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Well, chickpeas, first half of the show. We'll talk about the Indy 500 and I have some thoughts on that. And also what Dan Dunn is going to chime in as well. We'll talk about martinis, all that and more. First, I'll tell you about Dodge. The summer is upon us. Take advantage of Dodge Power, Drive Home and a 2020 challenger Charger Durango, and you can save 10 bucks per horsepower. So let me explain how that works.


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So the domestic brand and it is number one, initial quality and appeal. Get to your local Dodge dealer, do it this summer and take advantage of the Dodge Power while it lasts. Never been a better time to join the Brotherhood of Muscle with Dodge. We're back inside the tool box with stacks and stacks under the bed and between the cracks, pulling out the deep tracks to help you relax as we rapidly approach September and October. Don't forget that this month we're celebrating three August as we drift away on a radical sabbatical with a soundtrack provided by prog rock Kingston known simply as yes never before as a band name encapsulated exactly what you want from them.


It's as if the band kiss cult themselves. We bang underage chicks. This music group evokes that one syllable response upon the very first note with harmony, guitars and vocals that make tourists feel like locals south of the border. They're known as c o say. Can you hear? Let's say it together. Yes. On the tool box.


No, on the right. No, I hate to think. Oh, remember doing the mamba? You say by. And from Khairullah One Studios in Glendale, California, this is the Adam Carolla Show, Adam's guest today, Dan done with Tina Brown on news, Brian on sound effects and Dave Domestiques here for good sports. Plus, we'll play a spirited round of the Rotten Tomatoes game and now anchors anxiously awaiting his invitation to speak at the RNC. Adam Caroll, yeah, I get it.


I got to get it on the choice, but to get on a mandate, to get it on. Thanks for tuning in for. Thanks for telling the friend. Sorry.


We love that about you. Right, Genographic. That's right hand.


Beaubrun drunk. I'm drunk. We're getting there with Dan Dunn. Going to figure out the perfect martini today. So grab a notepad and pull up a chair.


And I've I did I did martinis a week ago with Chris Morgan.


He does a olive and a purple onion in the same skewer, very intricate. So he's got his own thing. By the way, I had this thing that. So here's hardcore. I think I think, Brian, you would you would appreciate this.


Let's hear it.


I don't use Uber or Lyft because it's technology and technology doesn't really work for me, but I travel with people who use it. And this time I knew I was on my own. I was going to meet Chris out in Pasadena. I was going to be after the show. I knew we'd be drinking some martinis, so I thought I better uber it over there.


So I don't miss playing with fire. No, almost no pun intended. Yeah.


So I said I'm not going to drive, I'm going to Uber over there. But I showed my phone, I was worried. I showed my phone to like Chris and I said, is the uber work like if I just hit the Uber then what happens and blah blah blah.


And I was cutting it close with him. I was heading home at like six thirty. The reservations were at seven. And as I was heading home about five minutes from my house at about six forty five, I hit the Uber and it was like, we have a car, it's four minutes away. And I was like, OK, this would be perfect timing. I was going to pull up in my house. I would get out jumping over and also kept flashing things like will you pay for the upgrade?


It was like better cars or whatever. And I was a little confused and I just hit it. I just hit it. Maybe that was my maybe that's my problem. Anyway, at a certain point it was like the Uber guys dropped off. There is no Uber that that's the word I got. Anyway, I figured it out. All all, when I was running about 15 minutes late because of this braless and I said I sent a text to Chris or I called Chris, I said, I'm running late, just order the martinis and I'll be arriving when the martinis arrive.


And he said, sure, long straw. So, yeah, I would walk in the door. He wrote back, well, not in the door into the parking lot with the Astroturf on it. He wrote back, the guy won't do it. He says it's got to be chilled perfectly and he needs to present it. He can't have sheerest can't let it sit on the table while you're driving through housetop stop.


And I'm like that if you want booze. And what do you do? That guy's a purist. I love it. I love it too.


So that that was nice. So we'll get to the martini situation.


My dad was sent back a machine because it wasn't cold enough. Wow. Except I think he had an eye on the bar and sat on the bar for a good like ten minutes and the guy's like, no, not cold enough.


Make it again. Oh wow.


Yeah I, I think the good moves take one good. Draw off it. Right. And then send it back up, get somebody's money's worth first.


I don't know if this is flattering to my dad or not, but out of it here's what happened.


It's happened once and it always stuck with his memory. The part of the server set it down after my dad was looking at the bar, he's like, that's my drink. It's sitting there for five minutes and server set it down is like, you know, I said not too long. Can you take it back? It's like, well, I think it's still plenty cold. It goes now. I'd rather you take it back. I goes, don't try it.


He sticks his finger in this.


Wow. Cold enough or it does not. That guy I feeling it. I think I was feeling it that night.


I have. I've been present when my father has ordered a beer later on in life when I would take him out to dinner. I have never witnessed my father ordering a drink, a cocktail I've never heard of and never seen him ordered a cocktail. I don't know if I've ever seen my mom do anything past champagne.


And so we had the Indy 500 was yesterday. As you hear this, we're just getting off it. It was kind of an interesting thing. So many things. One is a Japanese driver, one and Sunny turned to me and he went, well, that's bucking the stereotype. And I was like, yeah, Asian guy won the Indy 500. You know, when I grew up, the joke was to Asian drivers to slow drivers. That was that was the joke.


So we took out the whole field and was the only one left and only one left. Takuma Sato one, although it was really it was unremarkable and two kinds of ways. I mean, so imagine you're the winner of the Indy 500. Those guys, the guy who led the race almost the whole race was in second, second place by, you know, two tenths of a second or something like that, I mean, they're all bunched up. And the last five laps would have been them just dicing and trading and dicing.


And whoever figured their strategy out fast would have crossed the finish line inches in front of the next guy. I don't know what the odds on Takuma Sato winning if they had let them run the last five, the last five laps, probably lower than the lower than 50 50.


But either way, they they they yellow flag the race or was a bad crash at the end. They didn't resume the race and they just finished the race under caution. So it's like not only did this guy win the Indy 500 with nobody in the stands, normally there's 400000 people that are going apeshit. It was an empty stadium and the win was, you know, going half speed under the caution flag where no one could pass anyone just that. So that's the win.


So it was like anticlimactic. On top of the anticlimactic, where does that feel like?


Well, I don't know, because it wasn't you. But would you imagine that feels a bit like a hollow victory. Did this do to win under a caution flag?


I got to tell you, winning the Indy 500 is winning the Indy 500. Your name's going on the trophy and he'll take it and blah, blah, blah. But I have no way of knowing that the two or three guys behind you didn't get a chance. It's like it's like saying it's like saying we're going to do a mile long race and you get three laps into it and everyone is kind of bunched up and you're like, all right, here comes the last.


They're going to ring the cowbell and here comes the last lap and they go, we're just going to finish in the order we're in now, like it was that kind of thing. Not his fault, but it's a race judgment. But anyway, I was watching it with Sonny's, like, Asian guy won. No, there's a stereotype out the window. And then I realize, oh, this the Indy 500, he takes a full pitcher of milk and is dumping milk all over his head.


And I'm like, wait a minute, I thought Asians were lactose intolerant. Are many, many of them are. So this guy a one two punch to lactose intolerance and the myth of the slow Asian driver. So there he was just dumping milk, by the way.


They're loud. They are lowboy, why milk, it's that's the tradition, the tradition is milk, and it's you're allowed to choose now between scam or part, you know, two percent almond milk like dairy also.


