come down. We'll shoot some logs. We'll we'll continue to make the content. Yeah, man, that's it. I mean, it's it's sick, it's something that, like I keep saying, it was lingering in our heads and I just can't wait to see where it goes.


And also, Big Cat asked me this question, which is a very good question. He said, I think people when I told him that, like, oh, like you're really like, oh, shit.


Like, oh, he's going. You're serious? Yeah.


Like, it's kind of been up in the air where this guy serious.


He asked me, he said, at what point or how long you going give yourself. Do you have any like criteria that you want to meet before, you know, when it's time like be in or out, see how it goes? My I will be done with this. Mission, this goal, if I'm not a scratch golfer in two years, I'm done, yeah, not done playing golf.


I love golf, but I'm not going to try to become a professional player if I can't be scratch in two years barring some type of crazy, like, you know, I get some type of injury that keeps me out six months, but I can come back fully from it if I'm playing for two years. And that started, I must say, that started in January because that's when I really started my swing practice and stuff. So January 2000. Twenty one.


If I'm not if I'm not scratched by December 2022, we'll call, we'll say, hey, we had a good run. Yeah. And to be honest with you, my real goal is to be scratched by and this might be crazy and it probably is. What I'm going to go down there and give it my all and I should be surrounded by a pretty good team. My real goal is to be scratched by the December 31 of this year.


Let's do it. I don't see why not.


I don't see why not either. But you literally you couldn't have a better team. I mean, you're going to get a new team in Florida, but you're the people who are going to set you up with that team are like the team. Yeah, so. That's it, man, that's the announcement of how long we've been going, how long is that we're going about 30 minutes. You do have another you got to update them on your arm.


Oh, OK.


So so let me do this ad read. Yeah. And then I want to tell you guys I did get bit by a dog before, which I know that's a bad, like, foreboding sign, but I got bit, I was try to break up a dog fight.


So let me first of all, let me let me tell you that we also today are sponsored by Roman swipes. Everyone knows 51 strokes actually got a message yesterday. I was like, dude is fifty one strokes tells once for us. Fifty one strokes, a golf podcast or is that a sex podcast?


Because I'm just looking at the title, I haven't listened yet. I want to know what I'm getting into.


Should I listen to this in front of my parents, you know, through my dad's in the golf cart. Listen to this with him. Or is this about something else?


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No, I got it, I got it.


In fact, a guy was like, hey, man, like, I'm thinking, well, listen to this is my dad. Should I. Is it a sex podcast or golf?


This areas was like a dude kind of both golf, but also from his wife sometimes. So get your Roman swipes. Yes, I was in for last week. Chillun. In a pool. Laying on a mat, floating. St. Paul. Vibin. Chill vibe, relax, you ever seen that video? No, it's oh, my God, it's a it's a video from Mike Carter, the running back in North Carolina.


It was it I don't even know if it went viral, but it's just been it's just been my motto. And so my boy's motto for four since it came out, he's basically I'll show it if you're watching the video version. But he basically is giving like a speech to like a group of guys after a summer workout at Carolina at Chapel Hill in Kenan Stadium. And you can tell he's making it up his speech off the top of his head and he's about to break it down.


He goes, If I could flip this to just fine, young man. Relax, relax, chill, chill, chill. OK, I saw this. Ze'evi, relax, Mike Carter said at first, yeah, but then yes, so that's what I'm doing in the pool. Chuvash relax, nothing better. And all of a sudden I hear. A huge outbreak of dog noise. Well, you can tell when it's like not just like dogs barking at each other, you can tell when it's like battle.


It was a dog battle and I knew immediately.


And so I popped out the pool because one of the guys I was with had a dog, a big dog. And, you know, on paper, you know, that dog should have been in our yard. And also on paper, we knew this is a big dog, you know, just visually, you look at this dog is like that's got a lot of sides to it.


You know, that dog, if it were to ever get in a fight, that's it would probably win. Yeah.


You know, that's the type of dog we're talking about. So here this here, these dog noise pop up real quick. But the good news about the dog had a shot caller. And so, you know, the other people get the shock, I'll get the shock collar.


And it was wearing the collar, but just start shaking it. First person didn't know how to use a shock collar. And so we just run out to the street, get grab the shock collar. On the street, sure enough, Big Dog has entered into an engagement with a smaller dog, still another pretty big dog was a golden doodle. Our dog was an American American bull bulldog. Which I think is another way of saying people. I'm not a dog scientist, but like if you look at it, it's like a mix of a pit bull and a bulldog, but also in my head I'm like, isn't a pit bull a mix of a pit and a bulldog?


You would think? Yeah. So how could a bull? Just some of that.


I was doing that. I was running the math. I'm like, I'm not you know, I'm not a mathematician. But something here is fishy, but basically a big dog. You know, we don't specialize in that. No.


And that's and we're golf. We're go a little sex Mozgov no dogs, no dogs.


And so I'm watching this, this dog and this golden doodle pretty much go at it. They're going very intense when my other boys he's hitting the buzzer on, on the dog, the big dog.


