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With great news, with Genographic breaking Firewheel, all those crazy Trump tweets, give me Gina Obrad, trouble in the Middle East, Celebrity Trump Meltdown News with Gina Gina. The news with Genographic sorry, Dan Dunne is hanging with us for the news, by the way. Sorry, go ahead.


Well, I think we need to raise our glasses to it for a toast, to a very hard fought battle with Lori, Lochlyn and Mossimo generally. But it's not ending well for them. Actress Lori Lockland was sentenced Friday to two months in federal prison for her role in the college admissions scandal. According to CNN, Lochlan will serve two years of supervised release during which she must perform 100 hours of community service and pay a fine of one hundred fifty thousand dollars.


But wait, there's more. Her husband received a five month stay in prison. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine, two years of supervised release and 250 hours of community service. Both must surrender to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons before two p.m. on November 19. The sentence brings an end to the saga for them.


And, you know, probably the most famous, you know, high profile people caught up in this school scandal I have is these stories are interesting to me because, like, I just have no goddamn interest at all in incarcerating people who don't I don't know what between her and Mossimo, what do you think they put into the pot in terms of taxes? Like, I've realized I should just go fucking kill myself because I'm such a bottom line guy like these guys have paid millions, tens of million dollars, tens of millions of dollars in taxes and given whatever and done whatever.


Like how many jobs has that guy created?


How many jobs are Getline and forty two Lifetime movies. Yes. OK, leave me the fuck alone. They didn't hurt anybody. Like I swear to God it drives me insane. I look at all these fucking people that are just shitting out kids and using the system in, in and out of jail and the parole officers and whatever it's like they cost us millions of dollars. On the other side of the ledger, these guys are earners. At some point we have to take society.


We have to just draw a line and make a ledger. Are you earning are you a part of society like are are we glad we have you in society or are you a fuck up? And are you, you know, a welfare cheat and are you a deadbeat dad or whatever? And if that's the issue, then that's the issue. I don't know how to work it, but I have no interest in these people being incarcerated at all.


And sort of to your point, you know, we talk about, well, you know, AT&T, they got their slap on the wrist. They got fined two million dollars. But where does that money go? Doesn't go to the you know, you know, it doesn't go to the people. It just gets gobbled up into the ether. So wouldn't it make more sense if you're truly offended by what they did to, let's say, USC? Because I think both the kids were USC, that two hundred fifty thousand one hundred fifty thousand that goes to a scholarship program for USC that doesn't just get gobbled up by the government.


Also, you know, you go, well, then you know who's the victim and you go, well, the victim could be a person that didn't get into USC because these kids took their spot. But colleges do that shit all the time. They go like we got too many Asians. We need more people from another group. So back off on them and bring these people in with a lower SAT score. I mean, they do that shit all the time.


So there are people that are penalized anyway.


I just want no one talks about is the what about the crew team they're down to. That's right. Down to earth. And right now we got two rowers gone. Right. Cox Either way, I don't know, just pay taxes and stay out and work. Yes.


Prices come up with Mark Geragos, like his if you weighed in on it with his expertise because I was under the impression I don't know, I was under the impression that there were using these as tax write offs or so there were tax cheats as well.


I still go back to my original thing, which is I just left my mom's house. She's paid no taxes her entire fucking life and no one has a problem with her. These guys have paid hundreds, tens of millions of dollars in taxes. And somehow my in my world went like, oh, but they fucked up and they they didn't pay five hundred K and this whatever. What have they paid their entire life, what has other people we know paid their entire life?


I don't draw a distinction between the two. My feeling is, is like I'm at a point with taxes. I should never have to fucking pay taxes again in my life because I've got way past the level of paying taxes. When we're talking about when they do that, we've got to pay your fair share. Oh, good. I've paid more than seventy five schoolteachers paying a thousand years. Am I good or should I pay my fair share. I don't like this shit.


My thing is get to a certain threshold and then go, I don't even care if they cheated on their taxes. It doesn't matter to me. They paid enough. They paid their debt to society. Let them go. We got to free her and him. That's it.


You got to make free Lorimar some. That's right.


Like she can make you an activist take to the streets. So I hope you don't see this next story the same way, because I would say this is the other side of the prison spectrum. The Golden State killer is going away for good and he's a hero.


He should never see the inside of a prison cell.


74 year old Joseph D'Angelo was sentenced Friday in Sacramento, California, to life in prison without parole for 13 murders and 13 kidnappings. D'Angelo, who was a former cop, terrorized Californians in the 70s and 80s, was not arrested until this year. He admitted to the killings in June. And I know this. We always kind of touch on this, but we don't have any specifics. So I gathered a little for you. We always talk about how DNA helped catch him.


Do you want a quick blurb on that idea when it comes to I want this I want this guy killed, though.


I don't want to make him crazy, though.


I thought about that instance in California. We never do that. Is it a worse sentence to not get death row because death row, you're in segregated. You you may get some perks. You're left alone a lot. But so in that way, you're never going to get executed. So isn't it better to not get a death sentence in California, got drunk?


I don't know. Yeah, either. Either way, we go there.


More importantly, how much taxes is this guy paid? That's right. Very little guys. I don't know if he's living off the grid. All right. I have to say.


Well, so, yeah, my so my thing with, like, death row is like people go, well, what about the young black teenage boy who is falsely accused of whatever and then we take an innocent life. I'm like, fine, don't put that guy on death row. But if we got thirteen kidnappings and thirteen bodies and your names attached to it, then we get to kill you.


There should be a threshold. Yeah, that's my thing. But it's California, right? We never do it anyway. Right.


So here's how we got here, which is really interesting. So by the 2000s, the advent of the DNA helped link crimes to one person. Much of the DNA collected had already been used up in testing for this effort. But a second untested rape kit taken from Charlene Smith, who was thirty three one of the Angeles Ventura victims would lead to his arrest in April. Twenty eighteen semen collected from her body was used to track down his family tree and point to him as the suspect to finally identify and arrest him.


