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Just one of one hundred twenty ways to please a man. Now back to The Adam Carolla Show, Joe Carnahan is our guest boss level is the name of the movie. It's available now on Hulu stars Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo. And now we watch Ken Jeong, Will Sasso, o friend of the show.


Well, that's a departure.


Yeah. Yeah. So before I think before the well, now, when the mix heated up, but certainly before you joined us, Gina and Paul, Brian, who have seen the movie, I've only seen the trailer for it. We're heaping praise on it and probably gave it the ultimate compliment, which is I need to watch this with my 14 year old son. That's what it was that's that's the ultimate customer. So that was that's the ultimate comfort that you need to watch with.


Yeah, I think when they tell you you need to watch this movie, it's good. But when they go, you need to watch it with this another person. I think that's a higher compliment.


That's I'll take that as the high watermark. Yeah. You know, I mean, it's been you know, it's been the movie's been around for, you know, for a while. We made it two years ago. And because it was the pandemic, a lot of other things, I'm just glad it actually got out to the point where people could see it, because I did not think that was going to take place. So the fact it's out anywhere and people are enjoying it is a great thing.


I noticed that you're credited as a co-writer with hold on, let me get it right. Chris, Chris and Eddie, they came up with the story. I assume you came in at some point and massaged it. Can you talk about what the story, how it took form?


Yeah, it was. I had worked with Franco on a movie called The Great Man, Liam Neeson. And so this was a script that Tony Scott got arrested. So he was one of the original producers on. And it was kind of a sci fi thing. And I'm not really a sci fi guy, so I got a hold of it and just started. I really want to work with Frank and so rewrote it with with kind of him in mind and then, you know, changed certain aspects.


So we kind of moved it from this, you know, this guy who was just it was kind of the endless scatological part of where he's getting decapitated. That was like the whole movie. And I just thought, we just can't do that. The whole film is going to have to have something. So I got the whole idea of the sun and and there and then we spent 10 years trying to make it happen because, you know, you need to chase the same five people to make a movie and no one to make this film with Frank in the lead.


So that was a big stumbling block.


That was that was my next question, was how difficult and how determined were you?


Obviously very to have Frank as the lead because, A, he's not a big movie star.


He's not a traditional movie star. But he's right. He's perfect for the role.


You might have gone to bat for him. I can't picture anyone else in that role.


Right. Right. Well, he's also a maniac. I mean, he's fifty five years old and he got down to like four percent body fat.


And, you know, when I say extraordinarily thing about his appearance. So, no, it was one of those things where we shot screen test with him. We did, you know, any number of kind of things that you had to do to kind of entice people to want to you want to finance that version movie and just nobody was biting and, you know, and so we just had to stay the course and we were really kind of cranky, backward assed way of financing the film where we had forty two days to shoot it.


Then it got cut to twenty seven days because they're basically people embezzling from the film, you know, they'll go unnamed in this interview. But yeah, it was just a very by the way it came out great. I can't complain. I was certainly complaining a lot in the moment but. But it all worked out. Yeah.


I guess the good news is that you can reuse a lot of the same footage, the guys at the time you guys are. So I'm getting used to it.


I know what I mean. In that way it lends itself to that because once you've got this, you know, people become used to this kind of repetitive visual language. So once you've got that going, you could get away with quite a bit. We got away with a lot. But the fact we had that little bit of time to do it just we just had I mean, we were you know, I was probably we were probably drinking four bottles of wine a day.


We were out of our minds.


It shows, you know, drunk and, you know, like the good old days, the seventies where you drank and did drugs and it worked. So we we it was. Yeah, it was. I'm glad because I use like a baseball analogy, you know, you're like Ted Williams. You can see the seams on a curve ball for twenty seven days. I had to see the seams that curve ball. So it was I'm glad. I just never I would never want to do it again.


It was not it was not fun.


You got Mel Gibson in the film and I'm trying to figure out you were talking about making getting stuff made. It's it's a slog. I've been through it a million times. Right. As well. TV shows, movies, whatever it is. And so much is about. Well, obviously, if you get Tom Cruise attached and then it's easy to make and if you have Frank Grillo, maybe it's a slog. But where's Mel Gibson factor into this getting a movie made these days?


It's it's not Mel Gibson of twenty years ago. A little baggage, but how much baggage? I mean, how does it factor in? I mean, I don't know.


I felt that. I felt that. And I would hear this kind of I'm on the side nothing but the utmost regard. I think it's a man shouting. He's a he's a wonderful guy. He's a world class filmmaker. I think whatever time in the woods, he had to spend a decade or so that I think that guy's been nothing but contrite. And I think we either we either a society that actually we we follow through on this idea of forgiveness.


We're full of shit. And I found him to be wonderful. And it's Mel Gibson. I mean, he's he's one of the greats, so. He certainly helped us, I thought, a lot immeasurably and. And again, he's so good in the film and, you know, it didn't I I was going to do another movie with him called Leo from Toledo right after that. So I had no I would work with Mel again in a heartbeat.


