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This is what I call a gentlemen's dream. This is going for the gold medal, even when you didn't qualify for the Olympics. This is being an absolute thoroughbred. Even when you're not a horse. Because this is the home of your two thousand and thirty Masters champion, I'm Kayla Presley and this is 51 strokes.


OK. Welcome to 51 Strokes. This is Kayla. I'm sitting right now in a closet. In an Airbnb in Encino, California, with none other than gleni bawls Murodov, yes, throw dogs back, fellow member of the clown boys. And we've had I've definitely had a crazy day, a couple days here, and you probably are getting to the same boat. So on today's show. I have an interview with Jose Canseco, if you don't know who Jose Canseco is, he is a.


Little legends of baseball probably will never be in the Hall of Fame. No, I mean, if Barry Bonds is again and Jose Canseco is not going to the rampant steroid abuse, but I would say like top 10, 20, most famous player.


Yeah, I've been in, like, a lot of pop culture stuff, like very, very important. And he's fighting in rough and rowdy. If you don't know, a rough and rowdy is barstool. We have an amateur boxing competition, which is awesome is my favorite thing Vasso does. And it's a pay per view event. And we do it a couple of times a year. Different locations, mostly West Virginia. We are doing it. February 5th.


Friday before the Super Bowl in West Virginia, and he is the headline fighter. He's fighting an intern from Barstool Billy Football. I'm saying this for people who were like maybe not so in tune with everything that's going on a bar stool. But if you know Boisseau Billy football, I don't think he's into any more. But he was an intern for part of my take. Still kind of like I don't know what he does love him. He seems like a good guy.


I don't really know him, but I have no idea what he does on a day to day other than train for fighting. Yeah, he's just he's part of my take. I don't know what he does either. And he doesn't know anyone or do anything about it.


No, I think he's just a personality, content personality. Awesome. So anyways, find good football. And so I was out in Las Vegas to interview Jose Canseco about this fight because, you know, just to make some promo assets. And so basically, we got on the podcast today and also did a video interview with him that will come out next week. And that's what the show is about. So it's not this is not a golf show.


The Different Strokes, obviously, golf podcast in some to some extent. But I've said it before. I'll say it again. There's other stuff going on besides golf and life, and that's true, isn't it, balls? Yeah, I mean, theoretically, there's a lot of stuff going on, even though you show me your swing. And it was fantastic.


I did do an air swing for you in this beautiful area. Maybe we have you have a little mini golf in the yard. And yeah, I've done one swing. I bought a few clubs at the beginning of the pandemic because I was like, I'll be. One of the first things that was open was outdoor golf. It's how I got to golf today. So yeah, I tried it, did one swing. I think, like I was telling you earlier, I have a very weird body size somebody.


I'm a weird body size. So I think I need to get custom clubs. I've got clubs online, I need custom clubs and we're sponsored by TaylorMade. So maybe you can make that. Maybe the TaylorMade folks are listening. Yeah, I'm actually about to get my first clubs. I got a lot of stuff to talk about. But before we get into. All right. So this is how I'm kind of doing this on my head. I think it's how I would do the show today, because I do want to tell you guys also about why Miguelina Balls are in his closet in Encino, California.


But first, I don't that's a completely different topic than Jose Canseco stuff. So let's do Jose Canseco rough and rowdy talk. And then after that's over, we'll talk about we will talk about what happened today and what we're going to do. So give a back story on this. Let me first tell you about who's presenting to the. Podcast today, because that is five iron golf there are presenting sponsor here. Fifty one strokes. There are Rider Ditchley, the first ones to ever sponsor.


Fifty one strokes on the podcast and they re upped and we love a great place if you're in Vegas. Not necessarily is is not cold weather. But if you're in a cold weather city this winter, if you're in Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, it's cold right now. You don't want to play golf and you can't play golf. You can go to five iron golf and you can still play. Not only can you work on your swing the simulators.


Awesome. I was there the last couple of weekends and it's like you can get a very realistic idea of where your ball is going to have the trackman, everything else. They also have cameras on the slow motion capture, cameras on the front of, you know, the back of you, the inside of you. So you can after you swing, you can watch your swing in slow motion right away to get immediately back. It's really incredible. And they have all the top line equipment in terms of clubs if you need to rent.


And I don't think the ones I rented I don't think that have been used before. I mean, it's like really fresh new stuff. The flagship in New York City is literally incredible, but I've been to a multiple of their locations. They're all very nice. So check out five iron golf. They are presenting sponsor and. And you can get a membership there, too, if you want to work on your game regularly, save money by becoming a member anywhere from one hundred seventy two hundred seventy dollars a month, depending on your location, that allows you unlimited simulator time from open to 4:00 p.m. every weekday and Sunday nights, 8:00 p.m. to close.


So thank you to five, Iren. There are there are best there are best favorite's best favorites if you haven't ever been. Also, if you dmm them and tell them I sent you a five hour ingolf, spell it all out, you can get a free hour of simulator time, ok.


So Vegas, I'm going to just set this up, so obviously, Billy, football is fighting Jose Canseco. Jose Canseco is like one hundred years old. But he's still absolutely jacked, he's probably six for logit. Two hundred, and he says it's 270, I'd give them to sixty one. I don't know how to do people's weights, but Jose Canseco was a big fuck, to put it bluntly. Yeah, but people are like, is he really to 70 with those big football stadiums?


