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Thanks for listening to the Adam Carolla Show on podcast one. Well, in the first half of the show, good news, Mark Geragos is going to call and he's going to catch us up on what's going on on the whole Scott Peterson case, because there's been a lot of movement on that very famous case. And remember, he's the lawyer, so it's going to be some surprise revelations from him and also some Kaepernick Goodell talks as well. Lots of stuff to get into.


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Get started. Have a little fun. Now that we're coming back online with our friends at BET online Dota Bet online, your online sportsbook experts. Well, here we are on lockdown. How are you? It's fulker of the Paris Hilton podcast with Chris Booker. We get it. We know you're bored. We're still doing shows with keeping you up to date with everything. Entertainment, a little bit of relief from everything that's going on in the world.


You could get the show on Spotify. You could get it on your Apple podcast or the podcast. One app, whatever you do, downloaded, subscribe and get the feed, the Paris Hilton podcast with Chris Booker and everything that's entertainment will be covered. From Khairullah One Studios in Glendale, California, this is The Adam Carolla Show. Adam's guest today, Mike Murphy and J.L. Koven with Gina News Paul. Brian, on sound effects. Mark Geragos drops by Dave Damages here for good sports.


And now. And earner who wasn't a learner. Adam Carolla, yeah, I'm a grower, not a shower, I'm an earner, not a learner. Get it on lead not to read.


That's right. Got to get on a good day to, you know, grab the data you hand. Beaubrun, where is comedy today?


About to find out. Mark's going to be calling up because Scott Peterson conviction. There's some some something going on in that world.


He's been in death penalty off the table. Yeah, it's been it's been in jail for over 15 years now. Boy, you blink your eyes. And the guys I really want to get out are the Menendez brothers. I just I feel like there's so many people have done so much more who've been in for so much longer than those guys have been in. Like, I don't know. First off, I don't I kill you want to kill family members?


None of my beeswax. That's that's that's that's that's that's a family affair.


That's one of us. Natalia. Natalia, what if she wants to kill family? I'll tell you this.


I will I will tell you this. I will sign off on this. I've said it many times as it pertains to the Menendez brothers. If Natalia walks into Sunny's bedroom and that's probably the direction this would go and she says to Sunny, Hey, put down the fortnight, joystick for a second. I want to talk to you about something and then goes, yeah. And she goes, I'm thinking about killing mom and dad with a shotgun on Sunday while they watch Falcon Crest in their bed.


And Sunny goes this Sunday or this upcoming Sunday because Sunday, tomorrow or Sunday, a week from tomorrow. If that's his answer, then we deserve to be shot in our bed. Yeah, I would've done something.


If they agree it's a good idea or at least worth exploring, I would hope and even know that while Natalia may suggest this, at some point, Sunny would go, let me call Olga and think and let me see if she thinks it's a good idea. Like there'd be a little there'd be a little disconnect and then he'd go out and call 911 one or Olga or something. If he goes, fine, I'm in what time then we have an issue and that's bad.


It's called bad parenting. It's on. Yeah, yeah.


August is a focus group. Yes. Yes. Well, I'm hoping that cooler heads would prevail. I'm just saying these the Menendez brothers both thought it'd be a good idea that blow their parents away with a shotgun. So, again, nature, nurture. I had another thing I wanted to get into, which is so Garagos going to call and I have this article that I'm very interested in.


I was driving today and I passed the guy and I thought, I miss this guy and maybe we'll do Max Patta, we'll do a segment called Guys We Missed. But as I was passing this guy, I thought, I miss this dude. And he's a part of my childhood dude who drives his car with his shirt off.


When I was young, I would see those dudes window down, cigarette hanging out, elbow out the window, shirt off, man.


And you're not talking about a guy who's like, no, I'm talking about I'm talking about McConnell El Camino, I'm talking El Camino, GTO, Matt of Hey Guy from Dazed and Confused. Like I'm talking about driving earnestly with no shirt on, not not coming home from the beach like jeans, boots, no shirt on. And it's like, why? Well, because it's hot outside. It's like I do like the shirt off guy because it's hot like you're back.


Sticking to Naugahyde is no more comfortable than having cotton for shorts. Ten times less comfortable than you having some cotton in between you and that sun scorched Naugahyde bench seat you're sitting in, but not wearing a shirt driving guy. I miss that guy. I miss cigarette hanging out of my mouth while working on something else. Guy like guys physically got both hands tied up and is smoking and there's no there's no ashtray nearby. He's not setting it down. He's smoking while rejecting the carburetor with both hands like I exist in my front yard nearly every week.


Oh, really? Two hands. Cigarette hanging. Hey, Dawson is smoking a cigarette while working on something with both hands in the saddest and the satisfactory department once in a while. You guys have all had this happen.


Or like you sit down, you've made yourself you've carved yourself out a slice of pie or piece of cake or something. You probably shouldn't be eating. Or maybe it's just some gooey. Chinese food or something, and then at some point somebody calls and you talk to him on the phone while you're picking away at that thing, and then at some point you hang up with them and you realize you've ate your slice of pie and you barely knew it, but you didn't really enjoy it.


You're too busy and you're in and out of this conversation. You're you're sneaking little bites and trying to chew quietly or something. And then you go, fuck, I just got all the calories without the satisfaction. It's the smoking the cigarette while you're out hands engaged. Is that a less gratifying smoke?


He took a drug. It's a good sound.


Yeah, if it's kind of like you need to really pay attention to a cigarette, it's really have it count or the lívia.


So if it if you smoke it while you're doing something else, yeah. You'll sometimes I'll need another one because.


Yeah, I almost didn't count. Exactly.


It's like I could eat a wedge of pie if I was talking on the phone with my mom and then when I hung up it would be gone and I'd be like, oh now I need another wedge that I can enjoy. I didn't I didn't enjoy that.


And if hopefully this makes them feel a little bit better, you tell me what's sexier. A guy working on his car with a cigarette dangling out of his mouth or Gina on the phone with Marlis sneaking bites of cheesecake while I'm trying to talk my mom off a ledge about her cholesterol.


What's sexier? They're both ultra sexy. Yeah. So I miss new poll.


I miss I miss cigarette while working on stuff. Guy I miss shirtless guy in in car summertime. I miss shirtless in full jeans and boots. Like I miss guys who would be wearing a leather belt, jeans, boots and be shirtless because now you see shirtless but it's board shorts.


