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Use a code. Adam, get twenty bucks off any three month plus supply through September 4th. With great news, with Genographic breaking Firewheel, all those crazy Trump tweets, give me Gina Obrad, trouble in the Middle East, celebrity meltdown news with Gina Gina. The news with Genographic. A lot has been going on in Jerry Falwell Jr.'s world lately, and it seems to be coming to a bit of a head.


So the business partner and again, it's all coming to a head now, but I can't establish what the business was exactly just yet. But a business partner of Jerry Falwell Jr. has come forward to say he had a years long sexual relationship involving Falwell's wife and the evangelical leader. This is according to Reuters, who kind of got the exclusive on this.


So Falwell. Oh, sorry. His name is John Carlo Granda. He says he was 20 years old. He met Jerry Falwell while working as a pool attendant at the Fountain Blue Miami Beach Hotel in 2012, starting that month and continuing it. Twenty eighteen. Granda told Reuters that the relationship involved him having sex with Becky while Jerry watched in the corner and that this happened in multiple cities and possibly their house as well. His friendship with Falwell eventually soured according to Grindy and in part because he wanted to dissolve his business ties with the couple and then they fell into some sort of business dispute.


Now, Falwell Jr. says that his wife had the affair on her own with a family friend. It spiraled him into a depression where he was so depressed he lost 80 pounds. But Reuters released audio given to them by Granda Audio audio.


I'll play it for you in a second where it sounds like Falwell is complicit in his wife's relationship. You'll hear the three of them in the clip. And just to sort of be clear, at first, you will hear Falwell telling Rhonda not to make Becky jealous anymore. Falwell has resigned from the university Liberty University.


But here's the clip that Reuters got about a minute very busy lately. Yeah, this is like telling me every time I have sex with people, like I have feelings or something, you make yourself, you know, trying to do over like a week ago and here for Helfrich. And they come out and I go with this girl and then I go to her neighbor and I'm like, oh, no, come on. You know, you don't care anymore.


You tell me that you don't care anymore because you don't care about me anymore. Oh, yeah, really? Yeah, obviously, yeah. Yeah, but I just I just tell you, because you're my best friend, right? So I know I'm trying to be OK and by accepting that position, but I'm kind of to take. So, yeah. Is he on the the husbands on the phone?


Yeah, and this conversation sounds like he's having he being Giancarlo Carlo having a conference call with both of them on the phone.


Yeah. And because John Carlo, John, they call him, is the one who comes in crystal clear. And so, like a bit of a setup, you know, from his end.


Trying to think of how many three way conversations I've had with Lynnette and some dude know there's a good chance if I was doing that, I'd be like watching SportsCenter with the sound down, you know, and then he'd go, like, you know, I'm balls deep in your wife. There you go. There you go. Oh, Jesus.


It's wide open. That's a 12 footer, huh? Yeah. What's that? Well, thank you.


Talk about that, Lord. Yeah. Anyway, Atabay. All right. Well, hold on a second. What are you saying?


I got to I just I'm really jealous. I'm not handling it well. I don't like that. You tell me about being with other women. I just want you to be with me. Gerry's fine with it.


That's Rams Ramsar at home. They're giving away two and a half now. I miss being rammed to it. That's basically the point of this call, if that's what you're saying. Right.


It's guys get fifty million dollars a year. You can't hit a fucking 12 foot bank shot. Don't don't bring Christ into this place.


They only don't mind when you're watching us. Can you keep it down just a little bit. Yeah. So, yeah. Anyway, yeah. Look, you guys are you guys are awesome.


Oh Jesus Christ.


I have to put the pine tar on the helmet to do it without the pine tar.


I can't get it from the from the dugout. There's something I got to put out. I think it's nice isn't it Doug. At best friend.


My best friend thing wasn't even near the strike, so.


All right, well whatever you you guys want, that's awesome. And I think what we're kind of come back from commercial here.


So I just want to say God bless you, you know.


