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It's a tool box. Let's do what we can to help out the good folks in Lake Charles, Louisiana, like our girl Bessie, we owe over one.


I know with this mountain, you know where I'm going to go. Straight down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico, to Lake Charles, Louisiana, near the massacre on. And she told the judge to come back, if anything, she could do Cripple Creek, she sends me friend Jim. From Khairullah One Studios in Glendale, California, this is the Adam Carolla Show, Adam's guest today, Vinnie Todrick with Genographic on news. Brian, on sound effects.


We'll play the Rotten Tomatoes game. And Dave Damasak is here for good sports. And now he's no sugar, no grain and no bullshit. Adam Carolla. Yeah, get it on. Got to get it on. No choice but to get on. New mandate to get it on. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for sharing. Right, Genographic. That's right.


And Valbrun, you realize I'm not a comedian interested to talk to Vinnie. I have a list. I have a little bit of a shopping list, a little menu list that I got from a decorated Marine or I should say a Navy SEAL about what to eat.


So I gave it to him. And we're going to see we're going to see what he thinks about that coming up also.


All right. Here's a here's a quick Kevin thinking about for a while.


I think about all these sayings that were popular when I was a youth that are pretty, pretty unsayable now. And we talk about gas, grass or ass. Nobody rides for free. That one we like.


And that gave way to Coke, toke or poke.


Nobody rides for free in the 80s. They had to upgrade it because it wasn't about the grass, it was about the coke. Sure, it was a Coke, Coke or Polke. Nobody rides for free. Then there was if the fans are rock and don't bother now and there's that, then there's this one that you guys may not know about, which was also a bumper sticker that was in vans as well. The problem is vans used to be vans, custom vans.


You know, now they're either minivans or work vans. They don't really have just the custom van like they used to.


You know, we saw the infomercial is a luxury ride. Yeah. They're not what they used to be. But the custom van had a sticker that said, don't laugh. Your daughter may be in here.


I don't think that I do vaguely remember that, yeah, no, that's a far cry. Yeah, there was a lot of weird preemptive strikes, like, you know, like like there was a lot of bumper stickers that say, like, I may be slow, but I'm ahead of you because how else would you see the bumper sticker?


Right. Let's not forget honk if you're horny. I do like that one.


I do kind of recall seeing like ones there in tiny print on the back saying, like, if you can read this back to fuck off or get off my ass, there's a lot of that.


But so there don't laugh. Your daughter may be in here was a good one, but then there's one that I felt like needed a little space. So there was gas, grass or ass.


That one is fine. Kotok or Polk. Good. Vann's a rock and don't bother knocking. But there's one that I feel like needs a fourth. And I was trying to figure out if we could figure it out like a little space. When you talk about it wasn't so much a bumper sticker, but you'd go wine dine in 69. That's more like I feel like the sixty nine is too close to the dining experience. You know, like like one minute you're eating salad and the next minute you're tossing salad.


Yeah. Like I needed something like wine, dine, walk on the beach. Sixty nine. Something in there. Oh yeah. Wine dine.


Tell me I'm fine. Oh 69 or. Yeah. Or hand over novelty size foam Korczak. Sixty nine. You know something even Ruffy. Anything that just from wine to dine to sixty nine and also should be dying wine ninety nine. I feel like that leads into the sixty nine thing better than the entree.


Yeah, you're going to have to talk to your fellow 70s kids about that, because that would never made any sense on your mind. Yeah, and then 69. Then 69. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's the way it should be.


That was a good one to to prank call boys at slumber parties. And we didn't know what it meant, but that was a that was a go to find me Dimi sexy. Oh really. Yeah. But we didn't know what it meant.


Adam Actually tomorrow's Gazprom got Bumgarner from the office, says this line in the office.


That is true. Wow.


I do want you to fight over me.


I want to be wined and dined at 69 and I had no idea. He said, good pass by God. That is producing son.


Who did that? That's OK. No, God damn. That's phone answering boy. All right. So that's something I felt was important to bring up. Not an evergreen. Had to get to it during the news cycle about the wining and dining in the sixty-nine. And also I was talking to Dawson, who got me going because I was walking up and down and I'm yes, you guys know, obsessed with the freeway on ramp and the sides of the freeway and how it's a never ending just pile of dirt that people are shuffling around with a couple of PVC couplers and some boxes and stuff.


But it's just it never gets done. And so I was walking down the back street where they usually dump all the toilets in the garbage and they they planted a couple of trees. They planted a couple trees. But the grass. Yeah, but they're watering them from twenty feet away like they have to the worst way you can watch them.


It's twenty feet away. They have the sprinklers spraying on it from twenty feet away and all it's doing first.


Everyone never used sprinklers again. They never fucking work. It's, it's always a disaster. But look, if you run a golf course so be it. But if you're doing the side of a freeway and you have just miles and miles of freeway to do, the problem with the water is it will. The fastest growing plant on the planet is a weed. They just grow. So when you water something with a sprinkler, the thing your watering gets some of the water, but the weeds around it go berserk.


And so what you really have to do is either eliminate the water source altogether and just put cacti or just do a drip irrigation right onto the root of the tree. So what this thing is doing is it's spraying water all over the side of it and that there's pictures. It's just you can see the sprinklers at the bottom, the sprinklers at the bottom. They're trying to they're trying to water what's up top and they're not really getting there. But then two weeks later, I show up and there's a bunch of weeds that are just arriving at the bottom.


Those poor baby trees, they need the water, max a paddle, find the worst weed pictures.


Max, the picture you showed me, the ones that were on my phone, he's found other pictures on there.


But so I'm walking down the street and I'm just staring at it. And you'll see in another picture, they just start growing weeds at the bottom because they're getting the lion's share of the water and they grow faster. And some Mexican guy who works it like the industrial factory or the industrial building or something that's at the end of this cul de sac thing, I'm walking past them and I'm looking at it and he looks at me and he goes, it's the same thing.


Like they're just doing what they do. Like, they it just they they hit it with water. The weeds grow. Where's my pictures?


Max Pattengale and I was all right. Come on. And it was the ones I just the one you just pulled up, Chris. And anyway, they just had him.


This is radio. No, I'm doing it. I picture the words, buddy, come on.


Well, look, there's a big pile of weeds that are high that are getting ever higher. And when you drive past the freeways here, you see some trees, but you mostly see weeds. So I have property here as well. And I made sure not to have any sprinklers or even any drip. I just put the cover down. You put cloth down so the weeds can't push through.


You then punch a hole in it and you plant your little.