And and and again, I think that whatever whatever he's gone through, I think he's he's paid his penance and like, let's get on with it already, you know.


Yeah. I think the there's a version it's kind of interesting. I don't know Mel Gibson, so I don't know this.


But when when you were just talking about high school and proms and all that kind of stuff, guys that were dicks and bullies and assholes in high school, oftentimes when you see him at the reunion twenty five years later, they're actually nicer than the people that were nice because there's a artist. Yes. They're like a person that got sober or something. You know, they're they're they're better than the person who drinks three glasses of wine. And I you know, there's something there's some contrition or some they're repentant or something.


Is that is that kind of the vibe from Mel Gibson?


No, I don't I don't think Mel was ever a dick.


I think that, you know, like I work with a guy on this work on he's doing roofing literally. They're like above my head. It's like he was never in my mind, you know, like I said, I work with a guy. One of the stunt guys said, you know, I work with Mel for about 30 years ago on Lethal Weapon. He's the same guy, you know what I mean? Meaning there was never Mel never walked around with a with an entourage of people or had you know, he was always just Mel and he would sit on set and tell stories about, you know, Road Warrior, you know, Braveheart.


And he was he was lovely. And everybody that knew him said this has always been the way he is. And so I don't know. I didn't find him to be the reformed asshole, you know? I mean, I think he's always been just a very good dude, you know, who got caught up in it. And he said to me one day, whatever it was, you know, Joe, everything that's happened, the finger of blame points at one person points at me.


You know, he never he never tried to skirt anything or he never tried to do what I think a lot of people society do now. It's try it wasn't me. I don't know. You know, you got the wrong guy. So he just owned it. And at some point, you know, you like I said, you got to give the guy you got you've got to move on. I wouldn't want this years long. Kind of painful.


Like all this is all that guy or that guy. It's just that that shit gets old, you know? But I thought I found him to be great and everyone did.


Are we all happy that there are who lose out there and Netflix eyes and places where we can go that are nontraditional and I think so how do you always how difficult would this be with minus a Hulu?


Oh, I think, dude, I mean, listen, you've gone from you know, when I first started out making movies in the eighteen seventies, there was like there was like nine you, you know, like there's nine studios you could sell to really. And now there's like thirty eight. So I think that it's, it's a very good thing. And I think that the pandemic I think is only hastened this per. Now he just sees that, but later we seized.


Now he is OK, well away from to come back, I thought of the movie I was struggling for earlier. You tell me if if you like this comparison it's possible. Is Edgett tomorrow meets Deadpool.


It's got to be Harry Deadpool vibe.


A lot of that while breaking very snarky R rated but fun and smart and funny. Like I laughed out loud a couple of times.


Me too. That's a good comparison and that's the thing we've seen, you know, is he back Groundhog Day and the series Russian Doll and you know, things like that. So work. We're familiar with the Time Loop movie, but this is a really fun and like you said, Deadpool twist on the whole vibe. It was fantastic. And I kept saying that Frank Grillo really reminds me of Joe Manganiello. He has that sort of that charm, that sort of manly but almost self-deprecating charm, even though he has a ten pack abs.


So we're really, really good. It was legit good. And it's like I mean, like he acted well. Yeah. Action star. He pulled that off. He's a built guy and you know all that. But he was he was a good actor in this movie.


So we're just heaping praise on the movie until you come back. Just take it if you would. If you are your back, you know, it's Kinect audio first. Oh, it's got to connect the audio.


Oh, and I read on IMDB, I saw that his son, the guy who plays the son, is his son, Frank's actual son in the movie, right?


Yes, that's his son. That's that's his son, Rico. And I thought for that reason, rather than him trying to bond with, like a child actor, he didn't know, I thought it'd be better for him. You know, you're going to look at your kid in a way you don't look at anybody else and the camera will never miss that. It's like inescapable. So it was nice to have name. Frank didn't want a frank thought.


We're making a big mistake. He doesn't he's not an actor and he's trying to of advertising with shared reality. We're casting person. So I just don't want I just worried about him and he wound up being the best of the bunch. So it worked out great, legitimately.


Good. Joe was really good. You do you you put a lot of humor in your in your action films.


I mean, not gray, which I enjoyed quite a bit.


Thank you. But you do a lot of smokin aces and everything. You do a lot of comedy in there. Are do you want to just do a flat out comedy. You know, I don't know that I don't know that I'd be good doing that because I think I'm too insecure and I don't like something weird is going to happen. So we've got to get their head chopped off or shot or, you know, I don't know.


I don't know that I could do, you know, like like Superbad or or something like or just I don't know that I that I'd be capable of doing that. It's like I don't I think I'm I need to hedge my bet a little bit, but I certainly love to. I mean, I laughed nonstop on Bostom. When you're when you're shooting a guy in the balls, as I said, cut his head off and put a spear gun through him and dragging down the street, I find those things hysterically funny.


So that's but to do a straight comedy is a scary proposition for me.


What is what is your background? I know your brother writes brothers are writers, written a lot of really funny movies and really are sorry World War Z and you know, Deepwater Horizon not not comedies, but lots of big movies. Yeah. You got a little bit of you seem like I don't know, you grew up on a in a logging camp or something.


