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Adam Caroll, yeah, I get it on, got to get it on a choice between a mandate to get it on, Jay Moore's coming in, always bringing the heat. So we'll talk to him in a couple of few.


Good day, Genographic. Good day to you. Hand Beaubrun.


I'm trying to get a story, smart guys, as Gavin McInnes from the show, I, I, I love that we will get in.


We'll do a little armchair quarterbacking on the debate, the much anticipated debate. Everyone who hears this is heard everyone's take on the debate by now, hopefully maybe will bring some slightly different angles to it.


I listened to the first part in the car and it was like listening to it on the was just about seeing we aired it.


We aired it completely like I was I was probably listening to Cafi and it was some of the worst radio ever created because I realized first things first I have this sort of grounding in improv and sketch and. Yes. And and, you know, not oh, not only that, but and and then also doing so many years of radio that the number one sin is talking over the other person and everyone just sort of talking at once. I marvel at those Sunday morning talk shows on the TV, political shows or evening shows or whatever, and they do the panel of people.


And you got this guy over there and that gal over there. And at some point, all of them at the same time are going, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me. It's like, would you shut up and let the other how is this ever going to work? You have a point. You want to make a point. How can you ever make that point if you're shouting it simultaneously when the narrators and your opponent, it was fucking weird and uncomfortable at the beginning.


I was trying to figure out like Trump and his mindset and I think what was going on with you. I think what was going on with Trump is Trump. However you want to break it down, somebody did break it down. And I think maybe 18 out of the top ten news agencies are basically anti Trump. So he has to sit there and hear it all 18 out of 10, 20, sorry, 18 out of 20. I know.


Feels like 18 out of ten. I think 18 out of the 20.


If you took The New York Times and L.A. Times and CNN or whatever, there's FOX and maybe maybe, maybe the I don't know what that story as a maybe the O on Wall Street Journal maybe or something like that. But he doesn't he has to sit and hear shit about himself non-stop, 24/7. I think it builds up, I think it builds up. And I think he just was going to go out there and like perche like finally prime time CNN.


And here's what I'm going to get it all out in the first five minutes. Like he went off like a picolo Pete. Like, I feel like he's just also I don't think he understands what a debate is. I think he thinks a debate. And I'm not I don't I'm not a big buyer into when people go A's in New York, knock around guy, but the New York knock around guy like he thinks he's standing on a street corner and somebody call this mom a whore and then he just dives in.


It's going to jump. He's going to douse them with verbiage. I don't think he really understands the flow of a debate like this person gets. So like, if you sat if you said to my buddy Ray, look, we're going to have a debate and Adam's going to get two minutes to talk about you freely, and then you'll get two minutes to talk about Adam freely. I couldn't get thirty seven seconds in without him punching me. Yeah, it's like that guy, you know what I mean.


Like I can't hear any so meaning. That guy, so if you are. If you are like a street guy or you're that guy and someone goes to minutes, this person gets to talk and then you'll get the debate, you'll get then you'll get two minutes.


So that person goes, well, obviously, if I was voted in, we would get the country, get the coronavirus taken care of, get the economy taken care of. Of course, my opponent over here had the worst. That's not true. You know, they physically can't stop. Nobody I went to high school with could stop themselves. Either they would jump to just jump in. That's what, by the way, if you said that to a nine year old, if you just go, oh, same, just sit there, let your sister say, you know, I came home, the kitchen was a mess.


You blame them, they blame you. Just sit quietly, Becky. You get two minutes. Let let your sister explain what happened. So she'd go. Well, when I came home, Suzy was making pudding and then she'd just jump in and go, she's a liar. I think there's that. I think there's that element. How could he ever sit in, like in the hot seat in a courtroom and not have just outburst after outburst?


I mean, there has to be a way, as you've seen, the inside of a courtroom. No, probably democracy here. I'm sure that I'm sure he's been deposed seven thousand times. Right. I don't know if he's gotten to the inside of a courtroom.


And I just got an alert that I got right before the show from the AP saying Breaking the Commission on Presidential Debates because they had to get involved, says it will add new tools to maintain order to the upcoming debates after a first chaotic first contest. So what those are, if it's cutting mikes, I don't know.


I, I honestly, I was picturing sort of Win Ben Stein's money where you'd have to just go into a silent vault, into a booth and they'd like, pipe it in and then they'd cut the mic and then turn it. They cannot. The mikes must be cut also, we can't just do this. We can't just separate and we need we need Plexiglas. We need that kit they put around drums during The Arsenio Hall Show.


Or if you want to make it more dignified, we could just do the play off music when you're giving a speech at the Oscars and then just a beautiful groundswell of classical music will happen.


I so from a professional.


From a professional broadcaster standpoint, it was like I felt like I was walking into someone's house and seeing horrible carpentry, like I felt that same way you want with drywall screws on the hinges.


Like I was so nauseated by the out of the gate cluster fuck.


What's amazing is people I saw this was Ben Shapiro posted like our No.


Fifteen minute by 15 minute incremental ratings and they actually started off at a certain level, went up a little bit and went back.


You know, they didn't taper off like you'd think or you think people would tune out or be kind of fed up or like, what the fuck is this?


People watched the whole thing. Yes.


Now, what Trump did is he didn't help his case by being shot out of a cannon because there were a few good points to bring up. And Biden was helped immensely, I think, by Trump in his avalanche of verbiage. And the reason I say that is the whole point was Biden's feeble. He's not thinking clearly. Put him on the spot and let him let him hang himself with his own extension cord. Like, let the whole narrative, the whole gambit for months was Biden has dementia's just let him talk?


That should have been their strategy. Yeah. Because he he will average a gaffe every twenty two seconds if he just sort of let him go. And so what Trump did, like there was an early one where he was. So here's where I think Trump's coming from. There is, for instance, a new report about a week old and Max Pada can figure it out. Yeah. Hunter Biden, his son got was involved with the Buhriz energy, got got paid, got some other people paid, you know, flew to China on like Air Force Two, did a whole bunch of that shit.


That sounds like it's one of the Trump sons doing it, but it's a it's Biden son doing it and it looks pretty bad now. It was a report that came out about a week ago, but the mainstream media didn't really pick it up because they're in the Trump business and not really in the torpedo Biden business. It just wasn't a story that made the rounds, even though it was a fairly substantial story and could have been the kind of story that would be a little bit of a game changer if the mainstream had gotten behind it.


But nobody, to my knowledge, really got got behind it. I don't know if you guys know the report of the story.


Yeah. So the following I heard was the story was not what the Republicans were hoping and it was a bit of a dud and just kind of fizzled.


But of course, there's many ways to spin that. I can't say that's the answer, but I think that's why it didn't catch on. They were certainly Republicans and conservative media would have hyped it quite a bit had it been what they helped for.


I end up being just some shit, some shady sweetheart deal that I assume goes down in politics all the time.


Well, that's the whole point. The conservative media did try to hype it as much as they could, but they're they're outnumbered. And so it's not going to make it into the zeitgeist. It's not going to make it into the airport, so to speak, you know, and so I think Trump thought, you know, what, a story like this may not get coverage on the mainstream media, but now I'm mainstream. This is CNN and NBC and ABC and primetime, and I'm on a primetime stage.


I'm not doing an interview with Hannity. And I'm going to take this thing that I've been. So Trump probably sits around and goes, I don't get it. This is a big story. How come CNN doesn't talk about it? Then he feels like he's being discriminated against. So what do you have the story? First, there's a story. Yeah.


So so last week, what's be called a bombshell report, it's from the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and the Committee on Finance. They they have these new allegations. And Hunter Biden saying he got like three point five dollars million wired to him from the Moscow mayor's wife, that he that he paid suspects allegedly tied to trafficking and that and that Biden knew Joe Biden knew all about it and that he tried to get someone fired for it and that they had contact Chinese military, all this stuff.


It's like an 87 page report.


And it's not you know, it's not the Steele dossier, like it's a real vetted report. Now, I'm sure this shit goes on all the time. But remember, Biden's appeal is is he's not the go. He's not that guy who this goes on all the time. He's different. He's sort of he's oh, shucks guy. Not like the career politician where they play these games. Anyway, I'll tell you what. I'll tell you how Trump just torpedoed his own ship.


I'll play the clip from was it Hannity last week or something? Yeah. All right. So. We'll play what the nuts and bolts of the story as per the eighty seven page document that came out last week. There we go. Peter Sweitzer, you wrote the book Secret Empire, and in Secret Empires, you exposed us first and foremost. It's even worse than you described in almost everything you reported has now been vindicated.


Yeah, that's right. Sean, thank you. And by the way, the reason we're at the point where the Senate has looked into this is because you interviewed me two years ago and amplified our findings. And what the Senate has done is they've used tools that I didn't have access to, not only confirmed what we found, but but taking it a step further. And what they've shown is that Hunter Biden was involved in a series of foreign corrupt schemes that triggered a suspicious activity, reports the so-called MSRA S.R. transactions by the Treasury Department.


These are triggered when money is flowing from either sketchy individuals or the amounts of money in question is raising alarm bells. So this is not a question of anonymous sources or speculation. We now know that money changed hands. We know who it came from. We know it came from countries that are rivals that we knew it. No, it came from very corrupt entities around the world. And the questions, Sean, continues to be, why did they give Hunter Biden this money?


He didn't have a skill set. He didn't have qualifications. They were paying for something. These are not charities. And that's the question that Joe Biden and Hunter Biden need to answer.


So Trump is sitting on top of this for a week on on how I got him. Now I got him. Now I got him. And then he just erupts like cocky all over Biden. And it's the best thing that ever could ever happen to Biden, because we all know everyone is at their worst when they go. No, take your time. Answer the question. I want to hear what you have to say. Your explanation.


