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Hey, everyone, welcome back to a proportional response podcast. I'm John Walker. Today, my guest is Ava Clemens. She kindly agreed to meet with me while she was back in Aberdeen over the summer to record an episode. We get into some really big and interesting topics, starting off with her passion for the environment. If I do something a little bit different or put money in a different place or do you know, I mean, I think it would just the effect would be I mean, it would be amazing.


We discuss her vegan diet and my attempt to change my own eating habits.


I think it's important to just think, OK, I'm aware that this will make OK, maybe not a big difference, but little difference. And maybe one day that'll spread. Finally, we chat about her university course, studying languages and our experiences abroad through this course, you know, they're helping with my Spanish.


So I was just living with Spanish girls. And it was it was lovely. Yes. Traveling so much.


This was a really fun episode to record. And it was a blast catching up with Ava. So I really hope you enjoy this episode. And here's our conversation. OK, I'm here with Ava. How are you? I am fine.


First of all, I think I would like to thank you just for sharing all the podcasts, because when I first started this, obviously it's a bit of a nerve wracking thing to put out this podcast when you just try and to just start out doing it from the very first one. You like sharing them on Facebook and civs.


Yeah. And so, so brave is really good. Thank you.


Well, I really appreciate your offer, but we got some cool topics to speak about. Well, just jump right into the first one, which is quite a big one, to be honest. I don't like of Star, but obviously you have a great passion for environmental issues. Anyone who follows you on social media can see that.


But when did the sort of problem of global warming become overly apparent to you? Because I know sort of school we did like you should recycle and we shouldn't litter. And it never seemed like a really big, serious thing that everyone knows it to be right now. So when did it become apparent to you that not only it was a big thing, but maybe you should act against it?


Yeah, I think maybe I covered the exact moment. I'm going to be honest. Yes, that moment. But I think I remember at school seeing something about polar bears like falling off ice and geography. I don't know, maybe everything was melting. And I was like, oh, that seems serious. OK, I lost the North Pole shouldn't melt. Yeah, seems pretty obvious. Then I kind of started going into the hole like there was last year.


Things were happening and like fire is everywhere. And I was like, this isn't good. Like I was speaking about it. First of all, why is anyone doing anything about it? Second of all, and I just feel like it's so important to speak about it. And like this year especially, I feel like it's just going to get worse and worse and worse if no one does anything. Yeah, OK. Yeah, I've got like what, two hundred thousand Instagram.


Nobody cares I'm saying. But at least I'm trying and like. Yeah. Just to spread awareness about it. And I feel it's so important for our generation, I just think it's important. So would you say it was more like through school instead of being secondary school rather than just seeing on the news or something? Yeah, well I don't really to watch news that much, OK, because I must see my news like social media, like it follows different people.


Yeah. That's how I got my news. Yeah. But I think I'm, I don't know Mr. Mather like all his doing. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Teacher he always played videos about that article. It was all he had an electric car. Yeah. It's like a zero emissions of social life. So forward thinking and people used to laugh. I was like yeah that kind of like intrigued me and I was like, that's cool. Yeah.


Electric car. Never heard one time before. Yeah. Like that was on the wall five years ago. Yeah. And I'd never heard of them. So I don't think anyone really has heard of it. Or if they did they said OK, that's sort of like a hippie y'know. Yeah. I'm like that's the future. I want to be him. I want to be Mr. Mason. Yeah, that's great.


So how frustrating is it maybe you've mentioned this year in particular have been pretty frustrating. How frustrating is it when you see, for example, not Taedong getting one point two billion in like funding or overnighter? Yeah, yeah. And then the Amazon rainforest goes on fire and G7 assembles like Avengers Assemble, the countries assemble and they managed to scrape together twenty million.


