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With Gina grad on news Paul Bryant on sound effects and writer Megan Fox drops by and now better, stronger, faster. We have the technology. Adam Carolla, yeah, get it on. Got to get it on the choice for the UN mandate. You get it on. Thanks for tuning in. The ratings went up last week, so we appreciate that. And thanks for telling the friend. Right, Genographic. That's right. And Beaubrun, I know someone's been beating off in here.


Gina still offended by the bionic woman, only lifting twenty five pounds with a leg extension.


Not only could I hardly sleep last night, but I went full. Rockie when he's training in like a farm and, you know, chasing around chickens. And Drogo has all the. I was like putting phone books on my own shins to give me climbed a mountain in Russia.


Yeah, I'm sitting I'm sitting on the couch and I go grab it, grab a book, you grab an encyclopedia. This is more than the chick from the bionic woman dared to show us she was bionic. So I had to get the whole family involved.


And in that montage, it alone lifted that old wooden cart with like three guys sitting in, like, what if I just if the producers of the Bionic Woman had shot that montage, she would have lifted a feather duster with both hands, with somebody pulling up her elbow.


Oh, my God.


I know. It's so weird that people people think I'm insane. I do realize this, but I watch things and I'm like, what business are you in? What is going on? What are we attempting? What are we attempting to convey? And aren't we conveying the opposite of what we're attempting to convey?


Yeah, those opening sequences are meant to be like, here's here's all you need to know to enjoy this story. We're like, oh, she's a weakling. Yes.


All right. So we got that. I was talking to Strohmayr earlier today about Gousse and how much more I enjoy Gousse than Duck.


But I'm sorry, I thought you were going to say Goose than Maverick.


I didn't know what we were talking about. I got the need for speed.


Yeah, but that's what we do on our home improvement show. But discuss the merits of goose and duck fowl. Yeah, I want to I want to say this. A lot of people may be on the fence. Should we eat goose? Should we duck? I will make that decision very easy for you. Ducks are sweet, they're nice and they don't really harm anybody. They're just trying to go north for the winter or south for the winter or whatever, or is it going and we shoot them out of the sky.


Geese are possibly the meanest creatures on the planet. They are. If you're looking for something to eat, like, you know, I wouldn't eat Phil because Phil's a sweetheart. You know, he wouldn't eat. Phil, if there's if if you can take a personality and attach it to something, I look, I'm going to eat a cow cows. Nice. I'll eat a goose. A goose is mean. But if you were to say to me, I really just want you to eat the mean animals, I think I would feel better about myself.


You're balancing the cosmic ledger. Yeah. And and it's all dolphins and ghosts.


That's right, Rose. That's right. That's right. Right. So now I pulled up. I said all you have to do is Google in geese attacking kids. And it'll be seven thousand hours of YouTube videos of geese attacking kids. Oftentimes they're just trying to feed the goose right now. The friend befriends the goose, but they'll have none of it because of them. You know, as far as what is laying in wait for you by the side of the lake or the pond and alligators, much nicer than a goose.


I mean, because, yeah, alligators are at the animals like that are ferocious as me.


And they're not me and they're just, you know, they're all great killers, but they're docile for the most part until they're until they're not like I would argue that if your four year old walked up to the edge of the pond and there was a gator in there, there'd be a very slim chance that the gator would come out and attack your kid. But there's a hundred and ten percent chance that if there's a goose, yeah, they would try to eat your kid.


And I'll show you just a little footage of this.


But I know it's a baby and he's trying to feed the goose and the goose just bit the baby's hand.


The goose, the baby was trying to feed the goose here is a goose violently raping, violently raping a nine year old boy who's on his stomach and is literally paying the kid to his stomach and is violently.


And there's no other way to describe this other than violent rape. And now the goose is going after the world's cutest animal, which is a Saint Bernard puppy, and then giving it to the kid at some.


Some. Yeah. All right. So the kid is fucking John Wayne on to larger creatures. Yeah. Yeah.


All right. The goose is not your friend is basically what I'm saying.


They they drop and they do a move to the head.


They do the moves that Thomas the Hitman Hearns did to Roberto Duran, which is they go low, they go low with the leg extension and then pow up to the kisser, right to the kisser. They go down preening, they go down low. There's another goose chases in snow, the meanest look. Everybody who may fail may feel just a slight bit of guilt. Eating a goose do not. They're the world's meanest creatures and they're coming for your kids.


You're right.


I will add to that by saying I don't know if it's swan or geese. I think it's geese that hover around the Hollywood Forever cemetery. But you take your mom on a nice walking tour and you get too close to Cecil B. DeMille crypt and they will chase your ass. I tripped. It was like a horror movie with them running after me.


Yeah. So they're I don't know. You can only tie them in in the meat department. Not only are they aggressive, but they prey on our children.


Nancy Grace, I have been trying to tell people this for years, Adam, and thank the good Lord above that somebody is finally bringing this up. The geese have come for your children. People ignored. People turn a blind eye and they don't hear the horn again until it's too late.


