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Thanks for listening to the Adam Carolla Show on podcast one. More Adam Ferrara and a double dose of the news coming your way. But first, a relief ban. Relief ban. Well, nausea, especially if you're hung over. A lot of people overdoing it because of the whole covid business. But a lot of people are going to be overdoing it around the holidays. Relief ban. You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning after overdoing it the night before with the booze?


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Dawson, this holiday season helped someone reclaim their life from the fear of nausea. Right now, Relief Band has an exclusive offer just for Adam Carolla listeners. If you go to relief band Dotcom and use promo code, Adam, you'll receive 20 percent off. So head to RTL, ISEF Bay and Dotcom and use promo code Adam for 20 percent off. With contract with Genographic Break, will all those crazy Trump tweets give me no trouble in the Middle East celebrity meltdown?


Jeanne Moos with Gene cheating on the news with Jena grad.


Well, let's start with some new restriction. Fun now.


California, everybody, let me back up.


We have a color coding system that makes no sense. Red is not even the worst. It's purple. And all counties have now fallen back into the purple tier. So we'll keep you posted on that. But Philadelphia is what's getting all the attention now, because officials over there have announced sweeping restrictions on businesses and, you know, along with the gyms, museums, casinos, libraries, bowling alleys, arcades, theaters, we all know that Philadelphia restaurants no longer serving anything indoor outdoor.


You're limited to groups of four. And they I don't know how you prove this, but they must be from the same household. I don't know if you have to pay a utility bill before you order appetizers.


Well, they're arguing that they're all from the same household, that they're enjoying their night. Well, then they couldn't possibly be from the same place.


I was thinking about that because I thought because everything in my house, my life goes back to brunch and how could I pull this off? My girlfriends?


No hugging, no squealing. When you see each other, you all have to look like your roommates meeting back up for a meal.


No squealing an actual metrick. Are you kidding? Because your wife ever gone to brunch with.


Oh, no. Yeah, there's a lot of that. No weddings, no funerals, no household visits. This is starting to get a little Nazi Germany. I don't know if they start knocking on doors to find this out. No kind of indoor gathering, public or private, are permitted under the restrictions. No in-person learning or high school or college's outdoor gatherings are limited to 10 percent capacity or ten people per thousand square feet. And that also means because there's a cap on large spaces, no more than two thousand people, which means no fans at the Eagles games.


And this goes into effect Friday. It will be in effect until at least January 1st. And they are getting I mean, they're giving us all a run for our money and the restriction department.


Fairly. Yeah, fairly.


People had enough reasons not to live in Philly before this. I think this is going to put them over the top. My dad's from South Philly and they don't churn out a lot of great South Philly hockey.


Oh, fucking real great. What is the man true? Motown, Philly.


Yeah, well, they say things like like I suppose it's Santa Claus at a Philly game, and. That's right.


Eagles fans are missing out in the first place team.


I don't know Fresh Prince. I know the Phillies, one of those places that goes from like historical to shithole in three blocks.


If you know, the Liberty Bell was founded in seventy, I cut you back, OK, I'm due for.


And wasn't Philadelphia the place where they sent that cute little robot to see how far he could make it across the country? And it never made it out of like one neighborhood of Philly and they tagged it and fucked it up and like, beat it up.


Yeah, you look a robot running along and it's little way. And remember, you, the fresh prince sent out to fill it up. Right. To avoid his horrible life. Yeah, I agree.


It's never where you're from. Like I always used to say that about Cindy Crawford when I was in northern Illinois at the University of DeKalb doing a show with Dr. Drew at the twenty fifth time I heard, you know, Cindy Crawford's from the cab.


I just yelled where she now she was she left when she was 14, where she's now she's she's blowing a guy in Malibu right now. That's where she is right now. She's no longer in DeKalb.


So great. Gerber would be in DeKalb. Yeah. Yeah, right. The the metric to measure success for a city shouldn't be where was this person born. It should be where do they move to when they got smart enough to get the fuck out of where they were born.


Yeah, well, and is their mascot named Gritty that the flyers, the flyers? Probably a bad sign. I got familiar with gritty. I mean, I have now guys, we could do a half hour hungry. Oh, I know about girls like Brownlie, know about the fanatic.


I don't know about gritty, gritty. It is the best what it does. He's the Flyers mascot. I'm known in absentia. Hmm. Yeah. He's a Philadelphia hit by Frost Salination. You must be the Flyers mascot.


He looks like the Muppet they passed on. Oh, that's right. Yeah. Looks like quite a social media presence. Looks like Bruce Vilanch, gritty. We need you to punch up the script. Yeah, I'll I'll I'll take Grady the Block, please.