And it's not working, it's, it's not reacting to the buzzer at all.




Later we find out that the buzzer was being used incorrectly by my friend and you know, and it wasn't his fault. It was first time he had ever tried to use it. There wasn't any of our faults. This was just a bad situation from the jump. Everyone who was involved, I think it was unfortunate. But this dog was pretty much getting after another dog who was off a leash, which is, you know, I don't think he's supposed to do that either, so.


We're yelling at, hey, you don't quit it, stop nothing. It was like that dog didn't care. We said that. It was almost like he was just to hear something else going on, you know? So. I couldn't watch and the other dog was being walked by a lady, a nice lady. She didn't do anything wrong. She's screaming, my dog, my dog.


And so I went in and I grabbed the big dog and I grabbed him by his body. And I got a good hold of them, he wouldn't because he actually had his mouth on the pit, the the golden do his neck.


So I was about to rip the dog off, but then I realized if I ripped this dog off. He has the other dog. By his neck. If I rip it, I might rip the other dog's neck. Who knows how hard he's biting or if he's willing to stop biting. So I'm telling the don't drop him, drop him, drop him in some, and by this time is very loud, very everyone screaming. And by the way, this is her.


It was horrific.


Like, I don't know how else to describe it was like not a fun thing to be a part of. I don't know if anyone's ever seen two dogs fighting, like, violently, but like it was blood. It was it was not fun to watch. And so someone had gathered and someone will pick him up, pick them up high. So I picked the dog up high. The American dog, they're both American, for all I know, which is called the big dog.


The American dog. I pick him up high and he does just drop. Drop. He drops. Soon as he drops, that other dog hits the ground in rebounds, jumps in, yes. Right into my arm for right for and stays, it's a good chunk, gets a good bite and stays in there. For a couple of seconds, when I was later at the hospital, when I was asked, how long was he in your arm, I said, ten seconds.


I think the real truth is about two. But things that were moving in slow motion time and didn't even hurt had so much adrenaline. I just looked down and I can tell I got bit.


I just looked down and I just saw this dog and I was shaking my arm and it was in my arm, like, if you ever, you know, you're throwing around some with your dog and it has some its mouth and you're kind of going side to side with it, whether it's a toy and it's hanging on and won't leave. That's what it was doing to my arm. It was like my arm was a rag doll. Toy finally drops.


I looked at my arm. It's gushing blood just adding to the violence. It's a bloody scene. It's disgusting. And I was pretty much terrified immediately because I knew it. Real deal. But it wasn't just like a little boy. I was a real debate. So I didn't know, you know, these things go south like, you know, fast and I didn't know what to think. Then the dogs go back and they're fighting again.


But I had to run. I was like, do I need to call an ambulance? What should I do? But I had no pain, but I was leaking blood.


So I go back, run, I run away. I'm trying to find a phone because the dogs are going out. I was going to call the ambulance to see if they could come to break up. I don't know if the dog was going to need either dog was going to need to go to the doggy hospital. And anyways, they did stop after that. They never really quite engaged the same way again. And it did break up between them.


Both dogs were injured. I was injured. I was rushed to the hospital. And when I got to the hospital, I was moving it, so I knew that I didn't completely lose, you know, like something really important because I was being able to move my hand. But obviously a lot of pain. It was just getting worse and worse. Got to the hospital. I went to the E.R. and. You know, after sitting there for like 30 minutes, I guess they kind of just do an initial diagnosis on you and they're like, if this guy's not literally dying, then let's let's not prioritize them, because being in the E.R. might have been more traumatizing than being.


Bit by dog in the first place. Both were traumatizing, but sitting in an E.R. in Florida, you wouldn't believe the stuff they're seeing, you know, people coming in with huge wounds, people having heart attacks, people screaming.


I don't know if they're if they're the it just it was crazy. It was madness. I was like, man, this is worse than actually being a bit by Doc. Then the people who work there, they're just walking around laughing. They don't care. They work there every day.


They see it every day. It's like no big deal to us. Anyway, I said it's like 40 minutes.


Finally they come treat me. Could do an X-ray, the woman who took my X-ray said, actually, if you're in that situation, next time you've got to pick the dog up eye's hind legs and that's the way that you get yourself removed in that situation.


But I. Got it cleaned out, got six punctures, six of four teeth on one side of my arm, on the inside of my right forearm to cheat on the outside of my right forearm and all the way through. And no, nothing, vascular, nothing. I don't know what other word they use, basically, like you're going to be good, but had to shoot it up with lidocaine six different times, which that sucks. They put a needle right into the wound.


But after you've after you've had that amount of pain and that type of experience, plus your adrenaline still going, it's pretty much like like whatever.


Just give me just let's get out of here. So they go melodica and clean up. Wrapped it up. Semi home, they basically just said, you know, see if you can move it, you know, they say it's going to be painful, but the more you move it now, the better off you're going to be in terms of getting your full motion back. And so my immediate thought was what?