In twenty eighteen, investigators pioneered a new method of DNA tracing that involves building a family tree from publicly accessible genealogy.


This looked at 23 2000 me like to try to narrow down the list of suspects.


They linked nearly 40 year old DNA from a crime scene to a distant relative and eventually to a discarded tissue.


They sneak from the Angelo's garbage in Sacramento was so was it so did a family member bust him?


Well, I don't remember if she knew it was like a distant cousin and her DNA was was up on this site. So I thought it was.


Yeah. Something with the family. Yeah. She willingly said, here, take mine. But that is how they found the Unabomber had the same thing.


Right. He had oh the Unabomber had a family member.


Remember Brother. The talk. Yeah. This maybe this that Jim talking about when I get home I'm going to give my kids a stern talking to about like one of you has to kill the other because I've see how this plays out. That's what he is going to drop a dime on the other at some point their career. And I say we settle it now in the living room. Let's not wait. Cool.


Let's wait. Yeah, OK, good. Let's kill him though. Cydia, we have to pay for him to be incarcerated. He's going to outlive us all because that'll be always part of the deal.


A bit of pleading guilty. And there was also like fifty rapes, but no one seemed as interested in that as the kidnappings and murders.


Yeah. And now no family member was involved. They just had a process of elimination based on DNA. And then they went and took some DNA from his trash in his car. And then that's how they they finalized every science was talk it off in his car.


Wasn't a lot of the documentary to Patton Oswald's that he was already incarcerated after it came out.


But in terms of when it was being filmed, that's that's what her investigation, I think, helped the police tremendously, 100 percent.


Michelle McNamara and her giving him the title. Right. I mean, she didn't call him the Golden State killer because he had like fifty names up until that point. And the Golden State killer, when you brand these guys, it renews the interest in their story and papers will start running about them again. So, yeah, it was really interesting. And I'm. A little tiny bit drunk, Earl Thomas, Pro Bowl safety, Earl Thomas has officially been released by the Baltimore Ravens, according to ESPN.


He was in a fight with teammate Chuck Clark at practice on Friday. Thomas was sent home and now he's been cut by the Ravens for conduct detrimental to the team. NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport reported that the Ravens will also attempt to recoup their 10 million dollars that Thomas was due to make this season ahead of the 2019 season. Thomas signed a four year deal, 55 million dollars wasn't a Seahawks run.


Yeah, he was a very good player. Still is pretty good, but he was part of the Legion of Boom. Why do you get rid of a guy who's still good for fighting? I know.


I mean, I feel like I was thinking the same thing. I haven't found a reason. My guess is that either he sucker punched the guy or he fucked him up like big time because guys seen hard knocks. Guys, you the to all of a.


All right. I was going to say there's no room for violence in the NFL, but he's going to do that kind of stuff that much.


You can say that he fired him like in the parking lot or on the field or do we know the locker room during the during one of their practices?


And I was looking for footage in the film session. Yeah. And he and he you know what?


Talk about the bigger man. He wrote an Instagram, a little caption about it. And he says, I appreciate the Ravens organization for the opportunity. Had a great run, wish things would have ended different.


But you live and you learn. Thank you, Eric DaCosta and everyone else who played a role in bringing me to be more. Wish you guys the best.


That's a written by his agent. I wonder where is going to end up somewhere.


Do you guys think he's been making noise? Like, literally? I think I think there's footage of him.


So I'm sure in all of your footage of him, like a couple of years ago, begging, like the Cowboys to help him.


Yeah. So that's the leader in the clubhouse.


But who fucking knows they're not playing football this year. I mean, they're going to play like two games and then it. Right. I don't know.


I mean, how is it the numbers just would see it would seem impossible that they're not going to get positive tests on every team once they start slamming into each other and and the most susceptible people. Right. Or heavier set the offensive linemen, the guys that are in the trenches. It's just I love football and it's depressing to think it's not going to happen, but it's hard to imagine them getting through a whole season of the NFL.


I talked to Drew about this, not football per say, but just the subject of covid. And, you know, we're we're we're always like we sort of get obsessed with, like a cure, a vaccine. You know, we got obsessed with a vaccine and testing and stuff like that. But Drew said, you know, we're getting really good at treating this like think about it's not a sexy news story, the treating of it, the sexy news stories like how many people got it, how many people died, where the vaccine is due to the vaccine.


Does Russia have the vaccine? When is the vaccine? But he's like it's a boring part of the story, but he's like. Doctors get pretty good at treating things pretty fast. I think they were caught off guard. Obviously, they know what this thing was, but he's like there's a lot of stuff we do now and we have a pretty good handle on it. And so it's this boring gray area of no vaccine, but you get it and they know what to do with you when you show up.


And and it's a lot it's a lot less dangerous than it was when everyone is just confused and trying experimental therapies and whatnot. So I like I kind of like that part where Drew was explaining that they know a lot and they have a lot of therapies now and they kind of know how to treat it. So hopefully we'll will enter a new era soon. Yeah.


My favorite part of watching this new segment, people can see this on the zoom is every time if Gene is talking or someone else is talking, everybody else is stuffing olives down.


There are these Pilipino are good. At one point I looked over at him, was eating olives, Brian was eating olives. Gene is eating cherries. Yes. I had to try this whiskey. Cherry, this is intense.


Is this how peno is this olive. Jalapeno. Yeah.


Did you get that one. Garlic. This is double stuffed. Yeah. Dirty.


So does the olives as well. And those Filipino olives are amazing. Mm. All right. You know, it's like having OK.