How committed are you to cooling off your boots and jeans. Well look then there is and the guy I'll probably miss the most is a guy who made his own camper shell. That guy is long gone.


I used to like I was going to say as a bygone era, the guys used to go at it and they'd make their own camper shell. And that was awesome. Plywood redwood, you know, knotty pine tng like they would do up their own camper shell shit wasn't cranked out and like stuff wasn't expense. Stuff wasn't cheap. Like I could remember the first time I was driving my truck to San Francisco to try to do comedy like I wanted a camper shell so I could throw all my stuff in the back of the truck and pull into a fast food place and not get my suitcase ripped off or my duffel bag or whatever I had.


And like I to do a lot of like use shopping, like recycler online, try to find that camper shell that fit the bed in the year and the make of my truck like it was it was a big ticket item anyway. Well, Max, well, we'll put together a list of guys guys we miss. You know what?


You know what the guy, the shirtless guy did a lot of that I find to be a bygone era. And it's unacceptable these days, but I kind of miss it. That guy would always refer to a woman he didn't know, like a waitress or anyone as sweetie or DARLAN.


Yeah, and one he was boning as his lady friend, his old lady friend.


I do like the lady friend Monica. All right. So I got some other stuff to get to. I did a little experimentation out here. I'm I'm obsessed with I'm except I'm except sorry, obsessed with many things. But one of them is. How hot it is out here and how hot everyone's car is and how here's my obsession. My mom had a VW square back. It was parked in the driveway. There was no shade, there was no garage, there was no carport.


And it was always brutal to climb into that car after just been baking out the sun. But what I realized is you could buy three hundred and fifty thousand dollar Rolls Royce and it would be the exact same temperature inside as my mom's VW Square back was in 1973, because neither car has the ability to cool itself or circulate the air or do anything of that nature. Now, of course, the Rolls Royce, you'd kick on the air and it would cool off a lot faster.


But I don't know why.


With everyone moving to Texas and Arizona and even California and all these states where it's just so blistering during the summertime and everyone's parking at these big malls and big box stores and Costco's and everything, the car just sits out there. Now, I get there's something called remote start like you can leave the Costco and like, hold your clicker up and start your car. And that's all good. But it's 2020. You buy a Rolls Royce. Shouldn't it be circulating?


Shouldn't it be venting? Shouldn't it have its internal computer going? It is now one hundred and seventeen degrees inside of this vehicle. And if it gets past 90, it's going to kick on and event's going to open and blah, blah, blah. Well, Gary, who helped us, basically the only car that really will cool itself, not vente itself. So the difference is, if you grew up in the houses I grew up in, there's no ventilation or circulation inside the attic in the house as a sweatbox.


Some houses have the Turbin fan up there and they have vents in the eaves and and on the ridge line and stuff like that. And it'll remove hot air, but it's still not cooling the house. It's you know, one is I will take your car and remove the hot. So it's like somebody said, park your car in the parking lot in Van Nuys. It's one hundred and five degrees outside. One version is I'll roll your windows down and run a fan in the window.


But it's not cooling anything. It's just preventing it from getting a hundred and twenty two degrees inside. It'll be 96 degrees inside, which is better. But the Tesla actually can cool, like you can turn it, you can program it to cool the car. And I was saying to Gary, but at some point you're on batteries, when does it stop? And he said, I think it'll just keep cooling it until it dies. And I'm like, that doesn't make sense.


It'll cool it until there's twenty percent battery left.


And then it points in a trip. Yeah. Trips the switch. It'll, it'll stop. But it is interesting that if you would physically like your car cooled and you can use your phone in the app and kind of program it whenever you get a Tesla that car will like physically cool itself, it will run the air conditioning and you will imagine that feeling of a car parked out in a parking lot for a long period of time and you climbing in.


And it's as if it was the temperature that you climbed out of it at when you pulled up, ran the air. So makes much sense.


Went like when you have an infant or a little one, you're waiting to get in a car seat. You just kind of stand outside and put your hand in and wait to see if you can put them in yet. And you can't.


Our move was roll up, roll down all the windows and then put a beach towel down on top of the seats. The vinyl wouldn't fry the back of your thighs.


You'll tell me when Mark Copson. Yeah, OK. So I think the Prius vents that'll vent, which is a, you know, step in the right direction. I don't think a Rolls Royce will do anything then a Mercedes have some version of like event, which again, it's better, but I don't know to me, the Tesla physically cooling the car, that's that's a leap forward. That's that's a big deal.


I don't remember if these work or not, but I see them all the time to those pop up windshield shades do the trick they do because I've everything helps.


They're not magic. They will the cool your car off, but they'll prevent the sun from blasting it.


Yeah. I mean there's a catch twenty two which is your car's made out of steel and it's sitting in the sun and it's one hundred and five degrees outside. All the all the window cracking and shields and all that kind of stuff that's up there, it's going to help, but it's still going to be one hundred and five degrees when you climb into your car. And that's that's what we should be able to avoid in 2020. Also, I remember those shields.


Back in the day, they got real popular, the cardboard ones and the front side had the shield on it and the backside it said call nine one white coat, which I I think I think the people that invented the shield thought, oh, this is going to be great if people are carjacked or abducted or left in the desert or something. But nobody that ever passed one of those shields that said call the police, ever call the police because they just assume the person fucked up when they put the shield up.


It is useless as a car alarm. It just annoys people. Nobody's coming to help you. The promise of the car loan was so great, like, oh, no one's going to know my car's being broken into. They were a nuisance immediately.


Yeah, right. Never worked. If they did work, no one ever reacted to them. And quite the opposite. People would get angry because you'd be out in the car alarms going off all night. And then when you take the two now when you take the you know, now you take ammonia and fertilizer and blasting caps and put it together, that is the biggest dick in the world. The guy on the Harley with the baffles taken out of the exhaust to guns, it going down the street and sets the alarms off.


Yeah. Oh, I live in the valley.


That is still commonplace. Oh. The only reaction it has to the alarms now is, is that my car. Right.


And just to sort of dovetail all these things together, because this has been in the news lately about what you're saying about cooling the car and how nobody gives a shit about your car and your alarm. Well, the opposite is happening with the stories of like dogs being left in cars. But there's a sign, I guess, on the monitor of, I don't know, newer cars, maybe Tesla.


