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All right, welcome to Against All Odds, part of the Extra Point podcast network, Cousin Sal here with my gurus of gambling, my wizards of wagering, my barons of betting, my overlords of the odds, the degenerate trifecta. Harry, brother Bri, Darren, the Paulet kid. What's happenin, fellas? What's going on?


So, hey, Sal, what's going on, buddy? This is it, man. This is the weekend we waited for. Right. Six NFL playoff games. We got the Heisman Trophy Award tonight. So much going on. You guys, I think, are into basketball. It seems a little bit there in the week. Oh, yeah. That went well. Oh, we have visions. Mike Lombardi joining us. I love him. He's coming on later.


He's going to talk about this Eagles Washington football team fiasco thing. We're going to preview all the playoff games. I want to go over some futures. I actually cashed some futures, guys. I can't believe it. Probably none that I gave out on this podcast. But there were some. And once again, at least the ones I picked for the most part, the player props under was a big score. Brian, why don't we do this every year we talk about it.


Why don't we just put one hundred of them and just, I don't know, like if you had ten thousand dollars to invest in any, like, penny stock or something like, OK, you would say good bye to it. But if you were to diversify it and bet like, you know, Joe borrow under lucky, they're right. You know, I don't know rivers under Brees on their all these hit went under. No. On it.


I don't know.


I don't know. I said every time I say every year I'm like I'm just going to I mean I don't have the money to do it. But I was saying we should take a thousand dollars on every one of those player props and feels like, you know, I'd make up for some of my losses. That's that's not what Darren says, Brian.


Oh, man.


All right. Well, we're getting breaking news from Joel Solomon, who I don't know, half the time. It's a joke, Joel, when he weighs in with something like this. But Kevin Stefanski testing positive for covid Brown. Special team coordinator Mike Priefer will now serve as acting head coach.


Yeah, I did notice the I thought something was up because the line moved to plus five and a half for the Browns. Did it really it was just for it was just four and a half. Yeah, right. And now it's five and a half on Fanjul. So I knew something had to be up. I'm actually wearing my brown today. Paul, this is your fault. They should investigate you and where you've been contact trace the Paul kid.


Well, yeah. I mean, obviously he's a top three candidate, I think for coach of the year, at least according to the odds. So that that makes a difference. A little dent. But we'll get to that game. We'll get to the other five. Big weekend coming up this weekend. But first, you know, as fun as it is to brag about the games you won, it's even more fun to talk about the ones you took on the chin.


We want to introduce a segment we hate to call BTX.


We of that makes you sick and you make the wrong. Yeah, all right, bad eggs brought to you by our friends at Propp Swap will give them some love and a little a little later, but. All right, Bri, start off. You must have a bet. You're betting hundreds of games a day. There's got to be one that stuck out. That was just a bad beat. Last minute loss.


Well, I don't know a lot of energy this week with the betting. Right. That car and car story really took a lot out of me. I'm like, I don't know if I get crazier than that, but I have well, I have one thing I would just want to complain about quickly is San Jose State Ball State Game nine and a half point favorite. They announced right at game time for San Diego, for San Jose State that two offensive linemen are receiving their best receivers and running backs at both coordinators throughout D backs out their offensive coordinators out there, defense scorer out there.


And that's their right. As the game starts, I'm already like I have hundreds of dollars on San Jose State. I'm like, all right, well, that's a loss right away. So that's that's part one. But that wasn't the bigger story. I'm sure we're going to talk to Lombardi about this. But one of my bigger bets this weekend was the Cowboys. They looked awful. Most of the game down one was seven minutes left. Giants complete the pass on third and sixteen to Pettis, which was clearly, clearly not a catch.


Right. And I'm waiting and waiting and waiting for that McCarthy to throw the challenge. But no, he doesn't. Giants kick a field goal. Go for. But it's stuff like that that drives me crazy, like how coaches should be significantly smarter than fans. And that was so obvious. Every team has to have at least one coach or two that that's their specific job. All they have to do is buzz down. Right. Like we've got a challenge.


I don't know how you miss it then the Cowboys. But even after that, cowboys drive in first and goal from the seven. I would have thought they would have run the first play because then the Giants would have used their third time out there and regardless. But nope, they throw right away. They get sacked, lose ten yards and then just to toy with our emotions a little bit, you get the Garmin fumble after that.


After that. Yeah. And you think you think for a second the Cowboys have the ball back now they finally find an angle where you can clearly see Golman got it back.


Yeah. There they say, I mean that angle appeared out of nowhere like sitting on the ball. The best we could do is he's sitting on the ball and then like a minute later, eighteen replays later, they show, oh wow. He does have the ball. Has it. How does how do they have that.


There's games where there's one angle and then there's that. I don't even know where that angle is coming from. Yeah.


Well, here's the thing about this. And going back to the the Mike McCarthy not challenging that incomplete pass. And, you know, we see like Herb Street, they set up this nice studio for him because he had covid. So he had to do it remotely and like that, like, oh, everyone's praising the job ESPN did or whatever. I was like, all right, fine. It just seems like just put a TV and make the audio sound decent and you got a deal.


I talked to Romo. He had covid. I was like, why can't you do a remotely Arab street? Like, he's like, no, no, no. That took three days to put together. They're going to test everything.


I'm like, really? Because it seems like the viewers at home get a better crack at the replays than some of the coaches, some of the announcers. Case in point, that that incomplete pass. We all, as a viewer, saw right away that it hit the turf. You have to think that Mike McCarthy, had he seen that or someone around him had seen that, they would have begged him to throw the challenge flag. Right. Something I'm thinking they just didn't see it in time.




I don't know why I'm defending McCarthy, but also at that time in the game, at that juncture in the game, you throw throw the flag anyways. What do you have to lose? I on throw it. You've got to lose, you got to lose calories. It burns calories to reach into your pocket. Well so having them do that, they mentioned many times on the broadcast, I mean he was looking at the big screen, McCarthy himself.


Right. He was staring at it. And that stadium, right, so right, he's like, where do I order? Do I have to drive to the next screen or do I order here? Yeah, right. Darren.


Darren Garrett. What a challenge. Darren Jesus. I can't stand this whole thing with Jason Garrett. Now moving on. All right, Paul. I can while I can. What is your bet? Quite simply, this is it's Alabama this week. You know. You know, I had a really good week with my picks. I had Alabama minus 19 and a half points. And if you remember what I said on the podcast last week, I thought Alabama would win convincingly.


I was worried about them late in the game, taking their foot off the gas. And that's exactly what they did, right? They really coasted. And the maybe the entire second half of the game was very frustrating because the game was never close. You got the feeling Alabama could have won by. Thirty plus points, if they really wanted to, but they didn't really want to. So the bettors are affected in that they don't care about the better.


So I don't blame them. They got to do what's best for their team. Like what? Like maybe plus what the Eagles did the other night, best for their team. Right. Regardless what everybody else wants to say. And it hurt, though, because I felt like, wow, how did Alabama not cover the game was never in question. Right. The only thing that was in question was the spread. It was the spread. And that was my that's my bet right there.


All right. Yeah, that was a rough one. That's you think about that when you like Alabama. If you like them better, Ohio State like. Well, you got to really consider the seven and a half here because it could be up thirteen and give something up. That's what it is. That's what it was. Nothing new. Something we have to deal with all the time. So that's why I take money lines and I lose that more fun.


All right, Harry, what is your bet? I can't imagine what you're betting is other than you can't pick a winner. Is that a bet?


Now, you know, I've been hot getting hot again couple in a row here on extra points. But look, you know, over the past couple of weeks, I had been doing pretty good with straight bets. But with all these games and these stupid bowl games and everything, you know, a parlay to again this weekend, way too much. And I had so many parlays, at least four teams, at least four teams where I had one loss on each.


And it's so frustrating when you just everything's coming in and then just one loses. I'll give you a couple examples I had on Sunday. I had Bucknell MONEYLINE over a Navy, don't I needed that for a for three hundred.


They don't have they don't. They finally took the lead with ten seconds to go, first lead of the game and then they give up five straight points and I lose by four. That was brutal. I had a I had a daughter of dance on Saturday night over one and I got to stop with this NBA player props so you can parlay them. I had five guys to go over one and a half, three pointers. Dort hits one for Oklahoma City in the first seven minutes of the game.


So take another three until three minutes left in the game and he misses and I lose that one. And then to top things off on my soccer parlance on Sunday morning. Oh, everything's in check, I, I wake up like a kid on Christmas morning. Everything comes in. I need Derby County in Sheffield at plus two fifteen to draw.


They score a goal late and was zero zero to hold it.


There's nothing better when you have the when you have a draw and at zero zero they score a goal late. I lose that. So it's just nonstop. One team loses, but I will say that's in the reverse. This is maybe the the reverse of the better. I did have a parlay that did win on Friday. Really all nine, all MONEYLINE. Check this out, all MONEYLINE, Underdog's Longwood Presbyterian and USC upstate. Wow.


That's pretty good. I mean, I don't know how we're supposed to be bowled over by anything like that, considering we know your January first. I got to go through these. These were Harry's first bets of the New Year.


Come on. Come on. This is we're playing on twenty five.