Yeah, I was down at Whittier narrows out here and when my kids were younger and I just kind of dropped them off, I went back to the car to smoke a cigarette. And I'm sorry.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What did you just say? You left your two babies alone while you go and fill your lungs with the devil's smoke. I thought they'd have a good time, you know, with the lake and the birds and everything that's going to tell them to live.


What's wrong with you? I didn't know it at the time, Nancy. I found out that they never do.


And that's when they end up on my show and everybody says, oh, I didn't know at the time where, why. And that's why your kids are dead. Well, you know, I think it's part of the problem. Sorry, Nancy, but you've got to find a mirror. It's the media, you know, Mother Goose and the friendly goose and the goose that laid the golden egg. It's all sunshine and puppy dogs when it comes to geese.


The media loves the people who write the children's books, lull the kids into a false sense of security. But they don't do that with alligators. Alligators are mean. Are you are you finished? There's no Disney film with a friendly alligator. That's true.


But Adam Carolla, don't you bring Mother Goose into this? Don't you bring that sainted woman who who who who takes the children and holds them to her feathery breast. Don't you get her involved because she is beloved and she is on the right side of history? It's the geese that you left your children alone, left to fend for themselves while you smoke. And if you got them, don't put this on Mother Goose.


Oh, that's right. Jimmy wrote a kid's book called The Serious is Tessa's favorite book. It's also the kid here, his favorite. Read it every night. I could recite it to you.


I'm sure Brian could do well. We try and I'm sorry to say, my friend Jimmy is at least Jimmy has given a proper depiction of a goose.


Yeah, the whole point of this goose is you cannot make her laugh. She's a serious, mean ghost. Right. Which is, again, a very apt description of a goose, but makes the science text. Jimmy, is Jimmy swimming upstream here because so many geese have been sainted in the eyes of publishing children's books? You're right. They just lulla kids into this false sense. Security like that goose. That's your friend. That's your buddy. You sit home and you read, oh, there it is.


Jimmy Kimmel in the serious book, it so says Brian has it on hand to eat.


And then they go to the side, they go to the edge of the pond and they're violently attacked and in some cases raped, as we saw by the by the angry goat. So, again, there.


But the good news is they're delicious, succulent, their succulent.


I'm going to blow your mind and all of my highfalutin lifestyle. I don't think I've ever had goose. I had foie gras. A couple of a couple of times is neither here nor there, but it could be from a duck that's made from duck or goose. So was just I don't know that I've had goose.


Now, if you just had like if they sliced up the breast and you had a bite of the duck in the bite of the goose just on taste alone, Adam, who do you like better?


Well, maybe I'm just basing it on hanging out for Thanksgiving with the Pinsky's. But Drew's wife whipped up an amazing goose and it was just better than any turkey I've ever had.


So where does one even get a goose market? Dr. Drew and his wife, she explained to me that you basically go to the Whole Foods and they they dress one up for you. I mean, they have exotic meats. You order it up and and you get it. My the Hungarians have it right with their treatment of geese, because my grandfather, one of his greatest laments going from Budapest to North Hollywood, was not being able to get his hands on any stuffed goose liver.


Oh, it is asphaug raw. That's out of it. Well, foie gras, I guess you can get, which is goose liver in California.


And that Krystal's look this up. I think there was a story a year ago they outlawed it or you couldn't anymore.


But you're saying they actually stuff the goose liver stuffed goose liver. No, you're talking about a stuffed goose. I'm talking about they force feed the goose.


Oh, right. Right. And they literally book somebody whose job is to take, like, bread crumbs and ram it down the Goussis throat. Now, I would argue they should give that job to one of the kids have been violently attacked by the geese because there's no love lost there.


You know what I mean? Yeah. You pull just some guy off a Craigslist. He's going to have mixed feelings about that, you know what I mean? But one of the kids that was violently attacked by the riverside, those guys would do it with glee. So they stuffed the goose. Essentially, they force feed the crews at some point where the goose is liver gets so fat, explo from being force fed and then they kill the goose and they take its liver.


And then you spread it on a saltine.


So worth it. That, I think, was the problem with the California and the goose liver. Now, I don't know if you can just take a healthy goose goose liver and spread it on a cracker, but it's probably not nearly as delectable.


Right. So this has been a seven year long battle. And as of July of last year, they California said that as long as the product comes from an out of state cellar and is transported by a third party, then it's OK, just good science.


So we'll just bring it in from a neighboring state. Yeah, we'll just have some dude we know in Nevada with a van who can bring a stuffed geese liver and we'll do it that way. There you go.


Can you just take regular goose liver and eat it or is it got to be the stuffed goose liver?


They probably do it some better way now, but like like veal, I guess it's got to be tender.


Yeah, my my grandfather, his face with delight and it's a combination of lament and delight would be like the goose liver, the, the stuffed goose liver are so good. And of course they put it on like in Hungary. They probably put on a world class piece of bread, you know, and they teach proper nickel, spread it on there, and the poor guy would have to head down to the Luckies market. Now, Johns, I guess, and just go down that the aisle that had the arm and hammer liverwurst spread, you know, the weird canned 70s thing, the potted meat, weird potted meat that was made of God knows what part and how much real goose liver or whatever was in there.


