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Well, in the first half, I tell you about making a trip to both my parents house. And we're getting a Woody Allen's documentary, Little Boy and Dan Dun's bringing the hooch.


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Back inside the toolbox. To be one year. In California, we've been shut out of our lives, Jesus, the long. Maybe this year will be better than. The last thing that you really. Days go by so fast. From Khairullah One Studios in Glendale, California, this is The Adam Carolla Show. Adam's guest today, Dan Dunn with Gina crat on news. Brian, on sound effects and a spirited round of the tomatoes game. Now, just to be prepared for Dan Dunn's segment today, he's been shitfaced since Friday morning.


Adam Corolla, yeah, get it on. Got to get it on a judgment again, I'm going to get it on. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for telling the friend. We love that about you. Right, Genographic?


That's right. And Beaubrun with the little fiery scrapie.


Oh, I was so much to get into. I was watching that Alan V. Farro doc on HBO.


Creepy, creepy.


Here's what a bad person I am. Like, I'm watching it and it's like Woody Allen, Woody Allen. And then it's like she showed up. She had no panties on. Woody had taken her up to the taking her up to the attic, the place. And then and then my next thought is, oh, Broadway. Danny Rose. I got to watch that with Sunny. That's Jimmy's favorite movie. I love Broadway. Danny Rose.


Most people don't see this as a promotional tool for Woody Allen's movie is quite the opposite.


I know. But it made me realize what they're do they do is they scroll through all his titles and they talk about all the ones Mia Farrow made.


And I'm like, oh, take the money and run. Yeah. Oh, yeah. When I was a kid, I loved Radio Days.


I was going to say, don't sleep on radio days. I'm not.


And I'm, I'm in such a sunny and I just watched Spinal Tap last night, so like I'm in such a here's some cool old movies and he's old enough to get into them now. And so like something like Broadway. Danny Rose. I would grease the skids. I would say this is your Uncle Jimmy's favorite Woody Allen movie and then go watch it.


So that's a crazy, crazy story filled with lots of specifics.


You know, also Demming.


It's also it's like I hate to be Mr. Me to Guy, and they're known for it.


I don't think that's a danger for you. Well, what I mean is this like, you know, when they say, you know, I almost got a picture and he put his arm around the girl and it got a little hanzi and there was like forty five people standing around him. That's that's not what we're talking about here. Right. You know what I'm saying?


And I don't mean bursting out of the shower. Yeah, it's my room.


If you want to land a part of the next picture, I don't think we do ourselves any favors when we start mixing everything up. I remember when the great Matt Damon six years ago said, let's not mix up Harvey Weinstein with Al Franken. And he hasn't uttered a word since into a microphone.


We don't need to silence everyone who makes super obvious points about these things, because when you start lumping the when when you start taking, you know, Woody Allen and I don't know, let's say Roman Polanski and you start lumping them in with other guys who are, you know, remember, they tried to do that thing with George Bush where he put his hand on the chicks, but and told the joke while he was in his wheelchair.


Let me tell you something. Right. The greatest day for Harvey Weinstein is being lumped in with George Bush.


Bush right. Then that just. Yeah, that who said that? Bush's case. Yes. It's like it's like saying let's just take the ax murders in the shoplifters and just kind of put them in one corral. Yeah, they're bad guys. They're bad guys. We'll just we'll just judge them the same way.


So I was watching it and said had a lot of specific stuff in it.


And I do kind of get back to that point where and I know it happens, but, you know, I'm a dude and I got my daughter and her young friends running all over the house all the time. And if somebody said like, well, Adam, a sister, that I'd be like, you're fucking nuts.


Go get a lie detector fondling her, her Zumba while naked. I was just that's just clean fun. And then there's this weird part where it's like, look, we never did anything. We were just hot tub. And then I was having a couple of high balls with like, there's that weird part where it's like, oh, were you doing in the hot tub? So a lot. Yeah.


So it's like you want to hang out. There's no gray area. Your house is what you're saying.


Now I'm I'm either nude and in a zoom shot or I'm out in my office completely out of the out of the shot.


So I also had I think about the biggest chasm between TV viewing there could possibly be. I was sitting at home watching the NBA skills portion of the all star game where the basketball players go through the Serpentine, through the cones and then try to throw three and, you know, everyone.


Shaq's laughing and yukking it up, and I was like watching that and then I was like, Oh, it's time for the Woody Allen.


And I switched over to somber music and shots of panning over dollhouses, broken toys for viewers to make that leap from the NBA like, oh, I learned probably.


But the story is, is Wako. I told Chris to get me Mia Farrow's kids, lots of them.


I didn't realize that that's a big brood. It was like seven, eight kids.


Yeah, they all from Woody Allen or the. Oh no.


So kids, Andre Previn, I think the composer, musician, composer Andre Previn, she had three biological kids from Andre Previn, set of twins and then another child. So she had three kids coming in. She adopted many others soon.


Yi including seven you know, she everyone calls Sooni in the in it, not Sooni.


So we've been saying that wrong.


She struck up a love affair with Sunni.


What he did is a Sunni, possibly a nickname like the Sunni part of his Sunni. I don't know.


I don't know. Everyone calls are Sunni. I mean the press does because it's why I. But it's Sunni. How they they say it.


It's how crazy how insane is it to be Mia Farrow like you're you're Common-Law husband is dating your teenage adopted Korean daughter and you're having and you're finding crazy creepy naked photographs of her like in the apartment and got her.


So that's the whole thing. Like whenever you take a look at someone's life, like Mia Farrow, you go, what a charmed blast. Whatever life, how goddamn tortured can you possibly get this little angels of the.


Sorry, Jim, but the Frank Sinatra thing where, you know, she was served divorce papers on the set of Rosemary's Baby. Right.


It's tough life. And it makes me think of what you said, which I told Andy when we were watching this. The worst thing you could possibly hear as some sort of executive from your secretary is Ronan Farrow is on the phone running for public comment.


Yeah, the also it just kind of strikes me when you hear about all the Woody Allen stuff, he was kind of premi, too, and didn't really get tarred too badly. I mean, he got slapped around, but he didn't he didn't get canceled.


