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Fell down here with Gina, Gina. The news with Genographic Kellyanne Conway, the senior adviser to President Trump and one of the longest serving aides, is leaving the White House at the end of the month.


By the way, her husband, George Conway, who's a conservative lawyer and outspoken critic of the president, is also stepping back from his role on the Lincoln Project. That's an outside group of Republicans devoted to defeating Trump in November. Why are they both doing this all of a sudden? Well, I don't know if you caught their daughter's tick tock video, but I'll show it to you. It'll it'll make everything crystal clear for you. Conway's high school daughter has drawn a lot of attention for tweets about her parents and politics.


On Sunday, she tweeted on social media that this is becoming way too much. There is a 55 second video of their daughter saying that her father neglects her, probably doesn't even know her middle name, that she's been physically abused by her father, that her mother's abusive and neglectful. She doesn't like her parents. She wants to be emancipated and she's planning on getting herself emancipated from the family. And the next morning, everybody announces that they're quitting their jobs and they have to focus on the family.


And I believe Kellyanne Conway quote was, I need things to be a little less drama and a little more mama at my house. So everybody's quitting their jobs and going to take care of the daughter.


You know, it strikes me that's going to be more and more of this going on. And I know a few of these people, I may be becoming one of them, which is no kids, young, younger kids or whoever kids.


They just don't really know what life was like for us growing up.


Like, they don't know how the world essentially works, which is like you think about I mean, obviously I have bad parents, but I knew a lot of people that had, you know, semi crappy parents are OK parents and nobody's parents were great.


Nobody's parents did what they all put it to you this way. My kids have a much different version and vision of, like parents and what they're supposed to be doing and how they're supposed to be doing it. Then I had growing up and they're just they're just in it, like I kind of realize, like we're going to need a, you know, a visit of of the ghost of Christmas past or something like I would need to take my daughter and my about half of my son and sort of walk them through what most people what life was like for human beings.


It wasn't like, dad, get out of the theater. I'm watching. You know, it's like you don't even know what theater what are you talking about? Get out of the theater like. I mean, it is fairly insane what people can get used to. It's fairly insane where the bar is now for parents. I mean, you know, you got to be your kid's best friend and you got to attend every whatever. Like, you know, it struck me when I was walking with the great Vince Vaughn in my neighborhood four or five years ago now, and his wife was talking to my wife and I was talking to Vance.


And we're just walk into this local restaurant and the entire walk home was like, wow, the kid wants to play soccer.


So they want to get him a special, you know, tutor or coach, you know, to come over and work one on one. But ah, but they have to drive them because the soccer place is out of town and blah, blah, blah. And up front they're talking the women are talking about, you know, doing sports tournaments in Vegas and, you know, how long they have to stay at the hotel and how many games are we going to play over, how many, how many days.


And when we got back to the house, I just said, Vince, you and I just talked more about our kids than my parents talked about their kids combined entire lifetime.


I mean, just think about the discussions. It's just the discussions like did your parents, like, sit around, have long discussions about you? Like Brian is eleven. Brian is thinking about getting a retainer. Brian is. And then someone else is coming. Is Brian going to play pony league or is he playing Babe Ruth this year? He's playing pony. He's well, the coach said, are you kidding me? I've never had my parents ever had a discussion about me, like this notion of like this law.


We're going to dedicate our lives to the kids. It's this is an insane new world. I don't know what she's doing or what she's dealing with.


But, you know, now it's worth it to see a couple of seconds of it.


She's not seeing it through the filter my sister saw her life through when she was young. That's for God.


Damn sure. Doubtful. All right, here it is being their daughter. They don't give a shit like they don't give a shit. My dad doesn't care about being a wreck. He's never cared about me. He probably doesn't even know my middle name, which is really sad. But it's true.


You know, he never really cared about me my whole lot of like a little problem when I was younger. My dad physically abused me a lot right here in this very room. And my mom, the same thing with my mom, you know, my mom got me arrested. You know, she's very, very physically abusive, very, very, very abusive. I've been belittled and badgered my entire life. And I just said this to them, you know, you guys putting on this whole show, you know, they want attention.


So, you know, them putting it on this whole show of them leaving, I guess, isn't really going to be effective. You know, I think they're just scared that I'm going to emancipate myself, which I am. I'm going to try hope.


All right. We're talking about physical abuse, really. I mean, how physically abused this is.


I'm telling the everyone we're all I'll see you all in the cornfield. We took all the fuckin kids. We put them all in charge. They're all fucking dripping with power. You want to know? I'll tell you, the person has the most juice at my house. My daughter is ten times over her mom, me, Olga sounded like the person with the most juice at my house. All right, let's put it to you this way. The person who thinks they can do the most is definitely Natalia.


She's definitely she's like, if if if you walked, you know, like like when I walked into the room and she was doing her zoom, you know, classroom or whatever like that, get out. And I'm like, I need a book. I get it later. Like, I mean, she she thinks she's in charge of the entire house. It's our fault. But she thinks she's in charge, in charge of the house. I mean, kids are just fucking drunk with power.


Now this chick is drunk with power. She thinks her parents are there to vote for. She's going to dictate policy at her house. I'm telling you, everyone thinks this is everyone thinks this is good. This is the future. Like this thing of like we have to empower kids. Fuck that. It's not it's not good. They're first off, they're all miserable. It makes them fucking miserable when they're, you know, quote unquote, empowered.