Well, and with your question about excuse me, washdown, one very quick second, Brad Williams brought this up when he was on the other day about just to give you a little more information. The Kansas City Chiefs are allowing reduced capacity at the stadium when the season begins. So they're going to allow Arrowhead to be 22 percent full, which is about 17000 fans that can normally hold 76000 fans. Tickets will be sold in group pods of seats beginning any day now.


The chief said guidance from local and public officials will determine the capacity throughout the season. And while the Chiefs plan to allow tailgating because Kansas City people love to tailgate, that's that's a non-starter. To not tailgate fans will be limited to the area directly behind their vehicle and will only be allowed to interact with the fans they have in their ticketed pod. So and of course, face coverings and all that jazz. So I think that that seems pretty reasonable.


And I can't imagine a lot of stadiums not going along.


Yeah, I was that I went out to Jeffery's in Malibu last night and it's like the beach was packed. The restaurant was packed. Everyone was sitting outside. Yeah, it was sweet.


They were playing my my blowing it like it was, it was really nice. And there was a ton of people in there and I don't know, you know, everyone takes their mask off as soon as they sit down. And it was like it was crowded but it was outside like I think well I think we can work this out with the stadium, especially the especially like the chiefs with the outdoor stadium. How how long before the chiefs are on the chopping block, like the name like Arrowhead and the Chiefs.


I mean that they are.


Yeah, the cheap name. But all of the pomp and circumstance, shall we say, that goes along with going to achieve game, which I have not been to in decades.


The headdresses address the tomahawk chop. All that stuff is going to be banned at games face painting.


It's kind of weird because we go look the names fine. The chiefs and the stadiums find Arrowhead, but no wearing of the headdress or no putting the makeup on. It's like, wow, that's just a continuation of this thing. Right? You know what I mean? Like, why is this all of a sudden offensive? They're wearing it because the team is called the Chiefs and they're dressing up like an Indian chief. But I don't know. To me, it all falls under the heading of Omeje.


But yes, right.


So my question about the seating is nothing to covid. You can ask Damasak about this. One of the certainly the chiefs have more lost the capacity there.


They're going to no, sorry, one of the eleven and seventeen there certainly have more than 70000 season ticket holders. Like how are they going to work it out that way? We're like, I paid for my seat license or I paid for this season ticket. Like the fucking come to a game that kind of you know, I'm wondering how they're going to work that out and not just them, but everyone.


Sorry, I'm eating all of what branch, because everybody is eating will not be announced right away that they weren't going to have any fans and we have season tickets, my family. So we just never paid for them this year. Oh, they didn't. But that was Philly said they're not going to have fans. What you're saying is like how do they decide who gets to do it versus maybe people who opt in? I bet a lot of people probably opt out.


We are the Corollas. My dad has. He has he doesn't have season tickets. He's a pre season ticket guy. He only has tickets to the preseason games. So we get two games nearly as fun. We get two preseason games a year. Hey, Max, better what percentage is the average of an average NFL stadium is season ticket holders versus general admission? You guys have gas's. It's got to vary, but there's probably an average, right?


It depends on the teams.


Orlando has more with the Eagles. It's almost all.


Yeah, I was going to say I understand everything is now StubHub and it's, you know, individual seats they'll release, like if they have, you know, one offs or two offs here. But like most of the old legacy teams, Patriots, Eagles, although I'm sure the chiefs are probably I think it's all it's all sold out like it's all season tickets. Oh, OK.


Maybe like Lambeau the Green Bay Packers have more than the Jaguars, perhaps, but the Chargers would be the opposite end.


Like there's going to be nobody has season tickets to the Chargers. But if you go like Patriots, Eagles, even the Redskins, there used to be back in the day there was like a twenty year wait to get season to the Redskins.


Nobody has season tickets to the Redskins, season tickets to the Washington football team. I apologize. It's the it's the martinis. It is weird.


Whenever the Washington football team, when you watch the NFL Network and they go to the camp and it just has a W like it doesn't it has a maroon square with a gold W in the middle of it. And I'm watching it with the sound down while I'm on my rowing machine and oute I think tonight I'm going to put my rowing machine in my swimming pool to really get a full scintillation of Ahmat physically.


Yeah, shallow. And I'm not aware that some people see piping around a it floats like you're really rowing.


What is going on with the Rams are they're going to have the fans because I'm wondering, like they built this in a palace that is no one going to see it.


Are they going to allow fans in their well and they have the most insane, like, sealing video screen that the world has ever known. You know, like you think Fremont Street in Vegas and you go downtown in the whole street has this video screen. That's nothing compared to what they put into Sophi. So they're going to want to show that off as soon as possible. They're letting fans in the South. Not yet.


Well, it's it's interesting because L.A. is like the most locked down. I mean, we have California now. I have to be the most locked down in the country now. Right like I there at this point, New York's not beating us like whatever whatever cities or states, New Jersey, New York, whatever. The ones that were hit hard, I don't think anyone's doing more or less than us. On the other hand, everyone who lives here sort of ignoring it now, but you can't ignore it and go into a stadium if they say the stadium is locked down.


So I'll be curious to see if we can find something on on what that'll be.


Because, again, technically, the thing that was supposed to kick out kick off the Sophi whole event system was a Taylor Swift concert.


There's no way that's happening. Oh, really? Yeah. That was supposed to be the big grand opening.


They're going to happen in July, right? That was it was that July. I thought it was August. You might be right. Yeah, it was July.


I think the Taylor Swift. Yeah, they came and went. Is the stadium finished? I fly over it when you go to LAX. And it's kind of interesting because because of the height requirements, because it's so close to the landing strip, they put it in the ground. Subterranean, right?


Yeah. Part of it is it seals down. Yeah. It seems it seems about four or five stories stick up out of the ground, but it seems like four or five are in the ground as well. Very innovative and kind of interesting. But I don't know. I don't know because. Because who are you guys with me? I don't know what's going on with L.A. and California. I feel like I see people moving out in the street. I see restaurants moving down the street.


