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Hope and I'm going to take your questions and you can ask any question you want. So I'm I'm cued up so you get fired up and hop on that app and ask the questions. I'm not going to set the agenda. You can pick any subject you want. Could be Thanksgiving. Could be could be something of a psychological nature. Sports comedy, personal questions. Nothing's out of bounds. All questions shall be answered in the order they're received. So I think we will just.


Try to figure out our technical situation here, and as questions come in, we will we will field those questions.


Now, just hitting our part here, people that are living life much more similarly to the way humans live them for the majority of human history. And he said that Larry hit the you know, the feeling that they were something going on here.


So we had a little technical snafu, but. Gary, when you get a question, just tap are all just happen. We've got Chris on there. Chris, you on there? Adam, yeah, your little faint, could you heat up a little bit? Ah, gharial. Hatcheck went to Syria live, taking questions. Yeah, we need a little more heat out of you. I think Dawsons coming in here is going to ride the potentialities here and we'll we'll figure it out you.


But we are here trying to encourage everybody to ask at least some audio messages and Adam will answer them live. And I figured, Adam, while we're here, we got to give our Thanksgiving pieces.


Yeah, well, do not open a can of cranberry sauce. I don't know. You're safe distancing. I don't know if you're in the backyard. I personally am going to put everyone on a pool raft, float them in my pool and then take stuffing and mashed potatoes and put them in a T-shirt cannon and fire them. And so that's how safe I'm going to play it. But do not open a can of cranberry sauce. Make your own fresh cranberry sauce is very easy to do.


Just Biersack of whole cranberries at the store, one 12 ounce bag, put it in a well rinse, rinse the cranberries off, put a half cup of water and sugar in a in a bowl and a pan like a saucepan. But don't. It'll say do a cup of sugar but or it'll say give a half cup of sugar but you can always add some more sugar. So start a little lighter. Do like a quarter cup of sugar, bring that up the boil, put the cranberry in there, cover it, let it simmer for about five or ten minutes and then that's it.


You're done. You now have fresh cranberry sauce. You're welcome. There's no place for a can opener on Thanksgiving. Even the dogs shouldn't be the recipient of a can opener on Thanksgiving. All right. Shall I try to hit some of these questions? I've got a message, so I'm going to tap this thing to play it. You're ready.


Let's do it. Here it is. See? No, I don't have my icon on my tablet that has the microphone on it. Let's try it again.


That's going on with the Korolev family picnic. Any additional surprises we can expect? Gifts that we should look forward to. Thanks.


What is the caroler family picnic? My my guess is, Carol, drinks would throw their family barbecue every summer. And this summer, it was awesome. We had we had the offspring scheduled to perform at your warehouse and they agreed I was going to open for and I was going to be my my peak. As far as musically speaking, the peak part of my career is opening for the offspring. But then, of course, covid hit and we had to postpone to and indefinitely until things start.


Well, I heard we had to keep them separated.


And that's that's true. That could have been that's what they talk to me about.


I love. Thank you, Gary. He's applauding. I love the offspring of those guys. Rock so damn hard. And Dexter from that band is one of the greatest guys I know. I love that guy. He's such an interesting, complex guy. So we will hopefully if you get that one.


Yeah. He's one of the few guys that when he comes in, you guys you guys go out after. Yeah. We always got to jump in as man. You get some food.


We always go out for tacos after after Dexter comes by. So we will hopefully revisit that and rerack that world. All right. Let me try another one. See? See if this works. Try hitting it again. I don't know, the the microphone icon is now off the taps.


It could be like a play button. Yeah, it's a play.


But let me let me Adam and Chris is with Biden apparently in office. Are we just screwed or what? I'll take my answer off the air. Well, some of us are screwed. Not everyone screwed. I think, you know, from what I hear, it's just going to kind of go back to the Washington establishment kind of stuff, the same players and foreign wars and just the general stuff. Now, I. I don't like the fact.


