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Adam, go 20 bucks off any a three month plus supply through September 4th. With great news, with Gene Obrad, Break Firewall, all those crazy Trump tweets give me no trouble in the Middle East. Felt that she was with Gina. The news with Jena grad Jeff Bezos was already the richest man.


Now he's setting another money record. Last week, the Amazon CEO's wealth reached two hundred and two billion dollars.


That's up about eighty seven billion dollars from January. And I'm sure you can guess why there's been such a spike in people staying home and ordering products off of Amazon. That's been huge for him. He isn't alone. Other tech tycoons have been getting much richer throughout this pandemic. Earlier this month, Mark Zuckerberg was dubbed a center billionaire. You know, I see this.


You know, the kids are going to miss with all the Amazon shopping, it's the way every store was specific and had its own smell.


Like when you have when you go in to buy tires, that place smelled like the tire store that's know freshly minted vulcanized rubber. And there was a sticker for the store like the Five and Dime had its own kind of weird smell. Musty meets defeated.


Yes, you all know this, but bookstores had their own smell, too, whether you call that one. Yeah, they sold books for Amazon. Who's buying book? It sounds crazy. I know that Amazon sold when they started people.


Actually, it was a forest originally. And then they got into selling tchotchkes. Yeah, books, bookstores, magazines. You know, like the places had their own kind of smell to them. Like they didn't use.




They didn't use shoe leather leather and it's like record stores, record stores. And you'd walk in and it wasn't like overwhelming. It's like you're going to a bakery or something, you know, you just kind of go in and go, yeah, the smells like a record stores. It's like it's smell. Right. It was, it was kind of part of it, you know what I mean?


Our kids officially done going to the mall from here on out. Yeah. I mean, I was. Oh my God. Well, I was I was in the mall in Texas, in San Antonio about three or four weeks ago. I got a haircut there, but I wasn't bustling.


You know what they had? There were people in there and there were there were moving. There were moving around. I don't know. It kind of strikes me that there's a group that kind of treats the mall like it's an amusement park, like, hey, you want to go out and do something and you want to do an air conditioning and you want to get some free samples. Like it's a it's a poor man's amusement park. Right. Here we go.


Ride the escalator to your heart's content. You know, so great for toddlers. Yeah. So escalator up and down place.


I'm wondering if the upscale people are are done with the ball. I feel like they're home shopping on whatever, you know, Wayfair or whatever, whatever they're doing. But this had a little more of a working man, small, but they, you know, is in San Antonio. So maybe it's different than L.A. But there were they're out there.


That's the smell of like like pot, stale popcorn, a little caramel corn in the air, maybe a whiff of Cinnabon.


Yeah. Yeah. Our candle shop or something like that candle. Yeah.


So the man that shot and killed John Lennon in 1980 was denied for parole for the 11th time.


Mark David Chapman still alive.


He's still alive. He's 65 years young and serving his life. Yeah. For prison, for shooting Lennon. Chapman will serve a sentence for at least two more years before his next hearing, August twenty twenty two. The spokesperson for him would not provide any details why he was denied release. But he did say that he oh, he felt more and more shame as the years passed, because I think he is getting to the point where he is. He knows he's going to be denied parole.


His character that you know, I always think about that story because I always think about him. Mark David Chapman on the beach in maybe Maui or Honolulu, I don't know. He was on a Hawaiian island. He had committed to kill himself. He parked his car and was doing the old extrication with the exhaust pipe thing. And he was just kind of like, watch the sunrise or something and kill himself in the wee don hours. And a surf fisherman, a guy who was there to fish.


I don't know who these guys are, who surf. They surf like where you stand, you know what I mean? Like where you ride a board. Like, oh, I know it seems like the worst. Kind of like, you know, the thing about fishing, it's like it's OK to fish from a pier. It's cooler to fish from a boat like a deep sea boat. But these guys are standing in the sand castle. I've never seen those guys be successful.


Anyway, one of those guys comes around, finds him, pulls the hose out, like gets him to a hospital, brings him back to life, and then, you know, five years later, he shoots John Lennon. And it's very weird, right? The guy who was your assassin, if that guy didn't happen upon him, we wouldn't know any of this story. Right. I mean.


Right. Right. So it's so bizarre how how life can be. He hits like that.


It's like what's what's the what's the thing with Hitler? Right. If you if you knew that Hitler would become Hitler when he's a boy, would it be OK to kill him as a boy? Oh yeah. That's I do.


