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His last name is Couture. Should have been a fashion designer.


Randy, any designer out of the height of Perry?


Yeah, it sounds like it sounds like a spoof name yet is the one of the strongest metallic Bobby Trendy.


It's like a name. Like a not real. Yeah.


It's like it's like from SNL. Randy Couture. It's amazing. Yeah, I'm sure. I know I saw your face change when I said couture.


And how do you spell his name and Qatar.


That's the thing that made to order fashion, made to measure fashion.


And I think it's it's like you are. Yeah. Well the same. The spelled the same. Is that a. Is that a term? It's not a brand name, it's like a term for fashion or custom fashion.


Yeah, couture is like a made to measure garment.


Mm hmm. So it's amazing, right? It's perfect, Randi. So that's so fantastic.


Hurricane Laura, they it has now come down and it just is.


His middle name is Bottoms. It's Randy Bottoms Couture. I did not know my grandparents or something. Yeah. No wonder he had to become a fighter. Yeah.


So Hurricane Laura was so terrifying, especially the lead up to it, that experts were literally using the word and I've never heard this in in terms of weather before. They were calling it unsurvivable. And there were even authorities who said if you're not obeying the evacuation orders, do us a favor. Write your name on a piece of paper with your Social Security number, your address and your next of kin. Put it in a Ziploc bag and put it in your pocket, because that's how you'll be identified.


We hope it doesn't come to that.


I, for one, was delighted that this hurricane had made it to shore because I turned on CNN and for the first time in five months, it was not that grim death toll from covid-19. Or, you know, Trump is doing battle with with rush hour, whatever.


It was just it was this weather was a weather event like it was felt sadly, it was so refreshing just to see the footage of the guy.


It wasn't you know, they burnt down another Winnebago dealership over another racially based cop shooting. Or so there's this there's something it's an act of God versus I'm going to burn down a Toyota dealership like it just felt was kind of like car keys. And there's a guy standing out there and the wind's blowing. And I'm like, yeah, that's what I when I used to turn on CNN, that's what that's what I would picture. And it was good old days was kind of nice to get back to that first.


Back to basics, back to basics.


I thought about that during the RNC. Now I know that a lot of prep goes into the scripts and I know that, you know, you kind of stay the course.


But I thought to myself, will it be a big tell whether it's been pretaped if they don't refer to Hurricane Laura because that's going to hit shore, they're calling it unsurvivable. There's a lot of people down there that I would imagine possibly vote conservatively or vote Republican. And if it's not mentioned, I'm going to go ahead and assume that it was pretaped. That's just my that was just my theory. But it did slam southern Louisiana early Thursday as the Category four storm.


It was one of the most powerful to strike the Gulf Coast in decades. The storm made landfall at one a.m. near Cameron, Louisiana, about thirty five miles east of the Texas border. And that wasn't it. I don't know if you saw this footage, you read about this, but downtown Lake Charles, Louisiana, took a heavy hit, tons of destruction, roofs peeled off, buildings destroyed, windows blown out, and an industrial plant that makes chlorine based products got lit on fire.


So the smoke and the toxic nature of that was also a huge problem, sending smoke throughout the area. That's why they had people shelter in place again, because of this toxic, noxious, once again fire started by a storm versus the angry mob that hit the street.


I still felt better about it. Now, are we still dealing with our wildfires out here?


You know, yeah, we have. I think we're at one point four million acres burned so far this year as opposed to, like, I don't know, a couple hundred thousand or maybe not even that much.


The last year, one of my favorite parts about any like Superman movie or any kind of thing like that. Are cartoons that I would watch, you know, like an Aquaman kind of thing would be it wouldn't be Aquaman putting out the fire, it would be like fires on the West Coast, storms on the East Coast, and then he would direct the storm to put the fire out. Oh, something great. All the wind and the rain. All the rain.


It'd be like shitting like push it over and all the fires. God, I was there something always tantalizing about not you just go put the fire out, but you redirect this thing, right. So right now they're being buried with water. We're over here. Dry is a tinderbox burning down and they're both extreme bads. But if we if we use the one on the other, they would avoid the water. We need the water, I don't know, is one of those cartoon Saturday morning cartoon fantasies.


And if that didn't work, we could always get Superman to blow on a lake and fly it on the movie Frozen Desk style.


So that blew over. It reached one hundred and fifty miles an hour wind. There were there was footage.


And if you saw it, I didn't pull it just because it's three seconds but of an RV just being just capsized by the wind.


Well, Harvey, you know, I think about Harvey. Is you driving RV down the freeway in there? Thirty five mile an hour gusts and you'll go into the rain like hell. So it is amazing how powerful.


