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And it'll show up at your door in about a week and your custom system is easy to setup. And by the way, you get a free security camera, simply safe dot com slash Adam. Yes, that's right. Fred. All right, so today, in honor of Dan Dunn's appearance, the Rotten Tomatoes game is based on our profiling of various celebrity owned booze companies just like it.


So we begin. We need Brian back.


You can still guess the movie, though, I guess we begin with Bryan Cranston, who coincidentally is celebrating his 16th birthday on this day that we are recording this. In addition to CO creating dose on hombres Mezze, Kal Bryan has not only appeared in many notable movies, he's also lent his voice. A couple of years ago, he was one of the many stop motion animated dogs left exiled on Trash Island, joined by other voice actors like Edward Norton, Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray, directed by Wes Anderson from Twenty Eighteen Isle of Dogs.


And I remember this.


I don't either. It's the drinks we've had, the celebrities I did.


And, you know, my son has been going through all the directors and trying to watch all the movies. And I think I told you guys we sort of got into the Wes Anderson stuff and he started plowing through them. And I was like past now past nine. And, you know, I have to see Darjeeling Limited. I got past and he kept and then at a certain point, I went in on these new Wes Anderson movies.


That's right. Yes. But I never really thought about it until it was presented to me by a 14 year old boy. But I don't know, Bryan, make your defense of Wes Anderson.


So you'll be very surprised, perhaps. But I do not like Wes Anderson. I find him very repetitive, very tedious.


When what was the one that was on? It was it was the favorite to win best picture. It was the it was the hotel movie.


It was. Oh, I saw that line. Hungary or something. Some sort of a grand the Grand Budapest Hotel.


Yeah. A movie about all his money that I hate.


The forced irreverence. I hate the silly. I hate it all. That said, I like fantastic Mr. Fox. Really good movie. I liked The Royal Tenenbaums.


But you did like but you didn't like Rushmore. Rushworth Fine. Fine. What.


Rushmore is just overrated. That's really what movie is like. A little Miss Sunshine.


It's a good movie. You got a little too much love at the top, right? Rushmore was the first Wes Anderson movie I ever saw, so it's not like I was tired of it by then.


You should watch election the next time you're thinking about watching Rushmore. All right.


So I have no idea about this Isle of Dogs. It's got a lot of stop motion. Yeah, same as Mr Fox. It's the right animation.


Got a lot of recognizable. Oh, God, no. Zero idea. All I know is we must beat Brian.


Ha ha. All right. Doesn't look like a kid's movie. It's not OK.


Well, I mean, I guess. Wow. All right, let's see. Let's all lock it in and then we'll ask Dan to go first.


OK, say. All right, Dan, what the score is. Yeah, I'm going to say. Seventy seven, seventy seven, Jena seventy two, Adam seven, I went higher, actually this is one of my favorite was er oh no it's not that great.


It's eighty. I said eighty three.


Oh no I love dogs. Is certified fresh at ninety percent.


Oh I'm actually surprised after all that ninety percent and no one's even heard of.


It's actually pretty good and the audience liked it. Eighty seven. It's, it's good.


Yeah. Speaking of dogs, next up is Snoop Dog. The Gin and Juice rapper recently put his money where his mouth is and helped craft the recipe for Indigo Indigo Gin. That's right. But prior to that, he costarred as Huggy Bear and then the adaptation of the 70s hit TV series starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson from 2004, Starsky and Hutch. Yeah, I think I saw bits and pieces of this, I watch your show when it was on TV back in the day.


I've been watching reruns on Cozi TV.


I think it's see, Ozzy, why it's insane what used to pass for entertainment back then.


But there's something kind of interesting about it. I don't know why you'd need to remake this thing, but it was sort of had some laughs and so.


Danny, you want to go first, I'll say fifty two percent, I don't remember this movie that well.


I remember there's like a dance off scene where I think and Oswald is the emcee and he calls it a disco Vietnam. That's literally all I remember. I said forty nine. Brian, it's not very good. A couple of laughs, but overall pretty bad, right, with Dan at 57.


I had 57 written down for the last movie, and I thought to myself, man, that seems like it's good for this one.


Starsky and Hutch. It's fresh. Oh. Sixty two percent. Yeah, at 62 and the people had it at 49, very rare and could be like this is higher with the critics and with the people.


Pretty dull. I remember being not very funny.


Also, you know, when you watch the beginning of Starsky and Hutch, it's sort of like, you know, when you were a little kid and he had a neighbor that had a swimming pool and you'd go in the neighbor's swimming pool and you go, God, it was such a huge swimming pool with this super deep, deep end. And then you come back as an adult in the pool, small and the deep and shallow. Yeah, that's the kind of thing all these like when I'm watching when I watch Starsky and Hutch, I watch Starsky and Hutch, I watched a bionic woman, I watched a bionic man and I watch Charlie's Angels.


