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Thanks for listening to the Adam Carolla Show on podcast one. Well, we got more Tom Arnold hanging for the news. It's crazy, but it's fun and good sports coming up as well. First, I'll tell you about true Neogen. I've been taking the cellular health vitamin true Neogen for a few months. It's more like six months now. Dr. Drew has been on it for a couple of years, and Dr. Drew researches everything very carefully before he puts it into his body.


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And I take this every single morning, support cellular energy and defense with true knowledge. And that's true. And I a G n dotcom, use a code atom, get 20 bucks off any three plus months supply through September 4th. With great news, with Genographic breaking Firewheel, all those crazy Trump tweets give me no trouble in the Middle East. Celebrity news with Jeanne. The news with Genographic. You know how I feel about people breaking their silence and speaking out when nobody's been waiting for them to talk, it drives me crazy.


I do not think this is the case because Becky Falwell is speaking out on her late night with husband Jerry Falwell, in which she's pretty hot in the wake of the sex scandal that prompted his resignation from Liberty University.


And she says their bond has never been better, according to people.


Now, that's not it. Becky said that she and Jerry are more in love than ever after. The former Miami pool boy, Giancarlo Granda claimed to have had an intimate relationship with Becky for 2012. Twenty with Jerry is an audience, I guess we'll say. She says, we have the strongest relationship and Jerry is the most forgiving person I've ever met. It's a shame that Christians can't give us the same forgiveness that Christ gives us.


Can I say this? I banging someone's old lady while they're in the room. I'm fundamentally in principally for. Yeah, but I got to say I would have some rules on positions and my rule would be I wouldn't go missionary and turn back and sack to the dude sitting in the corner because I'd always be scared he was going to go upside my head with a table lamp or something or my. You might. Yeah. Or or or worse. My feeling would be I will happily bang your wife Doggystyle facing you.


Yeah. Back to the wall. And then if you make any sudden moves, I got, I got an escape plan here, but I'm not turning my back on on weirdo husband. OK, I got to say to things there was more than one poor boy. There's one guy that they bought a whole giant cool ass Djibo up there by the by the college. They bought this guy a youth hostel. That really nice. What did South Beach Google it?


You'll see by it, too. And the day before it came public, a jury had to quit. This week, Jerry released did a story that he was so depressed that his wife cheated on him. He threw his wife under the bus, had a short affair. He said that it caused depression and that came out. This guy's showed a video messages and has video that it was eight years. And I know that for a fact because I know I've been involved with this.


Michael Cohen was involved. That's why Jerry was Michael Cohen doing, because Michael could help fix it. Michael called, had the pictures, and Michael said, I'll fix this, Jerry, if you'll support Trump. How did he get the pictures? Because he got involved with the when this first happened, he said, I'll take care of these guys. And he kept the pictures. You can hear it on the tape. Someone when he's talking with me, someone was threatening to publish the pictures.


Right. And he stepped in like, I'll fix it if you get the event. If you if Jerry Falwell will support Donald Trump in 2016. I just happen to have what you can hear Michael Cohen telling me that on a tape I kept one picture, I helped him out, but then I kept one picture. Everybody is like, why would he support Donald Trump? Why would you say Donald Trump is the most Jesus like of all the candidates about?


Because to be on the tape he did on tape, you know, I kept one picture.


Do you think Cohen has pictures of Scott BEO and compromise and Jesus?


I hope so. But yes, but he Trump they did keep a lot of pictures of everybody. They helped out everybody his wife cheated on everybody, cheat on their wife. All these people, they did keep one picture. Just, you know, tell me. Yeah, I have memories. I tell people all the time it is so much better just to be sexually boring.




Think about all of the people you know. Think about the Cosby. So that abstains and the. Or the Weinstein. Weinstein. Yeah, any. I mean, just think about how could you imagine if they just didn't have that sexual metronome. Yeah.


Like God it's exciting. Yeah. If you could just sort of be with somebody, enjoy them and that would be that, like that I'll just be rich and doing what they wanted now instead of either dead or in prison or besmirched or whatever reputation destroyed and tarnished or blackmailed or this like, it's just so it seems like so much work or even like even like With Letterman was having sex with an intern and then somebody was going to blackmail him and stuff.