This chick's miserable. She's going to be miserable. I'm sure parents are horrible, too.


But so everyone I knew, everyone I knew had horrible parents. That's who cares? You fucking you grow up, you move out. That's it. Get away from him. And I know I sound like old man Khairullah. You tell me how you tell me how the society is going to work. You tell me how happy these people are going to be. They're all miserable. That's number one. I've never seen kids who had more who are more miserable.


They live in seven thousand square feet. There's air conditioning everywhere. They have everything they want and they're fucking miserable.


Get used to it. Don't empower kids.


Maybe she saw Ryan O'Neal and Shelley Long's irreconcilable differences when Drew Barrymore emancipates herself from the fame.


Oh, all right, kids. It's all the future. It's all the future. Let's look to them for every answer bll. Every impulse we have is fucking wrong.


It's all wrong. It's never going to work. But OK, we're going to turn to the kids, tell us who's who's in power.


The everyone's miserable. Everyone, everyone who has a bunch of shit is now miserable. The happiest people I know are the people like work and go about their business and have like responsibilities and have a little gravity in their life. But anyway. All right. She's a delight. That'll be awesome. It's great. Fantastic. What else?


OK, TMZ reports that a storage locker treasure hunter hit a jackpot.


They found an abandoned unit packed with Kobe Bryant stuff and now one of the stars of storage wars is involved. So here's the deal. Just like being on the show, the storage units are auctioned off when the owner stops paying their bills and you get like a teeny tiny look, like a teeny little look into the storage unit.


But then the door slammed shut. So it's like you can go rummaging around in there, you just see what you see, and then you start bidding the person score the unit by paying 375 dollars. It took a few minutes. I'm showing you some of the items inside. I'll describe them a second. Took a few minutes to realize the stuff inside belongs to Kobe Bryant.


And, you know, with Kobe law, it was a cold storage unit.


No, it was owned by Kobe stylist Derek. Okay, so here's what's in there. Thirty five pairs of shoes, jerseys, Laker practice gear, a Laker all access badge that says Mamba tax paperwork and a mink coat that TMZ says there are pictures of Kobe wearing. The stuff has to be properly authenticated, but it's likely worth a lot. So the buyer called the storage wars guy, Rene Nigera, I'm hope I'm saying that right, he's I don't know, possibly German on the show.


He has experience, of course, finding buyers for high end storage treasures. Rene bought all of the contents for.


How much do you think? From the guy, so the first guy pays three seventy and then some five, someone does it on the spot.


Yeah, he calls the storage wars guy says you deal with this. How much do you want for it?


Well, we're right in the middle of Kobe mania now because of the date, right. Eight twenty for Kobe Day right. In Los Angeles and said, yes, ESPN is all over it. Sad that the people that run Los Angeles killed Kobe by forcing him to take a helicopter because I wouldn't fucking fix the traffic problem in this town.


But OK, let's say. Eighty thousand dollars is a 100k. Thirteen thousand dollars. Oh, that's a bargain.


Yeah, I don't I don't get the rules with storage containers like you're not allowed to open them in properly, assess the value of what's in them. That's what makes it fun.


No, but but there's also a law, right? Like I mean, it must be the terms. Sure. Yeah.


You can stand where you're standing and they'll open the door, but that's it because you don't own it yet.


Yeah, but I'm trying to. So what I'm saying is, is I don't know if the rules are Maxo powder, but I think there's a law that's like. So it's like somebody's. All right, someone could take my kids, could take all my Paul Newman paraphernalia and fire suits and racing helmets and put them in storage, and then one of them could die and then nobody could be aware of it. And then they just bid on it like sight unseen.


Like what other auction works that way? I mean, I've been involved with plenty of car auctions. I've been involved with some real estate auctions. And you get to show up, walk through the house, look at everything, look at the car, check it out. You know exactly what you're getting and then you bid on it.


Yeah. Why does this you know, the law is maxed out? Because I think there's some law to it. I don't think it's just for the game show aspect of it. No, but it's weird.


But do you think it has something to do with it's somehow more personal because there could be paperwork, there could be more intimate items, and it's something that a car would provide.


I remember when, like Paris Hilton let her storage thing lapse and they found like her premedication.


By the way, how bad how bad is your herpes have to be where it's like my medicine cabinet will not hold this bounty of medication. I need a storage unit. Why don't you bring it to the garage now? I mean, we're talking about pallets of Zithromax pallets and dating like an ending amount of Zithromax. I must buy a storage unit like. But I just felt like she should have been able to.


I don't know. I don't know how it works. It seems I'm all I'm saying is, is what other thing works this way where nobody gets to see it. You bet on it. They won't go through it, figure out the value of it and then sell it on the open market. All right. I'll let you I'll let Max better figure that out. I'll tell you now about that. Tommy John, the secret sting sweat free this summer.


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Gina Genographic. Since we're talking a little bit about auctions, a one of a kind Mike Trout baseball card set a record over the weekend as the highest selling sports card of all time.


Really two thousand nine Bowmen Chrom Draft priced prosit we bowmen Chrom draft prospects super refractor signed rookie card sold for this amount, which you can guess.


And I will tell you what that card beat for now the highest value back from twenty sixteen. What do you think it sold for.


And you could round this say 2016.


Oh that's one that was like I don't know, Brian's at Honus Wagner or somebody like that or Babe Ruth like what are those.