Wind is and what it what it does, I mean, I don't want to sound like a, you know, superstitious native, but I mean, again, watching one of those huge one of those big transport airplanes load up a bunch of army tanks and just take off down the runway. I mean, how it's crazy. It's crazy what that is doing. What's going on on the wing of that airplane? I mean, it is taking M1 Abrams tanks, I think six of them on some of those planes.


It's one of those things weighs as much as 40 SUVs. And it's just right into the yonder.


Lights on up. Does it make sense to our primitive brains? Right. But you were not supposed to be up there. But it is OK with that stuff. Is it crazy, powerful force.


All right. Well, what else? And it's funny because coming from, you know, being born or not born, but being here's the here's the RV just kind of go over on its side. He's going to show it to you. Just take a while and. The wind just whips it, the wind just whips it over being born or being raised actually in Tornado Alley, you'd think I'd have a better understanding, but it's still very hard for me as many tornadoes as I've experienced and seen.


It's still hard for me to wrap my brain around wind being able to lift a human, being able to lift a car.


It's just wind. And you see that. And it's it's it's hard to wrap your mind around this whole house.


Yeah, that's right. I wonder. I know hopefully technology is saving structures because they did not even have hurricane straps back in the day.


Stuff wasn't, you know, distant notion of metal straps and hangers and clips. So you have to picture, when I got into construction, barely was there any straps. So what I'm saying is, is you'd frame the walls and then you'd put the roof rafters on on top of the walls and where the roof rafter went over the top of the framed wall, you just put a nail in it, an angle to hold it down like it was literally called toe nailing it.


Just put it nail there. And if you think about it, if you stood up on that wall and grabbed that rafter, you could lift it up, just pop it off. It was just nailed to it. Well, now, if you go down the Home Depot, you go down the right aisle of Home Depot, you will see four foot long Simpson straps with nail one hundred and fifty nail holes in it. That would go right over the top of your roof and strap each side, like when you build stuff.


Now, a huge part of it is strapping and hanging. So the difference between the hanger now or I should say that the ceiling joists and or the rafter, the going over the top of the wall is it wouldn't be just nailed. Which nails have almost no pull out strength. They're not like a screw that just sort of sort of pull out. They don't have that sort of fish hook barb or anything on this slide out the slide and the slide off.


Now it's a clip or a Teco clip, but Joyce hanging or whatever strap and they just strap the shit out of everything you could. It does not come apart like it used to. And they figured out a lot of stuff with venting and stuff like letting the air pass through and leave through the wreckage or whatever. So hopefully technology saved a lot of these structures. But yes.


And then you think we were talking about this on the Kanwisher last night where, you know, you think this is so horrible and it is it's it's devastating and horrific.


But think if we in California got that kind of warning for an earthquake, you know, not ten, ten and a half seconds and, you know, we'll go find a doorway, but like, hey, tomorrow around 1:00 a.m., you're not going to want to be in your house because the earthquake's coming like that.


Be nice. You should work on that.


And I was thinking about Los Angeles and earthquakes and whatever. And then I was also kind of picturing the homeless population. And if you think about places that have these hurricanes or tornadoes or these big time events, you know, big ice storms and stuff like that, there's a kind of imperative with the mayor of the city, which is we got to put these homeless people somewhere like we have to go scoop them up like they cannot you can't just live outside during one week long ice storm or a tornado or whatever.


You can't do it. If there's an earthquake, you're actually your best bet is to be outside, you know what I mean? Like the city maybe not under an overpass, but.


Yeah, right. Yeah. And even then today, it's probably probably probably safe, pretty safe place to be. So if you think about the imperative of a natural event and sort of who's it going to hit first and that'll be the homeless people and what are we going to do? Well, L.A. doesn't really have any of those events. The only event we have is an earthquake. And that doesn't mean anyone has to move anywhere there. Again, people during earthquakes oftentimes go outside.


There'll be people scared to go back in their house and that kind of thing.


But I do think a good weather event probably does for the homeless population in your city. What a good party does for your house once a year, as I've always said, like, hey, man, once a year throw a party. It forces you to go around and sort of take care of shit you didn't want to take care of and clean stuff up and put stuff away. Like you just go right into that. Everyone's coming over for Thanksgiving.


That box, those boxes that were by the front door that we're going to give away to goodwill for nine months. They're going this weekend. Yet it's not. I mean, so maybe be curious how it work, but in cities that have floods and. Hurricanes and ice storms and stuff like that, if if if it's like once a year, once every three years or whatever, it's going to force you to go. We got to get the homeless.


We got to put them somewhere. We've got to figure out what to do. It's some action. Where's the reason? L.A. just keeps growing and growing and the homeless department is there's no imperative, like nothing ever really happens.