Because you really do 70? I said he may not be to 70, really, if you put him on scale, but he's he's not lying about its problems like the last any anyway.


He looks like one of those big, big guys, if that makes sense. Like I picture his stomach just being like a bulging. Yep, yep. Just like a bulging rock with the lines on it.


But it's still kind of fat. Yeah. It's got lines on it. Exactly. Fat abs. Yes. And he did take a shirt off of that. So I'm guessing to he's absolutely yoked out of his mind like he's huge. He's huge. His shoulders are so broad. His arms are so big. He's so athletic. I was watching some of his highlights while I was like prepping for the interview. He's so athletic, if you want to, about the steroids.


But, like, I can do steroids. I'm not.


They could say, though, that's the point with steroids in baseball is like good players. Still good. They're just getting better. Right. Jose Canseco even said in the in an interview I was watching, he was like his he has a twin brother named Ozzie who actually we'll talk about in this interview he set to a fight. He was doing another one of these pro-am fights, not pro-am, but celebrity boxing. And he just said his brother, he looks exactly like I'm saying like he could do it.


He sent his brother. That's actually what Jose had to point is like in baseball. He's like, OK, me and my brother both didn't want steroids. How come I'm you know, I mean, you look at the same time, All-Star, when Barry Bonds was a skinny guy on the pirates, he was a still stud.


Yeah. That, of course, you take a few steroids and you start hitting seventy three homerun to the next level, but you're still good.


So, yeah, exactly. So Jose Canseco, phenomenal athlete sitting there in front of me. I was sitting at this interview to win in Las Vegas and he's a wild card dude, like if you know anything about him. He'll go. He you can't predict he's going to do so, I always where he's going to show up for the interview, which he did show up. Now people worry about. He's going to show up for the fight. We talk about that.


Let's get into his interview. This is from this is from the Wynn in Las Vegas. And we were talking about Jose Canseco versus Billy Football. And I will take it away from the women lesbians.


Jose Canseco, thank you for joining us, brother. You're preparing for the biggest fight in barstool sports, paper view history, Billy Football versus Jose Canseco for one hundred thousand dollars. Have you been preparing for this or are you just taking it kind of light because you know that you're probably going to win your professional athlete? Does that look like I've been preparing, but that's what I that for a long time, that's what I'm saying. Do you even have to know?


No trading. What? A long time ago, my first fight was to visit Gahima, and it was the celebrity boxing, I took it completely for granted. I thought it was pretty Patty it wasn't serious.


This guy almost not my block off. And he trained he had a lot of experience in boxing. After that, I trained for every fight. Never lost a fight after that. So do I take the series? One of my training? Absolutely. My boxing coaches. Lewis Topia, look him up. Yeah, if you see me throw punches in combination, how fast and how powerful I really am, I'll be amazed that football can take two or three my punches.


I mean, this is two hundred seventy pounds coming at you. That's a lot of power.


So whether he puts his hands up, I'm going to break his wrist. I'm going to break his ribs. I hope it doesn't end up really bad for him, but I don't think he understands the force of a two hundred seventy pound man built like me, an athlete and the hand eye coordination I have. I think he's listening to too many idiots out there saying Korsakoff's big and slow. Wear him out. Get in on them somehow. It's not going to happen if he tries to come and he's going to get knocked out quickly, what's the hardest piece for you?


The conditioning, these? Because no, because they're only it's only three rounds, each one is a minute. So the conditioning really doesn't come into play here, what comes into play for me is blunt force trauma, a lot of quick power. And if he could take my barrage of blunt force trauma from a 270 pound athlete built like me, God bless him. What's your record, you thought about how many times, four or five times a loss of ICIC him?


I lost to him mentally but hung Metro's kickboxing with a man who, by the way, hung better with seven foot two four hundred pounds.


And I was forty six years old with a bad knee. My record after that Osterloh. Not as a matter of fact, that trained so well that no one even laid a glove on me, period, not one. Same training I'm doing now against Billy, how do you feel? Do you feel like you're in that same shape? I'm probably faster, bigger, stronger. Then back then, is that true, is that you some you're saying actually true?


And what kind of what is your training look like? What is your was a daily schedule for you right now? Boxing, sparring, stretching. So we do I go to the gym two hours per day. So do my cardio on my weight lifting. And then between the sparring, boxing is another hour. So that's my whole regimen.


And how many times a week are you doing that? Three, three times a week right now, so as we get closer, we'll pick it up a little bit now and then we'll kind of the last two or three days, kind of completely cut it out and do cardio. I take it.


Various guys this is guys have to understand this. This is very serious. People take this very seriously. Maybe 10, 15 years ago, this wasn't a very serious thing to take. But because of social media, because of. What I learned from Biersack him of the way he knocked me on my ass, that you got to take this very seriously. So this is going to be an all out. Technical, I'm going to I'm going approaches a very technical blunt force trauma.


Powerhouse. What he's going to get from me, he's got to be very careful, don't leave anything open, Billy, don't leave rib crack liver going up in the hospital, leave your jaw exposed. I can break it on your nose. Don't do it.


Is there any part of his game that worries, you know, none, not even a fight.