I see barbershops moving out the street. I see people just going to the beach and playing volleyball and like playing basketball. Now, like, it seems a little ungoverned. It seems like people are just kind of doing what they're doing. I don't know what the official word is. I don't know if it's like two more weeks of this or no new cases for two weeks or schools are going to open. I'm not hearing any official news. Just feel like everyone's just kind of on their own, isn't it?


Cases per 100000. That's what they're going by. Like, if it's this percentage of cases per hundred. We'll open the schools, yeah, I don't I don't know, but let me hit true najin and then I'll yell at all the places that are listening. True Niger I've been taking this. It's a cellular health vitamin and I've been on it for about six months now. Drew's been on it for a couple of years now. You get older, your body's experience and near 50 percent decline and NASED, which negatively affect your health and your cells and your body lifestyle stressors such as lack of sleep and stress on the immune system.


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Ah, sorry. Twenty bucks off any three month plus supply. It's it's fairly inexpensive for what it does. It is true. Neogen and you'll get the savings if you get on it by September 4th. You know people give me shit because I'm like there is a big difference between somebody dying who a patient that has dementia and hospice care and a young person dying and everyone's like, well what if that was your grandma? Thank you, Captain Pursey.


Thank you, Hero. I get it. You're talking to the wrong guy because, you know, I'm not a huge fan of my grandma, but I get what you're saying. But it's a simple equation. And I would put anyone who's challenging me to to this just this. Everyone who's had a kid has had the experience of bringing the kid home from the hospital. When you left the hospital, let's just say you had a wheel on one side of the wheel.


It said one eight eighteen years on the other side of the wheel. It said 81, 81 years. And you were going to spin that wheel with your newborn as you walked out to your car, whatever. When it landed on. That's the year that the child would die. If it landed on eighty one, you would fall to your fucking knees and cry and hug your wife. And if it landed on eighteen, you'd be very upset for the next seventeen and a half years.


So that's the difference between dying at eighteen and eighty one. You understand posse's. That's how I go through my life. I would be fine to die at eighty one. I'd be fine if my kids died at eighty one. I'd be lucky to die at eighteen. I'd be lucky to die.


They wouldn't give what I wouldn't give. I'm going to do everything possible to ensure that I die on my eighty four. If my kids died at eighteen I'd be devastated. If they decided they didn't want I'd be happy. So all the pussy, all the pussies are on Twitter going oh what about your grandma. I'm just talking about that, that's all. There's a huge difference. Draw the distinction and get on with your fucking lives. Rams had their first scrimmage at Sophi yesterday, so suspects are pada.


I hope it's chronicled in hard knocks. I'm sure will be.


And is there any discussion about when the first I mean someone is kicking off the first season, I mean the first game of the season they're going to be the bolts are it's going to be the Rams, right?


Yeah. Well, the first regular season game is expected to be held September 13th, Rams hosting the Cowboys.


But the Chargers must play the week before that. Right, because they have to keep alternating. Right.


This must be a covert thing because as I recall, the defending Super Bowl champions always host the first game on a Thursday.


But perhaps it's been pushed back by doing that because of that. Yeah, because they can't do all the saints and stuff like, I believe the first week of the season is three weeks from today. Right.


I think well, Thursday, the first game since the first game is Thursday night. And then the Rams are so set the first week. Is that the first week of the season? Yeah. Yes, the first regular season, the Rams.


All right. But, you know, is there such a thing as buying tickets to that game? Ah, I thought some piano fans in attendance, but you can I think they're going to do the cardboard cutouts to apologize for that is satisfying. Well, they searched cardboard. All right.


All right. Well, if we want to stay on on the things that people are trying to do to get back to some sort of normalcy, college tracking systems, that's becoming a thing. So Albion College in Michigan and Oklahoma State University are attempting to create these bubbles on campus with regular coronavirus testing and an app that tracks the location of the students. The idea is for students to stay within five miles of the campus that's at Albian for the entire semester if a student leaves campus, the app notifies administration and the student could be temporarily suspended.


Great. Now at Oklahoma State at OSU, go POCs. It's something similar to that. It's all done by wi fi tracking and card swipes into buildings. And they can tell literally what room of which dorm you're in.


It's all it all starts off good.


And then at some point the counselor sitting down with the parents and they're going, it looks like Timothy beed off thirteen hundred and twenty eight times in the fall semester from his dorm room to the bathroom.


See, he used the Lord's name in vain. Let me check that one out. That's 621 Times.


In the first quarter, he argel the woman. He looked at women. Oh, yeah, we know. And that's thirteen hundred forty seven times.


Turns out he had impure thoughts about you as parents. Let me check the date on that.


So we did a retinal scan for that one and we found out some very, very disturbing, troubling news, like it's all good now, but it sort of like once BYU gets a hold of it.


It's right, boy. Well, you know, it's kind of like what they do, that thing where they go like, hey, we're just going to add three quarters of a percent of taxes until we can pay for the for the earthquake that we had or whatever. It's like it never goes away. It never it never leaves. It just they keep the system going. And we're going to be tracking these kids. And here here comes Big Brother.


All right. Let's do one more Gina Grant. All right.


Let's see here. What shall we do? OK, well, since we mentioned Taylor Swift, she's actually coming.


She's a champion of the small businessman and deserves a lot of credit. I think she's been coming through for independent record stores lately by sending out free boxes of autographed CDs of her new album, Folklore, to boost sales at struggling stores. So Swift and her team sent crates and crates of these discs have these little mom and pop shops, which came as a real surprise to a lot of people. Angie Rohloff, who's the owner of Strictly Dis in Madison, Wisconsin, told Billboard they weren't allowed to talk about it until the CDs were in their hands.


And then they couldn't. Then they could post socially about it, put out the word do whatever they wanted. The other requirement was it had to be local customers. It wasn't just a shipping distribution center. It was a way to get people to come check out these little record stores.