And this soon at this funny a kind of a good thing with Sunny, which is we're watching it and, you know, you get you get the mouth of babes. So there was a really bad crash where the guy hit the entry, I think, to the pit and really the entry to the pit. When you hit that wall at full speed, it's it's blunt force like it is. It is. You want to hit stuff at an angle and kind of glance off.


Do we have that?


We have that crash style and replays already. Already where he got sideways, he spun around and then hard and then he went right into. That's the worst case scenario. Right. Right now he's going over one hundred miles an hour.


It comes to effectively they you can watch how fast this guy hits this thing. Oh.


Oh, my gosh. All right. So just doesn't give. But yes, there's a lot of give now.


And so I said to Sonny, the guy was OK, got him out of car. High impact and a bad place. It's this kind of luck of the draw where you hit what what happens?


And I said, you know, Sunny, they have the safe, they have the safer barriers now these walls give they may make sure everything gives because they figured out. The problem is, is when you put up all the concrete barriers and you bolt them to the ground, then when the guys hit, it's good. It's safe for the crowd. It's safe for the guys in the pit. But if you're in the car, you just need the give.


And the give isn't that much. It's just like they pile tires and put a tarp over it and blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I said. I said, Sunny, you know, 20 years ago, they didn't really have all that stuff like that guy would have just hit, that would have been a concrete barrier. And he he just a ball of flame. He'd just be dead. And he just went, why didn't they have the give thing?


And it's like, I don't know. And he's like, how long did this go on? I said, up to about one hundred and fifteen years. Oh no. I mean, literally a hundred years plus before somebody said we should have these walls like give, you know what I mean. So all these so we didn't have all the carnage out there. And then which was this I like and this must be from my side of the family or something.


He's like, why didn't they have like all this? I said, Sunny, you can go on the Internet and you can look at video of guys before they had any the safe barriers or anything. And guys just hit those walls, just a ball of flame. And he's like, no thanks. And I was like, good, good. Why why would you write? That's very faces of death. Right. But we know many 14 year olds who would have been all over it.


Oh, my God, dude, look, I found. Yeah, big ball, big balls of flames. Anyway, then everything was good. And then I got angry because first it was the team that won was real, as in Bobby Ray Hall Letterman. And it was kind of nice. I pulled up on the computer and showed Sunny that Bobby Ray Hall had driven my Porsche nine thirty five, the Newman nine 35. He drove it for like two seasons.


He drove it when it was an Apple Apple sponsored car and like eighty and then eighty one. He won the twenty four hours at Daytona in my car essentially. So it was like young Bobby Ray Hall who's now Ray Hall, the real team won and all this is maybe second win.


And funny thing that he was impressed. He feigned fame that was impressed. And so that was kind of interesting. But then I got angry because then they showed David Letterman and Letterman was like hugging it out with everybody. And he had the big it's crazy when you put the mask on and the beard goes four inches past the mat, it's like it looks it. Anyway, he's hugging everyone out. I was like, oh, yeah, real Letterman that they have the team.


And then I was like, wait a minute. That seems like yesterday I said to Letterman, hey, we're doing a doc on Paul Newman, Newman Höss, the only other celebrity, the only there's two celebrities on the planet that have an indie team. And two celebrities only, it was Nouman Höss and they won a ton, Paul Newman and Carl Höss, they won Indy 500, they won tons of championships and blah, blah, blah. And the only other celebrity is Letterman, Rahal, David Letterman and Bobby Rahal.


And so when we asked Letterman. Could we get your opinion on Paul Newman and, you know, stories about Paul racing and also you two competing against each other in Indy car, he said, I don't think I have anything to add to that conversation.


No, I thought, well, then nobody on the planet has anything to add to this conversation because you, in fact, have an indie team and Paul Newman has an indie team and a unique position to comment on this.


Yes, there since there's zero other celebrities that own indie teams and you guys compete against each other. I mean, Newman horse must have been going against Letterman. RAHAL It wasn't that that long ago. Maxim Pada either way. No, thank you. But again, I don't know. Just go like I'm an asshole. I don't feel like talking like Rob.


I don't have any good I don't have anything to contribute. I bet we could talk to you for four days straight about the ins and outs of owning an indie team and stories about Paul at the track and the five hundred in Long Beach and everything else.


You controlled him by booking Paul Shaffer. So what does David think about this? So Nouman Horse was the team I was talking about, but this is Rachel Letterman, Rachel. And they they won. So he's in it. And I guess I don't know. I think Letterman's probably a car guy, but he's in Indianapolis. I think that's I think he hails from Indiana, right? Yes. So that must be the thing. That's the connection when you grow up in Indiana.


That is your Super Bowl every single year. Yeah.


So they did a thing. Brian, you tell me. I don't know why. I just maybe everything you but like you tell me if this counts and I want you to put on your cynical hat. All right.


You know, like, there's a time when, like, Chick Hearn had the voice of the Lakers, he'd put together two thousand games straight without missing a game. And then at some point he got old, they got sick, and they, like, carried him over to the booth and put a microphone front. And it's like there's the tip off. And then they picked him off and they carried him out again. And I'm like, I don't know.


I say streak broken. In that particular case, I think you need to call the game. I feel the same way about going for the gangbang record. And I've told my children as much. I want five person, five hundred fresh cocks. You can't do two laps. I don't want to see the same dick in there twice, you know what I'm saying? Yeah.


In order for a baseball game to be a baseball game. Eskow I think five and half innings. So yeah there, there needs to be a check. Needs to get to halftime to get to halftime.


Chicago. Right. All right. But here's the question, OK? One of the guys who was on our dock and I can't think of his name anyway. He's the guy who runs. The whole thing's awesome. I drove in the pace car with him around and blah, blah, blah.


A lot of guys have a record with the Indianapolis five hundred like they have the I've been to fifty two consecutive Indianapolis 500 like my dad took me when I was eleven and I haven't missed one since nineteen sixty three. He says streak still alive if you're home watching it on TV. No.


Well, it's an act of God, I mean, but, yeah, you're right, it's out it's out of your hands, but it's still not streak alive.


I, I agree it feels heartless, but I agree. OK, think of it here. Think about it from I agree with you. Think about it from the other point of view of the guy who holds the record, you know what I mean. Or maybe someone whose record is going to be broken like hell.


Yeah, that's not fair. It's fucking I didn't show an insurgency. Yeah. Well, also, you know, when it comes to records, it's not all about you there. Shit that happens. You know what I mean? Like, there's there's things forces of nature, whatever that that needs. That's part of it in my work.


That's what makes Kyle Rifkin's record so goddamn impressive. Of all the shit happened. Like, I don't know if you heard the story.


I think it was in the early 90s. So Chris can look it up during the All-Star Game, which is purely, you know, exhibition.


I think someone either accidentally elbowed like you're in the team picture, someone either elbowed Cal Ripken in the nose and, like, broke his nose or there was some freak weird accident, I think it was at the All-Star Game.


But like, that's the shit that you have to you have to put up with or overcome. Like, you know, there are random events that you can't possibly plan for. It's not just being tough or being durable. It's your fucking car might break down or, you know, blow up.


All right. So all those people Brian says streak broken.


Yeah, impressive nonetheless. But it's all over. Yeah, it was a it was the all star game. It was Roberto Hernandez. He slipped on the platform, sending a left elbow, breaking Ripken's nose. Wow.


Exactly what happened so that Newman, Hossan, Letterman, Rahal must have raced against each other. For what year did Letterman Rahal form their team? I guess that's that that would be an easy one to figure out. All right. Let's start transitioning into Rotten Tomatoes before Dan Dunn gets in here and wrecks us.


So I'd like to propose for for all future Dan Dan appearances. We front load the news. I'll be OK today. But in general, it's something we should think about.