When I saw him fight and he doesn't have the strength to knock me out. Doesn't have the speed, everybody to knock me out. He doesn't have the experience. And I think he's going to be in shock how hard I hit, I think from the first shot I hit him, he's going to go, what the fuck did I get myself into Zarkasih on the show?


Yes. So the problem is how hard a hit, so he'll be in trouble and I think you'll see it right off the bat, 51 strokes is also presented by Taylor Made.


So TaylorMade is a golf brand that I'm very excited about.


When I first found out this is just being honest, when I first found out that TaylorMade and Bastable were combining forces, I thought it was just going to be the foreplay guys because their brain is so huge and TaylorMade. Then I came to pleasantly find out that TaylorMade is also sponsoring 51 strokes in me, which is huge. And here's the main reason why it's huge. I don't have golf clubs since I've been playing. I've been playing my Uncle Bobby's old set so that my Uncle Bobby, I think he's playing with an old set probably from the early 2000s.


He gave me his old his new set is from the early 2000s. He gave me his old set. So while I'm very thankful to my uncle Bobby like that, used to have golf clubs there from the 90s, I think. And that's also OK, 90s. I was born in the 90s, but there's just been a lot of technology that's happened. And that's why it's good that TaylorMade is sponsoring fifty one strokes. And I can tell you that they have already I've already put in my order for some clubs.


I don't know if I'm ready for that because my swing's not quite evolved to the point where it's consistent enough to make those decisions. I'm not sure to have to consult an expert, but I did put it in order.


Coach Cuomo told me what to order out of the TaylorMade selection and he actually wants me to get blades. So if you know anything about golf clubs, there's basically blades and then the other ones are called.


Anyways, there's one that's called blades, which is for pros. And if you have more control over your ball, you can put more spin on it, whatever, but it's way harder to hit. And then there's ones for like the average Joe, which are more forgiving and not extremely difficult to hit. My coach wants me to get the ones that are really, really hard to hit so that I can learn to contact the ball. Precisely. He even said that Tiger, because I used to work with Tiger and still thought to this day he's a tiger, only let his son use blades and didn't really mess with his swing that much at all.


But the one thing he was very firm about was his son could only use blades because he wanted him to have really good feedback if he didn't hit the ball correctly or strike the ball purely. So anyways, I'm going to be getting blades at some point. I am going to start for a few weeks, I think maybe on the other ones just so I can have them immediately because I want to hit the ground running next week in Florida and really play golf a lot.


So TaylorMade took on all that up and I'm super excited about this, this relationship, and I can't wait to feel my new clubs. So thank you to tailor made for sponsoring basketball, golf and fifty one strokes. What made you take the fight?


Because I mean it's he is a younger guy. He's not the same size. Challenge me. Well what do you mean. He's six foot four. He's two hundred twenty five thirty pounds. That's a big man. He's also thirty years younger than I am. He's, he's a, he's a youngster.


If Billy would have got me in my prime when I was six foot four, two hundred thirty pounds at twenty seven years old, he really wouldn't have a chance. It would be like falling, falling and he's gone. There'll be so much faster, so much more powerful than what I am right now. So. The advantage is his you know, he's a big man. He's not not like I'm fighting, got five seven five eight and giving away one hundred fifty pounds, like when I thought mentally I gave away one hundred and fifty pounds and ten inches, that's a big difference.


He was a professional fighter and I wasn't. So that's a big difference. That's more or less. A slaughter, but I expect him to come out and at least defend himself. Of he's talking all the shit he's going to put me in a coma is going to kill me. He said he wants my dead. Does that make you feel good? I'm amazed Billy would say something like that, but I think you have a lot of people in his ear that are telling him the wrong things.


Like what? He slow. He's injured. He can't fight. And I think I always. I had a guy one time I told them, do not judge me by my fight with him, a judge me now and they understand me and they got killed. Judge me from what you're about to see if you look at my last couple of fights I've had. I only used my jab, never used my right, and I won every fight. How come I never even threw a right hand?


The fight was over. Billy, you're going to get hit with this right here. I'm saving it. And this is called the Mack truck when it hits, what are you doing with any injuries right now? I'm always dealing with injuries. Fifty six years old. Eleven surgeries, of course. Would you mind what's going on? Oh, I've had necks. I've had four back surgeries, elbow surgery, had surgery.


I just had knee surgery a month and a half ago.


But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because I think a lot of people think that the one thing that he has over you is he's young, is the endurance piece might be better.


There's not going to kind of come into play because only one minute you think this fight goes one minute, only less.


And the thing is, I would agree with people if the rounds were three minute rounds, I would say I might have a problem because he could run. He could punch up and wear me out a little bit. But one minute rounds. You thinking it's over, so that doesn't come into play, a lot of people underestimate the adrenaline, though, whenever you get the bright lights on pay per view. I fought in the ring before. He has.


I have experience I've experienced at the MBA level and the regular customers at the professional level fighting a guy seven foot two, 400 pounds, Bill never thought I got that big. In front of fifty thousand people. I've also bux three other four of the times beside that, what is really done that's going to work against him? I'm going to and collected because I have experts. I've been there. He hasn't when he stepped into that ring and he sees my side, he's going to go.