Could you imagine with just so much easier to be Jimmy Fallon, just I guess just bang the same chick in the same room for twenty years and count your money just to just to put a button on this story.


And perhaps I buried the lead because this is an important sentence. At the end, they are doubling down. Becky and Jerry are doubling down because she The Washington Post reported that Becky confirmed the extramarital affair and described it as embarrassing and humbling and said Jerry was not involved. In any way, yeah, I said, I guess they have a video of him, but they got the Reuters has a video that's out, make sure audio saying don't make her jealous, but that there's a video.


There's a face that we got for the room where he's in the background, but he's not sitting in the corner watching. He said he caught corner watching, jerking off. So let's be clear. There's a lot of pictures. He's actively involved. It's that that's what they do.


He's not just providing towels and mass like I'll do like the guy in the bathroom and in the bathroom attendant at a strip club like I would you like some divorce? How much water? How about how much they want to continue this?


Because are you saying the video is currently out there? Well, the the the the they described it, it Reuters describes it. And we just want to know how far they want to keep pushing this because they played they gave the audio of the phone call. You the guy has this guy and several of the guys one of the boys is a Muslim with everybody that they hate, build the wall, no immigration, LGBTQ, everything they hate. These guys have it.


You know, we just you don't want to have to put this video out there, but it's big. Everything they say they did do. Jerry, sort of all you can hear him in the audio would put the video out there.


Well, you would put screen grabs of who the the the Reuters. Reuters would put it out there. Yeah. If you've seen it. Oh, yeah, I've seen it.


How how are you privy to it when you read you read The New York Times Google by The New York Times, by the New York Times article with Tom Arnold.


Oh really.


Oh yeah. Yeah. No, I've been on this from day one a couple of days ago. No, no, but but I've been on this story for days to try to figure out what the fuck is going on with Jerry Falwell. Adams up. You know, I got Michael Cohen on tape. I said, what the fuck is going on with him? He goes, let me tell you what's OK. Here's the deal. You got to get in.


Then I went down. I got the picture, a bucket of this shenanigans. I got a series of pictures. You can see Jerry Falwell in the background. He's taken the pictures of the pool boy, fucking his wife. And I can see him in the back because he's taken the pictures. Then I got another reported out of Miami to get more pictures of another. Yeah. So that's you can hear me, Michael Cohen talking. You've got to catch up with my career.


I got to. And I was thinking about the guy you outed who molested you back in Iowa. Yeah. That fucking guy putting up all the fallout. I would go to his fucking face. I mean, literally went to his office. Yeah. And I just keep telling myself, I'm now going to add you to my list of people never to cross. Right. I'm not going to cross Tom Arnold. Ronan Farrow not going to end. Rose McGowan wrote out, I've done stuff to you guys are on my Mount Rushmore of not to cross.


Yeah. Because I enjoy my life. Right.


Wow. But you're not to at it. You say every bullshit. They write it person that they're everything. Well yeah. I'm not, I'm not dancing like Alan and then slapping around interns and I do it, I slap the interns. Yeah right. Right, that's right. Yeah. You got it. Yeah. Right. Wow. All right.


Well speaking of sex and actors and famous people, Bella Thorne might not be on your radar. She was a Disney girl at one point. The show shake it up and good luck, Charlie. Well, she's all grown up. She's twenty two and she has earned one million dollars on her first day of the adult content site. Only fans, according to page six, Bill, has been super active on this account. She responds to everybody, the actress who recently directed a porno.


So she's been sharing personal content, never before seen photos and videos. And Page six previously reported that the actress briefly crashed the site.


Well, this isn't her. This this isn't exactly what I was talking about. But we started off by saying, once you've passed your prime as young lady, there's still ways to make money, whereas I got to move to Russia. Yeah, ballots have to leave our house. Just get on the Internet. Right.


And just in case you're wondering how mathematically it adds up to a million, her reps say that the rate is twenty bucks a month for subscribers and creators on only fans receive 80 percent of their subscription revenue in tips. Is she also.