I know doesn't not to show you like it's so frustrating. Yeah. Why does a building not be funny. OK, yeah it's nice looking. Yeah. But I only went out fire a wee bit and nobody died like these species. We haven't even discovered that yet. Dying indigenous people are living there. They're. Their homes are gone. Why does not care, I know why does anybody care that it just annoys me so much? I just think people should talk about it.


People should have more money. Celebrities like famous people, everybody should give money. Yeah. To stop it. But I don't understand. I don't understand. It's like a simulation. I don't know what's going on. It's maybe an impact of it being sort of in a European capital as well. There's sort of a feeling like I've been told not to do anything. You've probably been we were the Paris trip, actually, um, so picturesque. Yeah, sure you do.


Maybe people like Europe is where everything happens. All of the everyone's like got some familiarity with it. Whereas in the Amazon it's sort of like half hour of people. So it's like a different planet. Very few people have been to the Amazon rainforest, so maybe there's a sense of that. But still, it's it's I think it isn't like that. You can't relate to the Amazon. Yeah. Yeah. You don't you don't you can't relate to it, but can't even.


Oh yeah. I've been there. That's sad. Loblolly, although I get that like you do understand that. But nobody dies. Yeah. It was there for a very long time but it doesn't you know, we don't depend on it like Amazon rain for us is our oxygen like. Yeah we they call it the lungs of the earth. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Why does it feel like you're going to die. Like just being honest. Yeah.


Yeah. It's hard to conceive of the entire size of it as well. Yeah. Like what is it like a football pitch. Every how many minutes.


Yeah it's ridiculous. But what's even worse than Brazil's president said no to the money for some sort of petty reason is he wanted an apology from the French president. Just like crazy seems so petty. What's funny is I like people say women are too emotional to live in. This guy's like, no, I need an apology.


Well, so, yeah.


Is there any aspect of you that sort of thinks it's a, uh, global warming can or a small amount of things done to combat global warming is maybe a tragedy of the Commons idea.


So, yeah, anyone that doesn't maybe I had to ask on the tragedy of the Commons is I don't know whether I want to in politics or sociology or something, but it's basically when there's a shared resource, people tend to act in their own interest rather than acting within the common goal of everyone else. So if it was the world, for example, a very big yes, people tend to act in their own interests. We use fossil fuels, we do whatever.


And then but it would be in our long term communal interests to become weak and to stop using fossil fuels for sure. So do you think that that what you just said? So essentially people just tend to act in selfish to think like, oh, well, I'll just do this. It doesn't have that much of a factor. Yeah. Oh, I'll use oil or I do this. Yeah. I mean whatever. Just because it's convenient because.


Oh well he does it. She does. Yeah. But if you think about it, if I do something a little bit different or put money in a different place or do you know, I mean I think it would just the effect would be I mean it would be amazing. I really believe how little we have to change to see results. Yeah. Great.


Yeah, no, it's great. Is there a public figure or politician that you feel is so really focusing on these ideas? Because when I was thinking I mean, I don't follow probably nearly as many as environmental pages or anything. Yeah. Is there one in particular public figure politician that stands out? Because I remember I was running these questions and I was racking my brain can think of one person I know have one. No, I couldn't even think of someone.


I remember someone dropped out of the US presidential debate and everyone was like, yeah, this guy just focused on climate change. But now he's no human and nobody cares about. Yeah, and I can remember his name. I told you, I'm going to be honest. I don't like politicians. I don't like politics. No, Fanshawe, I wouldn't take it to heart. They just all offend me. And I don't that's the only one I've ever liked.


Zabala OK, love him. Yeah, but there are a few social media people that I like. And the first one is Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh yeah. People have an Instagram. That's good. Yeah. Also Lewis Hamilton. Oh. Really represents. I didn't know that yet. Lewis What. Lucy Watson. OK, from being in Chelsea. That reminds me actually a Manchester United footballer, he's actually just moved away from Christmas Island. Why did I ask?


It's not he's not actually like the best footballer either.


But I remember him saying that he married someone who was fiqh and she converted him to change.