I didn't realize it was that big. It was I don't realize how big it is or I'll tell you. That's the first thing I'm sure when I walked in this room. Are you guys that fuck? He's bigger and taller than what I thought. Yes, I know, guys. Everybody says the same thing when he sees me in person at the way in, when I went to hundred seventy pounds, this muscular, he's going to go, what the fuck am I done?


I'm fighting this fucking monster. I didn't realize she was that big, just like when I fought Hangmen Choi, I saw him on video when I got into the ring with him. The guy, seven foot two, four hundred pounds.


I looked at my went the fuck have I done? I looked straight up. Bill is going to go to the same shit I'm going to he's going to see me, is going to he's going to step into the ring. All the bright lights has the drones going to hit them. He's not going to know how to breathe and the first shot I hit him is going to be flabbergasted. He's going to be short of breath right off the bat. I'm going to say exactly what's going to happen because I happen to me.


He has a message for you. He sent it to me. You mind if I play a bit like. Does it make sure you go to Charleston, West Virginia, on February 5th? I could use this time to talk trash, but I don't even know if you shot the fight. So I'm just going to make sure you show up to the fight. Look, I'm one hundred and thirty five pounds, five nine Tisbury Unathletic, the Charleston, West Virginia.


Fight me rough and rowdy. We're going to fight. Why is he lying? Not your twin. You I want you to show.


No, you don't want me to show up my twin smaller. I am frail.


We are very athletic. You should come and pick me up totally. Just not your twin. You you come to West Virginia. So because you want to get paid, I want get paid show to West Virginia. Not scary. Dr. Hirsche is called to West Virginia. Clits. So I'm curious to know what he has to license his five nine hundred thirty five pounds, what does he think he's trying to coax you into coming question you? Because I think a lot of people are scared that you're not going to show up.


I will be there. That's not even a question. But why is it not a question?


Because I'm telling you, I'm going to be there. That's why it's not a question, because there's nothing. Plus, the the thing is. I think I'm going to teach Billy a lesson. Respect your elders. I think the theme of this fight is going to be respect their elders and he needs to respect the guy. Could be his grandfather. So how old is Billy football? Anybody to know here?


Early 20s for sure. Twenty to probably 20 to some older to be his grandfather.


So the theme here is, Billy, I'm old enough to be your granddad.


Respect your elders. I'm going to give you a spanking. For disrespecting me that way. So get ready another piece of the video he brings up, he said, don't bring don't make your brother show up. So what happened with that? Because it looks like at some point in your history, you sign up for a boxing fight and then you didn't show up and you sent your brother, who looks exactly like, you know, my brother is much more than I am, doesn't look exactly like me.


I mean, Billy might have a chance against my twin, but I doubt it. My two will still wipe the floor with them.


But what's the story? What's the story behind the true story is that I was training. I rolled my wrist. And I bruised my wrist tremendously, I couldn't fight, I called the the promoter, I forgot what his name was and I said, well, my brother's there in town. He will fight in my place, but don't say he's me, say, because I injured myself. He's just going to fight in the place of physical security. Of course, as you can see, it's going to take my spot and the promoter to try to have him fight as me.


Jose Canseco, I said to my brother, do not fight this fraud under my name. You can get sued for that. Tell them. Tell them, of course, your odds. You can have them announce Jose Canseco and he won't do that.


And that's the true story behind what happened, and he would not announce him as as you can say, could try to announce him as a sequel, my brother did a quick interruption here.


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He didn't fight. For that reason, absolutely. So you didn't get in trouble for that? That never happened, really? Or maybe never happened, will never happen, that he fought for you, right, never suffering, so you didn't get any trouble? He did. No, he didn't fight Azmy.


Right, right, because that does fraudulent, that's a story that's circulating in the bar stool, well, that area that that's a true story, exactly how you said it.


So but but let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. I can roll my wrist, tear my shoulder. It's a matter of fact, I'm out of surgery six weeks, seven weeks, I'm still coming. I'll have a knee brace, but I'm still coming. So get ready. I'm coming for you. And you're lucky. I don't have a good name, lucky, because then you'd wind up in a coma for sure. Lucky.


How bad do you want her to. Well, I think the theme is respect your elders, and he deserves a very good spanking, a very well placed spanking, and I'm thinking about am I going to break his jaw, his nose or his ribs or hit him a liver shot? So I don't know which I want to hit him with yet, you're going to have to guess. Let me ask you this, what does this name mean to you, Frank the tank, because Frank the tank, he's playing aliased alias Jabba the Hutt.


I could have sworn I saw somebody on that show look just like Jabba the Hutt. I think Frank the Tank is aliased Jabba the Hutt. I'm pretty sure it is because. Or top of the HUDs stunt double or something or stand in wasn't either stand in for start wars for Jabba the Hutt.


Yeah, I think he was playing a very pivotal role in Billy's camp. He's basically as hype man. He will be in his corner.


All right. The tech is doing is getting really in trouble because the tech realize, Frank, you don't have to go in there and fight. I'm scared of you. I'm not going to come near you. I'm afraid you're going to eat one of my arms or one of my legs. You look hungry all the time. You're pissed off. I need to get fed. You're hungry. Don't worry. I can't touch. Thank you, Frank. Frank the tank where the fuck his name is, but.