You know, it's just like you were talking about at the beginning of the show on a micro scale, like I have everything I need, like, they're fine. There's no ice storms.


Yeah. Something's going to have to happen. All right. Let me hit Sue the collector.


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What else? Gina Grahn. Well, this is an ever changing and evolving story, but we must talk about it. So if it's a little out of date by tomorrow, my apologies. The NBA's players have decided to resume the playoffs.


According to a source, ESPN discussions are underway when teams will play. Now, of course, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. In the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Bucks were the first ones to kick this off. They let a protest Wednesday that resulted in a postponement of games all day later in the day. Baseball teams that were scheduled to play also decided to walk off the field, including the Brewers, the Reds, the Dodgers, Giants.


The WNBA also postponed three games. Major League Soccer postponed everyone but NHL. I think they played on Nike expressed this.


Yeah, for anyone listening, all the guys killed at the hands of the police were huge soccer fans, massive soccer fans that I know.


So I did not they wouldn't care for the NBA, many of them not not baseball guys, but there are all soccer guys.


So if you're listening and you're thinking about going back onto that field, understand the love everyone has ever died at the hands of police is had for soccer especially.


So do you think they should sit it out for as long as possible? Well, obviously, you have to pay homage to the fans that have passed. And these men and women were all massive soccer fans. So just keep that in mind. When you wrestle morally with going back onto that extended field you play on for a time limit of who knows. But either way, when you're lighting up the scoreboard with a grand total of two and a half goals scored over 17 hours, remember, every time you kick one of those balls into the net, you're besmirching the memory of one of these Americans that was taken before their time by the hands of the police.


Thank you. Well said, good words. So and by the way, former softball guys.


Well, the same math applies, right? Sorry, go ahead. OK, I'm going to show you a clip in a second, but just sort of a I don't know if it's moral ethical question. The Dodgers and the Giants taking the night off in protest. Does it count when you play a double header the next day? We just backload it.


Oh, now, I did that. I feel like your physical face. Yeah. Yeah, OK. It doesn't count. It doesn't count it. Well, everyone's going to make it up. I mean, the NBA's going to play the game. They were going to play yesterday, today or whoever works. But when you play a double header you're literally just making it up. Right.


Agreed. But that might not be true for the Lakers and the Clippers because they really you know, they took sort of I guess people are saying it's a vote. It doesn't seem to be a vote. It was more like an informal poll. And the Lakers and the Clippers said, hell no. And then LeBron James walked out of the meeting and many players followed him so they could be done again. This news is ever evolving. So we'll see, you know, in the next day or two, but they literally could be done.


Kenny Smith also took a stand in the middle of NBA on TNT, and he walked off the set on Wednesday. The broadcast was slated as a pregame programming ahead of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets. And Smith, who a longtime TNT analyst, 10 year NBA veteran, he kind of spoke as he started taking his stuff off and taking his mike off and explained his reasoning here.


I think the biggest thing now is to kind of as a black man, as a former player, I think it's best for me to support the players and just not be here tonight. It's unhooked as Mike and figure out what happens after that. I just got stuck in Berkeley, uncomfortable, uncomfortable. Don't look at them now. Powerful, stable, powerful statement is making a powerful statement.


Where are we just talking about this? All right, everyone, make your powerful statement and we'll see what happens. All right.


And the one thing that I think is very sort of it, we should note that when everyone was afraid that Kaepernick, Stan, know Nike wasn't going to support it.


Well, now we know there's a precedent set and Nike gets on board. So Nike put out a statement immediately saying Nike stands in support of NBA and WNBA players and athletes across the sports community and the response to the senseless shooting of Jacob Blake. So that's a that's a response you can count on at this point. Right.


But you can't get up and walk out if you're talking about anything to do with China, because the Nike's got a little different take on the human rights abuse appears. All right. Look, it's all pretty transparent for some people. It's a virtue thing for other people to money thing. God bless you. Have fun, everybody. Now, keep you posted. I will say this about baseball. It's funny, I never thought about this angle of baseball, but I always used to say that I.


I didn't look at baseball as quite the sport that the NBA or, you know, the NBA, the NFL, because I would always go if you go to the sidelines of an NFL game, people are what people are breathing off an oxygen mask while defensive coordinator showing them a tablet and frantically pointing at stuff. And the quarterback's getting yelled at by this coach and the guy's got the headset on and he's up in the tower and he's up in the booth and he's calling out whatever, whatever.