No, I grew up, we grew up, we grew up in this really small town in Michigan and then moved out to Northern California when I was a kid, like in the you know, got eighty three, eighty four and but but but primarily Michigan.


So Midwestern I guess for the most part. But then nor Cal. And then like everybody you, you slide on down to L.A. to chase the dream. So it was and he just my brother was one of these guys who was going to wind up doing like public speaking for the rest of his life and happened to be a really great writer. And we got him a job, write a screenplay. And then he just went off and he just did a film called Mosle for Netflix, which is all in ten Arabic.


But it's a Western. It's about it's the need of SWAT team, which is a real SWAT team in Iraq hunting ISIS. And it's like a Western. But he doesn't speak a word of Arabic. He's six foot five Scottish German kid from the Midwest. But the movies are absolutely fantastic. You don't need to understand the language to really appreciate that movie. So he's now directing. We've been very, very lucky, the two of us.


Well, yeah. So it seems like you guys grew up playing like high school football and, you know, you big, strong guys.


It doesn't fit that I've been in a lot of writers rooms and none of them look like you. That's basically what I want to say.


I don't tell you. I think there's some part of that that I've never been part of the. I've never been part of the cinephile like the like like they've never I've never just been in those groups. I don't know, because I don't I guess you have to look a certain way or behave a certain way, which I'm not even sure what the hell that is. But I've always felt like myself and Peter Berg and there's just these guys you're kind of not standard fare, whatever the hell that looks like filmmaking.


And I've yes, I've been in those same writers' rooms, you know, and I'm a junior college guy. And most of these Harvard, Yale kind of writing, I thought they were just bums for the most part. But I think it's you know, I'd like to work hard and I like to you know, it's like, listen, I'm fortunate at this point in my career that anybody wants to do shit with me. So I take it I don't take it with a grain of salt.


I'm very flattered and humbled and happy. But, yeah, I've never I don't think I've ever been kind of warmly welcomed into those circles. It's fine, you know.


Well, I mean, there's a I maybe it's all going going away now, but there's a kind of a prototype for a writer. And there's it's kind of interesting. The writers are, you know, they're they're either kind of a Woody Allen prototype. But now you brought up like Pete Berg, like I've sparred him in a boxing ring and stuff like that.




Yeah. Kick that little juice ass, man. It was awesome.


You no, there's there's there's that.


And then there's, you know, Teddy Roosevelt, there's something and the Rough Riders and stuff like there seems to be this new group of like manly man who are a lot more about the octagon than about where we eat and lunch. And I kind of like it because it brings a different sensibility to the. Yeah. The work.


Yeah, I think it does. And I think you couldn't you couldn't torture me more than by putting me in a room with a bunch of writers, screenwriters, TV writers. Oh my God. I mean, I just can't deal with it. It's like it's everything's precious. Everything's, you know, it's it's that part of it. I don't I don't you know, I did a I did a show at NBC a few years ago with Katherine Heigl.


I adore her. But, you know, we had twenty people in the writers room and it was just the onset of kind of mind your P's and Q's and make sure you don't say this makes you don't say that's it. Guys, this is this is why we're here to write stuff, man. We have to kind of confront some of these things and have opinions about some of these things. And some of these things may be this is what creativity is about, not about, you know, oh, God, don't do this.


Don't do that. You know, I feel like I got out of there at a good time because I think it would have been a bad scene to hang around there, because I think it's it's become very constrained and restricted in certain ways. So, you know, I'm happy again that. You know, I can make these movies and they're not, you know, lambasted with or put labels put on, it's got to be discovered. It's just that that part of it is that part of it scary.


So, yeah, I mean, I hope you're right.


OK, we are returning something a little more earthy.


Well, I mean, it's a different perspective and I think there is more of that. And so as far as your art goes, by the way, when I sparred Pete Berg, I popped him with a hook in the face and he told me, don't hit me in the face. And I said, Well, keep your hands up. There you go. Because, you know, otherwise, that's what we're doing here.


We do. First rule of boxing, you drop your hands, you get hit by a train with if I'm if I respond with my hands, come down or do it pads or whatever, my hand comes down, I get crack. Right. And so that's the way it is to get punch there.


So I know I'm sparring on like he's I've extended that to my son.


When we eat, it's like you put that far down, you're going to get you're going to catch the fork and decide.


That's right. That's right.


So but so I'm picturing you and your brother like being jocks in high school and, you know, wrestling at the local J.C. went to or whatever.


So I'm trying to figure out I come from a very blue collar background and you don't meet you just don't meet a lot of Hollywood guys, especially writers and directors that have like the heavy blue collar or kind of jock kind of, you know, a little more brawn than brain kind of high school experience.


So I'm just kind of curious, like what what you were and then how you even thought, you know, what I was was not that bright and and not that.


But I also wasn't you know, I played White-Out Pensabene in high school and I was I was slow, but I decent hands and good technique and so on. So decent basketball player. Pretty good basketball player, you know, OK, baseball, but no one's going to like, you know, I'm not going to go on a full ride anywhere. So, you know, I had that, like, long look in the mirror when I was 18.