And would work, Christ, it's I don't know, I don't care about the guy's politics, the liberals can play ball, he can 50, OK, I can still scoot it. OK, so you guys will see it this weekend or sometime. Oh, you'll be there. Yeah, see, I thought you were breaking up with us. No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh, no, not not at all.


This fucking guy puts in 19 years with your with your with the Patriots, and they're just gonna shuffle him off to Tampa.


I've never said this to nine years. I've been calling your wife, but this is distracting.


OK, well, good then. That's all good. All right. OK, fantastic. We'll see you guys soon then.


Come on by, huh. Thanks. Mm hmm. Oh yeah. OK, here we go. Fountain Blue.


OK, Nancy. So thank you. So I don't know if you saw and I didn't ask for it, but maybe they can grab it. The picture, that's how Jerry Falwell came sort of back into the situation. First of all, there was a lot of controversy around him keeping the school open during covid when everybody else was closing.


And then that odd picture came out. That's just bizarre with him on a yacht with his pants undone next to a young girl with a wig, with her pants undone in a wig.


Yeah. Oh, my God. Look like Peg Bundy. I and I don't know about Chris. Dueling religious folk have big hair. I'm not here to judge Andrew. I the God. Yes, they have traditionally religious people have massive heads of hair.


But that was not a color found in nature. That was Peg Bundy hair. I'm pretty sure it was a wig.


Yeah, well, look at it. But and then they never explained who these people were or who she was. And I think they said on John and can maybe somebody said that that was his wife's assistant.


There it is. Just bizarre, and it was never explained, like he's like, oh, we're having a great time on the yacht, don't mind that drink in my hand, it's just a prop. And that was it. There was no explanation of what the hell was going on in this picture. To me, it looks like he's wearing her pants or he's trying on a girl's pants or something. But I can't tell.


I got to kind of assume you're making a joke because you're posing for the camera. Why don't you pose?


Well, he he took it down quickly. And there was he was going back and forth on whether or not he was going to resign. And now he's I think he has resigned from the university.


Well, don't get preachy people, because we all have our foibles. And, you know, the the wife who had the affair is one thing. And that would garner some sympathy, I think, from maybe society. But the wife who had the affair while you're in the room beating off now, we got a whole different kettle of fish, completely different kettle, Newcastle, new kettle. No, no kettle. New kettle. What else we got Genographic.


Well, I don't know if this is going to be the first Ellen Domino or the only Ellen Domino, but the Ellen DeGeneres Show has been pulled from the air in Australia. The show's usual 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. slot on the Channel Nine Network has been replaced with reruns of Desperate Housewives. No word yet of Ellen will be canceled in the US, but the rumor has it that James Corden has been able to replace her. According to The Sun News quote, James Corden was being eyed for Ellen's job in the long term before any of this came to light.


And this comes, of course, on the heels of Ellen saying she'll be talking to her fans about the toxic workplace allegations and possibly her rumored meanness.


What? No way. Now, so here's the thing. Rumored I meanness is fine. Rumored meanness. When you're dancing and telling everyone to be great humans and love each other, that's our problem. I'm going right back to Lance Bass. You being gay is fine. You telling people you're not gay while you're being gay? That gets humans. It humans draws eyes. It draws well. Humans.


You know what I was talking about when I sort of have my theories, like, so I you know, it's like when I famously when Matt came walking in here ten years ago wearing tennis shoes that I did not approve of and that caught my eye. And they're like, you know, tennis shoes made by Wilson or something. It's like Wilson makes tennis rackets and tennis shoes. And I just I kept looking at him and I kept saying, what's going on with the shoes?


And he was like, nothing. And they asked him a couple of times. And then I said, Where'd you get this year? And I went there, my dad's. And I went, good, because I could picture your dad wearing Wilt Wilson tennis shoes so we could move on with our day.