Now you can see what looks like a rain coming in. Yeah, a lot of flora, right.


Those are weeds. And in a few short weeks, they're just going to be brown and it's just a big pile of stuff growing at the bottom. So I talked to I talked to Dorsa today and I was like, what do you do today? And was like I was outside digging holes and planting stuff and putting down the ground cover. It's like we're in the desert.


You scrape all the stuff off the soil, you put the fabric down and then you put rocks down or anything down. But you can't just start watering. It just starts grass. Overgrown with weeds, I don't I don't. Can you guys explain why we don't have, like, a cohesive plan like there isn't somebody in charge of this? Like, again, when you travel, they have a plan. They know where they are. They do it accordingly.


What do you do in DOS and in your place?


Well, I got, you know, huge front yard and most of the soil is sand. It's really, really shitty stuff. And this one weed that grows like ground cover has spikes on it that are about, oh, half a centimeter long. Can't walk around anywhere. And you're barefoot.


I pulled them out of my dogs. You were shown. Yeah.


That's what I'm doing. Yes.


So what I'm doing is I am clearing out a section of the yard at a time, laying down the weed barrier. As soon as I clear everything out and rake it all out, covering it down with rocks on either side there, as you can see, because I've got mountains of River Rock in my yard, so I'm digging the rocks out, putting the dumping the shovel into a crate like a produce crate that's sitting in my wheelbarrow.


And then I shake all of the dirt out of it and I've got nothing but Clean River Rock. And I go dump that. And then I'm using all the clean sand to lay down on the pathway over the the barrier for the weed you get in those river rocks off of Craigslist.


Yes. How's that work?


You just find somebody staring down a waterfall or and they're all over the place and you just show up with a wheelbarrow. Wait a minute. How about salt and pepper now going out, turn down the waterfall.


Oh, that's TLC. Oh, that was a test. And I failed. And you go there.


Has any weird exchanges. No, but exclusively weird. No, not really.


Everybody's been actually perfectly normal and free.


Yeah, I kind of miss that. I had an, I had about eight or ten year run at the recycler newspaper. You know, it was a lot of selling trucks, buying car parts, buying stuff. I got you know, when I moved out the stove, I got I got from the recycler, the refrigerator. I got I got from the Recife's a newspaper come out Thursday night, the highlight stuff. You have that conversation where you call them and they'd go, well, if you want it, you better hurry because they've got a dude coming from Arcadia.


So there's going to be here at noon. You know, I've had I've had times when I showed up at the same time with somebody else to buy by motorcycle. I've had I've sold my motorcycle and watch a guy crash it driving away from my house. I've had arguments with Armenian dudes in the street about who put my car fender on like I've had. I had a dude come to my house and drive my truck to his body and tell me it had like a sponge bearing or something when he put it on the dynamiter ometer, like I've had a million weirdo inor add some good ones, but some just weirdo interactions like go to the dude's house, he'll be standing out in his driveways on the cul de sac.


And I, I bought like mechanics' I bought my a tool chest. A camper shell is like I buy everything from strange dudes. Well when people are giving away stuff like, like a ton of river rock, it usually means they're tearing down in their backyard because they're going to re landscape it. And this stuff is just taking up, taking up space. They want to get rid of it. So you'd show up with a wheelbarrow and ready to work.


They love you. Yeah, kind of.


I can't say I miss that chapter of my life, but the best part so far on my whole yard, the first thing I spent money on, I did have to buy a flathead shovel, but the first thing I actually spent money on was that weed barrier. I everything else I've collected.


It's so when you drive around L.A., it's just piles and piles of these crazy deman, super weeds.


Some are like six, eight feet tall, like pushing through everything like their stocks at this point. Now, the thing about putting the barrier on is if you don't water and you put the barrier on, we don't really get enough rain to really have a weed problem like you. You shall be weed once a year. You go out and weed it out. But that's that's about that's about it. Like, there is a way. What I'm saying is, is there's a way to do it.


It's pretty straightforward. I don't know why we don't do that. I don't I don't know why there's no we somebody wanted to plant those trees or somebody decided to hook up the sprinklers.


I don't know why. I don't know.


Are we believe how do we or do we not get lazy or lazy and disorganized? Because this this state doesn't seem to really give a shit about water conservation, which is hilarious since we're in a perpetual drought.


So why would this be any different?


It's a good point. So in the end, anyway. All right, so I was listening to I started to drill down on this thing, which is I think. Everyone's oh, we're in the middle of it's like we're going to have a civil war and blah, blah, blah and the Black Lives Matter and everything like that, and I keep I keep saying, you know, look, the government's really not going to do anything for you.


It's not going to do anything for black people. It's not going to do anything for white people. The plan is to kind of try to get the playing field this close to even as we can. And then that that'll be that try to create some jobs, try to create some opportunity, and then you'll either take it or you won't. That's that's about it. And as I was thinking about, I now sort of look at my parents here they are at the end of their life and I kind of look at them and I think, is there anything anyone could have done for you, too?


I mean, my mom got a lot of welfare and food stamps and stuff like that. You know, my mom essentially got a free a free ride in life. But the joke was on her. She didn't do anything. You know, she's kind of a house to flop in and some free cheese. And she's mainly disgruntled, a little pissed off and whatever. And then later on, she married a guy and the guy kind of paid for things, but it said she didn't do anything.


And my dad kind of he worked basically, but not not weekends and not holidays. And he just kind of did what he did. And they both are exactly where they should be, which is nowhere. But they're there where they should be, whatever they put in, that's what they got out. And they didn't she didn't choose to put that much in. If you ever talk to some of the guys I know, like Nick Santara, he'll tell you about 18 projects he's working on simultaneously.


And if you say come watch football on Sunday, he'll go, I got to work. And he just means he's writing or working on something so he'll get out of life what what he put in. But I don't know anyone whose life I'm trying to think of, like whose life really doesn't you can't draw a straight line from what they put in to what they got out. Now, I'm not talking about. Physically working hard, people can physically work hard and certainly not not end up wealthy or whatever, they're still usually happy.


But but anyway, I was listening to this clip and I was watching CNN, and it was like after the RNC and the announcer had a woman of color and the woman of color was like saying, hey, Trump's doing things for the black community. And the CNN anchor, young blonde woman, I think had this response. And I realize I think I've I think this response is the problem. This response is the problem with what's going on in the black community saga.


How do you square the president not talking about Jacob Blank oratorical and social justice, but also saying last night he's done more for the African-American community than any other president since Abraham Lincoln.