Come on. He watch the ball drop. He's like, all right, I got twenty five minutes when they come together. When did I make them. I see twelve twenty five a.m.. I don't know. Go ahead. I don't know how I have acts. Believe me, it's a miracle that I've tapped it. I've hacked your system and I have a guy who's so busy he loves the child.


This is so much better than this.


OK, well all right. You only made fifteen bets zylon. O'Gara over Lijia over one. Seven and a half. God bless you. If you know what the league or sport this is Legia plus two seventy five for the game spawner staggered over one sixty one Goyang Morbus Phoebus over one fifty eight. These are all separate bets kcc egis over one fifty five in Chiun plus one fifty five Shanghai Zankou plus one eighty five. Love that one love alj Sager's plus two fifteen the.


I'm a Beijing. OK so this is Chinese right. Plus fifteen Chinese basketball. This is Chinese. What, what do you know about basketball. How quickly did he get this. How quickly did these bets come in to write like it. It takes a little time to like have. Well I said to take my two minutes to put in like it takes zero time to do that when you're betting a dollar on a game.


I guess true. So what is it, a dollar two dollars three. Thirty three.


It's not a lot of money but it is amazing how much time. How quickly. Got it. Hey Midnite. I'm just out of the thought process and everything is legit.


Plus two seventy five one. What's up. Nineteen win by nine. It's all right.


Listen, I have no problem with that one. It's the others. It's the. Now you're a frickin. Maniac Joel Solomon, what do you think about all this, those bets, midnight bets? I'm bored.


I can't believe he wasn't betting on Anderson Cooper and Harris, weren't you?


Well, aren't you watching Perry on the live stream like the rest of us?


Very good Lord. All right. Well, that was that was bad. Eggs Benedict brought to you by Rob Swap. NFL playoffs are here. Prop slop is your go to place to buy and sell football bats, for example, by a long shot ticket today before the playoffs begins and then props Wopat to someone else when the odds improve. You could sell any time, even during the game, with just one click of a button. Last year, customers made thousands of dollars just by buying and selling NFL bets during the playoffs and for a limited time, use the promo code.


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Beddings. Oh, that makes you sick and you make the wrong. It's about, oh, yeah, you can tell us about your bad eggs or your bad bits, reach out at Cousin Sal against all odds at Gmail dot com cousin Sal against all odds at Gmail dot com. Most generous wrote was, he said, brutal stubbornness at 19 points and beginning of the fourth fouls out with 19. There you go. That's too bad. He had the Pacers Sabonis over five and a half Myles Turner twenty five would have gotten them one eighty and then same game parlay right here on Fanjul Daniel Jones over to a nine 1/2 winner Zarqawi at any time touchdown score winner Wayne Golman over forty eight and a half winner to pay out eleven to one.


He needed Zeke over sixty four and a half loser. What did he have. Pawlick at forty two yards. Damn it. That's right. Yep. No makes it worse. The showing highlights of Emmitt Smith in that January ninety four game against the Giants. We all watch together like we don't need that Zeke. Just get a third of that right. Gets sixty five yards. You probably probably win that. So that's Cousin Sal against all odds at Gmail dot com.


Oh Palek. Yeah. We should mention these guys are all picking every single day on extra points dot com. They have free bets and no one, no one is hotter than the Parli kid. What have you done. And in spectacular fashion to these teams are coming from behind. Oh look. Two minutes left. Yeah. I mean, look, this is this is the thing you could do all this research and all this other stuff, OK?


A lot of it comes down. It's a lot of it's a flip. A lot of it comes down to getting lucky. OK, we know that. I know that, you know, there's a lot of people who have, you know, making this a science. I guess it's kind of like that. But so much of it there's so many other variables. I've been very lucky lately, West Virginia being one of them. Last night I actually wrote the game off.


I had them minus one and a half yesterday, and I wrote the game off. They were down by nineteen with, I don't know, eleven and eleven months left and wow, they came back and won. And it's been happening with all my extra points picks, you know, at three, four out of my last five have been that type of game so good. Absolutely incredible. But you know what happens on the flip side of that, right.


It's due to turn right. It just seems like, you know, that can't last forever. I'm going to obviously be on the opposite side of this very. I don't think so. I don't think so. I don't know. I've never seen it happens. I don't know. Let's keep it rolling. I got Kansas tonight. Harry's got TCU tonight. Let's see what happens. Oh, I took DCU also. What's going on? What was it, six.


Did you get six head to head? I was I was at five and a half at the time when I put it it. All right. Not bad. Not bad. All right. Well, so are you saying, like, Harry gets lucky when he gets the Ilgauskas plus two, right? That's what I'm talking on. All he could say. One thing about it. No more Chinese basketball talk about we have we have NFL six games.


What a dream come true. Hey, maybe we'll check in on during halftime of one of these games or maybe the Monday night game. We'll figure it out. Yeah, people seem to like that, but it kicks off Saturday morning. By the way, I should mention before this, we have our first touchdown pool and I guess all of a sudden can't remember the rules.


I know you get two hundred fake dollars to distribute over all eleven games. Oh, now it's more games.


Yeah, but then we have thirteen so we have to there's a minimum of ten dollars a game, right. Yeah. You allocate at least ten dollars a game to a player or more than one player to score the first touchdown. Use vandal's odds for the first touchdown. And the way we play it is there are four of us. Whoever wins, let's say Harry wins in his plus three fifty after the Super Bowl. After all, the first touchdown that's come in, we each have to pay him three hundred and fifty dollars and then he takes that money and spreads it into five hundred parlays on Chinese basketball.


So that's kind of you don't have to do it that way. That's how we do it. But anyway, that's the first touchdown I, I won it, I won it last year and I'm terrible at first.


Have we done it two or three years. I think I want it the first year. I might be the only one that had reported the second. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I'm due. Here we go. Right. You hit one big one right. Last year you hit somebody that was pretty bad. They made a comeback last year late. I forget how you hit somebody.


Did you hit somebody in the Tennessee game?


I think maybe when they won. Yeah, I can't even remember what I had against Baltimore, I think I had Mostert one game I forget. This is not intriguing at all.


But let's talk. Let's talk. NFL starts off Saturday morning, the Shakey's game, Saturday morning on the West Coast, Indianapolis at Buffalo Bills, a six and a half point favorite. Fifty one and a half is the overunder. Partly. Can I get it? The Colts are scary. Jonathan Taylor. That's a kind of running back. You want truck in Florida in January and you know their defense plays well. But I don't know. I'm not I've decided I'm not scared of this Colts team.


I am definitely afraid of this bill's team that's won the last three games, average margin of victory. Thirty points, they seem to not give a shit. They're going to score fifty. Oh, right. High 40s against anyone. And you got this Colts team that just goes away for a half. Yeah. I mean, I was sweating it out. I had the Colts on every money line parlay to up twenty fourteen Jaguars had the ball in the fourth quarter.


I was like, you got to be kidding me. Week before they blow it to a Steelers team that was left for dead. I'm going bills and bills big here. I don't care about this. Look, this that was a must win at home for the Colts. Right. They have to win that game. It was twenty fourteen and Jacksonville had the ball. I mean, this was you know, they could not pull away from that. Jags team was minus their best running back was playing the third quarterback of the season.


Right. So what is there that scares you about the Colts team is really to me nothing either. Offensive line is pretty darn good. And Taylor, you know, Taylor was probably a little underused in the beginning of the year. Now they're now they're riding him and which is what they should be doing. He's a Wisconsin kid. He's used to playing in the cold, too. So that's going to help them here. But the bills have been the best team in football over the last several weeks.


I, I think they're I think they won this game by a touchdown. The defense has gotten better every week. I think they're going to make rivers throw the ball in the 30 degree weather. You know, Rivers has been playing in some comfy weather over his career. Right. And now he's been playing indoors for a good portion of this year. I want to see a guy whose arm strength is not really there anyway. Let him throw the ball in this 30 degree weather at best in Buffalo this weekend.


And, you know, I don't see it happening. I don't see them being able to beat this bill's team. I think the Colts is kind of a I think they're happy to be there. The bells are on a mission. I mean, they were they were up by four scores the other day. And they're throwing the ball deep with their backup quarterbacks, Chris. No, they they they have they have a goal in mind here, Sal.


And I don't think the Colts are going to derail it. So let's take the bills minus the six and a half on Saturday. And I think you're right, it might take Jonathan Taylor out of the equation if they're down. Fourteen three and Rivers asked the throw and then it's like, well, you might as well want anybody in there basically like fourteen, fifteen quarterbacks ahead of rivers at that point. But yeah maybe I don't know, I'm too high on the Bills and the Chiefs fans get so mad the Brize on a touchdown with me and our friend Trevor gets so upset.


If you even insinuate that anyone is going to touch the chiefs like well guess what, I'm sick of watching them beat the Falcons and the Broncos and the Raiders by three points. I don't know, maybe they could do next year in the playoffs. But that gear, I think, would just be reaching the Bills gear at their on right now. Got got to score fifty to beat them at this point. All right. Rams at Seahawks, Seahawks favored by four and a half.


Forty two and a half the overunder. I was hoping we didn't have to see this a third time, at least until they both won or something. But now we have to see it. We have to see it. What looks like Wolford quarterback. Harry, you're not even touching. I may pick this game on Fox. I'm not sure if I'm going to be on this week, so I'm a stay away from it. I think Seattle should win right now as we do this on a Tuesday.