I thankfully have not seen Bruce Vilanch in like. I don't feel like I feel like I saw Bruce Vilanch a lot ten years ago and I don't feel like I've seen him in a while. And that's a good thing.


I think he looks just like that. It does look like gritty.


I miss Jim Jay, Jim, Jay Bullock.


Let's see a Philadelphia man know what you're talking about.


It's like some. Yeah, some gay, you know. Yeah. Jim, Jay can't be alive. Be sure. Yeah. Sixty five. Oh yes.


I remember Jim, Jim and Tammy Faye, a power duo. Oh that's right. What they do have a daytime. Yeah. Talk show.


Weird era where they just take people and throw them together and go we're going to do a daytime talk show. And then, then it was always the proclamations rose just seems like anything goes, oh boy, we're going to dance. You're no teleprompter here. Hey, by the way, if you're easily offended, just look elsewhere for. Yeah, because we ain't got a lot. You know, there was always that. And then the show just sucked, right.




Is boring. Speaking of data. Oh wow guys.


Wow. Tell me I'm wrong now that I fly, which is gritty. Yeah. One hundred percent.


Speaking of daytime talk show, some Ellen news, despite her scandalous year in the tabloids, she won the trophy for the best daytime talk show of 20/20 at the People's Choice Awards on Sunday. And you'll never guess who she spent a chunk of her time thanking because of everything that went on. This is, I don't know, her speeches, maybe two and a half minutes. This is almost half of her speech in my heart.


I thank you. I am not only accepting this award for myself, I'm accepting it on behalf of my amazing crew, my amazing staff who make this show possible. They show up every single day. They give 100 percent of themselves 100 percent of the time. That's 250 people. Time's 170 shows a year times eighteen years.


And if you carry the two and divided by eleven, my point is I love them all and I thank them for what they do every single day to help that show be the best that that we try to make it every single day.


This is basically the husband after he gets busted cheating and the wife lets him back into the house. But he's only been there for six days and he's got to give a toast at a wedding. And of course, all of a sudden, you know, Doreen, the love of my life, my rock, my rock, I like of course. Of course you have to. You got busted. That's right. That's right. But I say don't listen to me.


Say it again. Sorry, I'm subsect. The subtext of that speech was, please don't sue. Right? Right. You can't slather it on too thick.


You know what I mean? She who was unkind to her staff for 18 years can't all of a sudden wake up and explain how it's impossible. By the way, when you're talking about your staff noting that they show up every day, I don't know what the same phrase.


I feel like you could say that about everyone who works at a Costco, you know, I mean, like everyone shows up, I that's that's not exactly praised my punctual staff.


Yeah, that's right. Yeah.


All right. What else you got, Gina, by the way? Where was that. When was that.


It was that that was over the weekend. That was Sunday. And it was televised.


Yeah. I mean I think it was it looked like an Internet thing. I checked on on the network schedule.


I didn't see it and was on an airplane hangar. Oh, really? Yeah.


You can't really tell. You know, you could tell from the the cheers and ravenous applause that people were spaced out. And if that was just true, I don't know. But it was done in just some giant space and I can't figure out where it was aired. So that's why I thought it was on line.


I think I think I did the first Teen Choice Awards, and I think that was in an airplane hangar at the Santa Monica Airport. Oh, and I surfboard, I think. And I think the MTV I think the MTV Music Awards were at the there, too. The reason I remember very clearly because MTV. And working for MTV was sort of like working for K Rock Radio and that Keroack radio was huge and MTV was huge, but they did not treat their talent like talent.


You know, they kind of kept the man down. And I think the MTV Music Awards, me and Dr. Drew, were very popular on MTV at the time. And we said, can we get a couple of tickets to the MTV Awards? And they're like, now and then they finally got us some tickets and they put us so far up in the bleachers in the back of this airplane hangar that when we sat down, the people in front of us both turned.


The people in front of us turned to look like, oh, it's Adam and Dr. Drew. And they're like, yeah, like, what are you guys going to do? You hooked up to a zip line or something. You're going to go down on a harness was like, no, these are the seats they they gave us. And then I said to the guys in front and I think Drew did, he was like, where did you guys get your tickets?


Because they told us we're out of them. Like we got them today at music. Plus I was like, oh, awesome.


It's weird right there. But that's how they do it.


That's why now I've been burned too many times where if somebody offers me free tickets to a concert or a comedy show, it sounds like a diva bitch move. But I've been I got to say thank you so much. Where where are those tickets exactly? Because on two occasions at least, I have gone to the window, given my name said, oh, I'm on so-and-so list.


They've given me tickets that were so bad I didn't buy I didn't accept them and I just bought tickets at the window for you guys.