All right. So how do you square him saying he's done more for the African-American community than Abraham Lincoln and not bringing up George Floyd? And I realize this is the disconnect because doing doing something for our community is going to be about creating jobs or it's going to be about schooling or education or choice for education or vouchers. Are all those all those things talking about George Floyd doesn't do anything. That's the problem. It's satiates. It doesn't do anything for the community.


It just gets them further onto this island where we're just going to talk about George Floret, George Floyds, a tragedy.


Everyone knows that. Nobody agrees with the cops. It's going to happen because we live in a society that's cops, the cops, some of them are bad and al-assaf citizens who sometimes will resist arrest and shit happens. It's going to be hard to avoid that. That's not going to do anything for the black community. You want to do something for the black community or any community. Then you start talking about resources and you start talking about education and you start talking about opportunity zones or whatever it is for any community.


This notion that we have to pay all this lip service to George Floyd or whatever the tragic case this year is, and somehow that helps the black community. That's a misnomer. That doesn't work. That does. That's why, by the way, nothing happens. That's why you can shut down the entire NBA and society and talk about George Floyd. It's still not going to help the black community. What would help the black community is imagine if all this talk went toward a father in the home or went toward school choice.


Imagine if it just went to those two topics versus a Nazi cop, then that would help the black community. And so we look at it as play it again, Dawson, but we look at it like, hey, he wants to help the black community. But why isn't he talking about this thing? All anyone if you just talk about this stuff, it doesn't help. That's why nothing ever changes. The more you talk, the less changes we have to enact things.


Sorry. Go ahead.


How do you square the president not talking about Jacob Blank oratory and social justice, but also saying last night he's done more for the African-American community than any other president since Abraham Lincoln?


I realize that's the disconnect. That's the problem. That's why there's no progress being made. Have to start talking about policies not like the these outlier cases. I mean, look, white guys get shot by the cops all the time. None of us care. We wish it didn't happen. It's not has not it's not impactful on on what we're trying to do. You start talking about taxes or business plans or whatever. School choice. There's a good one and now you're impacting anyway.


It's just I have a micro example of that. Yes. Because this is obviously a macro example. You're giving the whole picture the greater good if you're one person in therapy and maybe there's a therapy. That's right. For you and that's fantastic. But the reason why I say, oh, I don't know, someone like me moved away from, you know, the the traditional analysis. And why do you think this happened and how do you think we got here?


No, not interested. Never move the needle for me because OK, it happened because one time when I was four, I didn't get the thing I wanted. Now what do I do? So like for someone like me who does cognitive behavioral therapy means not not so interested in the why. That's a that's that's something we can get into at some point. But we move on from that. It's how do we change the behavior now? Because we're living now.


We're not really interested in how we got here, how do we fix it? And that I mean, that's really that's been a game changer for my anxiety, for all the flying crap, for all that stuff today. Why do you think never really helps neither here nor there?


Because it is. Yes, it's a constant breaking down of the game film in the rearview mirror of life, some of it's 200 years ago, some of it is two months ago, but it still doesn't really fix what you're doing moving forward.


Well, and not only that, but I mean, I'm just talking about, you know, therapeutically and there may be crossover. It kind of made it worse because then I was thinking about it all the time and I couldn't fix it.


Yeah, I did. I it was funny. I was talking to Dr. Drew about this earlier today, and I really mean it when when Drew was having his panic attack on the set of Loveline and MTV. And I just walked over to him, hey, here we go. I'll do the lifting. You get out there, you sit down, let's roll. I'll take care of it. And he was like, everyone is around him, like fanning him, going, he don't understand he's having it.


I was like, I understand. Go sit. I'll talk. Let's start. Here we go. And he immediately he snapped out of it immediately.


The only other person on Earth that understands that technique, Cesar Millan.


That's right. You got to redirect their focus quickly. Right. All right. Let's see. I got a couple calls up here.


I want to know if Jenny McCarthy. Let's see. All right. I'll just go down the line. Casey, 29, Arizona. Hey, what's up? What's going on, Casey? I'm chillin, man, it's nice and hot over here. I had a question for you. Can I. Yeah.


What was your favorite part of the main show and what would you recreate today? I had a lot I don't remember a lot of them. Sometimes people bring stuff up to mean it jars a memory, but you're wasted 24/7.


Yeah, I like missing Museum of the Annoying Guy, or I say I get the title wrong for that all the time. Maybe it was a museum of annoying guys. I can't remember what it was, but I like the idea that we had a museum of guys we didn't want to hang out with and we would walk everyone through the museum. I like the scientific name for them. Yes, right.


What's fun about that is you do watch that today. A lot of a then unknown comedians like putting on what's in there. And I think Dane Cook might be in there. Yeah, you're going to raise there some point.


Yeah, we had a bunch of up and coming comedians. And we also would take, like Doug DeLuca, who was one of our producers, just a big mooch of a dude. And we like Doug, get in your underwear. You're in the museum of annoying guys. Like we we didn't we didn't do a lot of, like, central casting for stuff like we could find people that looked about right in the office and kind of put them put them in there.


And yeah, Pat and I think Dane Cook. Yeah, there's been a few Todd was definitely in there.


I think Dane Cook was in there. DeLuca and Ray was in one of them for sure.


Yes. I think that was the drunken version.


If you can get those actors again, I read or we can get Dane. Dane, I heard was the guy putting together the whole reunion thing, the whole FaceTime FaceTime reunion thing. I don't I have no idea what his connection is to past Times of Ridgemont High, but he was the the brains behind that thing. Line two is Karen. Thirty five, Portland. Karen.


Yes. Hi, Adam. Hi, Guy. Hi, Adam. Caroll.


Fish out of water for over twenty years.


I've read all your books. Oh, thanks. Yeah. Emotional support animal is great at this time. I can't remember which one it was. You really. Well, not highly of Jenny McCarthy for her entry back now. I don't remember which one.


Jenny McCarthy did something to me that I despise in a human being. I just despise it. I hate this. Out of all the qualities I'm weird there. Certain qualities. I don't mind. I don't even mind if people put their hands on me. But I hate this quality. She she had a charity for like sponsored by Candy Shoes or something. She she had a whole thing that she wanted me to host. This was not a phone, a phone.


Her this is like head down to the north end of the valley on a Saturday and literally spend hours there shooting the Chuck wraparounds and for her charity and had a green screen and a jib and a thing and or whatever. Spent the entire day on a Saturday doing her. I was on MTV. You know, it seemed like a good host, a good get for this, whatever. I did the entire thing when I was done, she's like, Adam, I'm so grateful.