It was more like late night monologue. Fodder was canceled.


He wanted to make many, many, many movies. Also, it struck me that there used to be kind of a a policy in Hollywood, which is if you were some senator from the south, you were going to get crushed in some Baptist minister. You're going to get crushed. But if you're Hollywood royalty, they would kind of look the other way. I mean, Roman Polanski get standing ovations when he gets Academy Award like there was a lot of this going on in Hollywood.


And they kind of want to kind of kind of one of us leave alone. I mean, even Harvey Weinstein there were crushing there were killing those stories, you know, trying to catch and kill, you know, I mean, he operated with impunity for probably thirty years. Right. Right.


Except for that part, I was getting worried, thinking, oh, God, he's going to say that it's the Jews.


But it kind of it all balances because you have your Polanski well, who is basically, you know, living in exile, and Woody, whose name is now finally being tarnished. But then you have your Epstein's your Weinstein. So I think the Jews I think we're at a net zero with if we're going to tolerate that or not.


I was also so I'm going to watch the rest. I don't know how many parts it is. And it's it's hard for parts. Yeah.


Also, I came up with a fairly diabolical way to figure out who's taller, my son or my daughter, because my daughter's always been taller than my son and literally lorded it over him.


And my son is caught up fast. In the last several months, he's proven idea of how to do this too.


But this year it's imprecise compared to what I'm doing. I guarantee it. I guarantee it. It's not all right. And he's he's going to be six, four and a half. He's going fast, but he's catching her. But really, her claim to fame is taller than him. And when the girl is taller than the boy and you know, he's a she's a. Ten seconds younger than him, it's been fun for her, but I think the ride around, it's getting to the end because he's he's now caught her.


The latest is the doctor says he's taller, but natality disputes it because these guys get it wrong all the time. By the way, I think that's stupid, stupid stick they put on the scale. Remember those things like slide the thing up. How many times you seen that on a kid where the thing's going up at a 45 degree angle, like the stick like, well, there's two and a half inches right there, but OK, so I was sort of thinking about it.


You can do that move. You know, sometimes people hold their hand up and then they go and I'm going to move it over here. Not precise. There's the kind of mark on the wall or put the book on the head, make the mark. But I said it's a level on their head level.


Let's I'm a carpenter.


And the level challenge, the level challenge I took, I took a wooden yardstick. I said, let's go back to back and went back to back. Actually, they both went back up against the wall. They said, shoes off back, get us. Get as tall as you can with your heels on the ground. Back up again. Toes to the Wall Street. Right. Then I then I put the wooden stick on its edge and I found the highest point in each one of their crowns.


And I got it on there. And then I put a torpedo level on top of the wooden stick. And I was like and it was literally within the lines of the bubble. But it was tilted a little toward Natalia, just the bubble, even inside the bubble. It still can be a little one way or the other.


I said it towards her. I mean, she's taller by a fraction. Right. And I would want to do I would ask the man goes up, I would estimate if I lifted up the bubble, I could get it to the center in about a sixteenth, maybe an eight tops. You didn't tell Sonny this, did you? I announced it in front of both of them.


Battalia just took off the shirt off. She she was just weeping. Yes, she was. She was just like a little nymph. Just this wasn't him. Just slightly bright. She was all right. She's just a galloping down the hall. And I yelled, enjoy while you can because you've got about seven days at this rate of victory.


Yes. You don't want to spike the ball on this or get your spiking in neutral while you can, because once he's going to be six four and she's going to be five, ten and a half or something, but literally probably thirty second maybe, maybe maybe a sixteenth of an inch, just she has that much. So the the level challenge is kind of interesting. And for those of you, I couldn't find my two foot level.


All I had was my big six foot level, and I thought, that's child abuse, you can't put a six foot level. I said, so I found my little torpedo level. I put a little flat stick on its edge above them. So keep us updated. I'll keep you updated.


I should throw when I, I'm going to redo it when I get home just to make sure I got I got a full accurate measurement.


All right.


So good news for the movie up.


Andy and Showtime after all this time.


Finally got our deal closed at Showtime.


Oh, the reason I'm saying this is because people don't realize what a slog most everything is and.


And it's sort of why you have to kind of. Plant a few seeds, have some other seeds that you're cultivating, have some others that are in the size of a shrub, you know what I mean? After just kind of keep everything cultivated and planted and constantly on the ground because it's so long in between things.


I mean, it must have been two, maybe three years since Brian Koppelman over at Billions and Showtime was talking about doing uppity as a series on Showtime when they're done.


How long civilians. John Singleton died. John Singleton, yes. Singleton for the covid thing is completely destroyed my calendar, but I think Singleton died pre covid. Oh yeah.


We weren't sure. Yeah, I was thinking three years. Yeah.


I'd be surprised if it was three, but it could have been April 20, 1970, coming up two years and Jesus Christ.


So this thing's been sitting around for like three years. But anyway finally got the deal closed. They got a writer they like. I called Willie T.. Willie T. said Willie Ts, he's from Texas or he is a Texan now. And he's like, we've been jerking off this dead pig for three years. And I said, he finally busted a nut and then he started laughing like an insane person.


So Willie's Poms analogy and we're starting down that road.


And who the fuck knows? But at least at least there's movement in that direction. Yeah.


Wait a second. I don't mean to s on the parade here, but just because this has come up in the past, they didn't make they didn't pull a girgis says Palm Springs Hotel on you did. They will do it as long as your name is.


No, I'm I'm sure I'll be in the bathroom when the awards are handed out.


So we got that. Do you know the name of the writer? Oh yeah, I can.


I wrote it down. I can't. I can't. I went in and mean like imdb them and he's been around for a while. He hasn't written a bunch of big features or anything.


He's worked on a lot of TV shows, but it's not exciting to be in high school.


Yeah, well it's movement is always is always nice. I Jenah, you got your first shot.


I just got it. And this is right after I announced and proclaimed and knew that I would be the last person in this state to get vaccinated. And just like that, everything changed. I still have my aid on. I just got back just now and it was a full I was in a downtown parking structure, full military, FEMA, everybody in dressed fatigues. It was very dystopian. It was very sci fi, very easy. Everyone was super nice and it just happened really quickly.