Four and a half. Forty two and a half. But again, I don't know. I just don't want to watch it. I've seen Jalen Ramsey shuts down Dick Metcalf and then it's a crappy low scoring game. And we got to count on Wolford if you want the Rams and Russ doesn't seem to be care about scoring thirty points anymore. But what do you think you're taking the total here?


Yeah, I know it seems trendy to probably take the under, especially since both times they played this year it went under. But I'm going to go with the over here. I think Wilson keeps drives alive running the ball. Last year in the playoffs he had sixty four and forty five yards rushing in the playoffs. It's been a long time, six weeks since Metcalf has gone over one hundred. Same thing with Lockett. I think they've kept it on the down low.


I think they explode here. The ramps are saying they want Seattle. Well be careful here because Seattle's offense can open up here. I also think without Jamal Adams, which Seattle may not have. It's going to be huge who led them in sacks this season, so that's going to be points for the Rams, I think. Wolford, by the way, I think Wolford did a heck of a job in the second half year. Two hundred thirty one yards.


He ran the ball four for first downs at fifty six yards rushing, stole some darts in the second half to. I just think overall here we're going to see points here because Seattle opens it up in the playoffs like they did last year in the first round. I think that's going to be pointier. I think the Rams get their offense running too. I know I got trendy to take the under here because both did, but I think Seattle is due for a blow out here.


All right. I mean, I should be more excited about this, right? We love the NFC West all year. And then Arizona collapsed and like now Dallas got a backup quarterback. Not that Goff was anything great. And Russell Wilson isn't isn't Mr. Unlimited as we come to be accustomed to. And I'm just the least excited about this out of all six games, but four and a half might be too much high. I don't know. All right.


Tampa Bay at Washington Saturday night. Tampa Bay, you want Tampa featured under the lights at this Washington team, I don't know that they deserve to be there. Probably nobody in the NFC East deserves to be there. We waited on this game rather, Bri. We we kind of called Tampa was going to be the five seed as early as probably six weeks ago, like, all right, you want that? If you have to play in the first round, you want that coveted five seed.


You go to the terrible NFC East team. That spread will be between seven and 10 points. I think we called it pretty much all the way through. And there it is, eight and a half. Forty five and a half. I don't know why I think Washington keeps a close I mean, maybe they even lose by seven. That might be as close as it gets, but I'm taking the eight and a half. What about you, Brian?


Yeah, I'm going to take Tampa here minus eight and half. I'm scared of this game a little bit. I was trying trying to find ways to for myself to take Washington here. But I found it really hard, like the way to be Tampa is to throw the ball down the field. I mean, you saw that and the Chiefs game, you saw that and the Rams game, even the Falcons were able to throw the ball deep on Tampa.


But it's just not Washington style, right? They don't have the playmakers for that. Smith will keep everything pretty short. MacLaurin still not fully healthy. Now, Washington's defense has been great. They haven't given up more than 20 points in seven straight games.


So there is that I just think I think if I'm going to play watch, if I was going to play Washington, I probably play them in the first half. I think they keep this close early on, but then Tampa just pulls away late. That's kind of how the Tampa Games have been going for portions of the season. And again, this is one of those games. This is a bet. If I take Washington and they get blown out, I am so pissed at myself that I took NFC East over Tom Brady and I'm just going to be so mad.


So regardless, I have to take Tampa. There's no way, because if if Tampa blows this game, then I feel a little you know what it is what it is. But if I go if I back Washington and they they lose by twenty eight, I'm going crazy.


But then I'm looking at like Paleckis is too easy to take Tampa and Buffalo on a teaser and get out of Saturday on the plus side I so you might be reading my mind from my Shark Tank bet today.


OK, I don't want to not. I'm, I'm, I'm with you, you know, you and I when it comes to these things that it does, that's why sometimes don't overthink things.


Is this right too easy. I'll tell you what.


It's been easy for Tom Brady over a thousand dollars thousand fifty six yards in the last two weeks. I know he's played some dud teams. What was Atlanta and Detroit. But Mahomes struggled against Atlanta. It I don't think he I don't remember him being this hot going into the playoffs. And by the same token, this probably would be spread wise. It's probably not. But in a way, this would be his worst playoff loss. Right. What were they against Tennessee last year?


They had seven point favorites, seven or eight, probably about the same. Yeah. That must have been a second round Patriot's game, whether a ten point favorite against a team that a wildcard team that had won the week before, I don't know. We can look it up. But this would be a this would be a monster loss for Tampa Bay. I don't think it's going to happen yet. But I want to take Washington. I think they give him a little bit of the Happy Feet early.


He's not going to be able to do what he wants. Chase Young already going after him. Aaron said this morning, be careful what you wish for. It's not a good you got a little battle going.


Well, that's the thing, too, on a Saturday night, too. It's going to be I think it's going to be chilly there, too, although, yeah, the one good thing about Tampa is they've had guys who have played in that, whether it even Antonio Karkowski, Brady Brown, they've all used to that weather.


So, yeah, for sure. All right. Let's go to Sunday. Baltimore, Tennessee is a nice way to kick off the day, right. Baltimore on the road. I was very surprised by this. I thought at minimum one one point either way, Tennessee, Baltimore, a hefty and rich three and a half point favorite on the road against Tennessee, the team that knocked them out last year, Ravens coming in as a wild card team. We've seen what happens with Tennessee.


Their defense is awful. Their secondary is awful. They win games on field goals. They lose games on field goals, hit in the upright, or it doesn't hit the upright. And yet, Derrick Henry is the best player on the field. You keep waiting for him to slow down because of the workload he's getting done. Seem to happen. Tough to beat against them. And I'm not. Oh, no, I think I'm taking the plus three and a half here.


Harry, you don't want to again, you don't want to touch the side. You're going total.


I do like Baltimore a little, but I like the over over fifty four and a half, a little bit more. Ravens and Lamar Jackson are on a mission. I think earlier this year they lost the ball to Tennessee. They lost them in the playoffs. So I think that they have the chance to run it up. They will. The Ravens last five games averaging thirty seven points. Both teams can run, obviously, their number one and number two in the league in rushing.


Forty touchdowns combined for Tannehill this year. So and JJ Dobbins, it's coming off its best game as a rookie at 160 yards, they can run the ball. Baltimore Jackson, 80 plus or eighty or more yards rushing five of the last six. And Tennessee did win the division, a dog at home, but gave up four hundred and thirty nine yards or four hundred thirty nine points. This season. That is the most out of any division winner in the most any division winner since the NFL realigned in thousand one.


We've seen what's happened to the Tennessee defensive times couple of weeks ago, gave up thirty eight points at home to Cleveland in the first half. The two games they play it again. Houston gave up seventy four point to the Texans, they were to Tennessee was awful in the second half last week against the Texans. So I'm going to go over fifty four and a half here. What do you think the final is? When? Baltimore. Thirty three.


Tennessee. Twenty seven. Because I'm looking at team totals and it might be better to just take if it is thirty three, twenty seven Bolt, both individual team told. Let's go over what's Baltimore. Twenty nine, twenty nine and twenty five and a half for Tennessee. That might be easier to root for. I don't know. Like I said, five last five games averaged thirty seven. I know. I just don't know if they're for. I get that Browns game was a lot of fun and he ran off to shit and he came back.


But aside from that I don't know, I don't know, I don't know about some of these wins by the Ravens. I mean they took care of business. They had a win all these games and they did them kind of conclusively, but not positive about that. I just think three and a half is too much. All right, brother Bri, Chicago, New Orleans, nine and a Half the Saints are favored by nine and a half over on.


There's forty six. Forty seven and a half the Saints have lost three straight playoff games on the last play of the game. I don't know that I'll ever be broken. That's a that's an insane mark, and they've bitten me one too many times. I was on the losing end, at least two of those, one in a big way against the Rams a few years ago and then last year with the Kyle Rudolph push off or not, Rudolph, I'll not push off.


I lost on that one. Not ready to take the Saints. They've got to show me something in the dome this year, an empty dome against Drabinsky. But I think it's like low scoring, like twenty four twenty. I would take the points. Yeah, I want to take the points here to get again the nine and a half. Like you said, I think I've been on I was probably on the Saints for all of those losses. So let's make it four terrible losses in a row here for the Saints.


But it's just look. Yeah, you look at the Saints last four playoff games, right? All within six points. So the Bears the Bears coverage is pretty much going to come down to, I think. Well, to basically turn the ball over or not like the Saints are going to. The thing is the Saints style of offense. I mean, even you saw that in the first game against the Bears early this year. Like like you said, they're probably going to be twenty four.


Twenty seven points bears. Defense is good, not great this year. So I think he's going to he's going to make enough plays with his feet. He's going to have to make plays at this feed in this game. And I think he does enough to get to twenty. Maybe it's a back door cover at least. But I still think I think they're going to be in this game. And and I cannot take I already took Tampa covering. I cannot take Tampa and the Saints covering.


One of them are not.