I spent a considerable amount of my friendless childhood collecting baseball cards and researching them and it was the Honus Wagner TI 206 that was the highest, as far as I know, the highest price baseball card sale ever, something like 300 K. So I would really be surprised if this was more than that. But just got the story. So I'm going to go with three or five. Well when are that Honus Wagner card sell a two.


That would have been the nineties. Right. So this is twenty. Sixteen was the highest. Right.


Baseball card is a one of a kind or something. Baseball cards are super expensive. I mean the real collector ones. It's a weird thing. It's funny because like guitars are collectible and guns are collectible and cars are collectible and they all have a little heft to them, you know, but the baseball card is literally a card.


I'm going to I'm going to shoot for the moon here and go over seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars.


Well, Brian, you were so right up until a point, Honus Wagner, 206 that had sold was a lucky guess, not as much that had sold for, but you couldn't have been more off for how much it sold for three point twelve million. Wow.


Oh, yeah. In the 90s it was like, yeah, 300 k this card was the mike trout this sold for. We're going to round up four million dollars three. Wow.


Mean basically must be a one of a kind. Yeah. Oh sure.


Jesus Christ Fund figure the iconic Mickey Mantle rookie card from nineteen fifty five. Fifty six or so around there was actually not rare, it was a double print. What happened was Topps the baseball card manufacturers used to print them on sheets, so I still do. But so there have been odd uneven numbers that have to double print certain cards and luck of the draw, the double prints of one of those valuable cards of all time.


Well, I never comic books, baseball cards, all that kind of stuff. I never watched my thing. I was always like, I got a I need something mechanical or I need to wrestle with somebody or jump from something in a swimming pool.


I always felt that the cards I didn't read, obviously, but even the baseball cards, I mean, I could see the stats and the pictures and stuff like that. It just always felt. Unsatisfying to me, like it felt like, hmm, that's like Dr. Drew, who's a man of passion, he doesn't go to strip clubs because he can't fuck the chicks. I mean, let's be honest. I mean, maybe he could get away with that.


I don't know. His thing is like, why am I just watching chicks dancing naked? Why don't you just go home and play on my wife? I think that's what he thinks.


A direct quote. Yeah. And I can imagine I kind of get it. I mean, there's that argument, you know what I mean?


That's even more bizarre fact. I never owned a single comic book. Oh, really? No time for anything but base, but a lot of baseball car.


My car my entire closet was filled with them.


What do they what there was there was a there was a I'm not there was a real like joy. I know how to put it, but like satisfaction for me was out of cataloging them and organizing them and putting the commons over here and the good ones over here and, you know, putting your assembling a complete set. You know, it was there was that kind of stuff.


What would your most valuable card be worth today? Oh, gosh, they're in my garage. I know that I.


I have a couple of rookie cards from guys who are now Hall of Famers, Tony Gwynn and I think Wade Boggs. You know, keep in mind, I was a kid in the late 80s, early 90s. So Rickey Henderson, I have a couple of autograph cards, so I'm looking at. Back to you. Well, I'll bring it to you.


All right. One point. Christi and I are going to get out of town for an entire day, and you and Andy can go figure this shit out together because he just got a giant box shipment from his childhood home, all organized, stacked in different binders.


And they were right in those those you know, those pull out like plastic that you have to put in the three ring binder everywhere. And I kind of was just stacking them sort of with no, with no. And I swear to God, it was like I was ripping them in half.


Like, I'm just I just want to put them away.


I just want to get them out of the living room together. I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it.


So you people really do have a very special connection to these cards we used. We used to play one on one baseball on on blacktop in the school that was across the street from my house, elementary school, Colfax Elementary. So just to illustrate my lack of interest in baseball cards, but my interest in actually doing something physical, I would climb the fence. My buddy Steve Hughes would climb the fence. And it was just we'd play one on one and you'd bat and one one guy would pitch, the other guy would bat.


It was sort of it was sort of on the honor system. Like we hit a lazy fly ball, the center field that was an out. If you crushed it and went way into the dirt, that was a home run. And then there were the kind of the ones you hit into the alley that you'd have to argue over a little like right fielder would have got to hit our shortstop would have caught it or whatever it is. But we had a skateboard and you just pitch at one ball.


Ball was usually a homerun ball for me from Little League that now had been put into service because, you know, baseballs were for dollars and pitch. You have to call balls and strikes and you'd hit it was amazingly satisfying. It sucked when you foul the ball off and someone had to get on the skateboard and go it go rolling forever on the blacktop. But I was always so into physically doing something versus like sitting. Of course, that's why I was a horrible student.


That notion of like sitting and in studying something and categorizing it and putting it in its place all sounded like the most boring shit ever to me. Work it was. Yeah, it was. It was work minus minus the. It was like staring at the sport without participating in the sport to me. But again, I was so hardcore when I was a kid. That when I played sports, I was special, when I played football, I would always look at the referees and the coaches and I'd feel sorry for the good guys are out here.


But you just you just watch and you're just out here. I didn't know the satisfaction of coaching or the satisfaction of being a referee. I just the notion that you would just sit there and be so close to it, but you couldn't play. You couldn't participate. Like it seemed like like there were fools. Like I appreciated what they were doing, but I literally felt huge sacrifice. I felt sorry for them.


It's weird. All right. What else? Gina Ireland.