So a couple of things. He's, of course, announced he's going to get rid of Betsi divorce and he's going to get rid of charter schools when he's in charge. And then somebody asked him during a press conference yesterday or today, hey, the CDC and the studies have come in and apparently there is no danger to to kids going back to school, but the teachers unions won't return to school. So what are you going to do to rein in the teachers unions?


And then he just laughed and walked out of the press conference. So thank you for the press conference, Mr. Biden. You certainly didn't answer. He said. Yeah. You said you're the only one that that shouts questions, why are you the only one that shouts questions and many laughs as the guy walks? It's like a CBS reporter, right?


So he did not answer the question, which is a fairly valid question, which is, hey, there's a bunch of school kids that are in danger. They need to get back into the classroom, the writing at home, the teachers unions heroes are controlling this whole thing. The parents want the kids back and the public wants the kids back. But the teachers union who you're now going to give more power to because you're going to get rid of the non unionized teachers in these schools that take vouchers and all these these other alternative schools.


And so now that will become one big monolithic power band who will now control policy, even if it's what the people don't want. So Biden, I think, is going to appoint or maybe did appoint his, you know, head of education, which I think was a guy who ran a teachers union, nervous, and head of the teachers union. So we can expect more sort of cronyism and more in with the unions and less education for our children.


But that's what we all want.


Right. We're going to talk. Yeah. Next, we're going to talk to Corey DeAngelis, who is an expert on all things youth, school, teachers union, charter schools, vouchers, everything like that. So we'll definitely take a deep dive in into that with him. But I want to know, Adam, now that Biden's elected, I've noticed at least, whereas in Hollywood Twitter, the morale of the country has improved and disregarding any sort of policy, it's kind of a breath of fresh air just to see people happy again.


You feel that at all? Yeah, it is.


But, you know, my feeling is, is they were unduly happy about Trump because a lot of them had Trump derangement syndrome, like they had talked themselves into thinking Trump was a tyrannical dictator who was going to destroy democracy. And of course, if you talk yourself into that, well, then you shall be relieved when that man is removed. So I think they talked themselves into it and now they're all relieved, which is a good byproduct. But they probably didn't need to talk themselves into it in the first place since there isn't any evidence of Trump being a tyrannical dictator.


The tyrannical dictators are Gavin Newsom and a lot of these governors that run a lot of these blue states, those are the dictators here. We have to live under Garcetti. We have to live under the Mayor Garcetti, and we have to live under Gavin Newsom, the governor. We don't live under Trump in California. He's still the president. He's not the one who's shutting down restaurants, enacting curfews. By the way, you know what tyrannical dictators do?


They enact curfews. So he's the one who's telling us what we can and can't do. Travel, curfews, restaurant, outdoor eating shut down before that beach is shut down, schools shut down, playgrounds shut down, parks shut down, telling us how many people we can have over for Thanksgiving and where we can eat our Thanksgiving in the yard and how we can serve the meals in which containers. That's not Trump everybody. That's your guy. Yeah, that's the super progressive, non tyrannical dictator, Gavin Newsom, who's acting like a fucking tyrannical dictator.


Does that bother anybody or are we all just so relieved that the tyrannical dictator who didn't dictate is out fucking idiots? God, you guys are gullible. You fucking watch CNN all day and your fucking mind is mush. That's what's going on in Hollywood. All these fucking retards watching CNN all day who have been or are the view who've been convinced of something that's not so. Meanwhile, they're living under the people that are doing all the dictating again, who enacts a curfew, who, who, who says schools can't open, who says where you can and can't eat and who you can visit with and travel, who who does all that but a tyrannical fucking dictator.


And you like him because he comes in a shiny package. Well, that makes you stupid. Next question, let's be sure. But a valid thing. A valid. Oh, I hit the high.