You're approaching a no good. That's the same place and the gang makes that. I was that we started the day, so we live in a world of fake news, hoaxes, scandals there, CIA, shadow intelligence, Soviet puppets, in case you haven't heard, this whole quarantine thing is actually part of one big pandemic.


So board up the windows and put on your tinfoil hat. The Rotten Tomatoes game is going full blown conspiracy theories.


It's just getting fake news to win.


Perhaps the most famous conspiracy theory of all time revolves around the assassination of our former president, John F. Kennedy. In fact, there's so much information over out there, it takes over three hours to get through it all.


In the Oliver Stone directed Thriller starring Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Sissy Spacek from 1991 JFK.


I was just thinking about this movie. I love this movie.


It's a good movie and it's probably good. I have to break everything down into the movie itself and then does it get sort of WOAK points or are not necessarily WOAK points, but just, I don't know, signs of the time. You know, we things we agree with, things we disagree with, points. And so this is a good movie with good points. Right.


It is also a mixture of good points and facts and a mixture of Oliver Stone, really, I wouldn't say stretching the truth, but like filling in, like filling in the blanks with interesting but maybe not plausible, but good good points like the critics are rooting for it.


Oh, are they rooting for this movie?


Yeah. I mean, I don't mean like that was a well crafted point. I mean like a a again, like a bonus. You know, if you made a movie called Why it was a good thing we bombed Hiroshima, that would probably, even if it was an excellent film, would probably suffer a little bit, at least because of the clunky title.


Right. All right.


So this is going to get a couple of bonus points for the subject. And it's a good movie. I it was 91, though. But before all that, I'm going to say.


That it was eighty eight oh one a little lower because Oliver Stone is very divisive. I love this movie. The final speech of the summation, his closing arguments is quietly fantastic.


I have an eighty one eighty nine.


JFK is certified fresh. Yes, at 84 percent.


All right. Everyone said, oh, the people have it at 88. I knew it. It's a good movie.


Next up, Mel Gibson plays a cab driver who has heard it all until he's kidnapped and worked over by CIA operatives who can. He's convinced that one of his crackpot theories might actually be the truth. But which one? Julia Roberts and Patrick Stewart, co-star in this paranoid thriller, a movie so entrenched in conspiracy theories that it's actually called Conspiracy Theory from 1997.


I do it. They used to make a lot of these movies. And it's a it's just a genre that was never attractive to me.


It's like it's based on a book that we should be familiar with. I don't know. It's like those they make a lot of these movies. There's a movie called Bird on a Wire and stuff.


It's like it's some they have these really that and these like really charismatic guys. But they drive cabs, you know, it's like white guy 42, great looking, drives a cab in New York. You know, that's like first thing. Then second thing they have her and then she never leaves them all the way through the thing. But at some point they find love and now they have to take it on the run. And I don't I don't know.


It's not an appealing genre to me. I never seen this.


I've never had been motivated or interested. I've been burned by this strategy so many times, but never once.


As someone said to me, dude, have you seen conspiracy theory, the GoodGuide, check it out.


Never, never, never once come up. No, but two very charismatic stars in the height of their powers.


And for that reason and I give it a fifty three hold right there with you buddy.


Fifty five. Fifty one.


So conspiracy theory is rotten. Yes. 56 percent.


No good game so far.


I know very time. The truth is out there. Seem that official officially release UFO footage.


That's just the tip of the iceberg man.


Of course we all know that the government and I say this we were much more interested in UFOs when we had no good footage of UFOs and now we have good footage of UFOs. I think no one gives a shit. It's just I feel this is my Lance Bass is gay theory. We're so obsessed with him being gay. And then the second he came out with being gay, we're like, all right, Don, moving on, what's next?


That's our wiring, right?


Like our wiring. It's like they're hiding those UFOs. And there's like, hey, there's a bunch of footage. Yeah, I'm going to watch the preseason game. I'm switching the channel now.


We all know the government is hiding aliens from us for decades, but thankfully, Agents Mulder and Scully are willing to take on the cases no one else is willing to believe. Sure, it's a famous TV series, but halfway through the show's run, they made the jump to the big screen in nineteen ninety eight. The X Files fight the future.


I never got into the show. I never saw the movie. But every human being I knew was obsessed with the X Files.


I loved the show and I couldn't be bothered to watch the movie. I didn't. A very weird twist for me. Yeah, I didn't watch the show or the movie one of the earlier Kevin and being things we did. I think when we went out to Seattle for the Final Four, UCLA won that year.


I think it must have been ninety four. Ninety four. Ninety five. Yeah. I don't know what year they win. It could have been ninety five. I don't think it was. What year. Oh sorry. March Madness.


Yeah it would have been ninety five. It would have been ninety five. So I'm all screwed up by scheduling now because like they're playing basketball now. That's right. And everything screwed up. But anyway we drove to the Canadian border. Meet Kevin and Jimmy to like interview I think. Both of them are no, it was just her God, what's her name again, Gillian. Yeah. Yeah. And I remember we waited for them to film in a train station.


We just sat there for like five hours, like all those things that Jimmy would never do again, you know, drive. He drove from Seattle in a rental car to the Canadian border. And we just sat in this train station waiting for her to come out of her trailer.


But I heard that the series is good and I heard the movies are good. I think so. But how good are we talking about low 70s? Are we talking about high 80s? Give it the range. I think people liked it. Maybe they're always a little disappointed. 74.


Mm. With the again. Seventy five.


I think the only people who saw this movie were already fans of the show and I would imagine that includes critics. But I was right there with you 79. The X Files fight, the future is fresh. At 66 percent, it seems it's a very tight game after the president is caught with a Girl Scout, he hires a Hollywood producer to create a fake war in order to distract the public and change the narrative years before the phrase fake news entered the national national lexicon.


Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro, and then has made some of their own in 1998, Wag the Dog and Jim Belushi, lest we forget, I think and hey, she's going to be on maybe this week.


Yeah. Yeah. Saw it in the theater. What, you're sorry.


Was it nineteen nineteen ninety eight. Ninety eight. I think I saw in the theater. It's good movie.


Was this ahead of its time. Did people appreciate this movie.


I think they liked that movie very sharp. People liked it and it had a good kind of counterculture kind of vibe to it and it was good too. So I think this is going to get some good points and it's also going to get Christmas 1997. So my expenses and it's a good movie. So but how high I mean, this kind of thing that the critics really, really like, this might have been Barry Levinson's last good movie.


Think about that. I'm going to say eighty nine. Mm.


No, I went to 88. Wow. I don't remember this movie at all. I'm sticking with seventy nine.


I think it's higher actually. Wag the Dog is certified fresh back at eighty five percent.


Oh, she's this is really just coming down to, I say one number and then you either go one below it or one above it.


And if the number if the movie rating is below it or above it, that's going to decide who's who's winning this. Pick up a point or not. Yeah. You seen this? Never. Oh, this is a solid movie like OK. Yeah, it's good. Didn't this come out around Bowfinger.


I feel like those are sort of those came out around this time.


Very different sides of the same coin. But yes, this is like you know, anyway, it's a good movie.


I ran the last one here. And finally, when the son of a powerful senator becomes a candidate for vice president, a soldier wonders if his wartime Powell has actually been brainwashed and reprogrammed.


This could go any number of directions.


The original, starring Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury, sits at a whopping 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.


But what about the remake Denzel, Meryl Streep and Liev Schreiber, star in 2004's The Manchurian Candidate.


I'll give you guys a hint. This wasn't as good, you know.