But is she doing. She's not doing porn. Weskit stuff. She's doing personal content, so if you grow up like a Disney child star, Nickelodeon, whatever, you get a little currency views, then a bunch of those guys turned 22 or whatever, and now they'll all pay a premium to see you. If, in fact, you can't transition into adult acting essentially after that, who knows if she can, she's like, fuck it, let me do this.


Yet she'll still because she's still trans, there's no rules anymore. Now, she could do this. She could do that. Now there isn't any porn or TV or you can't do a feature if you do a TV. There is no TV. There's no there's no there's no anything. It's just everything that's weird. It's like there's no one thing. If you're watching Mr. Beast on YouTube. No.


That fucking guy. That's what my kid likes. He must have a billion dollar. But he you've got to watch this show. This guy goes, OK, now we're going to blow a ten dollar firework. They're going to blow up a hundred dollar. Now we're going to the thousand that we're going to blow up of. Five hundred thousand for the fireworks. This this guy, where's he out of? He's on YouTube. I know. I think North Carolina or something like that.


Oh yeah. Him and his buddies. And it's not like it's for the kids of a two, but it's great. Do you guys ever see that guy? No.


Well, here's but here's the question, Tom Arnold, you have been making money in show business for thirty five years, probably thirty five years. Where's Mr. Beest going to be? Thirty four years from now, you know what I mean? Like where we're well, our road. But I mean, where are these people? You know, this guy is you you don't matter to. Who cares.


Well, how how are you going to you've had a career where you have earned money every year in show biz.


I'm saying I enjoy this show. I know. But I'm just I'm sort of saying in terms of a career where a lot of these people are going to be on a number of years, we don't know anything. We don't know what. I don't know anything. I that's that's a basic thing because, you know, you are you are you're still go you're doing your thing and how many people do what you do and you're like, you didn't start at the top and they'll look at you now in the middle.


Yeah. Know, but I'm a year ahead. You're one of the top dogs.


Well, look, I think my thing is just just get up and go to work that that's all. Make a doctor write a book, do a pot, whatever. Just get up and go to work.


But they're good. They're good. Not everybody does good. So anyway, you do good. Thank you, Mr. Beast. It's bullshit, but it's quality. Bullshit. Bad. No, you're very good.


I do have her little promo video. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. That. Here we go. Jesus, excuse me, I have an announcement to the. You know, something like that that may get established. He said he's not like that, say you know it, she's that's a rip off. Is that big is to his music or is she taking her?


She's taking to the science group. No, you guys got to go. Come on. Come on. Oh, it's all you get. That's it for today.


People are showing now. Is that big of this?


The stage music, I wonder. You. No, I don't take it.


I'm picturing her parents because like four years ago, they're like, what's Bella? What's Bella? She's all over Nickelodeon. And now it's like, what's Bella? She died in a car accident.


Her mom is Bob gave the raging fuck video. That's what they made. That's how that started. So I'm glad you brought that up.


I'm glad how Kim Kardashian got famous. Wasn't this fucking Paris Hilton's friend. No one fucking knew.


That's right. She's she's pardoning inmates.


I mean, the White House. What happened with that video? Do you know the story? Well, they they were very successful. They made the video. Yeah. And then how did the video mob leaked it? The mob released it. Is that a very nice piece of information? Yes, the ball. But it's nice it. See, here's my problem.


I'm way too naive and square. I'm always like, why would her mom put the video out there of their daughter in a compromising position? That's just I'm not even I'm not even religious. I just think it's a boring kind of straightforward way.


I to do it. You would do it? No, it's like The Celebrity Apprentice. I would do it. You OK? Why would you say Dancing with the Stars? I would do that if I could read I would do that fucking show if I could. That's a fucking feat.


What do we think that. Do we think that. So it's verified that Mama put that video out here.


I can read you this. It says, in in April 2016, Ian Halperin alleged in his book Kardashian Dynasty that Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, deliberately leaked the sex tape to Vivid Entertainment. And then there's more.