It was because I'm sure everyone wants to know why. Long story short, because I still work for an at a new station that does emergency broadcasting and can be there at a moment's notice to break emergency news. That's that's sort of how that worked. So I did. But but when I proclaimed everybody get your shit together because I'm going to be last, then this this came to be then this information came to be. So I just got the Fizer and I get another one in a couple of weeks and it's so far so good.


You stay in like a sectioned off area for fifteen minutes and they write, you have a bracelet on and they write the time on it that you're not allowed to leave until it's that time. And that's just to make sure you don't go into like anaphylactic shock or something from the vaccine. And once your time is up, you go and you check out and it's you know, it's very official, but it was very well run. And it was funny because everyone's in fatigues and it's just a military presence everywhere.


And it's so it's a little unnerving. But they have music blaring to make people more comfortable. So as I'm snaking through this line with, like my card and my ID and very stern looking people in military outfits, they're playing brown eyed girl. And I think just to kind of, you know, ease the tension. And it was easy. And I wasn't going to say anything because, you know, you may or may not feel the same way, but it's especially in California, as you guys know, it's very difficult to get it.


Even Brian is having obviously can't get it yet. And you don't want to be Bragi. You know, I would I would love for you know, I just I feel very lucky. And I'm not going to, like, post on social media like an I voted sticker. It's I don't mean to be that way. It's just I'm lucky and it's done. And it was very easy. And no, nobody should be scared to get it in.


The second one is when the twenty eighth. What the fuck's a day? Yeah, 21 days. I saw my elderly parents over the weekend, some both over the weekend. I just want to get it over with. And I realize this fucking mass thing that they both got their first shot. I don't know what the number is. I 70 percent on the first shot. I feel like I feel like maybe there's so here's been the problem. There's been a lot of rounding down all there's been a lot of managing expectations for almost every facet of this disease.


And my thing is like don't manage me. Just just tell me, like, well, we don't want to tell people the first shot get some most of the way there because we want them to get the second shot. So we're going to tell them. But it seems like the first shot gets you most of the way there.


Yes. And by the way, to say something like that and to quote unquote manage expectations, you know what you're doing? You're shitting all over the Johnson and Johnson vaccine that is only, you know, seventy, seventy five percent efficacy, which is great. So if you're saying that's not good enough, then nobody's going to get in line for that shot.


But are you 70 percent with the first and then the rest of the way with the second?


Anyway, it doesn't matter. My my mom, we're sitting outdoors. We're about ten feet apart. We're sitting out on a patio. She's got her first shot. And again, I'm I'm nine about nine feet away from her. We're keeping our distance, which I wish we would have implemented years ago. I wish we would have done this. When I was in junior high, I talked to that policy sitting nine feet away from her.


She's sitting there. She's got her first shot, but she's got the stupid mask on and the mask. It's a little tough on the on the on the very old people, because they're not good with that kind of shit. I mean, they could barely handle a universal remote or a cell phone, you know, so my mom has got the mask on and but the whoop that goes around her ear is like she can't do her hearing aid. And the thing that things like putting pressure on her hearing aid.


But because we're socially dist., I'm having to yell at her and she's like, I can't I can't do the hearing aid because the whoop on the mask. And I was like, I just want to go, bitch, you're 70 percent of the way there. I'm 10 feet away. We're outside. I think I think you'll make it. But that was that. And then later, my dad my dad has big ears and he had the thing hooked on about half of his ear.


And then the rest was just around his neck the entire time and was just sort of laying back on the sofa, the thing around his neck and the thing like choking the blood off of his ear and stuff. And it's like, I love the dance of the retards. That's my favorite fucking my favorite part of life is the dance of the retards. Like, Hey, old people, you either wear it right or fuck and put it in your lap.


That's this thing with a symbolic and by the way, I'm not wearing a mask, so you don't have to prove anything. It's a very interesting mindset. It's like I'm wearing my mask. It's like, yeah, I got my seatbelt on, but it's around my back. It's not not in front of me like but it's still kind of it's it's clicked. It's you know, if we get into an accident, it's as if you never touch the seatbelt.


That's that's what I can see on my dad's nose hairs. He's kind of like leaning back and the mask is around his chin and each strap is is dug into his huge earlobes. So there was that that was that.


And also the other thing I realized, my parents are so old, they never go anywhere. So they're just looking at me, you know, and I'm going like I was just in Oklahoma City playing clubs. Playing clubs. Yeah, yeah. Going out the Out to Eat Today mask.


A little tired of doing normal things that states do. You're just trapped in California. You don't you don't fucking know any better. You're like, what's going on over there and what clubs are you talking about? Like the rest of the fucking free world is now open. You guys made the mistake of moving to California in nineteen fifty one and you're fucking trapped and you're going to die with a stupid mask halfway around you, once hooked around your lobe, the other hooked around your nut sack, and you're just laying there on the fucking sofa waiting for news them to let you fuck go back to church.


All right. So that was, that was funny. My dad goes to church or would like to go to church.


Another little breaking news update is the little five year old and he's in public school, will be going back on Monday.


Oh, wow. Praise be. And it's split up in, you know, like it's it's really cute. It's the early birds and the later gators.


But but for kindergarten, we were we I only want a half.


Day two. I don't think kindergartners go, you know, from that's pretty typical.


Yeah. So I don't I don't think that's related to covid or anything.


I had this great conversation, my daughter an hour ago. I was like, you want to go back to school now? Why not? Because you can't cheat. I go, Oh. Yeah, oh, is everyone cheating? Yeah, everyone just cheats on test or something, says, you know, the smart kid is face and everybody and like everything, whatever you would do if you could do that, you know, I got I got a math app, you know, gives me.


That's that's what everyone everyone is doing. Everyone. And because of me, I was like. Would you say it takes a certain amount of skill to cheat? Yeah, yeah, you got to do it right. I'm like, OK, as long as we're learning something.