And he just said, fair to that. But the great loss of Gorog definitely wanted some stuffed goose liver. All right.


So eat geese with impunity is what I'm what I'm saying to people.


Look, let's let's face it. The goose you eat tonight could have very well been a goose that raped a four year old by the side of the river earlier that day or is about to or worse yet, about two. That's right. Nancy Grace. Yes. How do you feel about these four year olds being raped by geese?


I am sick to my stomach. I'm I'll pray on it later because we have to do. I don't even think a three part special will do this. I think we need to go all week long and call out the goose named by name, Goose by Ghost. So this doesn't happen in your town because everybody thinks, oh, not my town, my neighborhood's quiet, my neighborhood safe.


Nobody is safe from the goose. Very well put.


All right. On our on our theme, our food theme, I went over to the shop where we make all the documentaries and there is a big donut box sitting out. And I took a picture of the contents because and then I demanded to know who who purchased these donuts.


Have we not learned our lesson? Yes. Why those are whole thing about the doughnuts is first. OK, can I just say this multi-color Jimmys never added anything to anything ever in the taste department. They are simply sugar mixed with red paint, green and orange dye. Number seventeen. There is no flavor enhancement from the Jimmys or the sprinkles either like this.


You would not be able to tell them apart. No, their little sugary chalky pellets. Yes. Although would kind of ruin your experience. Like you'd be better off just taking a glazed doughnut and capsizing it some kitty litter and enjoying it that way. They do not add anything. But I also argue the only angle that would work is if you have a bunch of special needs kids who would be delighted, or maybe I'll take my two subjects. Maybe your child was just violently raped by a goose and is not in need of some comfort food, you know what I mean?


And a little thing to put a smile on their face therapy sprinkles. Yeah, right. So I. I took a picture and I saw the three pink and white Jimmy Colored Fourth of July festive donuts and along with three or four or four other donuts that were beside it. And then I went back about an hour later and I took a second picture and now you all expected. Now listen, everybody, the doughnuts that the sprinkled Jimmi ones remain untouched.


The other ones they're getting to, they'll eventually eat every donut before they get to the Jimmi ones and they will eat those eventually when they have to. And this is my thing. This is like the everything bagel or the blueberry bagel. Understand that people are pigs. People also have no self-esteem and no dignity and people are cheap. So and they're ravenous. So they will get to the bad donuts eventually. But that does not mean the next time you go on a doughnut run, you should include the doughnuts nobody wanted.




See, and I'm saying we've ducked the survey 60 percent of the way through. We will do with the donut the same as we do with the CS candy box, which is, oh, we'll get to the stuff we took a bite of and threw back eventually. But that'll be later when we're drunk, desperate, drunk, desperate and have and we have consumed all the stuff we want.


So the C's version of this is the chocolates that are wrapped like the cherry or the orange or anything fruit flavored with chocolate, the fruity goo your they'll be gone by the end out of desperation.


But this is the first to go, in fact, usually the last to linger. All right.


So keep the jimmies out of the donut box. People for for the adults. Right. I suppose I could look the other way on chocolate jimmies, but now you're just gilding the lily because it's already a chocolate doughnut, right?


It's not necessary. I also feel in terms of gilding the donut, I don't I don't appreciate an icing on a glazed.


Mm. I don't think it's necessary. I think it makes the glaze worse and with the as well. And here's a here's another gilding the lily had a piece of like double chocolate German chocolate cake the other day. It's got the chocolate cake with the chocolate frosting and it's all good. Was horribly annoyed by the chocolate, many more subtle sprinkles that were put onto the frosting. Because here's the thing, first off, according to the logic. Of the person that made the double chocolate cake, I should shove an enema nozzle up my ass and you should you should pump warm fudge into it while I consume the cake, because in your world, there's never enough chocolate.


In my world, you have chocolate cake with tons of chocolate frosting. And now there's a texture issue. I'm biting into it and I'm feeling these hard, pebbly crunches that are basically spot welded to the frosting because once they're thrown on there, there's no removing them. Is that adding to my chocolate experience is what I'm saying? I mean, you can't help but notice it, especially for the texture, but I don't think it's improving it, don't you?


When you when you bite into that piece of cake, do you want that crunchy nugget that's in there? I feel like it's competing with the part of the reason cake is good. It's kind of consistent and smooth texture, you know, getting the right amount of frosting with the right amount of cake on there. And they just it was P.F. Chang's that did it. I normally like them, but they went nuts on the German chocolate and they put the sprinkles on there.


I'm going to I'm going to add to your point when you talked about who really wants sprinkles, little kids who've suffered a trauma of some kind because adults raping.


Right. Other anyone else would say fat to that. So for Valentine's Day, the little one begged to make a cake. And by the way, no one's touched it, but this is what he wanted on it. I took him to the store and I said he could do anything he wanted. It was Valentine's Day can make any cake. He wanted chocolate cake, which I disagree with anyway, with white icing, which is a double offense to me.


I do not like chocolate cake with white icing plus sprinkles, two different bottles of different kinds of sprinkles, some pastels, some primary color, plus a fudge fudge icing that comes in the bag so you can make designs. Plus crumbled up in the cake and on top of the cake candy bars. Nobody has touched this cake.