I would be OK to leave the guy in the car and let him take himself out, OK for take out Hitler. I think he he went to the hospital. He went to like an institution or something. He ended up working at the institution he was at, like he became like the hair club guy, like I love you know, I'm a I'm also a member.


Or maybe it's the Remington guy who I love the company so much. I bought it at Remington for once, the race for the Hair Club for Men, Norelco or something.


Either way, he then worked there for a while.


Then he went to New York, I think, and shot John Lennon on December 8th, 1980.


And Lennon signed his newly released double fantasy album for Chaban hours before Chapman shot him four times in the back. And he was arrested without incident, pleaded guilty to the shooting and that was that.


There was a picture of it, of him signing the album with Chapman in the picture.


It's it's haunting the guy who shot Reagan. That guy was paroled. And like with this, there were some stories about your feelings about that.


John Hinckley. Yeah, Hinckley. He he I think he or there's a big push to get him like back home or having weekend visits or something of some story.


Reagan pardoned him or something. There was something in the immediate aftermath. Mm hmm.


Did Jodi did Jodi make a statement about that in terms of his parole? Oh, that media whore, Jodi, Jodie Foster, she's always making a statement. She said she loves the Limelight Channel.


She's officially a Kardashian. I saw her. I saw her. Tick tock. They have got you can drop one every 15 minutes. You know, she played out shaking her moneymaker. I don't know if she made it. I know she had a statement about that.


I mean, you know, for or against him being paroled. I don't know, I don't I don't know how it works, but I seem to remember he was or at least he had some sort of weekend visitation or some sort of weird some sort of weird plan. Anyway, look, if you're going to shoot somebody, you know, shoot a gang banger, you can't shoot John Lennon. I mean, nobody loves John Lennon more. First off, he's not even from here.


And he's like our favorite American, you know? Hey, you can't shoot that guy.


I never expect to be paroled because whoever grants you the parole is going to then become a pariah. You can't you can't have that. You got to you've got to shoot a gang banger, drug dealer or something like that. Then maybe maybe you're like an abusive husband or something, you know? Sure. You have to think about that. Yes.


That look, you shoot Ringo, we can we can talk.


You know, I don't mean now.


I just saw Ringo. Almost all we have. It's just Pete Best. Yeah. Shoot Pete Best and then we can talk. Right.


Sorry. So the California's popular ski resort is getting a name change and we're all learning a little history lesson on on on why this is an inappropriate word.


Squaw Valley ski resort will be no longer. Do you know what white squaw is derogatory anybody because it's 2020, we're out of problems.


So it's just fucking chewing on our own legs because there's nothing really going on. And the problem department.


Yeah, that's why the squad concubine or something. Yeah. It's derived from the Algonquin language. May have one simply meant woman, but over generations, apparently it morphed into a misogynist and racist term to disparage indigenous women. So it's got to go. They're working to find a new name starting next year. But for for people in California, you're going to have to call it something else. It's no longer Squaw Valley.


I can't even think of anything you said after you said Algonquian. That's a great word. Thinking about you.


Oh, a million years ago, when I first moved to L.A., I went on a date with this guy who is an agent, and we went to the Polo Lounge or whatever, and Beverly Hills. And when he asked me and I still to this day, don't know what this means in this context, he goes, I'd love to take you out. You know, go to Poland. It'll be very Algonquin. Wow.


And I remain confused to the fifteen years later. Well, then they have their big round table feasts and stuff like that.


Maybe that maybe, you know, Brian with an eye yoke to hang with us. I got to know him.


OK, ok. I was thinking about Algonquian. We no, no.


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I think a lot of these words like Squasher, they start off as something and then enough kind of rednecks start throwing them around and it's not really like the word ever change. It's who's using it and what it is.


Hmmm. Let's see. Well, you watch. You watch. I was just watching Midway last night. You watch any World War two movie. You got Jap's and Kraut's and all that kind of stuff and it's like it's OK at the time it's out but eventually. No, no. The thing about names is names for groups or within groups always evolve, you know what I mean? Like like queer, gay, homosexual, you know, black, negro, you know, it just keeps Afro-American, Chicano.


I remember when Chicano was a thing, you know, and it just kind of keeps going. So time is going to disqualify all names for all things, because all you have to do is go 50 years in the future. And then you go, you can't say that anymore. It doesn't really matter what how it started.