Billy Frank is getting to a lot of trouble, a lot of talk, which you're going to have to pay for. So you have a message for the tank. Yeah, I just stay away from you, I'm going to keep my distance away from you because I like my arms and my legs right where they're at and you are hungry, man.


You are hungry. Angry. I know what the fuck is wrong with you, but I'll stay with you.


How are you been training. Like what? People. I guess. I guess the question is, Jose Canseco, this guy does steroids. Is he doing steroids for this fight?


I guess that's the question. I'm thinking about it, but I think I'm big enough already. I don't think I need to go in the ring, you know, I'm already two hundred seventy pounds.


Why not just a little boost? I don't think I need it, but don't talk me into it. I might do it just for a little, you know, just for a.. Couple more veins.


You could more veins coming out. Might might scare them a little bit. Maybe ten more pounds of raw muscle.


How fast after you do steroids you start feeling like I'm on steroids. I feel strong and angry and angry.


So people this myth about steroids and anger, it's a matter of fact, they did some type of test or something like that.


First of all, steroids don't make you angry. Steroids don't make you a jerk. If you're a jerk already and using steroids, you're just a fucking jerk.


That's all there is to it.


So that's just a myth. How long would it take to work, depending on what you're using?


Hmm. For Billy, you don't have enough time, Billy. There's nothing that's going to help you right now. Whether you get steroids, you get injections every day. Every second is going to help you. You're just in hot water, your deep shit. Maybe, you know. And 10 days, I think you feel different and some of you work out excessively diet, properly used to right combinations, probably about 10 days, but really nothing can help you, man.


You're out there and you're out there in the ocean on a little raft. And I'm the great white coming after you. And I don't take little chunks, it's not going to be a little chunk. It's going to be big hits. Is there anything he can do to shock you? Nothing. Well, I expect him maybe not to fight me and maybe bring in a heavyweight champion to fight me destiny, even if he will stand some of your big blows at the beginning.


If he does, he you continue boxing, but I don't think he has the size, the weight. And it's not going to be about stamina. This is not about this one minute round. This is not about stamina. This is not about a piranha nipping at you. This is a great white taking big chunks out of you. So he's going to have to take a lot of pressure, a lot of pressure. And then what's the next step after this, you've publicly said the team's your article, you want to logon, Paul?


Yeah, he was the original guy. Want to fight the issue? Well, the day my daughter, there was an issue that I'm not going to discuss it right now. That's a big story. But he was the original guy wanted to fight Logan Paul.


Then Bastar came up in the background.


You know that Logan is with us now. Great.


Then after he sees what we'll here's the thing with Logan. Logan said that. He was afraid to fight me because he was afraid to hurt me, to kill me because I'm too old, and I think once Logan realizes how easy I'm going to handle Billy football and I and I think Logan Paul would be a better fight for Billy football in a sense of size, white weight category, the whole combination age than I would because I'm going to basically destroy Billy football.


And I think once Logan passes, he's going to wait a minute. This is not the guy I thought I was fighting. This guy can hit real hard and can move and it's fast and it's got tremendously heavy hands and he's huge. So. I think once Logan realized it was for real. I don't have to worry about killing him like Billy. That's ridiculous. It's like saying, Frank, the tank is skinny. We all know he's not skinny, so.


Billy, football in no way, shape or form. Is it going to last around? Once Logan sees that the Logan Palmer said, wait a minute, what have I done? Because Logan Paul is more in the same weight category. The football, as a matter of fact, I think I can beat Logansport much easier than Billy football. Beiser that. I outweigh both of them by 50, 60, 70 pounds. They don't have the punching power I have and Billy football has no experience.


And Lagus got let me take Logan has one fight and I saw the fight he lost. He couldn't even even knock his opponent out. What was his opponent? One hundred seventy eighty pounds. Really, one hundred eighty pounds is going to come into the ring with me, two hundred and seventy pounds because the bigger you are, the harder you punch.


Definitely. So you're saying by that logic, Frank, the tank might be the hardest puncher of all time?


Well, the problem is, Frank, the get get get on his feet to punch. If you can get him up. He may be historic because of his weight, an atomic bomb type puncher. But can you get him on his feet?


No, I'm not worried about him. I'm worried about more of Frank the Tank eating one of my one of one of my arms.


I'm afraid if I throw a punch, you fucking just jump on it and take it right out.


So if you really do, like, basically murder Billy football in the ring, are you going to feel bad about it? I'm not going to pay for his medical bills. I've got to murder you.


But I'm going to teach you a lesson. I won't hit you with one hundred percent. I won't if I hate you hundred percent with my size and weight and I catch you perfect. You're going to a hospital.


So why why would you fight and not fight a hundred percent?


I don't need to to be honest with you about football. I don't really need to. It's going to be. Too easy, so I don't want to I don't want to break a skull or cripple him or I don't want to do that, if you send him to the hospital, will you pay for his.


We help pay for his medical bills.


Well, hopefully Barstow's got insurance for you, Billy. I'm sure your cover. So he'll be right. But he said I was the one I was going to die. Yeah, so let's see who ends up on that campus. He did clarify that he had no intent to kill you, that it was just that you were probably die, which kind of clears his name in a court of law.