Let me ask this cynically. If you're like a local mom and pop desk store, like you're still selling the vinyl, you're doing the stuff, you know. Taylor Swift drops her shit off at your door, you that as your audience that into it, like I'm thinking I'm thinking of the Jack Black movie with Fidelity.


How would the Taylor Swift like what if it was, you know, what if it was just like, I don't know, Celine Dion or I'm I'm trying to think of forever your girl who is back then, Paula Abdul, would they be pumped about Paula Abdul dropping off a crate of records are crazy.


I think given this new environment of nobody going to these stores, Taylor Swift would be your new number one go to idled artists today.


That's a windfall of cash. And also it brings a new audience maybe didn't know you existed.


Now needs or PPD autographed. She had to send something to autograph.


Now we're doing. That's a great question.


It's more like it's more like a souvenir. I like I like this. But are we cynical? Like Taylor Swift seems to be in sort of like PR mode all the time?


Like she you know, she kind of she kind of didn't get involved politically. She kind of did her own thing and she sang songs and that was fine. And I feel like now she's getting a lot more involved. Is she getting involved because she wants to be involved or is the new world order you must be involved?


I think I don't know a lot about her. The only Taylor Swift song I could name is Shake It Off.


I don't know any of her music, but she always she's doing you always hear things like some good songs. Taylor Swift bake cookies for her fans and Taylor Swift just spent thirty thousand dollars because she found a girls go fund me page who was trying to go to college. So you're I'm I'm always hearing these stories. I don't know her music, but I know that she's constantly wanting to be everyone's favorite.


Are you hearing the stories because they're being pushed out there? Like, would you hear the stories if they weren't pushed out there?


I wouldn't, because I don't I, I just don't listen to her music. But they are I mean, you can't open a headline of whatever, Yahoo, Google News, whatever and not see a feel good to Taylor Swift story.


So I'm sorry, back in the day, you know, they do these like eulogies of like George Steinbrenner, the owner of the Yankees. Remember him? Remember that guy Henry David played him on Seinfeld.


He was a great SNL host. And he was just it was like 1991 or two.


And he was legitimately funny.


They do those things. So the stories would be like it was kind of a Sinatra thing or George Steinbrenner thing. And they do a thing where they go like, you know, when we found out that one of the equipment trainers, sons had leukemia, like George like showed up, you know, a check for one hundred thousand dollars, just showed up in our mailbox. And he didn't even have his name on it. But we knew who it was from and he wouldn't say anything.


They wouldn't say anything. And there's a lot of, like, really quiet, philanthropical stuff like that. I say philanthropical. Is that a word tropica stuff? I turn it into a drink. The point is this.


My point is, is like there were these rich guys who were like quietly do things and like everyone thought there were horrible and douchy and everything, but they just sort of quietly took care of families and stuff like that. And it sort of went against who their persona, the public persona was was.


Isn't that kind of a Howard Stern thing, Howard Hughes, Starner here? Well, there was there's definitely a huge part of it. I don't I don't support Stern.


I think he I mean, knowing this kind of flies in the face, but that he's he makes very large charitable donations anonymously.


Oh, I didn't know what I was told. I would believe it. But there used to be a sort of quiet part of this, like again, or Stern or George Steinbrenner. But now I feel like Taylor Swift is doing it as part of her persona and campaign, which is not that, you know, the library still gets the money. Like, I'm fine with it, but I'm just saying, like, you'd be fine with that. I am fine with it.


I'm just saying it's just the new world order where there's no more quiet.


Here's what these people did about this. I when you talk about whether or not she why is Taylor Swift doing this? What what's her motivation? I had a date yesterday. First date, went on a date. Start talking about music. I said I'm a U2 fan. She said, I hate Bonheur, hate Bono. Now, by the way, this is the wrong person to say this, too. I've seen you two fifty times, five zero in concert.


So she's like, I hate Bono. I think he's full of himself. I wish she would just shut up and sing. And as she's saying this, I'm on this date that she's a track. And everything's great at that exact moment I went, it's it's over like we're never seeing her again. But then I was like, all right, let me gather myself and say so. I said, So what's wrong with she's he thinks he's God with Africa and all this.


And I said, but he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars. His exceptionally charitable like for the red campaign, his race literally has raised hundreds of millions of dollars. And I was like, and she goes, I know, but I think he's just doing it because it feeds his ego. I'm like, he's the lead singer of YouTube. You know, you can go on stage at the Rose Bowl and his ego is fed and she's like and she goes, I don't know.


I just think it's so showy, kind of what you were saying him. I just think it's showy. And and then I just went like this and I took a deep breath and I said, What are you doing exactly? What are you doing? Anything. And she's like. So the question is, why is Taylor-Smith doing it? I don't know, I don't care, but the fact that she's doing it matters because a lot of people listen to her.


She has a ton of fans that listen to her. And if she's saying, let's get active, let's do it, whatever her motivation is, it's working. Now, whether you believe in what she's selling is a different thing.


But yeah, no, I'm Bluck bottom line. Like I started out taxpayer, taxpayer. You're on the right side of the ledger. The wrong side of the ledger. That's how I have everyone broken down into.


I'm just wondering if the old world order is Steinbrenner quietly giving money to a family and asking him not to say anything. And the new world order is having that be a part of your deck, you know what I mean? Like, you need that to be a part of your platform. It's no longer what do you what's your music or what's your movie? It's like, what about Black Lives Matter? What about charitable this and that? What about showing up at the events or the marches?


What about tweeting a support with blah blah, blah like that is part of the new order of celebrity. Dan, I feel your pain because I had a date a number of years ago and I'm I'm a huge Petrovitch fan and this bitch, boom, boom, I go, yes.


Had the temerity to look across the table at me and tell me she was not a fan shut pat. Travis was overrated and that mostly what he did was all sizzle and no steak. And that was the fuck I went. Full Housewives of New Jersey. I just like I flip the table up and I walked right out of the Denny's crap.