Adam, you've been mentioning lately that your mom's not in the greatest of health. Do you think that you'll be sad or cry when she does pass away and has the bavand set in terms of casket cost with your in-laws?


Oh, my God. My father in law was thirteen thousand and something dollars her casket that found the exact same one on at Costco for like eight. Nine bucks. Of course, you know, days later, of course, we're live on the stereotype, I should say. No, I don't know my mom enough to miss her. So I don't I don't think there's going to be any of that.


I understand that when a mom dies, a son should have some feelings, but I just don't have that. I never had that relationship with my mom. So I, I don't think I'm going to go through that mourning period. But, you know, I'll never know. We'll see how I react. But I don't I don't think so. My mom's never been a part of my life, never really been interested in my life. And to be fair to her, she doesn't know how that would work.


So I was saying to someone the other day, I have done five.


I've done five Long Beach Grand Prix.


I've done five celebrity races. Well, two of them are pro races and three of them were celebrity races. But I have done that event, the biggest coulis event on the goddamn planet in Long Beach, which is twenty two miles from where my mom lives and my dad five times. And I have told them this is the biggest, coolest event in the world. I won twice. They never showed up at any of the five. So, you know, I think when they're dead, they're proud of their attendance is going to be the same.


That that's what I would say. Like, if you if you don't do five when you're alive, then how many do when you're dead? Well, it's over. It'll be it would be over five if they died in nineteen eighty one and it's over five if I did it five times. So no I don't, I, I'm, it's going to be a lot of missing. I, I would place open money on you do crying and you do because I think you're a caring person whether they care for you or not.


You have cared for her. And as as you know, a year and a half ago when my dad died, I didn't talk to him for five years and it hit hard. So I imagine that you just need to brace for impact. I think something's going to happen.


It it could. And I am a caring person, and I guess I would mourn not her dying, but not ever really. Having a mom, I guess, is probably what I would mourn, if you think about it. So, yeah, they're definitely there. There are. I could find a trail to tears. Yes, you're right.


All right. Let's see. Let's try another one here. It's just working, let's say. Play Adam, when are you coming back to Texas? We had a good time in Houston, thanks. I would have been a Texas four times. Three times, four times.


Three times we did Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. Yeah, so, you know, the sooner the better. I mean, Florida is cool, but that's a damn long flight. Texas a lot a lot easier to get to from Burbank especially. And Texas is where we kind of started getting back on the road. Right. We did that event with Dan Crenshaw over there.


Yeah. You guys got a beer. You had an actual beer with him. Yes. So I hope he becomes president. So I can say I had a beer with him, beer with friends. I'm such a fan of that guy. I cannot I so hope that that guy gets into some kind of position of power. The the difference between him, Trump, for that matter, and especially Biden, it's just like these aren't these I don't even think of Biden and Dan Crenshaw's both human beings.


Like, I don't even know what Biden is. Biden is just whatever someone needs him to be a professional politician with a history of just being a politician, there's nothing there but whatever's going on with his diminished psychological capacity. But Cranshaw is just a dude and a half. And anybody who was a Navy SEAL would definitely, definitely get my vote. All right. Again, we're live how we all fell in love with him. We all fell in love with him.


We're streaming live on stereo. If you guys want to join the conversation, say hi, Adam.


I a long time. First time, I've always wondered why. No. Ralph Garman on your podcast. I know you guys were Karak together, Kevin and Bean alumni and you guys live together. Is it the whole Kevin Smith thing? Just wondering. Thanks. I love you. Yeah, I think there's probably an element of he kind of went to the Kevin Smith camp and I have an ongoing feud with Kevin Smith. So that probably definitely limited the appearances on on AICS.


I think that would probably probably be a fair explanation of why Ralph is not on the Adam Carolla Show may all feature right now straight up.


And oh, I don't really follow politics due to the fact that it's all the same, you know, to an extent. And these people know each other. But the reason I don't really fuck with Biden is the fact that, you know, I'm black and, you know, he's such a social justice man, you know. Forty seven years you had the connections and the power to make this shit happen, to make things much more just with the justice system.