According to page six, enraged dad doesn't get a vote. What about the dad? What about the guy on the business end of the deck? Doesn't that guy get a vote rating? It's buddy the it was like a plus any guy, every guy will be doing about it. I think you got a reality show out of it. Oh, hey, fuck.


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Oh right. What else we got Genographic.


Well, we have some new covid reveals.


So Kevin Hart has revealed that he tested positive for Konbit 19 earlier in the year, but he didn't say anything because he got outranked by a bigger star. He was a Dave Chappelle standup show in Yellow Springs, Ohio, on Saturday. And he joked that he had it around the same time as Tom Hanks, but he couldn't say anything because Hanks is more famous than he is. So he it's come and gone, apparently with Kevin Hart. Hussein Bolt has it now, according to his his post to fire up the bottom.


I can't believe I can't believe he's self isolating in Jamaica.


I watched his I got news for everyone in Jamaica selfie. So that's the entire island of self isolators. That's why he went to Jamaica.


He said he didn't have any symptoms, but he caught a little heat because he had a big thirty fourth birthday party, which was just, I guess, all out balls to the wall, no masks, no whatever.


So going to watch for those party guests and see how they're doing.


Let me make this, let's say. Maybe you think about guys like LeBron, maybe a Herschel Walker is bolt like the ultimate physical specimen.


It's that guy. I mean, he's faster and shit, but he's also built, you know, and he's tall, you know, and it's not he's not Darrell Green.


Look him up. Speedy NFL MVP back in the Redskins were the Redskins. But is Buhle like maybe the ultimate physical human being? I know you don't want to hear this, but Herschel Walker had world class speed, too, and was a brick shit house. And there's Bo Jackson. Yeah, but who is it when I say U.S.? U.S. Hussein Hussein may be it, right? I mean, he certainly in the conversation, if not number one, look at them.


Yeah, I got them in the red and it's definitely in the conversation, especially when I start the conversation. He's always in the conversation. Everyone I have a conversation about. So he's in my conversation. That's my rule. But yeah.


And the fact that that he's six, four or whatever, I mean, just the huge strides, you know.


And let's not forget, his last name is Bolt. Yes. And you can argue about, you know, dunking basketballs are hitting baseballs, but really just being faster than everyone on the planet may be the ultimate thing.


Like when you're a kid and you're in a schoolyard and you're nine years old, it's always like who's the fastest who's the fastest kid in this school?


Yeah, I hung I hung out with him. Do the sports thing. Oh, you did your comedy sports thing with me.


And he's a he he is. First of all, he's from Jamaica. So he's a little, you know, nerdy, but he's a nerd.


He is just a little bit like he got dirty.


But like, you know, he's shy. That's shy. But he's like to he's learning the craft of a big do what we do on camera. So, yeah, yeah, yeah. He's like learning how to you know, he'd be be funny too. He wants to do he's like do you tell he's funny. Must be funny with his friends. Well he's, he's very cool. He's going to have to slide behind the camera into the booth or something.


Right. I mean he's he wants to make movies. It's running. Days are gone. Right. I mean, not going to do it at the Olympic level anymore at 34. Oh, that'd be.


Oh, you could do something, something something sports. But he wants to make movies, but he's interesting.


Speaking of athletes and kids and what to do with them, Tom, are you familiar with the show on Netflix, the ultimate beastmaster?


No, remind me. We built this house. We are obsessed with it and you and your kids would love it. It's basically American Ninja Warrior.


Oh, we love that. We love that.


Yeah. And we have a five year old here and it's like we can't get enough of the show. I think you guys watch your own family entertainment. Yeah.


We OK, we'll be out there competing from all over the world.


It's a lot of fun. Yes.


Well, American did warrior by kids. The very ultimate beastmaster. Yeah. OK, good. Oh no. We're Young Master Cuttone.


OK, we watch a lot of eBay. Yeah. Very rough. Very rough. We have a lot of there's a rough. All right, let's do one more Gina. Oh right.


Well I wouldn't normally bring this up on this show, but you don't hear this very often. So I figured it's worth mentioning.


Dorinda Medley, if that name's familiar to any of you closet Real Housewives watchers out there, she was fired from Real Housewives of New York because she's a mean drunk. Oh, I know who Dorinda is, of course.