I was basically like, you know, you know, you're not smart enough to be a stockbroker. Good looking to be a movie star. You should figure out the thing you can do and do it. And I had been writing short stories and stuff since I was a kid 13, 14 years old. So I leaned into it and just started writing screenplays. And if it didn't, you know, I'd write one, put it in a drawer, move on to the next one.


And it became kind of a war of attrition. And then I just wound up getting a job at a TV station in Sacramento. I got fired from a place because I wouldn't help the guy shoot like softcore porn at night out of the back of those places. Did what now with that? And he fired me. And so I got a job. And in that time, while I was in a TV station, the two years I was there, I made this really low budget film that got me into Sundance.


And and that was the beginning of my Kotoko career. Then after that, I made a movie called Knaack with Ray Liotta. And that's the.


Well, your was the was that a stunt? A short film, Sundance. It was ninety blood, guts, bullets, ninety eight thousand dollar movie that had no business doing anything. But we thought it was like a demo reel that we want get picked up and it was crazy and then dark, you know, it took me another three and a half years to make those two were nothing like one another in terms of stylistically. But I still come at it as the writer.


I still think of things from a writer's perspective. So in that way, and my mother, who's just, you know, maybe the finest person I know, like, you know, not a dishonest bone or body, she really gave my brother and I love books early on, books and reading and and movies and and so that was always kind of encouraged. And then my dad was the jock. My dad was like, that's how, you know, my son knows next to nothing about sports, baseball.


But he he and I movies thing we bond over. My dad was all, you know, when I was a kid. Detroit Lions. Detroit Tigers was the big Pistons fan. I was. But that's how we connected to sports. And I'm always, to this day, a little bit reticent about fully trusting someone that doesn't know a lot about sports. I, I know it's my own probably my own hangup, but it's weird. I just thought maybe I'd be as friends.


This guy got really close friends, like seven years and one day said something about Joe Montana and baseball. And I'm like, oh, dude, that's the end of that friendship.


Yeah, I'll bet some essential respect has been lost. I don't know. It was weird.


The Yeah, it is it is interesting. I'm trying to think how many guys I really like who don't know jack squat about sports and think about that man that they know something.


Right. They know that there needs to be there needs to be a kind of a baseline of sports. You want to. I'll tell you why, because if you're a sports guy, you make tons of sports references. And if that guy doesn't know the wily PIP is, then we're going to have an issue, right? It's like I was talking about I was telling somebody the that, you know, when very Sanders score. He would he would always hand the ball to the referee and not and to wrestle.


You know, they ask him, why don't you do you know, the touchdown dance or whatever? I'll be rude because I'm coming back, which I thought was one of those baller things. All right. I'm going to score again. So I'm just going to hand the ball. And the guy didn't know who the hell Barry Sanders. And I'm like, you know, and again, that's not I guess certainly not punishable by forfeiture of a friendship, but it was a little unlikely, very like, you know, a little good football.




It's like, you know, this is not an obscure poll. You know, it's not like.


Yeah, it's not like you're talking about Amerson, Bouzar, Hammerson, because there is a poll on Caruth or or you get some guy is like, OK, yeah, that might be a little more obscure but I know Jim KIC is Jim.


You got to know Jim. The Miami Dolphins. Come on.


And you know, it's like you got to know those guys but yeah, it's a little bit of that reminder that it's I guess find fine lesson to be a snob in your own judgment.


Collar Detroit kind of way. Did Judge Birdsell, what what are you working on now?


I mean, we're more features series like a movie called Cop Shop, which is basically like a kind of throwback, you know, Magnum Force, Bullitt, 70s kind of police movie with Gerard Butler and Mr. Grillo. And this lovely young actress named Alexis Lauter was just dynamite in this movie. Who nobody. She's never first first feature first her first starring role in something. And we're just basically done with that. And then I'm going to, you know, probably hang out with my two six year old twins and let them slowly beat the life out of me like they do on a consistent basis.


But, yeah, no plans beyond that. And hopefully this pandemic eventually I got twins.


I have twins as well. Do you are you would you say year or two boys. No, two girls. Two girls. Oh, boy.


Yeah. Good luck. I know the kid. Yeah.


I got I got boy girl. The movie boss level. It's available now on Hulu, Gibson, Mel Gibson and Frank Grillo. Naomi Naomi Watts is in this thing as well. And if you want to shoot little Sarcelles, Défense, don't sleep on the cameos.


There's even more cameo. That's I did tell Sasseville said, well, you're going to be in a scene where Mel Gibson is completely out of focus the entire time. Do not fuck this up.


Great. Great.


I don't know how you're doing in the Cavs department, Joe. I imagine a pretty stout Cavs, but you know what I think could be better?


They're not like bicyclists that don't go to the beach with, well, SASO. That's this is what I heard.


It has absolutely nothing.


Yeah. Trees, I don't know. Ham hocks. Yeah. I don't know if you hired him based on that or there are other. Ah he had him audition.