It's all on Cozi TV and the beginning of Starsky and Hutch when I was a kid. It's like they've got that souped up Gran Torino that things haul an ass around town. You see the actual beginning of Starsky and Hutch. It's just pretty much Bones stock Gran Torino like a piece of shit box Ford from the 70s with the, you know, V8 that was cranking out all of one hundred and sixty five horsepower and leaf springs suspension and like big sloppy American like drum brakes and everything.


And the thing just kind of comes around the corner and it's like you can see it leaning like there's no suspension on this thing. It's going 18 miles an hour as it comes around the corner and just sort of peels out, go straight. And when I was a kid, I was like, oh, yeah, that's so boss, look at that thing. But it was really just a stupid paint job on a piece of shit American car. And it was barely even moving when it came around the corner.


So that's all we needed back then. Just the sound of tires screeching and a guy's driving a Gran Torino and a cool paint job. I mean, look how much I think how much mileage they got. Pardon the pun, from the Starsky and Hutch car, the team van and and the The Dukes of Hazzard. Yeah, the generally generally I fucking barely custom paint job, just just barely a minimalistic custom paint jobs with some shitty rims you could have gotten at the fucking Pep Boys and we were like, oh so cool.


But it was really just a vacuum of entertainment. I mean, there was there was nothing else going on in our lives. No competitors. That's right. All right. Sorry. All right.


Well, you might know that Nick Jonas is a singer and dancer, got the Jonas Brothers. But like all celebrities who want to be richer, diversity is the name of the game. In addition to cofounding Villa one tequila, Nick Jonas has also been popping up in movies for over a decade. More recently, he appeared in this World War Two epic about the Battle of Midway, starring Patrick Wilson, Woody Harrelson and Dennis Quaid from Twenty Nineteen Midway.


Oh, so probably the last movie I saw in the movie theater because I think my son went to see it. I love a war movie. We drove out to God, Pasadena or something and saw this. And I think it was, I think this was the last time I sat inside a movie theater. Wait a second.


I'm confused between this and Dunkirk. Which one has I'm sorry, I because I I've only I've never seen either. Which one has Tom Hardy like flying to the whole movie has Duncker that's done this.




This movie is perfectly serviceable, but the lead guy has this weird Brooklyn kind of afact accent dialect thing that is kind of distracting and I don't know if he's in English. I think we found out he was an English actor, which made it worse or something. Do we remember talking about this, Brian? Sounds familiar.


I'm not going to obviously look it up right now because the score might pop up, but that does sound familiar. He was having trouble with the accent.


It was like this really weird. He was way over the top. The dialog was way over the top. You know, other than that, it was like serviceable and kind of fun. And, you know, if you like World War Two stuff, who's the actor?


Dawson, anyway, and screen. Is he English? Oh, what else is he? And he's that name sounds so familiar. He was a Dion Horace and Game of Thrones. Jean, thank you.


He was doing this like, come on, you guys like he was like a Bowery boy, like super forties, Bowery boy kind of thing. And it was totally distracting to me almost the whole time.


He was a newsy yes. Each of those characters had to play real people in life. And that guy. Yeah, he did. They take it to a yeah, a little distracting, but perfectly fun to watch and lots of lots explosions and CGI and based on a true story.


Why does Woody Harrelson look just like Anderson Cooper? Yeah, but he's got a nice piece going up, a fun movie, but it's not going to get any any love from the critics. I'm going to write my score in Dan Dunn. How say you?


I'm going to say forty six. Oh. I kept it at seven. I'm not drawing a new number yet. I said barely fresh at 66.


Yeah. Total shot the dark. I have not seen this. 40 four. Oh. Midway is rotten at 41. Whoa, I have lost I'm not going to be on the podium. Yeah, the audience has it at. This is also these these things, these kind of America first movies also kind of take a hit with the critics these days because this is a forty one with the there wasn't great but it was fine. And the audience at ninety two.


All right.


Well just after breaking through to mainstream audiences with his lead role in the outstanding drumming film Whiplash, actor Miles Teller starred in this adaptation of a popular comic book series. Well, an initial Fantastic Four film was a bomb back in 2005. 10 years later, they tried it again with a new cast and updated special effects.


Miles Teller, now the co-owner of a Finnish inspired Can the Spirit Drink, called Long Drink teams up with Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara and Jamie Bell to form two thousand fifteen's Fantastic Four.


They have tried so fucking hard to Fantastic Four thing over the decades.


Yes, still not a thing, right? Still not a thing.


No. Don't give two shits about the Fantastic Four as it pertains to cinema.


I'm sure this book fans like it a lot and they're part of the Marvel verse, but I think they would like them to be OK.


Who's the big guy in the back rock guy rock the thing. Oh, that's a good thing.


The character, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. And Jamie Bell is the actor playing him. I had a whole thing when I was a kid.


I was like G.I. Joe's gay Cub Scouts, gay, comic books, gay. It all just felt all this gay to me. Like, I don't know, this bunch of guys wearing tight shit wrestling with each other. Let's go out and check some dirt closet at each other or like eggs at cars or something. Something's anything's better than sitting home and looking at this weird gay erotica.