I mean, we're not learning about whatever the fucking subject is, but we're learning how to cheat. I'm learning algebra. There's a stealth, you know, counting cards is a is a skill, I guess, alertly. There are many, many things that would sort of fall under that under that heading so the old kids ain't going back. The thing I find insane about this is the airline. And there's been a lot of stories now of kids and families being thrown off flights because their two year old wouldn't keep the mask on.


As far as I can tell, this doesn't do anything to two year olds and two year olds don't do anything to add. Two year old is a pretty low, random fucking number to pick for someone to keep their mask on for a six hour flight or however long you're on that. I mean, bump it up to seven or five or something, too, is too undoable.


Well, two year olds are still like drunk, emotional, emotional abusers.


And they're just they're not going to that's not the age you ask them to do things.


What I'm saying is with everything, it's like, why do we always have to go the direction of, you know, safety? Like, well, it's not really hurting kids. So we could cut it off at 10. Let's make it to OK, let's let's do something that's physically not achievable for a two year old and or then make the poor fuck and put upon mom wrestle with the kids the entire fucking flight because that two year old is not going to want to fucking keep that mask on.


All right.


Dan Dunne, no human in soon with lots of good looking booze here.


Everybody ready? Everybody got their department here. Ready? All right. Let me tell you guys first about Tommy John. I'm wearing mine right now, 75 inch TV, not the 50 inch TV, the RIBHI, not the sirloin business, not coach. With your two year old paying a little more.


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That's it. I'm wearing now especially good if you're working out, riding something, jogging, hitting a rowing machine, it is the best it's the best pair you'll ever wear or three guaranteed. Right. Dawson returns and exchanges are free and right now get Tommy to get 20 percent off your first order, a Tommy John item that's twenty percent off. And Tommy John Underwear and Loungewear, a Tommy John Dotcom's Adam Tommy, John Nikonov slash Adam cease for details, by the way.


We'll get into it in more detail. But I talked to a friend of the show, comedian Brad Williams, on Friday afternoon, and he said, hey, heard the show, heard you guys talking about proms and who's the leader in the clubhouse with proms and ball. Brian's travel story and Dawson go into going with a senior and so on and so forth. And he just looked at me and he goes, seven proms. I've been to seven proms.


Shut up, Mr. Brown. As the entertainment. Come on.


He said there were little people, proms. And you know, when that's a circuit right there. You know, that's very interesting.


And I'm glad you brought this up because somebody tweeted us. And as long as we're talking about it, let's just make sure Chris Rosa goes to the front of the line. He said I hadn't even worse standing for prom. I worked at the banquet hall we had our prom at, so I didn't go to the prom, but I was working it as a new law man.


That's rough. Yeah. All right. So, well, we'll get hold of Brad and we'll talk to him soon. Maybe Tuesday, maybe Tuesday, Wednesday, something like that.


Dan Dunne, our favorite, is in the wings. And we'll start the booze cruise right after this.


It's time for Nicaraguan name, that movie with Adams Bunny Oswaldo. See if you can guess which movie this famous line is from. I mean, look at brasses, live with the vicious. If you said The Godfather, I mean, look. Plus, he sleeps with the fishes, you're correct. Now back to the show.


Dan Dunne back on the show, perennial all star here. What we're drinking with Dan Dunne available wherever you get your podcasts and the Instagram at the Imbibers. What do you got for us, Dan?


Hi, everybody. How are you? Hi. Good. Hi. Well, eight years ago you launched Manjari. I believe that was around 2012. And it turns out you were way ahead of the game in terms of celebrity owned or endorsed by brands.


But for me, Star Liquor, if you will, all started back in the early 80s. I remember this Billy Dee Williams and Colt 45, right. In the early 80s, you got Billy D. Cable knit sweater memories lounging on the sofa in a softly lit bachelor pad. And he's got that fucking look on his face. You know, that half smirk.


Billy D is, you know, the one we live in Princess Leia when he said, you know, you belong with me in the clouds that look. And he pulled that shit right in front of Han Solo, too. So anyway, what's he got in his hand? Can a Colt 45. And he said these famous words, there are two roles to remember if you want to have a good time. Rule number one, never run out of Colt 45.


What was rule number two Gene? I'll get some ice. Never forget rule number one, no. He went full fight club. Yeah, right. So rule number three, I guess, is don't underestimate the impact of the celebrity endorsement. Adam knows this. From the moment I saw that commercial, I never did. And I mean, look, these days there are so many famous people, including Adam, who are involved in the booze. Mr.


Clooney and Randy Gerber with Costumey goes, Bruno Mars has a rum, Kate Hudson has a vodka, the rock has a tequila. And on the our old friend, Dan Aykroyd, Ryan Reynolds, Bob Dylan has a booze, you know, on door.


You know what I'd like to do? I'd be curious. So it's comical because, you know, the guys is like malt liquor. So smooth the ladies love. It's like ladies hate malt liquor.


Everyone hates malt liquor. Malt liquor tastes like shit. But the only reason you drink malt liquor is to catch an early buzz, you know? And it was always kind of we figured, well, if you want to get buzzed, drink the malt liquor and if you want to sip on something, drink some Miller Lite macropod. It just left the station. But what I'm curious about is what is the alcohol content of malt liquor?


Because it probably wasn't exceedingly high. It was probably just higher than it probably just higher than Pabst Blue Ribbon. So I'll have Chris when he gets back in the booth. Look that one up.


But see, now, let me tell you, Adam, I had a buddy in college who did the math on all the liquor's liquors and drinks and whatever and figured out what was the best penny, like the best buzz you can get for the money. And it was a boxed wine for the price.


The best about the best buzz you could get was still is what is Colt 45 malt liquor? What is the alcohol content on that? And the reason we're living in a great day is because now you just get a delectable double IPA and it's got more booze in it than the Colt 45 does. And is scrum delicious. So five point six. Yeah, I mean, that's just a little bit, you know, it's just a tick and a half over but it's but ice right there.


Yeah I know.


Yeah. Beer but you know, not overpowering by any means. Yeah. You can still have your beer, you're not going to lose your game you know. Yeah I like, I like whammer. I like when they were finally hynson Fred Williamston.