And then you go to the sidelines of of a baseball game and the guy is like making a pyramid out of sunflower seeds costs and the other guy's turning his hat on inside out. Right. Or just kind of sitting around watching, you know, and I used to use that as an example. But better example, the double header, because can you imagine there's no such thing as a double header football and there's no such thing as a double header of basketball.


I mean, you can't it's just too it's too vigorous a sport. It's too high impact. It's too draining. You could never you could never turn around and just run that court again for for the same amount of time in football. These guys, I mean, they barely sign off on they don't even want you know, someone goes, we're going to go from a 16 game season to a 17 game season. They go not physically possible, like they're trying to they're trained for that tooth and nail for seventeen games.


Baseball is the only sport where you go out to still another one later.


We'll make it up tomorrow.


Yeah, well, you by the way, that same guy pitch doesn't have to pitch twice and the other guy can pitch and then you just go about your business.


I know very little about the ins and outs business wise of any of these associations, but we've had Matt Money Smith on last night and he was saying there is no way in hell I believe I'm quoting him accurately. There is no way in hell that baseball will do any kind of boycott, like, you know, like the season's off like that. Doesn't know baseball. Like we were talking about the Dodgers. He said, you know, how many more games are they going to start out like now?


It doesn't they're not doing that. The Dodgers money.


The Dodgers are tearing it up, right?


Yep. I they ready for the inevitable playoff collapse.


I mean, they are I don't know, I like 18 and for something like some crazy like twenty two and eight I think big something good.


I mean they're really twenty two in 1922 and nine so I just had to walk off.


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All right. What else we got Genographic. We have more forwell news, I don't think this story is going away any time soon either. Another Miami man claims to have had a personal relationship with Becky Falwell.


That's Jerry Falwell Jr. lady and even sued the family last year over his stake in their LGBTQ friendly hostile. He did not know that according and that's the business, when they said that the Giancarlo Gron, the kid that's the business that he's in, he was running that hostel.


So according to The Daily Mail, Jerry was so committed to that business he visited almost every night. That's funny. Do they have they have an LGBTQ hostel or a family hostel? Weren't they against that stuff? I don't know.


I don't know how religion works anymore. I don't know either something. When I was a kid, it was super easy. There is like religious people and non-religious people and the religious people pretty much looked at the Bible and told everyone they were go to hell and, you know, you couldn't get you couldn't have sex out of wedlock or use the Lord's name in vain. And that was about it. We didn't have all this this I this International House of Pancakes of.


Oh, well, the Shia. The Shiites are the Sunnis are. That's a no, they are. You know, these are these are Sikhs.


Yeah. Sikhs are different than the Muslim. It's like I didn't wanna know shit. We were barely Jews.


It was about evangelical Christian. Are you. Nothing. That guy goes to church. That guy's nothing. Those weird people are Jews. That's all we had. That's all we had. We didn't have to suffer. We didn't have Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons didn't even make it over here.


Forget about all the time stuff that again, stuff out of the Middle East and that kind of stuff. We didn't have to break down the game film on what everyone could do. If you were if you're basically an atheist or an agnostic, you know my family, then you could do whatever you wanted. And then if you were religious, you couldn't be gay. But we didn't know about all the Unitarians and stuff like that or like, oh, no, no, this guy is a priest, but he's gay, you know, like we didn't have all that stuff.


It was it was a simpler, easier time. It's like, do you want to drive a Chevy or Ford? There's no Daihatsu.


This is a Daihatsu type situation. Is that a good car? Don't know too many choices. I have no idea.


I thought these guys were evangelicals. Why? They have the gay youth hostel for now.


Confusing, I think Brian alluded to to why they might have it, but I'm not sure. So according to the Daily Mail, he's urged the pool boy to speak out against the family and tell the full truth, though he didn't go into detail what the full truth is. So this dude is Gordon Ballow, and he sued Jerry Falwell Jr. last year over his stay in the hostel that the family invested in. And Giancarlo runs the football. In his most recent claims against the couple, Granda alleged that Jerry once sent him a photograph of a Liberty University student exposing herself on the family's farm.


He claims that Jerry is a predator and Granda and Bello are high school friends. In twenty seventeen, Bellow filed a lawsuit against the fall wells, claiming his father, who was a builder, gave them the idea for the hostel that they bought and went into business with Granda.


So it's heating up.


It's it's a sordid tale and I'm sure there will be more.


There's too many sordid details now to keep track all the sordid tales. And I'm trying to think, like I said, when I was a kid, like what the big you know, I don't know.


It was like we have secret recordings of Richard Nixon and he says the word shit like, all right, it seems weird seeing like Richard Nixon, like cussing, you know what I mean?


Like that the big, big stuff that would be having people cuss, like literally catching is, you know, it was right up there with knowing a school teachers first name was a big deal when I see their house.