Yeah, Latino and Latina are sort of out because right now it's Latin X because it's not gender identifiable. Yeah.


It's like, is it Latina X or Latina?


Oh, I thought it was Latin, so I thought, oh, look, it's a good thing.


You know why I'm confused about that? I'm also a little Latin X. Yeah, it is.


It is Latin X. I've never heard anyone call it Latin X, Pete. I can tell you NPR calls it Latin X. Oh.


Because they heard me say it was Latin because that that was not problematic. Pivot, pivot.


Latino, Latina. This is how I is the only way I've ever heard it. Wow. Did a spell at a certain point.


Stephanie, in touch with the guy who invited you on a date and asked him what he meant by.


I don't ever want to. He had soup cans rolling around in the back of his trunk and charitable guy was all going into his soup cans.


Yeah, it was very he was a weird night. And why were you in the trunk of his car? Well, it's even more yeah.


If you want to be creeped out and you do a hard stop and something's rolled around back there, I would rather it be soup cans than, you know, the remains of the last girl.


He went on a date with mayor so I could have told me it was soup cans. So let's head over to the fast food desk out. Adam, when Jimi took out the McDonald's, that was when he ate it, when it was on the corkboard for a year. Was it an Egg McMuffin or burger?


Jimmy took the piece of Canadian bacon, Canadian bacon. So we know it was an Egg McMuffin. Ah, OK. Morning breakfast sandwich. Got it. So he took the Canadian bacon out a slit it out and then he used a thumbtack and put it on to the corkboard at the morning.


Show off as Kevin and being where when we're in Burbank and it was Jimmy had a Frank Murphy had a gas a desk in there. The producer Kevin Bean didn't have a desk in there. Jimmy may have had a desk in there. And and that's where and he plugged it on there and he put the date on there and he said, I'll eat it in a year. And then he ate it in a year.


And he was and he lived to tell the tale. He'd become quite sick, live. He flourished and thrived.


Well, I ask because a woman's got a beat, but there's no evidence that she ate it. And we have the video. A tick tock user showed a video showing off a McDonald's hamburger and French fries that apparently been sitting in a box in a closet since nineteen ninety six.


It does not look bad at all. Tick tock user Ali SCB shared a video of her grandmother who's pulling out this box in a conscience box that's just marked hamburger.


And we'll let her tell the story, just the fact that it came in and it was advertising a NASCAR race in nineteen ninety six. So this dates the horses. Jodie Foster. Twenty years with you guys look like they maybe could have fallen into your seat a month or so ago. That never rotted or became a hamburger. It's so. The bread has never affected I would have eaten in high school for twenty four years old and not as a goof, like earnestly eat it like I don't understand even broken.


What what do you understand? Twenty four years old. Yeah. Twenty four. Why? She kept it short. What happened?


How does it not change. I don't understand. How does it not change.


Let me tell you something. Magic.


Good food, you know, like bouillabaisse or fish based look like I'm going to let me let me paint Spino, I'm going to paint Algonquian.


I care for you, for you to summon in your mind.


But you know you know the best. All right. Let's let's put it to you this way. The best stuff goes south, the fastest. Like, what's the what's the best guacamole. Guacamole doesn't make it through the night in the refrigerator. It's gone. Souci gone. Nacho's gone. All the greats. The collapse under their own weight. They're gone the next day. You can't even take some stuff. Like I said, sushi falls. It's all but now McDonald's, that's kind of like Joan Rivers, which is like never really had a prime, you know, but still look about the same.


Thirty years later, you know, good. Today is there was there. And that's what I'm saying. I wish Joan was around to appreciate that that kind of.


But that was good. So it didn't. It started. It read. It started is beautiful. It starts, it starts is far away from food as you can. And then the bar's pretty low because if you think about all the stuff that is food in its purest form, like, you know, surf and turf or something like that's going to suffer, you know what I mean?


Like the bread that I have like it. I mean, it's like a four day window. Yeah. Which I understand. Like processing. But twenty four years, there's no mold.


There's I mean when it doesn't start out food based it does it. Yeah.


You don't get mold on aluminum or fake tits do you.


Well no, no comment.


So there it is. I hear it is. Yeah. I argue it's not really food and you're right. Like, like this food is of all the food, it's like sashimi. And that doesn't make it to the next day, you know, you can't eat leftovers.


So I wouldn't recommend it. I fucking do. I mean, I brought a whole box of sushi on Garagos Giat when we went to San Antonio. Let's not forget.