Yes, she's got to do. Yeah. Yeah. But who gets fired for Real Housewives for being too much of a sauce does exists. Didn't want another season of Orange is abrasive behavior and decided to look for a replacement. Another insider said, in this climate of social justice and cancel culture, she was not a good representative of the show or the network.


But yeah, my guess they got feel free to jump all over this. My guess is that being a lousy drunk is good for the camera. I'm thinking one of the cast members who had more juice said, I'm not with that person anymore.


Yeah, possibly, yeah. She's the second housewife to exit the summer following my favorite name. I have to look her up.


Tinsley Mortimer, I'll tell you in the Countess I think is on that one too. Look, I'll say what you want about how stupid and what a waste of time and a brain suck these shows are. But there is one good thing that comes from The Real Housewives is when you lay on the bed on Sunday at noon with your wife and watch your Real Housewives and at some point your wife will go look at her. She has teenage kids and a full time nanny.


That's interesting. Look, I have a job and she should be. And she got a full time. I got no job. Her full time nanny. Well, this is interesting. Tell me more about this life of lethargy. She's she's one of the guys busting his ass. You spend all is well, OK, keep going because I'm going to be at the heart this weekend in San Clemente. Well, that's the only good part. A little self reflection I have to show.


So I love the show. I can't I can't get enough of that. It's really just shot. It's not really schadenfreude, but it's a little oh, I can't believe the way these people hang. And then at some point they get on a yacht and they get drunk.


And really the booze is what is what propels all their storylines. Like they get them all together, everything's going well.


And then they get right. Yes. Get together for a dinner. Girls are right. What's going to happen?


That's that's the kind of show and the bad. The Bachelorette I've never seen and I can see how you kind of walk by and smirk at it, but then you watch one and then you lose 10 hours.


Yeah, that's true. Better off not watching. The husbands are always cuckolded more than even far. Well, like I mean, they are literally they are p whipped and hogtied. I mean, they just stand there. They either defend their wife when whatever they're doing is indefensible or they just stand there were vacant vacant seats or vacant black blank looks on their faces while the shit is going down.


There's I think you need to infiltrate and make the show go in a new direction. Newest Desperate Housewife.


Well, that because you're a real housewife. Sorry about either of the shows you're having bad. He'd be a handy man. Gets involved. I would be a good boy, man. Never be fun.


The pool boy was a porn theme for so many years and it's just gone the way the dodo. But I feel like it's back now. It is like I feel like the pool boy was always the theme in porn in the 70s.


It went away, sort of gave way to a pizza delivery guy and then we got rid of the themes altogether, like when we just cut out the middleman here and get to fucking somebody realized like they did with the parsley on the side of the plate, like, what do we need this more people are going to eat their eggs. They don't need this parsley. But maybe the poor boy, if some good comes of all this, maybe it'll be the return.


Thematically, the pool boy, I have to say the best picture at The New York Times has this article about me and Baracoa to avoid whatever is the picture.


This they had to get they had to get this picture. It's a poor boy. He flew the poor boy up to Liberty University to beat Donald Trump. The boy doesn't go to Liberty University. He flew up on his private jet and a poor boy because Toby, Donald Trump's like, oh, keep that fucking dude away for me. Don't touch me, boy. Boys reaching over. And you see Jerry Falwell, his wife, his brother. It's to shake Donald Trump's hair.


Donald Trump is Reiji. It's the best picture you've ever seen in your life. Everybody's in it. He's beat Donald Trump for another are. Yeah, yeah. Look, there's there's everybody there's Becky behind Donald Trump. There's Jerry Falwell. What? Looking at the head shake the head that had his bid all over, you know, parts. I don't I'm not Donald Trump is. So what's so bad about girl? Like, don't make me touch this fucker.


I'm thinking I'm thinking plausible deniability. Does Liberty University have a pool?


Sorry. I'm thinking like Mark Geragos now. I think I could I could talk to Geragos as a partner is what are the Midas touch guys who do those fucking amazing videos activities?


Two brothers and a party are not boring. Cop band. Yes, you're boring cop.