She didn't know she may. She convinced him to become vegan. So I listen to a podcast when he was being interviewed about it and he said that his like he feels. Actually stronger than he's ever been. Yeah, as a result of turning. Well, that's Lewis Hamilton. He always obviously is very fit guy. Yes. And he always posts about like plant protein and like all good agent doesn't always share things about trophy hunting and everything. So he's really good.


OK. Yeah. And the other one was Gretta Feinburg. Oh yes. God bless her. Yeah. So the Atlantic season was crazy. Yeah. Great.


So once you start rattling off those.


So when are you going back to the Amazon fires? I remember when you first started, I think it was like an Instagram story or something. You said like thousands burning down. And I remember thinking to myself, well, isn't it like I don't know. I've never seen that.


I don't remember seeing on the news and in my sort of ignorance why it was so of saying, well, I can't be that big, bigger issue, because I know the BBC would have heard it not from just about like two other people, but obviously this sort of snowballed. And then it was talked about by everyone seeming like so like well done. Thank you for spreading the awareness. But do you think it's a responsibility of yours and maybe everyone else should to share these kind of stories and stop them being neglected maybe by the mass media?


I do. I do. And I also do feel like every time I see something I will put on my as I say, that many followers, every little helps. Yeah, but I do like I have really it's just so sad. But I have really suffered like environmental anxiety. OK, well, I felt the world the way it was actually on my shoulders. Yeah, that's it. OK, I know everyone's going to die. Nobody cares.


Yeah. And it's like actually the weight of the world on my shoulders. They're going to have to come down like you're doing everything you can, like things like that. Yeah. I mean, it's frustrating to tell someone you should maybe try this because it would benefit you in the future. And how can you like, you know, for your grandchildren and everything, even just changing, I don't know, Meatless Mondays or whatever. Yeah. Just make you first of all, makes me sleep easy at night.


Like I try, I recycle everything but just sharing it or just speaking about it and knowing that it happens and going on. Yeah.


Do you sort of go out of your way to tell your friends to do the same. Yeah. Certain friends I speak to about. I know, I know. Certain friends will be like we don't care about that. Oh yeah. And I have certain friends are like like minded and like people from being vegan and like, you know, things I share on Instagram, they come back to me and be like, I saw this and this is interesting.


And we like go back and forth. Yeah, I have friends. I have two separate groups of friends, I think environment friends and like other friends that, you know, who aren't really interested but do try and sort of convert them almost like benign like today we're going to speak about I'm going to try and convince you. But like now and again, you just sort of like say like, yeah, we're going to get into the conversation. I'm just going like, OK, let's sit down and talk about this because you're wrong.


And yeah, I know they do seem a bit bossy, but yeah, I just think once I always want to see the light and once like you've seen what's happening, like ignorance is bliss. Yeah. I wish I didn't know. I do know. So now I feel this responsibility that I have to tell everybody because how like how what are we going to do. Yeah. What is actually going to happen. I feel like I'm going to die like I which is stressful.


Like yeah well technically we are so much worse. I don't want to but I want to leave the world better than how we got it. And the way that we're going, we're leaving it worse off. Yeah. And I don't think that's good. Good.


Anyway, I'm scared now. I'm sorry. Do you feel any sort of progression in that it's been speaking about more than about more. Yeah, that was sort of like getting some. I know. It's like, it's like it's yeah. It's scary to think about but like do you think you're making any sort of progression personally or. Yeah. Do you feel like more people sort of reply to you Instagram stories or your Facebook posts or do you feel like there's more people in our generation who see it but you don't say anything about it?


Yeah. And that's kind of like a peer pressure kind of thing. I'm not going to put on my Instagram story, but you just have to like you have to, like, spread it. Yeah, but I also feel like right now with in politics, with so much other stuff going on that is like Brexit, they said they're like, yeah, like we're burning, you know, like things. So many things are going on. Yeah.