You can't come home. Well, oh, they also did tell me that that was my what I was talking about, but they also did say that because of the bacteria involved with the dog bite, they can't close the wound in fear of there being some type of weird dog bacteria in there. So they had to leave the wounds open for them to heal. Naturally, they did give me a tetanus shot. Luckily, the dog was vaccinated, so I didn't have to get a rabies shot.


I don't know, even know how to treat rabies. But I had to get a tetanus shot and they washed it.


But the first thought was golf. Yes. Can I still swing? So what I did was the next morning I played 18 holes because I said the sooner you get back. And it was a painful. Yeah, it was terrible.


Oh, yeah. But I was like, I cannot let this be what stops the dream. You no dogs taken is now where the dog were the underdog. Not not the dog. What is it? It was crazy when you told me you got a dog bite, usually when someone tells you they got a dog bites pretty bad and then you showed me on the zoom, I was like, holy shit. I've never seen when he's talking about punctures, like for the people at home, you might be able to see it in the last interview.


I mean, they are deep, like it's it's no joke. Like that dog got you good. Yeah. So, yeah.


So anyways, it can be down there for an extra day because they're like I had to go back into the hospital to get a recheck. They wouldn't let me fly because I wanted the same doctor, want to see it and check on it. It's all good, everything's healing well but I still don't have my full motion back. I can do all this stuff, but coming back further, I'm basically doing my hand forward. I can't go back so much, but I'll get it back.


It's still very swollen and still healing. But also said like if you get bitten.


Florida. Yeah. Yeah. How long were you there. Oh over seven days. Then of course you got bit normal and it's actually good for me. I kind of look at it like if you're looking at coronavirus not to compare the two, but if you were going to know you were going to get Coronavirus right in his last year, it's basically been a year since come out. At what point and you're going to be OK. At what point would you have wanted to get it with the dog by if you're going to go live in Florida, you're going to get bit by a dog or something else?


At what point do you want to get bit with Carnivore's? I would've said I would like to get bit pretty early on. I would like to get Coronavirus pretty early on that we have the antibodies and you can live kind of you know, you don't have to worry too much about getting it again. Right. I'm good now. Yeah. I basically have the dog by antibodies for Florida. So for at least, you know, three or four months, I shouldn't be getting bit again.




And it's just something else we can add to the timeline, like a thing of adversity where it's like when you make the Masters it's like, oh, bit by dog in Florida. Didn't stop, didn't stop 18 holes the next day. Yep.


Yep. With a cast on. And you know what, I was shooting pretty well. That's all we need to hear. Yeah.


And I'm announces to on social media next week. But for people who are listening to the podcast exclusive. Yeah, pretty much exclusive parcels are being sponsored by TaylorMade. So TaylorMade sent me a bag, full bag of clubs, my first ever clubs that are my own. But I told them semi blades because Commo said Tiger Woods son Charlie learned learning on Blade so he can contact the ball.


Right. So they sent me blades.


So I'm out there playing 18 holes with blades, which is if you hit the ball, it's pretty. But if you miss it, you miss it. No forgiveness.


And I actually does my first round that I play with the blades. One of my best rounds ever, I didn't keep score because we were playing, Wolf, but if I was keeping score, like I only lost three balls in the first. Nine holes. That's great. Yeah, usually when I go, TaylorMade also sent me this is the sickest part about everything. A huge box of balls, all tailor made number 51 balls.


Come on. That's so probably like what's 12 balls, the approximate of 120 balls. Every single one is a tailor made 51. So whenever I find it, it's like, oh, that's mine telling me to do one. But right now the rate I'm at is I lose one box of balls per nine holes. That's where I'm at right now. Yeah, so for me to only lose three balls on nine holes is huge, huge for me. Pretty good.


Yeah, that back nine wasn't as good. That's why I to talk about it. No, I was good, though. Yes, sir.


All right. So now that was the one thing. So I got that out of the way before.


Obviously, the big news today is that we are taking this thing. I hope that to you come out of this knowing like. All right, so Carl is going to do this thing. We're going to try. Right. And that's good.


If it doesn't work out, I'll come back to New York or go somewhere else. Like, I'm not worried about that. I'm not even thinking about that. It's why wouldn't work. I don't understand. Why not. Why not us? Robby Fox has a tattoo. Beautiful. Why not? Why not us.


Why not? Como says there is going to be someone. Who picks up golf at your age? This year and will be scratch in their lifetime. For me, I say, why not us and why just scratch, why not more? Why not pro? Thank you for listening. Fifty one strokes, this is just the beginning, consider today. Maybe not day one, consider a day to see next week. The works at the grocery store saving his pennies for some.


Milioti left a note on the success of our country. You want to give you a heart attack? I got got got. Sergeant. Is what the police find becomes about? He wants the cat, Paris down the street. The center is trading in a shabby for a Cadillac I got back at, you know, by now. Moving now. You should never argue with the phrase my, my, my, my, my, my, you know, my no.


On the south would be all the time. Is that all you get for your money?