He goes full bum rush on him and Biden gets put in this great position, which is I can't even talk. And then Chris was like, all right, moving on. And it was it was perfect because he didn't have to address it because Trump wouldn't take his foot off the fucking accelerator. We'll play the clip.


And so you take a look at what he's actually done. He's done very little. Trade deals are the same way. He talks about these great trade deals. You know, he talks about the art of the deal China made perfected the art of the steal. We have a higher deficit with China now than we did before. We have the highest trade deficit with Mexico and China. Ate your lunch, Joe, and no wonder your son goes in and he takes out what he takes out billions of dollars, takes out billions of dollars to manage.


He makes millions of dollars. And also, while we're at it, why is it just out of curiosity, the mayor of Moscow, his wife, gave you a son, three and a half million dollars. What did he do to deserve it? Did he do with Barisan just one hundred eighty three thousand on that question and answer? If not, none of that is true. Really? No, Mr. President is totally president. Please. Totally discredited.


It totally discredited. And by the way, we'll get a half million dollars. You, Mr. Vice President. Dollars. That is not true. Really, Mr. President. It's an open discussion. Please.


It's a fact. Well, there's an issue. Let the president answer. Discredited Burleigh's one hundred and eighty three thousand dollars a month with no experience and energy. My son did nothing wrong at first. I think he did.


Mr. President.


My answer, he doesn't let me answer because he knows I have the truth. His position has been totally, thoroughly discussed. And the media by everybody. Well, by the media biased analyzed by the World Bank.


By everyone has discredited and matter of fact, matter of fact, the person who testified under oath. So let me go ahead, Mr.. I'm listening to you people. You get three and a half testified. He testified under oath that his administration said, I did my job and I did it very well. I don't know who they are. Well, I'll give you the list of pretty far.


He just said he brought up his point, then he just kind of steamrolled right through it. And Biden got sort of a pass and just gone. That's not true. But he didn't just get a pass. He looked good.


Yeah, I like that. This guy on that particular spot. Yeah.


And I just interject something to help you to to add to the point, whoever told him, because I doubt anything on that stage happened because they weren't coached. I think Chris Christie, first of all, and Rudy Giuliani were playing the part of Biden while they were rehearsing Trump. So there's always there's nothing on the stage that, you know, that's left to chance, really. It doesn't seem like. And whoever told Biden, if Trump interrupts, you simply close your eyes, exhale, exasperated, shake your head.


He did it so many times and it worked beautifully. And I never looked at him. No. When he looked at Trump.


You're absolutely right. And it was just a, oh, can you believe this? And somebody told him to do that. And I thought it was a really strong move on his part.


And also, when somebody interrupts, you go, isn't it true your son was enriched by these foreign entities? And you go, that's not true. And then the person jumps in and goes, I think it's true. Then you get to reboot, you get to go. It's not true. And then you just keep going. It's not true.


And then at some point, everyone gets tired and then the moderator starts and the clock runs out, the clock runs out. But the moderator ends up getting pissed at Trump because Trump won't shut up versus. So what what Trump did a lot is he would basically say so it's essentially it's essentially like there's two guys, right? One guy, the guy on the left goes, the guy in the right's a pedophile, and then the guy on the right goes, I'm not a pedophile.


And then the guy on the left won't shut up. And then eventually the moderator goes, I don't care. He's a pedophile. You shut up. You're a bad man. Now be quiet. And we're moving on to the next subject. And the guy who's bringing it up is the one who's being chastised because he won't fucking shut up. So all he did was draw this negative. So he didn't give Chris Matthews a chance to go. Hold on.


What about charisma? What about the money? How much money did they. Let me follow up. He was so busy telling Trump to shut up the whole time that Biden just sort of like got kind of a pass and Trump did not help himself at all.


And that if he had just shut up, then he would have he being Biden wouldn't have had to address it because there would have, well, two minutes of dead air.


There's a perfect example that I don't think we I told Chris the look up. I didn't tell him to look it up, but you guys all remember it. The best example for Trump is when Trump was talking about law enforcement, law and order and everything like that. And then he said, I'm backed by all the major police unions whose backing you on the law enforcement community, Biden and Biden. I got backing or whatever, and then we'll go ahead and tell us who's backing you.


And they just sat there silently for a couple of beats. And that was a perfect example. Trump going, I asked you, you now must come up with the police unions that are backing you, which probably don't exist. But I'm not going to bull. I'm not going to bull stumble over it. I'm going to let the silence. I'll let you think about it. In science, I was probably his best moment. So his best moment was backing off and letting him silently have to drum up an answer versus the bum rush.


The bum rush. Was not a great take, and I don't think Trump did himself any favors and that all I did was walk away going into.


Yeah, and usually every other election don't doesn't everyone say, well, I can't wait for the vice presidents because, you know, the president's always stately and reserved, but the vice presidents, they're the pit bulls. That's when the shouting really starts. It's going to be so the opposite. I mean. Oh, yeah, he's going to get loud call mother.


I don't think so. He I, I don't think he's allowed to be in the same room with a woman without the door being open or the door's got to be open and thought about, you know, what they should do. They should do like when they do a play like our town and they do the set, you know, with just the door on the rollers, you know, symbolically, just the door on the rollers with the door wide open, just set open forth just in between them, you know, are facing the fourth wall that you'd set it facing the fourth wall.


Biden's over. I mean, all the house.


Well, this is house run. Then you get the illusion that they're in two different rooms. The Biden clip that Oldways that got to me was him talking about racism. I stand not alone, but I'm definitely in the minority, pardon the pun, of talking about how racist this country is all the time and systemic racism and all that and how damaging it is to the country at large, but also how damaging it is to the people that we keep pounding this narrative that we have a we've essentially built ourselves a racist country because it's would be very difficult being a 14 year old young black man these days, hearing nonstop conversations about systemic racism.


But here's a 30 second of Chris asking Biden about. I think now I don't I also I don't know. I'd be curious what you guys take. I think of this I don't think Biden did himself any favors in this response by opening it up. So he was asked about racism vis a vis the legal realm policing and the legal this country justice system, and that that's something you can debate for sure. He says separate but unequal system of justice.


And then Biden expanded it into work and school and like just sort of all of society, which I don't think he he needed to do. But here we go. Vice President Biden after the grand jury in the Brianna Taylor case decided not to charge any of the police with homicide, you said it raises the question, quote, whether justice could be equally applied in America. Do you believe that there is a separate but unequal system of justice for blacks in this country?


Yes, there is a systemic injustice in this country, in education and work and in law enforcement and the way in which is enforced education and work.


So I think between the justice system, education and then work, I think that about covers society. So there we go. But we're living major facets are heading into 2020. One is a racist society. Once again, Haza Hasan, speaking of racism, there's I think Brian has a clip or two.


I have a clip that I'd love to share, but I think we we would be I mean, everyone's heard it by now, but but everyone kind of I think everyone's ears perked up when they said President Trump, by all means, you know, denounce white supremacy and the the tap dance and the shuffling was odd. And of course, that was the big headline that night and the next day, which was, you know, him saying, stand down and stand by, which is just an odd response to something like that.


Did you have thoughts about that?


I don't I think I don't I don't know. Well, here's the choice. I guess the choice is. The choices, I guess there's only two choices at this point, information stand back and stand by their stand by.


Well, then now that was proud boys, right? And is proud boys different than the Klan or white supremacist? What would they how are they the Klan boys?


They describe themselves as like a drinking club or a social club. But that's a pretty thin veneer. That's why I play the Gavin McInnes thing, because he's the founder and I don't know someone enough to educate me on this, whether it's sort of got out of hand.


I don't know if he's still involved because I think it's a very different thing now than it was when he founded it. I he always struck me as a sort of satirist or a humorist. And I know it's it's a hate group defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Oh, all right, please look in the Southern Poverty Law Center. That place is a fucking hot mess with the best name ever. They have everybody as a hate group who fucking disagrees with them, basically. So they're a mess. But don't just go off of them or check other check other sites and we'll see how that works either way. So two thoughts.


One is the FBI has classified them as an extremist group with ties to white nationalism there that do that don't do Southern Poverty Law Center.


The so either Trump is agrees with white supremacy, which he may I don't know. I mean, it's either he agrees with white supremacy or he can't answer fucking questions. One is I don't think he said there's two there's two kinds of guys. Let's break this down. There's two kind of guys that are have power. There's a kind of Barack Obama wiring where you have power and you know how to answer questions, a Bill Clinton style, you know what I mean?


Like boxers or briefs. You know, I mean, like, I'm going to answer, like, I'm going to be I'm going to be that guy you want to have a beer with. I'm going to I'm not going to put anything out there you can hang me out with. Ronald Reagan is going to this. Ronald Reagan is good. Self-deprecating. Trump, I think, looks at it as an insult when he's asked direct questions like it's front, which is a challenge.


A challenge. Yeah, like like Cruella De Vil. I know what I mean. It's like like, you know, like Disney character villains. You can go, oh yeah. Answer me this then say it, saying, you know what I mean. Like that becomes a challenge for them. And it's almost like they become like the dog who's pulling on the rope toy. And it's like, you want me to go this way, I'm going that way, bitch.


Like now a guy like Clinton, Reagan, Obama, they understand what's going on. They're not reacting. I think I think a lot of Trump in in his horrible answers to things are more of a visceral like you want for me. Now we're going to scrap like I'm going to push back. You know, they go, can you do this? He'll always go. He always says something else. Not me, but I don't. But but I still think he has.


Gavin McManis disassociated, disassociated himself from the crowd by.