It's hard to think that is going to Trump. So it's going on. It's like a distraction for like oh just let it burn, we'll talk about it more like I genuinely feel like something's going on, but like yeah I don't know. I do think like our generation care more and are more aware and more educated. It's just whether they do anything. Yeah. Because I probably put myself in that kind of I don't think I start sharing some maybe I will in the future like.


Yeah, maybe I know, but I think just like some of my friends would be like, why do I have, like, certain friends who have different views on it?


Obviously, like I come from, like, let's be vegan and like, waste free, blah, blah, blah. I have friends who are more like against fast fashion and who think that's not good for them. What do you mean by fast, fast fashion? Like, you know, like little things. Guy is making loads of clothes, fast, fast, fast food, like the CO2 emissions and changing style, buying loads of clothes and chucking them away.


Like I have friends who are really strong about not doing that, buying British clothes and nothing else. Great. Like I think it's not all about what you eat or whatever you like or energy. I think it's like all aspects of your life, like just making a difference. Yeah. And being aware of that. Awesome. Well, one way that we've spoken about now a couple of times already dropped it. Yeah. We talk about a little clue as to what's coming up next.


But one way to combat global warming is through obviously eating less meat or animal products. Yeah. So I was under the impression this was from Professor. I'm going to blame it on him, OK? And to a certain extent, I still think it's kind of true, is that even if sort of half the world turned vegan, the we emit so much carbon into the atmosphere through fossil fuels of China still burning coal and America doing the same, there's two in particular that even if sold like off the wall ten big, then it wouldn't really make much of a difference.


And that was my sort of mindset for the last so long. Like if I stopped eating meat twice a day then or twice a week, then that's not really going to make much real headway. Yeah, I've changed that opinion recently, but is it really frustrating to hear that? Yeah.


Yeah, it's not annoying in the way I understand what you're saying. Yeah. Obviously it feels sometimes that I'm fighting a losing battle. Yeah. I'm sure a lot of people feel that way, not with any aspect, not just eating meat or using animal products or whatever. It's just yeah, OK, I've got an electric car but my neighbor doesn't. So what is the point. We have a one because it's doing nothing. I think it's making a difference.


And genuinely, I read a statistic that I didn't write it down. I meant do OK. But it was like if everyone did a meat free Monday, they would like reduce such and such amount of carbon or something like that. Yeah, it was it was an insane number and I wish I didn't. But I just think being conscious and making the effort, I mean, just to say we tried because at this point is going to get worse.


It's scary and it's like doomsday. I mean, I just think it's so important to be conscious and make an effort. Yeah. For me, obviously, it didn't start as an environmental thing. It started as like, I love animals and I'm sad it started back then. It kind of developed into this huge obsession, I guess. I don't know. Yeah, but like, yeah, people come at it from all different angles, but it's frustrating.


But I think it's important to just think, OK, I'm aware that this will make OK, maybe not a big difference, but little difference. And maybe one day they'll spread to America, spread positive messages. Where are still burning coal or. Yeah, they're doing is particularly hard as well when you live in sort of Aberdeen as well with like oil capital of Europe to like sort of see any change. But I would say that I have changed my mind fairly recently, and I think it has come partly due to like the Amazon rainforest.


And there was a recent U.N. report saying that if people start eating meat, then we're actually like saving the planet. And I feel like, well, I feel like I've started trying to go vegetarian two days a week, though, like. Yeah. So I start this week, actually. So I did Monday, Tuesday, and to be fair, go alive. Yeah, I'm still alive. I'm also sort of feel like I'm slightly cheating because I'm very fortunate to have an amazing chef as a dad.


Right. I'm living at home. So like if I tell him, OK, I'm going vegetarian on the Tuesday, OK, cool. And then like on Monday I can of like past with like halloumi and so on, you're like, well, well yeah. I was like, oh, so this is pretty easy. But then I imagine like if like you, I'm living in student halls and it's a lot more difficult actually.