I know you don't recommend it as a deal breaker. Yeah, I'm sitting there going, anything else you're going to say? Including I'd like to have sex with you right now. It's not going to mean anything because you're you're late into Debono. That's right.


Right. You want to go with Larry or the Edge Sophea they want from the it out of no Adam Clayton.


I don't care. Boto We're done baby. We're done. I just have one.


I just have one thing I have to say about that in agreements, agreements and agreements in agreement with you on Facebook and on Twitter, there are so many of these and they're supposed to be heartfelt.


We're all supposed to feel good about ourselves and feel sorry for the subject of the video and feel uplifted. But I always feel horrible for these people. It's not just celebrities. It's everyone on a micro level. If you're going to give money to a homeless person, if you're going to surprise somebody with, you know, a down payment for a used car or whatever, you can't just have that be a private moment for somebody who's struggling and may not want the other end of the deal to be that their face is plastered all over social media is somebody destitute and who can't help themselves.


But that's the deal you're making because everybody's like, oh, this is the most beautiful video. I gave this guy five dollars when he was really struggling and he broke down crying and held onto my leg and couldn't stop thanking me. And now that guy's image of that moment is plastered all over social media when maybe he just felt grateful and would like to get on with his life.


Amen. Sister Taylor has donated 3000 bucks quietly to multiple fans who needed the money after covid-19.


So there's a lot of people on Twitter who's been posting screenshots like Taylor Nation LLC has donated three thousand dollars. And then there's a little message from Taylor, Hey, I heard you're struggling from covid and I heard what happened. You're an uncle. I just want to give you three thousand dollars and it's all over the Internet, like but I guess that's pretty quiet compared to like I don't I don't know the ins and outs because of what the.


Taylor Because I'm in the beehive.


Oh yeah. Oh. I'm kind of dancing in, you know, and it's kind of hard to be both.


You have to kind of pick a team and I'm doing the martini segment because I am I am making I've been making martinis the entire time.


Occasionally the clinks out of Dancer. I think I'm looking I'm like, am I the only one stirring up the butt?


So now we get more cynical again, which is, of course, when you send stuff out and you go, hey, be quiet about it. If you get three grand from Taylor Swift, you're taking to the Internet, right? Like, yeah, they're just able to find all these screenshots of people going like, again, look, it's all better than whatever my mom gave to society or contributed to society.


And I remember a few years ago in Tyler Perry paid for everyone's Christmas presents at a Wal-Mart.


Remember he. Yes. I don't like it. Yeah. And then and then he goes, I wanted this. And then he puts a selfie video of himself. I wanted this to be anonymous, but and then it was like a compilation of all of him coming out and hugging, hugging the people after they found out he paid for their layaway. Right.


So what I'm saying is, is if you wanted to be anonymous, like if you were a celebrity and you're. Banging He she I bet there's a way to do it. I bet you put much more effort into being anonymous than you do about paying off. People can keep things quiet if they really want to.


That's can I. Yes. You are a celebrity. You're a man of means. You make more than Weird Al Yankovic established this idea. When you do your charitable donations, do you make it, you make it. Hey, look at me. Or do you just do it on the side?


You know, quietly I don't even know what my tax guys.


I have a couple I have a guy I went to high school with who does like the cancer ride every year. And I sponsor him and I have a few charities, but I don't really I don't even know who all are.


Isn't there a isn't there a value in if people know that you're supporting a charity that people who are fans of yours, they go, oh, Adam's Adam just gave that charity one hundred thousand dollars. Well, that I want to donate to.


You know, the problem is, is the charity, my charity, my wife has a brother who's severely schizophrenic and the so the charity is Schizophrenia Foundation or whatever, but good luck trying to write in schizophrenia. Like, I can't I can't spell schizophrenia. So it's like when they when you do one of these celebrity game shows or something else and.


Yes, that's right.


MLB, whatever, NHL, what was the point I want to give to HSDPA.


Like I feel like I literally like they you're doing celebrity match game and they're like, what's your charity? And I'm like, this gets scusa. Yeah, fuck any new piece of paper, let's make it scleroderma.


Make it the foundation. I don't know.


It's it's a mess. Yeah. Just Ms. Mess, because schizophrenia I would know have no idea how to write that on a on a piece of paper. So yeah.


I don't you know, you do an event I guess you do like. Oh well I won that Long Beach Grand Prix two times so you have to declare a charity when you do that because they're going to give whatever you one to to charity.


I don't I don't know how you figure that one out, but I was. Yeah, they do stuff, you know, everyone always laughs at me when I say this, but they go, what do you do for charity? Like, there's a lot of like that kind of stuff, people that are successful people and that make a decent amount of money. If let's just say you live in Los Angeles and you're successful, you give half your money away, you give, you know, 13 percent to the city or the state, sorry.


And you get, you know, 36 percent. Thirty seven percent to the federal government. You give half your money away. And people like, yeah, that's fine. But what about the charity? It's like, hey, that's a lot of fucking charity, like schools and, you know, post office and transportation and the military and all that. Whatever, whatever it is, if you're big time taxpayer, that's a lot of charity like that's nuts and bolts keeping this country running like you're paying for the schoolteachers, you're paying for the politicians, you're paying for the infrastructure.


Like if you're paying a lot in taxes, you're paying a lot in charity, maybe the ultimate charity, maybe the charity that affects everyone. I don't know if I'm going to get scleroderma, but I am going to use the fucking roads and the bridges in the military. Sorry, thoughts running to your point.


I know this isn't exactly what you meant, but further bolstering your point. Last year when I raised 150000 dollars for cancer charity, I should be. Thanks for the reminder us to be a lot louder about that because I don't talk about it that much. But a large chunk of that money came from while one Mark Geragos, who is obviously a wealthy man and the wealthy people give the most to charity.