Baldwin got jumped recently and she wants to make sure people know to watch their surroundings. And we have a picture of it to Ireland was she posted some bruises on her face after being attacked by a woman who she said was desperate for money and high out of her mind. The 24 year old model talked about the incident on Instagram. That's the picture we're looking at. And she says, I was attacked. This woman was desperate for cash. She decked me in the face in a parking lot and took my belongings and jumped into a getaway car with her husband.


Ireland, who's the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, said police eventually arrested her, the woman that jumped her.


Well, let me tell you the good news. The good news is, is later on, the woman who attacked his daughter and the male driver tried to take Alec's parking spot and look at a stereo store and he ended up randomly just kicking the shit out of that person, not even knowing that it was the same person that attacked the daughter earlier.


We call that Basharat. Are you guys I don't know if you guys are kind of with me a little, but between, like watching the news and seeing all the nut jobs running and just punching people and seeing all this random stuff like cops getting bricks thrown at them and just sort of random cold cocking people, like just sort of that sort of chaos. That is what's going on in this era. And nutty, whacked out, drugged up homeless people, sort of all in, you know, circling the neighborhood.


I, I who don't have any real sense of self-preservation. I found myself like walking and passing people and kind of keeping my hand a little higher than than in my pockets. Like wondering there's a lot of like folks just cold cocking people like on the street just coming up and whacking people in the head and stuff like this is a little bit of an epidemic. I know part of it is the time we're in, but I don't know. I feel a little weird walking past strange dude standing on the corner now, like, I've got a little I've got more thoughts about it than I formerly had.


And I'm not running serpentine, you know, to the to the mailbox.


But I have like a little head on a swivel, like who's around me. What's I don't know, it's kind of thing. It's like it's like what everyone's doing with a mask now, you know, you're walking down the trail, you see someone walking toward you, you give them a little birth. Now, you know, you can only give everyone the room, you know, just sort of general situational awareness.


Basically, you're walking now like a woman. Yeah, General. Yes. Yeah, that's right. Now, that's it's always been like, I don't like that group.


I'm in across the street. I like that dudes hanging out of the corner. I'm going to give them a wide. Yeah.


I still throw like a dude thank Christ. But I'm walking like a chick or an Egyptian.


Right. You know, it's true. This is the sort of thing of like it's getting dark. It's a little late. I don't want to go. Maybe I maybe I should have someone maybe I should walk with somebody or maybe I shouldn't take the shortcut through the park. It's dark outside, like. Yeah. Those kinds of thoughts that never really entered the mind of the six to two hundred pound able bodied guy who used to box. Now I'm starting to have those kind of like a steer clear of this.




There's a group of people out there go have some things I never, ever, ever do at night. And I could see at least what I could see one of them being I don't think anyone should do. I never get gas at night by myself ever, because there's too many weird, too many weird dudes hanging around the gas station.


And I never go to the ATM at night.


And I would I would I would beseech anyone to to follow me on that.


I had I did a daytime gas run. And I think I'm now at the point where I'm only going to get gas at night because it will balance each other out.


I fired up the Aston Martin. Oh, Max bad. I took a couple of pictures on my phone to see how good that that car looked. But I fired up the Aston Martin that sit in the back of the shop. That's the one in the back of this version. Yes. And it's been sitting back there for like a.


Years, maybe more. As long as they're in the podcast. Yes, it's been there. And first thing's first, we try to fire up, fired up and the battery just exploded, like literally exploded.


I mean, you could hear it smoke coming out. Everybody fixed it all up, got a new battery, blah, blah, blah. Got it sort of up and running. It's a finicky British car, but got it running. Got it out there. Start driving around over the weekend. Went in at one or two o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday to fill it up with gas. Got out of the car. It draws some eyeballs because it's a really sleek, slick looking car.


Couple people at the gas station, you know, we're looking at it, walked around, couldn't figure out how to get the gas filler lid to pop open. Like what? Back in the car, start pushing buttons. It's a it's a weird English car. And I forget if it's supposed to pop or do it with the key. And it was no pop edge, no nothing. And then I had to pretend like I didn't want gas anymore.


So I had to kind of go, this is an outrageous, good day. I didn't want to go, like, I don't know how to fucking pop the lid my own car, but I hadn't driven it in ten years.


I was like, you know, I've been thinking about this whole gas thing, not really going, you know, I'm not going to Nevada. It's going home maybe to work and back.


So, you know, maybe another day. And I got back into my car as if I thought about gas.


But, you know, I let discretion be the better part of valor. And I got back to my car, drove away.


And I I don't know if everyone just thinks I'm a total ass or what I was thinking or obviously didn't know how. We've all seen the person turn around and go to the other pump because they pulled up the wrong side. But I literally had to go home. And then when I got home, I had to go look up a video, you know, Aston Martin, DBS nine can't get gas flap open.


There's a video for everything on the Internet. Now, like you, it's like, oh, pop the trunk. There's a release button that you can get to underneath the thing. If it won't open on its own, it's stuck. But there's an emergency release that's in the in the whatever.


It took a picture of it because I thought you guys would watch it.


Yeah, it's Aston Martin racing green and it has a beautiful burgundy interior. And people think that the red wouldn't go with the green. But that's a very English that's a very English thing. The red interior with the green exterior. Yes, right.


About the video being for everything, especially if you're a parent of a young child, how to open the stroller, how to snap in the car seat, because there are plenty of things you like. How do I do this? But the worst thing about the video out of I imagine the car guys who make the videos don't succumb to this, but the fucking people who do the strollers and the car seats definitely. Do you want to know, like, how do I pull this thing up here on all fours?