Yeah, that's gay. Let's go wrestle each other in the front yard with our shirts off and whip our dicks out and pee on each other. Excuse me. We wrestled nude.


Oh, my my mistake. Well, we were only nude. I mean, I got to give it some context. We we had our friend Tom had a swimming pool with a long diving board that extended out, you know, five, six feet over the water. And at night we'd have these kind of gladiator wrestling parties. And the deal was that you had to stand at the end of the diving board and your challenger had to walk down the diving board and you would wrestle and whoever hit the water first lost or hopefully not at all.


The real wind was throwing a guy off and you were still standing there and semi tumescent at the end of the board. But we didn't have our swim trunks, so we just did it, you know, in the nude or as Richard Dreyfus would say, and goodbye, girl in the buff, a baffo above.


Oh, yes. Thank you. Now, who's getting you? I guess that's right.


I mean, yeah. I mean, now who's gay? I mean, now who's gay now who is gay. Right. Let me try that again. Right now I'm gay. That's what I meant. Yeah. You probably saw a goodbye girl twenty eight times.


Yeah, I've seen it many times.


It's a those kind of there's a handful of those kind of movies that were all over, you know, in nineteen eighty and something and they're, they're gone. They never show up on cable. Ever, ever see a movie. Bryan.


No I don't. Is it a musical. No it's it, it's a Neil Simon thing.


I think it is. And to your point, the first time I saw it was at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival.


Now who is gay now? Who's gay now? Was it a group decision? So was it a group decision to not wear pants, not to wear swim trunks? Or did one guy in the group come in and go, Hey, guys, I forgot my trunks. So everybody's got a strip down there. Did you guys get together and say, you know, let's not let's not wear any clothes? Talk about the more we wrestle.


Swim trunks were kind of a luxury item, like most guys I knew didn't have. They had their underwear and they had cut off, you know, so no, we would show up at Tom's house at night and no one had their swim trunks with them. And so, you know, and also it was it had a little bit of a tip of the sac to the old gladiators, you know, that's how they would have done it in the Roman days.


So, yeah, we went naked, much less the dry.


All right.


What movie for now? Who's gay now? Who is gay? What do you think, Gina? Just between you and I, what do you think? The Goodbye Girl with Richard Dreyfus and what side?


And poker. Yeah, yeah, so I what is what who was who was the gambling that I can picture her right in front. Do you have any bicarbonate? Yes.


She was on for like two years. Yes.


Comedic actress. That will never probably may not be alive, but you'll know the name.


I can't think of it. Yes, but are you trying to guess the tomato score.


Yeah, I'm going to say I'm going to put that one in the Seventy-Seven. Oh, I'm going to go higher.


I'll say 87. Hmm.


Expat a side bet side part for the win win or wins the game.


Oh, that'd be great, because I'm definitely lost right now.


Neil Simon's The Goodbye Girl with Richard Dreyfuss is and what year is that it is 1977, 77 freshet, 84 percent of our audience now is gone, four percent who now is gay.


What's your name? You're looking at her picture.


Marsha Mason, Marcia Marshall, Mason, Mason, Mason.


It's also one of the rare movies that is eighty four with the critics and eighty four with the audience, which suggests to me everyone got it right. Yeah. All right. This could be a separate Fantastic Four.


I have no clue. As Marsha Mason still alive.


Max Sibat. I couldn't for sure tell you how that is.


She is 78 years old. Marsha Mason was in a ton of these kind of like rom com things since that single mom are the honeymoon member.


Fantastic Four, I this brines ahead, we got to go bald.


No idea. I have no idea. I did not see a. I am locked in, Dan. I didn't see it either, but I'll.


Just based on the movie poster, I'm going to say 36 percent, Jenna, I have no idea, although we did been binge watching Division and I know nothing about comic books, but that was a great show.


I'm going with Adam Carolla has tried and true 57.


I want exceedingly low, I thought at 42, I think I was exiting the low, I've not seen this, but I'm aware there's not good.


Twenty three. Oh, and again, I don't know before.


Fantastic four. Not so fantastic. It is rotten. At nine oh, wow.


And going single digits, but oh, my God, you don't see a lot of movies that are, I don't know, over an 80 million dollar budget that are in single digits.


Here's how you know all about it, is they would have Marville would have for sure incorporated this into, like, you know, the Marvel Universe.


Had this been decent, had it been acceptable at this could be.


I mean, but it had to be a high budget film, right? Oh, yeah.


Almost one hundred million dollar movie. Wikipedia says 120 to 150 characters.


They have CGI people are entirely CGI, 120 to fifty five in single digits. Wow. Never, never thought I'd live to see that day. Wow. Brian, increase this lead.


Yeah. I'm not I'm not even on the podium, but I will tell you guys actually I was thinking about you for one division and again, I don't know anything about the back story, but the series would be really fun to watch with Sunny Natalia.