Yeah, well, actually, I myself, I pay taxes. I'm talking about, like, giving above and beyond that.


Yes, they do both. They they pay. I don't know. It's something like maybe in California, maybe it's the United States, it's like one percent pay like 49 percent of the tax bill and they do a lot of charity. So maybe we should give them a little break.


You know, maybe the notion wouldn't be like, hey, rich fat cat, when are you going to pay your fair share? Garagos does pretty good at paying his fair share. All right. Who did I drive? My charity was and they go we'd go the children's hospital and all that crap before. Beforehand.


It's a charity to give to because they don't even appreciate it, because then they appreciate it one minute.


The next thing you know, Dan, is their board is staffed with people and they're like, hey, that works.


All right, let me hit Geico. Right now, Geico is offering an extra 15 percent off credit for your motorcycle, RV policies, automotive policies as well. Fifteen percent on top of the money that Geico could already be saving you. So what are you waiting for? Never been a better time to switch to Geico, save an extra 15 percent when they switch by October 7th. What you do is you go to Guy Codecademy, visit Geico Dotcom to learn more at Geico Dotcom.


All right, let's see. Did we bring it home? Genographic. We'll do it right now. I'm Genographic and that's the news, Gene.


The gene that was the news with Genographic. Well, you can see me live. We're going to do live podcasts and standup at the Tempe, Arizona Improv. That'll be September 18th and 19th and Salt Lake City wise guys coming up on the second third of October. Garriga is threatened to fly us out and his little geotagging. So we'll see how that charity goes. We'll be doing live standup shows there and then live podcast. Well, I'm your emotional support animal.


I'll read it by it. Love it, learn it and leave a review. I'll read it on Amazon. Dan Dunn, what we're drinking with Dan Dunn. Always the best with Dan Aykroyd in the most recent episode. You can shoot him a tweet at the end. Bieber. Thanks, Dan. Always appreciate it, my friend.


Thank you guys. Loved it, loved the knowledge. And until next time now, Carla, for Paul, Gina and Dan Dunne saying mahalo, stick around.


Adam Carolla returns with Dave Damasak and good sports right after this. And that the highlights mixed martial arts, fights ripping off basketball, movies breaking. Just let us consider. Good for the broadcast on Sports Network presents, good sports, high in a lot of sports fans.


And welcome to a brand new week filled with sports. Actually, there are actual sports to be watching there.


Dave Damasak here, Adam Corolla over there. Good sports underway for a brand new week. What's happening there?


A good hard knocks is back on and they're making a little bit of contact.


You know, the NFL Network is bouncing around all the camps, everyone in uniform, a lot of Cam Newton footage of him out there, a lot of Cam and Brady footage. Nice to see guys in pads.


Nice to see guys, you know, going through the drills, enjoying the NBA in the bubble, not really finding it a distraction. You know, I thought it was going to be what the condom is to pornography, but I was wrong. It turns out it's OK.


Last week you can go back and dig them up regarding condoms and such.


We did a deep dive on on dental dams. But let's move on to Hard Knocks episode three or that's what's up, coming to morrow night at the time of this recording. Ace, what did you think of Episode two? Like you point out, much more football, football, football, not as much of the the operation behind the scenes to try and make sure nobody gets covid. And this was much more football.


Did anything in particular jump out to you in the sunbake practice fields of the Chargers in the Rams?


I like that they have multiple teams. I like that they toggle back and forth. I like there's nothing there's no truer story than I mean, there's no more satisfying story than the young guy from the small college who's trying to make the big team, especially when the team is in Los Angeles, you know, so when you go, you know, when you go to a small college and you try to make that team and that team is the Cleveland Browns, well, you've made it, but you're in like the thirty second largest city in the United States.


But when you're talking about trying to make it on the Rams or the Chargers, that's always a good story and it's just satisfying.


I, I love that these guys are miked up now. I mean, it's one of the best shot and executed programs on TV. I don't know that there's anything that has that that is from a cinematography standpoint, like done better sports show. Well, you've earned your bona fides, you and your gang, making the sports documentaries that you've made, excellent stuff.


So that's high praise for NFL films and they are kind of the gold standard when it comes not just to sports documentaries, but they really do glorious work.


The music with swooned over that in the past.


The thing that happens to me with hard knocks almost every year is though I watch it and I don't know if it makes me weak minded or what, but I, I, I can't imagine the team not being really once I watch hard knocks, I'm like, well look at that. You look awesome. Look at Aaron Donald. He's jacked that CubeSat more. How's that going to stop that? Do you have a sense two episodes in here if either which team is going to be good, if either team is going to be good, will they both be good?


How do you feel to have to it?


Well, the Chargers are almost never good or never good when they have to be good. You know, that's the thing about the Chargers. They're just you know, some organizations have a rich history of playing over their heads at certain times and, you know, being being a spoiler. And then there are other teams that play well and never really play well when they have to play well. It's kind of an interesting concept. I mean, I think everyone would say that the Patriots and Brady are examples of teams and in individuals, you know, in a way, the Patriots and Brady are kind of the same, which is not the strongest arms, not the fastest footwork, not the not the, not the anything.


But OK, but but always completes those big plays like the big plays. When you have to make the big plays that make the big plays. The Chargers are the opposite of that.


The Chargers as drew, they beat the teams that are better than them and then they lose to the teams that are worse.


And like we always say that that is the yardstick to measure our organization. It's not upsets. Is that you beating teams that are better than you. It's how often you get beat by teams you should beat. And you take a look at the last twenty years of of the Patriots. How many times I mean, famously, obviously, the Super Bowl with Eli Manning and the Giants, you know, when there were eight, you know, but how many times do they really get beat, like in the middle of the season by a team they should beat?