Yeah. Where they lived or seeing them out in the wild somewhere or something. Now it's just feel like there's so many scandals out there. I even know. What do you begin? You know what I mean? You don't even say why Watergate did happen. You were ten. Yeah, I was. I was a kid. Oh, no. I mean, Watergate, a scandal. But it's been like playing the recordings. Yeah. I mean, it was a scandal.


But I'm saying that the salacious stuff was like hearing somebody hush.


You know, you're right. And to that and to that point, like think of is it the Orson Welles one?


And like the Colonel Sanders, you know, in the middle of a of a of a you know, a voiceover session that occurs.


And it's the greatest. It's the funniest. It's lyrical. And now you get a hot mic, people go to prison.


Oh, the I mean, Casey Kasem. Oh, on coming up dog story.


A dead dog story. I mean, that's all we had is that upbeat tempo's.


And I think it was. I'm going to look at Dawson for this one, was it Buddy Rich on the tour bus? That was a good one fucking.


There's also one buddy who is the one who's going to unleash the fury in first class. Awesome. I know. I will unleash the fucking fury. Oh, in first class. Yeah, there's a rock star.


It was about Lemmy type. Oh, I'll try to have no idea, but I'll toss and nonsense confused. But Buddy Buddy Rich, the drummer was on a tour bus like fucking yelling at everybody, everyone in his band.


I mean it was, it was to me inspirational I can say uncomfortable because he's basically saying hey you fuck up, you fuck up again. You make me look bad. I'll fucking throw you all off in Peoria like it was it was, it was awesome.


But I think you think of Inve Malmsteen, that's how bad was the end.


He was a he's a rock and roll or heavy metal type, and he was walking up to passed out drunk in first class on a long transatlantic flight and someone walked him on. And his his tirade includes I unleashed a fucking fury, as far as I know, in very mild esteem is very Malmsteen.




He's just his own band. And what you're describing, Adam, I could I could name a few off the top of my head who have done that to a lot of their musicians. Well, this is I'm looking for Buddy Rich right now. I could.


Yeah, Buddy Guy is different than Buddy. Buddy Guy's a guitar buddy. Rich the drummer, right? Yes. Yeah. Buddy Rich cursing out his band on a tour bus is awesome. It's funny because you think jazz drummer, you think the most laidback guys in the world, right? Nobody smoother than a jazz drummer like no terms are AFAC. That's the coolest dude in the room, right? Not so much. Yeah, not so much. All right.


Well, let's do one more and maybe it I'll find that. All right.


Let's see here. It's going to get an oh. So I'll show you a fun little video. And 11 year old girl in Ontario, Canada, broke a Guinness Book of World Record when she solved a thirty Rubik's thirty Rubik's Cube, one handed while hula hooping.


Her name is Son Son covid ropin. We have video and she solved thirty of the puzzles with one hand while keeping a hula hoop moving around her body, beating the previous record of twenty five. The record took rather than less than an hour to break. And this is talk about overcoming. She said the record was ideal for her because she has limited, limited mobility in her other hand. So this is something she was just going to do.


To work on it, and she's hula hooping and she's solving it and it's one handed.


Let me say this whity the Indians, they were destroying us and spelling bees, obviously dominating now the hula hoop, Rubik's Cube, the spelling bee, I thought, OK, fine, that's purely mental, you know what I mean?


It's not physical. That can't take us physically. They can take us mentally with all the words spelling, but with their dexterity, she's got the upper hand between the spelling and the hula hooping and the one handed Rubik's Cube. Meet your new overlords. This is it, people. We're going to be outsourced. Whitey's going to be outsourced.


You understand the reason they got us at arms is fucking out in plain sight.


That's right. Think how many Rubik's Cube, 750 or whatever Katsunobu or whatever your name is, could do Sudoku. Eliza Dushku.


The point is, yes, I'm going to start sucking up to these people now. I'm not waiting. I'm not going to be like one of these businesses that throws up the Black Lives Matter a flag, you know, late into the game, so I won't get talk. I'm doing it like an often generally I'm getting in a bind by and low and sandhi with the Indian stock was not a Simpsons club.


I for one welcome our new overlords. Yes it was that brought that Brockmann. Yeah. Do you have Buddy Rich.


You think I the guy that was. All of it is like a giant. What do you think this is anyhow before they got real motherfuckers. Well let me have a better life. There were also some of your favorite motherfuckers. Oh, it is sort of like a saxophone. You've got to be kidding me. How dare you call yourselves professional assholes? I'm sorry about that. You probably heard everybody got in a fight for that. Fact is that there was something I had comes out of.