So it is like a joke like, oh, we're going to be oh. So I thought I'd like have chapters around the world. I think Trump puts his own foot in his mouth when he challenges people who challenge them, challenges him, and that's why he gives stupid answers.


That's an interesting take on this, specifically because I thought this was an example of him trying to look agreeable, saying, OK, yeah, what do you want me to call him?


What are they OK? Stand down. Stand by.


That seem like he was trying to well well planned I guess of a play he starts with like. Oh yeah. What they want. But then he gets a little. Defensive or confused or whatever, he just it's it's of it's a kind of answer to threats where you won't just, you know, it's like it's like when you get in a fight with your spouse and they go, just say you're sorry and you go, hey, I'm sorry. If you think what I did was wrong, you don't say it.


Don't end it with that. Don't just say you're sorry. I don't think he can do that. I don't think he can. I think if he gets put on the spot, he gets it stupid. Just say I don't. By the way, what what is he I don't think he gains anything from thinking, you know, I don't know what the voting bloc of the Klan is, but it's got to be a very small, small minority.


It's got to be more people from Fiji here that cast votes than the Klan. Do we have the have that clip? Yeah. Yeah.


Criticized the the vice president for not specifically calling out Antifa and other left wing extremist groups.


But are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence? And a number of these cities, as we saw in Kenosha and as we've seen in Portland?


Sure you do. It has a I would say almost everything I see is from the left.


I'll tell you what happened here. He needed to just stop, which is will you disavow white supremacist? And Trump, Trump was going like, sure, at the top and then he went. With the kind of violence that you see in Kenosha and the kind of violence you see in Portland, and now Trump's head is wrapped up again in Kenosha. That's Antifa Portland. Those are left wingers. That's the Democrats like. So watch it play one more time.


And and if he this is what happened. So I didn't really examine this, but he kind of goes, will you condemn white supremacy or whatever it was? And he went, sure. And then he then he got into Kenosha and then Trump started going. That's ridiculous.


Chris Wallace is the wife in this scenario. She should have just stopped while she had her.


Yes. Well, let's let's let's play it again and just stop it after he says, will you condemn whatever. Let's see how that works.


Criticized the the vice president for not specifically calling out Antifa and other left wing extremist groups. But are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups?


And I say, you guys. Sure. Like, if he just stopped that there, I think what he got he did is he got into Kenosha and he got into Portland and Trump's head started swimming and going. Those aren't white supremacists that are tearing that place up. That's antifa that's doing it. And that's where he went off the fucking rails. That's a really, really good point.


That's what like your your revenant point with like did did Leonardo DiCaprio blink or not? Remember that whole.


Well, let's let's put it this way. If if if Chris Wallace and it's not really his fault, although there is a problem built into a sort of debate format like, so what happens back to the couple. So if they go. So if you said to me, like Adam, would you admit you've done some things wrong in your relationship? I'd go, Yeah, sure. If you said Adam, would you admit you've done some things wrong in your relationship, like your last trip to Vegas for Sunny's basketball game?


I'd go, that wasn't me that I bought the hotel rooms. I did a goddamn show on Friday and I said, let's go see Mariah Carey. But nobody wanted to go. That's how it would end.


Just apologize, right? So while I think if Wallace would have just clipped him and went, will you denounce white supremacy or or whoever we're talking about just stopped it, then Trump is hanging. They're either going no or or yes. But I think he took the bait with Antifa. I think Kenosha what dragged his brain because he has. And that's the problem. Oh, sure.


So sorry, Jim. This is addresses one of the clips I brought in out of May shed some light on why Trump was hesitant or not full throated or whatever.


Rick Santorum is what he was. The congressman, whatever his concerns now is that the conservative voice on CNN in the Post just don't put it in urban dictionary.


I will not on the post debate, wrap up the analysis, all that stuff. Santorum, I think they have the clip because I sent it to them earlier. Rick Santorum has a I would say, a slip of the tongue, but he a revealing analysis of why Trump reacted the way he did to this particular question.


Because he asked two questions where he was asking the president do something that he knows the president doesn't like to do, which is which is say something bad about people who support him. Right. What defining violence? Well, talking about the of the white supremacist, number one and.


That's a bad thing to realize is in real times what he said and then pivots till I forget what he pivoted to, but he slipped a little bit.


That was a definite fucking gaffe, no doubt about it. All right. Well, you guys have been through we got more. I mean, we got stuff to get through. I talk too much more is coming in. My you know, there's a there's basically that. All being said, Biden looked bad to Biden. Just look like a placeholder or something. I don't I don't know exactly what his policies are. He didn't need to do much because Trump did all the damage he needed to do to himself.


I don't know. I it the whole thing was a shit show. Trump did more damage to himself than Biden did Trump. Biden didn't come across very well either. And now it's sad because those are the last two men standing.


Right. And that's just to just to put a put a finer point on it. I think that Biden's team must have known everything that Trump was going to do. He's going to yell insults. He's going to try and have you take the bait. He's going to try and derail you if you just do two things. Like I said before, lookdown exasperate and shake your head and then whatever you want and whatever you can, you look down the barrel of that camera.


Yeah. You talk to the viewer at home and you might have missed that because you were listening on the radio.


And I watched the second part one. Oh, hey, I saw them walking right down. That never looked Trump in the eye.


It was Chris Wallace and you, the viewer. And I think that just having those little tricks up his sleeve, by the way, his sleeve, I think he is wearing a rosary, not a pen is what I'm be or a microphone is right.


But but those were, I think, very effective. And you're right. He had to do very little now.


He didn't he all he had to do is let Trump just sort of talk himself into a circle, but then patting ourselves on the back, everyone, all of us.


Because for months we've been I think I was very vocal about this. We all kind of agreed, yeah, things are going to be pouring down the middle. He didn't look great, didn't didn't have the gaffe that, you know, I think was the gambit the whole time. And he just looked Four Corners. Biden, you just got to run out the clock all of the time.


Yeah, I was trying to think, you know, I was thinking about, well, I'll get into it tomorrow, but I was thinking about governing our Governor Biden, how all that all that works and then how people are wired. I'll explore that thought with you tomorrow. How about China? We're going to do a little eating of our feelings over here. I sure am.


Do we have do we have a. Oh, yeah, that's right. Jenice, that's. Damn it. I forgot about that. All right. Let me hit the spot and then we'll hear about Gina's recipe home. Chef, it got a stressful day, hectic night ahead, sick of nearby takeout options. Try home chef number one rated meal kit company. Simply choose your menu and adjust the delivery dates. Box arrives at your doorstep weekly with recipe cards and fresh, perfectly proportioned ingredients.


Oven ready recipes just combine and it take the pre chopped ingredients ready to cook. And I put them in, throw away tins, toss it in the oven for thirty minutes. No prep, no mess. Fifteen minute meal kits as well. Delicious low effort and quick limited time only go to home chef dotcom slash Adam for sixty bucks off. That's home Chef Dotcom. Oh yeah I did the garlic parmesan crusted filet mignon.


Yes that's la la la. Limited time only go to home chef dotcom slash anime gets sixty bucks off. All right Gina what do you got. Gina grad's eat your feelings brought to you by home chef.


She could not stop on the train them off. I am. He helped her lose the weight she gained and now she's got healthy meals at night and ever since changed her clothes on time. It's time. For each of you. So we deal with this, so this was kind of a funny story, I made this yesterday.


I ordered a few things from home, chef, in a different category so I could play around with them. And I of this is not the first time I've done this. I texted Chris at one and said, I'm standing by. And he said to which is at least I go that direction 99 percent of the time. And I was like, well, if I have an extra, you know, 45 minutes, maybe I can make this now is going to make it after work when I get home at like eleven thirty.


But I'd love to make it now and bring it to work.


So I wanted one that would be quick and easy. It says on the menu card degree of difficulty, amount of time. And I said fifteen minutes. Degree of difficulty. Easy, perfect. Let's do this one. It's garlic, pepper, chicken and lemon or butter with parmesan and pea risotto.


But I, I love risotto and I love a seafood risotto. So I asked them beforehand to sub out chicken for shrimp because who doesn't love a shrimp risotto.


So by one thirty 34 this meal was created and they have some pictures for you. It was, it was very, very quick to make. I made that.


That's the one that I made the presentation that. Thank you. It was literally it is so step by step, easy. I'm kind of I go a little weird with directions. I'm like Spock, like in Star Trek. So they say Spock is super controlled and super emotionally controlled, because if he's not, he would just lose it and be crazy with everybody all the time. Well, that's me with directions. I'm step by step because if I get confused, I say, screw it, I'm doing this myself.


A dash of this, a pinch of this, and we'll just see what happens. But you don't have to do that with home, chef. It's all laid out. So I just there was a package that said garlic pepper. And I said, well, that must be the one for the shrimp, the one that says put the garlic pepper on the meat, sauteed it up. It smelled divine. The shrimp picked up really nicely.


And I let that simmer for a second through the rice, the cream cheese, the peas and the butter in a pot.


They said, leave it alone. I fought every urge in my body to stir it and mess with it and poke at it.


And I left it alone until the water sort of evaporated out of it.


Very creamy, very quick. This was this was all done in maybe fourteen minutes. I combined everything. I tasted everything individually. I sprinkle the little parmesan packet that they have right over it at the very end. And I just sat there and I still had twenty minutes before the show started. So I took the food that you saw. I sat in my dining room table. I had a, you know, a nice, like, easy, quiet, slow lunch because this took fourteen minutes and I had twenty five minutes to just sit there and enjoy my shrimp and risotto.


The cream cheese was in the risotto. Yes. Which I've never done that before. So good.