I don't know that says like, hey, I'm fine, I'm a dog and I'm you know, it's cool in here. Please leave me alone. And it says that on the monitor because you're allowed to break into people's cars, you know, to save animals. So these car companies are trying to put something up on the screen so people can read them being like, nope, nope, I'm cool in here. Leave me alone.


Yeah, they're going to I would imagine and if I'm inventing it, it already exists. But your airbag in your passenger seat knows whether there's somebody sitting on the seat or not. So it won't deploy in an accident if, in fact, there's nobody sitting on that seat. OK, makes sense. I mean, you got to be over 40 pounds or something like that. But the seat knows. The airbag knows if you have a passenger or not, be a colossal waste of material and time for that thing to fire off when in fact they didn't need to.


They're going to have to be motion sensors in a car now, right?


I mean. Yeah, and he just might my owner will be back soon. Here's the temperature.


Every car's going to need motion detectors now. Oh, here comes Mark Geragos. Mark, can you can you hear us? I can hear you loud and clear.


Adam, how are you? I'm well, I'm I before we get to Scott Peterson, I heard the news that San Diego and Orange County opened up today. Of course, not Los Angeles, the city we live in. And I started thinking, I feel like Orange County was ignoring the governor for a long time and they were doing a lot of outdoor eating and moving around and going to the beach. And San Diego was also doing a lot of that, too.


And they have now fulfilled the six I think we're five out of six, but there's six boxes you got to check before they will permit you to get get get get along with your life and run your business at San Diego and Orange County have done that. Could they have herd immunity? It seems like a lot of these places like New York and and and maybe San Diego and maybe Orange County, maybe they all maybe ran through them because they all just sort of went out and did what they did.


Mark, do you have five?


I'll tell you I will tell you that I vividly remember the protests in San Clemente because it was right in front of our hotel and there were people who were monitoring it and mocking the people who were out there protesting. And in fact, there were two guys who got a hilarious video that they and that went viral on the Internet mocking the people in Orange County who are protesting. And lo and behold, look at what's happened in L.A. We just we have our outdoor insane asylum that is presided over by Warden Garcetti.


But I saw your tweet, by the way, and endorse it wholeheartedly. We can only hope that Joe Biden gets elected and immediately appoints Eric Garcetti as the head of HUD so we can get rid of him and take him away.


I saw a tweet or somebody saying if if Biden gets elected, he's looking at Garcetti to either run HUD or Department of Transportation, which is like, oh, my, those are the two most insane. Ironic. Maybe it's got to be a joke, but. The two things that guys were worse at is what he'd been appointed to do, but still he'd be out of our hair marks, that big win for us.


I said there's there's two ways to look at it. My father used to say that about judges who got promoted up to the appellate court and he would give them glowing recommendations when he couldn't stand them. And one judge actually called him forward to the bench once and says, Paul, I know you hate my guts and. He just locked up. Well, we know as a judge, why don't you give me a damage up there, then you will be out of here.


So I want to get to the hell out of here. That's basically anybody who does business in L.A. feels the same way about our city.


So, Mark, a couple of things. That one just jumped to mind. But, of course, we got the Scott Peterson situation also. I think Roger Goodell said he should have listened to Kaepernick. I don't think he means it. I just think he's saying it because he has to. But I'd be interested in your thoughts on that. But first, let's talk about Scott Peterson.


So what you know, today, I feel there's a there's a little bit of vindication this week, both on both counts 15 years ago. I remember saying at the time that what the prosecution was doing in Peterson's case was outrageous. They sought the death penalty and the only reason they sought the death penalty and they were pushing the judge to do what I kept arguing was unconstitutional at the time, was excusing jurors who were anti the death penalty. I said, judge, that's not the law you have to ask.


The next question is, can you set that aside and still judge it? Because I knew what they were doing. They must have known what they were doing. They couldn't be that stupid. And basically, they wanted to throw death penalty jurors and not people who are against the death penalty because generally people who are pro death penalty are more prosecution oriented. They were looking for a conviction. And, you know, the California Supreme Court today unanimously reversed the death penalty on Peterson and cited that the one issue I would take with it is if you're saying that the jurors were selected and unconstitutionally, that how do you say that the verdict on the guilt still stands?


So I have issue with that. And to all the geniuses, the future Cardoso's on Twitter who are saying, yeah, but why defending a guy who killed his wife and unborn child? He's always maintained his innocence. I saw nothing in that trial that made me think that he was guilty. And I know the evidence better than anybody. So, you know, we're halfway there. Next up is the habeas, which is basically all the stuff that the prosecution hid from us at the time.


And I'm hopeful that he gets a new trial because I don't think that a fair jury, when selected, would ever convicted what we always talk about, the sort of triangulation in the cell phone stuff and that data and that information. And it was kind of at its infancy back then and now it's a little more established. Is there any updates in that department? Now, the you know, they they grappled with the Supreme Court, grappled with a lot of those issues, but I think really the thing that's going to turn the tide on the guilt, what's called the guilt phase and why I'm fairly confident, as I was I have been confident is, you know, Adam, all along that the Supreme Court level, that he was going to get a reversal because clearly they had violated the prosecution.


They violated what the law was at the time. And the law has evolved to confirm over the last 15 years when you see all the stuff that was hidden from the defense that was deep sixed by the prosecution. And I will tell you right now, I'll make a prediction. Anybody who doubts what I'm saying, just remember this. The California Supreme Court gave today the prosecutors the option of retrying the penalty phase. I'm going to go out on a limb.


Prosecutors are never going to retry the penalty phase because that wasn't their object. Their object was solely to get a conviction based on gaming the system. And that's what they did. And so they're never going to they're never going to retry this case. And and they know they know it. I know it did. And it was kind of kabuki theater for 15 years. It's just unfortunate he's been sitting there this whole time.


So what's next for you? And say, hey, hey, this behavior will be heard at some point when which is basically I'm hoping sometime in the next 12 months that we get a date for the habeas. I think when that happens and I think you get the guilt phase reversed and then I, you know, lead into your other thing. Roger Goodell having to sit there in an interview and say that he wishes he had listened to Colin Kaepernick four years ago.


You know you know, if you were one of the things what I love about you is when you when you use the expression, it could only go one way. That's one of my favorite Khairallah isms. And anybody who had neurons firing knows that it could only go one way. And I don't understand what the NFL was doing at the time. I still don't understand what they were doing. But it's almost humorous now to see them embracing Kaepernick and his message.