Why all the hiring of my male stars on their cast. Yeah. Sarcelles is the best. Joe, thanks for joining us and my pleasure. Come back anytime you like and tell us all about the new projects.


I love it. OK guys, thanks so much. Thanks, Joe. Thanks. Bye guys.


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All right, let's take a quick break. Come back and do the news right after this. With great news, with Genographic breaking Firewheel, we're crying protest politics, give me news, but, you know, great stuff. It's all Jubi. Coming up, big news with Gina Gina. The news with Gina Carad, let's head straight over to the apology desk because we have a couple of those today. Bachelor host Chris Harrison kicked off his apology tour on Good Morning America Thursday morning.


This is on the heels of the debate over a Bachelorette contestant attending an old South Antebellum style party in twenty eighteen. I'm just going to play this for you. It's about 90 seconds a chunk from his interview with Michael Strahan with a few words from Rachel Lindsey in the middle. She's the one who got into this skirmish, I guess, with with Chris Harrison. And I'll just I'll play it for you now.


I am committed to the progress, not just for myself, also for the franchise.


My guess these girls got dressed up and went to a party and had a great time. They were 18 years old. Now, does it make it OK? I don't know. Rachel, you told me.


You said, quote, Is it not a good look in twenty eighteen or is it not a good looking twenty twenty one because they're the big difference. So. So what is the to you. What is the different or is there one. There is not antebellum parties are not ok. Past, present future. Knowing what that represents is unacceptable.


In that interview with Lindsey Harrison also using a term he now says is unacceptable.


I am not the world police. There's plenty of people, plenty of people who will do that for us in this world right now.


Lindsay later discussing that controversial interview on her podcast. During that conversation, he talked over me and me. During that conversation, his privilege was on display. He never gave me room to talk and he never gave me room to share my perspective. He wasn't trying to hear it. He was just trying to be heard.


I am saddened and shocked at how insensitive I was in that interview with Rachel Lenzi. And I didn't speak from my heart. And that is to say, I stand against all forms of racism and I am deeply sorry. I'm sorry to Rachel Lindsey and I'm sorry to the black community, but I'll ask questions.


Let the interviewee speak.


What I think this is the Adam Carolla Show. Yeah. No shit. Yeah, she's a fucking shit show. Jesus Christ.


Oh, all right, everyone have fuckin fun out there. Enjoy your world. You're all crafting this this move toward the light. He scared the shit out in the cornfield.


So apology a stellar politician calibur apology. I mean, I thought I would have thought he was a politician with the eyebrow in the. And I made a mistake and it was this sincerely and this.


And I'm not not that the and by the way, when you apologize to these ass wipes, you just give them more momentum that they're just lining up their next fucking victim. She the thing that's crazy about The Bachelor is The Bachelor ended up with the chick from the antebellum party. Oh, really?


Yes. Can't keep a good man. So he chose her and she chose him again, grounds for rehiring.


Not sure how racist you can be as a as a woman if you, in fact, are thinking about marrying a black man. Probably probably less than we used to think.


But she she and him, she became the winner. So I've heard I've not watch this show. I've just sort of followed the story.


So he picked her and she picked him and they went off together. And then his initial statement was kind of, hey, man, show her little grace. She was young. We all need to we all make mistakes or whatever it is. He then got coached up. And then threw her under the bus later on and in a later statement because the fuck and woke me up, got to him and basically said, hey, this woman you're in love with, you can't ask for a little grace for her.


You got to toss her under the bus. And then he went and his statement was one of the most asinine, ridiculous soft ass pussy statements I've ever heard a dude give. It was fucking scary.


Chris, leave Chris Mack's apparently man alone when he's regaling you with stories of the prom and oh, Jesus, he's wearing the crown.


He keeps it in his fucking car parading around in it.


And the scepter Feiss lecture find the statement that The Bachelor made. I'll all buy a little time. He had an initial statement that sounded sort of normal. This is how you can tell people are scared of the fucking WOAK police and how they're scared of being wisht out into the cornfield. Because, you know this thing where you go, I misspoke or I was misjudgments, I made a mistake or I didn't know. Oh, no. That's usually your thoughts.


That's your answer. You gave the fucking answer. This is basically like you calling someone fat and then later on explaining you've never thought they were fat. Really? You said they're fat, which is a it may hurt their feelings and you may be fucked now and the boss may have fired you, but did you never think they were fat? So he made a statement that was sort of normal. But the fucking wo police, they're not that's not good enough for them.


And it doesn't really matter what color you are in this equation at this point. You're either the black you're either the white person who's a racist, who's the who's the woman, or you're the white person who's making excuses for the racist. That's Chris, the host, or you're the black man that she's in love with who is now some kind of Uncle Tom because you're defending your fiancee. Do we do we have his statement?


We have the statement from the executive producers of The Bachelor.


I'm looking for his statement, Macropod. So that's his statement he gave to he gave like one at the end of January and then he gave his new woke up scared. He's going to be wisht out a fucking Kornfield version of this. And the more statements we give, the more empowered these assholes get. And the more of this we're going to have. I'll let you continue Genographic. But Chris will find those two statements. They're out there. All right.