Yeah, right. It seems like that, you know, obviously you don't want this situation for anyone to take, but I feel like we're going to know right away with this game. We're going to go like saints, go three and out the back, come down, score something. But if it's, you know, if it's twenty one three like oh shit. Robiskie is not coming back from that. Yeah. But I think the point is I think it's too many.


I think this is the what the hell happened game right here and the Saints get lucky or unlucky on a on a field goal at the end.


Very close. All right. Now this Cleveland Pittsburgh game, we got some information as we as we sparked it up here, went from four and a half Pittsburgh favorite to five and a half over on there. Is it still forty seven and a half? I wonder how much that moves on something like this. We have news that Stefanski is out because the covid and there's at least one significant player. So is that right? Oh, wow. They play reality show a reality show style.


Is it some other coaches as well. But now I've also just read that there's two players, one significant at this point. Oh, you know what? They really should tease us here. We don't find out till Sunday morning. Is it Nick Chubb or is it Baker Mayfield? Like, oh, that'll be great. That's sub. There's some people suggesting it's a receiver, a wide receiver. OK, could you just be the beginning of this, though, right?


So I was all in on the Browns Sal here. Yeah. With getting the four and a half. I loved it. I obviously can't take that at this point. So what I'll do is. You know, I've got to do this on the fly a little bit here, because I did love you could do it, did like I thought they were my one upset special this week. I'm sorry I missed you there. So let's take the under in this game.


At this point, it's the line has not moved off that forty seven and a half. And let's just anticipate Cleveland having to grind it out a little bit with the running game. Pittsburgh's offense reverting back to some previous form from a few weeks back and this game going over under the forty seven and a half. This is this is going to be a tough one now for people. Hopefully you can put this one in already. So this why you going to have to kind of wade on some.


You've got to wait on all these, you have to wait on every single one of these. Now, even though there will be line movements, I think you got to wait until like Saturday morning almost to put these in. I hate to say that, but the bowl games, you have to wait till like the third quarter. Now, the NFL games, NFL games have the way to they get this is you know, I can't believe we're going to we're going to be listening to a lot of.


I told you so's from somebody, I think. Yeah. A text messages. Yeah, for sure. Well, I'll say this. I'm going over. I kid I liked it over before this. I like it over now. I know the line on the run now maybe Nick Chubb will get more than ten karats for the Browns. But kind of like Harry's analysis with L.A., Seattle, you'd expect this kind of go on there. We've seen the lethargic offenses when they play each other.


Really, this is a question this Big Ben pick up where he left off against the Colts. And I kind of think for the most part he does. And I think Baker's going to be forced to throw. And I think we see a defensive touchdown in here. So I think like a like a twenty seven twenty four type game, thirty twenty eight somewhere in there. I like I like the over.


I think I don't know, I think what we've seen when this type of thing happens, I don't know as to the Browns, the head coach is not going to be there. I, I just feel like when we've seen this happen already on some college fronts. All right. It's been an issue. It seems like it's been an issue. I don't know if the Browns are going to be able to withstand that and now they're not going to be able to practice it.


It's going to be this is going to it's going to be a tough one to call right now. I don't know what it really. What about the whole. They're happy. Just happy to be there. Right. It's been forever. Eighteen years since that I didn't see I didn't get that impression from them. I thought I thought they could I thought they were the ones who actually win outright. The one underdog who win outright this weekend. That's out the window now.


It could happen still, but I wouldn't touch that at all. Interesting. All right. Well, listen, here's what you could do. I mean, I know you were I wouldn't touch that at all. You would have to make a decision with Fandor and these same game parleys. Ten dollars risk free. Perfect way to make the playoffs even more exciting this weekend, it's called the same game parlay bet available only on Fanjul Sportsbook. Same game probably, but you combine multiple bets from a single game for an even bigger win.


During the wildcard round, you can combine the money line, the overunder player props all in one parlay. And best of all, Fanjul is letting you play the same game parlay bet risk free all Fanjul customers and get up to ten dollars back on your bet. If you don't win, playoffs are the perfect time to give one a shot. It's just one of the many ways to win on Fandor. They. All right, so let's let's let's figure one out for this Pittsburgh game.


Same game parlay. How are you pick you pick something for this. I'll take Pittsburgh money line, OK? Yeah, I have to let me go around the horn here, I polychaete kid, you're going to go under.


Yes. Give me. Give me the. I'd almost say first half under first half under three and a half points right now.


All right, brother Bri, we have Pittsburgh money line.


We have first half under probably go Johnson over receptions, Deontay Johnson over receptions, probably like five, four and a half right in there, probably five and a half, six, seven, five. And all right. I will say I will say Chase Claypoole will score a touchdown. Now if you put those together, Pittsburgh money line first half under twenty three and a half. Deontay Johnson over we think five and a half, six receptions. Chase Claypole to score in any time.


Touchdown you get fifteen hundred to one ot now I don't know what it is. It's, it's pretty good though. What would you, what do you get that bright. What would that be.


Off the top of my head. Off the top of my head and say yeah.


Nine, nine, ten to one right there whatever. If you lose you get ten dollars back. So if you haven't already just download our brand sportsbook app, sign up to get started and use our promo code against all odds that sign up promo code against all odds that sign up your current customer. You're all set. Go check out same game parleys only available at Fanjul Sportsbook. All right. You know, we do a lot of crying on this podcast about bets we lost.


We have a frickin segment we start off with called Biddix. But I want to flex my little muscles. I have left there in this almost 50 year old body here because I put in some nice futures, not necessarily ones I gave out on the podcast, but I swear on my children that I was a winner on a lot of these. And we'll go. I have some outstanding ones. I have remember when we thought Mahomes and Lamar MVP, but both of them you're set.


One of them is definitely going to win it, right? That you might have we might have been in the same camp that I did that. Yep.


OK, so those are losers. Four for me. Yep. I don't know what happened. Mahomes was, what, five weeks left. He had it wrapped up and he just didn't care about the award anymore. And Aaron Rodgers was great and it was hard to beat whatever. I had Stafford for Comeback Player of the Year. That was a loser, a guy named Alex Smith who might not be done make magic stole that award. Aaron Donald four to one.


I know. How are you at TJ Watt for Defensive Player of the Year? What didn't play the Aaron Donald? You look at a way pressure should be a much more significant factor and stat than it is. He's led the league three out of the last four years and pressures. What the hell do you want to do? What's your job or to pressure the quarterback? That's if he does his job better than anybody else. Anyway, I'm still holding out hope, but four to one now.


Dallas, best regular season record, 11 to one, no, not it was good to go, though. Le'Veon Bell on their six and a half touchdowns winner Carson Wentz under twenty six and half touchdowns, winner Watson under twenty six and a half loser Brees under twenty nine and a half winner Borra under twenty two winner got lucky that rivers under twenty six winner. I think he ended up with twenty four cam under twenty two. Oh my God that might have been the better of the year.


What do you end up with. Five Harry six touchdown. Otto Tannehill was a loser on the twenty two and a half Teddy two gloves under twenty three winner Carson on their nine hundred and fifty and a half yards winner Myles Sanders. I got lucky had like not eight ninety and sat or 870 and sat the last game under nine and a half winner cooks went over. That was a loser. God went on. There was a winner. Gronk under five and a half very underrated thing here.


He played all sixteen games in twenty twenty. What the hell. He went over. He had six seven touchdowns. Jags worst record was a winner plus one sixty falcons of course I have to take them over. Seven and a half was a loser. Bengals on their five and a half was a winner. Packers to make the playoffs at minus one thirty was a winner. So those are some of mine. The bottom line is we say player props on there and we do it.


We kind of do it, but we really should raise ours, just laying it out and doing these plays. Did you guys have any you're proud of or bemoaning or any player props or fut.? I had burrowed under his passing total yards, so nice. I was happy with that, I got lucky again because if he doesn't get injured, he was probably going over. But that's a lot of the cases with these. Andas I like you, I've Aaron Donald, I am campaigning for him to win this award.


I'm flying to Georgia after this.


I think, I really think as you watch still has got a half more. And you know, I had some pathetic ones die MVP which Harry had that too.


And we both said at the time he was he was on pace to throw for over five thousand yards, like well over five thousand ADAC for over ADAC most yards. And he at the time when he went down, he had a 300 yard lead.


Yes. And I had that. Yes, I had for most yards. And MVP Johnathan Taylor, Rookie of the Year. I kind of like that. I still I he's not winning it, but I don't I didn't mind that as a as a bet, and especially the way he played late. I did have Jacksonville worst record like you saw. But, you know, I have silly ones like, you know, carmaker's rookie rookie of the year.


I think I had that somewhere to. Yeah. Some silly things like that that weren't even born then.


You bet. Then you parlayed Joe Borro for all that you had. Burrow Burrow, Rookie of the Year, parlayed with Mahomes MVP parlay with Field's Heisman. It was something like seventy three to one, but you bet. You bet. Borro under yards. Right.


Well, I just I because I remember I put that other one in really, really early, like I put that one in like. I don't make July, I feel like I put that other one in that there was not a lot to do over the summer, though. So I think on that end, what did you do? You did you have many futures? I don't know. I had Jacksonville worst record in the league at plus like 210 at the time.


And then also again, what to be defensive player of the year at 12 to one as of last, before the week started, he was minus two hundred on Fandor, like you said. So he didn't play Donald didn't get a sack on Sunday, made the playoffs, but didn't win the division. It can't all be said their division.