It was just a dollop of cream cheese, a pad of butter and a half cup of water with the rice and leave it alone, which is not my thing.


And it just, it was just this creamy, perfectly textured, moist, but not wet risotto. And instead of tossing it together, I thought it looked prettier if I put the shrimp around it. And it was I mean, I'm not a big rice person is, as Vinny tells us not to. We haven't had rice in a while. And, you know, everything in my life is cauliflower rice.


Do you know how good rice is when that had it in a really long time.


I know, because my kids eat a bucket of it for dinner every night and I always try to try to pinch just a little, oh, I never eat rice and and I love the texture of peas.


I love you too. I there's way too many people that don't like peas in this society. There's an doubt. Look, if you don't like beets, fine, they taste like dirt. And if you don't like avocado, a pox on you. But I get it. It has some sort of texture issue. It's mushy or something like that. But there's a lot of people that don't like peas. I love peas. All right, let's bring it home.


Genographic Delicious. And thank you. Home chef feature feelin's. We deal with them being brought to you by home, chef, all right.


Moore is running late because the thing about Jane Moore is either runs early or runs late because he's crazy. That's what crazy people do. They show up way too early, usually with a lot of newspapers.


I found when I never went to Drew's crazy gas show up to his show early, they always have a bunch of newspapers folded up and reading things. It's like they took whatever was in the backseat of the car. And like, I'm Erlang. I get caught up on USA Today from 1991, see what's going on.


Hey, remember that time I fucked those guys and they fucked me? What? Gas prices are up to a dollar and seven cents a gallon. This is outrageous. Highway robbery. That's right. All right. Let's take a quick break. Then we'll come back and do the news. And then when Jay Moore shows up, we'll bring him in after that. It's time to check Adam's voice mail. Faceman just bought tickets to the show on October 2nd, Korpi stay long enough to enjoy the family Salt Lake City art.


Let's get it on. You can leave us a message at eight eight eight six three four one seven four four. Yeah, we're coming out there.


We're going to be on Garagos, this private jet. We're doing a live reasonable doubt four o'clock show at wise guys a matinee and then we'll do the live podcast seven seven thirty show after that.


That's a good order because I think doing a show about the legal system super, super drunk would be very hard, very confusing.


Dave Kleckner will be with us on Friday. The late shows, the stand up shows are sold out, but there's a couple of tickets left for the early shows. That'll be the live podcast. So come see us there. And Salt Lake's great in the room's great wise guys. Great. So come on down. All right, Gina, what do we got?


Do well with ground breaking Firewheel, all those crazy Trump tweets. Give me no trouble in the Middle East. Celebrity meltdowns news with Jeanne on the news with grad coming across the wire right now as we speak.


If you've been wanting to get your nails done or maybe go to a gallery or play a little Perdigão, you should be celebrating because in L.A. County, nail salons, malls and card rooms are allowed to reopen.


Now, of course, no movie theaters. No, no, no, no, of course not. So full capacity. I think they're looking at 25 percent capacity for card rooms, malls and nail salons.


The movie theaters that have opened all around the country, they just spread it out and put the scrubber in the air filtration system. And I think people are kind of OK with that. And I agree. Working. Yeah, the movie the movie theater experience is definitely something I miss, even though I probably only would have went to two and a half movies in this period. But think about that. Looking forward to a Friday night kind of thing. Head now to getting dinner and going to go and see the latest Tarantino flick.


I do. I do miss that. So hopefully we'll get that up and running soon and then.


Yeah, Jim, where you're sweating and breathing heavy, you're just sitting in a chair, low, low pulse for two hours.


Well, I'm also of the mind that. We at this point. I mean, every citizen, especially if you live in Los Angeles, let's say, I think we all know the finer points of what's going on here. I think we can all agree that full disco roller disco indoors, people with their shirts off and dry humping each other, Studio 54 style, probably not. Not good. I do it anyway, but probably not good. And then we all kind of go, but I guess outside at the beach with a distance.


So we're all kind of making our own decisions based on what we've learned over the last eight months, let's say. So my feeling is, is you open the movie theater, you do that the the safe distance stuff. You tell people to put a mask on and then only people who think it's safe will go in. If you're compromised or you're elderly, then maybe you won't know. But if you feel like, all right, I think I got the lay of the land next couples going to be sitting nine feet away from us, people are wearing a mask, seems fairly safe.


Then I will do it. My thing is like you do get to decide. That'll be your decision. You may go or you may say, I feel like this is way too dangerous and endeavor. I'm not going to engage in it. That's why I like the self-selecting sample, that's the way I like to go through life. All right, so you may have heard this already came on fairly quickly. Sacha Baron Cohen, I always say Baron Sacha Baron Cohen used Tuesday night's presidential debut debate to promote his new Borat sequel.


He tweeted a video congratulating President Trump on his debate win and endorsing his bid for re-election. The caption from the tweet says, Congratulations to the great friend of the Kazakh people, real Donald Trump for winning debate today. Impressive, an amazing result for a strong premier who always put America and Kazakhstan first.


And here's the video included with it, Donald Trump, strongest premier in history. He not racist. Black guys love him so much they kneel before him. Trump never had a stroke. He protector of women's.


Here off wall. Sweeten's breath so bad he's forced to wear a mask because of Trump. Three hundred fifty million Americans still alive. Trump never had a strong vote for Premier Trump or you will be cross DrinkWise Kazaks against foreign meddling, as he put it on.


I don't know. I'm I'm trying to think of oh, here's here's what I remember. I have a vague memory. I think Ali G was trying to interview Trump years ago.


You know, I can't remember that.


Well, Ali, I didn't see it. I heard it. I somebody brought it up and Ali G. Would famously sit down. I don't know what Newt Gingrich or somebody. And next thing you know, they're talking to him about women's lingerie and wearing it or whatever.


Like, I think Ali G used to try to get like Borat. I think am I making this up? Would come in and try to do like this guy is just really hip guy from England and he's going to sit down with the Republican senator. Nobody's going to ask him a bunch of these questions and. He interviewed Donald Trump in 2003. And did Trump, like, get on to him or get suspicious or get fed up or something? We found the video.


We'll see what it looks like. I've got some business I did I would just want to tell you about, and I'll be a fool if very quickly, what is the most popular thing in the world?


Music. No, tell me ice cream. OK, everyone has it. And what is the problem with ice cream?


I have no idea. It drinks. OK, so me, I d want to make a drip proof ice cream, no less, if I can put it this way. If you ain't going to come out with that.


No, no. I promise you I will be is to come out with just like these ice cream gloves that make the ice cream not go in your hands and make it all well, sticky and also keep your hands warm when when you see an ice cream, OK, is your window is doing OK? Well, it sounds like a good idea and I hope you make a lot of money. Good luck, folks. It's been nice seeing you. Take care of yourself, OK?


You're going to be in on that. Well, it sounds like an interesting about P.. He is going to be good.


It's great.


Now, Trump, to his credit, sort of left. Everyone else hangs out and thinks he's nuts and then continues to answer the questions for another eighteen minutes.


Whether he's on to him or not. He's clearly it's a waste of his time to go. Oh, yeah. I don't I don't know that he has a maid. He's just like, this guy's an idiot. I'm busy.


What am I doing here. What am I doing here. That's great. Yeah.


Well some sad news that both seem to happen last night or both were announced Monday night. Helen Reddy, singer of the 70s feminist anthem I Am Woman, died on Tuesday. It's according to a statement on her Facebook fan page. She was 78. Meanwhile, Mac Davis, country singer and songwriter behind Elvis Presley, also died. At 78, he wrote a little song called A Little Less Conversation, a little ditty called In the Ghetto Elvis Presley. He died following heart surgery in Nashville.


Mac famously was the quarterback from the North Dallas. Forty one of those like, oh, really? Eighteen eighties? Well, it wasn't nineteen eighties. It was like nineteen eighty like. So there was a famous book written by a Dallas Cowboy about all the high jinks that went on behind the scenes for America's team or some book, you know, all the women and all the drugs and all that you could do the 70s math, professional baseball, you know, Hollywood Henderson and Ed too tall Jones and all these great big old characters from back then.


Anyway, North Dallas Forty was maybe the book or maybe the book had another title to it. Then they made the movie. Mac Davis was the quarterback and Nick Nolte was like the aging possession wide receiver. Kind of an interesting movie, Brian. I would look at it if I were you just because it's a there's only, I don't know, eleven football movies. You might as well you might as well have them all covered. And this one is well done.


You know, Mac Davis is good. Nick Nolte is good in it. It's got some interesting nuance to it. And I think you could you could you could get something out of it. It's not thought that highly salvage. What is it on Rotten Tomatoes? Do we now.


Oh, fantastic. By someone say Mac Davis played a quarterback fictional quarterback named Seth Maxwell, who's often compared to Don Meredith.


Right. So this is back when, like, you know, the quarterback would be smoking and drinking a beer in the locker room, you know, going, God damn, give me a shot. You know, like it wasn't about rehab. It was, give me the needle and I'll get back out there kind of thing.


Eighty three with the critics there right now. So that was Mac Davis. Mac Davis also had one of one of my favorite. I like songs.


From the 70s, where the guy would be warning the chick like, I know you're going to fall in love with me, like I know you want me, I know that's what you want.


But you can't because I'm just going to bang you and then I'm going to leave. But I'm being up front. I'm telling you right now, right here.


First you get that in your eye. Yeah. That look. And it is important to her say, I'm worried I'm so hot that obviously you're going to.


They all do.


I ain't ready for no family. I'm not a family man. I like to just basically ejaculate on that's on to strangers are almost near strangers, not near strangers.