Well, you want to bring your own sushi to San Antonio. I think we can all agree on that.


So staying around the fast food desk here, Kentucky Fried Chicken, very interesting marketing pivot on there. No, on there. And they've decided to hit pause on their famous slogan.


They say that it is about sushi. The reason I ended up with a bunch of sushi is sushi, as we've all kind of discovered, I think. It's the last food that has a lot of rules attached to it and that they know we need sushi, and when I say they you know who we're talking about, they know we want it. They know we need it. They know we need it. And when I ordered sushi a few weeks ago, I had some people over at the other shop and I was like, give me for the whatever boxes.


It's the new. What's that? What was it, Max?


I know. Yeah, it's like a bento box, but yeah, the place called Crispy Rice.


Right. So I like, give me four boxes. Then I found out one in there, you know, they're 50 bucks a box, you know. Then I found out one of the person was like vegan. So I like got a new order.


So then with an hour to spare, I was like, all right, cancel one of the boxes. And here, let me add the sushi order. And they're like, no, there's no canceling of the boxes. You're getting the four boxes.


And I'm like, because if it if it was a fucking taco, I'd tell em to go fuck themselves. But they know we need it, you know what I mean? Like, they know we have it. We're addicted to their drug known as sushi. So they're like, well, you got the four boxes, bro, because you ordered them. And I'm like, yeah, well, it was an hour. We got hours of this. Give the three and then like now you get the four and I'm like, OK, and then here's the new order.


So add this to it. And they're like, yeah. And I was like and just put it in with the four boxes. Now that'll come separately. Be another hour. I'm like, why not just included in that? Or it's like now you know, we don't do that.


So that's the following day I walked on to Mark's airplane with a bunch of sushi because no way am I throwing that expensive shit away and go into Sanho saying like a place called Crispy Rice has a lot of protocols around the right way to do sushi.


Yes. Yeah, well, who did crispy or who was crispy rice, sugar fish or something?


No, it's what's the answer to the crash is what? Katsuya Tatsuya. Yeah, yeah yeah yeah. That Katsuko know deep.


Yeah. So no more finger licking good going to the other side of the spectrum at KFC. Why, why would they get rid of that slogan now. Because they want to discourage people from licking their fingers during a global pandemic. Catherine Tanna Gillispie, she's the global chief marketing officer over there. She said in a statement, We find ourselves in a unique situation, having an ironic or iconic slogan that doesn't quite fit in the current environment. They want you to know the menu isn't changing, but the slogan will come back when the time is right.


But the time is not right now because we all do what the slogan says. This is a pure publicity grab, right? This is one of us.


This is Jodie Foster. Ask and that and the need for attention. This is trying to get attention, right? Yes. There's no reason anyone would know one way or the other. No.


And I imagine Christie would say it's brilliant because I think maybe Christie, if you can find it one, I don't know if it's a if it's an actual commercial, it's just an ad. But they they've tailed out the slogan.


Yeah, I can hear my wife Brian is in advertising.


And if it was her like way too late, sort of jumped on this in March or April, this is equivalent to and remember when Jack in the Box blew up the clown.


This is a socially conscious is this one is rebranding. Yeah. But yes, this No.


One, really, when you say it's finger lickin good, you're not there, you you're not endorsing licking your fingers. This is why this is really stupid. This is really stupid.


I just really no one walks into and they're like thank God I'm here. I can lick my fingers here. We have no judgment. Tell me you exactly everywhere else that would judge me. But here. Oh, oh. But we're in a global pandemic now so now we you can't lick your fingers here anymore.


And obviously there's got to be zero difference between eating the aforementioned McDonald's hamburger or holding it in your hand and then eating the fries dipping. And there's no there's no science here at all. This is this is purely a grab. This is just an attention grab. So wash your fingers thoroughly before.


Oh, my God, I prefer John three, 16 or whatever is on the bottom of in and out versus.


Yeah, they're they're a day late and a dollar short in this department.


Is this a joke though. Is that a joke. It's not. I mean it's a thing or.


No, I think it's a real attempt. I think in this in our new sort of fake news era, companies are kind of realizing, like we don't have to mean it if we can just say stuff and create buzz.