When you come and go I'm looking for Hammer and he had had a custom drinking desk made for himself. Those are the, the I those were the days. All right.


What do we got Dan I so I obviously couldn't bring everything and I tried to get a nice selection here. We see we're going to start off, which is the easiest thing. It's in a can and it's called the long drink. OK, the celebrities attached to this are Miles Teller, actor, Miles Teller, Whiplash, Fantastic Four. He's the star of the upcoming Top Gun Maverick movie, also a famous deejay named Keigo. Yes, I had to look that up because I'm not hip, but he's really fucking famous.


He's got like six million followers. And then golfer Rickie Fowler, it pro golfers also. So what? This is the great Groody. Yeah, the long drink is the number one drink in Finland and it goes back to 1950 to the summer games were in Finland. They were worried they weren't could be able to keep up with everybody drinking. So they want the government said, come up with a drink that we can serve in a can or something really quick and easy.


And this was it. So this brand launched in twenty, eighteen miles. Teller wasn't a part of it then. He actually tried it in a party or something in New York City. Loved it, got in touch with the owners because you can do that when you're famous. And then he became a partner and then Keigo and Rickie Fowler came on later. But let's try this thing, men, and I want to hear what you guys think. Cheers.


It's mostly women and White Claw. I mean, like, oh, my God, I'm going to tell you right now, this got a lot more sugar in it. This is a lot better.


What Whitecloud I was going to say is this is way more delicious. Yeah.


Different tastes like Miles tell Miles Teller is not going to kick your ass for four bagging on Wacol. You mess with that dude.


Dude, he's no this is I find this actually kind of rich and it's really refreshing. I was going out to the desert a lot this summer and I was drinking this stuff and it just it goes down a little too easy problem probably because I think the alcohol and this is about five.


So, damn, what did what did you drink once you got to the desert, hmm.


Yeah, exactly. For a long time. Exactly. This is a good one.


I don't I'm not a big fan of the hard seltzer's necessarily. This thing just has, you know, now this has a nice flavor to it.


You would drink this over White Claw any day and twice on Sunday, but at some point you're going to find out the calories in this are twice the white claw or another fifty. And that might that's probably going to. So your role a little bit, but if this thing is anywhere near a white claw, I think the white claws, so it's like 100 calories or 99 calories or something like that, you know, no carbs.


Obviously, that is spoken like a true basic bitch. Only like one hundred calories.


Yeah. So I right now, if this thing's anywhere near a hundred, I definitely do this over White Claw.


Dan, you said we had a few varieties sent over to us. I did. And I must confess, I broke into the sugar free one that came. And that is that is your your low carb kitto option. If you're if you're, you know, going for these long drinks.


Yeah. This this one. So the long drinks, 180 with 18 grams of carbs and the white claw's 100 calories, two grams of carbs. So that's why that's why this one's better.


Well, and I know Brian's not a big problem. Most guy, a big grapefruit guy. I love it. This is when you want to keep away from that. I don't know. She might be too young for this, but the Natalia's of the world, the teenage girls with this does not taste alcoholic. This is delicious. Taste good. Yeah, I am.


I'm a fan and this is about twelve dollars for a six pack. Mm. So not bad. All right. So we'll stick with the gin category here. And it was bound to happen from the day that he put this song out in 1994. It was destiny that this had to happen.


I don't want to sound like a full alcoholic, but this long drink to me tastes like a good mixer.


It tastes like you could go ahead and put a little gin or something in it, because I can at five point five, with all that sort of citrus flavor in it, I can barely taste. I don't think I mean, tasting the alcohol in it, as Jean alluded to. Yeah, that's delicious.


Things like Brusca sorry to go back to sleep and would be asleep in the in the beach chair, out in the desert and knocking back some long drink.


1990 for the inevitable. Snoop Dogg wrote Gin and Juice. And now finally, the dream has been realized right here with Indigo Gin, new from the man himself, Snoop Dogg and I.


I'm going to die. You guys are going to say, I'm going to do this with a little tonic, a little gin and tonic.


This is heavily flavored. Yes. This smells like Tessa's cough sirup. I'm just trying it straight.


All right. To do it. You're doing it straight. Well, try. Are you drinking your first? I'm going to do a but final.


It's this this smells like a vape pen. This like a strawberry vapor. Oh no. This smells like a air freshener. You'd get in a truck stop in Baker.


That's what it smells like when you take that first wave, like tired of that prostitute smell in your cab. VALIS. That's what it smells like. I, I have this I have a thing with sort of synthetic stuff, like I like beer to tastes like beer and it tastes like gin. I don't like all the multi flavored everything all the time.


It just feels it feels weird to me.


This smell and any woman listening will know what I'm talking about. This smells like lip smackers, like flavored chapstick.


Christie's trying it off screens and we'll forget.


I mean, it's not bad. It's just what is it going to ruin, Snoop Man?


You're going to ruin his career. Know, we we beseech you to get your own bottle, but you know what you're in for.


First of all, he was high as fuck when he made it, you know that. So he's like, put a little bit. There's OK. What I'm going to tell you from a traditional gin is there isn't very much I don't notice hardly any juniper in this. It's which is what you would expect out of a gin. It's it's very fruity. Like I'm getting strawberries. Oh yeah.


Get me getting strawberries then getting strawberries. I infused flavored. It's it. Say that on their jobbery flavored gin.


Yes. Oh I didn't even know that. All right. All natural. All natural.


I'm sure this is like Dan you getting strawberries is like falling into a sewage treatment facility, a rendering van and going I'm getting a almost an ass kicking ass flavor in this thing as a Dukey sales by your nose.


Yes. This is so strong. Yeah. This is for people that don't like.


But this a customer who is not me. Right. Is great listening. I know.


And for those listening, I know Dan called the Indigo, but it's spelled in dog like. Like Snoop Dogg. Yes.


He's like Snoop Dogg. Yeah. But it's pronounced Indigo for sure. That's the one thing I know about.


What is the other strawberries in this thing. It's telling us how to pronounce Dan. What's it, what's it retail for this. Retailers they tell you. Twelve dollars.