And, you know, same literally the same shit is still happening. So honestly, I think we just need to get rid of Republicans and Democrats, period.


Well, it's not a bad take. I mean, look, the problem with being in a group and then electing your guy gay, Latino, ex, Latin X, black, whatever, lesbian, whatever is you then mistakenly think the person you elected is going to do something for you. They're not going to do shit for you. They don't care about you. They don't dislike you. They don't like you. They're not going to do anything for you because they can't and you shouldn't.


Whatever group you're in, you should not be thinking in terms of an outside force doing something for you. Politicians don't do anything for you. You were convinced that Trump was trying to do something against you and now you've been convinced that Biden is going to do something for you? Well, Trump can't do anything against you and Biden can't do anything for you. So you're in the exact same fucking position you're in a month and a half ago. So I only thing you can do is yourself, your family and your community.


That's that's it. All the talk, all the black lives matter, all the politicians, all the promises, all the discussions about having discussions magically never amount to anything. I don't know. What am I basing my thoughts on? I don't know. Fifty years. Fifty years of the same politicians saying they're going to do shit for you and nothing ever getting done. So I would just go ahead and assume the next 50 years will be the same as the last fifty years because they can't do anything for you.


If you are not going to focus on your family, if you're not going to take care of your education, if you're not going to take care of your employment, then nobody can do anything for you. And the government keeps saying, you think that.


Yes. Oh, are you saying that politics are almost like a scapegoat for personal problems, that people are just projecting on to everybody else?


Yeah, I think there's an element of that. You so the media and the politicians just break everyone off into groups. We got this group over there in that group over there. We got college students over here and black people over there and Hispanic people over there and gays and lesbians over there. And then they explain what they're going to do for each group. But magically, they don't control any of the groups. And their policies never seem to trickle down to the groups.


The groups that are crushing it in this country are Indian and Asian, Eastern, Indian and Asian. The least talked about group, the least the elite, whether it's CNN or Joe Biden press conference, the group that gets talked about the least are the Asians and the Indians. Magically, they're doing the best. So how do you how do you explain that? How do you square that? Well, what that is, is they're interested in education and family and knowing that the politicians aren't going to do jack squat for them, they then make the hay while the sun shines and magically they're doing better than white people.


Yes, Chris. Well, I was just going to say, I actually prefer you not publicly speaking about Asians because we'd rather just stay under the radar and we really don't care what our parents think.


I don't really even have you as one of the successful agents. So but but OK, now stop it.


I'll take it and say, hey, man, get it all.


Got to get it on. A quick question. What's your next doc coming out? I loved all your other dogs that have come out so far. And just curious what we can.


Yeah, well, we have a number of dogs on our slate. We have the meme gods. That's all about the guys who do all the memes and make their fortune doing memes. We have a mad Mad magazine, which is an interesting one. Those are about done. We have the croc doc, which is shaping up, but not not done yet, but a lot of stuff in the can and recently got the backing financially to start on the Dan Gurney Doc.


So the most recent thing is we got somebody to cut us a check, a substantial check to work on the Dan Gurney doc. So we're very interested. I am. I think we may be working on that with that Patrick Dempsey, who's also very interested in Dan Gurney. So if anybody is interested in cars or life or Space X or innovation or engineering should be very fascinated by Dan Gurney. All right.


We're live on stereo. Let's take another here. Let's see. Hey, Adam, Chris, it's a Paul forty five, Louisville, Kentucky, so I've lived in Los Angeles for 10 years and I've lived in Louisville, Kentucky currently for 10 years. And next, I'm moving to Denver, Colorado with three cities. Would you choose from if you had to leave Los Angeles? Hmm.


Well, Denver, I'd probably be up there, I guess. So Nashville's got to be up there. Where else?