And also, you know, it's not bad. Buzz, where I heard this story on, I don't know, TMZ now I'm hearing Tiger just talking about chicken. I'm five times more likely to eat KFC on my way home from the studio tonight than I was before. This story, Brian, with an eye, Brian Baumgartner, I know you got a heart out right about now, at least so says my my screen. So I will give you a plug and let you get about your merry way.


The podcast is an oral history of the office. It's available exclusively on Spotify. And you can Twitter and Instagram at Beeby Baumgartner if you wish. Thanks, Brian. I was going to say, Brian with an eye. This is fun. Absolutely. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me on. I appreciate it's good to see you guys. So fun to talk to. Come back any time you like. All right. Thanks, Adam.


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All right, what else we got in the Grand Canal?


One real quick thought is I'll ask I'll ask Christie about this if he has any insight. But KFC ad agency is widening to Kennedy. That's a huge ad agency. They notably do Nike's commercial. I mean, they want their clients and they have, you know, very public work.


I wonder if KFC is more of a conservative company because they have their own, you know, people on their side. They're ad people. And I wonder if they just didn't want to jump in to covid right away, because you're right. This is this is a day late.


A dollar short like this would have been newsworthy, you know, in March or April. And there's now it's just kind of like a right more company.


Well, I'm trying to think of their commercials. They had that all the guys at the campaigns called everybody, but Adam Carolla gets a chance to play Colonel Sanders.


And then they have now now they are going with this kind of old timey ones where they're showing like footage from the 70s.


I mean, it's they seem a kind of conservative.


Like I ask, I. I got to tell you, that bucket of KFC going over to Vince and Pat Brunos, our cousin's house in Santa Monica, by house, I mean very small apartment. But the idea that we would go to Santa Monica and that Vince would come home with a bucket of KFC. This is this is monumental.


I mean, this is kind of this is what they drive and they talk about it on on hard knocks. Are these football players like you circle the calendar when the Ravens come to town like they you circle the calendar when Vince Brudno spends 11 dollars on chicken, like this is a big it's a big, big deal. Yeah. It's such a big deal and so goddamn good right now. It does.


Dunnett I'm not talking there's something about that bucket because the bucket, you know, had the window to excellence because the grease would just soak through the bucket. By the way, that bucket was considered a durable goods like the like, hey, we're done with the chicken now we can play with the bucket. This is awesome cardboard. Put the bucket on my head. I'm the king of all chickens like, oh, yeah, no, that bucket the bucket was next to my dad.


There was a cigar box. Let's see that that was a good item. There was also cigar tube.


There's like there's like a little aluminum cylinder, haven't you.


Yeah. That was good for something. Yeah. You just can throw that shit away. It's like we're trapped on an island like Tom Hanks. What, washed up a cigar tube in a bucket of chicken. OK, we're going to use this. Make a radio. Yeah.


Speaking of fast food, we just watched the movie The Founder, again, starring the incredible Michael Keaton great movie about how McDonald's came to be and how Ray Kroc, not the all-American nice guy. You thought he was a great movie.


And the story of the movie is even more interesting about Harvey Weinstein. Basically buried that movie I thought was an award worthy.


It's a great movie. Oh, Whitey Bériot, I don't know. But a smarter listener than me. I tell you, I think it was some pettiness, perhaps with the with the director, I don't know. But the movie got essentially buried.


Yeah, I remember that. And I haven't seen it. I've heard how good it was for me.


Oh, just watch Michael Keaton you'd love. Maybe Keaton didn't play the game. Maybe he didn't come up to Harvey's room and give him a blowjob. Yeah, I don't know. I'm speculating.


I bet he didn't. I bet you're right about that. I can almost guarantee he may not have blown one thing. Maybe I don't want to get into trouble, but he might know this is not the time.


So there are new CDC guidelines and maybe this is how we know we are. If we needed more confirmation. We're officially in Idiocracy when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has to issue guidelines about how to talk to crazy people who come into your business and start trouble because they don't want to wear the mask or we'll just call them Kerans. For now, the CDC says don't argue with the customer. If they make threats or become violent, they add that if needed, an employee should instead remove himself or herself and go to a safe area because there's been so many incidents now at businesses.


Buy them Costco or Domino's Pizza or wherever, you know, ones that are recorded and not a. That the CDC has to now speak about it, the America the agency also advises that employees should not attempt to force anyone who appears upset or violent to follow covid-19 policy or other practices related to covid-19 if the person's getting upset or violent. Yeah, it's a bad time to work retail. Oh, yeah. I mean, maybe Bezos is right. Maybe we should all talk shop if you can work.