Ninety six minutes before this is going to break things open because I didn't see it. I didn't hear I didn't no one said I needed to see it. I saw the original there. You're always going to you're going to you're going to lose a few points by being the second because everyone is going to compare to first which is beloved. But Denzil's greats got a great cast, a spectacular cast.


This could be maybe the best. This could easily be this. This could be a sixty six, sixty seven, you know, a little disappointing, but still fresh. Or this could be we're going to punish you for remaking this classic. Yeah. And you're forty one. So there's a bit everything going for a great cast.


Great story. Great movie was you know reinterpreting.


I think Jonathan Demme me perhaps directed it I think, but it didn't quite meet expectations.


Let's say I'm going to go the route of being punished because you're being compared to the original. But Denzel always brings it, so I'm going to say fifty three. Oh my gosh. I get fifty nine. Fifty four.


Wow. The Manchurian Candidate. Is certified for us. Oh, no. At 80 percent. Oh, wow.


Dog shit. We all don't see those guys. And by the people listening, the original is a classic for a reason. It holds up better than almost any movie from 1960, 1960, I think its from its spectacular place.


Seek out the original and the people had it at 63. I don't know what they were giving it so much credit for, but. All right. And it is Jonathan Demme. Brian Jonathan Demme. We have a very tight game here.


I can't wait to hear Genographic. Congratulations. You made the podium.


Thank you. Your score coming in nine points higher. Then our second place winner giving you third with a score of fifty five interesting Balde Brian. Please don't be 46, you are either. In first or second place. Your score. Is different than everyone else's. Yeah, hello.


Go on. Adam Corolla with a score of. Forty six, yes. Paul Bryan for the win with 37. Yeah, that last one I need to ask you.


Yeah, it's called fourth round. Bryan was up three points. Mr..


You know, the true mark of a champion is a champion who digs deep in those championship rounds and finds the medal and the intestinal fortitude to to carry on, a lot of guys just quit on the stool. But, Brian, in the last few games, it's the championship rounds where he's really dug deep and dug out a hard fought victory because, you know, these games were pretty close for in it's that fifth. That's where he's really just taken over.


It's like Tom Brady, with two minutes left in the fourth quarter, taught him everything he knows.


That's what it feels like. This is not a frenzy to be bragging about because all of us were 20 plus points off of the actual score. Think about how close it would have been if we had been close in the last one.


Yeah, I know we're all just dancing around three points way and two points that way, and then we all just shit the bed. It was 25 plus points off the last 20 points by the fourth round.


Everybody had single digit differences with each movie except for Gina had a 13 somewhere in there.


All right. We'll get Dan Dunn on here and he'll tell us how to make some the proper martini.


And I'm all ears because I had I ordered a martini last night and the guy came by and he's like, you want gin? And I'm like, Mom, it's like you want five guys. And he's like, What kind of vodka do you want? Gregor's cattle.


Stalley I was like, You want to olives, you want the you want the blue cheese in the olive, you want the twist. He went to zest.


I'm like, I just have a good beer. Yeah. So I'd like to learn from from the good old Dan Dunn first. Let me hit Burrow. A lot of you had to postpone your summer travel and you're doing your staycation. Is relaxing at home maybe on a sofa. Might I suggest brr. That's B you are O.W. Assemble it in minutes and you can do it by yourself with no tools. You can add remove seats as needed. Unique features you won't find in big box stores, sofas like built-In USB phone chargers and durable scratch and stain resistant fabrics over twenty three thousand ways to customize.


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It is Bororo right Dorson get seventy five dollars off your borough purchase plus fast and free shipping at Borodai Atom. Check out the site for details. That's be. You are our O.W. dot com slash atom for seventy five dollars off.


All right, we'll take a break. We'll bring on Dan Dunn and we'll make the perfect martini right after this. It's time to check Adam's voice mail. Hey, hey, man, it's just online, it looks like your net worth got bumped up to 20 million. You are now worth more than weirded out. What kind of fucked up world are we living in? Great job, guys.


You can leave us a message at eight eight eight six three four one seven four four.


Yeah, well, I don't want to live in a world where my net worth is more than weird, Al, because I listen to weird al undoctored Demento when I was like living at my mom's house when I was 13 and weird, Al was like sending in tapes that he was recording in a bathroom, playing the accordion, but way back in the day. So the notion that my net worth would be higher than weird hours, it's sad travesty and.


I don't know if it's a if it's if it's like Bernie Sanders, Biden, Elizabeth Warren talking point, but that would be a talking point. Like you want to talk about injustice, you want to talk about, well, this is the system failing, the fact that Adam Carolla has a higher net average and weird like beloved national treasure. Weird, Al.


I don't know, do you? Again, the government must fix this. Weird Al. Must be. He's got to be five years or six years older than me, because when I was like 13 listening to Dr. Demento, he must have been like 18 or 19, like working for Dr. Demento. And he's 60, OK. So he was a kid. He was like seven. He was young when he was making these tapes in a bathroom, like with his accordion, just playing his accordion and taping them and then playing them on Dr.


Demento. Kaylin, I wonder what there's any one of the earliest weird al accordion song is. It must be from this back to the late 70s.


Dan Dunn has joined us. What we're drinking with Dan Dunn is his podcast. Last guest he had was Dan Aykroyd. Everyone, we're just talking about him and his Twitter is you can shoot him a tweet at the imbibers. Dan, what are we doing today?


Hey, everybody. How are you so excited?


More importantly, how are you doing? You're sweating like a hornchurch. I said the ace before we came on the air. I said, you know what's great about those old Venice houses that you're in Venice? And what's bad about them is there's no A.C. man. So, yeah, I am. I got a little light on me here. I got the heat going, but, you know, a martini or cool me off and actually. Yeah, today.


Yeah, it's humid, it's weird, humid, hot out here. I just was at my mom's house sitting in the backyard and it was just like super humid and hot. Weird.


The thing about the way L.A. works is if you live in Malibu or Venice or Santa Monica, if you're at the beach, you don't need air conditioning, but you do nude. You do need air conditioning four days out of the year. And this is just one of those days. But it's not enough to justify air conditioning. But you will be miserable on those for four days.


I have a remote unit. I have a remote unit. And it was in my garage because we really didn't have summer at the beach for most of the summer. And about two or three days ago, I cracked and I went and drag this things like seventy pounds, dragged it into my house, but it's in my bedroom.


So unless I were to do this segment in there, which, you know, the different segments, I was talking to a friend of mine today who said he was down at the beach over the weekend and all the all the signs are up like no volleyball and no basketball and no ice and no rollerblading. Right.


And he said it's just on the basketball court. So fall. Everyone is out.


It's a shit show. You know, the Venice Pier down there where, you know, we're like Hanano and all these clips that looks like Bourbon Street. Everybody's everybody's out on the set. Nobody's got masks on. Everybody's drinking, it looks. Yeah, I don't know.


It's I don't go down there on the weekends if you're looking to avoid germs.


Yeah. I think what people you can kind of like I always say, you don't have to get stats or tally or do whatever. You know, you just like when this thing started, the streets and the freeways were empty and now they're not like somebody just decided the public at large is just went, you know what, we're going out. We'll see what happens, because that's basically what's going on at the beach anyway. Well, also, you can't tell people not to go to the beach.


You can tell them not to go into a bar or movie theater. But when you say don't go to the beach, I go I think I think we can safely pull that one off. What do we got, Dan? OK, so Adam likes martinis, so you talk about wanting to do a martini segment for a long time, and now we're doing it very excited as always, when we're doing this kind of thing. You know, you got to have the you've got to have the stuff.