It retails for thirty dollars. No, no I'm. Saying what for not the price, I mean, what's it retail for? What are we doing here? Why? Yeah, I didn't I'm not asking the price. Oh my God. Why? What's more, not for everyone. OK, we're going to say that. All right. We tried it. This is this is the first time I've had it actually right here on the show with you, Chris.


You know, my policy of all bottles go back to the Corolla Kaza. Yeah. You guys can fight over this one about that.


Oh, yeah.


I shall not make the pilgrimage to Cork. How about the song? I really like the song.


OK, now this is this is for you to get and dump a little Fanta into and get your buzz on. Right. Yeah.


This is a pool party. So this is a college party. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


I think it was probably designed to be that way. I don't think they, they overthought it. You know, I don't think I don't think Snoop was going over there and interviewing gin makers in London. I think it was just like, hey, let's make a cool bottle pricing and then just sell it to the fans.


So. All right, done. We'll move on to a one that I'm sure your buddy, your buddy Simon, the mixologist, should not worry about my Ford. Yeah.


Should not worry about new nipping at his heels with this one. All right.


We'll move on to a filmmaker here by the name of Steven Soderbergh, claim director, his first. But this. Yeah, this this is great. OK, it's called Sing 63. That's the name of the brand. Zingana is the National Spirit of Bolivia. It's been around for about 500 years. And for most of that history, it's never been out of Bolivia. Steven Soderbergh first became familiar with it in 2007 when he was making the movie. Che, one of the members of his staff, gave him some.


He fell in love with it and then sort of made it his mission to bring this thing to the states, which he finally did. He partnered with a distillery down there called Casoria, which is the most famous single producing distillery in all of Bolivia. And this is the stuff. And what I love about Zanganeh, it's not as popular as, say, it's more you know, the more popular South South American spirits would be pisco and cachaça. But this thing is so versatile.


You can make you can put it in a Vesper a Bloody Mary Ramos, Zachery Negroni on the drink that I'm going to make right now. It's called the Choo Fly, which is just two ounces of Cincotti. I'm going to eyeball it, probably more than that. And ginger beer with some lime wheel's in there.


It's called the choo fly and hold on, it's this brandy it. Well okay, let's say Brandy this.


The United States has classified it as brandy. Yeah, OK. But Steven's been fighting this battle for years and he swears it's going to happen any day now with the TEEB to get Zingana declared its own spirit category. And he's pretty certain that's going to happen and it's going to happen in the next couple of months.


They've got to call it something, Adam.


So they call it Brandy, but it's it's very delicious. I like it. And I guess it makes a little ginger. Yeah, I could see ginger beer and ginger ale really going nicely with that.


So it's got like a little gin and it's got some other kind of complex. And it's it's it's unlike any hard stuff. I've, I've tasted it.


It's not going to be your gin, your vodka, your rum. It's not harsh. No, it's it's kind of a little bit fruity and woody and sip and booze.


Yeah. What do you do with ginger beer. The ginger beer.


Yeah. And again, I would say what I love about this again, just to reiterate is you can this is a pinch here. You can put this in any drink. So if you're if you know, if you're running out, if you're running out of gin and you want to use it in a negroni, you can go for it. You can put in it. I don't drink Bloody Marys myself, but I hear they're very tasty with with this in it.


Yeah. I've never had a Bloody Mary.


My wife never really want to brunch. No, I think something happened to me when I was young with tomato juice.


I say you got beaten with a vape. Something something happened dark.


Or your mom out yet in therapy. Yeah. I mean. Exactly. So Zingana 63. Wow. Get that. You can go to buy BISAN Garney. Sixty three. Dotcom is the easiest place to get it because you know it's, it might be difficult to find in certain spots but can get it on that website and deliver it anywhere. And again, I think this is some of Soderbergh's best work right here.


What, what's it what's it retail for 37 dollars? No, not too bad. It's not OK to have a fun thing to have on your bar.


Yeah. Yeah, it's great. Yeah. It's definitely a conversation piece and yeah that's Yeah. Would mix nicely with a lot of different stuff. I actually just dumped the little my long drink in and with it.


That's pretty. And there's your next up is our pal, our old pal Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. I had to go. Waiting for to try them as it is, can I please show you how much of this bottle is? Let me see this. Oh my God, this is a huge hit in my house. Is that a cry for help? It's a delicious. Did you do this today before this happened? Under my roof for 10, 10 or 12 days.


So the first time I ever tried mescal was on the show with Dan Dunn, realized it was incredible. And then when Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston said, they're doing this and I'm, you know, one of the many ultimate Breaking Bad fans, I have been waiting for this moment to try it. I am so excited you're in for a treat, you know?


Yeah, it is. It's really good mescal. And, you know, they started it. They had an idea dinner in New York. They decided to go down to Oaxaca, a place called San Luis del Rio. This is this one here where drinking is the made with the spreadin, which is the species of agave that makes up about 90 percent of all mescal production. So this was aged about six years. And just so you know, how what happens, they take those pieces out, they crush them, they quarter them, they place them in the earth pits.


They cook them for a couple of days at four days. Then they crush them with its own wheel and they put them into a they mash it up and they add this thing was about seven to 10 days of fermentation comes a thing called Topaze. And then they put it in a copper pot and they distill it and then we put it in our mouths washed.




Dan is one of my favorites. Evros of the show of all the lines. Beer is liquor's whatever it's like.


It's got that smokiness, but not as much. It's got more fruitiness to it and it's it's awesome.


It's got a little sneaky Pete to it as well. All right. It is. It is very. Kind of woody smoky, like there's a lot going on, I mean, more going on than any tequila Mescalero like you used to just, you know, tequila, good tequila, bad tequila, sort of strong tequila, weak tequila. But this is something that Dr. Seuss.


Yeah. Yeah. You can drink this on a train. How about the fox?


I mean, this is just got a ton going on, right? Like it's just taste every part of what how they made us. Right. I really do love that. It's really good.


There has been some rum type things that we've had. We're like, oh, it tastes like vacation. This tastes like the ultimate like camping trip. Like you are out under the stars in the desert having some delicious mescal. I mean, this is some Calgon take me away show right here.