There's probably I think it was probably just in West Palm. West Palm was pretty damn nice. Mar a Lago.


Yeah. We drove through Michelago probably. It's probably somewhere in one of the Carolinas that I bet I would I would like as well. So those would be mine. What would you expect, Chris?


Let's say I will agree with you in Denver and Nashville just because we were just there and rarely do I go out there, didn't think I could live here, but definitely those two cities. And then maybe maybe I go to Seattle. I like I know it rains a lot, but I like it up there.


I think their politics may be so fucked up over there, though. I'm not I'm not sure you could run a business out of Seattle.


And I don't I don't worry about politics. I'm just going to hear about myself and.


Well, I'll say I'll say homeless. I'll say homelessness. Then I would definitely I left Los Angeles. I'd be looking I'd be looking at not tripping over some homeless people. And in Seattle, you're going to be tripping over a lot of homeless folk.


Hey, and I'm just curious, do you find any part of yourself that are like your mom or your dad? Clearly, there's a lot that's not similar, thank God.


But just curious, my dad is psychologically oriented and I am psychologically oriented. So that's a dad universal thing. I also kind of learn from my dad, although I don't know if he does it himself, which is to kind of blame yourself, take responsibility for stuff that didn't go right.


See if you could find your role in something that didn't work out the way you wanted it to work out.


And my mom, what I learned from her, which is unfortunate because I was raised by her, was a kind of what about the other guy? Like, what would he say or what would they say before you say this person did this for no reason? What do you think their reason would be? It was a lot of what about the other guy? And I, I do do a lot of what about the other guy? And if you ever talk to me and someone ever says, this asshole just came up to me and called me an asshole and then he stormed off, I always go, what would he say?


Why did he do it? Why do you think he did it? You can get to a lot of truth that way. So I would say got that from them. Hi, Adam, Jeff here, I'm live in Los Angeles also, and I shared quite a few of your complaints and criticisms about it. And I'm just wondering what, after all these years, what keeps you here and what keeps you running a business here as opposed to, you know, going somewhere else like Rogin?




Well, my kids just entered high school, although they didn't really enter high school because they had to stay home, but then they got back to high school.


But, yeah, my kids have a real strong community here and they're friends and and all that kind of stuff would be pretty disruptive. I have a good life here, don't get me wrong. But I would say my kids and my kids being in school, I wouldn't want to pack up and move the kids at some point. And, you know, I have a business and businesses here and car shops and, you know, all that. So it would be, you know, pretty complicated to move out, but it's definitely in the cards unless there's some sort of, you know, monumental change that goes on in California where people fucking wake up and realize we have horrible represent representatives and we need to fucking fix this state.


Like this state is failing. It's falling apart and there needs to be a course correction. And if there was such a thing as some kind, of course, correction, then why not everyone would be happy to stay. It it just can't be more the same. All right. We're live on the stereo app. You got questions asked.


Hey, I'm just wondering if you ever heard from Seinfeld on Comedians in Cars with Coffee seems like a natural fit. And it sounded like you and Larry David became close over the past couple of years.


Well, Larry and I talked on the phone a few times, but I wouldn't say we became close.


Seinfeld, I have an interesting concept. I have have an interesting take on Seinfeld and cars and coffee and sort of based on a theory. But I've talked to Seinfeld a time or two. And here's my theory. Hmm. Seinfeld is, I think, a closeted conservative. I think he's kind of conservative leaning. And here's what I'm basing it on. If you think about comedians and I said that's the Dave Rubin when I was doing his podcast but doing the Rubin report.


But think about it. When you are hard left, you know exactly. The comedians who are hard left, like, you know, were Sarah Silverman stance that she's progressive. Right.


And you know where all the progressive voices stand in the comedy department when you don't hear anyone say anything political, like your Seinfeld's in your Leno's and guys like that, it means they're more conservative, but they're just scared. They don't want to then want to fucking deal with the backlash. I mean, who would you'd be an idiot to come out and say something. You'll get blackballed, right? So Seinfeld with Leno and a few others are conservative guys who kind of keep it quiet.