How do I look at it? You click on video, it's five minutes long and the first three minutes are the the history of car seats, cars.


These were first invented in nineteen. So I want to click this then.


Yes, there are videos about how to install a sewage injection pump like below grade, below the sewer line. I mean, I'm not that guy, but my God, if you want to know how to do anything, there is some dude on the Internet who's telling you how to do it.


And it's it's it's it's pretty magical. Like, I don't think that people really totally and fully appreciate the fact that I drove home. I popped on the computer. I just typed in the car, gas lid jammed or popped their button or whatever instructional video came on. And inside the trunk, there is a release that you can reach over and do it. And I was back heading to the gas station five minutes, five minutes later, of course, looking around for anyone who would have been there when I was there the first time.


Getting gas, by the way, for that idea to ask why you didn't look up the video on your phone in the car, because that is one step away from me. I, I should have I should have used my phone and looked looked it up. On the other hand, I was on the clock like once I couldn't once everyone was looking at me and my expensive sports car and I couldn't figure out how to get the thing open. I just didn't want to stand there now frantically typing things into my phone.


So I just went home.


Well, and with the YouTube tutorial, middle school girls these days, Nataliya, of course, no excuse not to know how to do your hair, do your makeup.


The way I was walking around in seventh grade, it was clear there were no videos to show you which direction to curl your bangs. I didn't know it was supposed to go forward, maybe back, maybe sideways one day. No idea. I didn't have an older sister. So these days, hair and makeup on point, ladies.


Brian, who told you how to do your bangs? When, first of all, how dare you? Second of all, I'm going to give a life hack for old people listening, whether you're going on a cruise like the Adam Carolla cruise or whether you're going to a hotel or whatever, and you're wondering, is it worth the extra 50 bucks a night to upgrade to the next room? There are walk through of almost every hotel room on Earth, like people just take their phones and just walk through and film things.


Why? I don't know. It mystifies me like a mystifies, like unboxing videos mystify me. But they're there so you can look up the rooms at almost any hotel.


Yeah, I like that. Erin Andrews walk through a video of her hotel room. Oh, that's what that was. Sometimes you can't get into the room, but you still want to know the lay of the land and the suite. The thing that's funny about that car in Aston Martin racing green, which is a lighter color green than a British race and green, which is a dark sort of hunter green and the burgundy red interior. The thing that's funny about the story of that car is my friend Beau Bockman over at Galpin Ford.


He's like, why don't you come on over and order an Aston Martin before they're just taking orders from the car? Brand new never came out. And I said, OK, but I don't know. I think I was in between radio jobs or something like that. I said, you know what, if the car comes in in six months and I don't have a good job or I can't afford it, it's 160000 dollars or something. And he said, no problem.


The everyone snapping these things up to just come on down, order it. And then when it comes in, in six months, you can either pick it up or we'll sell it the next day. And I said, well, can't argue with that.


And then you go into this cool like James Bond type boutique room and they have the leather swatches and the wood swatches and the headliner swatches and the color swatches. And you start laying it out like this color with that color. And this would with that headliner, the piping on the seat, you know, it's all custom stuff.


So it's a really it's a great for a guy who grew up, how I grew up, like, you know, I grew up, which is like you can get a bell before, but you're not getting a taco and a bell before you get one or the other like that. That's how I grew up. The idea that I'm laying out this leather and putting it next to the wall not and put that next to the body color and having all those having all those possibilities.


And so I laid out I said, I want it to be Aston Martin race and green because I don't like it when people get a car and they just go black on black. Like, I don't I don't like that. So I was like, I want Aston Martin race and green. So I got an Aston Martin racing green and I was going to get a black leather interior. And then they said, fine, order it up and pick it up in six months or don't or not.


And I was walking out of the dealership and one of the guys in their office had a screensaver on their computer. And it was a 50s Jaguar and it was British racing green. It was a convertible green car with a red leather interior. And I said, oh, that's how they do the British version. They do a red interior with a green X here. And it looks so awesome. And I turn around and walk back up to the showroom and I said, you know what?


I'm going I'm going to ask him, aren't racing green with a red leather interior? Now, I've changed my mind. And they said, that's fine, but you own that car.


And I said, What? What again? And they said, we're never going to be able to sell a green car with a red interior. We could easily sell a silver car with a black interior. Now, you guys see it now and it looks killer. Everyone loves it. But you got a picture from a sales standpoint, a red interior with a green exterior and a red interior. That's a tough spot for someone who just wants to move an Aston Martin.


You could get black on black or grey interior with a black exterior. Silver exterior. That would be fine, but this seemed tough for them. So I then went full. Albert Brooks, in defending your life when he took the first class ticket alone to Japan or Tokyo or wherever he was going, Tokyo. And I just said, fuck it. And then we're doing this. And then it showed up and everyone loved it. But that was a it was an interesting conversation.


And also, it's interesting how business works, right? I just order a car and then if you don't want it, we'll sell it. And when they were saying that they thought I was going to order a silver car with a black interior, but they didn't think about green with red and no points for it being the traditional way, it's done.


People don't care now. People are kind of checkoffs.


I imagine the reverse engineering, the thinking, which is we sell so few of this color combination, maybe one over the last three years. The reason is because no one thinks of it. Once you see it, you're like, oh yeah, that's great. But no one thinks to do. Now, yeah, I don't even know if they sell any that combo, like everyone who orders their car just gets it. They get it red with a black A.