You got to have the ingredients. You've got to have the equipment and you got to have the know how what we're going to do. So, Gina, you have at least two of those things, right?


I have two out of three. I have I had no idea martinis are this involved. I don't know nothing about martinis.


This is the thing about a martini. When we talked about doing this, you cannot skimp on doing the martini, right. There's a ceremony to the martini. There's a there's a real elegance, sophistication and martini. So I don't want you got it. You've got to get the right stuff. And I always say this. So we all got lucky. We all got and this is what you're going to need if you're making a martini at home. Pretty simply, you're going to need a mixing glass.


You're going to Streiner, you're getting a bar spoon and you're going to need a jigger. That's the bar where you're going to need. We got I got all this stuff from Cocktail Kingdom. It is the best place to get stuff. It's anybody. You guys really hit me up online asking me what to do. Go to Cocktail Kingdom. That's where you get all this stuff you're going to need to make the drinks that we have that and then we so we're going to it's a martini.


We're going to keep it simple. We're going to do vodka. We're going to gin. We got vermouth. So for the gin, I brought back Sipsmith, which we've done on the show before. Everybody seemed to love Smitt Sipsmith London Dry Gin, which is what you want to do for a martini. So we brought Sipsmith back. Also add on Haku Vodka. Everybody loved that. So I said, why not stick with a good thing? This is a Japanese made with white rice, right?


Which interesting taste in a martini. I really am. And we're going to try our best for to which we'll get to because Brian wants to do that too. I you got to have vermouth. We have Allessio drive moose. There's a lot lots of other brands out there. This one's really special to me. I'm going to tell you why in just a little bit, Allessio. It's not as well known, but it's really, really fantastic. Driver Wormuth.


And again, if you if you don't do the right ingredients, you're going to get a shitty cocktail.


What is the alcohol content of vermouth? Is that is that a forty proof?


Eighty proof, 40 percent, 17 percent. So thirty for proof on the allessio. Yeah. Right, right. So seventy. So remove this like basically wine a little higher than wine would be in the alcohol content standpoint. Well yeah.


I mean it is wine so basically. Oh it is. Sorry it's aged Italian white wine. It's been aromatase. Oh I didn't know that. I use herbs and various spices in there to compliment.


I thought it was like a liquor I like. I did not know that. All right. Good to know. Also speaking at Gin Boy hang out long enough. You know, for my whole life it was always, you know, it was beer and then it was tequila and then it was vodka, gin, rye. Not even persons drink. Yeah. Gin Ryan Reynolds, Isolde's Gin Company for six hundred ten million dollars the other day and he'd been working on it all of two years, like he literally just started a gin company.


I mean, I don't know, he started but he and a group did not start the gin company.


I'm the guy that started the gin company was a guy named Ryan McGarry and up in Portland, Oregon, and he sold it. Ryan Yeah.


Dan, let me finish the story. Sorry. Randall single handedly announces he walks into a liquor barn and he announces there's no gin here that befits me. So he his dad's a big aviation fan, you know, World War two guy tail dragger. So he from whole cloth, Ryan Reynolds alone starts his chin company seven weeks ago in his garage with Blake Lively at his side and sold it for six hundred and ten billion dollars last Tuesday. Sorry, Dan, go ahead.


I am waiting for here.


The sale of Magri went down so that someone started the gin company and how they get Ryan Reynolds in on.


Ryan Reynolds came on board, I think is an investor base. Kind of bought out the original guy, Ryan McGarry, and then some other investors came in, you know, and I oh, hey, man, I'm sure Ryan Reynolds is a great guy and that Jim is a really good Jim. But I did see some funny comments. Somebody said they didn't pay six hundred ten million for that, Jim. They paid six hundred ten million for Ryan Reynolds, you know.


Yeah. Whenever they do these celebrity deals, these guys, Remate, that's a big part of it, is that they know.


It's also it's also funny when people try to cool your jets like he didn't get six hundred and ten million dollars, you probably got two hundred and fifty million dollars in a lump, then the other three hundred and fifty million dollars, that's going to be paid out over seventeen months. OK, so it's not like he just got the six. Like, I guess like it still sounds like good to me, or they'll go like he didn't get six hundred, ten million dollars.


He only got 60 percent of 610 million dollars.


I'm like that. That'll hold you over for a weekend. Not not a bad payday.


My Bellona first weird al hit it in 1979 on. Yeah. I mean I was 15 when Weird Al was singing my Ballona on undoctored amanto.


So sorry. So either way, Ryan Reynolds made out pretty good for two years. Two years work. Right. He's he's done well for himself. Yeah, he doesn't ever have to make another movie again. I would say that. But you know what? And the best is I had Dan Aykroyd on my show. As you mentioned, Adam and Canadians are just so nice. I wanted to get Akroyd to go, Jesus Christ, I've been doing this vodka for 13 years and I can't sell it.


But I asked him about it and he was like, oh, couldn't happen to a nicer guy.


Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds Reynolds is a super nice guy because I did an episode of his TV show a million years ago where I just played me and he was just a sweetheart. I don't know if he was instrumental on getting me on two guys, a girl in a pizza place, or maybe it was just two guys and a girl back then. They change it eventually. But he was a sweetheart of a guy. Like on that set, I end up spending a lot of time with him.


So that was that's my recollection. So good on Ryan. All right, Dan, sorry. Go ahead.


So let's before we start talking about the martini, why don't we why don't we make a martini so we do it? I was thinking we would start we can try a different a couple of different variations here. But let's let's now, when you say a classic martini that isn't even defined, exactly what's debatable, we're going to do something because some people might go, you know what, let's just rinse the glass with the vermouth, dump the vermouth and put three ounces of gin in there.


And that's that's a classic. And it can be what I'm going to do here is something a little bit different because the Allessio dry vermouth has a higher sugar content. We're going to go a little bit more vermouth then than that. Certainly.


So what we're going to do is take your mixing glass, take some ice mixing glass like so. OK. All right, Max, a pattern.


We need something called a suicide bucket, which is all this stuff going to end up in the same place. And I'll put it in a Tupperware and take it home.


But we cannot throw out good because I'm going to go gin because we're going to go play. Well, we'll go gin. We'll go along with you. Yeah. So what I'm going to do here, because again, I'm going to use a little bit more of the Celesio dry vermouth and you would use with, say, Dolen or noley, some of the other ones. So go. We got our we got our chigger right here. That's the two ounces is the big one, Jean.


So poor that all the way up the two ounces in there. OK, this is the gin right to us.


Yeah. Like Glug. And then you pour that into your mixing glass bottle. Right. Right.


And then you're going to take your driver Muth here. You're going to fill up that smaller portion of the smaller side of the jigger right here. OK, and you can see the measurements on there. This is one ounce. So we're going to put one ounce of the driver, remove one or two ounces of that one ounce all the way the top because it's just three quarter.


Then it says half pounds.


Get the lines on the inside. So if you go all the way to the top, it's one ounce, OK? Yeah, all the way up. OK, and then if you have orange bitters or an aromatic bitters there and aromatic bitters. Yeah. So I got this incorporating stuff which I like and I'm just going to go a dash or two dashes in there. OK, into your mixing glass.


Two dashes, two dashes. Now here's the key. When you you're going to stir this and we'll talk about the bond shaken, not stirred, but we're going to stir because what you want to do is you want to stir it briskly, but not too risky because you break up the ice, which dilutes the gin.


So far, this is science and we don't want to do so. We just want to it's alchemy. Here's the thing about the sheikhan versus this stirred. OK, if you're doing it all spirit strength, the rule is you're stirring it, OK, if you have if you have a citrus component or something in there, you're likely going to be shaken up. But if it's all spirit, you sterrett. OK, so that's what we've done, that we've stirred this up.