Got to watch the game. You got to watch the games. Harry Winston, I understand, but just follow on your phone. They can't all be sacked. You can't say Jaylen Smith. Great, because he had not. You got to watch the games. But yeah, that's true.


That also also listen, Pittsburgh still without what there nothing. And there were no one on defense in the in the AFC led the league in sacks lost because of him and he fought it a lot too. Yeah. All right. Well, bottom line is, Harry, as most of his future's tied up in Chinese basketball, but I mean, it's close.


I'm not going to put what down. He's great. He's great. Donald's great, too. I just feel bad out there. And Donald, the best player in the game, and there's no award for him. There's not a single word in him. You can't give him MVP. You can't give him defensive yourself. Year goes on. I think the guy, you know, nobody talks about it. But I mean, if you've seen the guy who's probably really the defensive MVP is probably Jalen Ramsey.


He covers the number one receiver from each team and he averages giving up twenty yards a game. Did you see that came out today? Twenty yards a game. He shuts down Metcalf Hopkins. He is probably the best defensive player of the year, really, but nobody's going to talk about it. But he probably is. No one's taking DK Metcalf on handle individual fantasy right now for the for sure for this guy. Brian, you had a bunch to write.


Yeah, it's a good ones. My prop plays that we gave out earlier in the season. We're good. I wish you told me really how many unders you were going to do, though. I would have jumped on.


I went crazy. I guess I would do the unders. We got to do it next year. I could front us the money. He'll front us quarterbacks and running backs. Just take it. We'll just do it. We're going to win. Well, I imagine Raekwon and McCaffrey, all these guys went out there who is a good like even fantasy first round running back, like, I guess Kamara obviously had a great game in there. And if you had him in the finals, good for you.


But there weren't too many. There really weren't.


Yeah. So I had let's see how he put together Leaside Jets' finishing last division plus one seven eight. Nice. I had the Giants winning week six versus Washington, that one plus seven fifty.


That was their first win. Right. That was their first house. First win that pit to make the playoffs was based.


It was minus one twenty. Whatever. Jesus, how easy was that? Now let's say I had had three most touchdowns plus five rushing touchdowns plus five fifty that hit and that I had the Murray over rushing yards. That was probably my best, easiest one because that was pretty much done right away as soon as the season started. Yeah, I had some good ones in there, but I think got all the ones I actually bet I broke even it's off on the road.


Yeah, I know, but that's how it works. But it's not fun to root for others. But the list goes long. You know, Dalvin Cook went on there.


I just fear if I put in all those unders you guys are going to be like Bri you have three hundred unders like what the fuck are you doing. It's all right.


You know who. I had an it over and I can't believe you pulled it out. I had Stafford over. Oh yeah. Thousand forty nine and a half yards into the guy. Should have probably played the last three weeks of the season. Talk about guts. You know, that's a guy. I mean it's unbelievable. No, I'm a Stafford fan now. Boy, he, he gutted that out and he played and I don't know fairly what over but he won over.


Yeah. Yeah I think you bet.


I hope he goes somewhere else. I'd like to just see what it's like. All right. Yeah for sure. I'll go. But Watson one twenty to one for most passing yards really. Because Mahomes sat week seventeen that that's if you have Mahomes most passing yards and he's up by two eighty three and it's that kind of sucks. But what's the biggest one and a one. Rogers for most touchdowns was 20 to one and for most yards was sixty six to one like.


Right. Brian Henry. Four rushing touchdowns you can get. Brian you had it, you can get around six to one Diggs for receiving yards. Fifty to one Adams receiving touchdowns. Ten to one. Diggs four receptions and I write that down. Sixty six to one.


Uh wow. TJ what. Four sacks. Harry was thirteen to one. So there you go. So futures are good. No they're not knotted up.


Thunders on futures. Let's go to Super Bowl. Scandal has the numbers here, individual who's going to be the AFC representative, who's going to be the NFC representative? You can. You can. I don't know the best way to do this. Do you take two teams from each conference and then mix and match or you then take a long shot? How are you took the long shot, the longest shot out of all of us. What do you like for a Super Bowl matchup?


I mean, it ain't happening, but what do you like?


Listen, I'm taking Tampa Bay and the Buccaneers to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at forty nine to one in Pittsburgh can do in the playoffs. Tomlin I know they've been awful on offense. Can't run the ball short passes, but it's Tomlin playing games. I mean I mean, honestly, what's what's the plan here? I just don't know. It's after 11:00 and I would start. They have been awful. You can't count on some of these games.


It sounds like you're making a great plan. So I don't know what I'm going all the way, but I'm going the other way because of the way they've been playing. I'm going to the other still number one in the NFC in yards allowed no one, like I said. And Sacks, what's been fantastic, I think Kansas City 017, by the way, last seven against the spread bills. Oakhurst, Tennessee's defense is terrible. And Baltimore and Lamar Jackson 012 in the playoffs the last two years.


So give me the Steelers taking a shot there and taking Tampa Bay. Brady in the box are clicking at the right time. Four straight wins. Brady's got twelve touchdowns over that run their number one in passing in the NFC they've scored forty four. Forty five. Forty six. Forty seven at certain times during the season times. Brady yeah. Brady. Oh Tampa Bay. I'm sorry about Brady. Forty touchdowns at four at forty three years old. And I just think the leadership here you can't count him out either.


But remember earlier in the season, I know it's early season but they beat Green Bay by four touchdowns or I know I know s but still give me no way and and and of Tampa obviously has to go to Green Bay. Brady can win anywhere. You mean Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh at forty nine to one.


Well I'm not going to kill you for forty nine to one. But Pittsburgh I don't in in any normal year I would say the defense playing like they are, that's, that's a great recipe for, for success in the NFL. But you got some big guns. You're going to get, you're going to have to score forty against the bills and bills did only score twenty six.


They lost by a lot of different bills. And you're talking you're talking about I know it's been four years for the Steelers. It's a different team, I understand.


But Pittsburgh out usually you would need a big upset, right? You need the Raiders while you need the Ravens to win or the Colts to win.


But also, you got Pittsburgh tonight. Look, you guys discussed earlier might get a little lucky here in this Cleveland game, too.


Well, they would have to for your forty nine to one to it. All right.


Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, something a little more reasonable, a little more, you know, say a little safer for the kid you go to Bills, Packers, bills, Paracel. I got this about a week ago at fourteen to one. It's now sitting at twelve to one. This makes too much sense to me. It's, you know, it's still it's still getting pretty good value here on this matchup. Is anybody beating the Packers in Green Bay?


Is that happening? I don't think so. I think the Packers are rolling to the Super Bowl. Rodgers's looked absolutely phenomenal. He's got a great rapport with Davante Adams and his tight end is emerging. Who's got what now? Twelve touchdowns on the year or something like that. They can run the ball with some different running backs, whether it's Jones, Williams or the basket. Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, AJ, Dylan. So I love Green Bay.


I don't see anything holding them back from the Super Bowl. I mean, I don't see the only team I think that could beat Green Bay is the is the Buccaneers. I think they're the only team that could beat them. I don't think a Seattle or Saints could go into Green Bay. So so Green Bay to me is a pretty locked in. And I look, I like the bills. I think the bills. I think they this cult game is not terribly difficult.


Match up in round one for them and I think. You know, the chiefs in a conference fight, I think they're just a better overall team, the chiefs have just I don't know I don't know if it's a Super Bowl, it's not a hangover. They had a great season. But I think the bills seem hungrier to me, I'll put it that way. And I don't think it's going to matter for them playing in Kansas City if it comes down to if it comes down to that.


So I think this is good odds here. So I kind of agree. I like the Bills Packers, but I'll I'll throw one out just to be a little different. I do think the Seahawks could go to the Lambeau and win or make it close. I think they're used to that crap weather kind of thing. And, you know, Russell Wilson is going to have to show that he's the Russell Wilson. The it can't be the last three weeks we've seen of Russell Wilson take out that who they beat.


They beat up the Jets. Right. Or he had one game in there. But other than that, it's been real, real slim, like what the hell's going on kind of thing with that team. So I would take Seahawks bills at twenty three to one, even though I like the part of the kids that bills Packers best. Bri, you're not counting the chiefs out.


Yeah, I mean, I like look, if if I'm getting a few of these, I'm definitely betting dance. I do like that. It's all to one, but I like nine to one here for the Chiefs bucks like we've talked about it. Right. You've been playing around with teams. It's going to be nice for them. I mean, it's weird because they'll end up having these starters. They're going to have three weeks off, which is probably just going to help them, maybe motivate them.


I mean, the last time we saw the Chiefs play two really good teams with New Orleans and Tampa, both on the road, they've really dominated those games to.


Those games were a close score wise, but they really weren't close. That's true. So it just comes down to our trust. Mahomes over anyone in the playoffs, Al? I think they're going to have to prove it first. They have to prove it before I start backing those teams. Now, in the NFC side, I do kind of agree with the part of the kid. I think Tampa is the one team I think that can beat the Packers just because I think in order to beat the Packers, I think you have to be able to make big plays on them.