Each episode mimics all the tropes from a certain TV genre. So the first couple of episodes are all very Dick Van Dike. Donna read the second one. The third one is Brady Bunch. Then it's I want to say like, Oh, Family Ties, Malcolm in the Middle Modern Family and like, charmed. And they're all very you'll know exactly what they're mimicking. It's actually a pretty clever show.


Where's that at? Or if I'm on Disney plus. Oh, there's a place called One Division and I don't know anything about it. Was she from the movie Brian?


She played Wanda Escala, which yeah, I didn't know any of that.


And I was still very entertained by the show. All right, here we go. Is this the last one? This is the last one. Director Steven Soderbergh is not just a director, and in many of his films, he also serves as the writer, producer, cinematographer and editor. Not surprising, then, that he's been super involved with bringing a Bolivian spirit to American drinkers. And in fact, the development of Singhania is 63, first began when a casting director handed Soderbergh a bottle to celebrate the first day of shooting of the biographical epic Shey.


The film stars Benicio Del Toro as Che Guevara, and while it was originally screened as a two hundred fifty seven minute movie, it was eventually split in half and released as two different films, part one and part two.


And if you want to win this week's Rotten Tomatoes game, you're going to have to give us the scores for both of them.


Oh, what from 2008 Shey Part one and part two.


Wow. I didn't even know there were two parts to this movie.


All right, all right, Brian is has an insurmountable lead, but we must play anyway because we owe it to all who came before us in the Rotten Tomatoes game in the rich heritage.


So this had to be horrible. I don't know. I've never seen it. Why did it have to be horrible?


I don't know. I just feel like if I haven't heard of it, I'm a decade out. There's some band I haven't heard of. I assume they're bad. If there's some food I haven't heard of, I assume it's bad. Everything I haven't heard of except for restaurants, then I'm intrigued, you know what I mean?


Oh, and wasn't the Motorcycle Diaries about Che Guevara? And that was. People love that movie, right, Brian?


Yeah. Yes. I guess I've not seen any of the films in the last half hour.


Che Guevara, sort of a sort of a hero to the to some of the some of the WOAK critics out there. So maybe it's going to get a little woak bump.


I'm going to let Dan Dunne go first.


And by the way, yes, something happened to my sound, just throwing this out there and I can hear you guys, you sound like I can barely hear what you're saying.


So you're not ignored when it's my turn to guess the score. Yeah, OK. Yeah, it's been getting worse, but it's OK. I know what we're talking about and I'm going to guess that this movie got it. Steven Soderbergh, critics love him.


I'm going to say 80 percent a long way after this.


Part one. There's part two. I don't think any Harris, let's just say eighty four votes, all right, 80 for about Genographic. I know I haven't seen a movie we've talked about. So I'm I think this is me playing it safe again. I don't even think I made the podium. She one seventy three to sixty nine.


Paul Bryan, yeah, it's Soderbergh. So I think there was a flaw, you know what I mean? They're not going to let him get into rotten territory. I don't think so.


I've not heard of this either.


So I went 66 and 67.


I went very high because I got a lot of making up to do at eighty seven and eighty three.


Oh, Shapard part one. It's fresh at 68. Wow. OK, good game show. Part two is certified free. Wow.


At 79 percent. Oh, wow. All right. Both Right. Dan Dunne might win this game.


Genette Place, I think ball this ball has an insurmountable lead.


Dare to dream. Yeah. Genographic. Yeah, consistent, if nothing else, you have made the podium. Oh, OK, that's great.


Congratulations. Jena grad, yeah, I'm not going to tell you your score yet. OK, Dan Dunn coming in with a 68. Wow.


I'll tell Danny was I'm telling him. Dan, can you hear us? 68.


Yeah, 68, that's goddamn respectable, he's cheering, cheering Adam Corolla, you missed the podium by one point one hundred ten Genographic one hundred nine oh oh oh Genographic.


That puts you on the podium and leaving us bald. Brian, I am sorry, bald man.


You too.


I'm just sorry that you won the game. Forty three. No good.


That's quite a range to you right before the show, you know, right before the and the Great and the Great Kreskin.


Brian needs to slow his roll. I mean, he's won six six in a row now.


You you won the live show, which didn't count, obviously, but the exhibition game. Yeah, I did. I went on and someone's got to do the math on how many it's been. Brian's on a roll. All right.


Let's see Dan's wave at John. Can you hear us? I'll give him a plug by Dan. Dan, thank you.


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We'll come back and do the news with Jena grad right after this. With great news, with Genographic breaking fire, we're trying to protest to give me news machine all dressed up. Excellent job by the big news with Gene. Greg. The news with Jena crowd. Well, we have some good news on the horizon if hopefully things keep trending the way they're supposed to. And let's let's kick off the desk of the crowd corner so Disneyland may reopen soon as early as April 1st under new reopening guidelines released Friday by public health officials.