. It's funny.


Someone else must have seen that screensaver.


Someone else must have seen it. It'd be nice because I've not I've not seen it. You barely even see him in Aston Martin racing green. I mean, that's the name of that's their racing color. When you see Aston Martin race cars there in Aston Martin racing green. If you show me a picture, Max, of here's some work for you, find me a picture of the great Carroll, Shelby and the Aston Martin. He drove to win Lomo 1955, I think it was.


And you will see the same shade of green that's on on my car. It's a lighter sort of more nuance. Interesting. Green. I'll buy a second there, Max. I'll tell you about blinds galore over here, blinds galore, dotcom, family owned and run first place to buy custom window treatments online, over two million windows covered, blind shade shutters, drapes, even blinds that connect to your smartphone and Amazon. Alexa, just boom. Charge them up.




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Now, you probably have to find a color newer. Yeah, there it is. It's that it's that light green, which is not that Hunter Green, but it's a it's a very pleasing green called the Aston Martin. Is it British racing green.


Right. Brunswick, GreenHunter Green, British race.


And Green is a darker. That's like on that's on like Jaguars.


OK, I saw two of those yesterday, but the darker it is a darker green. Yeah. The Hunter Green and the British Racing Green is like what you'd see if you if you pull up a Jaguar and you say British racing green you'll see like the dark green, the Aston Martin racing green. I don't know if they call it what they call it other than an Aston Martin racing. It's a lighter green, but anyway. All right. One more time, Grant.


It's pretty.


So if you're an animal lover, now is a good time to move to Germany because they're introducing a law that would make it mandatory for owners to take their dogs for walks at least twice a day for a minimum of an hour in total. The proposed Dogs Act also states that owners would not be able to leave dogs chained up or alone for an entire day, and puppies would require to be required to have human companionship for at least four hours a day.


Agricultural Minister Julia Koechner says in a recent interview, pets are not cuddly toys. Their needs have to be taken into account. And if passed, this law could go into effect next year. How do they monitor it? I don't know.


A minimum of two one hour walks a day.


So a total of an hour, two walks. How to walk when you total an hour to feet, whatever you want.


Hmm. I don't think I'm kind of a one walk a day, dude. I don't. But a longer walk. But I'm such a fine.


Well, I guess it depends. Like, you know, I got a big backyard in a swimming pool and stuff and like, Phil goes out in the yard and then he swims in the swimming pool and then he gets out and starts running around like a mad dog when he's all wet and sunny, goes out there and throws something with him and like wrestles with him a little bit.


So I'm going to count that you're not in an efficiency studio in Berlin. Right. Right. So he kind of kind of gets out and makes the scene. You know, we're living in an interesting era, which is like monitoring government government intrusion versus what we kind of agree is a good thing. You know, we're we're kind of like, well, people should wear masks, OK, but should the government be in charge? And then what does that lead to?


And I don't know, maybe it's nothing. I don't know. But we're having to balance this now. It's sort of like we're having to do it with, like surveillance cameras, like there's a surveillance camera on every corner. Should law enforcement get to use should law enforcement be able to film everyone all the time and whatever they're doing or should they have everyone's DNA on record? And my feeling is like, is a guy who's not breaking the law, have the DNA and filmed me walking down the street and then when the shit goes down, bust the criminals, you know?


But I do understand that argument of not wanting the government in every aspect of your life. And then then you start getting into the enforcement side of it like, well, then how do we enforce this? And then what happens when neighbors start ratting out other neighbors? Because you only took your pup for a twenty minute walk once on a Wednesday. So it's going to be something to navigate.


I will definitely say that we're definitely going to have to learn to kind of navigate that as we move forward in Germany. Germany's funny because they have the Holocaust in their rearview mirror, like, I mean, if you think about a country with the Holocaust, like you think about you think about our country and you think about how much we suffer from slavery in the memory of slavery, in the discussions of slavery.


Imagine we had the Holocaust, that slavery was, you know, 100 plus years in the past. The Holocaust is much closer and you're carting people off and putting them in ovens, you know what I mean? Like you could say, slavery is evil, but in a way, it's as greedy as it is evil. It's just people not wanting to pay other people. And for that, doing evil things. This is literally Holocaust is like I'm going to take time and resources from winning a world war so I can cart Jews off to a place where I can exterminate that like.


Well, and it's a tougher putt in 2020. But I remember growing up there were I mean, at synagogue, there were there were many Holocaust survivors that were alive and well. Yeah, I know that that's not as true anymore. But they were they're very much alive and telling their stories. Yeah.


Give it a give it a minute. It'll come back around. They'll be more for the next generation to enjoy. I know how trends work.


It's like bellbottom, like bellbottom that went away and now they're back. That's where the Holocaust survivors were not cool. But my kids will enjoy a synagogue filled with Holocaust survivors. Yeah, my grandfather, I guess my grandfather was a Holocaust survivor.


I mean, he had to leave Germany. He had to leave Hungary. He fled definitely. His sister Bujji was definitely a Holocaust survivor. And then Gobbi, her son, was there with her during the Holocaust. So it's like I, I had a whole I look at myself as a Holocaust survivor because my fucking parents, you know, but I'm not saying with no work camp, I'm saying that Jews could experience quite as bad as what my experience was.


But yeah, I mean that my grandfather and Bujji and Gobbi have it all come over for Thanksgiving. And there's there was a big Holocaust survivor group I grew up with those with those people.