When do you play class? You know, when I first got elected because I don't want anybody in that one class. And as I find it, because I think it's fantastic. I mean, I'll call you back.


How long would he have lasted in the Fuji's? I say one summer, Max. Max, one European tour. Max, I don't believe they re up when the Fuji's went back out on their Asian tour the next year. Right. Just picking a band.


But you put in Buddy Rich and I was about to put in Buddy Rich audio. The first thing that comes up is Buddy Rich mean.


Well, you know who's got a less apt name? The Randy Couture UFC killer or buddy. By the way, screaming at everybody in his band came as a shock to everyone.


Yeah, also, you know, I do sympathize with Buddy because I'll tell you what, what happens is I've told you guys about this. Maybe you've experienced it to some degree, but it's like you're up there playing and he's doing what he's doing. And everyone around him, like there's the guy. You said, hey, you need to work harder on this or practice more. You're kind of missing this or you're not hitting that. And then you're upset that you're on stage and he starts missing it.


Right. And in any other form of life you'd like, stop and get up and go, hey, man, remember we talked about that shit, but you have to keep smiling and playing and you're smiling and playing. And the concert's going on for an hour and a half and you hear this person like fucking up and there's this interest. Then when you get offstage, you've now there's this interest. It builds up like when we used to do, like I'd always remember, like if we were doing like a man show bit and we're doing the walkthrough.


And they had the thing where he pulled the thing and the thing would happen and I'd go, oh, it doesn't work. Right. We need to fix this and we need to do that. And then when you go out on stage for the live taping and it wouldn't work and you'd have to like, smile and laugh, but you're thinking, I'm going to kill that guy. We talked about this and then you'd go through the whole bit and then the other thing wouldn't work very well.


And then when you got off the stage, you're always at 110 percent like it was never you don't realize building when shit happens and you can address it as it goes, you kind of it evens you out a little bit. But he was probably playing an hour plus long gig thinking, I'm going to kill these guys from minute one. And that's what we heard because he's a dear, dear friend.


And I've never met the man. But he was I don't know what would be top. Five drummer of all time, when we're already beyond those power rankings, lots would make the argument for no one, no one else in an interview with one of his band mates, and he said that buddy would threaten the audience.


Also, in a confrontation in a world where you got to record stuff reel to reel, like back and then no more hit the thing on your phone, you know, now no big whoop to secretly record anybody. You're recording Buddy Buddy Rich. Back then, you got to get a boom mic. You got to get an engineer. You got to get the reel to reel eight, track a fucking conversation. Yeah.


I mean, what year was that from? Does it say what year? All right, you bring it home, Genographic.


You got it here. I'm Gené grad. And that's the news. You know, that was the news with Genographic. Last but not least, Geico. Yeah.


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So those those recordings were where there was a series of recording in on tour buses and in dressing rooms by the pianist Lee Musiker, who can steal the compact tape recorder in his clothing while on tour with Rich in the early 80s. On one recording, Rich threatens to fire trombonist Dave Panichi for having a beard.


OK, but although he threatened many times to fire members of his band, he seldom did.


So I guess it was a post mortem dressed down after each show like you knew your like like a football coach might be this way after a loss, like you understand, you're going to get yelled at when you go into this locker room. They started realizing, I'm bringing my recorder.


I was going to say the only the only experience I have at this is the two years I spent coaching high school football because you couldn't unleash on a kid. When the fucking parents are 19 feet behind you get the bottle that shit up and keep a game face on. But you're like because the kids were their kids, they're fifteen years old. They forget their assignments all the time. You want me to block or whatever.


Yeah, but it builds up. All right. Tempe, Tempe, Arizona. I am proud we're doing live pods there September 18th and 19th and stand up there as well. Salt Lake City Wiseguys, October 2nd and 3rd. I'm your emotional support animal doing quite nicely. Thank you. And write a review because I read them on on Amazon. I want to thank Rob Henderson and Scott Adkins for doing a great job with us today and until next time, Adam, for Rob and Scott, Gene and Maltzahn.


Oh, good sports coming, Mahola. That's right. Stick around, Dave, dammit. Check it out on parole in return for good sports right after this. Good for the broadcast on Sports Network presents, good sports high in a lot of sports fans. Welcome to the Friday edition of Good Sports. Dave Damasak here, Adam Carolla over there. As we were talking about automobiles and inconsistency, we do have to talk a little bit of pro football because unless I've gone crazy and can no longer keep any track of time, I believe in two days on Sunday, we will be a mere three days away from gathering in the warehouse to watch some actual meaningful pro football action if everything stays on course.


Knock on wood that it does. Now we have some unfinished business from yesterday to get to.