And they think Seinfeld was one of the first guys to come out and say, I like college campuses suck. It's like I hate playing colleges now. Right. But they're also savvy businessmen who don't want to show their hand because how could it help? And there is potential downside to it. So if you take a look at all the guests that are on cars and coffee, there's no one conservative and. I thought, you know, I said to Mike Augusts once, I'll never be on a show like that, and it's it's not because I'm conservative, it's because Seinfeld's conservative and I don't think those guys want to be outed.


And so as long as you put on all the most progressive people, you're never going to be outed. When you start putting on Tim Allen and people like that, then people might accuse you of being conservative. And that's a death sentence. So I think there's an element of that. Also, I'm not exactly young hot comedian, but I do know cars that that part of the cars and I do like coffee.


All right, let's take another here, Josiah, Adam and Grace. The show thanks for doing it keeps me sane every day. I just want to know when you guys are going to have Tim Dylan on. I mean, he's an L.A. guy and he's hilarious. And I think it would be a cool conversation. Thanks.


Why don't we have a Tim Dylan on Chris?


You know, I'll reach out to him today. He's been on a few times, but he's been killing it on social media. He's completely uncensored and one of my favorite followers. So definitely. Let's get you guys together.


All right. We're live on the stereo. Let's see what else we got. Adam, I know you think I'm weird, but I want to thank you for all the laughs. Years ago, I was thinking about committing suicide and DiMaggio came on and it made me laugh so hard I realized, what the hell was I thinking and what got help. And I just want to thank you and Jimmy Kimmel for saving my life. I was 21 years old and I'm 41 years old now.


I just want to thank you. God bless you both. Well, thank you, man.


That made my day. And, yeah, if you if you kill yourself at twenty one, you never get to forty one statistically. So thanks for not killing yourself and thanks for listening. And look, if we can make some people laugh and make them realize maybe you should hang around and laugh a little more than then that feels good. I've heard a few pacemen get it on, I totally agree with you on the education, especially after watching the movie Miss Virginia on Netflix.


It's very eye opening for those of us who are middle income or low income in California. What do you recommend if Biden does shut down the charter schools? Should we go independent studies if we can't afford to put our kids in private school?


Well, you know, I don't know the difference between independent studies and home schooling is. But the more you look at the curriculum in California, you know, teaching the 16 19 bullshit and the more you look into what they're teaching and how they're teaching it, what the schools are and how they are homeschooling seems more and more attractive. What I would do and, you know, I had a Catholic little brother and my Catholic little brother lived. With his like four brothers and sisters and single mom inside, he went to Beverly Hills High and the reason he went to Beverly Hills High is because his mom moved them into this crappy apartment building that was like just in the district that got you into Beverly Hills High.


So I would try to find some, you know, lowest rent, crappy place to flop and to then get my kid into a good district and have them be somewhat educated. That would be my plan.


Hey, car question. I just picked up an old seventy three Bronco. It's mostly stock. What would you upgrade to make it more drivable on a daily basis. I'm thinking disc brakes. I'm on drums now, at least front disc brakes. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sir.


Well, I'm not a Bronco expert and you know, driving a seventy three Bronco as a daily driver is going to be a bit of a chore. So I hope it's a kind of a second car. I'm assuming it is front desk. Not a bad not a bad plan. You could go with a more modern crate type engine in there with like electronic fuel injection and stuff that you could map and work out and stuff. Stuff of that that nature.


Of course, the suspension, they make tons of suspension, stuff that would help with the ride. And, you know, I wouldn't run on the big, cool, fun, fun and mudder, you know, big tires on there. They just make noise. It's just a pain in the ass to get something a little more subdued. I know it doesn't look like your dicks is big, but just get something that's a little more get a tire tread that's not like a full rock crawler mudder, you know, paddle tire, like off road, whatever.