Well, a hint of irony. Yeah, I don't I don't think he's embracing Kaepernick and his message. I think he's been forced to.


I mean, I think he you know, it's kind of funny because he's going I wish I had X, Y and Z four years ago, just like everybody who gets busted for a drunken tweet four years ago. Wish they hadn't. But and it's true. You do. But do you wish you hadn't done it because you're remorseful or do you wish you hadn't done it so it doesn't exist? So it's not on the record. So we're not having this conversation one step further.


If you really believe that, Roger, then release the under the protective order, released your deposition transcript for the three hours that I questioned you and see what your answers were back then for three hours, because I think it would yeah. I think he would rather resign before he would release the transcript of his testimony under oath testimony four years ago.


Well, this is I mean, maybe boring cop would have more insight, Ben, on this particular subject. But Kaepernick is I mean, we're at the end of the road here, right? I mean, I know you can't say that, but I mean, if he's not going to get a training camp, if he's not going to be in a camp in the next three days, that's kind of the window is going to be painted shot on his career and the NFL.


Is that doom and gloom or is that know, maybe who knows? Maybe there somebody may wake up at some point. I, I, I can't I when it comes to cap, I've stopped predicting because they it's almost insane to me what has happened. I mean, take a look. Here's a guy who the NFL's biggest sponsor, Nike, has has signed him to a very lucrative endorsement deal. There are other one of their other biggest sponsors, if you will, is ABC, which is owned by Disney, which is also Sinem.


And so they're compelling argument. The only argument that they ever use when we were suing them was that he was bad for business that's been proven wrong by their biggest sponsors. So I you know, if there was if there was an owner who knew what he was doing, he would sign him and he'd make it back on related merchandise alone. I just it's mind boggling to me that they haven't. So and that's not that's not to even talk about his football prowess because this guy was a top ten quarterback against anybody.


Brian, I was going to say to your point, to Mark's point about Adam, which is you can only go what I can go another way. One of the way you kind of go, everyone. Phrase it, Mark, I said on this very show, however long it was two or three years ago, when Nike effectively pecked aside and decide they picked was Colin Kaepernick, that was the first domino to fall like like it or not, you may disagree with the message or whatever, but Kaepernick will go down as a hero, like history will look at him as like a civil rights hero.


You may not agree with it, but that's that's the dominoes are falling.


Kaepernick won. The war is over. He will be the black sheik.


Guevarra no doubt my t shirts. He'll be you know, I asked him the look, this is this is the new world order.


Like, I get it. And so it's curious that he was bad for business a few years ago. Now he's good for business. Why isn't he doing business? I'm I'm I'm shocked that out of this many teams, he's not on one of them. Again, just selling for anything just to sell merchandise. So it's just a move.


Those those jerseys are Markstein. Oh, sorry, dude. I was so real quick, Mark Stone making predictions, but I'll make a prediction. Copernicus not going to play again.


But if he were to, yeah, it would be the top one or two selling jerseys, whatever that team he joined, the number one or number two selling jersey in the NFL for him to that point.


Sorry. I often said what Eric Reed was at Carolina, that if you had a Catholic No.7 Panther jersey, you wouldn't be able to make them fast Festiva.


Jena, go ahead. You had said, you know, both of you said it's just good for business. I mean, Mirch alone.


But the whole argument I mark the whole argument was that he was distracting. It's too distracting to have him on. Well, that seems insane. Now, you want to Pernick for that reason.


Were they just holding out, waiting to see which way the society was going to lean? It was look, they were taken the NFL was taken hostage by Trump, and that was I mean, they admitted it. The owners I've got under oath, I mean, I'm not violating the protective order because somebody else leaked the transcripts, but no less. It's been reported no less than Jerry Jones. And Steve Ross all said the same thing. They got a call from Trump and that was it.


That was all she wrote. They changed their mind the very next day. Remember Jerry Jones kneeled on the first weekend of that gate and then changed his mind when Trump came out and Trump and told him apparently in their phone conversation, this is a winning issue for me.


That's all it was to Small and Bob Kraft. We all know, as I know, good friendly with Trump. Marco, last thought predictions. Maybe you weren't exactly Nostradamus on Kaepernick returning to the league, but something you probably have a better feel for Scott Peterson, the predictions with him. What are we talking about? Yeah, give us a timeline. Sometime within the next year, 18 months, two years on the outside, the guilt, the guilt portion of this verdict will be reversed to go along with the death portion of this, which was never a death case.


They only did it so that they could, you know, game out the sorry mark.


There's a tsunami heading your way. You got to get the high ground, the high ground. I don't know where you are, but I like that there's a tsunami alarm going off in the back.


So when what when might he be free? Two years from now would be my guess, and will he be free two years from now? Yeah, he will. They say they're based on everything I've seen. There's no way to get a conviction in this day and age.


And then if he is free in two years, who's going to represent him when he sues the state for wrongful conviction incarceration right there. Mark Geragos will never go that.


Hey, Mark, I'll give you some plugs off the air. I mean, I'll let you get back to your Waldorf salad or wherever the hell you are.


So you could you could tell the just how Hamptons like this is. Yes.


So enjoy. And Mark, thanks for the insights. OK, bye, guys. CNBC in Salt Lake City.


God willing. Yeah. See you, Mark. Reasonable doubt, obviously. The podcast and then the book Mistrial, which Dorson voices. And that's available on Amazon. And then you got all this restaurant's engine company, number 28, any and all that kind of stuff as well.


Mark does go pretty in-depth about the Peterson case, and it's a very, very compelling chapter.


So check that out. Mike Murphy, we've had on the podcast a few times before and knows all about politics. We'll talk to him in a second. First, I'll tell you about true Neogen. I've been taken true knowledge and it's cellular health vitamin. Done it for about six months. I'll tell you about the best. But the best thing you can say about a product is I was taking my true najin this morning. Noticed I had one tablet or one capsule left at the bottom of the jar and I thought to myself, Oh, I got to order some more true Neogen and I got the first round for free, but I was like, I'm just going to pay for my next round of Turnitin.


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It's time to check Adam's voice mail. Adam, you talk about bad indicators for do you like barbed wire on the street signs? I just saw an advertisement on the TV for Abha bail bond. So they're advertising bail bond and they say you can't bail is free. So that sounds like a bad thing to me. All right. Now you can leave us a message at eight eight eight six three four one seven four four. Yeah, this is the saddest one.