And it wasn't the shoes themselves that bugged me. It was sort of the application and what they were doing here and why they were here. And I needed I needed answers. And the thing about Allen is I've done Allen show a couple of times. And when I did it, I knew that our staff was scared to death of her, by the way they treated me. And I always knew when you have a scared group, that means it's coming from the top.


You know, that there's there's a reason why Lenno staff acted acts completely different than Ellen's staff. This is Ellen Lento's much more laid back. But but Leno doesn't do anything to try to convince you he's a nice guy. He's just Leno, you know, and I and so it bugged me. And so if if Ellen would just go, look, I'm a comedian, I'm an asshole, and so is Bill Maher. So find. It's not a popularity contest, we're here to be funny, then I think everyone would almost immediately buy into that.


That would she's getting crucified is because she went from this person to that. She said she was this. And it turns out she's that. And she tried to fool us through overcompensation the same way Bill Cosby did. Look at his dancing, look at his sweater, like, look at that guy, fun dad who could try harder to convince you he was this guy versus that guy and, you know, versus Seinfeld, who was just that guy.


And that guy says the same same guy by all accounts.


So does it have something to do with that timeslot? Is it something that nobody thinks that Midwestern housewives are going to accept you if you're not dancing or being part of the cutie patootie job club being what seems like a daytime thing?


It's better to be likable during the day and probably funny by night, you know, because she sort of she's sort of a hostess on a cruise ship versus a late night.


Comedians are nightclub comedian. Yes, right.


To that point, almost lost in Jena story is that James Corden is being considered for the job potentially. That would be a great move for James Corden because his act would work well in the daytime, whereas maybe it doesn't work as well at night.


Yes. And I think people think he's affable and possibly gay, but he's not he's neither.


He's neither good enough, you know what I mean?


Yeah, but that routine works. Oh, yeah. Yeah. He's very likable.


Very likable. And that would work. That would work.


And all by the way, every human being who's watching your show and in the audience during the day is struggling with their weight. And you get to explain that you had a brownie the night before and now you feel naughty and everyone's going to go nuts because everyone's everyone's struggling.




Wasn't it Bill Marr that he kind of clapped back out, so to speak?


When didn't Bill Maher say something I can remember, which is about fat shaming. And Bill, thank you. Bill Maher said it was OK to shame people and James Corwin on a whole thing about how that wasn't perfect for daytime TV.


Yeah, yep, yep, yep. Now, here's the bigger question, and you guys tell me.


Alan is a multimillionaire. I mean, Alan's got syndicated money, man. I mean, she's got beaucoup bucks as well. Probably lots of properties that she paid nine million bucks for that are worth twenty six million bucks today. Like she has a lot of properties flipped a lot of properties, didn't have, you know, no divorces or cocaine problems. And she's been making that the beaucoup bucks or the Judge Judy syndicated daytime fox. She'd be making megabucks for a long time.


She has to be worth a lot. She's, you know, sixty three or I don't know what she is 60 that does she really need to go out and explained everybody like who she is and why she is and hang up her carpaccio's. You're welcome Gina. That was really good.


Or she just go suck my clit and I'll fucking spend her money in Santa Barbara. Go fuck it. I'm growing my hair out. I'm not dancing anymore.


And this would be a win win because then we could all say all the I told you so people could say I told you so she's not nice. And then she could get on with her life.


She's got a acreage in Montecito. She should be happy the rest of her life, you know, has a fucking work again. Just go flip houses and do architecture shit and go to work on a standard special netbook or whatever. But I mean, you really need to get back on that start. Literally tap dancing for the man again. Like, are you going to go out, do the sort of mea culpa thing, see, we can squeeze another four years out of this or you just go, I got a I got money for a ten small African nations like fucking.


Yeah, it might be more than that. I was going to guess what her celebrity net worth is more than we're down somewhere between me and we're telling you we're not combined. Oh my God. By several factors.


Syndicated daytime money is quietly where the buku bucks are.


That show's been going on for 14 years or something. I don't know. She's done well in real estate. Again, not a bunch of divorces and addiction. And, you know, that kind of sued and, you know, that kind of stuff I'm going to say. Two hundred and forty five million dollars.