It does. So what am I supposed to just basically go in the ring and fall down? Because is he going to hit me hard enough to knock me out? No. No, it's impossible. I just stand there with my hands tied behind my back. Let him hit me three times, you still could knock me out. And what were your what were your fight weekend look like when you flying in? Are you going to get there early to to touch soil?


I think I want to be there the third. So I think we have to do the way in the press conference, the standard kind of stuff. What's your biggest weakness? Because it's at a casino. Do you have a gambling vice?


No. Is there a chance you say, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs? Party drugs it is. So let's clarify that. And I know he's he's looking at me kind of funny. Oh, really? Yeah, right.


I think we're coming in third and the fourth, maybe getting the fourth, and then we'll do the way in the press conference. Billy football finally get to see me and. I'm going to look in his eyes and let's see what I see. If you wake up after the fight, wake up and you're in the hospital and you lost and, well, he doesn't have power knocked me out, what would your first thought be? It's not going to happen.


It's not going to happen and you're going to notice it's not going to happen. It's impossible. I literally can take. I saw him. He has no boxing experience, does not throw a punch properly, does not spin his hips, doesn't have the upper body strength, although velocity. To knock me out, it's impossible. What what are your like numbers right now, your height, weight bench press that you're doing that kind of stuff still? I'm six for 270 pounds.


What do you hit on the bench press? I don't bench having a bench explosive moment. Quick, quick muzzle twitch fiber. You know, it's funny because as a baseball player, I've never been so happy, but I benched super fast, like two point twenty five pounds, like 40 times. Very quick, quick muscle twitch fiber, everything fast because baseball is an explosive sport. Boxing, very explosive combination sport. And that coordination, depth perception, you're going to tell me, Billy, football has better hand eye coordination, depth perception than I do when he plays that he can snap right in.


See how fast I was. I didn't even see it. He was exactly.


He's not going to ever see it coming. My hands are so fast. He's going to freak. He's going to go, what the fuck? You guys said it was the old fucking man that could even fucking move what you guys had me in the ring against. Got that monster first going to come out of his mouth when I hear he's going to go, I didn't even see it. Watch, remember this guy's. After the fight, asked Billy, did you ever see him?


I never I never saw Sands. That's so fast, they're now Big Cat is kind of your original, I guess you could say your original enemy in this was A-Rod is a well, big cat's a pussy is a wimp.


But I understand big cat. You don't you don't want to go in there. You don't want to be a sacrificial lamb either.


No, I think because I think big cats defend him, I think that he was like, you know what, I could easily be Husaybah, but I'm trying to give my guy Billy some shine because Billy's coming up.


How can I come easily? I think that's what he was thinking. What in boxing? I think he was thinking and I don't want to put words in his mouth.


I just think that obviously there's something unstable about Big Cat. Think he could beat me in boxing?


Well, it's not that he necessarily is a good fighter or even that athletic. It's just that he was fighting for A-Rod. Who cares about you? You ever hear about, like, how mom can pick up a school bus if a child's under the bus? That's how big I would have thought for A-Rod.


Well, he's delirious, is delirious. The problem is when you step into that ring, reality hit you and around is going to be me hitting you.


Do you have a word for bigot who kind of started off this season because you're a wimp? You're a wimp, you want to go in there, fight for Arun's honor, all of a sudden I accept that and oh, I know he's saying I'm in a better financial position now.


I have kids, I'm older, I'm out of shape.


And so what? Really, football is a young kid, I'm fighting him, he's six foot four, two hundred thirty pounds, he's 20 something years old. I'm an old man, 11 surgeries and sports. Out of surgery a month and a half ago, meniscus tear, you can look at a doctor who did the surgery, this for real. I'm going to wear a knee brace and you couldn't fight me. Meanwhile, I'll fight Billy and A-Rod at the same time if you want to bring him in back to back the same day one one run on that came out that A-Rod agreement and knock him up the next round.


I'm not saying no, would you fight A-Rod? Absolutely, any day. But Arad's of pussy. A known, he was 18 years old, he will not get in the ring with me, even though he's my size 10 or 40, 50 pounds, six foot three and 10 years younger than me. Still to.


I mean, why not? Iran, why would you fight me? Questions good for him should get you to get them on the show and ask him, why won't you fucking psycho? I have a paper. You think that would do to be ugly? We probably break all kinds of records. So, Aaron, I know you're already worth three hundred million. But still, you know, when I fight you for free, how's that? I will give you all the money and I'll fight you to teach you a lesson and you know what it's about my ex-wife, Jessica.


Get your ass in the ring, I'll fight you for free. You think that that could finally bury the beef you guys got in the ring? I'd just like to teach them a lesson. I think a lot of times people get mad at each other and then they fight and they end up hugging and being like best friends right after hugging anybody. We'll see. Who am I going to hug the football? I feel I do feel bad for them, though, I do feel bad for them, like if you were in the ring at the fight, you look just like my nephew.


I would never fight you. I would not even hit.


You know, it's like there's a good chance I will be on your in your corner. No, I can't. No, that's my nephew, it looks like.


All right. Do you have any other words before we before we cut this off? I mean, the fights coming up, it's almost, what, two weeks now?


Three weeks. Ten days. Ten days. Yeah.