And then I then I got to leave just one friendly girl because I don't want to leave. I will leave if you start getting clingy and. Miguel, I can't breathe, everyone. Baby, baby, don't get hooked on me. Baby, baby, don't get hooked on me, why is all just use you, then I'll set you free. Baby, baby. Hey, Chris Dodd is enjoying this. I noticed that, yes, I like Max going to see you from the grave.


Mm hmm. Maybe you trot this one out in the next, Chris. You know, it's a good people pay good money. They want to enjoy themselves, especially after being cooped up. Right.


You're a hot blooded woman, child. Good Lord. And it's warm where you're touching me.


That's right. My loins are on fire.


Got radio play. I can tell you there's a crossover and you're a hot blooded woman child and it's warm where you're touching me.


Yeah, that's all I have to tell us. The women all the time. You see too much of me. The mom has this problem. And tangled up with the man. That's right. This is the. It can take no clinging vine, baby, baby, don't get hooked on me. This in your range, Chris, baby, baby, don't get hooked on me, you can point at the ladies in the eyes about this huge you, then I set you free, baby, baby, don't get hooked on me.


All right? Now, what Chris do is do the move with a flick to pick up his guitar pick at the one he wants, you know, and I would use the end of the guitar to point at the separate to playing at all. And then I set you free. Yeah. Mack man, do you find that way?


Do you know this this was written and or I guess out in 72. So as I am woman talk about competing. Wow.


Man Do you think this song was ever baby baby don't give up on me. And then it was rewritten. Like to be more timely. I don't know.


But I, I love I'm woman, I'm a woman is a is possibly a tool tune. I could possibly be a tool tune because it's got its big you got Iron Woman Helen Reddy and a very clear voice in this song and the song you're able to pull up the bus stop.


Oh yeah. It's gender specific tool to. It's pretty jolting for everybody, it gets going. I mean, it kicks in. I am woman hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore. Because I've heard it all before and often down there on the floor, no one has ever gonna it gets killed, but it kicks here. Here, guys. Oh, yes. Wise swingiest from. I am strong, I am invincible. Well, maybe not.


I am. It would be a funny scene. All right, Jason, let's see if we can recreate this. Helen Reddy is in the studio, right?


Right. And she's going to lay this track down. Right. And we got the salty 70s ex rody engineer, chain smoking guy who's holding a cause and he's engineering the thing and play that and she starts up, I'll play that guy.


Or maybe Dawson gets shot.


That's sort of Dawsons. But this is this is a finesse role now. Because, Dawson, what you got to be doing is Agena. Yeah. You play Helen Reddy. All right.


You don't have to sing. But when the music Pottstown. Dawson is going to be like, well, that's about it's about it with the studio time. About all you've got, all you paid for. So we got to wrap it up and then you're going to be like, I haven't finished the song yet. And he's going to be like, wow, coming to the booth and blow me.


Maybe I'm going to add about half an hour like we just did it. I worked there and I think it's been done. Cut prison, not reduce his character, does nothing of the song or the theme of the song. And he just keeps going on like, all right, after you're done, maybe go out, buy a few drinks. You can give me a massage. Back in my heart, I got an apartment nearby or something. And he has no idea what the theme of the song is.


All he knows is there's a hot chick and her time is up in the booth. This is, you know, the game. A&M Records. Nineteen seventy two. Here we go. We go.


I've got to play this song for you. I'm afraid because I don't know. All right. All right. Yeah, yeah, I was just finishing that phrase.


Yeah, no, I think we got it. Well, the songs I've done, I still have a. Yeah, of course. And one more hook.


Well, you know, time's up. We got we got ours to keep here. But you ever been on a motorcycle?


No. I got one, you know, that's cool, and I paid your money, you paid your money, you know, do you you want the record labels to hear this song, don't you?


I do. That's why I'd like to finish it. If you find you like radio play. I do.


I want this to be I want to be a star. I want this to be a hit.


Now, there are two words there, darlin. Real important here. Radio. Play. So why don't you come back here and sit on my lap for a second? Excuse me, Helen. Helen, you're Helen Reddy. What are. You better get ready. Get in here as soon as you get them drawers on. Get them off. Won't you come in here and wait a second.


I cannot believe you're talking to. I'm going to be a star, and it's because I am a proud, independent, empowering woman. How dare you talk to me like this?


I don't. You are indeed a woman. Why don't you come in here and I'll prove to you that I'm a man.


And I mean, your last name's already, right. It's not. It's not.


Helen, give me a minute, will you make a good point. All right, Helen. All right. So she doesn't get better than that. She blows Chet the sound booth and then goes back and finishes the song. Pipe it.


I never have another one hit. Oh, indeed you are, Helen. I always like this song because I like any big orchestrated song, I like the backup singers and the band and the wall of sound, I'm a sucker for all that. So that was all there.


I'm sure I'll be alone in this.


Does anyone remember that she did all of the songs and Pete's Dragon, the 1979 movie about a boy and his cartoon Dragon, one of my favorite movies of all time, Pete's Dragon.


He struggled with it. So I'll be a candle on the wall. Nobody. It was one of those that's in the lost Disney era where they're not seeing live action and animation.


But none of the movies are really very good.


Water babies, Pete's Dragon, they all have the live action cartoon combo where it is. She did all the stuff for Pete's jacket first, so easy, first risotto. Now this one. And after four. Yeah, it's not going to get any better than this. No. All right. Let's put it down. Does a nice job tossing. You played the salty engineer with the motorcycle from 1972. Just write the role you were born to play.


All right. Let me hit the relief ban here. So nothing worse than nausea. Right. That is the worst. Like some people get car sickness. Some people get it in there. I don't know. Airplane gets a little bumpy. Actually, that's that's Jimmy's bag man. So I'm excited to tell you about our new partner, relief ban. Number one, FDA cleared antinausea wristband. It's a very interesting piece of technology. It's clinically proven to relieve nausea and vomiting from motion sickness, morning sickness, chemotherapy, anxiety, hangovers, migraines and more.


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You get a little nauseous in there. I use relief pan, right.


Dorsa don't fall for the cheap hands you find in drugstores or see all of your Instagram feed. Reclaim your life from the fear of nausea. Right now, Relief Fan has an exclusive offer just for Adam Carolla show listeners. Have you got a really fan? Dotcom and use promo code. Ademir received twenty percent off. So had the RTL, IFB and dot com and use our promo code Adam for 20 percent off.


All right, what else, Gina? Real quick, I'd like to say that I was right about something. Remember, maybe it was yesterday, the day before when I said, if you're going to invest in patio furniture, now's the time because of restaurants having to move outside, a listener emailed and said, good call on investing in patio furniture companies.


My family owns one. We can't get caught up with everyone ordering furniture because they have all those meals outside until further notice.


I got to tell you in the weird part. So I always try to figure myself out like. And Mitchy, am I not cheap? What will I spend money on, what's worth it, what's not worth that?


One of the most. Difficult things I've ever purchased is patio furniture, because patio furniture is exquisitely expensive for what you think it is, patio furniture now is more expensive than furniture furniture with all these mattress places. And you can get all the sofa places and IKEA. Yes, like I've looked at like you look at that sets, I got the umbrella and the chairs are like, it's thirty seven hundred dollars. And you're like, what I thought would be like seven hundred dollars.


Yes. Right. Yes.


As one who was sadly bought several rounds of patio furniture because in the last 10 or longer to this house, 10, 11 years, the cheap stuff is cheap for a reason.


It's going to be ruined within four seasons at least. So pay the money, get the good stuff and don't worry about it. Otherwise you will be replacing the patio furniture.


You think Asar is a great bargain. So there's a reason it's not price.


I agree. And it is sort of the it's the exact opposite of people paying a shitload for a coffin. Like just buy a cheap coffin. Who cares, Don? But when it comes to this stuff, get the material. First off, everyone always thinks about whether, you know, they think about rain, snow and sleet and stuff. The sun is what kicks the shit out of everything. The sun is what destroys everything. And if you get something and it's cheap wood and you just put it out in the sun, it'll start cracking and splintering and blistering or whatever.


Get the aluminum, get the, you know, powder coated stuff, get the right material, the sun shade or whatever, whatever it is, sun umbrella. I mean, get the good stuff.


You're right, because it seems weird, like I'm not I'm not going to pay four thousand dollars for a patio furniture, but you're going to pay it out eventually placing your stuff.


You pay nine hundred bucks four times. That's basically how it works. So so get the get the good stuff. I, I agree. Yeah. Yeah. We got the good stuff.


We splurge for the good stuff and Phil chewed it all up. Oh yeah. Phil ate it. Phil ate the first two feet of all the cheese lounges but I'm because I'm a nut, I went and bought a material, matched it and sewed it back on. So I to live to fight another day.


Since we're talking about it, I have to ask the question I ask once in a while what's trashier. Patio furniture inside your house or inside furniture on your patio.


Inside furniture on the patio is sadder than patio on the inside patio.


Please adjourn. Please follow me into the dining room and a party house, though, that's like a frat house. Fun times or it's ironic. John Waters. No, I trying to look kitschy and ironic.


The the the outdoor furniture. The indoor furniture outdoors is bad. We never my dad I hope you guys are sitting down has never purchased outdoor furniture in his life.


I would like I would like to break it down like like as far as a life well lived. Like I was telling you guys about how my dad is almost never paid for parking in his life, which meant he didn't go out on Saturday nights. He didn't go to the concert, he didn't go to the show. He didn't travel and violate the Chicago hotel or steak house. But my dad's also made it through his entire life without buying outdoor furniture and or patio furniture.