Anything I can ever do for you, you know, you just say the word.


She then got booked on like Loveline like twice or something after that and flaked both times, like literally one time she didn't the car was like sent over and she never came out to the car. Oh, yeah, I know. After fucking six hours of doing that bitch is charity. Then the other time, one time she called into the radio show and I said, is Jim Carrey like asleep in the next room? And she's like, yep. And I'm like, oh, hand him the phone.


And she's like, nope. And I'm like, hey, remember, I did that charity for you and I spent eight hours doing your charity. And she's like, Yep. And I handed him the phone. She's like, no, I fucking hate that quality. By the way, that's only that's only a move of a hot blonde. There's no there's no there's no fat dumpy broad that pulls that off. So and then as far as a vaccine thing, I don't even that's just more kookiness.


I'm on top of it to you, Andrew. And you said even if a covid vaccination comes out, you won't get it. So I'm wondering if you think, are you interesting that once the vaccine comes out, the anti Voxer, Jenny McCarthy and actors in the clamor for vaccines will be the first to line up to the covid vaccine?


Didn't Drew said he'd signed up for? I thought he said he'd signed up for maybe said he wouldn't because he thought it'd be too rushed or something. I don't know, did I, that you didn't want it? I know I didn't get it. I didn't say that. Wouldn't get it. I just like I don't care about it. I wouldn't do it just because I don't care. I mean, I don't care if I get it. It's kind of my thing.


He doesn't care if he gets it. He doesn't care if he gets the virus.


That will be the first to sign up for coverage right now.


You're right. I disagree with Jenny McCarthy. I don't know if she would do it. She's. Lifestyle man, yes, yes, but she would be super paranoid about so Karen, your your thought is anti Vaxevanis, maybe also amongst the most fearful of this, like Jenny McCarthy's also a coward. Yeah, I get it. She's dumb and a coward. I get. Yeah, yeah. Maybe she would. I don't know. But I agree with Brian.


She'd probably be consistent.


Well, I have it in my story that I love. Half of Americans would not get it.


This is one of those people who doesn't know when other people are talking or can't police or she can't hear.


Maybe one of the news stories that it's it's so apropos. Half of over half of the Americans surveyed will not get a covid-19 vaccine.


I'm glad Drew mentioned the possibility or at least his fear that, you know, it's going to be rushed if it comes out, you know, this year or whatever. Like I understand I completely understand the political capital it comes with, like Trump saying, oh, like we don't have a vaccine by November 2nd or whatever it is.


But there are reasons and Drew obviously knows some of you mentioned this, there's reasons why these medications, any medication, vaccines or whatever, have to go through insane rounds of testing and often, you know, take over a year.


You know, that's a rush job.


Yeah. I just feel like I think if you would have talked to Americans in March or April, a larger percentage of them would have been down with it. I think people are just sort of seeing it play out and the fears kind of dissipating a little bit. I notice it from just how crowded the freeways are.


And the beaches are like people are just kind of going out now over it. I was just down to God, Max iPad. You're going to have to look for pictures of those patios I was taken. There's this there's like a beach. There's like a private beach place that's down on PCH. I got a key for it. And I dropped I dropped my daughter and my son off there the other day with a pizza. And it's got to its outside patio, big outdoor, you know, perfect.


It's perfect distance. It's outdoors, outdoors. It's perfect. So I drop them off. I hadn't been in this place. I have this key fob to get in there. And I said, I'm going to go up the street, I'm going to park and I'll walk over and meet you. And ten minutes later, I got a call from Sonny and he goes, We want to walk to the condo. I got a condo up the hill.


He goes, we want to walk to the condo and eat the pizza in the condo. And I said, Why do I have to eat the pizza in the condo? You got a beautiful veranda there with all the tables and the and the shade and everything. That's all right at the beach. And they're like, we're not allowed to go in there. We have to sit on a bench in the sun with the seats on our lap. I go, What do you mean you're not allowed to go in there?


It's open. It's outside. It's a big outside area. Yeah, they roped it off and I said, well, I don't get it. Why they rope it off. It's outdoor dining. It's just outdoor patio. It's it's a long stretch of outdoor tables. And it's like, yeah, the chick there runs the place is super paranoid and it's like, oh it's like get the fuck over it then. Why is your neuroses my kids problem?


Why is your weak ass cowardly neuroses. Why is that my problem. I'm normal. I'm eating outside at the beach. Why why have you just decided to wave a fucking magic wand and ruin our lives. Why? My kids, they're walking up PCH, holding a pizza box and trying to go inside on a beautiful, glorious day with outdoor dining. And I don't Gavin Newsom would eat there with Garcetti. No problemo.


It's pretty pretty well stuff. That's funny. You mentioned that. I was like, that must be an ownership decision because we go to a similar place up in Malibu, probably close to there, and it's set up more or less the same outdoors Varan, you know, tables or whatever apart. And people are there enjoying themselves every weekend.


They're joining themselves outdoors everywhere, sometimes in parking lots. But this is I dropped them off and I was like, oh, this is perfect. There's a whole outdoor area. It's wide open. There's the tables with just a trellis over the top. You can see the ocean. Go enjoy your pizza. I'm going to go up and park and it's like we need to walk home with the pizza. Why?


Why? It's all self-imposed. It's all self-imposed. Why do I wrote a fucking chapter said gilded cage, minimum wage, whatever fucking book I wrote, I probably 50 years will. We checked. We took the dumbest people in the world. We put them in charge of everything. So like my kids are holding the pizza box going, can we sit there? No, you can't. You can sit over there on a bench next to each other in the sun.


I don't. You tell me what the difference is, this fucking safe but sorry thing, it's fucking insane, we took cowards and we put them in charge of everything. It's nuts. We just do it to ourselves. And then they're like, you know, we're hoping to reopen after Labor Day. Like, you're hoping we can just do it right now, right just now or just we can just go sit there because it's outdoors. Yeah, but but the chicks.


She's really worried about this. OK. Oh, OK. Well then to go sit in the corner and cut on yourself then if you're really worried about make that your problem, your neurotic, that's your problem. Why is it my problem. God damn no one understands what's going on. It's fucking rules. Rules, rules, rules. Yeah. Here's what you can do. You got to talk about four million years now. The police are in charge.


They're fucking charge everybody. And we just eat it like, OK, we'll go somewhere else. Fuck that. It's it's interesting.