But you thought it was really fun to make it restrained.


Isn't the arena of the four year old and nobody wants it. You get diabetes just by looking good. Strong city way, way too much. Three quarters of the way there in the cake department at the store where you buy like the pre done dough and the pre done sprinkles and the pro and frosting like. Yeah, my argument is, are you going to make a cake with your child or not? Because you in my whole thing is like just keep walking another thirty feet, you'll hit the deli counter, the bakery counter in the back, just fucking buy one.


Because let's just let's just admit what we're doing here.


I'm, I'm happy to admit it because unlike Christie, I cannot bake. I am a horrible baker.


Even the cookies that we made that Brian that you gave us all the you know, the the Dolly Parton flowers right now.


We're horrible. I do. I'm a terrible baker. So this was like Betty Crocker. Just add water, you know, child fun. But you're absolutely right. I just I cannot bake.


I'm terrible at it to two things about that. One, the only thing worse item is the the the cookie dough that comes at a roll. Yeah.


Oh, that's that's ridiculous. Absurd. Secondly, I insulted Christy before we went to Big Bear. I said you I'm to get some, like, cake mix and you guys can make brownies or something.


She looks at me, yes, honey, this cake mix. Oh my gosh.


I should have I should tell you. So sorry. That was an attack. It really was.


All right. We have we're going to talk to Megan Fox. Not that Megan Fox. She's an award winning journalist and author and a political commentator.


We might, I guess, read an article on she wrote a column on this is why you never apologize to the police. So she wrote a cancel culture piece. I said, was this a resignation letter?


Is she allowed to go back to her job after the mike? And I've been talking a lot about crazy culture lately.


And so she wrote this very great column that spoke to Mike. So my book. But I thought before we brought her on, we'd hear some of the column.


Yeah. So it initially starts off with her talking about how much she loves The Bachelor, and she's in a bachelor Facebook group and she posted a screenshot of one of the posts that someone put in the group. And it reads, I want this post to be for Posse's to share their opinions. If you're white, please do not comment. Just watch. We do not need your opinions. Thanks. And then she asks, how do you feel about Rachel's apology?


And the same people calling this post racist are the same people who will not allow colleges to have serenity rooms for blacks and other places, even though everything revolves around them. She goes on and on. So Megan started off saying, if he sees people of color.


Yes. So is this is this racist on its own? And then it finishes off. She tells a story about Chris Harrison's apology and Dawson as a closing.


Well, it is kind of it's it's interesting. So I've always kind of said, look out. One of my arguments that no one ever likes about how racism isn't a big problem in this country is a US inventing racism in terms of hoaxes you've seen. But also this is during the. The season of The Bachelor, where we have a black bachelor and one of the leading contestants, maybe the one who won it, is the one who's vying for the love of the black man.


She's the one who's been called a racist. So really try to figure that math out in a racist society. If she in fact and I think she's one of the front runners, at least as I've heard it, maybe I mean, they have a winner. I don't know if they've divulged it, but she's considered a front runner. This young white lady is vying for the affection of the black bachelor. So I would argue sort of mathematically how big a race this could she, in fact, be if this is what she's trying, if she's trying to land the black man.


But we have decided to call her a racist anyway. Math would suggest that she's probably not considering she's on a show trying to land a black man, but is the racist things she's accused of?


She went to the plantation party. She went to the antebellum, you know, sorority, whatever party that they that they go where everyone's dressing up like Scarlett O'Hara. And we're all going to go have that as a theme to the party. And there's going to be a lot of you know, as I was saying to Mike, these parties, I don't think they've taken a year off since they were the actual party in eighteen sixty five. Not a novelty.




The Southern Belles slowly transitions and novelty. Well, if you think about it, you're right. I used to just be a party. Now it's a themed party. So like the swinging 70s parties, they took twenty five years off and then it became ironic and people started throwing swinging 70s parties again. But swinging 70s parties ended in nineteen eighty one and then they resurfaced again in 05 or whatever. The antebellum stuff that used to just be a deb party with Southern gals wearing the southern gowns and it probably was sororities throughout the country probably never took a year off.


I was going to say sorority parties and fraternity parties are ripe ground for people who are looking for, oh, this and this kind of party. Like there were tons of pimps and hoes, parties from the night, like anyone who attended one of those 90s is fair game to be is distasteful. And it's not, you know, classy. But, you know, it's obvious something you would do today.


The the toga party probably had the longest gap between actual toga parties. Yeah. Yes. And then ironic toga parties which showed up after Animal House, you know, nineteen seventy seven.


But I can't think of anything wrong with a toga party or am I just not thinking hard enough.


Oh we'll figure it out ok. Yeah. There on the slave. Yeah. Well we'll get there but I'm going to tell, I'm here to say that there are literally millions of women who have been photographed in their junior year at at Florida State wearing the gown, the Scarlett O'Hara gown at a party. Right. So this is going to be problematic for everyone who's trying to enter the media or become the next bachelor or or even corporate America. I mean, there's going to be they're out there.