But I couldn't imagine dealing with the public these days. And then they start asking you questions and then they start filming you the whole time. You're answering the questions like, yeah, I and also I'm so let's not forget, I taught traffic school and I couldn't enforce any the rules. I just at traffic school, you have to be bonded like you have to. You are like a young officer, basically an enforcement arm and like the DMV, like the DMV, really.


They would tell me all the time, like when they issue you your completion certificates, like they're all numbered sequentially, they have to be entered into the log. It's essentially like, you know, what you're saying to somebody is you you got a ticket, you got a moving violation. Right. And then I'm going to issue the this certificate that says you no longer have that on your record or you don't have to pay the fine or whatever it is.


But it all gets sucked into a kind of motor vehicles, court, traffic, highway patrol kind of thing. Like it's all it's not catch as catch can. Like, it's it's like I didn't give a shit, but it's real. When they give you all these, I don't know, it's like a like a meter maid having her parking violations book or something. You can't just leave it on a counter and forget about it like it has to be accounted for, you know.


And so they would always say that you got to get licensed and bonded. I don't mean license and body, but you have to officially get something. You have to get certified and fingerprinted and stuff like that because you have to make sure that all this stuff is on the up and up. I never gave two shits, thank God. I just sat there and talked about anything I wanted and took took an hour and a half lunch. I remember one time I was eating lunch with some students were just like eat Mexican food, drinking some beers, like having a good time.


But one of the people came and got us and they're like the students. Yeah. They're like, hey, you got to start again. And I'm like, what's your hurry? You know? And they're like, it's so hot outside.


Like we need to get back in the classroom, like, all right, I wish I would be horrible in enforcing any rules if I work. We're talking yesterday about that beach club that had the had the swing set with the yellow tape around. If I worked there, I just feel like I'm not put the tape up and we're cool or somebody was on it. I just got like, knock yourself out. Like, I would be horrible enforcing those things.


I hate to be a cop. All right. What do we got? Let's bring it home.


Genographic. You got it. I'm Genographic. And that's the news, Jean. That was the news with Genographic. Last but not least, Jabe.


Well, both pros and DIY trust JBI. Well, they've been around for over 50 years, so why not available? JBI Well, dot com retailers everywhere, including Home Depot, Lowe's, advanced auto parts of Walmart, Amazon, Mychal's and Morts JB. Well, tomorrow President Donald Trump will be on the program from the White House. I guess we're going to be at the Rose Garden, freshly remodeled the Rose Garden. So.


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And you can check out his pod as well. An oral history of the office until next time the Khairullah Virgina involved. And Brian Baumgartner, San Mahola. Stick around. Dave Dameshek and Adam Carolla return with good sports right after this. The broadcast one sports network presents good sports. Hi. Hello, sports fans, welcome to another edition of Good Sport. Sure to be filled with some hot sports talk on this Tuesday. We await another episode of Hard Knocks this evening.


Ace Carroll is over there and we've got a guest with us today. Right. Ace Chris Myers is here. He's a legend in the game and he's got a new podcast. Am I the Chris Myers interview podcast? It is new episodes weekly on podcast when first guest is Urban Meyer. So I'm sure Chris has the ability to are you have relationships with a lot of these big names in sports, right?


Yeah. People like Troy Aikman are going to come on Jimmy Johnson, the former cowboy head coach. These are guys that are covered or they're broadcasters now. Difficult to get current players right now because they're involved in stuff like all the all the leagues are playing. But but I think often these guys have played the game that other announcers, they could be a little more candid, but a little overview for some of the lengthy discussions we we want to have, like Urban Meyer talking about college football and the fact that the commissioner of the Big Ten is not allowing those teams to play, at least as we speak.


There have been some scramble, but his son is playing in the SCC. So there's a lot of a lot of interesting people to talk to. And, you know, everybody has a story to tell. It's just whether it's topical or whether it's somebody want to listen to talk about regarding those stories.


You know, to me, Chris, and absence in the twenty first century for the for the sports fan, it's the long form interview. Roy Firestone starts it on ESPN. Then you take over that half hour show of you sitting one on one for 30 minutes, you know, commercials, except it was I mean, that was must watch stuff when I would get home from school every day. I mean, I would watch. And I think, why why do you suppose I mean, people say ADHD or whatever, but why why do you think that that's a void now?