Is that placard in front of the fire station that says, hey, drop your baby off here, judgment free zone, don't throw them safe abandon, don't throw them in a dumpster and don't put them in a water balloon launcher and fire him toward the neighbor's house. Just go ahead and dump them off here in his little wicker basket. No questions asked. He'll be in Chile by this evening. Mike Murphy is joining us. Mike's been on the show more than once.


His podcast called The Hacks on Tap with Mike Murphy, of course, and David Axelrod available on Apple podcast Spotify as well. Axelrod was chief strategist for the Obama press and present sorry, president, presidential campaign. Sorry I read that wrong. But anyway, you know Axelrod. You know Mike now. Good to talk to you again, Mike.


Good to have you guys with me today. I'm excited. Where are you? Where are you at physically? I'm in Los Angeles.


We were hiding out in rural New Hampshire on a big lake up there. And we flew back yesterday so I can live without air conditioning or biological safety. Yeah, it's good to be here.


Boy, I'll tell you the notion of like a lake house or a hunting cabin or something always seemed weird to me. But now more than ever. Right. Land. Yeah, right.


It was hard to leave. We are we have a six year old and. Well, you know, online school would be better in California. I'm like, yeah, we can make it up later. Let's stay here all year. I lost the vote.


Let me tell you how effective online schooling is. I walked, I, I walked in. My son was doing his online schooling. He's sitting in the movie theater that I built. He's got the chair half reclined and there's a thirteen foot screen up showing NBA pre game playoff action with the sound down, of course. So he annable he's sitting on a computer. Posing as a student while watching the NBA on a giant television and look, I don't know if it's it's breaking union rules or if it's breaking some sort of Privacy Act thing, but if I'm a teacher, I've got to say swing that computer around every 15 minutes because there's no way you're not sitting in front of a TV set just watching Beavis and Butthead with the sound down, half checked out to my to my instruction.


So, Mike, what? So I guess we should just go over first that that the RNC starting just started that the DNC was last week. Thoughts?


Well, I thought, you know, and I'm an anti Trump Republican, but I'll try not to be the East German judge on this. I thought the Dems had a pretty solid convention. I mean, I've spent my life screaming at the TV set during Democratic conventions because I don't like all the identity politics and the class warfare and everything. But what they had to do was prop up Biden because everybody's got an opinion on Trump. Love him or hate him.


He's the incumbent right now. The country wants to fire him. Biden is not as well known. And so they had to fill in the story a little bit. And I thought they did a pretty good job. And I thought Biden had a solid speech. So if I were a Democrat with all the, you know, covid problems of doing a convention, that's more like a telethon and at its worst, the world's longest State of the Union response, I thought they did pretty well.


Now, the Repub will try to tell the Biden story this week, and it's not going to be nearly as pretty as the Biden version. I think what you might see and this could be comedic is the technical people. The Republicans have to put this thing on, which is hard because you got a lot of non-professional talent like TEUs and some prepackaged pieces is a much lighter team than the Dems had just because Trump kept changing his mind.


And if there'd be a real convention so you could have kind of a bad telethon presentation for the next couple of days, though, if I were Biden, I'd still be worried because even, you know, in artfully thrown acid is still thrown acid and he's vulnerable. So I think they're probably do a pretty good hammer and tong number on him, even though the media will scoff at it a lot.


Yeah, I thought the Democrat Democrats did a pretty good convention and Biden was came across well.


It's a little too much move from the darkness into the light, like we're getting really waxing kind of poetic about society. And I, you know, opening your heart and embracing love.


And I just I'm bothered, but I'm not wired that way. I'm wired super nuts and bolts. Like, I just want to talk about policy or school choice or not having school choice or vouchers or anything, tax rates, anything. I know they don't have to do all that, but at a certain point it's gets very whimsical. And I also kind of wonder and I'm curious about all you guys on this like I watched the first night, I think Eva Longoria sets the thing off.


I think probably the first night. And it's like, all right, we have the Hispanic lady and then we have the black lady and we have the black lady. Then we have the actress lady. And I'm like, that's it. Is there any room like it feels? It feels a little insulting. It's like I get it. You're kind of appealing to this group. But at a certain point, if you're going to open it with four human beings, I don't know, put one dude in there.


It feels it all feels like it's pandering, I guess is what what it is. I mean, if I were a black female, I feel like there were pandering to me constantly. Does that does it come across that way to you guys? Not pandering, but, yes, going out of their way to select this person over that. I mean, it was definitely selected for.


Well, it's like four nights in a row, four women in a row. Obviously, it's a very clear choice. Right.


Which feels like pandering if I'm a if I'm a woman.


Yeah, but I would imagine the focus grouping that goes into deciding these things is so airtight and is so extensive that what they got from that information is this is what people want. You know, I don't think it was just something they I wouldn't I wouldn't assume it's something they randomly would throw to to a wall and see if it feels see it.


Here's what it feels like to me, like when they go Kamala Harris, the first woman of color. And it's like, yeah, because he had to select a woman of color. Like that's that's what it feels like to me. It feels like pandering.


It feels like it wasn't it wasn't subtle, you know, nothing but blinking lights. One of the big debates, which I think is important and I thought Biden navigated well at the end and the his speech was was the most important thing in a convention is a Republican critique that I believe, you know, pre Trump just generic is the Democrats tend to see the country as a bunch of groups and the groups all compete. So now we're going to cut to our Native American speaker and now we're going to have a left handed speaker and a funny hat and we're going to have 11 women in a row.


And it's this idea of the country is a bunch of groups competing with the Republicans when they do the one vision, everybody together united for the shining city on a hill, to use Reagan's phrase. And when Biden did his thing at the end, it struck me as a political act that Biden didn't do the identity stuff at all. He did the one vision, we're going to unite the damn country. We're going to beat covid and get the economy going again.


We're going to get a president who doesn't wear clown shoes. Come on and join. It was a different vibe than most of the convention. I think politically a better vibe because the group versus group versus group stuff. If you're not a member of a group that gets top billing and you don't define yourself, that my political choices are dictated by my DNA, it's a bit insulting. So I agree. And 91 was the worst. I mean, they they really kind of hammered it, not in an offensive way.


I didn't really disagree with kind of the idea that there's a lot we can do in America to move everybody forward. But I just felt like it was playing the piano with a catcher's mitt. You know, just a lot of it's just just a lot of subtlety to.