They're all out there. And Chris Harrison, poor guy, my favorite parts. The apology where he had to explain the part about the apology I love is, of course, first things first. He's not a he doesn't mean the apology because he didn't say anything that required an apology. He was basically saying, hey, we don't have to cancel everybody. And now he got canceled. Now they're calling for his permanent cancellation from The Bachelor. Many of the alumni want him gone for good, for defending this person, basically saying, you know, why don't we why don't we have a little grace here?


But he may be he may be permanently. And we're going to see a lot more of this coming. So we'll talk to Megan about it.


But, yes, you know, you know, we don't care about anymore, which I thought would never go out of style. A redemption story. Well, my no, I don't believe in them anymore.


My favorite part about the apology, which is that kid wishing you out of the cornfield moment, is it's no longer good enough that you apologize. You have to then explain that you're going to educate yourself. And that's the part that feels very scary to me, like we are going to educate you, we are going to it sounds very many of the many of the regimes we don't we don't like throughout history had a way of educating people who stepped out of line.


That's that sort of Orwellian part. Like I'm going to educate. You can find that. You can find his apology, Chris. We can laugh at it, but. Oh, it's in there. Oh, go ahead.


Dorsa in the article headlined This Is Why You Never, Ever Apologize to the World Police. Megan Fox writes, Chris Harrison's apology is the dumbest apology I've ever seen. Oh, good. Quote. By excusing historical racism, I defended it. I invoked the WOAK police, which is unacceptable. I am ashamed over how uninformed I was. I was so wrong. He wrote in a long winded apology that sounded like it was written at gunpoint. There's nothing racist about a party at which college kids get drunk and ballgowns.


And if that's racist, dressing up in clothing that was popular during the time of slavery, then cancel Bridgton to Shonda Rhimes has a hit on her hands with assault with a show that paints the Regency period in England as Utopia. Not only that, but actors of all races are using the time, period and fashion to fantasize about a time that was horrific for poor people and minorities. But no one is canceling Rhimes. Only white people get canceled for enjoying the fashions of past eras.


It's hard to even type this stupidity anymore. These are your new overlords. These are the people who set the rules. Now, none of this is about equality, but about revenge for past wrongs that no one living today had anything to do with. That won't matter when they come for you. I bet Harrison voted for Biden to enjoy the new era. It's going to be hilarious. And by the way, if you want me to stop using the phrase WOAK police, you will literally have to put me in prison and tape my mouth shut or shoot me.


At this rate, that outcome is looking more and more likely every day you go, girl.


Yeah, there's no apologizing. Cause the thing about apologies is a half demean them and we all know nobody means it. But B, you have to assume that the person is offended and wants the apology. So if your wife wants you to apologize, well, then you can apologize to your wife for adjusting to uses powdered cake mix.


That's right. But Brein good example. If she just wanted you out of the house and cancel, well then I don't know if the apology is going to work because that's not really what she wants. I mean you can say to Chrissy, sorry about the snafu with the Duncan Hines, I apologize. And if in fact that's what she's truly upset about then the apology will work. But what if she wanted you to just hit the streets? What if she just do it?


What if she doesn't want to? You can't go in perpetuity.


They'd be like, I don't think I understand how that hurt me right now. It's like, I apologize. Not good. Not good enough. All right. All right. And I got to find someone else who said something about cake mix and go after them. Somebody somebody tweeted about cake mix, and I find it problematic. Yes.


Dana, I want to divulge something that every time we have this conversation, it rolls around in my head. And I thought and leave it alone, you know? No, because I don't know if kids are still doing it, but and I love the way they've rebranded it. But I think about it every time we talk about this, there is a makeup product that is for stage makeup called Texas Dirt. That is what it's called. Now, I'm looking it up right now because it's in the special effects department.


That is not what Texas dirt is used for or was used for. When I was in high school, community theater, everybody that's part of the kit that you had to have, because if you were, you know, in Kansas and you were cast in the case and I saw West Side Story and you were a shark and not a jet, well, guess what? The teacher ordered you Texas dirt. That's it's a it's a brown powder on your skin.




Because you look like to them you would look inappropriate if you weren't doing, you know, serving the script by looking like what the character's supposed to look like. And that was just normal. You want to look like what you're supposed to look like in the role you are casting. I can't imagine that this is still something that's used in school. But it was a if you didn't have it in your kit, you were in trouble. It was a part of your kid that that you were demanded to have.


And I wonder how that works now, Jena. Yes. Are there photographs of you?


And I mean, I was a shark. I wasn't a jet. I was I was I was hooked him in the I.


I can find you the wealthiest person in Kansas by 100 miles. I know money, but that's the thing.


I mean, you know, your your 12, your 10, your 13 year five. And this is being smeared all over you by a makeup person. And I can't imagine that that's happening anymore. Well well, that's what they said in the past.


I would defend you, but now I'm worried for my job. So you're on your own baby diplomatic dirt face. All right. We'll take a quick break. We'll be back with the ballsy Megan Fox right after this. It's time to check Adam's voice mail. Hey, Adam, I was wondering if you're thinking the way the cancer culture is taking all these words away now, retarded kids see this case do that. How long until you get a handicap in golf anymore?