So the updated reopening guidelines allow theme parks in California to reopen at 15 percent. Can I say this? I was watching the news today and they're doing that thing where they're like the all star game has come to Atlanta. While there are no spectators at the all star game, people are still here reveling and going to bars and nightlife and they're having a good time out here.


And then they went to the 60 year old Karen Shiru with the mask on and she's like, we've come this far. What's wrong with a few more months? Eat a fucking bullet, would you, bitch? What's wrong with a few more months? Like, what's wrong with what's wrong with a few more months if it's going to be two weeks to flatten the curve a year ago? It's like, what's wrong? What's wrong with you? So why why don't we just keep it going just a few more months like we've already gone this far?


Yes. You've locked down for fucking years. You wasted a year of your fucking life. What's wrong with a few more months? I don't know what's wrong with a few more after that crazy goose. Jesus Christ, how do we talk so many people into being fucking pussies in such a short period of time?


I don't mean to argue with you, but I think you heard them wrong. It was fifty two weeks to flatten the curve.


Yeah, but we've come this far, right? There's no finish line for this there. Hold on. There's no finish line for the frightened.


They fucking love fear. No rest of it. And by the way, you know, they fear the most people that aren't pussies that fucking fear, they fear the most people that aren't fearful. They're like, why aren't you scared? Because I'm not a pussy. That's why I'm not scared. But I'm scared. I live my life in fear. I cower. Why don't you cower? Because I don't choose to live my life that way. Well, you have shamed me because you're not cowering with me.


OK, now I'm angry at you. The only time the fucking fearful people turn to anger is when other people won't be fearful with them.


Oh yeah.


OK, it's going to be great. April Fools Day joke. Yeah, right.


I can tell you I am going to make this opening a I would say part time job, but I can elevate it to full time job because we have two unused Disneyland tickets because we're supposed to take the little one for his birthday last year. We'll just pay for a third. But they're still good because the park closed before we got to use them. So I'm going to make it my mission to get on this list where there are only 15 percent of the park capacity.


VIP day. Oh, my God, I've got to get in while we're still at the red tier.


We couldn't have done this nine fucking months ago. Yeah, whole places have outdoors. Yes. Fucking nuts. It's weird. I don't know. You know, it's weird because you think like something like Disney is such a massive corporation. Like don't they wield any power? Don't they have any say in this state, like there are getting bowled over by the fucking yentas in the city council who contribute nothing to the tax base?


That's even even more interesting by Newsome, who you think they'd be best friends?


Could they could they hold sway? I'm sure Orange County, I'm sure over Anaheim. I wonder how much they can play. Well, also, keep in mind, just occurred to me they're fucking trust me, killing it with Disney.


Plus, that has been an incredible windfall for them.


So what if it's almost like don't rock the boat kind of thing? Like, yeah, like we're kind of breaking even even though we're losing on all this incredible, you know, money from theme parks like, I don't know, Disney plus, I don't know.


I just figure, you know, lobbyists and rich people and big corporations with a lot of sway. They just don't seem to have any juice in this.


They stand for for Elon, for an entity that's been around for sixty five years and they've got to be the largest employers in the state.


Right. They were I think they were one of the largest positive.


Yeah. Also, you know how I what's what's going to happen, Jan, fucking first. That's so different than now. Do we know in the first hour sorry, April 1st, opening date. Yeah. What's what's different. There's something different.


Barbara Ferrer sees her shadow and. Oh, no.


Well, the obvious answer is that Gavin Newsom has had a fire under his ass right. From The Australian. Yes. He's getting recalled. Yes, he's motivated.


And Adam, you know, as a woman, I. Join the ranks of canine hydration disorder and worry about God, I hope no animal was in that car when it flipped over something a conversation that I struck up with a cashier at Ralph's the other day. We're talking about Disney links to Disney Penn. And I said, you might think I'm crazy for worrying about this, but, you know, there are a lot of feral cats at Disneyland and they they were going to say no more.


I've looked into it. The cats are fine. There is an outrage.


Hold on, everybody. She sounds hot.




And by the way, I don't want to hear what Barbara Frare does. Not cast the shadow like the vampire.


Yes, I. She's a succubus. That was fake news. Sorry. Yes.


Well, you're not going to like this, but there is there is an update on the Tokyo the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer likely will have a true hometown advantage because Japanese athletes will obviously be there and people who live in Japan can be there for. And spectators not allowed. Organizers of the rescheduled 2020 Games, which are set to begin July twenty third, say due to the ongoing pandemic, it's impossible to bring foreign spectators an official. A decision is expected to be made soon.


The exclusion of foreign visitors isn't a surprise, but the Japanese public has been exposed to. I'm sorry has been opposed to hosting the Olympics. And the main sticking point has been the influx of tourists usually. But that's a windfall. Yeah, that's not happening.


I was thinking about the bobsled team the other day. And I was thinking.