If you buy outdoor items, your purchase of outdoor items simply means I like to barbecue. I like to entertain. I like to be with family. I like folks to come over, you know, and the more you go, the better your life. Like, I got this big cooler and it's got wheels on it and I can use it like a scooter. So I take money out.


Or how many outdoor versions of things do you own? Right.


My dad owns a cat that sometimes goes outdoors. That's as far as he's got. Jayma is here and smelling good too. Oh, good for real. Pull up your microphone.


For real. Yes, McMellon. That's my parfume. Older TWALA. Oh, yeah. Yes. OK, good. Well, sandalwood. Sandalwood, huh? No, let's have a cognitive back and forth first because I feel like I lead you down the rabbit hole that are not, you know, for a listener, the way the ways that sandalwood was founded. I tried to I realize there's nothing funny about it. I just said no war. There you go.


Buddy Hackett once said to me on the set of Paulie, he goes, you know what, a handshake is a go.


No, he goes rolling and you don't know a to action. He goes, All right, lady, the general. And he goes, dead husband's side.


She gets a handshake. Not funny.


Yeah, but I cut.


Why did you stop thinking what you're waving your hands around. You're talking to J.J. He goes take that part out.


We'll see nuts or is at the end. Fuck you, fuck, yeah, it was nuts, but he was the greatest. He said he could do his life over again.


I wouldn't have been so hard. Hit it hard. Head him.


I'm learning that now at 50 when I'm out there. Paddleboard. Yeah, let's just like life. It's a negotiation where I stay on top.


Let's talk about you and your your beach experience. Jayma, by the way, Jayma, American Treasure available now on Amazon Prime. That's his latest standup special. And also more stories as well. Live shows, Rochester, New York.


Oh, no, no, no. Live shows. On Friday, I'm doing a show at Huntington Beach, Bolsa Chica, socially distanced. And it's appropriate. And I don't really have details.


Why would I? It's not like I'm doing a show, but you look I'll look it up. Are you are you getting out?


So last time I saw you, I was over Bill Simmons place are not last time I saw you, but then you were a beach. You were at the beach. You're at the Malibu place, across with Janie, rented it.


Now she lives next door. Yeah, next hour. Wait, is Jeannie are you still dating? What's going on? You know, Jeanie's and obviously Lakers are going to that.


You're going you're going to the finals. Geno, we man Lakers. Oh yeah. I mean you I mean Jeannie. I mean, she's she has it been ten years. How long's it been since the Lakers. It's got to doesn't turn right. And Lakers, if they're not favorite, their favorite. Right. They've got to be favorite in the year.


They will be. So it's good. Get over the moon about it.


Yeah, of course. It's it's amazing when you see somebody that kind do something that brave. That's that terrifying and it all works. You know, there's no like, yeah, they made a hell of a stand, but in the end they toppled her and they steamrolled her. It's like LeBron came here, like Anthony Davis came here. Rob Palanca was mocked. Frank Vogel was a great hire from day one. He's a fantastic coach. He's a Jersey guy man.


And just to watch it all come through, like to get burned by magic, the covid shit like the commissioner dies or mom dies, Kobe dies. It's like one after the other that the other. The Clippers won't cover the cover. The banners up.


Like what? How crazy was that death that Kobe death for?


I don't know. I don't know anything about anything. I don't know. How was it for her mind?


I mean, it was it was. I don't know. I can't it's not for me to speak on it. It was devastating. You know, I met him once in an elevator in Vegas.


Twenty years ago, I didn't know that I was on a plane, my phone went berserk and I just sit in the airport crying, I never met the guy.


Is is Jeannie a majority owner minority? She's a great person to have on your show because we should have her on. You're wasting your time with me.


What are you doing? What are you doing? I look, I don't know anything about Jeannie bus other than she's a very sweet soul. That's correct. And as witty and beautiful and as we watch Jane Moore paddling out in the Pacific Ocean further away from the shore than you should be, you know, when you see those crazy old people that are way out there and you go, what the fuck is that guy doing out there? I'll tell you how wrong that was.


Jay Moore.


I'm closer to the shore. I risk the brake line.


She just looked over the like, looked over the railing. And I was like, I don't know where she is that's out there. And I was like, yeah, it is. And she she looked at me and she's like, Well, isn't he?


She said, Oh, she's so cute. Yeah. She said, he's swimming in the swell. Yeah. He's just teasing Shirley Chisholm, you know, showing off. Hi Guy. I was going to Segway over to the lateral. Hello. So much for that. Are you UFC fighter right now? Beatriz's right.


Are you living there or are you down in Malibu? I have two apartments, ones in Malibu.


That's where I was going to live after my divorce. It was a little Airbnb and I just stayed in. But then I drove my son to school and it took an hour and I said, well, that's fucking not happening. So instead of giving it up, I just got another apartment down the street from a school. Like, I'll work at the docks in Long Beach if I got it.


You said it best on your podcast here.


Name one person you know, that works really fucking hard. And his goddamn broke nobody. Nobody. Well, it's I mean, broke.


No, I mean, I'm going to say for all that's been said about this country, Donald Trump over the last month. What about their emails, though?


You know so well, I think there is something you could definitely say about this country, which is if you want to bust your ass, you will do fine. You will not be rich, persay, although you be you will not necessarily be. What we'd even deem successful are affluent. But if you aren't scared of work and you kind of get a a trade and I don't mean drywall, I just mean something. You do drywall, though. Oh, yeah.


Or even if you want to do something like that, you shall have a enjoyable life in this country, I think.


And by the way, say that you'll do fine is a malleable. It spans all races, it spans all religions, all at all social system, all castes.


If you live in the hood and you bust your ass, you're going to be all right in the hood where you are. I'm not saying you're going to get the mansion in the Palisades or something, but fine is relative to your ego. White privilege. I got a leg up now. One for me is different. Well, no, the thing and that's the injustice that you don't acknowledge the things that we don't really notice.


I'll tell you one thing. I'll tell you one thing that you will get at that. Most people don't get our perspective that most people don't get, which is if you work with guys and I frequently do who we who we consider like poor Hispanic guys. Right. You go like you see the guy. He's painting the side of the thing. The guy put the stucco on the side of the building and he's in good shape and he's happy, by the way of it.


All right.


All those guys, if you and I work with these guys, if I say to them, Roberto, what are you doing this weekend? Like on Friday he'll go, I'm going to the Morongo Casino with my wife. And you'll be like, what? Yeah, I'd like to go there. We've got a buffet we like. She likes to play, like, slot machines. I play blackjack. You know, we go there for the weekend and I'm like, fuck, I, I'm going to go do the ice house for free and then we go home and bit off.


But OK, but he wishes that's what he was doing.


But, but the point is, is sometimes when I talk to him go what are you doing this weekend, they go, I'm going to do pre covid that go like I coach the soccer teams, I'll do the soccer thing and then we're going to get some steaks and cook them on a barbecue. And I'm like, yeah, you're enjoying yourself. You're having a good time. You work during the week and then the weekend comes around and you watch the whatever game and you you you fire up the ground, you make some some chimichurri sauce and some steaks and crack a few Coronas and enjoy your weekend.


Like I think we all think these people head back to some salt mine or something and swelter and toil and stuff. They go out and have fucking fun. It just like I did when I used to work construction, like we'd go out and do shit on the weekend, get a pizza, get a card game going or whatever.


My friend's mom was Irish with an Irish live and when like a weird guy would go by, go, who was he when?


At home, Rucci, when she's at home and always stuck with me, like, who the fuck is this guy when he's at home? So I get it like that. Like, Wow, this guy's chosen him and his wife enjoy it. Like they've done a dozen, maybe one dozen or two dozen times. The Lazy River. We build on that liveried radio like, oh, the companies, they know they got the place wired. It's fascinating.


I get it. It's like going to the races in the I like what races. The drag races. What.


Yeah, it's, I don't know, 17 bucks for the lunch buffet and they go over there and enjoy them. So I was at Fight Science and Midcity.


It's Washington and Labra. Well I train with these guys and they're all talking about some kind of back yard fight.


That weekend he got like he was winning and he just his footwork got shitty and the guy turned his light out like right behind me. He was in a fucking I'm like, this never happens without me again. By the way, I'm going in the backyard. To be fair to him, he stepped in a kiddie pool means locally. That's the problem with the backyard fighting. Sometimes you got to watch out for the sprinklers.


They'll get you pregnant. Gina, you by the way, Gina, no joke. Yeah. You've never looked better.


I don't work here. So I can tell you when I look at you, I want to do dirty things.


Oh, I appreciate too much trying to get out of the gutter compared to a UFC fighter. You look man manly like, you know, I've never been weaker in my life.


You're not kyou anymore. You're like you look good.


You ever you guys ever see any of those documentaries on those backyard fights.


Yeah I saw, yeah. Camo and dog fights. Nobody. Yeah. This is like the scariest somebody three. Sorry. Three thousand. The scariest part of the backyard fight is not the actual backyard fight, it's the moms that come out with the folding chair to support their son who is in the backyard fight. What could you imagine your nineteen year old is just bare knuckling it in the back someone's backyard and you're just like, I got a folding chair.


I'm sitting right up front, baby. Oh, it's God.


You're really on something here because it's terrifying. It's terrifying to watch that fight. Not only watching it, you and I, there are I know you well enough and I know me well enough to know we're in the back one hands over our mouths. And every once in a while we look at each other and go, Jesus Christ, we can't stand there, going, God is fucking us. It's like, holy shit, that's not a place you want to drop your wallet.


I, I can't get across the street in a strip club before I pick it up. Am I talking like this.