I was going to say 300 million, but I don't have any basis of how much she could possibly be worth, according to Forbes, which is fairly reliable, a net worth of 330 million dollars.


Now, she is someone who could give a million dollars to every person in the nation.


She reportedly makes eighty four. That's a deep debt.


Yes, I remember I remember that she she reportedly makes eighty four million a year.


Jesus. Yeah. That's before, you know, she goes nuts at. I'm sure you know Eleanor Ahearn approaches.


Yes, that's right, kicking them out. All right. So, like one argument is as well, if I get another year out of this, I got another three, four million dollars. But on the other hand, she's over 300 million. She's 62.


And enjoy yourself like a Porsche is no slouch. Oh, yeah. And then also she makes her own money.


How much of that is a sort of competitive just not wanting to drop off the radar, you know, I mean, wanting to talk to you not about money anymore because she spent a million dollars a year for the the rest of her life and they'll probably take her to the end.


Oh, that's it. Yeah. All right. Let me hit a bet online here.


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Layers of Wilson is now growing. Maybe he is kind of a flip flop guy, so maybe that was part of it. It didn't seem like a young man's shoe purchase to me.


All white to all white, classic dads shoes, their classic dad shoes. But it's showing up in dad shoes. Now, I guess when you get drunk in a hot tub, enough with your dad, at some point you're going to step into the wrong shoes, right? Because you get out of that hot tub, you've had eleven gin fizzes and you step out. Your head's a little light, the pavement's hot. You got to step into your step into the wrong dog's right.


Yeah. Yeah. That's probably what would happen with Matt.


Then he just warm water. There's a logical explanation. I'm saying if I jacuzzi as much with my dad and I'm probably. Fifty percent as much as Matt, maybe less, you should hope to maybe ever. I don't even think I've seen a Jacuzzi while my dad was standing next to me. But if I Jacuzzi as vigorously and as often as Matt does with his parents, then I would, too would be bound to step into the wrong shoes at some point when we got out of the Jacuzzi.


Yeah. So maybe that's what happened. But either way. All right, Dad, choose the right. OK, yeah, and by the way, don't try to don't don't give me the high hat and try to send me the wrong direction. People, when I go, what's up with the fill in the blank? Don't keep walking. I got nothing. I will I will stay after you. I had to stay after him about their shoes.


I needed I needed the full story.


Get to the bottom of that. So it happened again. Another team has broken the Cannonball Run record it me from New York City to L.A. in under twenty six hours by the way.


Yeah. I want everyone to know I will accept what's up. But those shoes I was at the big five. They had the band and they were marked a hundred and ten percent off which is now I got eleven dollars for taking these shoes home.


Added Yes you are three, four, three, four. Calling out you've called me out for my shoes. And I told you it's because Nate at the other shop gave me a pair of shoes, his old pair of shoes and I started wearing.


They didn't seem like your shoes. Right. And then you've called out Mike again for wearing a weird pair of shoes, which.


Oh, yeah, you I forget what he was wearing was he was wearing his brother in law shoes, not because he liked the shoes, but because he didn't want to put mileage on his shoes, wear and tear like it was a custom van and he was going to Yosemite.


He didn't want to put the mileage on his shoes.


I thought that no human has ever possessed my cabinet, not sorry, but yeah, I've done I'm three for three now. What's up with the shoes department? Don't come in here with your weird shoes that don't fit your pattern and expect me to remain silent. I shall not. Sorry, what?


We're trying to sow the Cannonball Run new record averaging about 112 miles per hour. Along the way, Arnie Tollman and Doug Tabit had a little twist on the adventure, which may be considered an unfair advantage. But they did it and it was pretty cool.


The drive across the country was in a car that resembled a cop car, not black and white, but had various features that resembled a cop car. It's the third time the Cannonball Run record has been broken in twenty twenty as teams have been taking advantage of these empty roads. Here's a clip, a clip of Arnie showing how they modified an Audi A6 to more of a cop car field. Now, before the clip, they talk about how they redid the grill.