He is. Yeah, but I'll tell you what, his two brothers should have put out the best quality fucking their liberal asheesh videos.


Fucking videos are such killer underbody spread my sallas. Yeah.


What's so good about his brother Brett and their other brother. Oh I know they're putting all the liberal women are after these guys. They are the best but they're so quality. I've, I don't even know what it's like. I never, I never talk. All I know Miss is boring. They're brilliant.


I probably seen them. They're everywhere on TV. Yeah they are.


They. What are the videos amax that dozens of and putting these out. Yeah.


Ninety seconds to minute videos. They're so brilliant.


Are they on camera. They're, they're, they're, they're, they're like they almost look like political ads. Yeah.


Just like they're like Trump like they're just so well they're good up you know. They're little, they're little store their story. They're so well done. I probably unless James Woods like them I probably wouldn't say it's unlikely.


Unlikely. It's unlikely.


That's good. Very unlikely. Let me hit Geico here. Last but not least, Geico, they're offering an extra fifteen percent credit on car, motorcycle and RV policies. That's fifteen percent on top of the money. Geico could already be saving you. So what are you waiting for? There never been a better time to switch a Geico save an extra fifteen percent when you switch by October seven. That is Geico dotcom. You can learn more by visiting Geico dotcom switch and save.


All right, let's bring it home. Gina, glad you got it.


I'm Gina grad and that's the news that, you know, that was the news with Gina grad. Tom Arnold's got himself a podcast.


It's called Two in the Bush with Tom Arnold. And Sasha Boggs is his assistant that he's definitely not having sex with. You should all I could. I mean, it could happen. Yes, I know the day is young. I mean, obviously, this is physically possible for me to to see. Anyway, she's great. You know, she's young. We do a lot of we talk about everything. And she's very funny. Very nice. It's a good laugh.


My kids the most important. Yeah. Available on Apple podcast and Spotify as well. And you can shoot a tweet at Arnold as well.


All right. Well, like unsubscribed do like that, right? Yes. Tom always. Always fine. But I always appreciate you guys. Good sports coming up next. Until next time, Adam Carolla, Tom Arnold, San Mahallah.


Stick around. Dave Damasak and Adam Carolla return for good sports right after this. Broadcast on Sports Network Presents. Good sport. Hi. Hello, sports fans, welcome to the Thursday edition of Good Sports. Dave Damasak here, Adam Carolla over there. Ace like I keep saying, because it's true, I hope as long as the 19 and otherwise allow, we're that much closer to pro football action. Let's talk about that in just a second. I do want to I was reminded of one other thing.


We were talking about Hollywood's problem of of remaking things that didn't need to be remade. And I came across a particularly upsetting one a couple of nights ago on my TV. The you know, I flipped it. I said, oh, it's on Showtime. Great. Look at this. Owen is on. I flipped it on. And it was some new fangled mess. The guy who played the lead singer of Queen Freddie Mercury and won the Oscar for it and Charlie Hunnam, the handsome devil.


Wow. Why would they remake Poppy had Dustin Hoffman in McQueen? Why would they remake that picture? I was outraged by it. Yeah, I. McQueen was sorry. McQueen was great in that movie. For those who just sort of think of him as an action star, he got old and they got crazy kind of at the end. And Dustin Hoffman really got crazy and old at the end. And they must have been in there. I mean that movies like 1971, 72.


So they were youngish guys. I mean, McQueen died at forty and he died in nineteen eighty, I think. So he was, you know, thirty one thirty two when he when he shot that and Dustin Hoffman was a young, had to be youngish guy, probably in his later 20s.


I never thought about that. You're right. For especially now even with all the stuff they do to, to age out actors and everything and sometimes they even use CGI at this point. Boy, that's a great point. McQueen and Hoffman really do look like decrepit old men. I my suspicion is it has to do with the teeth. They turned their teeth yellow and disgusting. And the older they get in that in that jail, where are they? French.


New Guinea, right?