I found it was actually like compared to my people who I was living with. Yeah. It was so cheap because it was like vegetables. Yeah. Fruit pasta. That was it. Like it was so cheap and they buy cheese and meet all that fancy stuff. So yeah I found it actually was very good economical. Did you find it really difficult at the beginning. I don't know. When did you turn vegan like.


I think it's about five years ago now. OK, yeah I was at school. Yeah. I'm sure I didn't like preach it that much. Schools kind of just like had done. Yeah. Luncheonette. Yeah. Yeah. I think about four or five years ago. Yeah. And I actually remember why did you do a vegetarian and then vegan, I was vegetarian for six weeks, OK? You're like and then I'm going to do, you know.


Yeah. It was like I should remember. So I went vegetarian and mom made the worst food ever. Looked to me like chicken gravy, something. I was like, oh no, I'm awful, blah, blah, blah. And I remember I eat that. And then I went vegetarian and then I start again. I watched the documentary Blackfish SeaWorld. I was OK about that. And I said I saw all the documentaries like Fork Over Knife and all these, you know, all the benefits about like Dary.


So bad for you. Eggs are so bad for you. And if you don't eat meat but you still eat milk, then you're still supporting the meat industry. I thought, well, honey milk then, you know. Yeah, it was like I all started from SeaWorld documentary and I was like, oh, my God, no.


I think and I think the main thing that I was thinking of is that I can't really go on Twitter or Facebook and start sharing and preaching for like, oh, we really need to change the like the way we are.


And like we need to start acting on climate change and start like practice what you preach.


Exactly what I mean, like morally say like all these politicians, like they didn't do anything, whereas I'm sitting here, like, talking into my. Yeah, it's like I think even if you are preaching it and spreading it and doing Meatless Monday, Tuesday or whatever. Yeah. Whatever you want to do, I just think that's so good. And I don't ever say to my friends, don't eat meat because that's a personal choice. Yeah. You know, I mean I know it's delicious.


I mean I know, I remember. But it just makes me feel like I've come to like realization like that's no good for my body, that's not good for the environment, is not benefiting my life or anybody else's life. Yeah. I love animals. I'm very like emotional person about animals and things. Yeah. I can't watch, like films and animals die. Yeah. You know, I could watch some people die. I don't know. I mean.


Yeah. Oh my God. Everywhere definity. Yeah. I just like animals so that's a personal choice. Yeah. Yeah.


Um is the like a really annoying frustrating argument apart from maybe the one I just hear the like sort of triggers you or is like the thing about like vegan stereotypes on every and I've got to tell everyone honestly, I love the stereotype of like hairy armpits and. Oh yeah. Like Adam and Eve kind of, you know, I mean, like, I think it's funny and I can laugh and I think whatever. But as I say, like and nothing really bothers me.


I can laugh about it. My friends take the piss all the time and I'm like, that's funny. Yeah, that's great. I'm doing better than I am superior. So there's likely you're going to have fun.


There's a joke that it's not really sort of a joke that there's a comedian called Roma Stronger Names, OK? And he was saying like, oh, people always joke about like how victims are morally superior. And all I'm told smog was like balls because they are morally superior. They're saving the planet. And you're not. That's true. I know I can sleep easy at night.


So, yeah, I don't mind, but is apart from some of the stereotype is like a super frustrating.


So people sometimes tease me bakin though OK. And I'm like fair like that's why I for a few bacon and I'm like yeah I know. It's just like there's nothing that annoys me because OK I understand it but like ha ha. Very funny.


OK, so you mentioned it briefly. Would you suggest to people doing so of like I've done. And so we just so do it step by step almost because like if I want to try to go completely vegan or completely vegetarian, I can guarantee I'd fail within a week. But hopefully if I sort of do it step by step, I mean, yes, with the intention of like gradually cutting out altogether, I think I'm kind of an exception. I went cold turkey.