You want to have a chilled glass. Mine's probably ninety degrees now because it's been in this room with me for a couple of minutes, but we got these killer cute glasses. Everybody got. Are these things awesome. They're adorable. Drink your martini out of matters, man. You want to you want to look good while you're drinking it and it's a good looking glass. So now you just take your strainer, Gina. Oh, you're not even using your mixing glass, using your test.


That's all right. I don't know which one was a mixing glass. This is the glass, the tins, the tenth.


So we're going to go like this up your glass and ten right in the title. There you so.


Oh, that looks good. Now pour that in there. Now, here, the next question becomes your Gargash. OK, we can do a twist, which is a lemon and we've got that. We can or you can do our best to get dirty to send us some olives here. What do you guys like to do with what do you do when you usually get a martini?


You honestly, if I'm really hungry and I want something to take a couple bites out of, I'll usually order the olives. But I'm allowed to think I'm a little more of a twist guy. So we got this we got this is just a great little tool you got here to try to to do the twist, OK, this simple thing, it's just called a channel knife or a stripper. They call it seven bucks a cocktail kingdom. Easy to get.


You take your lemon. You hold it like this, Gina. You press hard and you just pull back like that and look at that. You get a perfect strip, women, OK?


And then what you want to do is express that lemon. I can't really hold it up and show you, but you sort of twist it over the top of the drink, OK? You can express that citruses and then rub it around the rim of the glass. Just know. And then you drop it in the glass just like that. And look at that.


I have never felt so fancy. I'm going, Olive. Daniel, is that OK?


Yeah. Yeah. Just put it. You can do hey you can do the pimento and you can do blue cheese olives if you want to as well. I have some never never blue cheese.


Now we know you do a stuffed onion, you do cocktail onions, but then it becomes a different drink. Does anybody know what that drink is called? Gibson did.


Yes. Yes. All right. Shall we try it? Let's try this.


Here's bottoms up. Yeah, very nice. Oh, yeah. OK, so you get that how that vermouth is it? I mean, that gin in that vermouth are just working well together. Mm hmm. Yeah.


So it's not sweet, but it's so refreshing and light and crisp. Yeah. Yeah, it's absolutely delicious. Now you can play around again. As I said, that's the thing you can play around with the proportions. A wet a wet martini of her dry martini. Believe it or not, a wet martini is more vermouth. I was going to say and then a perfect martini up, you would have sweet vermouth and driver moves in there as well.


But again, some people don't want any vermouth. There's a famous quote from Noel Coward, the old British playwright. He said, A perfect martini should be made like filling a glass with gin and then waving it in the general direction of because that's where vermouth is from. So he didn't want any vermouth in there. But a lot of people do love just doing a vermouth rinse in the glass and they dump it out. And then it's just gin.


Because if have you notice, especially in L.A., I personally have ordered more martinis in my life and I have every other cocktail combined. I'm like a martini purist. But have you noticed that in L.A. more and more plays? It feels like the majority now are when I order a dry martini and I explain a couple of drops are removed, they go, oh, we don't do vermouth, says a glass of gin. Have you noticed that?


No new martinis? I don't know.


Martinis. You actually order out in the wild, but it feels like more and more places are doing that, doing it without the vermouth.


They just don't even do any more gin. I just called gin. Know I would have to send that back. Chris, Chris is holding a thumbs up, so, Chris, it sounds very unambitious to me. Seems like it doesn't sound like a drink. It's kind of flying in the face of.


Yeah, I could have just put fill the boat a bag with Beefeater and smuggled it into the restaurant, took a hit off it in the bathroom, if that's what I wanted.


So, Dan, just because, again, I'm totally no martinis, what would we have called?


What we just made is it's a classic martini and you can and you can call when you're at the bar, sort of tell them how you like it, mate. OK, so that one we just did there was two parts gin, one part driver whose I would not do that with every vermouth, but with the Allessio Vermouth. I would certainly do that. And it's something to know here. You know, again, we talk about the martinis, the king of the drinks.


It has lasted when all the other craft cocktails went by the wayside, the martini stuck around. Just so you know, there's we've talked about this on the show numerous times about the origin of the drink, the short answer, the origin. Anyone who says they know the definitive origin of the martini is full of shit. OK, what I can tell you definitively is that it's a variant of the Manhattan, OK? And it first popped up in the 80s, probably in New York City.


The Manhattan, of course, was the first drink that combined spirits and vermouth in that case was whiskey removes a little bit of bitters. So around this guy gave one. The booze historian uncovered around 1883 was the first mention of a martini type drink, and then it got its name about two or three years later. But even that is that it come from the martinis that again. So there's a lot of mystery.


I've heard Martinez, Joe Barton, I heard San Francisco, New York. It's all it's all legend. What?


There was a misspelling once and it was called a martini with it. I may RTI an E and they said that somebody misspelled it, martini and another name. So there's all kinds of things. But, you know, no one was there. And it was also called a turf club back in the day where it was made. Yeah. So, look, no one was there. No one was keeping records. So but one thing is for sure is this drink has endured more than any other craft cocktail.


So one hundred and twenty years do you guys in a said keeping records like I was picturing everything that goes down now is taped or filmed. There's there is a there's a record a computer with a time and date stamp on it are visual or whatever for every event that transpires now and forever from this day forward. So all the sort of a lot of the law is gone, you know what I mean?


Like, we're not going to have a lot of those Annie Oakley or Buffalo Bill. This guy once told a guy to put a quarter between his teeth and he took 30 paces and he turned around and shot it like that's not going to exist. Now, there's still plenty of fake news out there and there's all that shit going on out there. But I mean, we're going to have a visual representation and evidence of like everything. Like if somebody invents a martini, they're going to be filming it on their iPhone and we'll know who it is.


I kind of miss the stories, you know what I mean? We don't know who to attribute this saying to you like that even. No. You know, they go maybe it was Abe Lincoln that said, but we don't know.


You know, that's funny you mention that because when Dan told the story about the waving the the wormuth by the light, you know, I don't know Churchill, but who knows? It's apocryphal.


Yeah. It's I think originally said it.


Hey, Calan, do you have my Ballona by a Weird Yankovic music.


I got all Pozniak and I'm a little nostalgic now for Weird Owl. Yeah.


We happy with this one. Yeah. This is good. This is good. Vestberg. Yeah. Let's do it. OK, so. Don't don't just dump that drink, I know that's upsetting, but you can dump. I'm not a fan of your mixing glass and the glass.


Not that. Yes, the glass. Got it.


Now we're going to put some new ice.


So what the Vesper is is basically a variation of the martini. Actually, Brian, I need you to jump in because of dance is done.


So all I know about the Vosper is it was created by the character James Bond in the novel and movie that most of the Casino Royale, of course, the writer in Fleming Bond orders a bespoke drink, which is I think it's lemme get this right.


One part, one part, two parts gin, one part vodka, bilello blanc and twist the lemon.


And then he names it after the bond girl of the of the story, which is Vesper Lynd. Hence the name in the movie says that's quite good about the name. That and Vesper is the name Daryn. Take it away with actual facts.


Look at you man. That's that's pretty much it. Yeah. I mean and again, Bond famously orders it shaken, not stirred. But you want it you want to stir this, OK? And it's so what we're going to do here, we got our we got our jigga here. So we're going to go three ounces of the gin, three ounces of the gin.


Oh, wait. So that's fill it, fill it to the line and then fill it again and slip it.


Yeah. OK, well the big one and the small one.


Right to that. To the two ounce line. Right.