To me, Tampa is a team that can throw the ball on the down the field. They'll be again, they have guys used to playing in the cold. You know, that earlier matchup you can kind of disregard because things went south quickly for the Packers there after an early lead. But thirty eight straight. It just makes sense there be some type of big Brady storyline.


Well, that's that. We're just going to be talking about Washington.


Go away. Very great story. Whatever do I want. Brady Rodgers next round. Let's not seen that in a big game. Now watch the Bears screw that up. They win and then we have to see Bears and in Lambeau, another shit game. But but Brady Rodgers. That's all that's really if you can ask for one thing for the second round, if you don't have a rooting interest in these other teams, don't you want to Brady Rodgers matchup to be an important game in January?


That'd be fun. Let's switch gears to college football. This happens Monday. Obviously, all these pro games go on before the national championship, which pits Alabama and Ohio State, Crimson Tide, seven and a half point favorite. Seventy four and a half is the over on there. How are you not taking a side? We've been doing this for an hour now. You've not taken a side yet so far. It hit us with the total yet.


You're right.


I haven't. And I'm going to take another total. I'm going to take over seventy four and a half.


And that's a huge number here for a championship game. But how can you take Alabama games under I mean, they don't play much defense and they are amazing in scoring points. I was blown away with Ohio State and field performance. I've never seen a Clemson secondary be so poor and get beat so badly. It was awful. I mean, I couldn't believe. But something about Ohio State here, they've scored at least thirty eight points in every game but one.


That Northwestern game in the Big Ten championship fields was amazing. Six touchdowns last week. I think he's going to get his butt. Bama put up plenty as well. As we know, they laid low, like Darren said in the second half, against Irish. I don't think that happens in the title game. Jones is awesome. They get so many weapons on off on terraces. Run the ball machine and the tide in nine games versus bowl teams this year are averaging forty nine points a game.


Like I said, they took it easy against the Irish. I think this game field Surman, I think again they're going to get his. He was awesome running the ball, but I think this is a big time scoring game. I think they get into the nineties here back fifty fifty Bama double nickels here. Fifty five for Alabama. Ohio State gets thirty eight.


Wow. OK, interesting. So you like Alabama also minus seventeen or to win by seventeen. All right. Well that is a lot brother Brian. Paul, can you agree on Ohio State plus seven and a half. It's tough. They were they were fun to root for against Clemson. I mean, if you were rooting for them, they really they running around. But Brother Bri, Ohio State taking the points. Yeah, I'm taking seven and a half.


Look, it's too much. I mean, they smacked around Clemson at one point. I thought Clemson was the best team in college football. They've really seem to like this under. Again, that seven have just seems like a lot. This is a much different team than Notre Dame that Alabama is going to face. I mean, look, Alabama's face the top teams in SCC, but Notre Dame is a very slow team. They don't have a lot of speed.


When you look at Ohio State, I love it so much. He brings so much more to that offense. I mean, you can see why he didn't play that one game, how different Ohio State was. So they're going to score on Bama. They're going to score a lot.


I'd actually trust Ohio State's defense maybe to make a few more plays in this game. I'm going to probably bet big on the seven and a half, and I may even put a little bit on Ohio State. This kind of I mean, it's a different feel, but it's kind of like that. What was the 2014 year where Ohio State just made a ton of big plays and beat beat Alabama in that championship game?


That that was big and they kind of did it well, they did it again.


Yeah, it was actually it was the semifinal game. Right. I guess. Right. Yeah. But even Oregon, they extended drives. I mean, it could be kind of similar kind of thing in the first championship game. All right. So you like plus seven and a half and you might take money like boy, I had that Northwestern ticking on prop so they might have been the fourth best team after you see what they did over the last eight, dammit.


All right, Paul, do you have anything to add to the plus seven and a half? No. Look, I like Ohio State here just for the fact that, you know, Alabama is not I guess they played pretty solid defense against a not a team that's less than overwhelming, certainly on offense. So Ohio State is feeling really good about themselves, their running game. Surman is super impressive. My goodness. Yeah. And that really complements fields.


Well, so I think Ohio State keeps this close no matter what for this game. I don't think Alabama's a fantastic team, but I don't think there are. I don't know if they're really dominant, dominant team. I'm not sure if they're dominant. I think offensively they really lean on like Ohio State does, too. But it's a Jones, Harris and Smith show. And I think they're going to try to eliminate one of those, probably Smith, to try to take him out of the equation a little bit, make somebody else beat them.


At least I'm waiting for somebody to do that. I think Ohio State tries to do it. They keep this game close. They keep it within the seven and a half.


Well, I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do.


I'm going to lose one of those money line parlay bets that we we talked about, like in on Saturday, either Buffalo or Tampa. Right now, I'm going to try to double up a find some stupid team Sunday, put them on Alabama, MONEYLINE to and then I'm going to have to make a decision Monday when I'm going to do I'm just like, you know, but I did have rivers under twenty six touchdowns and this could be a lot like the SCC championship game though.


Guys like Florida put up the points, they they competed, but Alabama pulls away. Still tons of points, though, right? All right.


It's time. You know, as the journey for the Lombardi Trophy begins this weekend, I immediately thought of only one man bearing that name. We had to talk to him. When it comes to NFL front offices, he knows what it's like to work for the boss. He knows what it's like to be the boss. He also knows a lot about the boss. Bruce Springsteen from the GM Shuffle podcast, former NFL executive, three time Super Bowl winner.


Yeah, he's got the rings. Mike Lombardi, thanks for being here, buddy. As in style.


It's my pleasure. It's good to be reunited with you. I enjoy I mean, the last time we were together, we were on a stage first sitting Billy Joel, a bottle of red, a bottle of wine.


So we ate a lot of Italian meats. By the way, I thought about you during the pandemic. I was like, Lombardi must have gone through The Sopranos another three or four times.


Right, because that was a popular thing to binge watch that I go I don't go a week without at least watching a few of them here and there. I grew up. Yeah, I'm up. I'm in Jersey now. I have to kind of get my accent back. I got to. Yeah, it's some of the things go on. So yeah. No I really enjoy, I enjoy it. I could watch it every day. Yeah.


They, they kick you out of Jersey if you don't watch at least three episodes a week. Right.


I don't know the difference between sausage gravy. You can't do that. That's one of the questions on the test.


You know, I love it. No binge watching this weekend. All six playoff games. Do you like the new format?


Is it going to still do it? I mean, Uncle Junior has the perfect line. I've been in the same position for six years. We're going to stick to six games. I mean, seriously, what? Like this? Like this. And I don't have to wait all day to get the games at four o'clock. We could start at one. And, you know, and look, do I think the bears belong in this thing? Probably not, but they're in it.


I'll enjoy watching them. You know, I think the one thing the. She has say they did have eight teams that you could have qualified. So, yeah, I'm going to enjoy the hell of it.


I was thinking about it and I was like for this season to be a success. I think the quality of play has to be decent, at least something that we're used to. And it was in fact, there were more points scored this year. Points are up, penalties were down with no preseason games. I'm fine with that. Some people don't like it. That's a B. Nobody gets screwed by Colvert, and I think they might have gotten lucky, the NFL.


But as long as the Ravens got in after that weirdness, I think everybody who deserves it, there's no big screw jobs. Right? Denver had to play with a guy who didn't resemble a quarterback one week. But other than that, I'm pretty pleased with how it wound up, except for the final game of the year. Do you agree? Yeah.


I mean, look, I said it when they did it, like, seriously, Al Michaels is going to fly three thousand miles to watch the Eagles play. I mean, knew they were going to play when they activated. I set it on the Lombardi line. When they activated Nate stuff before the game, we knew that he was going to of take the six pick in the draft and not the night. So maybe Paral, he's got to fly three thousand miles up dinner with those guys.


You know, he can't get it. I mean, so I felt bad for him. I mean, that's that's the reality of it. I think that's ultimately what the deal was. And I think that's that's that's what we're faced with. I would much rather watch Chicago and Green Bay. Chicago is playing for Green Bay was playing as it was.


Chicago wouldn't have mattered. Right, because Arizona lost. But Green Bay is always a nice draw. We saw them the previous Sunday night. You're not going to no one's going to complain about watching the MVP take snaps, but.


Yeah, or Arizona Rams anything was better than featuring the worst division, trying to sort out a champ right on the last game of the year.


Yeah, no. And, you know, in the end, look, the Giants can bench all they want about the wash, about the Eagles beat. The Giants had six wins. I mean, that shouldn't qualify you for anything but a top ten below the playoffs.


OK, but what about what Peterson did? I want to get into him specifically, but what about what the Eagles did? Did it bother you? I hate the Giants and it bothered the hell out of me the way it went down, because it's one thing if you just start Sudfeld, if you put them in after going for it on fourth and goal, which, you know, it tells you that you should probably kick a field goal anyway. But it looks like they're going for the win right on fourth and goal.


And then it's like, all right, we're done with this game. Now we're deciding we want the six pack, not the nitpicker. Is that what's weird? Should we be accustomed to that in the future or have we been lucky to never see that before?


I mean I mean, Collinsworth was defending going for it on Fourth and he said that's what the math said. And Al Michaels had the greatest line of all. I said, you know, show me that math. I like to see how that makes sense. I mean, yeah, well, if you're trying to win, why not kick the field goal there, get in the fourth quarter and have a chance to win the game. I mean, first of all, let's put things in perspective.