Yeah, the group the group thing scares me. I feel like it's definite there's repercussions to the group thing that we have not really felt. You telling every young black man there's a target on your back. Tell me check with me in ten years and tell me how that goes for that young black man or that group. It's amazingly destructive. It's insanely destructive to put out there and we shouldn't be putting it out there. But OK, Mark Geragos is back.


He's got Colin Kaepernick. OK, but I hate it. But fine, we'll see what happens to that group. I predict not good things. I didn't see that many Asians represented because Asians don't care, because Asians go out and kick ass. They don't really need someone who looks like them in a position of power because that person won't do anything for them. Somehow they get it, just get it. But other groups don't get it. They'll be pandered to and they'll continue to do worse than they did the year before.


Chaos. I've been saying I think the I think the argument is I sort of tuned into this months and months ago, which is it seems like the best angle for the Democrats is, don't you want it to stop? Don't you want to get back to normal? And it's the COVA thing is a perfect metaphor because it's like sort of saying, don't you want to just get past covid and, like, get back to normal? Like, people aren't talking about flourishing.


They're talking about getting back to normal, you know what I mean? And I always felt that the angle, if I was a Democratic strategist, would be chaos, chaos, chaos. Don't you miss how things used to be before Trump? And and I think a lot of people would pull that lever. They'd go like, yes, I have had enough of chaos. I've been living in a house where the two parents have been fighting for so long that I just want one of the parents to move out.


And even if the dumb parent was left behind or the lazy parent was left behind, it would still be these two are going at it, tired of it, move it out. I would vote for that as a kid, I think. And I think they brought up chaos like a hundred and twenty eight times during the convention. And you don't hear the word chaos that much in a convention. But it was it was highlighted this year. And I think the chaos.


Don't you want it to end theory? Might there might be something to that. Mike, did you notice that?


Yeah, I did. And it's all over the polling, you know, Trump fatigue, which is like I don't even want to pick a winner here. I just want to stop hearing furniture crashing. Twenty four, seven. And I want my kids to be able to watch cable. Again, right, you know, cable news, so, yeah, and I think you're going to see a lot of that in the secret polling. And one thing to remember about these elections, everybody has an opinion, but only three or four percent of the country is going to pick the president.


The people who move one way or the other, everybody else is dug in. So if you pull those voters, if they think the election is about a strong economy, they still tilt Trump. But if they think the election is about ending the chaos and bringing the country together again for some normalcy there with Biden. So it's kind of like a jump of the Trump guy is going to say Biden is going to ruin the economy after covid. He's going to tax and spend and go crazy riots and to the world.


He's going to defund all the cops. And the Biden guys are going to say, wouldn't you like to end the crazy and the chaos and bring it together and have a nice, boring, effective president? So that'll be the battle. What we're debating, because they each have kind of a home court. I want to win those voters.


I want to pose this to all three of you will go. We'll go, Gina. We'll go with Brian. What's going, Mike? And you can think about it. Sorry, Gina. You have less time to think about it. But there's a notion and the notion is we need to just end the chaos and get back to being sort of united and being a country and loving your neighbor and not going at it all the time. And for that, we need to elect Biden and get rid of Trump.


And I think, OK, then that sounds enticing, getting back to normal, getting the fighting parents out of the house. But then I start picturing some of the Aoki's of the world and some of the Antifa folks and some of the folks on the street in Portland. And I go, are they just going to dial it back all of a sudden when when Biden comes into office, are they going to ratchet that shit up? Like just because we get Biden, does that mean that's the end of this or does that mean it trumps out?


But is it now Biden versus sort of AOC and Bernie, now that it is, is there going to be a new are the people in the streets going to go home? I guess would be the answer. Gina, you can have the first crack.


My initial thought about that is they will stay in the streets and somehow because they're already there and still feel that they have a point to make, it will become very celebratory. Then it will die down. Then they will find something else to push against because Biden is as moderate as they come, as we've talked about before, like Mitt Romney and George W..


Like they would rather see Biden in office than Trump get a second term. So I think they'll stay where they are. They'll think we did it, and then it'll be quiet again. And then they'll find something else to do to push back against Brian.


Yeah, I agree with you. And I think they'll I think they'll still be a presence and they'll still be in the streets or whatever doing the thing. I think they'll take on a different form, maybe even mellow out in the short term. But it's interesting. One thing I observed, Mike, on the Democratic convention, I didn't watch all of it, but of course, was aware of it.


They really felt like they'd really marginalize the more extreme factions of the party, like I was there.


But she had a kind of a formal, you know, role.


She got all the second just to nominate Bernie Sanders, have to do because he had a certain number of delegates. But like that wasn't a big part of the platform, really. I mean, it feels like for this election, they're kind of felt to me like they're marginalizing that that faction or the more extreme factions.


Yeah, no, you're totally right. Look, it was Biden's convention, so they put the squelch on the lefties and did as much as possible to give them the minimum because the election is about the suburbs and they're going to be struggling with what Adam was talking about. Is it going to be a crazy land or is it going to be normalcy? And I don't I think there is going to be some progressive pushback because they don't love Biden. But Biden is smart and he is.


If he wins, he'll be thinking, all right, the election's over. I can pull a Nixon to China. In other words, I have such great anti-communist credentials. I can be the guy to go to Red China and cut a deal to screw the Russians and, you know, work for 30 years. And Biden can say, all right, guess what, Governor Washington, enough. Nice guy. Let's crack down. I'm going to be a law and order Democrat because where are they going to go?


Election's over now. Doesn't need the votes. It goes to the center. And he's a little tough about bricks and windows. I think politically that would help. He's just a little vulnerable now because, you know, he's got to have some left wing Bernie support to win the election. But after that, he's he's making the rules and he can you can do a move and show little strength.


And I think it would play the part that always worries me about the AOC side is, as I always say, progressive movement. It's just in the title. It's never satiated. It's just moving forward. It's going to keep going. And that side, you know, you would say to them, like they go, here's what we want. We want. We went 50 percent of cars to be electric in the U.S. by the year 2027, and if you said OK, and you achieve that goal, there are already working on their next list of demands.


There is never there is no in place. You have to think about Peeter. You have to think about like they sell. You have to think about groups that just are progressive groups like they just keep rolling along. There is no pumping the brakes. There is no stopping even black lives matters like it's not like, OK, we just want to have police reform. And once we get these courts worked out or once we get the bail system fixed or whatever, and it's like, no, it just blasts for and it goes right past and it passes a lot of Americans who are like, I'm not I'm down with the notion of your idea.