I don't know if you guys have reached this place in your lives or reached at one point this place. But I didn't check on the exact same winner of its age thing. I don't know if it's anything, but if someone invites me to a movie premiere, fuck you knock on your fucking not out of this year.


If it's yours like it. I like it. The Montalbán theater, that's one thing. But someone's like, Hey, this is the man Berlin in Westwood. I got tickets, you know, never I'd have made that mistake was like five years ago. SAT in the front row looking like this. Yeah. Not only a Hail Caesar, a terrible movie, a long movie.


I left five minutes in Bragge. Adam, you should know where someone invited Brian to a christening last week and he had the exact same reaction.


This is the front you. I'm not you. I'm not sitting in front of you. Wow. All right.


Well, there goes my next goodbye conversation. And of course, you name off the list. I got invited. I got I went to a premiere, the best premiere I ever went through. Red carpet I had to go to for work was a day one, because it was it was at the the movie theater right over here in Santa Monica. And it was a day I had, you know, you know, how did you got to go?


You got to get your picture taken, do interviews, and then you've got to go sit through the movie and go through the bullshit.


So I told the guy driving the car, I said he had an escalator go go parking at Carl's Jr. I went down the red carpet, took a picture of my wife, did my interview, and I walked right into the theater, out the emergency door, into the Carl's Jr. I was home watching football was as the movie started.


What movie was it? It was the Jon Voight movie.


That was it was the movie Jon Voight was in.


It was the I'm going to say it's not gone. It's sixty six. It was a car movie. Oh, you better pray it wasn't gone in 60 seconds. That's the greatest film of all time. That one I would have went and gone. That's a film. You know, it's not that movie because calling it a movie and some icon and sexy sexy, but calling it a film, it's a big difference.


He's looking it up. Well, I'll need that. Yeah, go ahead. Was Duvall. It was in 60 seconds.


Yeah. Voice Oh yeah. Why that boy was in a heat but instead of the car movie crew, what name better face off Nick Cage name Castor Troy or Troy or gone in 60 seconds. Memphis, Rheins, Memphis.


Our meteorologist here in L.A. that's Dallas.


But yeah, this race is pretty solid. Getaway, 2013, 2013 getaway, that was the narrative. All right, yeah, well, that was a smooth move on your part.


And a lot of people, a lot of us around gain in that covid 15. I'll tell you who's not doing that. 71 year old Rudy Cadd love. He's out there breaking world records. He weighs in at two hundred twenty two pounds. And yes, I'm going to show you what he does. Rudy squatted 430 pounds bench three hundred and three pounds and pulled five hundred eighteen pounds in the deadlift, all without steroids is 71. He now holds the records at 198 to twenty and two hundred forty two weight classes.


Do you want to see a 71 year old pull any of those off?


Because we have the video. I don't want to besmirch the man, but he was caught juicing because they found half empty and sure can on his nightstand. So, oh, there's Brian kind just showed up and ready.


I'm getting ready for the all. Yeah. Let's say you want to see him squat.


Four hundred and thirty pounds is the record of a man over 65 like it must be. It's not a world record for the amount. It just shows the weight classes. It doesn't say anything about the age.


It's got to be it's got to be age. It's when you're over two hundred pounds. That's not, you know, I mean, it's a ton of weight or half a quarter ton of weight. But either way, it's got to be in a weight. There has to be some age factored in. It's because of the combine ever.


You're right to do this. So give give this guy some credit. You guys are jerks. All right. Show, show, show this aged fellow what he can do.


Here we go. I don't know what's on his neck brace again. Wow, that's that one.


Yeah, it looks like Master Blaster going to California. Babe, I'm going to leave this baby. I'm going to let you know. The guy was like, I want some something new, something happy. So I cut music.


Some of the kids are listening to him. Yeah, I like the bottle of rum he's got right by the gates.


This is a deadlift at five hundred eighteen pounds.


Oh wow. That's great. That's a lot of weight. No song. Wow. All right. This guy is number one, grandpa.


Meanwhile, I have my five and 10 pound weights that I take in to the newsroom because it's actually smaller than the room I'm in right now. And Vinnie gave me some Tweety Bird cage exercises because I can't just sit there with my ass hermetically sealed to a chair for six hours. So I do my weights, but it's not a deadlift.


What are Tweety Bird? What are some Tweety Bird cage type type exercises?


Well, the ones that aren't weights is are like, you know, standing behind the chair, going up on your tiptoes and then slowly, as slow as you possibly can, lowering, you know, and it's all about controlling that.


So who slower is better when it comes to weights? You know, you think you're you're getting a better workout because you're doing it three times fast. No, Veny had to teach me that that kind of thing. And then I do my weights in my seat. So he didn't teach me this one.


But the one there's like the milk, the milk jug where you like your point.