You say a self-imposed is doubly insulting because with all the restrictions and all the rules we have to deal with every day we go here. Nope, they're not really for you. There are a lot of modifications. The one place you should be able to go without restrictions or minimal restrictions as place like this.


It's at the beach. It's outside. There are no windows or no walls. There's no roof. I just had to get my hair. I mean, Sunny just got our hair cut in my living room because Paola, Olga's daughter, came. I had to come because her business is shut down, even though she's got all the stuff.


It's like, OK, people, you like this, you want more? Here's a question. Raise your hand. Would you like more? You want more. You want more of this. Would you like to ratchet it up? I told you the sign at the beach. It gets longer every year. It never gets shorter. You want more of this? You came to this country for more of this good fucking luck. I'm glad you called.


Did you ever think the lengthening of the sign would include literally no sunbathing, no picnicking, no standing still on the beach? Because those are the new requirements of.


Oh, and also the part where you just pick it up like, hey, you know, Garcetti, he's a pussy, but he's not a super pussy and Newsom's a pussy, but he's not a total coward. I'm going to ratchet up his even his rules. I say no eating outdoors, no with the fuck. Who are these people? Why are you born? What do you do? You sit surround wearing your fucking hands all day to worried about you.


Damn good. Fucking go to the desert, walk a circle until you dehydrate and dig a fucking shallow grave for yourself. Why are you imposing your shit on the same people. The non cowards.


Oh Steven. Fifty six thousand.


I know, yeah, I was doing when I got going on this fucking thing you were doing or. Yeah, I want to I want to calm you down a little bit. What is your thoughts about Democrats getting red filled with violence, the rioting, the burning, the arson with the what do you call it, red pill?


Yeah, that's something I don't know if that is. You guys know what red pill what is red pill like?


It's like opening your eyes to the truth. Oh, oh, oh. Like in Matrix.


The Matrix. Sorry. Red Bull. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've only seen The Matrix, The Matrix but I don't get why they you dodge bullets because they can manipulate the program either.


Huh. I like the idea. Yeah. Yeah. The idea is that you become a Trump supporter or you get on the Trump train and get killed. Well it's only among the Trump community. That word is a phrase is I don't I don't know the matrix.


That's my problem. You don't have to start over. Yeah, but so what the what is it the point?


What do you think what do you think the effect is of Democrats going supporting Trump? There was about eight minutes C-SPAN clip of people, lifelong Democrats calling into C-SPAN saying they're not voting. Democrats say, OK, well, all right.


Here's my in a nutshell. I was I've been saying for a lot of time, chaos. People don't want chaos. And so the Democrats were sort of like, hey, what the chaos n vote in Joe Biden? Well, and the chaos. But that was political chaos. And now it's got into a kind of a physical chaos. And now it seems like the Republicans are now working the physical chaos angle, which is like you wanted us to be nice, forget it, shit's burning.


Get us in charge and we'll stop the physical chaos. So I think they're both playing the chaos game. And I think ultimately citizens want safety. If you really just think about your life and some of the shit, you know, some of the stuff or you see someone in a car and they're surrounded by people and the throwing shit against a car, you know, like there's a kid in the back or something. You're like horrified. You're horrified, you know, and it's like safety will win eventually.


So the Democrats should be working the safety angle probably in order to win that election. Yes.


Brian, I'm really glad Stephen brought this up, because I've been thinking about this is my personal life because I have a question for Steven and Adam and Gina, because I really want to know in my mind it's fucking insane magic trick that they've pulled off and credit to the people who are pulling this off.


How, how, how, how how do they successfully frame this as Biden's America? I mean, as if to scare the voters like this is what will happen if you vote in Joe Biden. Ted Cruz, you know, tweeted that yesterday. And with the one Joe Biden has not been a public official in four years. And it is literally Trump's America like we are literally in Trump's America.


How do they how how do they pull the rabbit out of their ass and be like, oh, yeah, this is this is this is what, you know, Joe Biden. This is what we're getting right now, OK?


I don't I don't wake up the kids right around here. Well, I'll tell you the argument, the two arguments. Oh, good. The two arguments is Trump is trying to send federal troops or reserves or whatever to Portland or whatever in Portland won't have them or doesn't want them. So that's his argument. So you go Portland's having riots, Trump's the president. So you go, well, Trump's in charge and Portland's having riots. But Trump says, but I offer to send troops, our officers and National Guard, and you don't accept them.


That's a argument. So a lot of the cities like Chicago or Portland or places like that or Minneapolis that are having problems, the federal government is saying we'll send people and the mayor of the cities go and fuck off. We don't want your people. So that's Trump's argument to why he's in charge. But yet this is Biden's America, meaning this is Democrats, this is the Democrats.


How would it be different? I think there's a constitutional point because I don't think how would it be different? It wouldn't. It wouldn't. It could. It could still it could be the same thing. But basically what he's saying is these are democratic cities that are burning and they're not accepting our help at the federal level. That's when that's his. I'm in power. But they won't take it. That's his argument. Then it wouldn't be different as long if if Mayor Litefoot of Chicago isn't going to take help with National, isn't going to accept National Guard, then this may continue.


I don't know.


I'd accept him from Biden. You know, she was right. She would accept him for Biden. I agree with that. The other thing is, is that Democrats, when they defund the police or whatever, reallocate whenever that's the thing they dove on and that's the problem. That's what the Republicans are playing. They're they're they're saying this is what this is what you wanted.


Lawless, yes, yes, you all said you wanted to reform the police or defund the police or whatever the police, and now this is what you get, that's that's what they're playing on the Democrats, the whole thing. Here's what happened. In my opinion, the Black Lives Matter thing came down the road and they all everyone dove on it. All the Democrats and NBA and everyone just kind of dove on it. And they really should have had a slightly more measured approach to it, which is like we need police reform.


But that doesn't mean we're going to take millions of dollars away or whatever they want kind of all in. And now the Republicans are using it against them because they're saying, oh, this is what you get when you defund the police.


But OK, I mean, that's an angle they're playing.


I gotcha. That's even more of a magic trick then, because the police, to my knowledge, have not been defunded or reform. You know what I mean? There's the same police as they were a month or two ago.


Well, when you shame them into inaction, when you basically have the Ferguson effect, where you go like these cops aren't going to go out and do proactive policing, are they? Or they the Democratic mayor of the city calls them off or tells them they can't use, you know, non-lethal force or whatever it is. This is what you get. That's what they're that's what they're pitching.


You know what's happening right now, just a few miles from my house. And I thought that the valley was where nothing happens, there's no culture and there's also no problems. And that's the way we like it right now. As we record this, there's a giant Trump rally going down.