I love it. It does have that kind of smoked flavor, like by the by that like the difference when you make, I don't know, eggs on an open fire when you're camping and it's a little that smokiness in it.


Yeah. This is amazing.


Great. Yeah. They've done it. They've done a wonderful job with this. This is sixty dollars a bottle.


It's a bargain. This is excellent. I had to talk Brian down. He texted me when he got the bottle and he said I'm I'm dangerously close to finishing this thing. And I said, we got to save a little bit for the segment in two weeks. Yeah. And so I'm in my are you're a straight man. I'm glad that you left left a little in there. Now it's game on.


Yeah, it's looking really good.


We'll stay in the agave category real quick here with a when the tequila called Villa one tequila. And this is the brainchild of Nick Jonas, the Jonas Brothers and designer John Varvatos. They came up with this one. And this is Villa one, tequila silver.


I'm going to like the Jonas Brothers were this close to going away seven years ago. And they're just all over the place again.


Yeah, I think Nick kind of branched out and like that Justin Timberlake and Sink kind of way. Like now it's all about Nick Jonas specifically.


Yeah, I think he married a Bollywood Ian or something. And gorgeous Priyanka Chopra. Yeah. Mm. I love her.


Sorry. Which one we going with. Oh.


So I'm going to do the silver. They have a silver episode on yellow silver 45 to 50 on yellow is sixty. Do we remember the rules. Gina. Silver tequila. Anything under aged under two months sober. Blanco but generally it's never aged in wood. Rep asado is two months to a year and then. And Yahoo is anything over a year in the year. Yep. So there we go.


And this one is made by Arturo Fuentes is the master distiller of this. He was a guy put Stoli vodka basically kind of on the map and at least in the modern era. And he had a tequila called Senate de Tequila, which is very well regarded. So he is the guy making this tequila for Nick Jonas and John Barbados. Oh, and let's try it. I'm making it a margarita here. But I did have this before dinner.


Is this especially sweet for a soda or am I just off? I didn't have time to give them a scalp, but could be yeah, I think that's a good point, Gina. And I mean, I get a little butterscotch and there is like a chocolaty but chocolaty note. Yeah, it does have a sweetness to it, but I don't think it's it's overly sweet by any means.


I think at the risk of sounding like an asshole, it's very drinkable, like especially just kind of straight and sipping it.


It's no. In Dargo that much I can tell. Leave it alone. Yeah. Hints of grape juice.


It's good. I like it.


I mean, it's a good tequila and for 45 dollars, I think it's the right price range for this silver. Got a nice bottle, John Varvatos designed the bottle himself, which is always nice. There's a talk about a conversation piece. Mm hmm. And again, I think Gina nailed it. It's a drinkable tequila. So there's nothing there's nothing offensive about this tequila. I think it works really well. I just made this margarita. I think it tastes great in it.


And what makes what is your margarita mix that you go with? And I hate all that syrupy, sappy, whatever. You always just make them up yourself. Never, ever use a margarita mix.


Even the high end fresh now at all bespoke. I go, I squeeze my limes, put a little this this has a little agave nectar in there. Got a sirup in there. Excuse me. And a little bit of simple sirup as well. Wow. But yeah, that's, that's how I did that one.


And then the last, but not least from my old pal, Aisha Tyler.


Leila Archer, Criminal Minds, whose line is it anyway?


And of course, talk soup your three times for me. That's right.


That's right. Yours truly was a writer on Talk Soup. So Aisha's my really old friend. Yeah, I was a writer on Talk Soup and I put a couple of cherries in here. This is called Courage in Stone. And what it is, is a line of 80 proof ready to drink craft cocktail. So it's ready to pour out of the bottle. It's made at a great spot in Brooklyn, New York. We're going to go they've got a couple of different things in their portfolio, but we're doing the old fashion here, the classic old fashion.


And again, you pop up in the bottle, poured over ice and put a cherry or two in there if you want. And no preparation needed.


Yeah, it's a great looking bottle, thick glass glass topper, which I always appreciate.


And your old fashions are awesome. They're great. This is this is fun. This is a great one. Cheers, everybody. Hmm.


Yeah. This again, ready to drink, hit or miss and way more miss usually with ready to drink cocktails as I'm sure you guys have experience. I've had some ready to drink cocktails today. It was hard to believe that someone it was the embargo of ready to drink cocoa. No, but this one, I don't even know how they do it. But this to me tastes like an old fashioned that I would have at, you know, a great craft cocktail bar.


Somebody just whipped up right in front of me and littered across the board.


Do they go old fashioned? So when I was young, they had those club mixers in the ready to mix department. You guys remember those Kansas club cans?


Yeah, there are. That was the only kind of ready to mix. I think they kept them in the refrigerated section of the liquor store.


Oh, you mean like Tom Collins? Just add booze. I think it was all mixed in or whatever it was. I think it was all premix. There were called you can look it up, Maxford. It's like, I don't know, 1980s club can, you know, pina colada and Tom Collins, a dancer, ready, ready to mix.


I mean, ready to drink. Sorry. You're right.


OK, I'm thinking like a mixer, ready to drink, ready to drink there. These little cans and I remember.


I remember once when I was living in my dad's garage, I went out on a date with this gal who ended up being a porn star, but somehow kept her virtue with me, a slap in the face because I grew up in North Hollywood.


So it's like I got turned down by like I got the fresh you know, I put my hand on my side and then seven months later, they're just being, you know, tag team by Femme Bradley and Peter North, you know, and I thought to myself, Jesus Christ.


So there is this Yashar Adult Pineapple Yacht Club that they kind of recognized that. Yeah, yeah.


They were popular. I don't know if they're around today. I don't know that, you know, it's probably some stupid thing where they used wine for the alcohol or something dumb and it was all calories and sirup and, you know, six point one percent alcohol or something. One of these things were all you did was get fat but never got drunk. But I was out with this gal and I was living in my dad's garage and I said, why don't we swing by the garage, you know, and then just hang out a little bit, sort of impromptu style, like like we're we're eating.