Guys, come on out. You're going to see me teach Billy football a lesson. People don't get caught up on my age, people are saying, I'm slow, I can't hit, I don't have the stamina. Don't get caught up in that. Be careful, Billy, football. Defend yourself and guard yourself against my blunt force trauma. I hit real hard. Be careful. I'm just double checking to make sure I don't have anything else I wanted to ask you about.


So we've got everything coverers. I got nothing, you know, I mean, we done everything twice now. Yeah, we've done everything. All right.


Jose Canseco, I look forward to seeing you in West Virginia.


I'll be in probably your corner picture my nephew, you look like bring him to bring him to Washington if you look at same color eyes. My whole family's blond hair, blue and green eyes. Can you believe that my father was blond hair, blue eyes and my twin came out. Dark hair, dark eyes. It got ripped off.


Fuck. Terrible. Yeah, right. All right. Cool. OK, so. Back in the closet, he was killed in green balls after we do this interview. We so actually take a step back, so we go out there, I said, all right, this is what I need for this piece, for the video, because I need. Fifty minutes with Jose, an interview, and I need some footage and video of him fighting and like I don't need I don't really know a lot about fighting, I don't know a ton about it, but I don't feel like you can sit like a football practice if I want to film your football practice.


There's some parts of practice that can't be filmed because you're running plays or going over scheme. I'm not necessarily sure that's true in boxing, like, no, I mean, boxers do like twenty four sevens for HBO.


That happens all the time, like they're getting in good shape and learning how to box. Yeah. Yeah. I guess I should. I don't know, maybe this is dumb, but they were very protective over their training session and I was like, why they're being so protective. When I first went out, we were going through everything on Friday. Then his guy, because I was I got a guy was like, you got to send. He's like, sorry, we're not going to do a Friday.


We actually train Thursday. And I was like, oh, no problem. Actually, we'll get our camera guy to just come out a day early. So we send out Rudy, our camera guy, on Thursday. Well, then I think that Hoess guy thought that he, like, checkmated us by saying that we weren't working with him on Friday. So then when he's out there on Thursday, he's like, well, actually, we're not going to be training Thursday.


We're going to do it Friday night late, like, you know, like like nine o'clock, something late on Friday night. And he thought that was going to scare us like, well, is there any way we can still do it? Rudy's out here no matter what. Then it did like we didn't scare us, we ready to do the interview and next year we did the film footage fight footage of Avery helping here. Let's edit that out.


I'm going to start over, so he thinks that. Every edit is how it makes sense, he they thought they checkmated us when they said they couldn't do the footage on Thursday anymore within they're like, well, we can only do it Friday night late now. They thought they checkmated us again. We're like, OK, that's fine. So then on right before we do the interview at the win, do like actual we can't do the fight footage anymore.


Him training tonight, it's going to you know, it's going to be later. I was like, well when is it going to be like it's going to be tomorrow or even could be as late as Monday because this was a Friday. Anyways, they thought they checkmate us again. We're like, OK, Rudy will stay, so we are Rudy out there who's in Vegas for five days, don't want to be in Vegas for five days now ever.


You know, I mean, I would like to be and actually I would rather be in Vegas five days now that I would be in Vegas, five days when Vegas is Vegas. I disagree with you're going to die.


I love to go down that way.


And we just maybe a good way to go down. And I'm sure some have five days in Vegas, like that's a good way to die, but. Anyway, so but nothing's open and now it's like not fun, it's not a good time, I think is open is the casino. So instead of like losing a little money, but then, like going out party and having a great time, you're just losing the money. That's all that you're doing.


Anyways, restated for five days, then Hoess guy goes completely dark, Army stops texting me back when we had a scheduled for Monday, won't tell me when it's going to be where it's going to be, so on and so forth. So finally on Sunday night or even Monday, it might have been yesterday I texted I excuse me, I tweeted Jose Canseco. I mean, we've had a camera go to Vegas for five days yet to train. Right afterwards, I tagget, right afterwards, they hit up routine like, all right, we're going to be training.


So then Rudy goes gets this footage. Apparently Hosie looks bad and I would trust Rudy on that.


I feel like Rudy knows Rudy's in shape guy.


Yeah, I when I saw Jose, like, he looks good like standing there physically, but apparently his training session was rough.


I mean, he could look good, but I think he'd still be slow. I'd got to be talking shit about anyone's like Purslow is Kirsan, but he's like fifty six years old. Fifty fifty year old man. Yeah.


So basically what I took from that you say he say was he was not in great shape. So what I took from that, I haven't seen the footage yet. Is it beautiful. Paul can. Make it go to decision, I don't think you'll be able to knock him out, he's just so big, he looks like the type of guy who has a hard brain to. Yeah, I mean, he seems like a type of guy, bare knuckle boxing.


You just take a shot at him. He just doesn't move. I would assume that's the type of guy Jose Canseco is. I don't see how they get knocked out. I could see Billy lending a lot of shots on him. And I do think that if it goes to decision, Billy will win a win in a landslide 100 percent.


Because also from my perspective, too, like you're saying as well, I feel like the only way Jose wins is if he connects like one of his five full power punches. Yeah, yeah.