It is. It is crazy. Radio. All right. Sorry, Jay is joining us. Gina Grant's got a couple more news stories. She does.


Bless you. Thank you. Let's see. Well, if you're going to Texas, that's all well and good. Just to stay away from the water if you're near Lake Jackson, a city in Texas issued a disaster declaration after a brain eating amoeba was found in the water supplies weeks after a six year old boy died from contracting a microbe. According to Fox News, it's a do not use water advisory. It was issued initially for eight communities in the greater Houston area.


Now it's really just all about staying away from the water in Lake Jackson. City officials said in a news release on Saturday that earlier this month, a six year old boy, Josiah MacIntire, died after contracting this microbe called something fowleri. I don't know. Oh, here, Naegleria fowleri.


And he had a head on Big Momma. Got it all, huh? I dozed off, you know, obviously not. But you realize you were probably sleeping and you wonder if you fell asleep in the first place.


problemI I think, Jean, I met a couple of your friends in the gallery, I think found Larry.


Oh come on. To recall the glaring fillery are my friends. Are you.


No, no. It's a virus. You get oh oh. Your urethra. I did not know that when you pee. Oh shit. Everything swims up. Hi this is did mom. I got it. Know who is at first. It's good. I love good business model Vago.


I want to congratulate Vinograd because to me and all the you know coronavirus and it's nothing but racism and coronavirus and I, I miss the days of weird shit in a later story, you know what I mean too. There's a weird monk fish that can run on top of the ground and jump up, jump into one another, saying there's been a dearth of the reporting of these things.


And Gene is really the only voice of this nonsense.


I'm saying there is a brain. There used to be a once in the lake. What's in the lake was every, you know, twenty ninth story down at home.


It was a plastic bag. Yeah.


Or it was one of these fish that wasn't supposed to be in this environment, but it came from China and it ate all the. They're fish, and we can stop it. Yeah, those those crazy stories, what's in the lake? Yeah, it means we're not talking about racism or covid-19 or Trump, it just means we're talking about what's in the lake.


Oh, that's right. There's a reason the monkfish is running out of the water. Let's let's there's a reason I'm talking about raising fish. Am I talking about. No, not a water moccasin.


It looked like a had like flappers, flippers that would walk on the what would walk on the surface. I'm going to double down for you, Adam Corolla, because you were so nice with that car. I doubled. So you're tripling.


I'm tripling down. Did you know that there's a new Loch Ness Monster story news and I know how you love a good Loch Ness Monster story.


This is amazing.


A man reckons the Loch Ness Monster might have escaped into the North Sea after snapping a strange picture recently. A Scottish Sun reports that fifty six year old Andrew Brunton says he's not the curious sight. Little picture on Tuesday while hoping to catch a glimpse of dolphins. And I'm sorry I wasn't prepared for a little polygraph, but it's just a just there it is exactly what you think. It would be a nothing picture of a dolphin so that this guy got exactly what you wanted me.


He put a goddamn tail on it.


Yeah, well, no idea what it could be. He's hoping other Scots can help shed some light on what he's seeing. Retired asset manager for Fife Council, Andrew said maybe Nessy has escaped and gone up to the coast.


Can anyone please confirm?


I can confirm right now. Sea monsters are just notorious Trickster's. They love escaping.


It's like an octopus. Just no matter how you put the lid, they're going to get out.


If you have a monster, don't keep them hemmed in. I want to.


It's like a hound. You got to let it roam. We can barely get any footage of giant octopi, right?


Or squid's giant swords to Rose McGowan pawns on pornhub. But yeah, tell me about it. They they wash the wash up on the beach every once in a while, but we can never really get a shot of them in action. There's like drawings of them killing whales, but those are like acrylic paint swallowing giant shit. Those are awesome tattoos, but they're not real life. Yeah.


And I always think of what Neil deGrasse Tyson said on the podcast a while back when we talked about aliens and stuff. And I'm paraphrasing, but I believe he said something to the effect of we're talking about UFOs. He said with all the cameras and all the surveillance footage that's available in the year. Twenty, twenty, how it's all just. Yeah, rough sketches and folklore and blurry pictures. It's just not enough to go on. It's the same thing with the sea.


We have the capability who James Cameron went all the way to the to the bottom looking at the Titanic, what it's called a snake fish.


You can breathe there and migrate short distances over land.


It sucks. Naked missing link, snakehead fish, sorry, snakehead fish in some areas to paddle with me.


And they said no. I said, why not? I said, I don't like the ocean. It's monster soup. That's exactly perfect because when I catch a bass I pull in.


I like if I look right down its mouth, I'm like, I can't eat. This is disgusting.


Do you fish? All right. So I want to talk about your paddle schedule, because I got a place in Malibu recently and I want to and I bought paddles.


Yeah. Where I live of the ocean. Restricted though it's restricted though. Italians. Oh come on.


Their animals. You clog up the drains. Don't. But I'll come up and see.


You know, I'm not even. Where are you in Malibu.


I'm like a quarter mile south of Dukes which is actually east of Dukes but a quarter mile PCH south. Oh OK. I could walk to your car five. All right, let me hit bet on dog leg left. I'll Dukes is still waiting in the parking lot but it's good.


Who's eating whom. I hold on. Hold on. Androgenous Deputy dog let me hit bet online here. The wait is finally over. Football is back. A lot of good games coming up. Vikings and Texans, Chargers at Buccaneers, Steelers, the Titans, Bills at Raiders. I'm curious about the Patriots and the Chiefs. I don't know. What is that? What's the spread on that game, Max? You find out it's got to be chiefs by is it over over a touchdown?


Chargers, the Buccaneers. Eagles that at forty nine chiefs by a touchdown. Oh, because I said is it.


Oh, because the Patriots. That's the Patriots. I don't know more options to wager than anywhere online from spreads and totals. The props get in on season opening bonuses and wager on division championship futures as well. Just head on out to BET online that eight year exclusive partner podcast won. Don't forget promo code podcast one for your sign up bonus today. BET online, your online sportsbook expert. All right, let's see. So what is the regimen you're in great shape or what do you do?


I'm in the best shape of my life. Not cardio, though, but I'm getting there. But what do you what what are you doing? Are you getting up every morning and paddling? Are you kayaking or paddling?


Stand up paddle. I try every day. If I don't do it, it's just because I have something I have to do and I don't. How are you?


How far do you go on the pier? From where I live is three miles. If I go to the pier back at six, I'll do that once in a while. So a Malibu pier. Yeah.


So I would until I'm looking at the ceiling, there's nothing up there. I would say it's at least two miles, you know, definitely two miles each time. But I'm fish and drifting and going back and drifting. And you're fishing. Yeah. Do you fish every morning or why.


I try to fish every single day. I don't. Every day I try.


How do you fish off a stand up paddleboard the same way. Just balanced.


You have I have a rod and tackle and everything I do like fish and what the fuck. What are you got. What do you mean? You go out in the sun and on the board, you know, and I fish. You do? Yeah. What's the biggest thing you caught out there. Eight, eight twice. It's pretty big.


Yeah. The shampoo they give you. That's not. That's for crabs. Oh you got AIDS twice. What do you catch. No calico bass. Probably five pounds. The biggest thing out there. But that's, that'll tell you all. That's our pill crazy. That's it's ten pounds on my front.


You stand out there, you fish, you catch a Chalco bass.


That photo taken by Carl Randall, my buddy and landlord. That's us filming the show Malibu Bass that we're going to try to sell. We're going to sell it to whomever. It's just a fishing show, but it's Malibu and you get to learn conservation stuff.


And I just look jacked and I'm in it for the chicks. Anyway, look at those calves and it's a lot of distance, a lot of J with a GoPro out in the ocean gone. That's Rob Lowe's house. No, no, it's over there. It's in it's on the other side. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh, and Courtney Cox, I think she's out that she's not on point. She's that way.


Anybody not insane.


Almost like Courtney Cox. You think it is any more. Oh yeah.


Demi Moore tried to kill herself by leaving the windows open. That's the greatest scene ever. Freeze yourself out. She's like, that's a mirror mirror to America. That's a great scene. I don't have a backpack. So, look, I got a bug in Laker's food bag that's insulated. That's right. Exactly. Behind nowhere. I've said previously, that's a mystery spot. That's that's about five pound bags and he's delicious.


You go home first guy. Talk about it. I got it. Okay. Fuck him right in his mouth, man. Fuck that fish broke. All right, bear. No weapons of mass destruction, man. I'm just my mushrooms are kicking in right now. Oh, hey.


So are you still coaching? Wrestling?


Yeah. You know, you got to be like socially distanced practices. You got incoming freshmen. So it's kind of just calisthenics getting to know each other space. Now, you can't really teach like they weren't at Harvard Westlake, were you?


I was coaching against them again. Coach is exceptional in this guy, Junior. I think his brother's name is Nick something. Nick Mm hmm.


Forgive me, brother, but they're they're really solid guys like they came from like that the Palisades. There's like a coaching treatment like Randy in and out of Giuliano. Adam Hunter is a great, exceptional coach.


Man, my MVP. He's a great veejays. Wow. He he is you know, he's no Quinn who is, you know, coming out of dire straits.


Who cares what Knopfler, blah, blah, blah.


Colin Quinn working. Let's do Colin Quinn, get ready with the music dosser indubitably Colin Quinn. All right. It's an audition. It's nineteen eighty seven. Yeah, I'm looking for veejays. Eighty seven. Freshen up the cast then MTV and I'm looking for new veejays. Everything's going to be extremely young. Colin Quinn comes in. Yeah. And I'm doing the hiring over at MTV.