When does that word can hurt somebody? Get it on.


You can leave us a message at eight eight eight six three four one seven four four.


And let's not forget, when you're framing a low poni wall, the miniature studs in there are referred to as cripples.


So it's a very common terminology if you're framing a parapet on a roof like a three foot high wall or something. This is all getting cut out. Definitely be calling it. Definitely cutting cripples. An ice cream shop just dropped using the word Jimmys.


Yeah, it's even called Sprinkles Jimmys, which is which is an East Coast thing and a Boston thing. And there's like a lot of rumors, it's all unconfirmed that it's like a Jim Crow laws are like a chocolate sprinkles. So there's actually an ice cream shop in Salem that said we don't wanna take any chances.


We're just we're just kind of sprinkles like we're johns's. Wow.


And the chocolate donuts could be argued about cultural appropriation, too. They should just stick with the white cake. Megan Fox, award winning journalist, author, political commentator, has joined us. Good to see you, Megan. Well, I think my thanks for having me here, Adam. There you go. Yeah. So thanks for having me. We just read your article and this is something I've been yapping about for a long time as well. This crazy council culture.


Where do you think this whole thing is heading? I mean, you've been studying it for a while. It seems to be gaining momentum and speed. But the question I would have for you is I think we know what direction we're heading, but are we getting to a saturation point where large groups of Americans will finally start pushing back?


Well, I hope so. I mean, the article you're talking about is referencing Chris Harrison having to step aside from The Bachelor, as I mean, everyone loves Chris Harrison. He might be the most beloved person on television. So that this happened to him is maybe one of those turning points. And I think I referenced in my article the Facebook page that I'm a part of. I'm I'm hanging my head in shame here, that I'm part of The Bachelor fan club.


But I am. And on Facebook, I'm watching these people talk about this. And after this happened, it went from, you know, them tolerating this post about how no white people are allowed to speak in this post, on this Facebook page to what the heck is happening here. And so I think it kind of has shifted, at least in public opinion, on the Facebook fan groups. Everyone seems to be very upset about Chris Harrison having to step aside over this silly, ridiculous thing.


You know, I don't mean there is such a thing as systemic racism in this country and people like Rachel Lindsay, who are going after Chris Harrison probably out of a sense of wanting to self elevate herself, you know, put herself up on a pedestal and make a name for herself instead of looking at what's really happening to black and brown children in this country. You know, there is systemic racism. And if you want to find it, just look to the teachers unions because they are keeping black and brown children out of school right now and they've been doing so since March.


And so if you want to do something good for people of color, maybe focus on that instead of Chris Harrison, who hasn't done a darn thing to anybody.


Yeah, it's always these movements always go this direction. Obviously, their problems. There's real things. There's energy that could be put in a direction, but they never put it in that direction. They put it in directions that don't take as much work, aren't nearly as complicated. And they get a lot of that boys or that girls on on social media. So, yes, of course, there's there's problems. And look, I said I would say the same thing about the women's march.


It's like there are problems, not so much in this country, but there's a lot of problems worldwide with the way women are being treated. But nary a peep about that. We're just talk about what's going on in this country when there's some severe problems. Yeah, I, I agree.


Fabricated this stuff on The Bachelor about racism on The Bachelor. It's it's a fabrication. None of it exists. I mean, it's not even real. We're talking about a girl who went to a party in twenty eighteen and dressed up in a southern ballgown.


Well, if we're going to cancel antebellum parties and costume parties with which, by the way, are not segregated, anyone can go. This is a country. A party I was invited can go.


It's not based on if we're going to do want to talk about Shonda Rhimes is show that's on Netflix. Shonda Rhimes has a hit show on her hands. It's called Bridgton. It is set in the Regency England. Right. And she has this cast of diverse characters and they've suspended reality where all of these characters are are very, very wealthy and regency England and they're wearing these incredible costumes. The thing is a costume drama, right? That's what it is.


And it's great. It's terrific TV. But if we're going to cancel everybody's parties and costume parties around the country and you're not allowed to go to one, well, then cancel that show, too, because it was it was it's it's fantasizing about a time that was really terrible for poor and minority people here. You can't have it both ways.


Well, I have a theory about this, and some people may think it's a theory, but I think the math pencils out, which is the more progressive we get in terms of race and racism, the fact that we have a black bachelor. So, so, so here's the zeitgeist. Here's the job. So you can take everything and have it go from macro and you just bring it to micro and you get your answer right. So if you were.


Building a case and the cases we live in a racist nation and then someone says, but we have a black bachelor. I mean, that's that's good, right? I mean, how can you call the bachelor racist where we have a black bachelor this season? Now, you have to work overtime to coronate to create the scenario. And I'll say micro. What what I'll say is, is anyone who's been in a bad relationship where you're saying, God, that person's a bad person or I hate my husband or my wife or whatever it is, they could bring home flowers and you could go, oh, Orchid's not roses, you know what I mean?