And then here's some of the other things they did.


One of the most difficult things to make this look like a police car was what to do with the wheels. So what we decided to do was go with 19 inch O.Z wheels in black. And then we actually plastic dipped the centers to make it look like a dog dish hubcap in the back. We took reflective vinyl and kind of covered over the edges to reshape the taillights, more like a Taurus, added the reflective chevrons and a fake unit number. So when this car goes past people, they just automatically assume it's a police car.


Top that off with a couple of antennas and you've confused probably about seventy five percent of the people out there.


Well, you know, with all the sort of homeland security kind of stuff, like there's a probably a bunch of agencies now that are like not cops, but not firemen, not an ambulance. But now don't you guys see more of these like a Secret Service guy or something?


Yes. Yes.


That and I see all the time, especially in L.A., when I used to drive private security. You mean like it looked like a police car to security or whatever systems or.


Yeah. For like a gated community.


If you're coming up behind that car, you can't tell always at least California. Look for the registration tag. Official cop cars and city vehicles are federal vehicles. No registration tags.


Right. So this guy, these guys were kind of doing any interesting thing, which is they weren't trying to simulate a cop car. They were trying to simulate an official car, which could have been more important than a cop car like this guy said, feds in there, FBI agents or whatever, whatever that sort of half unmarked mark kind of sort of marked car.


So smart, because the way people work is there's just little flashes and little things.


And that's good when something's flying by you. I don't it's definitely good for truckers who are aren't going to drop a dime on you by, like, hopping on their CB and talking to cops and saying this guy's going 140 miles an hour. I don't know what it does for the municipal cop who maybe it works in a Los Angeles type area. But in rural Kentucky, I don't know. Don't those guys know who's on their beat? You know what I mean?




That's why you said, you know, this this is enough to confuse 70 percent of the people. But I would imagine cops are in that 30 percent.


I'm sure he'll just get out of the way. Right? They can. Yeah. Yeah.


If they're whatever monitors cell where the cops are, what they do. So what they do it in under twenty six hours and they averaged about one hundred twelve miles an hour.


Yeah, oh, average 112, yeah, that's that's hauling ass, I must do it. God, they must pick. They must pick the best day in the best time, they have to believe, they have to figure it out Saturday night at two a.m., our version of that, right, 9:00 a.m. Monday morning.


Yeah, right in the middle of rush hour. I don't know. I feel like all these guys, you know, back in the day, they just have like a grand tareen Terina like souped up and and they just go at it now. It's like a lot of electronics and kind of computers and ways and stuff like that. It's good, but it's it's a little you know, it's a little bit of a boob job. Era of steroids era.




I'm glad you mentioned waste because, Christine, I drove to and from Sedona a couple of weeks ago. Long drive, six hours one way, eight hours the other.


And we had the the the the great architecture mounted on the window or whatever.


And the most reliable was ways Waze would tell you where all the cops were hiding it every time. Popped up on the screen.


There, sure enough, was a cop because you can trust a pissed off driver entering that information. You know, this all crowdsourced right now.


I realized as far as wiring goes for me, the thing that's most appreciated about ways is not the fastest route. It's the it's the alleviation of the anxiety of when are we going to arrive? When are we going to arrive at the airport? When are we going to arrive at the at the venue? Like, when are we going to arrive? I realize it's not being stuck in traffic and it's not taking an hour and 10 minutes to get to the airport.


It's being stuck in traffic and going, we're never going to get to the airport.


Yeah, it's not knowing if you show me a phone and it says you're going to be there and 31 minutes, then I just go, fine, we'll be thirty one minutes. We could be stopped in the middle of the street. It wouldn't matter into account. Right. And so as long as I know that, I just realized it's that kind of it gets rid of the anxiety. It's not really the speed part. It's just the you will be there then in your flight leaves.