Go ahead.


Well, let's move on to Dr. Seuss because his stepdaughter is speaking out in defense of the children's book author following the announcement that six of his titles will be pulled due to racially offensive imagery.


Her name is Laerke Gray Dimond Cates. She says she agrees with the decision of Dr. Seuss Enterprises to stop publishing the books, but insists that her stepfather is not racist, was not racist. This is what she said.


He wrote the one book he wrote in 1940, I think.


Well, this is her statement. And there's a little twist at the end that's not going to surprise you. But she said there wasn't a racist bone in the man's body. He was acutely aware of the world around him and cared so much. I think in this day and age, it's a wise decision. I think this is a world right now. The world is in pain and we've all got to be very gentle and thoughtful with our with each other.


But this will not be a surprise to you.


The sale of these titles have soared through the roof or have it never works.


But I also was surprised to find out that he I think in his death or last year or whatever I think was the second highest grossing dead celebrity, essentially. Second, I think to Michael Jackson, I could see that the.


Yeah, the target in the toy store and the whatever is packed with Dr. Seuss plus the Grinch and the Cat in the Hat.


All right. Now, Max Hepatis found a statement from Chris Harrison. Yeah, I'm looking for the statement from The Bachelor. Chris, the potential that The Bachelor, the guy who I'm talking about, his Fennica, yeah, whatever his name is, he. I don't know how much clearer I can make this. The guy who is the bachelor gave a reasoned statement. See you and fucking Matt talking about the problem back there. No one can do their job.


The guy who is the bachelor, not the executive producer, not the host, the actual bachelor has a better approval.


I just find that story. Yes, I find that statement. All right. Sorry, where were we?


So this is this is interesting. This has been going on for a while. Do you remember this weird court battle that Sofia Vergara was in with her ex, Nick Loeb, over custody of the frozen eggs?


Didn't you bring up her current on the show? Then you bring up wasn't the name of that Joe Manchin, L.O.?


Yeah, yeah. It reminds me of Frank Grillo.


Yeah, it's it's it's funny you brought it up and like, yeah, the guy's married to Sofia Vergara, but it's also weird, like maybe you had it in your head that you're thinking about Sofia Vergara.


But I told Brian that yesterday I could not think of his name, but yeah, him.


So this is I don't think this is surprising, but an L.A. court has ruled in favor of Vergara blocking Lowe from using the frozen embryos to create a child without the explicit written permission of Vergara. Vergara and Loeb ended their engagement in 2014 after undergoing in vitro fertilization together the year before. Then, she married Joe Manganiello. In a statement, Loeb said that the judge was clearly influenced by Hollywood, which is a pattern I expose in my upcoming film, Roe v.


Wade, he added. It's sad that Sofia, a devout Catholic, would intentionally create babies just to kill them. Hold on, Chris.


That's a statement from the caterer, from The Bachelorette. Chris, I'm looking for The Bachelor now, craft service. Another thing that was previously discussed, which is he has two statements. He had the first statement like end of January, where he basically supported his fiancee and then the second statement where he threw her under the bus, which is Gina, I don't know how, you know, I'm not a woman, but I got to believe if he's making statements, throwing you under the bus.


Oh. We got a proper relationship over that is doomed before it starts.


No, I'm looking for a four years. No. Oh, I mean, the groveling he's going to have to do behind the scenes is is award winning. Yeah.


So I like to read them in in order. There's two small ones earlier. Ones later, I don't know. February 22nd. That was probably the later one, right. I'm guessing so. The one before that. Oh he's right.


And he has the Gettysburg Address. Now, Chris, it's not that it's not that I have a dream. That's The Bachelor that the two. All right. Go ahead, Gina.


OK, well, Biden has some things to say about Texas, and he's not a fan. Biden pushed back Wednesday at Texas Governor Greg Abbott and others who have dropped their covid-19 restrictions, calling them Neanderthals. It's a Neanderthal move and back, adding that it was a big mistake. Now, you know, we're making progress towards, you know, getting the vaccinations done and everything. But he does call for vigilance against covid-19. And this is what he told reporters at the White House.


The last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking that in the meantime, everything's fine. Take off your mask. Forget it. It's critical, critical, critical that they follow the science, wash your hands, hot water, do it frequently, wear a mask, stay socially distance. And I know you all know that I wish the heck some of our elected officials knew it.


The thing about the mask mandate, there's a couple of things, which is I think, first off, a lot of states don't have man mask mandates. The second part is, is you don't have to have a mask mandate to have everyone wear a mask or tell everyone to wear a mask. Like, I don't I don't think people are taking their masks off. And I don't think Abbott was saying, take your mask off. He's saying we don't have a mandate but be responsible, which is essentially where we're at anyway.


And I would imagine, like I said yesterday, you're still under whatever region you're in, in Texas to follow their rules.


But I wonder if private business like just because there's no mask mandate in Texas, could the Trader Joe's in Texas still not allow you in without a mask because it's a private business?