No, I do. The ones behind me because I got the Jewish bingo wings and I do everything I can with my ten pound weights because I'm sitting in a chair the whole time I'm getting old.


And one of the reasons I know I'm getting old and I don't know if you guys have gotten to this phase of your life where you you start counting things is exercise that are exercise like, um, like I should work out.


I go. What do you mean?


I got stuff out of the car earlier today. Yeah. That was my steps like I did. That was two trips and the downstairs. Oh yeah.


Having a four year old is the ultimate cheat code to work. Right. I chased her around the block. Yeah.


On her scooter. I did super kid in the air for fifteen minutes.


I had a sad old guy realization the other day that Brian I'll probably remember, remember one of my favorite characters from the Kevin and Being show and you can look this up.


Richard Cheese would do this Dick tease, but he didn't do it on his name, but he would do the same guy would do Paul, the 55 year old intern.


Do you remember that time before my time. But I remember that. Yeah, yeah. There's a funny bit with this. This guy, this sort of square middle age guy is Paul, the 55 year old intern. And it was funny when I used to listen to it in nineteen ninety three, but I realize I'm fifty six now. So I'm actually older than than the old guy I used to laugh at as the intern. I don't know if any of that stuff's online or maybe it was a Christmas sounds.


I have a friend.


My friend is fifty. He's dating this twenty year old girl and he's like, you know, I don't know if it's going to work out to go.


It's not smart because he goes, well how could you say so? Because you're at that age when you start talking about the past and this girl doesn't have one yet. Right. So what are you going to talk to her about.


He's like, yeah, maybe you're right.


Where you meet, where does he meet a twenty year old?


Do you do it online?


God knows where he I think he met this one at the gym because when it was open.


So this five pound weights paired with a squat. Yeah. Hey, those are those Tweety Bird exercise.


You know what website I've become obsessed with just knowing that it exists. Are you guys familiar with seeking arrangement now?


And I let let me see if you guys are good liars. Are you familiar with seeking arrangement? Right, not OK. I figured your line about it. It's basically a sugar daddy website and like what? Because I saw this special on HBO and they featured it and one guy. Can you imagine, ladies, if you're lucky enough to find this guy, he likes to be financially humiliated. Hmm.


So all that means is you just call him and talk to you like I'm going to empty your bank account.


And there are only women can sign up for this because if things go south with Christie, I'm a soft landing.


Yeah, that's the greatest fetish you could ever come up with. I mean, if you're on the road, depending on what end you're on.


All right, Gina, I'm going to play that. I'm going to play the fella, OK?


You play my sugar mama.


I'm the sugar baby.


Now, I've decided you're the modern version of this, OK? You want to be financially humiliated. OK, I am going to take your essay.


All right. I'm going to take your SUV and I'm going to fill it up and I'm going to go with 91 octane, even though the manufactures suggest eighty seven oh oh oh.


You know what I like to do sometimes? Tell me. I like to walk in your office, turn on the ceiling fan and then go into another room and take a nap. Oh, go on.


Don't stop. Tell me more. You know, I'll you know, I know you like your cream in a real bottle. A real glass bottle. No do y and you get a redemption value on that after you rent it real good. Yeah. I take mine and I throw them at the fireplace when I'm done with the crime. Oh.


Oh you talk so dirty.


Yeah. The other thing I like to do is I like to turn the heat on during the winter.


Oh turn the heat on and I'll just go ahead and crack the flu in the fireplace without lighting a fire.


So all the hot air. Tell me what you're going to do to move forward. Okay.


Oh what for one k. Oh yeah I, I like L is now over. Please insert your credit card to continue this conversation.


OK, I'm going to do that. I get the date on there. OK, I can't tell the difference between a two thousand dollar bottle of wine and a bottle of two buck chuck. But guess who's getting the expensive stuff when we go out to the French Laundry.


I was getting it for you, baby.


Oh, God, yeah. Are you ordering are you sending them around to other tables of people? Yeah, that's right. I'll be toasting other tables. I also like to order foie gras and not finish it. Oh, do you take it home over the time. No, I'm not taking. No, wait a minute. I lied. I do take it home but I forget about it and leave it in the car and it spoils over night.


Tell me how many mortgages I have. Oh, man.


You got three, baby. Oh yeah.


And by the way, I was thinking about refinancing, but the rate is lower than it is now, so I scrapped that mission.


Oh yeah, it was great. Yeah. We do this again tomorrow.


Yeah. I'll be here. OK, I'm right now I signed you up for the MLB package and I know you don't even like baseball, but it just rolls over every year. You got to keep paying it.