Whoever figured out the bobsled teams or the sled teams kind of reminds me of my same argument I have with the bra cup size.


Oh, God, go on. Well, they got the A, B, C, D, double D, triple triple decker ICAP.


And it's like, why not to please. The men are all right, but why not just keep moving through the cops. Why?


Why did you stop and stop. Because I don't want to be a CU that's why.


But yeah, maybe that's it. I mean maybe it's like no 13th floor on it, on a high rise or something. But you think about the bobsled. They got the luge. Ah sorry. They got the skeleton. They got the. I think it's a it's a one manner. We have the one manner. I think it's the luge. Yeah. The luge skeleton. Luge. I don't know, it's the same thing but it's the one that's head first.


It's the one then they got the two man and then they go the foreman. What happened to the fucking third guy. I mean, just go, go, go, go right on through. Go to four. But give me a three. You got one. You got to give me three. No, no. Too good for you, you skew right to for what's the argument for for what do you need two guys doing nothing in between the guy who's steering and the guy who's breaking, you know, why not have one guy doing nothing in between the guy who's steering and the guys who break?


Why did it get the support? Yes. What why is it even AT4 for. Why not. Why not three. I don't and don't give me some superstition, maybe the the nation that invented I don't know, it's like it's not an odd number situation because you start the single guy, you go with the two man, then you hop to the four and then you cut it off there. But I'd like to see a three manner, so I'm just putting that out there.


Sorry, what?


We're not seeing any quick answers. So I don't know if you guys have seen this on any basketball yet, but because of all the coronavirus mess, you know, they're not doing kiss cams because that's sending the wrong message. So they're doing the hand sanitizer cause that shit is borderline X rated.


So this is the so the Milwaukee Bucks tried it and it was kind of a disaster. It was hilarious on social media, up on the Jumbotron, which some called the Kumbo Tron was a giant bottle hand sanitizer squirting on to people, and they were encouraged to rub their hands together instead of kiss. And it looks like ejaculate. In one clip that I didn't pull, there's a there's like a teenage boy, like, opening his mouth and like I said, OK, OK, OK, OK.


But the one that's really getting attention is this girl is this poor, unassuming, pretty girl.


Cock-Eyed Yeah. She they're calling it the Jumbotron. They're saying that the sanitizer cam is hornier than the kiss cam. Here's the clip that's going around.


Yeah, there she is. He's firing the firing at the tits. But yeah, they had to kind of see this one coming.


Then they're going to pardon the pun then. Also, I know there's a lot of hand sanitizing and wiping down stuff, but how big a difference is that? If we figure that one out like we went to I went and visited my mom. I told yesterday my stepdad was wearing the rubber gloves. Oh, wow.


Yeah. That's cool. A lot of people would say, did you ask why fuck now, really, I want to get into that. But he's wearing that. He's wearing the latex gloves. We're outside the entire time. So I know I have I don't even want to know. I don't know. I don't know how that works.


But he's wearing the gloves. Everyone's wiping everything down. I know. Everyone's washing their hands with me. Is it airborne? How much of it is like touching stuff? Like we have figured out that it was a fool's errand to wipe down all the GrubHub battlecry came in the grocery bags and all that. Right?


Yes, but and, you know, I noticed this anecdotally. And I think this you know, there's obviously data to back it up. People I mean, the flu is way down. You know, people are doing these things and keep you safe from other stuff. And I think when it comes to your hands, it's all about touching your face. So biting your nails, rubbing your eyes.


That's the kind of thing which, by the way, you rub your eyes with a dirty latex glove and it's the same as not.


Yeah, well, don't touch on my stepdad, OK? But for me, I filed this all under the time.


Dr. Drew and I were at the hotel with the prom and nineteen ninety nine somewhere in the Midwest and the fire fire alarm went off at 3:00 in the morning and everyone just was piling out the lawn and the freezing morning air. And I just sort of looked out the window and I went. I'm going to hang in my room and then I had a thought. What if there's a fire?


I think I'll throw a chair through the window. I'll break my ankles, but I'll make it. I think one of those kids at the prom pulled that thing. So I'm going to hang out in my underwear in my room. And there was Drew and it's like bathrobe socks walked out really dutifully walking on the lawn. And guess who's over the moon about never going out on this podcast there? I feel the same way about wiping everything down that came in the house.


Glad I didn't waste my time with that. Mm hmm.


Well, this story takes a couple of twists and turns, and I couldn't wait to bring it up because it is directly from the Huff Po. So strap in. We've been talking about not so much cancel culture, but, you know, things being sexist and racist.


And that's the best way to shut people up. I have a great example for you. So Senator Krysten Sinema, that name has been going around the few past few days, Democrat from Arizona. She faced some big criticism Friday afternoon for the way not only for her vote, but the way she voted against a provision to gradually raise the federal minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. She voted no, which disappointed a lot of Democrats. But I'll show you the clip in a second.