Because you have a theme and the theme needs to be fed. And if you want to know why we're finding racism where racism doesn't exist is because we've been bending over backwards trying to get rid of racism and show everybody know we have a black president and we have a black bachelor and we have half the people in Biden's cabinet are black and we need doing all this stuff. And so the people who have the theme, especially the race hustlers out there, they're now working overtime to find it.


And Chris Harrison, so we would love doing it.


They're doing it just to to elevate themselves, though. This is about Rachel Lindsey getting a job on The Bachelor. Most likely. This is about Rachel Lindsey taking over Chris Harrison's position. This is always what SJW is. Do they take over an industry and they elevate themselves to a position of of authority in that industry? They did it in the gaming industry just a couple of weeks ago. I was just writing about this maybe last week, board games, of all things.


There's an online community of people who enjoy playing board games. And in this community, there were some YouTube ers called Ant Labs that did, you know, videos showing play Theroux's of popular board games. It's interracial couple.


Total, total nerds. Total nerds, for sure. They were interracial couple had no politics, no politics whatsoever on the channel, but they have been canceled and pushed out. They had to cancel their YouTube channel because they've been assaulted for three years by SJW who got offended that this woman gave tips for women who don't like to be sexually harassed at conventions. She had the nerve to give tips to women to avoid uncomfortable sexual situations. But because she didn't do it in the way that SJW want you to do it, because she suggested that women might have some agency where where their own bodies are concerned, like, oh, don't get drunk on a convention floor by yourself, that's probably not a good idea.


Don't walk alone at night. You know, common sense ideas. These people drove her off the Internet for that.


And social justice warrior. Oh, sorry, I'm not here. Justice Breyer.


Well, I think we have nothing better to call them. I think we have.


I was funny. I was talking about I've talked about this on this show, but I was talking about it to somebody over the weekend who was trying to get had some social social justice warrior come at them. I said, you know, I've been around long enough to remember when all of this stuff came from the religious right. These were religious people. If you would say something to your radio on on radio in nineteen ninety five in the program director guy, I got a bunch of letters.


It was from religious nut jobs. This is the new religion. So it's so funny. So if you say so if I said in nineteen ninety five, if I said I got into trouble for something I said on a radio show, everyone in the room would go religious nut jobs. Some, some church went to offended you know. Yeah. Whatever it is. If you say if you just do the sort of a little experiment here you, you do that in twenty, twenty one.


He said, I talked on the radio and I got into trouble. Well everyone would know it was the social justice warrior. So the social justice warriors who used to constantly attack and rightfully so, the religious people that were trying to have their way with society have now become the religion of today. It's interesting that they completely and are are all atheists. That's the that's the end. And probably more of them.


The new Puritans. Hey, how about new Puritans? How about we do that? Very good.


I got a I got a plan. You can you can tweet this out. Let's get Chris Harrison fired and let's get a hashtag. Ted Nugent, new bachelor host. Let's see if we can start a campaign, a grassroots campaign. First off, he'd be fucking awesome as the bachelor host. I mean, Mendis, he'd be tremendous.


He'd be out there awareness, loincloth and his crossbow. You know, he'd be he's the best talker in the world.


He said tomorrow's ceremony, there'd be a bow ceremony, bow ceremony, fire that rose across the room.


One hundred percent bullshit. The great Ted Nugent. Let's see if we can get that trending maxim pada. Let's see if we can replace Chris Evans because he's had a long enough run.


And I figure Chris has and I figure Ted's been kind of on the sidelines for a while, you know, and this might be first thing's first if you want to draw in some new audience outside of the demo, if you're the bachelor, you're going to have the old fans, they're going to stick with it. They can't. It's heroin to them. But you'd get guys like me watching every week. Curiosity factor. Absolutely.


Yeah. All right. I've never seen The Bachelor. I'd watch that, but I've never seen it either now.


Oh, much better people than I am. Yes.


We watch other crap and now it's it's I have seen it before. It's like. Brian, The Bachelor is like Real Housewives of Orange County. Now you're talking where you walk into the room. Your wife is laying down on the bed on a Sunday and she's watching Real Housewives. And then you lay down and you go, what is this horseshit? And then you go, what a waste of time. And then you go, who are these nut jobs?


And then at some point you go, The countess is a bitch. She or she is throwing Laney under the bus, under the bus. What does she think she's doing, what you think she's doing and things like that. And the next thing you know, you're pacing next to the set and you're what? And you've watched nine episodes. That's the way I think. That's the way The Bachelor works, right?


That is the way it works. And it's also I always like it because I think it's a fun snapshot of our current dating culture. And I've been married for 20 years, so I'm completely out of it. And I find it entertaining and fun to watch instead to watch 20 year olds, you know, try and navigate through this process. It's so awkward and sad. And and I do I find it addictive. I didn't watch this season, though, because when I heard they were going to have a black bachelor, I knew what this was going to be like, was going to be woak police all over the place.


And I didn't want that in my living room. I don't know who would. So I just decided not to watch the take part in it. And sure enough, it's the one season that made Chris hair and have to leave his job. And by the way, did you read his apology?


Oh, yeah, we read his thing. You we read his apology, read on the air. And I did, too.