And she's like, I don't know if that's part of the plan. And I was like, I just stopped by. I'm not something I was working on or anything.


But we're in the neighborhood and one of my jagoff friends had known I was going out on a date and he got a couple these club mixers and he put them in like a glass and he set them out. So they were presented to both of us. But then, of course, when the door opened, it looked like this is something I had been planning a days in advance. And I couldn't tell them that my jagoff buddies did it. But that was my last recollection of the club.


Are they still around Maxford?


I don't know. They don't have a huge Internet presence at all.


I'm saying is how they use the same font as tab. Something shows me they don't exist anymore.


And Adam, I don't know if you did this, but I tried. I went full Adam after I tasted this, the Persian stone and poured a little long drink in it.


Delightful. Oh, it goes for everything man.


Drink literally. Toothpaste, gasoline. It doesn't matter. Could long drink save indigo. Is anyone trying to get.


That's right. That's all right. I got to do it.


I got a push that's going to be like that's going to be like throwing the Mentos into the Pepsi dico. Good Diet Coke. Yeah.


There's going to be a volcano. Oh Jesus Dan you're brave man.


It weaponize is the strawberry. Are these ready to drink.


So the ready to drinks weren't high alcohol content back in the day and maybe not even now.


But this is, this is, this is an eighty proof cocktail. Right. All of there's ready proof yet. Are there many of those out there. There are a few higher end ready to drink brands. I mean, courage and stones. Probably the best I've come across in a while. And I mean, this bottle is 750, 750 bottle is fifty dollars. So you're going to get I think probably I mean, depends on how you pour in, but maybe 12 to 14 drinks out of that.




A little old fashioned. Yeah. Yeah. Really good. You really want to work. I mean I do. Yeah. So I think that it's that's Aisha Tyler and you know, and here's the thing with her. She's really involved in it and you're going to get that in bit to varying degrees with these celebrity brands. I think certain celebrities, as we know, like Dan Aykroyd, is really involved in his you know, Sammy Hagar was really involved in his issue as well.


And then you get the ones like Justin Timberlake had that nine or one tequila that he slapped his name on and probably never tried again. But I appreciate it when when they get behind the same way, like he's out, he's doing the work. He's going to cocktail festivals. He's he's doing what you got to do to push it. And he's got the juice to back it up as well. I mean, it's a great product, so.


Well, most of these were delicious, but we'd be remiss not to give a big, big, big shout out to eight one eight Rhye.


Oh, yeah, that's my scroller.


Drink's new new selection of choice.


I don't know if they're all sold out though now. So they only have one juice. So they only had one one thing of a twenty one run, run, run. Yeah, exactly.


So I think those are all sold out and then the Kardashians shut us down. Yeah.


So I throw those peasants a couple crumbs, let them take they can make ends meet for the.


Yeah. I always think about that because I know Sammy Hagar a little bit and his son Aaron and they're really good dudes. But years ago and I've told you guys have. I don't think I've told Dan, but, yeah, you got to get out there like P. Diddy did with Sarac, you know, P. Diddy, that brand, that vodka brand was around for years and not doing anything. And then they kind of gave it to P. Diddy.


And then P. Diddy was everywhere all the time and got that, you know, multi million million dollar company. But the Sammy Hagar thing I remember years ago, they were I was watching one of the Saturday afternoon shows and slike and it was like celebrity hobbies. And they had you know, this guy likes to ride dirt bikes and that guy over there likes to do pottery. And that's like. And Sammy Hagar, the red rocker, what's your hobby?


And he's like cooking with beach bum tequila and he's, like, holding the bottle up. And I remember thinking at the time, like, I don't think cooking with tequila is a hobby. He's like, you can put tequila on deviled eggs, you can put tequila, you can make tequila, make tequila, scrambled eggs. You know, he's like just standing there, like dumping him. He's holding the label out, you know, and he's dumping the tequila and everything.


And I thought, that's not riding a dirt bike or, you know, building ships and bottles. And he was pimping this shit a long time ago and then later on sold it for 800 million dollars or whatever. Whatever he did, he sold he sold Cabo, Cabo.


But I think for one hundred and thirty million dollars. But that was a lot of money back. It still is. But back when he did it, it's interesting. A funny thing with Sammy. I met him a few times over the years. And then when my book Living Loaded came out maybe would have almost ten years ago, Jesus, I reached out to somebody from the brand and I said, hey, is it possible to get a blurb for the jacket?


You think Sammy would do that? And I yeah, sure. We'll ask him. And he did. They sent me a great quote back. And so about two, three years ago, I was up at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. I was on a judging a contest with Sammy. And afterwards I said, hey, man, I don't know if I ever got a chance to thank you for that. You know, the blurb for the book.


And he goes, oh, you know, I'll do it. When when do you need it?


I said I said, no, it is it already happened. It was a book that I wrote called Living Loaded. He goes, Oh, he goes, yeah, no. Great book.


Saddam with the text from Dickie.


It's like, OK. But in fairness, I've given a few blurbs myself, and I don't think I've ever read the books. You know, you read like a page and you go right. There you go.


All right. Well, this is Adam. Yes, this is I did read it. I remember. Read it. You did read it. You're the only famous person I remember exactly where I was.


I was on a long flight and I now want to say Philadelphia, but I think that's where you grew up, right? That's where I grew up. Right. So now I think I made it a Philadelphia. I was probably flying in New York or DC or something, but I did read Dan's book Living Loaded, and I was entertained the entire flight. Anyone who knows me knows I never read a book on a flight. So recommended reading. All right, let me hit Geico.


Do your own. Do you rent your home? Well, sure you do. One or the other. How about you get your bundle on you get your automotive policy and put it together with your homeowners and renters insurance and you do it at Geico, Geico, Dotcom, you go there, you get a quote, you see just how much you could save when you bundle at Geico Dotcom. Geico makes it so easy. So visit Geico Dotcom today and get your bundle on at Geico Dotcom.


Dan, you want to hang out with us and do some rotten tomatoes? Yes, please. All right. We'll take a quick break. We'll be back with Rotten Tomatoes right after this.


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