Yeah, they're on Devil's Island in French Guyana. Oh, a picture. What a picture. I love it. Yeah. Hoffman was thirty six ish. It was seventy three. That must have shot at seventy two. Here's a question for you. Oh McQueen was oh then McQueen must have been 50 when he died in eighty so he died in eighty at fifty and so he was forty three. Here's a question for you Shaq. McQueen dies in 1980 and we sort of forget about him, and then in the early 2000s, about 20 years later, all of a sudden his stuff starts getting really expensive.


His bomber jackets, his watches, his cars, his motorcycles start coming up at auction, you know, and they're selling for 10 times what they should sell for, you know. And also his face and likeness are starting to pop up on watch ads for like Tag Heuer watches and and Lamon this. Then all sudden, there's this big resurgence of Steve McQueen and, you know, the aforementioned Freddie Mercury. He dies in 91, 92. We don't think anything of it.


And 25 years later, we start thinking about it again. Right. So there's this steeping period that when you when a celebrity dies, it's not 10 years. It's like 20 to 25 years. They have to be gone. I've I've kind of studied this a little bit because. I have all this Paul Newman stuff and and nobody really cared about it when he was alive, but lately his stuff's been ratcheting up because now it's been 11 years, maybe 12 years.


But I feel like 20 years is the mark. And I'm using McQueen is sort of the measuring stick for this.


And also formerly all this memorabilia stuff, you know, Jimi Hendrix guitar and Steve McQueen's bomber jacket. There wasn't even a market for it. It didn't exist many years ago, you know, 25 years ago. Just want to say one thing. It was kind of a thing in sports with, you know, Babe Ruth's baseball or something, but it didn't really pertain to cars or instruments or anything like that. And now, of course, you know, Kurt Cobain, tattered cardigan sweater sold for, you know, 500 grand or something like that.


Thought is it I want in 20 years is roughly then two generations past. And that is fast. It's kind of like we talked about last week with Washington linebacker Chris Hanburger not getting a whiff. Nobody ever said, oh, that guy should be in the Hall of Fame until he was twenty five, thirty years past his playing days. Then suddenly. Oh, yeah, you know who belongs in Chris Hanburger? Same thing with actors here. I wonder if it is sort of like we were talking about with Knight Rider.


And do you need to get two generations past the initial one? And you either. Then I remember when I was in college, it was 20 years past, like the hippie stuff past all the, you know, Woodstock and everything else. And I remember that the Grateful Dead, which had been irrelevant through the 80s, certainly, and the 70s all of a sudden, I had this big boom, the second wave. I there is something to that, because if you're one generation past, then you have to condescend about it because you like the opposite of what your parents like.


Right. But then 20 years passed. It comes back around and either you appreciate it or you laugh at it ironically, whatever one or the other. Something with that.


Two pieces of homework for you. Gary, first off, in the Bible, isn't a generation like 22 years, 20 years, the biblical generation as we know it is like 20 years or 22 years or something like that. I think, number two, I'm now angry because, you know, I don't like I don't like car movies where they screw up the car, stuff like famously and Transformers, where she, like, pops the hood and she's like a double pumper with a high rise.


And I'm looking at cross flow and Jackson Cross, Ram Air and Jackson like that. That's not what you're looking at. Why did you say that? It drives me nuts because it's so researchable and so easy to fix. There is a generation is thirty five years. OK, there was an interesting not a good movie, but do you remember the movie about The Millionaire? I think it was Alan Alda and he lived in the high rise and the help.


It was called like the Tower Heist. Tower Heist. Right, right. And it was Ben Stiller, Ben Stiller and a group or whatever. And in that movie now, Gary, some real homework. But in that movie. Alan Alda is like up there in his penthouse and he has his red Ferrari loose. So. Right. Sixty three, maybe sixty four. And he's like, look at it gentlemen. It's a sixty three to fifty lossa Steve McQueen.


That's Steve McQueen's 250 G.T., Lou. So I bought that at auction for ten million dollars. Well Steve McQueen read Lou so did sell at auction and it sold a couple of years earlier for I don't know, seven point two or six point eight or whatever. But he like said, I bought it 10 years ago at auction for ten million dollars or whatever, and it's like you can go online and see that it sold. He could it just made it that auction, like he could have just been the guy who bought that car at Pebble Beach four years earlier.