Probably, I would guess. I think people my general thesis is people generally wear the mask or generally do the thing. They're asked to do more of a social contract than. And a regulatory type thing, right, like most I don't know what. I don't know what the California mandate is, but almost everyone I see walking around is wearing a mask. I don't think it's for fear of getting ticketed or stopped by the police or anything. It's just kind of a social contract.


What's the Batchelor's name? Matt James.


Oh, it's Matt James. All right. The superintendent first statement. Yeah. All right. If you can't find out, just do the I'll do the second one. But I know he had a first one out there. You got it?


Yes. He says I am beyond on. What is this? What this the first one. Yeah.


This is ten days before the next one. All right. February 12th. All right. February 12th. This is what The Bachelor who is with the accused racists at this point, presumably this is his first statement. I am beyond grateful to have Rachel as a mentor during the season. Your advocacy of BIPAC people in the franchise is invaluable. I stand with you and the rest of the women advocating for change and accountability. Huh? Hmm. That's your second statement?


Yeah, I mean, that's that was February 12th and then his February 22nd statement has it's not similar to that. So I'm wondering, there's not one before that.


Are you talking about when they said show them Grace? Because I thought that was a Chris Harrison statement. Now it's the the guy who is the bachelor did one that was sort of everyone relax and then he did one that was thrown under the bus. Or the first ones getting buried then, because this is this is oh, all right, well, read the second one then read the later one. Oh, it's interesting, maybe they kind of got rid of the first one, squibbed it.


That's interesting. Yeah. All right, he says the past few weeks, a table, the first one was, come on, you know, relax, everyone makes mistakes then.


Now this the past few weeks have been some of the most challenging of my life. And while there are several episodes left of the season, it is important that I take the time to address the troubling information that has come to light since we wrapped filming, including the incredibly disappointing photos of Rachel Kirkconnell and the interview between Rachel Lindsey and Chris Hansen. The reality is that I'm learning about these situations in real time and it has been devastating and heartbreaking, devastating.


Everybody, welcome to Utopia. This is the new devastation. He's devastated.


How do you think people in Houston without power feel about that, where you are working dingbats at a conversation. All right. He's devastated.


Chris's failure to receive and understand the emotional labor that my friend Rachel Lindsy was taking on by graciously and patiently explaining the racist history of the antebellum South.


What labor was that the dingbat who is interviewing Chris was doing what? Labor, emotional labor. Emotional labor.


All right. What publicist shit this out. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.


Like like like he'd said like he'd put the word emotional and labor together at any other time in his life or anyone has anyway. She was doing emotional labor.


A painful history that every American should understand ultimately was troubling and painful to watch. Painful to watch.


As black people and allies immediately knew and understood, it was a clear reflection of a much larger issue that The Bachelor franchise has fallen short on addressing adequately for years. This moment has sparked critical conversations and reporting, raised important questions, and resulted in the inspiring displays of solidarity from the Bachelor Nation. It has also pushed me to reevaluate and process what my experience on The Bachelor represents not just for me but for all of the contestants of color, especially the black contestants of this season and seasons past.


And for you, the viewers at home, I will continue to process this experience. Please continue. These fucking these statements are gold and you will never stop processing. You're going to hear more from them in the. Good.


My greatest friends, one of the greatest minds in America.


My greatest prayer is that this is an inflection point that results in real and institutional change for the better.


Yeah. All right. Yeah. That's how you have a real conversation. You take you take those that are scared for their job and force them to apologize on national TV so that he'll never speak again. Awesome. Yeah. Let's have a real conversation.


Real dialog, more honest. That's OK.


All right, everybody, here we are. I've been warning everyone about this for a long time, but everyone's scared shitless and I get it. But Jesus Christ, this is from the show The Bachelor. That's what I was going to say.


Like when you deal with when you're dealing with The Bachelor, right. This is kind of what you're going to get. This is what that machines are going to produce.


I, I thought this soulless ecology.


I guess somebody just wrote that shit up and handed it to him or told him to post that or whatever it is. But they can't be together anymore. Right. Or what are those anyway?


Good news. We're out of problems. That's that's the good news. All right. What else you got, Gina?


Well, we talked a little bit about, you know, are things opening back up? And we've, you know, between Coachella and all these music festivals, we push them back, we push back, push back. Well, some good news on the horizon. Seems like concert promoters are predicting that between, you know, the covid vaccine and the herd immunity, we're looking for relaunches of all those big festivals in the fall.


Oh, the louder than life. Festivals in Louisville already announced last month that it would return as a four day event in September. Now, the folks behind life is beautiful. That's a big festival. They announced this week that they'll be returning to downtown Vegas also in September. Those tickets are now on sale. And the promoters of a big fall festival, of course, Austin City Limits Music Festival, they're planning on going forward the first week in October.


Good. I just got back from OKC. It's fucking wide open. You go in and eat, go to restaurants and play clubs, travel, go on a fucking Uber ride getting. An airplane has just it's inconceivable, Max, that we have not gotten covid right. Knock on wood. There's nothing. We've got nothing.