I think it's up to the top and then and then the smaller side all the way to the top. Oh am I not reading it right. OK, sorry I can't let you just fill them to the, to the.


So I'm sorry for putting too fine a point on this, but is that line the ounce and three quarter line on that.


It says three quarter, the top line says three quarter ounce it all down at the top.


So if that whole, that whole small part of the jigger is one ounce and then. Right.


It's a whole big part is the whole two ounces.


And so then we want to do is take the haku vodka. And again, I'm interested to see if this really good, interesting stuff to this drink. So take that and fill the small parts of one ounce of the vodka.


OK, I'm still having trouble reading what's on this line for that in my this stuff for making fun of me.


I know that. Here's where we get this is really cool right here. So this stuff. Sorry. How many out. Sorry. How many of the vodka. Xanax. One ounce.


A little one. Let's just just to put a fine point on it, the one ounce is all the way to the top. Yes. And the two ounces all the way to the top. That's exactly right.


OK, so here's the contents of this jigga is three ounces.


So the guy who wrote the guy who wrote the script, who put this cocktail into the movie script, he had to know it, is that who we actually credit this for.


Ian Fleming wrote the book Famous and he and he invented this drink, apparently. Better be good.


I stayed at the Ian Fleming a stay in Jamaica. I got a huge estate in Jamaica. Now we see this stuff here, you know, Larosière, so you said Kennerley late, Brian, which is what they originally called for with this stuff right here is the stuff from the authentic from way back. Keanna refers to Queeny. OK, and this is an aromatic wine, just like Wormuth, but it's got quinine flavor in it. This was originally medicine.


A lot of booze was medicine, and they used to put the flavoring in here to eat to make it palatable for sailors to keep them from getting scurvy. OK, but this stuff is like a good time machine.


It smells amazing. Yeah. So only a half an ounce.


All right. In there. Line I what I do the lowest line.


First line in the small side. Yeah. I would wear this as a scent. Those delicious Kaylan.


Let me hear my Ballona all the accordion dribble. That's like James Bond right now. I mean I'm in a casino. This is where everyone could be one bit of a package of my the and top five my. Bye bye bye bye bye.


All right, hold on, wait a minute, I can't believe this guy's net worth is near mine. I've created so many TV shows among New York Times best selling author. I'm going to claim documentarian. This is bullshit.


This is this is the nexus of you and weird. Oh, my, my my Bellona and Audi Corolla.


The only there is Dan, I'm telling you, because everyone else knows there was only one good part of my entire high school career and one only is when I was walking to the gymnasium and I was like in the 10th grade or the 11th grade.


And there are three or four cheerleaders that were hanging out. As I was walking past, they went down to at dun dun dun Teradata rather than Ed Corolla.


And I felt good about myself for about 25 minutes. That was that. That's all I got for high school.


All right. So we're Sturt's for perfect perfectly. And now he's cute glasses that we have here are three point seventy five ounces.


What you have in that mixing glass is more than that. So you're going to keep a little roti in there. OK, don't mix up the whole thing. So do this. We're going to strain it into our glass just like this. And you see the color is a little different from the and we're going to do the we're going to do the twist again. You know, I think you're getting the hang of the twins loving the twist. I mean, this thing this tool is so easy to use.


You just take it and just press it in there and go like that. And you see all that zest coming off. Beautiful and lemon oil.


Wow. That oil over the drink, rub it around the rim and then drop it in to your vesper. You feel like James Bond.


She is a CIA accomplice.


Felix Leiter said he ordered the same drinks that keep the fruit.


Mm. Keep the fruit being saved. Save the that same the last year. Hmm.


I'm interested to see what you think about this one versus the regular martini.


Oh, this seems like like hidden danger, like it has some sweetness to it and you could throw them back pretty easily but it'll fuck you up.


Be careful with that. Yeah. The good in the pocket, the Keena and again this, this, it has a sweetness to it that you don't get from a treat like a vodka. And I think that really makes this one. But I think the Cheena is what ties it all together. And, you know, the classic London gin is what you want to use in this in this drink.


He said Gaudens was the one. He said this is. Yeah, but, you know, this will give do a better one, I suppose.


I came here talking to you guys about Dr. Drew and his kid went over to Garagos, his house and got jacked up, as I talk about on this show, talking about another podcast.


But be careful of the booze that doesn't really taste like booze, because that's where this this vodka doesn't have that vodka taste. And now that we've added our other compliments to it, it really doesn't taste like booze.


And so what happens when you go to Gurgis his house is he drinks Don Julio 1942 and he pours it like he pours it in a tumbler like you're drinking Sunny D. And at some point after just drinking Don Julio Tequila, like I was drinking a light beer, you know what I mean? Like big cup of it. You know, at some point I got up and I staggered over to the bar just to see if it was eighty proof and forty percent alcohol.


And sure enough, so that I was talking to Drew the other day and he's like, yeah, my son went over to guard his house to hang out with the Garagos family and do a little drinking. And it's like what happened is he was he was throwing up when he got home and he showed up this morning. And I said, I know it's that goddamn Don Julio because Don Julio and this as well, this vodka, it doesn't really it doesn't taste like you're drinking, but tell that to your brain and your liver.


Right. It's like it's happiness. It's hitting it the same or just as hard. It's hitting it every bit as hard as if you drank Clairvaux Gold out of a plastic bottle.


But it doesn't taste like it has alcohol in it. So careful.


You know who the real lucky man is tonight? My fiancee. I'm feeling awesome right now. Nice.


I got to tell you, one time you were talking about going out for a steak dinner. And I think this is what inspired me to do this segment. And so I was really thinking about that when we were putting this together. I'm like, I wanted to do it so that we can have something that would evoke those thoughts of being where do you go Morten's or wherever you go. Yeah, and this is the kind of drink that feels right in that kind of place.


So this is. Is mainstream enough that if you asked for one, a bartender, a capable bartender would know what they're saying? No, we've got good bartender like a like a really good bartender. But your average check, like Hooters. No, no.


Make a on. Does she work at the Hooters or she just an average wedding for no.


Most reputable craft cocktail bars. They're going to be they're going to make a vestberg, but a lot of it has to do with what the ingredients are. And by the way, there's tons of other great genes.


There's tons of other glass and moose. You got to find the ones you like.


You know, I I'm going to try to remember this, the name of this drink, as if you had an uncle from Long Island and he was talking about an Italian scooter. What would he say? And he'd say, my nephew's got himself one of those. Vesper's That's right. And that's how he would pronounce it.


Right. You guys want to try a dirty word? Yeah. Yeah. Is that the same with a dirty, dirty martini?


So you can do this with gin or vodka? Okay, this was a drink. The dirty martini was credit to a guy named John O'Connor, 19. No one who the original garnish in a classic martinis and olives. He decided to try muddling up and olives and see what happened. And then after a while, that that evolved into just putting some olive juice in there. OK, so. All right, we got to dump this out. So, Ari, dump out our mixing glass.


And Brian, you're your purist, so I don't know how that dirty martini works for you. I, I tend to enjoy them.


It's the only variation off of the classic martini that I that I will ever go for because I'm done with olive olives and olive oil. I love olives in my drink, so no olive juice is fine with me, but typically to avoid it.


OK, I'm curious. I've never had one and I don't like olives, but I'm very gung ho to do it the exact right way. And my, my mind is open.


Let's give it a shot and we'll we'll see what you think. So first decision you need to make is do you want to make it with gender. Do you want to make it with vodka. It's up to you. You're going to do you're going to do to whatever one you choose. You're going to do two and a half ounces. So that's the big side right here.


And then half the half the downside. Yeah. What do you recommend now then? You lead Virgin.