So Gary and I like to pick out inaccuracies in movies as it pertains to cars again, Transformers Blatant Coursers Daredevil when he's going to jump jump 300 feet field goal to field goal. First off, he's talking about the action of a field goal. He should be setting goal post. It's insane. And then obviously they move them to the back of the end zone. After the seventy two series, you get ghostwrite, ghostwrite. Want to say Nightrider, Daredevil, Daredevil, Ghost Rider.


Either way, that stuff drives me insane. A sleeper one was. That movie, remember, was it road trip at. With like a National Lampoon's or whatever it was like, yeah, I know what the movie you're talking about, I don't know the specific thing you're referring.


They had to jump a car, like over a ravine at a certain point. And they they listed the the factory weight, Ford Taurus factory weight.


Thirteen hundred pounds like there's a Mini Cooper, 20, 700 pounds. There's no such thing as a as a road going car. That's thirteen hundred and fifty pounds. That's what an aerial atom weighs. Or sorry for the death. It's a go. I mean my, my point is is like a two seater lotus is twenty six hundred and fifty pounds. A Ford or Taurus is forty four hundred pounds. How did you get, how'd you lop more than 2000 pounds off the off the weight of this car.


It isn't that imminently findable. I can't you go online. If you look at any car stats it will say the weight of the car. You just look at the stats. It'll tell you like the horsepower and the weight that call it curb white. How are you off by 2000 pounds again?


Again, my point with this is from my personal experience is that there would be no way on a cable TV show 20 years ago called The Man Show that if anybody had something in a script that Adam Carolla or Jimmy Kimmel, one of those two at minimum, wouldn't raise a red flag over the smallest inaccuracy, that you would go like a thirteen hundred. Let me teach you something. It would be a seminar for the next four hours for the for the gathered staff to learn about how much castaway there would be impossible that something like that could slip through the cracks.


How does a major motion picture have that happen? But it's impossible to imagine to me.


I do not know. That was the Tom Green was in that. And then it was like it was like the road trip version of American Pie, like a bunch of these hot actors. But it wasn't that funny. All right. The point is, is what year did Steve McQueen's lose?


So sixty for you said are sixty three. I can't remember that. Sixty three. What year did that sell at auction. It sold for two point three. It's sold at Pebble Beach. It was I believe it was 07, 07.


And at the time, like I said, that car was worth about four or five hundred thousand dollars and 07, maybe five to six. And it sold for four times the value because of McQueen's name. Our house was in 2011. All right. So it sold. And 07 was the actual selling of LOSSA of of McQueen's red Ferrari lose. So and then they made the movie in 2001, 12 11, 2011. So they shot it in 2010.


So three years later they do it. And he Allen all this a rich guy and she's going to explain where he got that Ferrari. What the hell is this, Agent Denham, that is in 1963, Ferrari, 250 G.T. Lucio, owned and raised by the coolest cat, however, Steve McQueen. This was his baby. And now it's my baby. Yes, Steve McQueen's car parked in your living room and here I thought you were an ass, I paid a million for ten years ago, I wouldn't sell it for 10 times that.


We're sixty five stories. Right. How do we get out of here?


He paid two point three, four, three years ago when that car sold. And by the way, the other thing, it's not not going to bother Shaq. Lucio means luxury. He didn't Steve McQueen didn't own and raced that car. He never race car to streetcar. There's no number on it. There's no sponsorship. There's no roll cage. There's no anything. It's clearly a restored street car. So he didn't own it. And Ray it.


He own it, owned it and drove it. But he bought it ten years ago for a million dollars.


So he says, but it was all over the news.


It was amongst the car guys that that McQueen's loose was coming up for sale at Pebble Beach three years earlier when they when it actually said now, why not just say, I bought it at Pebble Beach three years ago for two point three million dollars. Why is it more impressive? Say, I bought it ten years ago for a million dollars. It is and by the way, it makes the movie better because I like those little touches when fictional guys are somehow involved in actually a little tidbit of history and might have lured the likes of Adam Caroll and some of his car loving pals to appreciate the movie a little bit more like I called the tale in there.


As it is, it's a throwaway line. Yeah, I'm with you. I know. And whatever. You know what that's like. It'd be like it'd be like that's the car version of you hearing. Oh, yes. Me and my family, we came over from England on the Titanic and we landed safely in New York City.


Like that didn't happen. That's not what history says happened. Figure it out. It's out there. It's all out there. It's all on the Internet. There's no way there's no way that the crew there, 40 people on that set that day. There's nobody who would say, if I believe me, I don't care what my job title would be on that. If somebody if I'm working on a movie and they're like, yeah, remember Super Bowl fourteen when that when the Steelers pulled it out against the Rams on that Bubby Brister Dyball, the Weegee Thompson, I'd be like, whoa, whoa, whoa.