Why did you have to pick a different time and a different amount that it's so easily done?


I don't I don't know why so many movies are fast and loose with that stuff. That car Steve McQueen's so sold at Pebble Beach, probably Gooding or R.M. would have been two thousand and ten or seven. Seven. Yeah, I'm let me dig a little deeper. But so far the number I'm seeing I've seen more than once is two point three million.


Oh, but at the time sorry, at the time Lucio's were trading for like five to six hundred dollars. And the point is, is six hundred thousand. So this is a five hundred thousand dollar car that went for two point three because of McQueen's name. Or you can just shoot shoot Linnett attacks and. Yeah.


Oh actually. I mean I know this is a recurring thing for us to and people like who cares, you know, whatever. Maybe some percentage of people think that. But I'm with you completely because not that I'm some showbiz insider, but there are the script supervisors who pore over every syllable. Can you go back and do that? Well, I did it. I just changed the word to and they're like, well, it's scripted here. So if you could do that again, it's OK.


I'll do that all the crossing of T's and dotting the I's. Except there are people on hand to point out like well, that, you know, you could just as easily do it this way because here's the facts on that car that that kind of crap drives me crazy, too.


And also, you knew enough to know that Rin sold this. So at an auction in, some rich guy bought it for a lot more than Lucio's traded for. And I'll tell you why this is important. Because, you know, people yeah, who cares, some car stuff that got it wrong, who cares? Fine, but if you ever talk to a a band member of the rock and roll band called Van Halen, very, very popular rock and roll band, I've heard of them.


They will tell you the whole green Eminem story is not a story of Eminem's. It's a story of accuracy. They had pyrotechnics going off on stage and fire pots and canisters and everything. And they wanted to know that the people read the rider and were accurate and what they were doing. They didn't care about the Eminem. They cared about catching on fire on stage. Right. So my feeling is, is, yeah, you play fast and loose with your Lucio's and your your high rise highly manifolds with your double pumper intakes and you butcher the crap out of that.


What else are you feeding me? What other lies? What are the lies you're feeding me? Sure. It's a movie about Volkswagens turning into giant robots, but what other lies are you feeding me? That's all it is.


I mean, you know, I don't want to get into a deep dive here as we're wrapping up. But that is the point.


As I have made the case on Days of Thunder and Gary has heard me make this case, Once upon a Time in Hollywood is all about to me is Quentin Tarantino pointing out, yes, people who populate show business are flaky in nature. You know, they are, you know, people who have egos, whether they're narcissists or they're vain and they want to be heard and they have conflicting kind of self-esteem issues and so on and so forth. And again, they're flaky by nature.


But the but the people who really impact negatively show business. According to Tarantino, where the hippies the movie is about core competency. Yes, everybody's flaky, but everybody crosses their T's and dots their eyes. And the refusal, the idea that people are just throwing it out there. One of the great eye openers to me, you and Jimmy Kimmel, you too, guy. Your brains operate differently. I walk in for day one of the man show you just like kind of throw it out, whatever.


Let's just say whatever. No, quite the opposite. One of the paradoxes in life to me has been, oh, you have to be much more on it to do this whimsical kind of stuff than you do to sit in a cubicle five days a week. You actually have to raise your game. You have to be much more lucid about what you're doing than when you're doing the typical corporate job. But that somehow contradicts these people who let through the line about Steve McQueen's car is LASO or whatever the hell you lose.


So I wasn't paying attention, Lou.


So is Italian for luxury? I think it was not a sports car, not a super genre, which means super lightweight.


It was loose. So it's like a luxury. So this was a sort of a businessman's Ferrari, not a not a you know, go tear up Mulholland kind of Ferrari. We'll see. We'll find that scene for the next show. Perhaps Gary's on it. First, I'll tell you about BET online. No shortage of action with our partners. Exclusive partner, BET online, DOT, A.G., NBA playoffs. They continue. And we have NFL, NHL, NFL's coming in a few weeks and NHL playoffs are underway.


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A good sports coming your way tomorrow. Until then for Adam Corolla, Dave Damasak, this good sports is out for.


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