Ventura is to really with the nine people in the van in the video.


I mean, I am I don't know, I imagine there may be coming from Simi Valley, maybe a little farther north, but there's I guess they're on their way. They started and they met in Woodland Hills. I think they're in Studio City rolling through right now. And I guess they're going downtown into south central south L.A. for some boy.


I got that planned. Well, oh, boy. Yeah, I got it.


And also, I got an alert. Sorry, but I just got an alert that there is a barricaded gunman now involved in this.


But there's going to be an upcoming. I know. So we'll see if I find anything out during the Charlotte, you know. All right. Vinny Tartaric is ready, willing and able to jump in here. Talk to him in a second. First, I want to tell you about a podcast. Bring back Broncho. It's a new podcast and covers the rise and fall and rebirth of Ford's Bronco. Yeah, I mean, what a first off, you have a first generation Bronco now, bone stock that things like 60, 70 grand now bring back Bronco.


The Untold Story eight part series dives into Broncos 50 plus year odyssey from the postwar boom to the O.J. Chase and this year's rebirth. Sonari Glinton is the host. Go on the road trip of a lifetime with this fella and Ford and find out why they killed the Bronco in the first place. And now it's back and better than ever. I was listening to the preview. And if your car guy like me certainly want to give it a listen to search or bring back Bronco anywhere, you listen to the podcast or podcast in general, I should say we'll include a link in the show notes and thanks to bring back Broncho for their support.


All right. Let's take a quick break and we'll come back and we'll talk to Vinnie Tartaric right after this. In the spirit of Murro, Jennings, Cronkite, here's another great moment in local news.


North Carolina shows Donald Trump leading in a possible presidential matchup, but that's not the part that's grabbing people's attention today for third party candidate on that old candidate name I.D., not really. A candidate registered as an independent from Iowa has the real name or does not know. Public Policy Polling showed him pulling nine percent of the vote in North Carolina.


That's a great moment in local news. Now back to The Adam Carolla Show. You don't have to do all the stories right. Like somebody could pitch that at, like, the nooner roundtable and you go. Let's not do it. You can just go now. You can pass.


Yeah. You don't have to do every single story just because it happened earlier in time. Vinnie Tartaric is our guest. Vinnie Scott, the I got to tell you, man, Vinnie, congratulations on your latest product, ultra fat, not butter.


Can I drop out? Do you have it? It did. And let me give you my God's honest, my God's honest on it is I looked at it for about three days. I just looked at it. And I love all Veny products and I love nuts and I love the butter and all that kind of stuff. I didn't like the delivery system. I've never been a guy who done the pouch thing, you know, for any kind of a gel or the nuts are like I every time I saw one of those, I just went, that's not the way I deliver calories to my to my body.


And I just looked at it for a while. And then I finally picked one up and I just had at it and it was so goddamn good. And I don't know if I think it's the salt that really brings out the flavor because it's it's a little bit salty. But the salt like, you know, brine. When Christie makes the caramel cookies with the salted caramel, the salt just like pulls it just like pulls it out out of, you know, that's what these things taste like.


It just pulls it out. And then Lonette took one action. She took two and she opened them up and she just squeezed them into a glass of milk and started up. And it was like the best smoothie ever. And then I started feeling weird, like, this can't be good. It tastes good.


I think there's two hundred and forty seven calories per pouch, I think. But what is, what is what are those things. What's what's all in them and how should we. Then I started thinking, should I take one of these in the morning. Should I take one with me. Do you take one like you do or hike and you get to the summit, you take it and then before you head down, like, what is the application, Veny?


Well, I'll tell you what made me create it. You know, whenever I go do these low carb speeches and the whole thing is all the booths outside and everybody's trying to figure out how to make something taste good and good for you. Every time I would go to the bathroom and take a look at one of these events, if you looked in the toilet, it looked like a Rorschach test in there, because if you go up and down those aisles and try all the products and you're taking all the resveratrol and allulose and stevia extract and on and on and on, it will mess your stomach up in zero time.


And people are taking this stuff in and going to the bathroom or crapping their brains out. And I started thinking, because look what, I'm taking this stuff. I'm going to be on the mountain. I'm going to be in a kayak. I'm going to be in places where I don't want to have to drop travel. Yeah. So how do you make a product that no one tastes good?


Can I say something real quick? You know, people use the metaphor like how his business, how his business presentation go. Oh, Ernie, shit the bed. Well, we should replace it. We should replace it with shit the kayak, because that's where you shit the bed. You can get up, hit the shower, the shower in the next room over, clean yourself up, get a fresh pair of drawers, have the maid deal with it.


You shit the kayak, you'll be living in it for a while.


That's right. Sorry.


So when I started looking at that and I started playing with formulas, I said to myself, wait, everyone's trying to go sweet, I'm going to go Savery. Yeah. And I'm not going to just go Savery. I'm going to go with my own product. I have three companies. I have Cherkovski Coffee, Pure Vitamin Club and now in Inocente Food Starcom. So I went over to my providing the club line and I took my own electrolyte, got in the kitchen and started whipping up batches of stuff.


And when I came up with with the right formula and it started tasting really good, I got some natural vanilla in just a pinch of natural vanilla in there. And it made the whole thing just pop, you know. And then after that work, I don't know if you tasted the other one yet. Have. About the coffee and the vanilla, yeah, the coffee, I went over to my other company for coffee from my favorite coffee, ground it down to a Turkish blend, whipped that up in there.


And I went, OK, I may not be a genius, but right now I think I'm a genius. I knew I had two hits on my hand and I wasted no time throwing my own money into my which is what I always do. I do it myself, you.


That's how you are to nest egg with the dice.


And guy is to suction like you just sit around all day dreaming of new ways to put things together and make them work. Yeah, I am not shitting anybody when I say that they're both equally as good, they're totally satisfying. And I was jealous when Linnett opened a few of them into a glass of milk and whipped it up like I thought. That is a that is a savory broth she's made and go ahead. Yeah.


We take you one step further. I'm I'm about to blow your mind. Please take two of them, put it in a Lothos dish or whatever you have, and either take either heavy whipping cream, just a couple of tablespoons or crimp fresh whip it in there, just whip it really well and then stick it in the fridge for about twenty minutes. You will have a treat that you never have to feel guilty about. You can eat it every day.


It works as a meal. It works as I'm sitting around at night watching television. It's a treat you got. You got to go. Wait, why didn't anyone else do this? Because I started making this took a year and a half ago and I was wondering why no one came up. As a matter of fact, my business partner, Andy Schreiber, he made a fat TV and we're going to be putting that up on a Web site tomorrow.