OK, did you. Yeah, I just want to begin. It was like within like two months. Yeah. Because of your mom's cooking. Yeah. It's just terrible for I. Yeah. I don't know. And I think for other people that doesn't work. That approach doesn't really work. Yeah. So OK, I think people probably don't realize it but they probably do do a vegetarian day week anyway. Yeah. Do you. I mean I think we all had pasta.


It's not pasta last night. Yeah. It's jittery and like yeah you can like it's not actually as difficult as you think it would be. Yeah. Well on the Wednesday I was like, well it's not like I'm dying for a bacon so. Well so the only people always say to me, what's the thing that you miss. Like the only thing I miss is a forever Raucci. Oh you know, I know, you know, Christmas everyone is running.


How should I have I have to just like smell them and like the smell so good. Oh that's another. Yeah but. Oh yeah.


Yeah that's the only thing. Yeah. Go that is Turkey. I know it's strictly vegetarian for me. Just. Is like, why are you so upset? Before you eat meat and if you don't eat meat and you keep drinking milk, then you're still supporting the industry. So do you think there is a big difference between going vegan and vegetarian for the environment environmentally?


You know what, not eating meat is good because I mean, things don't die. Yeah, right.


But the way to make milk, I mean, you have to watch conspiracy on that because it's really, really good documentary about like to have milk. You need a baby cow. Yeah. And the baby cow becomes veal and the mom produces the milk. Yeah. So it's like OK, you're only milking cows but the babies are dying. And that's what I didn't realize. I never connected those dots. And I don't think people realize like a mom has to have babies to make milk.


Yeah. Like obviously you think about it that way. Yeah. So, yeah. OK, I have a tough I need to show you later. It says it's got a cow with this middle finger is like this is like leave my tips alone actually. That's right. Yeah. Oh that's great.


Um let's move on slightly. OK, to maybe a lighter topic even though that was great to listen to. Um, we were in the same French class, which was a good laugh. We got to go on like trips, like we went to Paris. It was fun, but I really enjoyed learning languages at school, but I didn't really enjoy the way we were taught them. So it felt like we were just sort of memorizing stuff. And I was like, I can tell you what I look like, but it's obviously a lot like I my blue eyes like, well, you can already see that.


So, yeah, I we're going in circles a few years and years and years. Yeah.


I remember like we just she gave me a pass as you know, just like I learnt the words basically, but I didn't really know what I was actually saying. Yeah. But I'm assuming you also enjoy languages school. But did you agree? Like, I agree with you. I didn't like the fact. I mean, I think the language at school, you memorize it, you take a dictionary, you do the exam.


Yeah. You get the if you have a good memory. Yeah. Yeah. I think the so sorry. You're not you. Yeah. A higher French. Yeah. I just think like I did really well them and I still I wanted to learn more which is why we liked it and I liked the teachers. I felt really like welcome there. And my friends are doing languages and I could just hide in the classrooms, you know, on a bad day.


Yeah, I really liked it. I liked it a lot. And I you know, I'm doing a universe. I'm doing French Spanish university. Yeah. So that's why I was it wasn't just like wrong. Yes. Because you went on to do it. Yeah. University. Yes, I'm doing French and Spanish at uni and I think I chose that initially because what the hell am I going to do after going to uni. Yeah. My two you know, I'm getting A's in languages.


I feel like OK, do that. Yeah. And then I turn up at university and it's completely different approach. OK, and there's actually French people there. OK, Spanish speaking about oh we know we're watching films or discussing books and it's like this is amazing. And like when I went to Spain just last year. Yeah. I realised everything we did at school. Came to me and I was like, that's why I learned this war, I'm in Spain and I'm thinking, Oh, we did that, you know, in Spanish and I things are coming back to me.


And I'm glad that we did, you know, verbs in a table because it's stuck in my head. I can't get it out of my head. OK, that's good. I know it's quite interesting because it's like I'm actually using that. Yeah, I wasn't pointless, but at the time it felt that way. But like when I was in Spain, I was like, oh my God, I'm actually using this stuff like, yeah, it's coming back to me.