At this point, it's like the like you're holding your breath theory. You know, if you know you're holding it for thirty seconds, no problem. If someone just says, I'll let you know when you're done holding your breath, then you're going to have a panic attack.


Yeah. Yeah. You can stay underwater for a minute or someone can put their hand on the back of your head right there on the water for ten seconds and it's going to feel a lot more panicky. Yes, that's what I was thinking. Gina, good job. All right, GEICO quick 30 second Geico here. You want to save an extra 15 percent, you can get a 50 percent credit on car, motorcycle and RV policies as well. That's fifteen percent on top of the money you could already be saving.


What are you waiting for? Let's go to Geico. Geico Dotcom. Never been a better time to switch to Geico. Save an extra 15 percent when you switch by October 7th at Geico, just visit Geico dot com to learn more. That is Geico Dotcom. What else we got, Gina?


Well, a Detroit woman was pronounced dead the other day, but then she was found breathing just in time. Twenty year old Tamika Beauchamp was found unresponsive and not breathing in her home. Paramedics attempted CPR but were unable to revive her. An emergency room doctor ultimately declared her dead. The woman's family was contacted. Her body was transported to a funeral home just as she was about to be embalmed. Staffers made the shocking discovery that she was alive and still breathing.


They called the EMTs who transported her to the hospital. Her condition is unknown. The family's lawyers says they were about to embalmer, which is most frightening.


And had she not open her eyes, we don't know what would have happened. Will they do the funeral home unzipping the body bag? Literally, that's what happened to Tamika and seeing her alive with her eyes open is surprising. So I don't know. Twenty years old, condition unknown now, but alive. How can you do that, how can you go from the paramedics and be and you get the physician who basically calls the time right now and everyone said we followed protocol.


I mean, we did what we do, every single one of them.


This is a downer in a situation like where her heart like drops are so low or should fall in a river or something.


Yeah, I don't know if it was a chemical thing. You know, nobody I don't know if it was a freak accident. We don't know. But she was about to be embalmed.


And my question is, do you ever sleep again if you're artemesia or do you go to sleep every night with absolute terror in your heart?


You know, someone's dreaming that someone thinks you're dead. It's all in your way.


The real victims are the people who worked at the funeral home because you unzip that and you see those eyes staring at you, those pupils moving around like that, talk about never sleeping again.


That's that's a nightmare that's messed up. And she was probably, I don't know, kind of comatose, but still alive or whatever I'd be.


I hope while I know she either cures cancer or becomes a serial killer, because this is how this is how these things work.


It's that she doesn't just become a housewife and raise two kids, like she's either going to be the best person in the world, in which case we'll all go. Thank God she didn't die that day. And that that corner table or she's going on a killing spree. I stay tuned.


I would keep my eye on this one. Yeah. Please bet I'll be checking back with her. Keep captive's. Yeah.


Because she's it's feast or famine in these situations. That's what I've learned from watching movies over my 56 years.


It's either she's not going into claims, adjusting now. It's going to be it's going to be the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows for Tanisha to get to Meesha.


To Meesha. All right. So we'll keep an eye on her and. I think they're still going to count this is a Kova death, I heard. All right. They're still counting. All right. Let me hit simply say no one should feel unsafe at home, period. And that's why there is simply, safety wise in there, simply safe dotcom. Adam, simply safe dotcom. Slashfilm. Oh, no. Tom Arnold in studio tomorrow.


All right. Studio.


I love that guy, but he is gassed up. Man, that guy comes in. He's going to be pumped up.


I love talking to that guy and do yourself do him a favor in advance and turn down the AC because he he perspires sometimes and he'll be more comfortable.


He's got a motor, but he's lovable, but. Could you imagine him and Rosann together feels like a. Thankfully, I can take a full time job that it. Oh my God, I'm implosive. Imagine, you know, they had an assistant back in the day, right? Who?


Boy, remind me to ask him how that was. All right.