She kind of like she she goes to the front. She has her purse on and she kind of like does a big, like, thumbs down with, like a little curtsy, like a little cutesy bop when she says no. And that bothered people. Huffington Post reports that although the hand gestures are commonplace, especially wearing masks, it seems a little a little much to do the actual dance. Flip it. Yeah. So when The Huffington Post reached out to cinema to offer a response about this gesture upsetting people, her spokesperson replied, saying commentary about a female senators, body language, clothing or physical demeanor does not belong in a serious media outlet on the offense.


Wow. And I'm going to show you the clip.


I mean, I thought already I didn't see the clip. I mean, it's it's not overly egregious. It's just a little flippant. Like Brian said. Here she comes. Well, she's got a mask, this cinema is cinema, like an extra little bump in the knee.


Yeah, what would you like to comment? Would you like to respond? Commenting on a female body language is does not belong in a serious media outlet.


Well, here's the kind of problem with the climate that we're crafting for our modern day society. If you are in a group, if you're black or Hispanic or female or gay or lesbian or like, if you're in that group, then fuck it, you'll just play that card every single time. Like, why? Why wouldn't you? You know, because we've crafted a society where we've decided that we're all playing against everybody who isn't, you know, white, heterosexual and over six foot tall.


So why not play that card? It's the easiest fucking card to play. I mean, that's what kids do. That's how kids go through life. You give them a bit of an out they go. The teacher, the peacock change me. And that's why I didn't get a whatever. You're right.


But don't you think that response folding in on a request from the Huffington Post is like like it's like our our society is imploding. Like the snake is eating its tail.


Oh, yeah. Like you. Jimmy Kimmel was saying on his monologue the other day, like he was saying, look, going after Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head is the surest way to get Trump a second term. Like fucking knock it off, nut jobs. You're nutty. Stop going after everybody. Stop calling everything a racist incident or you're going to get Trump. You're going to get Trump back if you keep going down this fucking road because you just lose everybody.


It's like I was talking to Dr. Drew over the weekend. I was like, Drew, remember 20 years ago when PETA would make a statement and you would fucking listen? And now PETA makes a statement like Ablana, who cares? You know, I mean, the ACLU, if the ACLU would have a statement, you'd listen. You know, now it's like, who the fuck cares? The tuna factory. Yes. Don't keep going. It don't keep going down this road.


I was I oftentimes cite this, but it's a really good indicator, which is I always tell you that Dennis Prager had this fake news story that the ACLU is going after the lower case t on the typewriter because it looks too much like the cross, which when he said it eight years ago was absurd and everyone would start laughing. Wouldn't sound absurd today at all.


What, if any, news of like, really. Wow. Yeah, that's right.


Yeah. So we are jumping the goddamn shark is as a nation. What else you got? Genographic.


A new basketball league called overtime ALLETE will will pay high schoolers between the ages of 16 and 18 a minimum salary of one hundred thousand dollars to play and give them the same amount to pay for college if they don't turn pro along with the G League here at home and share the news with Sunny.


Hey, let's starting a new league boy. They're going to need fluffers.


Now, let's do this. Remember your Corolla. You're the best fluffer in the league.


Yeah, this and you know, this is this is one of those things where there's been a debate for how long about, you know, the amount of money these colleges rake in because the basketball teams, the football teams and the kids don't get any money.


So this is actually for high school kids?


Yeah, it's kind of you know, it's an interesting thing. Brian, tell me what you think of this.


Um, Gina, you know, not not knowingly or something, but if this is, in fact a step, like if you go to college and play for North Carolina and you have a couple of great seasons and then you go high in the draft and he signed a multimillion dollar contract, well, then that's just learning on the job. Like, you know, you're training and then you you get paid. It's like the Groundlings doesn't pay you. You pay the Groundlings and then you get to SNL and then your Will Ferrell, you know what I mean?


So you kind of go the dream, right? Yeah, right. That's a dream.


So in a way, the guys who need needed to get paid are the guys who started in college and never made it to the show. Sure. Like never got that payday. Right. In a way, we have to figure out a way to get those guys paid because if you're shocked, didn't need to get paid. He worked out quite well for him.


Right. And James Worthy didn't need to get paid this thinking of a Tar Heel.


But Rasheed Wallace. Right. But how about their teammates who just didn't quite make it to the show? So they played basketball their whole life and never made a. Penny and these guys signed big bonus baby contracts, you know, six months after they left the college team. So in a way, maybe it's a kind of reparations, maybe it's a kind of well, let's find out the guys who started, the guys who played on those championship teams the guys wear, but who never got that big fat payday at the end of the year.


It's tough because, like the real so remember the O'Bannon case, the UCLA kid who sued, I guess, the NCAA because they were using you as a star, right?


He was one of the guys you're talking about. Why don't you made money? But like. Well, we went on to make money. What I'm saying is they use his likeness, like on the cover of video games or whatever it was, you know, that there was clearly his likeness.


So it's a weird, backwards logic where they're making money off the stars, but the stars are typically eventually the ones who don't need the money, you know what I'm saying?