And I remember, you know, it felt natural to use it. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. It's interesting. That's really nice. Yeah. There's something I am sure a functional and like I could when we were at school, I could more understand what they were saying. But then by the time I'd formulate a sentence in my head, they don't talk to me like can we go back ten minutes so I can say that's really cool.


So yeah.


So but uh, yeah, I've completely forgotten pretty much everything like that. You will if I spoke to them, maybe I'd like some things would come back, but like how to construct a sentences like completely gone. But you mentioned that you were close with the teachers. Do you think the teachers had a big impact on you actually enjoying the shows? That I didn't like any other subject in school. I didn't like any other teacher at school. OK, I just loved the vibe.


Yeah. Of the languages department and teachers in particular was a brutal rap, was I love her. So like I don't know, like me, like she was sanity at school and I just thought she was great and it made me feel like I remember her telling me she did German and French at school OK. Oh uni. And I was like, I want to do languages I guess so cool. Like yeah, she's a teacher. Maybe I don't want to be a teacher, but there's all these different opportunities you can do.


Yeah. And yeah, I mean this is pro-Brexit that I made that decision but not I mean it seems so wise. Yeah. Oh yeah.


So you just mentioned that you went to Spain over was up sort of like as part of your course it was a yes. Oh my courses. Does everyone do it in the course they do. Everyone at Glasgow Uni you have five years. I'm doing a joint honours and you know, so like the first two years you just preparing. Yeah. I mean, you're just doing different know different films, different bits of culture, blah, blah. And then third year you can either go to a Spanish or French uni or you can do it's called like a British council and would you call it.


I know French assistant, you do like teaching assistants. OK, so you can do it in a French or Spanish school, you can do primary or secondary. So I didn't choose to go to uni because I don't work you this year. I want a break. And you got paid to the teaching assistant. So I went to Spain. I just applied randomly to the north of Spain to pick a region. I thought, OK, I'll just use that.


Yeah. And a lot of my friends were in the south of Spain and I thought and then OK. And then fourth, you you go to France for six months. Oh, OK. Or vice versa. Yeah. So I was going to say did you have to pick one over the other. Do. Yeah. And I just thought I just fancy Spain like that. Just seemed nicer. And I'm not more outrage people who speak Spanish as well.


Yeah. And I have never really spent a lot of time in Spain for studying Spanish. I thought I've been to France a few times. Yeah. OK, interesting. See how that goes. Yeah. And it was just like the best time. Yeah. Yeah. It was so good. And it's like I when as I say all the stuff I've learned over. I mean since when. Since fifth year at school about it and then all the way to second at uni.


Actually this is all really useful and I'm using it and immersion is like the only way you can really learn a language. So yeah, that's great. Did you. Yeah. Did you enjoy like just immersing yourself in a different culture?


I really think it's really good. And I loved like I never thought I wanted to be a teacher. Yeah. Never saw myself in that way at all. And then I went and did this. I thought, I like kids, like I like doing this and it's really nice. And yeah, I was just helping with their English and you know, they were helping with like Spanish. So I was just living with Spanish girls and it was it was lovely travelling so much because you only work four days a week.


So you had four. I just have some dates and all that money to travel and it was great, my friends, for life.


So, um, did you feel like you developed your skills a whole lot more just because you were immersing yourself in the culture?


Where I went in Spain, I don't think a lot of English people go there. It was like north of Spain. It was a city. But I mean, it was a small city. Yeah. Colquhoun OK, no one's ever heard of it in a studio. I think actually Liam's sister did the same thing as you.


She told me that he has just come back to me and he said, my sister went to Oviedo. Yeah. Really close to where I was. Yeah. That's just come back to me. Yeah. That's the Christmas that's. And it was. Yeah. And he told me that. Yes, that's true. That's so cool. Yeah. So yeah. No one spoke English there. So it really forced me to like there was no like chocoholics.