I feel sorry. Sorry for the year.


This is The Bachelor. This is the thing that kills me. Oh, you. Sorry, Megan, you're breaking up our our little a little a little choppy. We'll see if we can maybe get on the phone with you or reboot it or something like that. I will say this and dialogue with China, which is for me now, maybe this is just old dude guy talking here, but it is the bachelor.


I mean, the part the part of me that bristles is like some one chick is going to win this thing and she is going to marry this guy. And either it's going to work or it's not going to work or whatever, but everyone else is going to be a runner-up or a second runner up or whatever it is. And at some point they're going to move on to a new dude and maybe immediately, maybe with the delay. They're watching The Bachelor with and with the new bow and the bows, like you blew a guy in a hot air balloon with a camera crew there.


I knew him for five days. I love Jesus Christ.


No, you're you're absolutely right. And that's my question about The Bachelor specifically is how has the idea of The Bachelor maintained for 25 seasons? And I know there's a bachelorette and I know. Yes, I guess there's a black guy that was I was gonna make that point earlier. But but let's not think about The Bachelorette right now, because I know that came a little bit later. But how how misogynistic and how backwards is it of us to go?


You know, there's one prize guy, and all these women have to pull each other's hair out and turn on each other and act like the worst of themselves. What to get a man that doesn't seem like a very I mean, frozen, for God's sake. The Disney movie was a big deal because it was the first movie in how long that wasn't about the love between, you know, two characters that fall in love is the love between two sisters who love each other and raise each other up.


So I can't believe that the premise of The Bachelor is still allowed.


Yeah, well, it is problematic as well.


I just can't believe nobody nobody thinks about just the idea of the game show.


Yeah. Sorry, Megan, do we have a do we get reconnected or.


I think I'm still here. Can you hear me. Yes. Yeah. So do you live in New York? I do. How much shit do you take for a year for your opinions on these such such matters.


So much. So much shit? No. You know, I you know, I'm out here in rural New York.


I'm in the Rochester area, way out in the country. So you would think that the country people in New York would be a little different, but they really aren't. They're all very far to the left. It's very strange. I'm here because my husband's job is here. So when we can eventually move away to somewhere better, we will, I'm sure, because it's really tough. It's it's very tough. I think people always expect me to talk politics at parties, and it's the last thing I ever do, because, you know, when you live this stuff, when you live and breathe it, nobody wants to do this when you turn the computer off at night.


Well, I will give the podcast The Fringe with Megan Fox a plug and the column. This is why you never, ever apologize to the police. And I always I basically look at apologizing to the police, like I look at paying ransom to terrorists who abduct camera crews, which is you just get more abduction. It's going to be get more it just you just get more like I know it seems easy and you love the guy and you want to get him back and you just want it to be over with.


But it ends up getting more people abducted.


It's the puppy mill, right?


That's right. It's the puppy mill. And and so I really can't do that.


You can never apologize ever. If you get targeted by the local mob, if you get targeted for any kind of cancellation, the best thing you can do is double down immediately on whatever it was you said. Don't don't say it.


I agree. And much like the terrorist in a weird way. Not as it pertains to abducting camera crews, but just in general, I think they look at it as weak in their own weird way and kind of pathetic. I think it just makes you they don't accept your apology. Just make sure that there's blood in the white, right?


Yeah, it's blood in the water. They start circling. And they might make you think that if you apologize, it will all go away, but it won't. What they will do is plan their victory parade party and they will hang your scalp on the wall and they will celebrate your scalp. Chris Harrison will never recover from this because he apologized. He will never forget because he doesn't care. He got millions of dollars. He'll be fine. I mean, he's got a few money, so eventually he'll figure it out.


You know, the people that I'm concerned about are people who, like wounded. War veteran will call again. You know, he's a comic artist who was run out of his job because he said he didn't think it was transphobia for a man. A heterosexual man did not want to kiss a trans. A man who thinks he's a girl.


Yeah, this me like a Ventura pet detective. That's right. That's right.


He was run out of his job. You can't feed his family. He's disabled. You know, these are the kind of people I worry about, not the Chris Harrison's. And so many of them have been attacked by these people and no one backs them up. No one says, well, you know, don't be stupid. That was a stupid thing to to make him think in the first place. Why do we care what people think? I care.


I don't know. Look, there are the two things that were said that I don't think are being said anymore, but were uttered every five minutes. When I was a kid, there were two phrases, sticks and stones. That was the first one. And this one, which I don't hear anymore. You'd start saying something on the schoolyard and some kid would tell you to shut up. You go. It's a free country. It's a free country.


I say what I want, like that is a phrase I do not hear anymore.


The other one you don't hear. I'm rubber. You're glue. That's right. That's another good one.


Megan Fox available, by the way, the podcast The Fringe with Megan Fox available on PJ Media Dotcom. Thanks, Megan. I appreciate you fighting the good fight. Thanks for having me, I appreciate it, Adam. Our pleasure. All right, let's see. I got a hit simply safe here, simply safe. If you have 30 minutes, you never have to worry about home break ins ever again. That's how quick it is to set up your security system from simply safe.


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