It was not Bubby Brister, Dougie Thompson. It was Terry Bradshaw, the John Stallworth over Rod Perry who was exposed in coverage when he wasn't helped by the safety. But anyhow, yes, of course, out with it. I'm with you. And by the way, you say I don't care, Adam, if you care, I care. I'm upset on your behalf.


Well, ask me how the rest of the movie was. Well, how was the rest? I don't know.


I got up and left David right away. You can just say had left. You don't have to do the got part. We don't need all the different machinations of what it takes to leave.


I inhaled then I my right foot. Right foot. Then the left foot. That's right again. Then I went to the left, then I entered the parking lot. Yeah. I got up and I left.


Before we wrap it up for the week I you're like a lot of people, everybody watch football real bad. A lot of everybody wants that football season. We've played it before. Let's try one or two more. What are you actually willing to trade to have football season here? I have announced I would give baseball and the NBA whatever happens, I would package those together and willingly give those away in exchange for football. No surprise there. What about would you give up all potatoes for a year?


Hmm? No, no form a potato could pass your lips.


You know, I love potatoes and everyone loves potatoes. But of course, with the tartaric telling you to stay away from the potatoes, it's always a little battle with the potatoes. So this would be a good excuse to stay away from the potatoes permanently.


OK, let's take some of those syllables out. Just boil potato down to toe. Would you give a toe to toe of your choosing? I don't care which one it is, but it would have to be attached to me. Well, not anymore if you want your football now, I wouldn't give a toe. That's that. Potatoes too easy, toes too hard. We need something in between the toe and the potato.


OK, would you be injected with the 19? I have done so much traveling and so much back and forth to Texas and Southwest flights and Nashville and all that, I am sure I've been exposed to it. I'm sure I would probably probably test positive for it already. So.


So, yes. You're not going to get a though the talent. Can it kill you the way the covered. I'll be fine with in with my health in my age. I'll be fine with the covid. I take the covid over the toe for sure.


All right.


Gary, would you give a toe or take the 19 as a Chargers fan, I don't really think I would want to give up anything that would hurt myself just to watch further, you know, embarrassment and sadness. So probably not. I'd go, I'd go, I know, I know with my lifestyle. I know I have been exposed to Coit, it's impossible that I haven't I mean, I played crowded clubs, I've traveled south west, I've been in airports, hotels, out to eat in Texas.


You know, I've I've done all the stuff you're not supposed to do. And I'm sure I've been exposed to it, so I'm sick of it.


And would you get in would you do a three round fight? I know you would like the idea that, but I don't know who that. Let's say Mike Tyson in his prime, probably this or George Foreman, Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson at 54 looks pretty devastating. I know he does.


I'm just I'm just trying to create the scariest situation for you to get in the in the ring. Would you do three rounds and like, they ain't holding nothing back.


Yeah, no. Three three rounds is a lot. You know, there's always this sort of being concussed in the brain trauma that could possibly come off of that. So I would say no. And I bet something it would probably be transformative. I probably spend every Sunday on a mountain bike. You'd see me at the end of the season. I'd be shredded drinking from a body bag.


I'd be telling you I'd be telling that I can tell your ass off because you've been eating too many hot wings. I've been living off a stream water and a granola mix. I would I would offer you some you'd see a whole new me, you know what I'm saying?


I said, oh, no, please, let's have football bleed and make sure Adam gets to watch it. I don't like this new one.


I don't either. Let's not let's not even experiment with that. Let me hit bet online. No shortage of action with our exclusive partner BET Online Dot AGEA. NBA playoffs continues this week. NHL playoffs are underway, plus MLB, UFC and boxing, NASCAR and soccer as well. BET online has the best odds and lines for upcoming games and matches. You need more. BET Online has simulated NFL, NBA and UFC daily also hundreds of live casino games, poker tournaments and the best props in the business.


So what do you do? Well, visit Pett online Dadaji, our exclusive partner podcast one don't forget promo code podcast one for your sign up bonus today. BET online. That's your online sportsbook. Experts at BET Online Dot AGEA. And thus ends another week filled with hot sportstalk The weekend has arrived. Sure to be filled with lots of sports for you to look at. Enjoy those and then we'll talk to you next week. Until then, for Adam Carolla.


Dave Damasak, good sports out for. Finally, Adam Carolla show on Twitter, Adam, for show followers on Twitter. I don't care or leave us a voicemail at eight eight eight six three four one seven four four. Pick up Adam's new book on your emotional support animal. It's available everywhere. You at all the links with Adam Carolla Dotcom.