Well, number one, we social media, a lot of players have their own platform, as we call it, whether they want to send out a Twitter, Instagram or or they have their own website. So that, in a sense, has taken away from them trying to appear on a show where they would have a voice and wanted to spend a half hour talking about something they were promoting or just getting to know them. And that in that type of situation, I believe that there still is a need for that, though.


And where we can find it, that's one thing a podcast does do. I think I think it helps in that in that area and the trend of arguing radio. And you take this side and I'll take that side which came into television, they they want you know, they want quick responses. And actually they don't think people will listen long enough. But I, I think people will listen longer if if they find it interesting.


And through those years we had we tried to do when I did the show and Roy was the originator. But up close, we you know, we were the first one to have O.J. Simpson on live after both of the trials. And there were some you know, we tried to do the live to tape, so there wasn't editing. So there, as we call it, so we could turn it around and get it out there. So people got to know somebody.


Their facial expression, when you ask a question or their reaction to trying to edit something out and you got to know athletes in a way that I that I think we we are missing a little bit today. So I think I think there's still a need for something like that.


And then moments like that, that long form one on one crape classic situations like Jim Rome and Jim Averette saying call me Chris again. What happens? I mean, that would be fine on the radio, but we never see that guy get up and topple over the table and come over the top at. That was good. That was compelling stuff. I was thinking about Roy Firestone, right. You're saying? Yeah, Roy was right out in Los Angeles that he starred in Los Angeles.


Yeah, well, he became I'm from Miami and he was a broadcast sportscaster in Miami, came to L.A., worked for the CBS station in L.A. and then created this. It was the sports look show. And then if it came up close and once it got on ESPN on a national platform, he established that had it going. And I took over. I was at ESPN in the early 90s, came back to L.A. 94, and then did it for four years through through that stretch before, you know, the industry changed a little bit.


But there was a funny story out of real quick and talk about things. You see you don't see this didn't happen on the air. But like General Jim Everett, remember, by the way, one of the nicest guys. So you knew he had to really lose his cool. And that wasn't staged. We had Marcus to go on. You remember him? Sure. He did some acting. And he I mean, these are the stories you don't know.


We would fly guys in and we would take the show in Hollywood and he locked himself. First of all, we do the interview on the set and he he goes into a whole therapy session kind of saying that he says, you know, I broke up with Brigitte Nielsen, whatever it and I'm crushed, but I have a tattoo on my ass and I want to show everybody to go just to stand up. But we had to hold a. From that and then at a commercial break, he said, you know, I had my dental work done by people in Iowa, I want to give them a promotion.


When I came back from the break, I did. I mean, we really don't do that kind of thing. And he pulled the teeth out and dropped them in my coffee mug. And yet he was like, I don't think you're like me. And I'm like, no, I'm just trying to do an interview here. But he locked himself in his hotel room that we put up up there that he wouldn't answer, that the police had to come.


So it was just it was just one of those crazy, you know, crazy behind the scenes, just stories that you just never hear about.


I had I have similar stories involving episodes of Crank Yankers.


And and so I feel I feel your pain. We flew in this nation, flew a guy to Vegas, and he won't come out of his goddamn hotel room. I was just having a funny thing here because, you know, you get older and your memory fades. A little mind does with names like names, you know what I mean? And I was just like I was thinking about these names. And I'm coming back to check with Jim Hill in a second, because he's another guy who's just been out in Los Angeles.


But I'm sitting there and I'm like that. Oh, that story with the Rams quarterback Everett Everett. Oh, yeah. Who said it was that, you know, that was that was Jim Rome. I was like, that's Jim Rome. And then I went, was that ever. It was that was Jim. Oh, wait. They both named Jim. Jim, I'm taking Jim. I'm just use know I guess it was Jim Everett. Then I'm sitting there going, oh, what's the black sportscasters that a guy played DB for the Packers?


The guy looks brand new, is easier, said Jim. Wait a minute. I just think everyone's name is Jim now, but everyone's name is Jim. That Jim Hill is the guy I'm trying to think of is just everyone whose name I was trying to summons was Jim. And I love Jim Hill. Jim Hill still on the air. Jim Hill, Jim Hill Country. He got me 70 years old. I mean, he plays 40. He played in the league in the 60s.


Right. 70S, 60s. Gary, what year did Jim Hill you know, when did he started on the NFL?


I don't remember what he played, but I remember him being he seems like he's always been on local TV in Los Angeles and always connected with the great athletes that come through here or pleaded innocent.