His assistant. Yeah. You make me know when he comes in. All right. Let's bring it home. Genographic. You got it.


I'm Gina grad.


And that's the news that, you know, that was the news with Gina grad. All right. Good sports.


Coming up in a minute, I will be at the Tempe Improv and will be doing that'll be September 18th and 19th, will be doing live podcast there and live standup there. So we got that to look forward to. I'm emotional support animal. It is out doing great. Thank you. Leave a review on Amazon. I do read the reviews and I enjoy the reviews. Even if they are a critique. I'm I'm a big boy. Salt Lake City.


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Ace, how are you? Football season one day closer to happening. Did you hear? We have our Monday Night Football booth all set. No, I didn't hear that. Oh yeah. Bulgar McFarlin. You know, out and he's out.


Yeah. Yeah.


Tessitore People didn't like Booker much, but why not. What was his deal. Well, I think our mutual friend Hensch said it best, I think his his the majority of his appeal is that his name is Bugger and that's funny, but he's not really on the broadcast, wasn't really funny, per say. And he said pretty generic kind of stuff. He didn't really stand out to me is as a reason to tune in to see if there were two mediocre teams playing.


He didn't care about them.


He also did something, I think, that drove me a little batty. And these guys do this all the time, as Paddy is the other week when the Ravens tight end clearly catches the ball and then runs toward his goal line and then gets stripped and then they call it a no catch. And then the announcer goes, that's a good call. That's a good no call it. That's a good whatever overturning or whatever. It's like, no, that's horrible.


You don't know your goddamn job and you should shut up. I don't like when the announcers and I think Bogut did this. I think it was a game last year. It was like a play selection was like they had to go for that to try to do a two point conversion or, you know, fourth in in fourteen or something. And they try to play it's like a hook and lateral or they try to play. And it didn't work, but it was a good play.


Call down on the goal line are two point conversion. I don't know why you try that. Play it. It's like you're not allowed to pick good plays on the ones that work and then bad plays on the ones that don't work when the same play. If it's a good call, it's a good Kulgera. I don't like when it's like I've seen guys feels like it's fourth and thirteen and they try like a hook and lateral and it's like it's a good play.


It just they didn't execute it, you know. But you don't get to go. Why would they try that. It's it. Well, because it's completely it's upsetting because it's because it's informed entirely by the result that they just saw in Tony Romo. Whether you like them or not, some people are like, I think it's overrated what he does. It's pretty good when he can call where the ball's going before the snap, like, hey, you can tell where this ball based on the coverage, the ball's going to the guy at the top of the screen kind of stuff like, hey, Boog, where's the inside before?


Like, don't try anything wacky here. You got to do something basic. And if you can't do that in advance of the play, you don't get the react and say, see, that was a bad idea. So Bougere is out and testator's in.


No, he's out to now. Long time SportsCenter guy. If you've been if you've watched it for the last 40 years, people know Steve Levy is now the play by play guy. I don't think he's been doing play by play all that long, though, which is the thing that stands out to me. He was that hockey guy for a while and he's been doing college football for, I guess probably the last decade or so. And then Lewis Reddick, the the former scout and then Brian Greasy Bob's son, Brian Creecy.


I mean, I'm not sure that ESPN knew that they could have taken any human being that, you know, I don't know. They knew that the pool available to them was basically every human being this side of Peyton Manning, who for some reason turned them down on doing it. They didn't have to take Brian Carisi, Bob's son is the head of all the people.


He's in the Monday Night Football booth, Shesh Chiche, a second year, Chiche. I also poxon Dennis Miller, who basically ruined it for all potential comedic voices to go into that booth. It's been 20 years now. Has it been twenty years? Gary spent 20 years at least. And we've always said it was it was a fun place because you had your dandy Don Meredith and Howard Cosell. You know, that that was not supposed to be your buttoned down Keith Jackson kind of college football kind of approach.


That was nighttime. Couple of beers hanging with the boys kind of kind of thing. And they brought Miller in. What year did Miller hit that place?