He's starting to alcoholic beverages now. So the fact he will be up tomorrow, there's no end to it. You could do with this. And since we're talking about it, one of the problems, can you see can everyone say, yeah, yeah, I like that. Do these kind of squeeze things? This is all squared off? Yes. Yes. Well, it cuts the side of your lip. So I have these made these even the packets are made in America.


I didn't want to, you know, with the Colgin and everything with them on factory in China. I said, screw it up here. A couple of extra pennies. I want everything made in America. I went to an American company. I said, soften those shoulders, because when you ripped this off, I want it to go in your mouth. I don't want anyone to get it there.


It it's so good. My only problem is the way I'm wired is all right. The greatest thing that's ever happened to me is my dog fell because as anyone who listens knows, I hate wasting anything. And Phil is the greatest because when I eat, if I eat a bowl of cottage cheese, even though I pull every curd out of the bowl, there's still a film of protein that's on the bowl that I look at is waste. So I then set the bowl down and call Phil if I eat a peanut butter, a spoonful of peanut butter and I clean it off pretty good, I let Phil clean it off.


So it's ready to go back in your pants. You can't Phil, I, I every every person that eats dinner at my house, even if they completely clean their plate, no more spaghetti and meatballs, the plate still goes on the ground for Phil to clean with his tongue. These packets, I have to fight against my nature to cut them open and tear them open and feed them to feel like I want to prolapse them and play and display it and feed it to feel like that's that's the only part of this is my own neuroses where I'm like, I know there's something still left in here.


It may be enough to feed a hummingbird, but I want to give it to Phil. So I'm in love with this product. I'm in love with this.


And you should this is the kind of thing you should definitely have a few of in your car and in your backpack, your toiletry kit and all that.


And there's just no excuse. You know, next time you go on a long flight and all they have is the carb offering, the basket of carbs, you know, just down two of those, go ahead and put it put in your luggage because you never know where to get stuck at the airport.


You're going to be these days, maybe not, but like flight delayed or whatever.


So what you do is this kind of thing you'd have in the morning or is it the kind of thing you'd bring with you? Oh, it's you can have it in the morning as a snack if you don't like to eat before you work out, but you want a little something in you, great for that. If it's you know, if you're an ultramarathon or any of that stuff, you can have it with you. I just did a marathon on my rowing machine yesterday.


It took me three hours and 20 minutes on an hour and 40 minutes and squeezed one in my mouth, kept going. It was sitting right next to the rowing machine. You can use it for that. One thing I didn't think of when I was doing this. I do a lot with Type one diabetes. This is know childhood diabetes. This is where I could kill people. I'm not the type to you give to yourself. And they are very interested in my product to use it.


You send your kids to school and you might not get the fast acting insulin in them fast enough. This is a great treat for kids.


Oh yeah. No, I'm talking to those folks already. It's been a boon. We launched about three weeks ago. I made triple what I thought I would need for that first run and we are barely keeping up. This product is come out of the box.


It is like the Dyson guy is trying to figure triggered a rowing machine. It made me think I got a you know, hydro makes my rowing machine God in three hours and twenty minutes. How many meters did you cover?


Finnie Well I covered forty one hundred one ninety five or whatever it is that equals twenty six point two. I got pissed off at the people on Marathon.


Right. Sorry, did twenty. Yeah. You rode a marathon.


Sorry I wrote you have to go twenty six point two the week before I did it but I cool down for a couple of minutes and it didn't show up at concept too. So I called them up and said, hey, what gives? I went over and I said, no, you got to peg it right on our it doesn't count my weight.


No points for beyond for first place. Yeah. So I got off the phone with her and I just sat down, I put on a couple of movies and just popped it out, the fucking prices right over there.


So my rowing company sends me emails encouraging me to make me feel good about myself. And I got an email about three weeks ago. I forgot. I've been wanting to share it with everyone, but I got this email. I'm obsessed with companies and the good vibes, you know what I mean? And I got one. But it's not only the good vibes, but how they talk to their customers. So I made it to the million meter mark and here's the email I received from Hydro one million meters.


You're extraordinary. You're amazing, you're fantastic. You're marvelous and beyond. And you are now a part of what we call the Million Meter Club. It's a prestigious group that we're hoping will grow and we think your story can help people get there.


So what am I again, Dustin?


Amazing, fantastic, marvelous and beyond and beyond extraordinary, that's what I get my company sucks because I'm going to MMS and didn't tell me any of that. They're just sending me a free T-shirt. So I need to get myself a Heidenau. Yes.


Actually, you didn't know. You're not as good as I am, but now I know I'm amazing.


You're marvelous, marvelous and beyond. You know, it's kind of weird. You know, it's you know, it's weird is when I saw the I you guys tell me it's like a little sort of the the effects diminish over as the accolades roll in. Like when I saw the email that said you made it to a million meters, I was like, hey, there you go. And then as it went on to your stupendous, you're the best this year, Pupi doesn't think I start feeling worse about myself, like just blowing smoke up my ass then 100 percent, because with the kid who's five and you think you know, well, they don't know much, will they do?


Because if he draws something goes, what do you think? I go, that's great. I'm really impressed. Find he's feels good, he's happy. But if I make a bigger deal out of it, you know what he says?


Are you making fun of me? Right. That's what you got to hit the sweet spot. They were totally taking the piss out of you. Yeah.


And, you know, if it said, like, million meters reach, not bad for an old fuck, I finally feel pretty good about myself also them. But that's authentic.


That I'm stupendous. It's delicious.


Oh, so, Vinny, this I wanted to ask you. I was talking to Navy SEAL Mark Devine, and I did it on my podcast. I did it on taking in this guy's this guy's hard goddamn core. First off, Mark Devine, you can find a picture of him. But I think this guy's 58 years of age and he looks goddamn brand new. But he's also one of these dudes. It's just up at four thirty in the morning every day and do a super hard workout.


Just he's hard core. It's not a compromise guy. And I started talking to him about, you know, what kind of supplements he takes and what he does. And one one thing that caught my attention because Brian was talking about it as well, which is college and or college and I should say, yeah, peptides and protein. I don't I don't take that. But it made sense. And by the way, this guy is super hardcore.


So it's like, well, anything he's on probably probably makes sense for the rest of the world. But how about college and what do you what are your takes on that?