And he even told me so Jose told me in person when he did like the third time they canceled the fight footage or the training footage, he's like, I don't want to be filmed because I'm where they filmed me that Billy won't fight me because he'll realize what he got himself into. And at the time, I believe Jose, because he looks so big.


But really, that's not the case.


He's so big. And he's I would just say he's a mid 50s. Your man, Billy, is, I think, a twenty three year old just college athlete, very in shape. I don't think people realize how tall Billy is. Billy's got to be like six three, six four. And he's extremely in shape. If there were if they should be odds on favorite. Yeah. Billy. So now what I my thought on is Billy's the favorite.


If he's not going to negotiate though, he's going to have to go all three rounds. If somehow Jose, like, can get him in a corner and land a big punch on him, Billy is in. It's going to be big time punch.


Yeah. I think Jose has like five big partizan plans, one of those big ones that may be the problem.


Yes. So we've got to fight for footage. Anyways, the interview with the video interview, which is like more I think I can't really recall because I did two interviews back to back. I think did the video interview is like funnier because I just asked. I like more funny questions, but that will come out next week. And then the fight is on February the 5th. You have to check it out. Rough. Rowdy is the best thing Barzani's or at least it's my favorite thing.


Bastards. And this is by far the biggest fight to do it for one hundred. I don't even know if we mentioned that. One hundred.


Yeah. And just imagine really football growing up, it's like call your dad, be like, hey, I'm fighting goes. I could say go. Yeah.


OK, so also we didn't talk about this, but I want to talk about this. I'm now away from gleni balls.


But I did mention in the beginning of the podcast I was going to say what happened to us out here in California while we're out here and how we got stood up.


So I guess a long tease on that was we got we came out to California, full crew, BULBA, and to do Sunday conversation, and we got stood up by Wiz Khalifa. So, you know, it kind of is like, what are you going to do? You know, it's Wiz Khalifa.


Am I upset? Yeah, I think it would have been great, it would have been great. I would have loved to meet Wiz Khalifa.


I would have loved to have an opportunity to sit down with him. And I think it would have been really good. But at the end of the day, when you schedule with some Wiz Khalifa, did you really schedule anything? And I kind of knew that going into it.


So, yeah. And this whole trip to California sucked. I know how people live out here.


I mean, even if it just doesn't make sense, it's like everything's shut down. You can't go anywhere. It's it's completely shut down. It's almost like you can't even be outside is what it feels like. And then somehow there's still like hella traffic, like you can't drive around. It's the interstates are packed, but there's nowhere to go. It's crazy and it's not very nice, and if people come here to live in L.A., they think they love the beach.


It's 40 minutes from the beach. I just don't know how people live out here, and I came out here this whole trip first, I had a couple of extra days. The first day I was out here, Jared Goff, not to throw him under the bus. He invited me to play golf. I go to the store. We have new sponsors. You know, so I got to go to the store and make sure I get all the sponsors gear, blah, blah, blah, so that, you know, we're supporting them, I'm out there on the course.


I thought, you know, we'll probably end up being in some type of video. Go all the way down there and not act like it was a hardship to go get some stuff, I was happy to do it, but go out there, get the stuff, go. I'm on my way to meet Jared. He's like 30 minutes, 40 minutes from my hotel, his golf course, and I'm on the way. And then like ten minutes before I tee time, maybe 15 minutes for a tee time, he canceled on me.


He's like, oh dude, my boys are too hung over. Can't do it. He wasn't, for the record, I don't know. But I mean, that's me. Bet on him. Maybe he should have been. You know, you can't on me.


You probably cancel your boys. Last night they had a party without you and then we were going to play again. But then he has to do rehab on a storm. Then the next day I try to make a tee time. Trying to get better. To Wendy, they said, we're not even putting flags in the course that you can come play 30 miles an hour winds. No, thanks. And then today, Wiz Khalifa canceled. So basically three canceled events in just that, I don't know how she will do.


It also is like does it now, L.A. people like loom over your head that there's going to be a huge earthquake sometime, probably in our lifetime.


I mean, I hope not.


But has it every scientist ever been like, yeah, there's got to be a huge earthquake, a devastating earthquake right in your city, L.A.. It's probably going to be very catastrophic and people just live out here just toting along in the traffic, you can't even get a sandwich. It's just unreal in so there's just kind of been I give it a I give it a D D minus, but it was good to see. I can't wait for that fight.


Beautiful. Jose Canseco can't wait to get out of L.A., start playing some golf, start getting better, start start really clicking. Start getting inside some type of schedule. Since football's been over, I say football has been over since football season was over for us at Bastable with all our shows, which was for me, you know, at the end of the year. I just feel like I haven't been on a schedule, so I'm looking forward to doing that.


Anyways, thank you guys for listening. I appreciate all your showing up every week, and I look forward to speaking with you just around this time next week. Thank you. Sometimes I can go by as you nice to meet you. He waits before I can be I can make you happy while. I think about a few late nights in the middle of July, he was thinking, maybe I'll make you happy. Now, usually I put them on TV so we never think about you and me.


But today I see our reflections clearly in Hollywood. Lamp on the screen. You just need a better life and maybe you need something I can never give back. But I'm across the road. It's not a nice car, but once I think about it, you'll be nice and. Anyways, forgive me, I can't make you happy like you can't fight and you can breathe, you say sometimes.