You're such a dirty boy. That's right. I'm pretty catch as catch can about closing the refrigerator too. I'll just go to slop it. I'll just sort of make a move on it and then I'll leave. Sometimes it shuts and seals. Oftentimes it doesn't. Oh, you can still see the light coming out of the crack. Yeah. Yeah. I guess I'm not in the room.


You wouldn't know. The room does seem so. I also like to fire up a space heater zaim my tootsies get cold because of wind winter.


Right. Yeah, but when it gets too hot instead of turn off the space heater I turn on the central air. Oh God.


Yeah. Oh God. Yeah that's me. That's me.


Yeah. That improv brought to you by the Khairallah family. All I have to do is think about all the shit my wife and kids do all day long ago.


That kid so easy to you. I know there's almost no end.


Yeah, the scene was played out with every light in the house on this special.


Thank you. A special assist from Brian.


It's all right. Let's take a quick break. We'll come back with the rest of the news. Oh, we have Paul Unfortified. We have we have a medley of of songs from that Paul singing it.


Yeah. So this is actually, I think, how he may have been introduced as a character, I don't know. But it's he recorded a single called Paul in forty five for. Having and being in the middle of all the rock songs arranged like Swing and Big Band, that may be a little more dick cheese, but we'll listen to it anyway. We'll take a break. We'll come right back. The rest of news right after this. Real men are an endangered species, shouted down and hunted.


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It's a calling card, a place for those who understand that the noblest pleasure in life is living it well. Head to run, man, USA dot com for yourself or the man in your life. And get ready because this Christmas, Adam Carolla brings you Renaissance man. All right.


So the second part of the news and Max Pada was able to find the Karak song. So this is Paul from 1993. So I used to listen to Kevin. I mean, this is right before I got in with Kevin and being in Jimi. So we'll play this clip. You got got the song. It's a medley of Peyrac songs. Yeah.


What I've got, I've got to give it to you, Mama, what I've got, I've got to give it to you, Papa. What I've got, I've got to give it to your daughter. And then you drink a little water and touch with the ground. I'm on the hunt. I'm after you smell like I sound lost and I'm found and I'm hungry like that, Wolf.


Your own personal Jesus. Oh, yeah. Someone to give his all the face, someone named Paul. That's right, baby.


I'm in a Depeche Mode, the best mood rock sound. You don't have to put on the red light. No. Those days are over, you don't have to sell your body to the night.


Well, let me go on like a blister. All right. You get it. That that's Mark Davis. That's that's the guy. Oh, speaking of Chicago in that is the guy where Jimmy and I were sitting outside at Carneys Hot Dogs. I love their hot dogs, by the way, but we're sitting out there on Ventura Boulevard and a car drove down Ventura Boulevard and cut off another car. And the car behind it did one of those honks where they never let up that night, Leon and I saw that thing.


And I whip my head around and I said, that's Mark Davis. And Jimmy went, Are you sure? I said, Yeah, that was him.


I recognized this kid, a Honda de la soul, a green one, like a very weird car for a guy to drive. And he went, OK, I got it. And then Jimmy called him that night as the crazy, angry man who was in the car behind him. And he's like, Hey, motherfucker, I got your all your information. What happened to me? What you did to me on Ventura Boulevard at noon today is bullshit.


Now I'm coming after you.


And of course, Mark Davis had no other recourse but to believe that that guy had his number. What else could you possibly think that that Jimmy and Adam were at Carneys? Yeah. And saw it. And he. Fuckin tortured Mark Davis for weeks about having his number coming to his house, you better get it dead, Paul. I'm coming after you. What's the craziest ruse ever? And totally bullet proof because how could you ever think, OK, come on, no one else knows that you cut someone off on Ventura Boulevard except for you and the car behind you.


There's no suspect.


There's no motive. That's it. And he told. Yeah, footnote.


We've played some dick songs on the show before years ago. The later stuff that he released on albums was really good.


Yeah, he's funny. Yeah. I his his roommate was lightning at the time and lightning after about two weeks of torturing Mark Davis lightnings like I have to tell him and Jimmy's like, I'll kill you if you tell him. And he's like he's like I have to live with this guy. He's going insane. He's screaming at me because I didn't lock the downstairs door from the garage, you know, like, he's going insane.


I can't live with him anymore because she just called him every day is a crazy motorist who wanted to kill him. That story. Hmm. Yeah, he eventually told him because he couldn't he couldn't take it, he was having a nervous breakdown. But again, file that under things no woman has ever done to another woman.


Never know. Right.


The worst we'll do is we'll tell the girl who always shows up late to brunch. That brunch is 30 minutes earlier. So she shows up on time and we're like. That's literally it, that's it. Or maybe a surprise party, I was in the writing with my friend Phil, who's on my podcast. We actually told the story last week or the week before in the podcast, a bunch of people sitting there waiting for their prescriptions. And he's he's talking to me.