I've been a fan of collagen for years, Bonbright. I take it in the form of bone broth because I've got it myself. Good. That is great. The winter you notice differences, your skin will become thicker, you'll notice your fingernails and everything else. You know, it all increases with collagen are the best way to take it. If anyone out there wants to take collagen and I do this. Binocs gelatins, the same old gelatine your mom would buy, you know, for baking and all that kind of stuff and cooking, there is zero need to spend extra money on Teligent peptides.


It's just it's the newest thing on the Internet. Everything, old collagen peptides, your liver doesn't know the difference. The best way to take it is beef or chicken bone broth. And ah, if you want to do it conveniently without having to do that, Knox-Johnston is the way to go. Ultra athletes have been doing it for years. You'll notice a difference if you want to waste some money, you could get some collagen peptides. And if you want to do that, find the plain version because of course they're going to try to make something taste good.


We just talked about that. And that's not going to be your friend down the road.


What about L.M. anti potassium electrolytes powder? That that stuff? I guess that's a brand name.


Know, when you put it together really fast element. I fancy I looked it up because, you know, Matt sent me the list of things eliminate. One problem I have is they have two different sweeteners in there. We talked about sweeteners earlier. And the second problem I have for 30 servings, you spend forty five dollars. I just give you a comparison, Overactivity Club that I sell my ultra salt, which actually is better about it. Forms of all of it.


You get a ninety serving for twenty two dollars and you know, so they're making it look fancy. Thirty serving forty five dollars. I'd rather get ninety servings of twenty two. So yes, electrolytes are good. Everyone should have electrolytes, especially if you're a drinker, if you exercise hard, if you're sweating a lot, it's hot out there. Electrolytes are the way to go. I would say never, never use Gatorade. That's a bad idea.


It's hardly any electrolytes and it's just fruit punch. But if you got a lot of bucks and you want to waste it and have some sweetener, oh, I like my mom.


But yeah, if you want to do it wrong, knock yourself out.


Yeah. You know, almost everyone that does the bad water, if that is the toughest race on earth with starts and bad water, California, the hottest place on the planet and it goes one hundred thirty five miles on foot to the base of Mount Whitney. We've been sponsoring that that event with my product now for three years. And it's the number one product. And these guys aren't messing around. They need what works. So they either use mine, they use another as which is a real competitor.


But this stuff is this is fair, I should say, that Vinny's new product, the ultimate fat nut butter, can be found in our next installment of Adam's Monthly Nut. So that's on the nose.


Oh, what's in it, by the way, Venis, you say? Well, the nut mixture is.


Oh, yeah, it's I use raw almonds for my nut butter. I use coconut oil for my oil, both of the purest I could find. I use natural vanilla and then I use my my very own ultra salt product as the as the electrolyte in there.


Let me yeah. Let me let me help a little more prey's nuts have some range, you know, like you can get the raw version or the unsalted version. Let me tell you, as a survivor of a health food mom from the 70s, if anyone has ever attempted to eat unsalted unroasted peanut butter, it is like a large bird chewed up a legume and spit it into your mouth. That's what it fucking tastes like. And there's no handling of it either.


You can't spread it on anything. It rolls on top of bread and picks up gravel. You have no idea what a raw peanut tastes like. What raw nuts. What unsalted. Your favorite thing that you love. Oh, I love cashews or I love peanuts either. Show me the raw unsalted version of that. You'll never stop fucking yakking into your sombrero. So now the way it works in the nut world is the yummiest ever is just the big.


It's the peanut butter. It's the salty peanut butter with the big chunks, the nuts in it and everything. And that's great. But that's coincidentally the worst. Not for you. And the best is probably like a raw almond or something like that.


When you taste this venis concoction, his compote, it is better than peanut butter and you're like, how can it be better than the one that's bad for you? And how can it be raw? And how can I think it's the salt that that does it for me. But it's also the vanilla. There's something working. You got it. You got the proportions. Yes, right, but it is literally you would much rather have a spoon of this than a spoon of peanut butter, even if they're both the exact same from a dietetic standpoint, you would still take this product.


You know, I grew up in Cajun country more directly. I spent 10 years in New Orleans, most of my friends down there. If you're a celebrity, you're a chef and you start getting nuances. You start learning what food's supposed to taste like. And when you start figuring that out, everything matters. When you put it in your mouth, you want it to you know, everyone thinks, oh, I'm hardcore and I don't eat pasta with pasta.


Tastes like nothing anyway. You want food to taste good. So I'm big on taste and quality, and that's what I'm putting into interesting foods and get ready because there's more products coming, if any.


I'm wondering. And Brian, this might be a Christie question because I'm not a baker, as you guys probably know. But I wonder if this nut butter, you throw an egg and you mix it, you bake it and you have like a little bit of a baked treat, like, I don't know I don't know if the consistency would end up being more cookie like or muffin like, but that that might be something fun to do with it.


Oscar. Yeah, I don't know how the chemistry works, and I love for Christie to try and give me a phone call. Yeah, I'd be down to find out if people are already putting it in their morning coffee, so. That's right.


Oh, yeah. That Smoothie Minute made was out of this world, but they put in a little bit of the creme fraiche or the or the cream in there and then letting it chill a little in the fridge and solidify a little spoon in it. That way it's out of this world. All right.


You can go to Atom's. You can go to Khairullah drinks, dot com. And by the way, in this monthly nut, you're not only going to get ultra fat, not butter, but basic cable commentary of roadhouse in there.


A lot of range in this week's basket. No expense. And you're going to get a shot glass and ice molds and Khairullah drinks in their wine. So enjoy that. And Vinnie, you've got a Vinnie Tartaric Dotcom, and you can also go to N and G Foods Dotcom as well. Thanks, Vinnie. Always great advice. And congratulations on SRN, that man, the American spirit. All right. One other thing you should be looking into is a true najin.


I've been taking cellular hellfire in true najin for a few months and I keep saying a few months was like six or seven months. Now Dr. Drew's been with the true nig in four years. Actually, we get older. Our bodies experience a near 50 percent decline in NAD, which negatively affects the health of our cells and body lifestyle stressors like intense exercise, lack of sleep, overeating and stress on the immune system also deplete in a D because cells expend more energy to function back by Nobel Prize scientists, clinical research and global regulatory approvals.


This stuff is the real deal. Shannon Sharpe also uses this product as well. Let's take it once a day, I take it, with all my supplements in the morning, support cellular energy and defense visit. True, 1990. Are you and I a g e and you use a code and get twenty bucks off any three month plus supply through September 4th.


All right, quick break. We come back with the news and gene involved right after this.