That's why I don't like when people throw out, you know, Hitlerian and Holocaust, like with such ease, you know, when they're talking about some group being asked to do something, you know, it's a little insulting, a little insulting to people.


They're actually marched off to ovens naked and incinerated. But, you know, that's just me on a happier. Now, I have a picture of an Aston Martin versus a British racing green Jaguar.


Yeah. So that the JAG is deep and dark. Yeah, green. And the Aston is just a lighter, flirty, jeweled green fun fact.


The reason these cars are green, because when motor racing was illegal in England, they would race in Ireland. And as a mark of respect, they painted them shamrock green.


I like I like that there's a story behind everything I like. I like that Ferrari is red and maybe God, there's yellow is like Argentina or something. America is white and blue and green is British. German is silver like the each. Each country has their color. That's why Mercedes.


Is there a take out of your holiday. Yes, they put the whole country feelings right on the hood of the Mercedes. But you picture those classic race car, Mercedes or silver. That's that's the way they work. All right, Gino, let's bring it home. You got it.


I'm Gina Grout. And that's the news.


Gina. Gina. That was the news with Gina grad. Last but not least, JB. Well, just a quick few seconds for JB.


Well, proud sponsor of The Adam Carolla Show. And they've been around for over 50 years. And I use them all day, poxy adhesives. And they have the super well, the fancy stuff as well, JB. Well, Dotcom and retailers everywhere. And hey, I'm coming on tomorrow and she's going to talk about whatever we want to talk about. She was Alan's girlfriend, remember, back in the back in the day and many other things. So a lot to get into with her.


I want to thank Mark Geragos and Mike Murphy in jail, Calvin, for participating in today's show, Tempe, Arizona.


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Hello, sports fans, welcome to the Tuesday edition of Good Sports. Dave Damasak here, Adam Corolla over there.


As we talked about it yesterday. Tonight, episode three of Hard Knocks is pro football season gets ever closer. In the meantime, we have one of the emerging powerhouse sports of the 21st century, people making apologies for things they did the day before.


In the world of sports, I don't know if you caught the two high profile ones from last week, Mike Milbury, the long time NHL analyst, former coach, he had a pretty tepid one.


Did you catch this one last Thursday night?


I caught the Reds play by guy doing the Yeah. Mid game, Thom Brennaman, which was crazy.


Like, I'd like to apologize to the people who sign my checks. I mean, that was I like the no jive aspect of it, but it's like that's a little bit too honest, man. That's not who you need to apologize to if you want anybody to buy this this apology.


Yeah, I found that interesting. I also found it interesting that he had to continue to call the game, as in between the apologies, which I just love, and and the curse of a guy hitting a dinger.


Ten seconds into the apology, I didn't hear the NHL one. I saw little bits and pieces of it. I never know because, you know, you turn on, you open your computer and this guy is trending. And that's what I saw. But I didn't dive into the story. What was you.


I'm trying to think you've done well. You've done you did plenty of live radio. Obviously, over the years I have caught myself like sitting there on a stage miked up. And I don't know if it's the devil in you, but, you know, when you know that you're on a commercial break, you know, maybe I've used four letter words back to the people in the booth. Have you ever like it also?


Because I think a lot of people with Thom Brennaman, first of all, the Reds guy are kind of like, why would you even risk it? Why would you say anything like that? That was an interesting. But OK, Mike Milbury of. I'm legitimately surprised and, you know, I'm much more delicate than you are. You know, I'm way more delicate about these things than you and I kind of like really. He's in major trouble for this.


They're talking on the broadcast on Thursday night of the playoff game. And the other guy says, if you think about it, this bubble is a terrific environment. Oh, do you want to play it here, Gary? OK, go ahead.


Just yeah, sure. I can play it for you. Here we go. In way, if you think about it, it's a terrific environment with regards to if you enjoy playing and enjoy being with your teammates for long periods of time, it's a perfect place not to have any woman head to the structure of the concentration and also to go trap. Yeah, it's it's a kind of an old adage, I mean, it's a sport, there's two there's two sides of the old sports adage.


One, there's the as we discussed before, the sort of weak in the knees, like, hey, don't be with a woman ten, you know, two months before the big fight. But the other was it's not even it's more than a cliche to go, well, what about this guy? Well, he would have had a better career, but he loved the ladies. He loved the nightlife. You know, he loved all the distractions and he didn't focus.


You know, this other guy was a family man. He was Roger Staubach. Right. He was a God fearing one woman. You know, he got he was always the first guy on the field at practice. He was never hung over, never whatever. Yeah. The women, when you're when you're twenty seven year old guy and you're at the height of your powers and women can be a distraction, I would say I, I am for real.


I am all for, you know, one hundred percent. Of course what was acceptable ten years ago isn't now things have progressed and I'm, and I'm lucid about those things and I embrace those things and everything else. I really when I the fallout from this twenty four hours after the fact was so crazy, I really thought like, wait, wait, wait, what did I miss? That's OK. So that's his opening volley. What did he then go on to say that was so offensive?


And it's like, no, that was it.


I, I mean, I expect I don't have to preach to the converted on this, but that that I mean, this is a new line for me that you're not allowed to acknowledge that.


I mean, yeah, that's the whole thing, isn't it, that that women coming into the facility is going to be a bad distraction and potentially spread covid. It seemed like just a throwaway line. I, I frankly excuse me if I'm not woak enough, but, you know, I consider myself to be on the on that side of things. I'm just positively stunned by how big a situation this has turned it. It's not as bad as Tom Brennaman, but still.