I wander into the adult care aisle so they can see us. I grab the biggest stack of adult diapers. And I just turned to him.


I said, what size are you again? Everyone just started looking at him and he ran because you know what to do. He's in Paris. And I was chasing him around like, come on, don't be like that. You said you try. We just got new rugs. I'm the one that's got to clean it up. You know, I just kept chasing him around. And he was he he ran from me.


He was hiding in the greeting card. And it's great. Yeah. So I knew there was only one way out. So I went by the door and everyone's looking at me. I'm still holding the diapers. So I just burst into tears. I just started crying and he's gone.


And I said, I'm so sorry. I don't know what. I changed his diet. I don't know what it is. We just went under so much stress and he just comes running out and runs by me.


I just yelled out, think the kids. And we just maybe it's the seat heater that did it. All right.


What else you got? Genographic. Well, Miami Marlins just hired Kim NG as their new general manager, making her the baseball's first female and first Asian-American Major League Baseball GM. She's 51. She spent decades in baseball, previously working as assistant GM in the Yankees and Dodgers, first Asian GM.


Yeah, she's she's very excited about this.


Of course, you know, the Dodgers have had a lot to say about it because she worked out here as well. And big, big deal. Do you guys consider this a big deal? Yeah. Yeah.


Asians are kicking everyone's ass. So it's a low is a little, you know, anticlimactic when they when they they're already doing better than Whitey. So, you know, but it's cool. I don't know. I'm I'm kind of overall the first I mean, we have a female vice president. We had, you know, male black male president for two terms. And we're so did it. We're so there now. Nothing's really surprised me, you know, when I was coming up, but not even when I was coming up.


I mean, black coaches in the NFL were pretty unheard of. Black black quarterbacks were pretty unheard of. You know, Williams, I had. Yeah, Doug Williams moon. I was I spoke to my son about Warren Moon the other day where he was going through top ten, you know, all time passing yards, you know, NFL quarterbacks or whatever. And he said Warren Moon was like, I don't know, ninth or tenth or something like that.


And he said, I would have thought Warren Moon would be higher. And I said, Warren Moon played in the CFL for six years from years. Right.


And it's like, why did he play in the Canadian Football League for six years? And then I yelled, look over there. And then I turned up the radio real loud and we change the subject. Now, I sit there because they didn't think they didn't think a black quarterback could play in the NFL. I mean. Well, I mean, it had happened a couple of times. Bristo, I think, was one for Denver and of course, Doug Williams and Jim James Harris for the Rams.


But there had been a couple of examples. But in general, if you're black and you're a great athlete, they'd go, well, put you tight end or we'll put your cornerback, you know, and he wanted to play quarterback. So he went to Canada.


What was the thinking behind that? I mean, what happens and understandably, it's going to make no sense now, no matter what.


But what is the thinking? I mean, because isn't isn't sports all about whoever's best go do that thing that you're best at?


Yeah, I'll tell you what it is. If something is a certain way, it takes a while to undo what is and it's time I kind of like parsley by the side of the plate, like they did it for thirty years and then there were ten years of people going, what do we need parsley for? And then they got rid of it. Like, they don't just go up. Here we go. We're changing. They're like the quarterback position is a white guys position and these are the black guy positions.


And they kind of the kind of did it that way. And of course, did change happen. But it happened. It happened slowly. Now, you look at the NFL.


I mean, there's tons of black quarterbacks. There's there's tons of black coaches. You know, it's it's we're kind of we're kind of there. I don't I don't I'm no longer I'm no longer sort of excited when I hear about this person is playing that.


And that's just a good sign. It's a good sign that you're not excited. That's a sudden change. It's called trauma. Right. They need to work in this stuff.


Speaking of lack of sudden change combined, everything Autum said with a lot of. Coaches weren't forward thinking enough to take advantage of the black quarterbacks special skill set, a lot of the times like Lamar Jackson, would fail in 1970, you know what I mean? Like you wouldn't have that kind of offense.


Never accepted. They never accepted. The run pass option was always a college thing for ducks. Did one thing, they dropped back in the pocket, passing a pass.


Yeah, although Lamar's not having a fantastic season this year, but the Shawn Watson or whoever, you know what I mean?


Whoever the guy that combine all the elements of the Cuyler. What's the Murray? Hurry up. Right. You just need to have Murray yesterday. Yeah, that was crazy. Wow. Yeah. I was also explaining to Sonny when he when he was talking about the Ravens quarterback, it's like he's kind of on him, like he's not really having a great year. I said this is the beauty of the NFL. A guy has a breakout year and for some reason it'll last the entire year.