The Eagles go for a lot of fourth down. They're just not very successful. The twenty seventh, the league fourth down conversions. So they do it a lot, but they don't do it successfully. It is like they do it and get it all the time and so forth. And five is hard to get. I mean, it is I mean, I don't know, the Raiders go for it on off with a two point play in Denver far.


I mean, who wants to who wants to play another quarter? Let the game either decide on one play. OK, but in that situation, if you're playing the way you kick the field goal, I think if the Eagles wanted to do what they did, they should have called the league office on Sunday night and said, look, we're not going to play, we're value the draft pick for we're going to have a lot of young guys on the field.


So if you want to put us in that slot, go ahead. But we're warning you. Do you think something like that maybe went down and they said, look, hey, it's too late, guys, we put you on national TV and they said, all right, the compromises we'll give you, Jalen hurts for a couple of quarters. But then then we got to look out for our franchise. I just it doesn't make sense to me that it went along with it now.


I mean, they had the Peterson kind of that later in the week. He had this confidence about bounce to him that he knew he was coming back. So there must have been some discussions and meetings because up until that point, if his return was in jeopardy now, when he beat the New Orleans, it kind of simmered a little bit. But then after the New Orleans game, it kind of creeps back up. Even though Herkes was playing better, they still lost games and it went away the last because somebody told him he's coming back and it leaked out Sunday morning.


He's coming back. And then we had the retort to the to the coming back.


So I think it was I really think it was one of those situations where somebody told him and then he went ahead and just executed the plan.


Does that what happens? Like, I feel like eight out of ten times the coach is in sync with the with the GM on something like this. But I mean, you would know better how this is the owner and the GM.


I mean, this was not this is not Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone up for this. Right. Clearly a conspiracy. The three of them got together and said, hey, is in the best interests of our team. We lose this game. And if we can screw the Giants, God bless them.


All right. I'm going to make you uncomfortable right now. We're comfortable. You famously said Doug Peterson might be less qualified to coach a team than anyone you've ever seen. He then goes and wins a Super Bowl. I was on your call. I was like, hey, if Nick Foles drops that Philly special, you know, Kelsey's not calling you out in a parade. And now we got Kelsey in the post game conference wondering how qualified Doug Peterson is to coach basically what to do.


A little victory lap here, Lombardi, because I think you deserve it. I think Frank Reich was the mastermind behind this Eagles team and now he's got it.


Obviously, you know, when you look at that seventeen season, the Eagles were the seventh worst offense in football and some really bad company in having the most thirty sevens of any team in the league, which means their offense wasn't effective. On first or second off, where they excelled was third and longer and which was part of it. And then Foles became a bigger part of it as well. So they overcame a lot. I mean, I looked at that year.


They deserve it. They won.


I apologize for what I said, because you can't take back that the guy won the Super Bowl. But I think to me, since that Super Bowl, when you look at their won lost record and you see that they are there twenty three, twenty seven and one, they ranked 19th in wins over that time. I think that they as an organization have really kind of. Lilling lived with that Super Bowl for probably two years to Walt, all right.


I want to ask you that. That's still very diplomatic of you. I think I think you should be rubbing it in a little bit. I don't know about Doug Peterson. And then he gets an extension. Right, or whatever. They tell him his job is safe and here we go again. But for the NFC East, Giants and Giants and Cowboys favorite next year. You know, I don't know how good the Giants are. I think the Giants have a great ability to fly themselves.


I mean, look, let's face it, the Giants, right? Twenty eighth in the league in the last three years in terms of wins. They've had 15 wins in four years.


And they're going to convince themselves that Daniel Jones is the guy. I mean, they are continuing to do that. And I'm not sure he is the guy, right? I'm not sure he's not, but I'm not sure he is turning the ball over too much if it depends on what happens with the clock.


I mean, I was going to say the Klaper moves on. They're really screwed, right?


If the clapper comes back and he gets the charger job, now we have to understand the history behind the charge. The Chargers, Dean Spinless and Jimmy Johnson are basically best friends. Jimmy Johnson went on Fox and really extolled the virtues of the Klaper. We know Troy Aikman loves to clock. We know North Carolina lost the clock fly and everything. I can't answer that, because sometimes I think this is probably more than anything is we love affirmation more than we love information.


We love friendship more than we honestly can objectively. Great people that we watch and we and we cloud those, you know, we cloud that. We don't separate the two. And I think that that's probably the big issue.


But I don't even understand what he says in a job interview. It's like, yeah, you know, like I coached the Cowboys for many years. I took I had a down year as a as the Giants offensive coordinator. I led that offense to 15th in the conference. And I'm back. I'm ready to hire me. I made it.


I make great game decisions. I clap as well as anybody. Not thought you'll not find a player who doesn't appreciate my coming off the field. And and as the caveat is the cherry on top, I want to. That's right.


The Princeton thing goes a long way. It really does. Gridiron Genius. Great book. You chronicle all your dealings with Bill Walsh, Al Davis, Bill Belichick. You learn a lot from all of them, all different. They come out of it all different ways. And it's great. You have vast knowledge based on those three. Probably couldn't ask for a better three. But I'm going to ask you, outside of those three, who would you have liked to work with?


Either owner, GM coach right in there that you didn't? I would have loved to have been with parks, so I would have loved the beach. I mean, I was with Parcel's away with Belichick, but I think personnels and I kind of see the game the same way and his ability to look at the macro level of the game. I would have loved to. And then I think I would have learned a lot from Joe Gibbs. I think Joe Gibbs Belichick because as I wrote about the book, Belichick really was influenced by Joe Gibbs, his ability to manipulate the roster, how to develop talent and how to run an offense using simple plays, much like Sean McVay does run the same plays running from different formations, but make it look different to the defense.


So I think for ourselves and those guys and Gibbs, I would have loved to work with one more thing, Brother Brian over here with the Raiders blocking Bo Jackson behind him. There he is, big Raiders fan. I know you had ties to the Raiders Al Davis for many years. We came off a year very similar to last year. It seemed like identical years for the Raiders. Is there any hope for them in a division where led by Patrick Mahomes and now we see Justin Herbert is not going away for a while and a strong team, maybe a Chargers team, what what's in line for the Raiders?


Well, I mean, look, the last six years with Jon Gruden as head coach, they the great and he's won 19 games in three years. And in Las Vegas, Oakland, however you want to do it. John's a really good offensive coach. I will not dispute that. John, running your team, building the general manager, just examine what they did this offseason, the money they spent to try to improve their defense, which strikes me and I think Brian should know this is they light a torch for Al Davis before every game.


He's the symbol of what they believe in. And yet they drafted a guy, the fourth pick overall who never fought. And if anybody who's ever been around Al Davis knows the forty mattered more than anything. So how can you how does that stay consistent? Yeah. And it wasn't like Ferrell was a fast guy that didn't rock, OK? Fire was a slow guy that did. But we all knew he could run. We were waiting for him to run.


He did run.


And so that that's what I think as the GM, John, has seen the game only through the offensive plans. And until he becomes more macro with his view and allows a personnel guy to come in there and really help them lay off, does it really have the authority to help them? I think it's going to be a long haul. Brian, what are some of the draft picks you've had? Well, they're dressed their draft the last few years have been disastrous.


Yeah, you had the Farrell pick. Well, Abrams hasn't turned out to be great. Just a bonehead pretty much, but the one that killed me last year. First of all, they drafted rug's over lamb over Jefferson, which is a little bit of a reach there. But the Arnet pick killed me last year because you're drafting a guy like 30, 40 spots higher than he's projected and he's a twenty four year old cornerback. And now you're and it's almost like you're saying we're smarter than you.


And it turned out to be a terrible pick. Yeah.


And I mean, not only do you think you're smarter than you, he didn't run very well. There's some you know, there was some concern as they talk about character as they want to draft character. But then there was some concern of his off the field behavior, whether what he was going to be like. There's no really there's no definition of what they want to do. It's Brandell. It's what I call battleship football. Gruden picks guys he likes.


He likes drugs, you know, and he talked himself out of lambs. So maybe Lamb can't think Matt Lamb not smart enough to know what I do. Then he bounces back and takes the quarterback in the third round and was like, how is he ever going to get off the field? How was he ever on the field? And then he comes back and takes Edwards, like I said, with a trademark. I said this, I will give them the benefit of the doubt.


I will say, John, I appreciate what you're doing. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but if you turn around and start drafting receivers like I know you're going to do, then I'm off. And that's what he did. He sees the game through receivers. Football is a game that's not real complicated. It's about getting a Blue-Chip quarterback and being great on both the offensive, the defensive line. And if you think Malique Collins is your best defensive lineman and he's going to help you beat Patrick Patrick Mahomes, you're crazy.


That ain't going to happen. I know, and yet he almost got lucky, I mean, he did beat them once, but twice. Yeah, it's a different ball game when it gets to January. Mike, real quick, speaking of January Super Bowl, what your Super Bowl pick? Are you ready to give one?