I like I like the idea of saving the environment. I like justice for black people. I like I like not torturing baby cows and all that kind of stuff. But but they're never good at pumping the brakes. And I don't know that Aoki's got an ounce of pump the brakes in her at all. And there's more and more people that I feel like are with her. So Biden will be a nice break from mom and dad fighting in the house.


But at some point, Auntie Aoki's pop and by and she's going to have some ideas about rearranging the furniture in your house. She's just like the NRA.


If you're in the movement business, the war is better business than the peace. Right. You know, you can't take a win because it's like big drug companies as the CEO once. Wow. You might actually cure this disease and you're like, kid, sober up.


We relieve symptoms and help treat it. We start cure and shit and all of a sudden we're selling the building here. Yeah. And so the fighting will continue from each side.


You don't want to make a fan belt that lasts for a hundred years, right? Exactly. Yes.


Jail Koven is on the phone. We decided to pop him up as as Trump, obviously. Hey, President Trump. Connecting audio, Oh, he's connecting the audio, you see, Trump's not good at that. Let's hope the convention goes better technically than this. Strong audio and strong audio.


Yeah, and President Trump, Mike Murphy is I think he's predicting you're not going to win. We're talking about this chaos and that so many people just want a break from the chaos and that if you would just go out and play a never ending round of golf, that we could get back to a little peace and calm in this country. Well, I think it's very peaceful right now. I think you've got you know, if you look at the Democrat cities, they don't have space, but we have great peace.


You know, I'm not golfing a lot, by the way. Yeah, no, I was it was a metaphor saying, like, just never stopping. Whose metaphor? No, I was using a metaphor. OK, well, you know, you can do that if you want. Yeah, yeah, but anyway, it's probably not even worth backing up, backtracking to that. But I saw I think there was a taped conversation of your sister talking smack about you and you had another family member writing a book about you.


I mean, this can't it's going to be a very uncomfortable Thanksgiving this year at Málaga, right?


Well, you know, Marion Barry, as you know, was a mayor that smoked crack.


So that's knew right away she wasn't so somebody we could trust.


You're thinking Marion Barry. Marion.


Who did I say I think you're talking about, Mary, I think, well, how do you pronounce it? But either way, both of them smoked crack and can't be trusted. So, you know, whatever she says, you know, she's sort of an angry wasn't a very impressive judge, by the way.


So it's a lot of people who want to sell books and say nasty things. But we're doing great. We're doing great with many things. And you're excited about the convention. I am I mean, we're going to have actual people there instead of sort of Sleepy Joe's one man show, so, you know, we're going to have great energy and I'm going to speak four times.


You know, Joe Biden only showed up twice in that little library, which was very week, and then at the end for a very boring speech. But I'm going to be there four nights. It's four nights of Trump. It's like a sort of Netflix binge watch sort of thing. Brian's room.


Sorry, Brian had his finger in the question.


I'm on time because you, Mr. President, because you mentioned Sleepy Joe. A question for both of our guests. Mike maybe can go first. I'm curious, in your opinion, over the last 10 days, two weeks, what narrative has taken a bigger hit, Joe Biden's hiding in the basement or Joe Biden? It has dementia and can't bring a sentence together because, yeah, even the I was on Drudge Report and they were, you know, lauding him with how good the speech was.


Well, I think the whole idea of the Biden campaign was to come out and give a good speech to kind of knock that one out of the park, that he doesn't have dementia at all. So I think, Mr. President, you did a good job of raising the issue and Biden did a good job of crushing it. Well, I don't know, I mean, I guess you could say that, but I think it was a disaster. OK, normally they give longer speeches.


You gave a very short speech. And I thought on night two, he said he was Joe Biden's husband instead of saying Joe Biden's husband. So I think there's still a lot of questions there that need to be answered. I mean, he's not he's not getting any younger.


I heard a conspiracy theory on the right end.


And I'm not a conspiracy theory guy, but somebody said, OK, well, then you can run with this one. You can run with this one. Mr. President Trump, somebody said I was listening some talk radio and they said, you know, it's interesting that Biden gave the speech and then walked outside with the group that was out there and the fireworks or whatever. And people are like socially distancing in the group. Why didn't he give the speech in front of the group?


Because he went out and they were there and the person said, yeah, OK. Like and then they said, do you think he pretaped the speech and then walked out in front of the group? And I thought, hmm, is that now you can run with that Trump if you like. But why not? I'll throw this to you, Mike. What if you know, why not give the speech out, you know, in front of the group, so to speak, if, in fact, you're going to go out to the group anyway?


Well, I don't know for sure.


I know it wasn't taped because my friends in the Biden campaign were too nervous to be taped, all these things.


So I was like this. I work for McCain, just like the great Wallenda. You know, you watch him go across the rope the first time. You're terrified by speech 28. You get to the point of, come on, Carl, we got a gig in Cleveland tomorrow. I'll get across. But this was like the first big rope for Biden and he did. Well, technically, it's a lot easier in a prompter deal like that to be inside lit with full technical control, to be out in the parking lot with the camera positioned farther away to drunks in the audience, start screaming with an air horn.


It's not a ten times it's controlled TRUMP.


What do you think he taped?


He went on, you know, there are other theories. Well, I can tell you, I did have Steve Bannon drunk in the parking lot waiting.


Oh, he was an air horn. You know, I get it.


I don't like to give credit to sort of these anti Trump people. But Mike Murphy, actually, that was sort of a good strategy. I think that I think not only was it taped, I don't think that was Joe Biden. I think that was a body double.


Whoa, whoa. You don't think that was physically him?


Yeah, that guy looked no older than 75, so I know it couldn't be sleepy. Joe, who, as you know, is much older than him.


Right? Yeah. I have a question for you, President Trump. There's been a lot of a lot of, let's say, good vibes around Joe Biden's campaign because this boy came out who had a bad stutter and they really sort of tracked him and showed how Joe Biden helped him get over his stutter. He was featured in the DNC and it really, really made people rally around what a good guy Joe Biden was. And I was wondering if there was maybe a child that you would want to throw your support behind and get that same kind of good feels from your base.


