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Hello, everyone, my name's John Walker, as you probably know if you're listening to this, but I've decided to start a podcast. This episode is just going to be a little introductory episode. I'm telling you basically my thoughts behind starting a podcast and what I intend it to be like. A good place to start, I think, is I listen to podcasts an awful lot more so than I probably listen to music, um, sort of podcast. So I'm listening to include The X Files, waking up with Sam Harris, the Tim Ferriss show, The West Wing Weekly, among others.


But as I listen to these podcasts, I start to think about what it would be like to make my own. I start to think, oh, that would be be pretty fun to do. But coming up with a premise or an idea behind what kind of podcast I would make was quite difficult. So I kept putting it off and never really thought about it. That was until I started listening to armchair expert with Doc Shepherd. Now I understand the majority of people won't have ever listened to us, but if you haven't, I would highly recommend it.


It's really great. It's as the title suggests with a guy called Doc Shepherd and he's an actor you may recognize him from. He's been in films like Without a Paddle and other films, but he also has an anthropology degree. And this really informs his discussion with celebrities and experts around the messiness of life. He talks to people like Sam Harris, like I mentioned earlier, Ellen DeGeneres, Kristen Bell, who happens to be his wife. And they, like I said, chat about the messiness of life.


They talk about struggles, how they've learned from these experiences. But he's also really hilarious. And the conversation tends to be quite raw, insightful and just really interesting to listen to as a consequence of listening to this array of podcasts, most specifically the armchair expert with Doug Shepherd, I decided that I would like to start this podcast of a similar nature to these ones. I really enjoyed just talking to people about their life experiences. And although I don't do as often as I would like, I find it really interesting and rather quite therapeutic to do so.


This podcast will be me talking to my friends and family about our life. It struggles the lessons they've learned, but also the highs. I don't recall ever seeing anyone around my age talking about these kinds of challenges, challenges that maybe are unique to millennials. Um, and hopefully by talking to members of my family and friends, particularly of people that are similar age to me, that will help other people around my age open up, talk about these challenges that we all face, but maybe don't want to talk about for fear of stigmatization or whatever.


Essentially, I'm hoping to discover that there's more that unites us than divides us in our life experiences, whether those be ups or downs, hopefully we're going to discover greater understanding of one another and hopefully also learn methods to how to deal with challenges that we all might face in day to day life. As I'm saying this out loud, it's sounds like quite a heavy topic of conversation, but I intended to be under a structure of informal conversations and we're going to explore these issues in a kind of natural way in an open dialogue.


So, yeah, hopefully you'll join me in listening to these conversations and you'll hopefully hear from me very soon with the first proper episode of the podcast. So enjoy your day and hopefully you'll be hearing from me soon. Thank you.