For some reason they'll get to game fourteen and they still won't figure it out or scheme against it. But the next year, everyone's on the same page and all of a sudden the same shit the person was doing the year before just somehow isn't working because they've schemed against it. They figured it out. I said, you see the same thing on the defensive side of the ball. There's some defensive outside linebacker who's just getting to the quarterback and crushing everybody and whatever.


Then the next year, next season, he has kind of a quiet season and like it takes a year. And that's the ultimate kind of strategy game. It takes a year, but they do it. You can't do that to LeBron James. You can't just go or it's going to shut him down.


Four foot football, even what Lamar Jackson is a physical phenomenon, too. But there's eleven guys and they've schemed and they've got to figure it out now. And he's just not able to get away with what he got the way to.


You know, that's what he's doing. Let's let's do this right. This guy in motion and there you go.


That shuts that down, right?


This guy in motion with this guy who's you run that way. Why it does something, it stops him. That's what we need.


Sorry, Gina, but yes, we've come a long way, baby. And now now we're pretty much there. I say pretty much there.


Do you guys remember the movie and its many remakes of Freaky Friday, a new one out and it's getting there.


So the first one, of course, with Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris, which I've seen, I don't know, a thousand times from when I was a kid to now we got the kid on that one.


There was Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. There was a Disney version.


You know, you switch you switch places with the mom and then, you know, hilarity ensues when there is a new version. The elevator pitch, I'm guessing, was Freaky Friday, but for serial killers.


So this version starring Vince Vaughn, which I imagine was what you were going to say, Brian.


Yeah, it's got two good reviews. I really want to see it. And I also see the director's other movie which got decent reviews, Happy Death Day, like a heard.


Good thing I've read Good Happy Death Day. It is fantastic. So, yeah. OK, so I could absolutely see this being pulled off now. Well does this makes more sense. It got no one at the box office and open at three point seven million. It's a horror comedy. It played it almost 2500 screens. And it's Vince Vaughn is a serial killer who switches bodies with a teenage girl. I have the synopsis because it's too good not to tell you.


Seventeen year old Milly Kestler spends her days trying to survive high school and the cruel actions of the popular crowd. But when she becomes the latest target of the butcher, the town's infamous serial killer, her senior year becomes the least of our worries. When the butchers mystical dagger causes him to causes him and Mellie to magically switch bodies, the frightened teen learns she has just 24 hours to get her identity back before she looks like a middle aged maniac forever.


Wow, this has a November 30th VOD release date. I'm sure you can rent it for twenty bucks or something.


Well, Happy Death Day is fantastic. So I actually have higher hopes for this movie. Now, this is Freaky Friday Serial Killer Edition. Well, wait.


From the makers of Happy Death.


They are from the director producer to the director I looked at right there from the director of Happy Death. They so. So she's the serial killer. He's in the body of her and she's a seventeen year contract. So it's Carey. Yeah.


Kinda Freaky Friday meets Carey. You know, it's it's funny how the concepts are kind of like they're going they're kind of like food, you know, we're kind of like it's not enough just to have a slice of pizza anymore if that's the kind of reimagining everything. When I was a kid, the movie, the concept with the movie, with the movie would be this guy drives a souped up charger and the cops can't catch him.


That that was that was the premise. That's the whole movie. And then what? You know, he's got a car. He's got a Holly 750 double pumper and some blackjack headers on it, and it's got good looking lady and the cops hate him and they want to catch him. There you go. Catch him now.


Bulldozer, you got to watch.


Oh, you said they have to see the sequel. They literally the premise is for these movies are like this guy and his girlfriend Rob a liquor store. Like that's all they had. That was enough. That was enough. What was the name of that one like? They Bob and Carol go to.


I saw this movie in the movie theater, Max iPad, Aloha, Bobby and Rose. And I'm totally convinced that this is there's nothing to this movie at all.


You can find the trailer, but somehow they spent their entire budget on an Elton John song and Elton John was think the height of his pride. But think about this, Brian and Adam and Gina. I don't know what the song was.


Let's just say I. Oh, God, we will get it. We'll get it. All right.


All right. So. Oh, here.


All right. But here's my point. I think what they said was, look, this movie has a one point five million dollar budget. Now, we could spend that all on the movie and end up with a piece of shit that nobody cared about. Or we could spend eighty thousand dollars on the movie and give one point four two oh to Elton John. And then we'll just get the one song that everyone likes and then we'll just put that in the movie.


And that's that'll be enough in nineteen seventy four.


What years from seventy five. Seventy five. All right. All the money the boy from American Graffiti is on to do the show. He's got a skill, old Larry, that's Ellison like. Oh, really? He's got a camera and it's nowhere takes off one. Oh, he's burning out. Their dance hall is Rose. She's got an urge to travel. Got an urge to drown. Saturday night, they became lovers, the city of Dreams in Hollywood, USA Home about stars baby Bobby and rose to California kids with a fantasy of paradise like.