Okay, well, that's not a terrible question from a woman. But I would say that one of the things I have a problem with is I don't think the kid really matters. My friend Alex Jones has looked into this and he has a stutter crisis actor. It's a total, total set up. But the thing I did not really. Oh, yeah.


Oh, they have professional mourners, you know, who go to a funeral. They didn't know the deceased. Why not have stuttering actors? I agree.


And I do have there is a special child in my life. His name is Brandon. He's Melania's his son.


And we're having you know, we take care of him and, you know, so that's when we will have a video of me and and Brendan and sometime during the convention. I don't want to give it away.


President Trump, what about that other actor? They hired that woman to say her dad died because she voted for you. Actress.


Right. And not a bad actress, by the way. You know, at least you'd think the Democrats, they have all of Hollywood and they couldn't even get somebody more convincing. Yeah, no. It was a total, total fraud. I didn't kill anybody. And, you know, so I got to say, shut down those fucking people.


I have a mirror. Like, we're going to trot this bitch out and say, my dad is dead because he voted for Donald Trump. Jesus Christ, man, look in the mirror once in a while. That's insane. Probably.


I think if you look at some of the studies that we're looking at, I think it probably would have died sooner.


Yeah, but if he didn't know you'd kept them alive for after my life, you kept them alive, you know, but nobody ever says that.


Nobody ever says you got two to three extra years because of the great Trump economy.


The so sorry. Mike, go ahead. No, I just wanted to ask the president any miracle covid cures. I tried some Clorox on my cousin. We had mixed results, but anything else coming around the bend? You've been working out OK? Well, only because I like the Adam Carolla Show, give sort of a sneak peek at what we're doing on night two of the convention. We're going to have James Woods come out and the demon sperm lady is going to milk him to use a nice term.


And we're going to, you know, because he's sort of a demon, if you think you see some of the things he tweets. So we're going to that's going to be our sort of demon sperm sample and we're going to we're all going to toast.


So it's going to be a you know, that's going to be one of our things that we're looking into how intentional you would break outside the box that, you know, this isn't going to be a sleepy Joe convention.


You would break the Internet if James Woods got came out there and agreed to be milked. By the way, think an old James Woods. I think Dig's town was on the other the other night, which was him. He was the boss, Gossett Jr. and in that, on a totally different subject with sort of the same subject, I'll put it I'll put it all for you. The highest grossing actor in the world.


I heard this the other day. I was surprised by it. It's it's the celebrity who's been in the most the highest grossing movies combined over their over their career. And it's hard to guess, but it's an interesting and what it is, Sam Jackson, it's a bit like, see, President Trump does not get the credit he deserves.


He really does.


And I know especially man of color. I know you think it was John Wayne or Chuck Heston, right?


I know everybody everybody's so pissy that, you know, when he was with the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, the dinosaur Americans were very strong in promoting that movie. And so it's, you know, in many ways in Star Wars, but he's only in it. I don't think it should count. He does like five minutes in a movie and then he gets to count the billion dollars.


Yeah, agents of agents of shield and all that. Right. All he says and domestic mark is hold on to your butts, right. Yeah.


The Avengers movie obviously put him over the top at the U.S. Park and the Star Wars prequels. He probably had 30 combined lines.


But how about that as a progressive America, President Trump, here we have a black man. You know, we had a black man that was president for four years before you took over. And now we have a black man is the highest grossing actor in America. Not that's that's good progress, right?


I think it's strong progress. I think I'd like to see that change. I think it'd be nice to see sort of a white actor sort of reclaim the title.


Oh, you have to Thor. What about Thor?


You know, he's a very strong, big blond, you know, sort of looks like me. You know, this fact he's Hemsworth.


Yeah. Yeah. You're both tall, but have a lot of people think sometimes people think I'm a Hemsworth.


So it's you know, you get confused with the brothers. Well, you know, they thought I was an uncle. Somebody asked me if I was Chris Hemsworth stronger uncle. All right, I will give a plug to jail Kalvin here, where is jails, if I can find this podcast's making podcast great again it's available on Apple podcast and Spotify as well with J.L Cauvin dot dotcom that see a sorry, see a Yoovidhya and thanks jail.


Always appreciate it. We'll be here talking and I appreciate the I like the low key trump.


Everyone else I feel like is going way over the top with Trump and there it's, it's, it's funny but it's like if you want to be a little more realistic, like if you ever interview Mike Tyson, he sounds like Mike Tyson, but he sounds like low key Mike Tyson. And that's how, you know, it's Mike Tyson. Everyone else goes Big Mike Tyson. It's not cartoon. Mike Tyson, it's Mike Tyson.


Same thing with Schwarzenegger, right? Real. Real it in thanks jail, guys. Mike, let's let's let's ask you a question or two and then we'll we'll wrap it up and do that, do the news. So predictions. What do you think what do you think of polling in general?


And is polling more difficult now than it was in the past in terms of people are easier to reach because we have technology, but are they as truthful as they were in the past or do you have thoughts on that?


You know, the pollsters will tell you it gets harder every year because people just don't want to participate. You know, forty years ago, Dr Gallop calling it was like the president. Now there's so many polls that they people don't value them as much. And they do. Most pollsters think they do play around a little bit. So what the pollsters do is they ask kind of cop interrogation tricks. Well, you know, do you like Trump? No.


You know, what about your neighbor? Oh, he's voting for him ten times right now. So you have ways to kind of trick them out of their lies. The other problem, people scoff at the polling last year, but it measured the popular vote in the whole country and turned out to be pretty right this year.


It's going to focus more on the on the key states now, but are always remember about polls as they are mostly a noise meter of what was on the media ten days ago. Is there a trailing indicator? And so if something is all over the press, the polls tend to follow it. They don't do a particularly good job of predicting everything. They'll they tell you a lot about what people are hearing and what they're reacting to. So my guess is that good polling will be pretty accurate.


But watch state polls more than the popular vote polls because, you know, the Electoral College is the key. So it's Michigan, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Wisconsin.


And I think I got them all in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are the keys.


Well, thanks, Mike. I hope you can check back in with us as we get closer to the election to, you know, give us give us your expertise on it one more time. Hack's on tap with Mike Murphy and David Axelrod, and that's available on Apple podcast and Spotify as well. And you can shoot him a tweet at Murphey. Mike. Thanks, Mike.


Thank you, pal. Enjoyed it, guys.


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Let's take a quick break and then we'll come back and do the news right after this.