You just have to do. Yeah. Yeah. Like I have to go because they don't understand what I'm saying and like I had to open a bank account, I had to get a phone contract, I had to get my ID to where it was like it was amazing. It was just like I can if I can do this in Spanish, I can do this anywhere. Yeah, I've done it. I was like, so this year, are you going to France?


Do you know that?


Well, I have to. I don't know what I'm doing. I have to make well, this summer I did an internship at a solar energy company in France and Leone, and it was a really awful experience like at all, really stressful. I hated it. Yeah. So and I'd already decided I've missed the deadline to apply for uni in France. So I'm going to have to find some sort of job. Yeah, but I'm hoping to do something a bit more like not an office, but it has to be valid.


The uni have to prove it. OK, I have to make the decision before Brexit goes through. OK, so time is on. Who knows. Who knows. I don't know. So yeah I was thinking but I saw this girl did like a vegan sanctuary, kind of like a sanctuary kind of thing. And I thought with that count I'm going to speak to my advisor about it. So you have to decide it pretty much by yourself. Yeah.


Those are pretty scary decisions. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I'm going to do. That's what I thought you knew would be easy. But I've missed the deadline so I can't do that. Yeah. Yeah. Do you just want to stay completely clear of teaching. Like is there a possibility like I want to be like a screw up. Yeah.


Well you know what I think of maybe do it in reverse, like live in Spain and teach English. OK, yeah. Maybe. I don't know if I can. Yeah I can do that. Yeah. Yeah. So maybe I'll do that. But I don't want to live in Britain. I know that for so long. I'm out of here. I'm out of here.


I'm not too into. Yeah great.


I think that's really all the questions I have in the system so we can jump into those questions. OK, if I'm nervous about music. So do you have a go to snack. OK, I've written to a sweet snack and a savory snack. Yeah. Go for a sweet one. I like to have cereal with milk. OK, milk unsweetened. OK and it's fruit and fiber I have, it's kind of healthy but I just love it. OK, ok.


That's my sweet snack and savory snack is a grilled cheese sandwich and cheese.


No fry it with butter. OK, delicious enoxaparin, grilled cheese. It's almost the best thing. Oh yeah. That's really good. Is there one personal page that everyone should follow on social media.


OK, I've got. And go for just real off a couple of these kind of people I mentioned earlier, Leo DiCaprio, legend, Wilga, living legend, Lewis Hamilton, Lucy Watson. OK, love them. No, it's has a cute dog as well. OK, if you like dogs and Lemvo, he's the guy. A guilty pleasure.


This is always a tricky this is difficult. But then I've realized I've got one. OK, right. If you have Netflix, you have to watch Queer Eye. Oh yeah. My mom absolutely loved the episode. Whenever it's was crying like we're on and on. Yeah. Every single person that watches us as they cry every single episode is such a feel good feeling. I'm like, I love this. Not so. So yeah. That's great.


Do you have a favorite curse word instigates my grandma shit shit on. It's a classic.


Do you have a favorite quality about yourself? No, it surprised me. But you struggle toxically to think because I think you have so many great ones both shown.


I don't know. I really it took me a long time and then I just. I don't know. I'm open, I think wide open person. I know you're very morally conscientious.


I'm just in general, you're very conscientious and open, you know, looking for what's one thing you'd like to improve about yourself.


OK, I have to OK, I want to continue to improve language is OK also with that travel more. I want to go to Italy. OK, that's one that's not really learn Italian or North Dakota.


I tried to Chickie's last year and it was just too much music.


Do one language too much. OK, well thank you for joining me. Yeah I thought so.


That was our conversation. Like I said at the beginning, it was an absolute blast cut to no avail. And hopefully our conversation inspired you to think about your relationship with the environment and maybe even make a positive change to your diet. So thank you for listening. And you'll hear from me again shortly with another guest.