I know you get shit at home, but what I'm saying is, is there any it's inconceivable. I mean, it's weird that they're talking about this stuff and all. I'll leave you out of the equation, Mike. Augusts inconceivable. Yeah. Always the to you. Like, all we do is everything they tell you not to do.


Yeah, it's conceivable. Conceivable. Yeah.


It's fucking bizarre.


So what is it, is it that we got it and don't know it is that we have some sort of super immune system like you should, you should have your antibodies tested on their final destination situation where you're going to suffer some elaborate death now because you cheated death for so long.


Well, the ledger has to balance.


I mean, we don't go to the dentist. We're on these flights.


They're fucking packed. They were going to the restaurants every night. The clubs are packed.


It's nothing. We're doing everything they can for every single thing you can't do in California.


I've done in 11 other states. And by the way, shows everyone else in those fucking states. By the way, the fucking clubs are just packed. I mean, aren't these shouldn't they be super spreader events? Yeah, they they are like according to California standards.




Every one of my shows is a super spreader event in California. Yeah. They wouldn't be arrested. Yeah.


If anybody in California saw footage of what you did in Oklahoma City.


So here's the here's the inconceivable part. I go to fucking Oklahoma City conceivable play packed clubs, go out to fucking dinner every night, flying a crowded Southwest flight. Then I come home with like they've arrested the Burbank softball team because they took a picture in the fucking park.


Maybe we're getting something wrong in California. That's my my read on this. It's not that I'm shaking hands with the devil every time I leave the fucking California. I know California sits around and goes, oh, boy, good luck. Good luck with your softball games, in your soccer games, in your clubs, in your honkytonks, in your indoor dining and your fucking outdoor dining. Good luck. OK, here's an equation that California is maybe not considered.


Maybe they got it wrong. Is it possible is it possible that California got something we get in Utah?


We'll continue to evaluate what he said. Yeah, I consider. Yes. That statement. Well, we'll consider whatever.


Well, let me ask let me put it to you this way. We get in California, we get almost everything wrong. This could just be another thing. We fucked up maybe a consistent no.


This time it's going to be different, baby. I promise this time it's going to be different.


That's showing up at your birthday party.


Yeah, I got back and it was funny. I was looking at a bunch of gas prices in Oklahoma City. They all started with twos. They're like two forty five and stuff. And then I got back and, you know, the price of gas has gone up to me.


And of course in the most expensive California, like, yeah, maybe we're not getting everything right here.


Maybe here's what I'm saying. Would you take Gavin Newsom to the track and go, I want you to help me pick some winners? Would you do that with Gavin Newsom? Just feel like the fucking guy's got everything wrong. OK, maybe I'm trolling for chicks or something, whatever. No, not picking them up. Yeah, trolling for for yeah. For good. Yeah, that I would do but I, I'm now I guess. All right.


So Texas and Mississippi and all these other places have signed their death warrants and we're going to fucking buckle down here. We're never going to open schools like that. Texas will be the dumbest state in the Union before this gets done. Who can teach you a lesson?


Speaking of Texas, in schools, a quick recommendation.


There's a podcast called The Daily, which is, I think, The New York Times. And they have a special they're running right now. I think it's just the first episode, but it's going to be a multipart called Odesa, and it's about a school district in Odessa, Texas, and how they're dealing with this. And it's very interesting. So check that out.


If if you if you have the urge, I think Gavin Newsom has. Has made a statement, which is, look, all you people in you halls that are heading to Texas, you keep that mask on until you hit the border county line at the county line, then you can pop in, pop in. But all you guys drive into Texas in your halls. You keep that you mask up until you hit Nevada or Arizona or wherever.


That's right. Well, he I mean, that those new recall numbers are through the roof. I mean, they're almost at two million now, right. The signatures. So now he's going on a tour saying we can probably open up before the end of the year, before the end of the school year, the next month or so. All of a sudden, he's starting to really change his tune now.


All right. Schools closed. No, no one knows why. All right. Let's bring it home. Genographic. You got it.


I'm Genographic.


And that's the news that, you know, that was the news with Genographic. Last but not least, there is Geico. Don't you rent your home? I bet you do. One or the other. How bout you take your automotive policy and you bundle it up, you go to Guy Kodak, come get your auto loan, your homeowner's insurance.


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Texas. OK, well we'll double down because it's been so wildly effective in California. We've not experienced any surges or any deaths or any hospitalizations. We should double down. Smart. OK, good everybody. All right.


Start thinking for yourself people because I've figured out many of the people in charge aren't good at thinking or maybe they're very good at thinking and they have other ideas for you.


Very good. I do not know.


I want to thank you. Carnahan, Joe Carnahan. Oh, there it is. Joe Carnahan, boss level available on Hulu as we speak. And until next time to sign for Joe and Jean and Balsan Mahallah. And follow the Adam Carolla Show on Twitter. Adam, for a show, follow us on Twitter. It for all of there was a voicemail in at eight six three four one seven four four. And get Adam's new book on your emotional support animal.


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