He was hired in 2000 and replaced in 2002.


Wow. Well, it is all right. Twenty years that brought him in and then they went, well, no more comedians, no more comedic angles on stuff. And it's fun to listen to when one guy's up there, got a little bit of a sense of humor. And he basically. But it's interesting how our business works because I did a pilot for, I don't know, NBC number years ago, and it was the American Top Gear show.


And Top Gear was a magnificent success in Europe. And they wanted to do an American version of Top Gear. And we did a really funny, interesting pilot for Top Gear and Top Gear. Guys, testing cars, hijinx ensue, different segments that kind of that kind of thing. At the time NBC had brought back Nightrider, I don't know why anyone brought back night. It's insane, it's like it's like when they it's like when they did Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell, I was like there the entire globe without hyperbole.


David, I'm not using any hyperbole here. The entire globe exists of two groups of people, a group who has never heard of Land of the Lost. And that's the overwhelming majority of the globe. And then a second group and only a second group of people who have been exposed to land of the lost and hate it, that's it. That's your entire pod that's into your entire your group of potential eyeballs are to one that's never heard of it and one that is acutely familiar with it and can't stand it.


That's all you have. And nightriders, the exact same thing. So they brought back modern day Nightrider.


I'm reading the wiki on it. It's fairly fascinating. The main character is the son of the original character, and Kit is voiced by Val Kilmer.


OK, bring back Nightrider. I don't know why you would bring back one of the worst shows from the 80s, but you brought back Nightrider. Of course, it was an embarrassment and died a thousand deaths because in 2007 nobody wants to see Nightrider on network TV. The other, you know, the HBO is in season five of The Sopranos and you're bringing back Nightrider, OK, 2008, you're bringing back nitrite. Fine, OK, it dies a thousand deaths, which of course it would.


And then the guy who runs the network announces, fine, no more car shows. But we did a good car show that had nothing to do with Nairo. This is how this business works and this is what happened with putting a comedian. You won't have a comedian in that booth for another 50 years. It takes 70 years to wash, ironically, to wash Dennis Miller out of their hair.


Boy, oh, boy. That is a great observation. And it's spot on. And in fact, you know, now I'm kind of like because I'm like, didn't they Monday Night Football knew they could have taken anybody. It's like, oh, but we know Brian Greasy from his work on college football. We know it makes it easy. All right. Let's just get these guys that we know. But that being said, I'm going to I'm going to perhaps be bitten by my own steak here.


I think the ideal comedian type in Monday Night Football would be Jimmy Kimmel because he's conversational and would like Dennis Miller is the exact opposite perfect fit for that because he's long form obscure references. How you're going to squeeze that in on a three man booth in between football plays is impossible, but that doesn't mean anybody couldn't be funny with that. And the best guy comedically for any sport that I can think of and I've said it before and I've talked to what's it called Oscar de la Hoya's company, Golden Boy, about this Adam Corolla needs to be on boxing.


It would be that would be such a dream. And legitimately for a sport that is kind of under the radar in 2020, a quick way to boost that would be to put Adam Korol in there cracking wise around that. And you could go long form and go off on tangents to some degree. I think that's the idea.


Well, thanks, Yecch. You know, you have to think about it, though. We're in today's climate like we're talking about hockey announcer and saying, you know, it's one thing to drop an F bomb f bomb on into a hot mike, but it's another thing just to kind of have ideas and tangents and thoughts and, you know, throwing little little jabs and whatnot and have those all put through a jeweler's loop and scrutinized up and down.


So I don't know I do not know the comedian who would want to expose themselves in that such a manner.


I mean, with with those guys, with the corporate types who'd be in the booth with you, you get a lot of like, okay, I guess back to the action. You get a lot of that kind of attitude, that dismissive kind of thing. You would be very stifled.


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Very nice hot sports talk in their ace. We'll have some more of it for you tomorrow. Until then, for Adam Carolla. Dave Dameshek. Good sports out.


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