Like what right does the money mean?


James Worthy? You know, maybe his, you know, his point guard could have used it.


Yeah, my kind of thing is if you agree to something, then you agree to it. If you want to get a scholarship, get a free education, do this, then the conceit is you must play basketball for free and then maybe you can go to the pros. Then you decided. But I like your I like this new league.


Yeah, this kind of leads the question as well.


So I know the rules are changing ever, you know, for college athletes. But will that hurt their eligibility for the pay to play basketball? Will they be able to play college?


Didn't we do a story where they're going to change some of those rules for endorsements?


That was my I guess, my question, because, yeah, they can they're changing the rules.


Right. Can we just get rid of all rules at this particular for our society? Because here's the thing about rules. No one follows them anymore or no one gives a shit like do we care who gets paid, who doesn't get paid, who can play basketball? Just may the best man win right through all the rules and eligibility and all that.


Speaking of rules, I went down the most depressing rabbit hole on Twitter. There's a thread of all the like and it's always women.


I think there was one dude just just story after story and video after video of women losing their minds in retail stores and restaurants and just beating on each other. And I mean, yeah, people aren't following the rules anyway.


Yeah. All right. No more rules, OK? The rules of society starting today.


Starting today. All right. Let's bring it home.


Gina Grande, you got it. I'm Gina grad. And that's the news. Gina. Gina. That was the news with Genographic know, the only thing that strikes me, the only thing that really stopped women from having fistfights was kind of fabric of society, decorum and decorum. And now that Swiss cheese in it's game on. Yeah, I would reckon. I would bet that if you went back to nineteen fifty one, the ratio of fist fights in the street bars public areas would have been 97 to three men to women.


I think you guys have come a long way, baby. I think in two thousand and twenty one, I think you guys have caught us support. I think you've surpassed us.


I think it's your time. Yeah. Yeah.


I really do feel like there are more physical alterations between two women than between two men in twenty twenty one. And I think you're going to keep going. I fingers crossed.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


Because for the record I reached again, women are much more likely to want to throw down. But again the fabric of society kind of kept them in check and now you guys are all writing Western style and it's game the fuck on.


I miss the old days of just bullying each other until somebody's got an eating disorder. Those days are over simpler times.


How hard was it to ride English style or whatever where you're sitting on the side of the horse? That's right. One good right hand turn and you go sailing off the.


Why do the ones with no knots ride the sides? No. Think about how difficult that would be to sit on the fucking horse sidesaddle and.


Well, while we're on the subject, I can't reveal what comedian it was, but somebody said, why, when somebody is weak, do we call them a pussy? You know, pussies, you know, give birth and they stretch, they go back. And you know what? What about fragile, fragile scrotum? Everything's, you know, a cup to protect your balls and oh, no, don't stop me. You're all, you know, be laid on the floor.


If we're if we're being weak about something, wouldn't it be just like a fragile ball bag, not a pussy?


Yeah, I agree. Thank you. That's the only rule. Fragile, fragile scrotum.


Seems like the follow up to Hungry Hungry Hippos, like where you're launching like condom wrappers into this plastic sack that's in the middle, like you're playing fragile, fragile scrotum juggling balls.


Your jockstrap goes up and down, tries to catch them.


I remember I don't know why, but sometimes people get people novelty gifts for their birthday.


And I remember when I was 18, I got a gift and it was a box and it was like wrapped and everything. And you guys remember gifts when you needed gifts you look forward to.


It was like, I hope this is some shit I need, man, because I don't have a lot of shit. And this is going to be and I was living in the fucking garage in a box, the birthday of like a bow on it.


I was like, I hope this is a shirt for a bunch of underpants or something. I hope that's like a crescent wrench or something in here. Like there's some shit I could use, you know, like I need stuff. And I opened it up and it was a black jockstrap with, like silk riding on it and a zipper going down the middle of it filled with peanuts. And it said chock full of nuts. I was like, somebody spent thirty seven dollars on this shit that could have got me a gift certificate to Sizzler.


That could have got me like a little ratchet set from Sears. Like I remember being apoplectic about like a fork. And by the way, I can't throw it away. I can wear it.


You for sure consume the not for fucking sure but the novelty gifts as are the worst.


Knock it off. All right. Did we bring it home. Oh yeah. All right. Let me hit Geico. Do you on do you rent one. You do one or the other. How about you get your bundle on. How about you get your homeowners or renter's insurance. You bundle it up with your auto policy and you get it going right with Geico. That is right. Go to Geico Dotcom, get a quote, see just how much you could save when you bundle it.


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It's going to be real family affair. A lot of good finger pop and music.


Oh man. All we know. Finger popping music. Waukegan, Illinois, Genesee Theater, May six. A good time for all the live shows. Dan Dunn, what we're drinking with. And unavailable wherever you get your podcast. Until next time, Sam Croft, Dan Danjean, Grandma Brian saying mahalo.


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