I can a very rare instance of them being beat by, you know, maybe a Miami on season, you know, on that line or something like that. I think that that's exactly the point there. There will be some percentage of listeners out there who say, well, you just say I did the one, the Dolphins.


And then Ryan Fitzpatrick beat them forever ago when the bills were Forno, I think. And I think that's literally a decade ago. And the specifics of those mavericks prove the point.


Obviously, they're not undefeated in 20 years against teams they're favored to beat, but so rarely lose to anybody that they're not supposed to lose. Do you're exactly right. That's the difference. Why do they always had why with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, have the Patriots always had one of the top two seeds almost every single year? It's because of exactly what you say versus from where I sit. Yes, my Steelers have Lombardi trophies and otherwise. But it's frustrating at the end of every December, like, wait, why do we have to go on the road?


All right. Because we lost it.


The Raiders again, who we had no business losing to. Why do we lose that terrible to that garbage team? Again, that's the difference. Exactly right. Well, by the way, I'm with you on the charger. And I also think we people always go to the Browns. Imagine being a Browns fan. That would suck how painful that's been. What if you're a Jets fan? But we do forget about the Chargers fan, Wajeha, their experience over the last forty, forty five years.


Dan Fouts in that electric offense never even got to a Super Bowl. That's pretty frustrating. Then you have Phil Rivers, who's tracking to the Hall of Fame, never got to a Super Bowl. You have all these great these teams look like, oh, there they should be able to they could maybe beat the Patriots. Then they come up lame against the Jets the week before in the playoffs, before they even get. Yeah, the Chargers are low key if you've been a fan.


And then, of course, they leave your city and move to Los Angeles. If you've been Chargers, say it for forty or forty five years that you could make a case that's the most frustrating team, deep rooted.


You could make a case that Philip Rivers needed to use a condom more than almost any player in the league. Save maybe Cromarty. I don't know.


It's been called Blue Eyed Cromarty many times.


I know is the the the Super Bowl. Sheck is an encyclopedia when it comes to the Super Bowls. We found out at my last Super Bowl party. I'm not that we've now it's the Super Bowl. I'm kind of the same with presidents. There's now been too many of them.


And I can't keep them all in order anymore that the Chargers went to one Super Bowl and lost.


Yes, Gary. Yes. Yes. Super Bowl. Twenty nine. What's Dan Humphrey? That was the guard. That was a killer for me. I was at that game. Yes. That was when the Steelers were heavy favorites to vanquish the the lame Chargers who had no business being there.


Stan Humphries, fourth quarter with a deep bomb, the Tony Martin. And then they got just completely human million by Steve Young in the Super Bowl.


Was that in ninety four. Ninety five. It was following the ninety four season. So funny because I was up at CityWalk with like Jimmy Kimmel back when he was sort of Jimmy the sports guy, and thus they were doing something at the sports bar for the Karak Super Bowl, whatever. And he was there sort of as Jimmy this as Jimmy the sports guy.


Watsa All right, Sheck, hypothetical for you. What's worse, you being a Bills fan, where your team goes to four Super Bowls and walks away with nothing, you being a Chargers fan where your team went to one Super Bowl and goes away with nothing, or you being like a Cleveland Browns fan, zero Super Bowls all the time.


Yeah, that's I mean, that's one of the great one of the more fun ones to debate, I think. I guess I'd rather be. That's such a tough call. I'll go Browns, I think, because, I mean, I imagine it's easy to say, well, at least you can put off your chest and say no one's no one else ever been to four straight Super Bowls.


But if you were watching them at the top hat, desperately devastating, would that be like, bye bye bye? The second one, I probably wouldn't even need the third and the fourth one because I would have jumped off a roof if I lost if my team lost two straight Super Bowls, I don't think I'd stick around to see if they made a third eye to me.


Sadly, Gary, the Chargers are the saddest in that group because Cleveland Zero Super Bowls is sort of like when you come up with a movie and it gets zero on Rotten Tomatoes versus zero seems bad, but really the worst score you can get on Rotten Tomatoes is like 17, you know what I mean? I do zero as a conversation piece at least, and you can commiserate. And 17 is like we saw it. We just didn't it wasn't good, you know what I mean?


Like, there's something about one Super Bowl appearance in your entire franchise with a loss that just feels like it's like somewhere between seventeen and twenty six on Rotten Tomatoes and a blowout loss. Forty nine to twenty six. And the Chargers over the years have had many. I've witnessed at least two that I can think of in person. First round playoff losses where the Chargers are going into the playoffs with steam. They look promising and then they just lose to a team that by all accounts they should have been in it.


With that might.


The height of my Patriot ire is when they beat you guys and they were like taunting La Daini and after the game or whatever, looked at me like lost his cool as a guy to someone, they're going to beat those goddamn patriots. Oh, all right. Let me hit back on line here. No shortage of action going around these days with our exclusive partner BET online dadaji NBA playoffs. Yeah, those are work working, NHL underway as well. MLB, UFC, boxing, NASCAR soccer bet online has the best odds and lines for upcoming games and matches.


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Very nice. And the correct answer, Gary, that I imagine you're looking for Marlon McCree, he's the Chargers, the ebb who intercepted the Tom Brady Pass and then tried to return it and then got stripped, I think, by Roy Brown and the Patriots recovered at the game would have been over right there and there would be no talk of Dynasty or anything else that would have probably short circuited the whole thing.


Same with the same with everything else. Be great. But we'll be back with more hot sports talk for you tomorrow. Until then, for Adam Carolla.


Dave, damaged goods for. You follow the Adam Carolla Show on Twitter. Adam Carolla show, follow us on Twitter at Adam Carolla and leave us a voicemail at eight eight eight six three four one seven four four. Pick up Adam's book. I'm your emotional support animal. It's available everywhere. Get on the links and Adam Carolla Dotcom. And before we get out of here, one more thanks to Geico, do you own? Do you rent? What do you do?


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