All high energy. You know, they follow the leader. You got you got a lead. Everything's really extreme. So we got Colin is it. Yeah. Not enough energy. I'm going to play out right now.


No, no, I'm auditioning extreme. We got Nina Blackwood. Check it out. Mm hmm. Check it out.


We got two for Tuesday. Couple of skate. I think we got Richard Blade coming in.


He goes out and they're really, really playing.


We're playing a lot of men at work these days. Yeah. Vegemite sandwich. All right. Yeah, yeah. But but that guy's got a crooked eye, but they sing the song. He's got a crooked idol. Well, but that's that's not for you to comment on, bro. Warwick should be in on this argument that you got me back at the beach back pretty well. Geez. All right, so I think we like what you'll do is you'll you'll you'll talk out one song, a talk up the next song, and then we'll go right next to this one, that kind of here with you.


All right. Maybe Duran Duran. Here we go. Work, you know, here's James gang. Some of them say, no, we're not playing the James Guy game. What is this? This is a man at work. It sounds like ducklings following a midget down the beach. Yeah, OK. But they come here comes that midget that walks his geese every morning. Yeah. Hello, everyone. All right. Keep it moving. Midget walking ducks.


All right. Yeah. All right. You were recommended to me. I don't know. This is Metallica, right? The lightning. Yeah. I went to get some joints and smoke em and play Madden. I can't marry Miss Grant. I like. I don't know.


The comedy is too extreme. Yeah. All right. You were recommended to me. That's right. Forget it. By what used to be a friend.


I guess. So we're looking for I want to give you a fair shake here. We're looking for veejays.


She was shaken up. Please him. Any money you want shaken Eddie while Eddie Money is in the fair shake, shake and Eddie Money, she is all about putting it between her boobs. I want to play some great kintu. We play the Kentucky Republican and then I play. He's a good man, great kid. We're doing good goes but not the deep cut stuff we're doing. Man would have been one of those new game coming up on MTV.


It's me, your boy. See you don't make a big deal out of it.


Which gullit you you to first time with Melinda Kameido right now. The Head. But right now, I don't I still like Paral, the match point, and I got the islanders waiting to die by a plus and you are what you are a all right.


Again, you were recommended.


I got to catch my breath because I was I was just struggling to get back to college, recommended by. That's what suffered during quarantine is the impression what I thought was a friend who was a friend who got a couple. It's getting more personal about anybody.


And I just got one more song to kind of get through because I told my gf, what are we going what is my turn?


Sorry, I don't know. None of them got their 80s song. Again, we're looking for fresh voices in the media. I'll surrender and let me tell you the Bodanis video that's called Schooner. You should never feel that would she go to market up to any coasters, ladies? Look at all those empty bottles and glasses and rings on it. What does my erection. All right. All right. You're looking at TV. I'm sure you have. Can I just say, can we are a 14 year old teenyboppers are not interested in too.


Will their boobs like them? They're not refinishing teac the understand.


No, no, I'm saying a lot of puppet from great show about the coasters on the deck of the boat. Yeah. You know, it's going to leave ring. You're saying the beer bottles are sweating on the deck and it's going to scar the TEAC. I'm saying we got 14 year olds watching this at my stomach. Muncie, Indiana. Do you understand Fox about the tea on the deck of the boat? I'm sorry, are you bringing us out of the kid on the block?


Maybe you go to a doctor. You were recommended by a friend. OK, maybe I don't know the comedy scene and I sure as fuck don't know. Yo, it's on. All right. But I do know Duran Duran, CQ Extreme and Duran Duran moves the needle. Damn right they do.


All right, Simon LeBon, don't get me started on it. John Taylor on guitar. All right. You seem to fill his shoes for what? We can do it one more time and not focus so much on the construction of the boat.


Jean, what was the last time you were really submissive?


OK, let's do it. Let's try it one more time.


Just like really just relinquish control. This is the way we're in Rio. There you go. This is not a very good album. In fact, it's awful. Oh, no. But this song is, you know, full on film. And this one I talked over the words right now. No, I hope I'm not saying say it and come and hit the post, but save the negative commentary we know which isn't invented yet. If you want double penetration, which you don't know what it is yet, you still think I mean director of photography?


I don't know. Look, we got some big news coming up. Here's Kurt Loder. He's a mummy. All right. Let's work the story tonight. Kurt's out of ice. Let's work on the throws. Let's work on the thrust. All right. Just keep your flow. It's about the motels or the bells are going to play live in studio Only the lonely. I think they're going to play the motel. She's a whore. OK, that's what I'm talking about.


The motels are going to do a live in studio acoustic set coming up at 6:00 Eastern. OK, I'll be out of here.


No, I'm saying just to stick around. I'm a company man, you know, just see what it sounds like when you're doing the pro. Here she comes. Go get asshole that asks why is she a solo act, these trips. OK, so the motel's in studio live acoustic said if I was in her band, she'd play victim.


OK, well, let's focus on the Thoros. Well, again, you came very highly recommended for all you want to do in this role. Really.


Look, just keep your hips lower than the other guy for anybody.


Yeah, I'm not talk about wrestling. I am talking about. Look at her. OK, just motel's sake. She's a daddy. Get in there live acoustic set.


Telebrands will seek. And will you sign Izmit?


No, I don't. OK, Collin, I feel like we've wasted enough of each other at something earlier. I can't forget one last thing I said. Where am I right now.


I shit remember what I remember what Trump did with Ali G. He sold redhead's. Oh my point is this. That's what's happening to me. Haberdashers. I feel like it's time for me to just get up and walk out of this studio. It's yours.


Let me take you home. When are we going to get to the hot block. Oh that. OK, the hot bath right now. It's hot. That's coming up.


Why don't we get some Puerto Rican girls with a little drug in the trunk after school? The 14 year olds go. And you know what? I'm a big fat slob, Sydney, eating cookies. But look, at this point, this is like a big ass. It's something like, I'm all right, I'm in the ballpark. Oh.


Daisy Fuentes is one of our brightest stars. She looks great. Aleksey, what I'm saying is she looks she's desired by the 14 year old, said they see her, you know, bigger assets because she's a Latina, whatever it is, what it is, stereotypes are true. The black guys maybe, you know, who knows. All right. Colin Quinn, I'm sorry, but we got a young Tracy Morgan.


Yeah, I want to quit without any Penny Lawrence.


OK, and you came highly recommended. Tracy, I no longer looks like I'm not familiar with the comedy scene. You know, me and Mark Goodman, last night we were carrying on a rape.


You were doing they were cheering on you. Mark Goodman is a dear friend of mine dog bookstore on Stuyvesant.


You're at the adult bookstore with Mark, my Mark Goodman of MTV. The Mark Goodman is going to come in here in twenty minutes. And that was the section.


OK, so again, Tracy, I don't I don't know about the comedy scene.


Yeah, it's the early eighties. Remember who else remembers finger fucking Portuguese girls on the handball court? No factual material because I'm a mammal. Got what I need you to do has never been under water. You need to talk up a Duran Duran song. I'm looking for a diversity here on film pornography. And that's what you think you're watching when you see no Baldwin Simon Labonte underpants next. OK, that was perfect. Adam Carolla. Hold that. That was perfect.


I was told that we needed more diversity in the voice I ran into.


I was told by a friend that you're hot up and coming back on the comedy. Yeah, I'm Jewish and I do voodoo, OK, obviously I don't know a lot about the comedy scene, but I do know MTV Music Television is for Monroe now.


OK, so maybe we can just try talking up one Duran Duran song or a Dire Straits song or Dire Straits Money for Nothing and the Chicks for Free.


That was the first line in MTV history that I never frido get you. God damn it. Okay.


You know Colin Quinn, he's got custody. He's out in the hall there. All right. Yeah. Maybe you could show him where to get the parking validated and you could just go ahead. Are you guys hugging? All right.


Yeah, that's all you. Twenty dollars because it is still fourteen dollars validation.


And I feel like maybe Dire Straits is a band he'd be a little more familiar with. I think maybe Dire Straits sucks. How's that. I think they stink in a stupid headband and his bare feet, which is Peter Gabriel white suit Rudy of somebody know. I think you're thinking of Mike as the mechanic. Somebody woke up on a couch here. All right. All right. Look, it's MTV with Colin Quinn. Do me a favor. Hold on.


Stay tuned for Club MTV Polish. Smell the chlamydia through the UHF. All right. Yeah, I like this, George. Martha Quinn is a great, great Vijay because he's stay wet, though. Oh, because you have Kate. You can't say any of these things. Mike. Tracy Yeah.


I brought in Colin Quinn because he shares the same last name as Martha Quinn, who's just isn't an angel sent down sent down from heaven to be a VJ on the image of Martha Quinn as being like the tiniest, most delicate, like beautiful little tiny thing, even like as she gets older and whatever, it's like I just want to meet her so I can just hold on. I'm going to be in my hand.


I'm going to tease this. But I am a daddy who was the hottest on MTV back in the day.


And I think it was the news. When they do, the news breaks with this safe Swedish Tabitha Soren.


But don't say it wasn't her, but she looked like her name should have been Tabitha. So in terms of Sade wasn't her. The other one was the Swedish one about Swedish guy.


I can tell you from my ear, of course, Daisy Fuentes, beautiful. But Karen Duffy, a.k.a. Duff.


Oh, or just gorgeous dog Duff might be the number one overall pick for this kid. I'll I'll let me a man.


You know what's not hot about that right now, Serena?


Oh, sure. You're a former Channel one news anchor, so is the best.


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All right, let's take a break.


But hold on. Miss the Pearl Jam concert in Raleigh for those affected by worms and Jackson and Eddie will try you out as an MTV veejay.


I will do that right after this.


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