Yeah, I'm going to do OK. Now you're talking just because, you know, it's a martini and it looks if you like what to do. But can I do like you, but I'm going to do this. So we got the two ounces, two and a half ounces of gin. And you know, if you go a little bit heavy on the poor, that's all right. It's not going to hurt anybody. You know, the next thing to do is a half ounce of the vermouth.


Which one? The Allessio. The driver moves right here. Yeah, half an ounce of that.


Hey, could we hear a little my Bellona while he's talking about this half ounce of the vermouth?


After that, I opened again, James Bond of a French Riviera, seducing, seducing honey writer, everybody that everybody get their dirty suit.


Yes. Oh, yes. Oh, dirty do the dirty Sue is a local guy. Eat Eric. He used to used to run the bar at Jones in Hollywood and this is his brand. Thirty two. It's a premium olive juice. I don't don't recommend using all the juice of it from a jar about.


Oh really. All right. Bring it down. Pat it down a little. That's a little you know, take it went the ambience of weird al. But you don't want it to overpower the conversation. Yeah. The essence of it.


Half an ounce of this. Half an ounce of the half an ounce. So you don't want to use the stuff from the jar.


Absolutely not.


Don't don't you feel like you're going to get the stuff from the jar when you order a dirty martini? The steakhouse. I don't think so.


Are should you ask not have any place it's going to charge you real money. I mean, they're probably going to have either dirty shoes, one of the few brands that's out there. But they're not pulling out that you are because it's crappy and it's disgusting and it can absolutely happen.


Cocktail amounts of that. OK, and then what are you going to do as an olive garnish? Anywhere from two to four olives?


I'm going to do many. Yeah, you do. Come and go and you can do blue cheese, olives, whatever you want.


Brian says no to blue cheese. Yes, I know. I agree. A blue cheese olive is kind of cool, but it is taking the drink in another direction. You're absolutely right.


It does add an element that you might not like to it. And so now we're going to stir this again, stirring that up.


Hey, Dan, have you ever been to Louris and gotten their prime rib stuffed olives?


Oh, God is a god damn treat that as an appetizer, my friend. Yeah, that sounds like dinner. Then we just strain this into our little coop last year is. No, leave yourself a little bit of room for that, Alex. In there, I didn't have toothpicks, I have skewers, so I can do 14 olives, if you say so and thank you.


Yeah, that's beautiful, very muscular. Now, I don't wanna sound like an alcoholic, but I don't want to order too many olives because I feel like it's taking up valuable booze room in the basement. Man Yeah, that's where a side of olives.


Well, the other thing is a lot of times they'll use a bigger glass than this. I prefer these because I just think they're really stylish looking glasses, you know, have a good cool the.


Yeah. The dirties good and. Oh, that's good.


All right. My first dirty martini olives you see.


Oh, that's briny and delicious. Yeah, that's top notch. I like the taste of it.


Yeah. I didn't even know there was the dirty suit. Like I didn't know they had bottled olive ginger again.


Adam, I can't stress enough that if you were to use like rancid I mean if you just use all just in the jar, the drinks done, it doesn't matter what ginger use and would like. If you put shitty olive juice in there, it's over because that braininess of the that is that can dominate the drink. This has this is subtle.


You know, it's kind of fitting that what are the chances if you went out for steak and you ordered a dirty martini and you asked the waiter, do they use Martje, you know, they use olive juice or do they use it from the jar? What are the chances that person would have an answer for you?


The waiter? Yeah, not not so good. Right. Because the way it depends on the place.


But, yeah, you're right. Most most places people will go, they won't either know or they'll fudge it.


That is delectable. I don't know how you're going to top that one down.


You know, if you if you want to try this, you could do a fifty fifty. Right. Got it. I got another glass chilled and which is simply going to be the gin half equal parts, gin and equal parts driver move. And I would be curious to see what you would think about.


All right. That'll be our last one. We'll try this one. All right. Thanks. I just figured out the secret of eating olives because I've hated olives my entire life. I lived in Greece and I never ate one olive. I wasn't dipping the olive in a martini. And oh, yeah, that is not good. Delectable Olive.


And I'm sorry, what are we doing now? We're doing a fifty fifty.


And the reason being is because again the Celesio has this, it's going to hold up differently than other hummus. And I'm curious to see what you guys think of this. So let's do you know you could do an ounce and a half so you know, maybe take this big side here and go to an ounce and a half and you can see it, just eyeball it. You're doing equal parts, gin and equal parts for me. Eyeball as much as you want.


OK, I'm going to go all the way up because I'm drinking.


Yeah, but you're professional. Well, I'm home too.


And you're sweating it out as we as we drink. Oh, my wife. Did you see this Jesus glistening. You know, this skin was so tough question about the strainer. Why does it have holes in it if we don't really care about them. The strainer has little holes and stuff in it. Do we care about those? Do they do they matter?


Well, I think it's because if you poured too quickly and you didn't have the holes, it would maybe knock the strainer off. Got it. But it's not like I'm missing a swizzle stick or something.


Are we stirring it now? Yeah, you start again. My equal gin, equal vermouth. And you could I would I would do a twist just because I know Gina likes Megan to twist. I love it. Stir this thing up like you like stir emotion right there. I got going right. Oh down my friend.


You don't want to go too hard with the stare because you bang up the ice and then it dilutes the drink and you don't want to go with the drink. Did we had vermouth to this. Yeah. Equal parts gin and got gotcha. Yeah.


Oh here we go. Right in there. Yeah. You're getting this. There's got to be more aromatic, less little seem a little less boozy and let me get my twist which is always very important. And this song feels right for this direction, and I've never felt classier drinking a martini. Here we go.


What do we do? Can we put a cherry in it?


Wouldn't it's a bit that's a bit over. That's not it. That's how you can put an olive in there and onion, OK. You do an onion.


Are you at Long John Silvers in 1979 ordering a Shirley Temple? Perhaps we could answer this question. We have cherries. We have cherries. Oh, no, no. We had those.


I would say the cherry for maybe a whiskey drink.


OK, yeah, there are drinks that this is good. Not as good. I like that. I like the dirty. I'd say I don't know who the leader in the clubhouse is for you guys, but they've all been good.


I think that I think the dirty martinis, the one I've enjoyed the most, they can be dirty. They're going the dirty.


I'm going for the desperation right now. The best first pretty. Yeah, that was pretty awesome as well.


You're right. I mean, they're all great.


Maybe it's because you always remember your first, but that first one will always stick with me. That was delicious. All right.


It down a little. Come on. The Strawberry Martini first for me, then the Vesper was solid actually the first Buspar I ever had and then the first martini we made. The sugar content of the of this particular vermouth is just not for me. And this last one is actually in one hundred eighty sixth place.


OK, yeah. No I like it. It's just too sugary for me. I like it. By the way, the other thing I would never do is do a fifty fifty with it, with an extra driver. It will taste, it will say harsh your extra dry for the more vermouth you get in the harsher it tastes. Yeah. This one has a higher sugar control. This is a more floral drink. Maybe somebody doesn't like such an alcohol floor drink is going to like this variation.




Yeah. The Vesper was good and the dirty was good. All right, Dan, let me give you some plugs here. And the man what we're drinking with then done. And you can watch that or listen that I should say, the podcast, Dan Aykroyd on there. And also you can shoot a tweet at the BIBRA as well. Let me tell you guys about Madison read. Mr. Madison Read makes the hair coloring for women. They've done a great job.


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All right. Let's take a little break. We'll come back and thanks, Dan. Great job. We'll do the news will attempt to do the news with Jena grad right after this.