Give us something a little milder in the tire. You'd be surprised how big a difference like the right tires can be. Get a little more sidewall on there. That's going to be like that's going to act a suspension and the potholes and everything and take care of that. All right. We're live on the stereo app. Take another call.


Hey, Adam, it's Larry here to say I'm a huge fan, and I was just wondering if you had decided to do another season of The Man Show without Jimmy, did you have somebody in mind to replace him or would it have been Joe Rogan or Doug Stanhope? Thanks.


I never I never considered it. It was put to me many times and I was asked to do it many, many times. And I was told I could do it alone or I could do it with anybody I wanted to do it with. But I thought, A, I didn't want to do it. And then, B, I thought it'd be kind of disrespectful to Jimmy. We're the ones who came up with the show, felt weird to do the show without him.


Plus he'd probably watch it every week and I'd get a long email full full of notes. So I just I never considered it. I never thought about another person. I wanted to do away with it. Never it never crossed. It never crossed my mind. So I wish I had a better answer for you, but I just don't I never was it was never consideration to do that show without Jimmy, even though it was offered to me. All right.


Let's see, uh, let's see. Your listeners can talk. Uh, no, no, I'm hitting the button here, but nothing.


Yes, go ahead. That's right. Yeah. I just want everybody else to keep keep asking Adam. All your questions is answering a live on stereo and just thinking about the mansio. And have you ever gone that before? Like that audio message you got a while back that the man just saved my life. I've heard people say Loveline has done it. The podcast has done it, but never the man show.


Now, it's a good point. I never, never got it from the man show. Yeah, we've gotten a few kind of few from Loveline over the years, but that's kind of the nature of the show. You know, troubled teens, the doctor call and advice, all that stuff. But now never, never got one. Never got one from the man show. But, you know, happy to have it. There's your hatrick. Yeah.


Yeah, we're we're at a wedding in Florida a couple of days ago. What was it? Yeah, it's a couple of days ago. And a guy came up to me and said that when he saw you, he told me a story about how you got him his first blowjob just because that you got Dave. They watched the Loveline together and some girl called in and asked, like, how old am I too young to do that to somebody? And you said no.


And she was sixteen. And his girlfriend, this guy's girlfriend was sixteen. So he looked at her and got a blowjob that night because of you.


Well, you see, they're healing, healing America one B.J. at a time. All right. We are live on the stereo app. And I think that about brings it home for us.


Is that about bring it home for us, Max Bana. I think so, that's a lot of fun, we should do this more often, we're just gonna take some questions and hang out on stereo. Yeah, well, free ball it, man, I. I enjoy it. All right. You can go to Adam Carolla dot com if you guys want to know where I'm going to be live and I'm going to be places live. So I'm not stop.


I don't want you to be. You'll be in the Pickwick Center, Burbank, December 12th, and this is a a drive in show, so we're going to charge per car, so pack you and your family in a car, come out and there's also going to be a car show so your car will get judged. Right.


Be fun to do that. And you can go to Carl Dotcom, go to our YouTube page, because we're putting a lot of Stand-Up up at the YouTube that we do out on the road. So that's YouTube dotcom slash Adam Corolla. And if you want to know, watch Mark.


Eric, it's getting drunk live. Oh, yeah. Watch Mark Geragos getting completely hammered in where the hell where we're at the improv over there. All right. So until next time, West Palm. Sorry, Dale. Next time, outcall for Christmas. Pat Vinograd and Brian say Mahola.


Follow The Adam Carolla Show on Twitter. The Adam Carolla Show. Follow us on Twitter. I'm glad you can leave us a voicemail at eighty six three four one seven four four. Happy Thanksgiving. Pick up Adam's new book Come Your Emotional Support Animal. It's available everywhere. I get the links it Adam Carolla Dockum.