And Shaq does a spot on Jim Hill. And that's what I do. Well, that's why the ladies love him. He does. He goes to the bar. He finds a young twenty three year old ladies and he bust out the Jim Hill. It's a panty dropper. Like he's not going to say. I'm going to say, oh, I feel that I didn't know this. Oh yeah. Sixty held five sixty. And you know that. And you know that is true, my friends.


And that is it is sports. OK, I got it. The ladies love it here sometimes.


Just order beer like this. Ask if it's on tap. If they have bud on tap in that voice you see all the ladies spin around and there are stools and I will have a Michelob Ultra, my friend.


Wow. Hi, my name's Dave. Instead of the room sixty eight.


The man was playing in the NFL in the sixties and it's 2020 and he looks like it could still play in the NFL.


Wow. A guy who's been around for for about that long, it seems in the in the sports zeitgeist is Tom Brady. And because I'm a child who just focuses on whatever is within his line of sight. I see you have the read Tom Brady jersey right behind you there. Oh. What's your thought about what you thought about Tom Brady in Tampa versus Bill Belichick up in Foxborough with Superman now?


Well, that's what I love about that, Edad.


Yeah, we're going to see we're going to see who who needs to be bringing in Cam Newton and Jarrett Stidham, who is you know, Belichick loves to have a guy that nobody else believes that I'm going to show you. I can have this guy play quarterback. I think you're doing well. You might see a series of different people playing. You know, it's up one set starter. I think Brady's that it's terrific position that I think he just wanted to get out from under.


He looks and I usually do the Buccaneers preseason TV games with Ronde Barber and he looks terrific. He's got his own health plan for a guy who's forty three. He really looks like he's thirty. His arm strength is fine. It's not what it once was, but he's got speedy receivers around his neck. Background Koski bust on a tight ends and he's got an offensive minded coach. He's never had an offensive minded head coach. Unbelievable for his high school college NFL career.


Obviously Belichick defensive minded with all his Super Bowls. But but I think he, Arians and him are going to create their own little offense out of the out of the talent that they have. And they're a playoff team. I think the NFC is a lot more a lot more balanced this year. But I do want to say one thing about Jim Hill, too, real quick. It's just when I came out to Los Angeles many years ago as a younger broadcaster, sports guy.


He's one of the nicest guys, whether you're a Laker game or you're at a random practice or. He always comes up as high as very cordial and that goes along with it. But you don't forget that such a big deal of the year. I agree.


Lovely man. And I've actually done my stupid impression for him and everything, and I had a laugh about it. OK, good.


It's now pumping up the rev limiter or bumping off the rev limiter of racist. Now, Shaq, I'm sorry, but today in today's climate, I think you got to bury that Jim Hill as much as the babes love it. Move on to like Roy Firestone or Keith Olbermann or something if you want to get the latest.


But remember, Rory Myersville was a terrific impressionist. He got opening acts in Vegas. And he could do he did some sports impressions too long before. You know, Frank Caliendo has dominated that area. But he did some singing, you know, the old Johnny Mathis kind of stuff. And yeah, I forgot.


Yeah, he was like a bit of a stand up, kind of a I'm going where we're going live and local here people. But like a Fritz Coleman type for Coleman was like weather guy but would do would do stand up, stand up, stand up as well.


All right, Chris, thank you so much for joining us. It's we'll have to do it again soon because I feel like there's so much to get to.


We just praised your long format. Now we're cutting you off it. It's here. CMI, a Christmas interview podcast. It is up and available weekly on podcast one. Thanks, Chris Myers.


No, thank you for all you guys will see again. Thank you. And last but not least, bet online NBA NHL playoffs up and running bet online has you covered. You get in on all the action, including new NBA playoff bracket contest. MLB continues through the summer as well. There's no shortage of ways to get in on the action. BET online has hundreds of odds, futures and prop bets to bet on as well. Plus, their casino never closes.


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Don't forget promo code podcast one for your sign up bonus today. Bet online your online sportsbook experts. Well, there you have it, thanks to Chris Myers. Best wishes to him with the with the new show on podcast one. And we'll be back with more hot Sportstalk for you tomorrow. Until then, for Adam Kolu. Dave Dameshek.


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In the 1960s, you came of age.


In the 1970s, it was revered for being unapologetically big and boisterous.


And it survived a horrific midlife crisis in the 90s.


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