Still a lot of dialogue to the Rose and of Love story when I was 11. It's like I've got to see this movie zero to sixty seven heavy metal. All right.


Give me what you know, how like every decade has its way of speaking, you know, like the standard Atlantic when everyone talk like the 70s has that say because she sounded just like the Billy Jack woman, like pacifism.


I just like the guy doing the video, like Bobby Rose. They met together. They wanted to do stuff.


You can watch this as the movie itself.


Fuck me. You're not talking about anything.


Now, you wanted to go see the movie because of the pieces that were in it that you remember out of the movie Heroes with Henry Winkler. Yeah, Henry Winkler, Harrison Ford and the. And it had that when Kansas came out with Wayward Son, that was the music.


So we had to get a little Bobby and Rose spent 11 dollars on the actual filming of that. They spent it all on the soundtrack. And then why not just clear it? By the way, there was nothing else to do in 1975 like that was enough. It has got. All right. There's Elton John song. Let's go.


That was Camaro. He used his own car. They didn't have a budget. Right.


Footnote to this, this is also a short lived era where they would sell it or do this anymore. They would sell a movie by talking about the actor's previous movies, like supposedly like, you know, Bobby from American.


If Chris can find it, this is a little bit of a deep hole. There was a there was a theatrical poster for staying alive, I think.


Or was it it was some reference to Rocky, you know, I mean, because Stallone Durai staying alive is like now he's fighting for his life or something like that. It was like a direct reference to, you know, this guy from Rocky.


Right. We'll look for that. Let me hit Geico real quick now. Do you own do you rent your home? Sure you do. One or the other can be hard work, owning and or renting. You want to make it easy? I bought you a bundle. You bundle those policies at Geico. That makes it easy to bundle your homeowners or renter's insurance along with their auto policy. And again, it's a good thing, too, because you already have so much to do around the house.


I've got a guy Kodak can get a quote and see just how much you could save. It's easy. Geico Dotcom. That's Geico Dotcom. All right. You know, let's do one more. Oh, all right. Well, let me see here.


Well, we love Adam on this show. We love auction news. We have a lot of hot auction talk. We've been doing it a lot lately. But there is one because it's seasonal that we have to get to the Rudolph and Santa Claus figures that were used in the Christmas special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer have sold at auction for a healthy sum, the bidding for the fake.


And if you don't remember, and I'm sure you do, we'll show you the picture at bidding for the figures soared past the projected sale. They thought it was going to go for between 150 and 200000 thousand. And at the Icons and Legends of Hollywood auction held in L.A., I'm just going to tell you, because I've given you a lot of hints, the pair of the little stand on the little Rudolph sold for three hundred sixty eight thousand dollars.


I wonder all I'll play the role of my mom would need a Santa Clause for. What would you do with that? I mean, you can't use it. You can't use it who has so much money? Now, I just want to bring in money for Christmas. How about that Santa? How big are these figurines?


The Santa is actually 11 inches tall and Rudolph is six inches.


And they were made in Tokyo of wood, wire, cloth and leather. They're still malleable. Rudolph's nose still lights up. Santa's beard is made from yak hair. And the buyer is not identified, probably because he's ashamed of his list.


That's right. The seller was Peterloo, a 65 year old in New York who told the AP that he thought he he thought he would never part with these dolls, but he wanted to take care of his kids and his grandkids. So that's a nice little gift for them of 360000 money in an IRA.


It was super into this this holiday cartoon. Wow. Really? How much? Oh my God.


How much did they get for the Charlie in a box that won? Oh, that's right, Charlie in the box. But the fun fact, Rudolph in this year when he is a baby, is the offspring of Donner, one of Santa's reindeer.


Donner, his wife's name, Mrs. Donner. You could give her a goddamn name. Couldn't be Don.


When I played Pop Warner football, my sister was Curole a sister. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I grew up that way.


You know, white quarterbacks, women knowing their place was a simpler time, you know, Égalité for under 300 grand.


That's right.


All right, let's bring it home. Gina, you got it. I'm Gina grad.


And that's the that you know, that was the news with Gina grad. This is the poster I was talking about, Ernest alone.


This time he's fighting for his life. It was first blood. I got that wrong.


But they would they would market movie or movies based on the actor's previous roles.


Last but not least, simply safe. That's right. Simply say if everyone wants to keep their homes secure, no long term contracts, no hidden fees, you get a free home security camera. When you purchase a simply safe system, it's simply safe. Dotcom slash Adam. All right. Let's see, Adam. You can listen to his very funny standup album. It's scary in here, available on Spotify, Pandora and anywhere you get music as well.


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