Well what are they calling it and then what are they calling for him to do? And then it really I'll tell you the problem. I'll tell you where the problem lies with this.


Reasonable people, you know, they always say reasonable people can disagree, reasonable people will all be on the same fucking page of this one. He didn't do anything. The problem is there's a large group in this society, and I've dealt with a lot of these people where they go. I know what he said wasn't wrong, but he shouldn't have said it. They go like, all right, well, what do you mean he shouldn't have they just in this day and age with what's going on, you just don't don't even go near there.


So it's like it's his fault for for bringing up a subject or saying words are saying something. It's the Matt Damon syndrome. I said it a million times. I knew we jumped the shark as a nation when my wife's dingbat friend was like talking about Matt Damon. She was going, oh, just shut up, shut up. And I was like, he didn't he didn't say anything. He said that Al Franken wasn't Harvey Weinstein. That's what he said.


And she's like, I know, but just shut up. And I'm like, what do you mean, just shut up? What do you mean? You know, I mean, this is a new world order and it's insane that you will find two percent of people are offended at what the guy said. Ninety eight percent of people are like. I don't even know why he shouldn't have said anything. They're angry that he said something that's that he should have known better.


Like he let the word woman pass through his lips. He should have known. It's this weird thing, like, OK, the problem is, is now what you're going to get is just radio silence. Like, guys aren't going to bring up anybody anything, nationality, gender, not to steer clear of everything.


It's all going to be just punk talk or I just I for real, I know I keep saying the same thing, but I am stunned. Like, wait, that remark is getting that kind of pushback. It's like like what a caveman this is twenty, twenty. Like, no, no, no.


But if you're Mike Milbury, this lifelong hockey guy, like, you know, probably since he was 16 years old, he's been tracking towards a professional career that after coaching and jamming and now analyzing it, I don't like the whole conversation in the last six months has been like, how do we keep people out of here and allow these guys to just focus on hockey? It's like that's disrespectful to the women who work at the NHL who are there. But yes, we've also been conditioned that it's inappropriate, according to the man, to mix with your colleagues in the company.


So they're not they're off limits. So I don't understand. It's very hard for me to fathom. And I and I'm all and I'm on that side there.


He has that. Well, I'll tell you, the good news is, is we're out of problems because we're going after non problems now and these folks don't stop. That's what you got to realize, Sheck. They just keep rolling along. They're basically like, Peeter, start off with. Yeah, OK. Yeah, don't put baby calves in cages and make veal out of and separate them from their mom, like I'm down with you. And then at a certain point it gets into if you kill a cockroach, you're as bad as Hitler.


And now I'm done. Now I'm off. They just keep going. That's the problem. They keep going. And when they keep going, it's confusing to people who agreed with them. And a former time and our history and who are sort of rational thinkers that they kept going to this place, which is kind of how movements go. Unfortunately, Gary has the natural response of the yeah, they they condemned the comment, calling it insensitive and insulting.


NBC Sports also came out and called it an insensitive comment. And Milbury is backpedaling pretty fast. His comment his response was it was not my intention to disrespect anyone. I was trying to be irreverent and took it a step too far. It was a regrettable mistake that I take seriously.


We are all going into the cornfield. Little Johnny's putting you in the cornfield because you've been bad. You're bad.


I like I kinda like Milbury was required to do this, but like rebuking the statement as the league. All right. But then on the other hand, I'm all the Brennaman thing is the more vexing thing to me is the lame apology. I don't have you saw that I used the word that is both offensive and insulting. In the past twenty four hours, I've read about its history. I had no idea it was so rooted in hate violence.


And now that one is a ridiculous overt attempt to overcorrect that way. Didn't know that. You didn't know that you should that you shouldn't use the derogatory homophobic slur. The F one. I mean that's. Yeah, I mean, come on, Gary.


I mean here. Can I hear that audio one more time that the read. Yeah. Oh not the Reds. The hockey call. Sure. Just give me one moment. It was so innocuous and it just kind of slipped by.


That's exactly what happened to me. It just was like, wait, where was the what the thing about no women to distract. Yeah. Right. That's practically true.


Well also didn't somebody just get caught for trying to dress up woman like a man and bring them into the NFL? Yeah, we talked about that last week.


OK, so that's a distraction, right. Or there's rules against it or that.


I legitimately think that this media guy, Mike Millbrae. He probably saw that Seahawks' story, it was like, say, you don't have to deal with that in this situation, was was what kind of inspired the remark in the first place? One more Heraklion.


Give it to me. If you think about it, it's a terrific environment with regards to if you enjoy playing and enjoy being with your teammates for long periods of time, it's a perfect place not to have any one in here to disrupt your concentration, but also to know try. Oh, it's that two guys and one thing, it's two guys, so the the one guy jumped in, correct. So Mike Milbury starts with and not even any women here to distract your concentration after the other guy is making the statement about how great the environment is to play in the bubble.


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More hot sports talk coming your way tomorrow. Until then, for Adam Carolla, Dave Damasak, good sports.


All good. Follow the Adam Carolla Show on Twitter and Adam Carolla show, follow us on Twitter. I'm going to leave us a voicemail at it at eight six three four one seven four four. Get Adam's book. I'm your emotional support animal. The links are up at Adam Carolynn ARCOM.