You know, I got to say, I think Green Bay's a tough out. I think Green Day's is really good. And Rodgers is playing at such a high level when they drafted love in the first round. I was of the inclination based on Rodgers the last five years in the league. His yards per attempt, which is critical for me, was it was at seven. That's not good enough. He was not throwing the ball down the field. He wasn't making big plays.


And this year he changed all that. He has renewed himself. He looks like two thousand and fourteen. Aaron Rodgers. And their defense is better. It's certainly not great, but it's better. But their offense is really good. And with Aaron Jones and with Dylan now to go along with the Parker, to go along with Adams, one of the best receivers in football, there are a dynamic offense that can score with the chiefs. But you're not going to beat the chiefs running the football.


You're not going to beat the Chiefs. Seventeen to fourteen. You beat the Chiefs when you can get the advantage. When you make them punt, you score. When you make them, when you play the same game as them. But slow it down, you've got a better chance. So Chiefs bills or I'm sorry, bills.


Bills is Packers. I like the Chiefs tacklers. I think we'll get as Super Bowl too. That's what I like. I think the to see the two one seeds are the best two teams for a reason.


I can't believe we had Lombardi on for a half hour just so we could say the two one seeds are going to play now. I like what you like and that's not a bad choice. You got the Super Bowl to rematch right back. It's all about.


It's all about. But no, what do I do? I think Buffalo can beat Kansas City. I think they're going to play the perfect game. I think they got to play perfectly. I mean, Allen's got to play where he's not Rush. They've got to control the football and they've got to take advantage. And one of the two phases of the game, and Andre Roberts gives them an advantage of the return game but can't return games really go to the heart of it.


So, you know, there's a balance there. In the in the NFC, New Orleans played ninety two plays against the Chiefs a couple of weeks ago and they held them. It was a closer game. I didn't think Brees played particularly well that game. So they played them and played go to the red zone. So they're beatable to teach. You just got to play the right game and you've got to put your best for sure.


All right, Mike. Well, I love it. I love it. You're in the gambling now. You're on this. And you guys still. I still do not.


That drives me crazy. How can I say something? So I guess so, yeah. Mike, I got to say, a couple of weeks ago, I was driving from from L.A. to Phoenix. He was listening. I was listening to the Lombardi line during the during the trip. And I did. Didn't catch you saying that you love Ball State over San Jose State. Ryan was all over San Jose State. And I, I texted him, I said, Lombardi says he loves Ball State because of this, this and this is like I'm done.


And one ball state played their starters. Yeah, yeah.


I did not like I did not like college. So it was a hard thing for college football this year. So but it all because it was just hard to figure out who was to play, who was. But beating Buffalo to me when I watch Ball State play Buffalo, I thought Ball State was really good.


Yeah. All right, Mike. Well, listen, Jersey Sopranos, Pizza, Springstein, and you got to start gambling. You got to do it. They'll kick you out eventually.


I give out the picks. I mean, I've got to thank you. I'm three games below five this year. The NFL have some tough loss, so that's great. Yeah, not great. No, I mean, I was 70 percent last year, but this year I'm having a hard time. But I'll be ready in the playoffs. I'll be back. I'll be able to figure it out.


There you go. You catch him on the GM Shuffle podcast. Always great to have you, Mike.


You are talented. Thank you. I appreciate this. Thanks. My family. Take care. Thanks. Bye. See you guys. All right. Thanks, guys. Thanks, Jim. Thanks, buddy. Thank you. We'll talk soon. All right. All right. Let me know whatever you need. Great. We'll break some Brazil soon enough. All right. How good is that? Right. It's nice podcast where someone knows what they're talking about.


Well, partly kidding. I'm going to have to go down to Atlantic City and watch some football games with him at some point in time.


What happened out here were very close when we can. All right. I know everyone's in a rush. I don't know what Harry's doing right now. He's got like a Southwest. There's a flight. All right. Hey, Shark Tank. Let's do it. Best bets, brother Bri, start us off. Yeah, I know.


I'm going counter to what Harry said. I'm going to go the Rams Seahawks under forty two and a half. Look, we know golf's likely not playing.


The Rams are going to be really conservative in this game and just hope their defense makes a few plays well for the quarterback and his first playoff game, the Rams last. War games have averaged thirty one total points per game, the Seahawks last six games have averaged thirty seven and a half points per game. The last three games between these two have averaged thirty six. Obviously, we know the Rams defense is awesome. Somehow Seattle's defense has played really well.


I just feel like in a third matchup it's even harder, right, for the offenses. I feel like you see even probably more defense in the third matchup. We know. We know Pete Carroll is so conservative. Pete Carroll is just going to play how the Rams play. So if the Rams aren't scoring or doing much of running the ball, that's what Pete's going to do. He's going to wait this out until late the fourth quarter, probably again.


And I just think it's another low scoring game like, what? Twenty to seventeen.


All right. Harry is going against your earlier pick. What do you like for best bet?


I'm going to go to the college championship game. Techmark Jones over three hundred and sixty five and a half passing yards. Look, hopefully I don't get screwed again somehow.


I didn't play the Vikings my pick last week, the week before the Browns receivers were out. So I'm going to take Matt Jones over 365 and a half passing yards here. Look, three hundred and eighty five yards or more. Seven times this year, he went for it, drop for eighteen and against Florida. He passed four seventy seven percent against Florida in the city championship game. Eighty three percent against the against the Irish. I think this is his game.


Listen, we all know that Devonta Smith is going to win the Heisman, which Smith should give a bit of that credit to. Jalen Waddle four going down to, what, four games in the season until he went down with his injury, had 120 yards and every game or more. So listen, Smith gets the Heisman, but overall here, I think Mac Jones is at his game to have. He goes over three sixty five and a half.


That's the play. And like I said, seven times three eighty five or more. I'm going to take that. And also, by the way, to tour championship, the golf is back I at the age at plus fifty eight plus eight.


Oh come on, we're not ready for that.


All right. Well three sixty five but yeah they got, they got a on the golf. Yeah. Weinkauf just give us a month give not even ready for basketball. All right. Party kid. I should mention Brian won last week. Right. Parlay did. Wow. What a win. Texas A&M over North Carolina. Right. You got a good line at seven and a half. Moved about nine and a half by the time it kicked off Carolina had the ball in the fourth quarter to go ahead.


It was tied and Texas A&M pulled it out. They score like three twenty left and then scored again. Wins again. Right. As I'll take it, I'll take it. But, you know, you got to get a little lucky sometimes. So it's right. By the way, Lombardi is a Hofstra grad and I don't know if I'm right that. But yeah, we should have both played football at Hofstra and they don't even have a program anymore.


A lot of good football guys from Hofstra, though, so. Yeah, game on Hofstra for not having a program. Pretty, pretty pathetic. So what we've mentioned this before, my original idea, I had the Browns going where the Browns had today because I was jumping on the Browns bandwagon. I got to cancel those plans. OK, so let's just go and put Benetta. She must be going nuts. All right. This is so brown.


It's more browns. And this is this is it's unbelievable. But, you know, I was on Team Benetta, at least for this week. Yeah, but look, I, I'm a look brother Brian. I should be rooting for the bills. Harry should be rooting for the bill. So we're New York guys. That's New York's team. I'm rooting for the only team. We should really be jumping on the bills and rooting for the bills. And that's what we're doing.


I'm taking the bills up to Team T's this week, as we mentioned before. So sometimes is as easy as it seems. Bill's given a half to the the Colts and the Bucs giving two and a half to the Washington football team. This is minus one twenty six here. OK, so let's run with that. I like it. Let's not overthink it. Let's run with it. And I think that's the water. All right. The only thing that.


Yeah, it gets up there. So if you took a money line, it's minus one fifty for those two. But if you take if you risk it with the bucks minus two and a half, then it's minus one twenty.


I think you're good there, but I'm riding the hot hand there kid bills my I'm going to have that bet so I might as well ride. And I have to say that their bills minus AB Tampa Bay, minus two and a half, minus one twenty. That's the sharp tank. That's what I'm going with Brother Bri. Anything before leaving at the brother Bri. Get all the under under one and a half touchdowns. Right. Yeah. Yeah, the brother.


Yeah. I just need to recommend everybody but the under one and a half short.


I mean it's gone at least eight and three now I think for four or five straight years. It's, it's been my best bet during the playoffs for sure. I mean there's extra games this year so you definitely might want to check. Like to me, the one game I would definitely do the size, like the Ravens Titans game to me, you know, games that's going to have some points. You know, you're going to get a one yard touchdown or Dobens one yard touchdown.


So definitely look for I mean, I'll bet every one of these, but I would definitely look at some specific games.


OK, Harry at eight. Oh, Harry, you're doing you were sick for a while. You you did a video with the toilet paper and your nose and then you're in a hot tub the next day.


I feel I really wasn't sick, but I was kind of sick from the parlays. The you know, the rule is that you continue to lose and ventilation hum.


Yeah. Well, yeah.


You also listen harig catch me also at best back corner dot com. Check out all my other picks on that. And also later on in the week, once we know for our first touchdown contest, I guess we'll we'll absolutely put it on Twitter to let everyone know who we have. So that'll be fun too.


Yeah. So that's two hundred dollar budget you have to bet. Ten dollars a game. You know, you could you could bet more than that. A minimum of ten per game. There are now what, six. Ten. There's thirteen games if you count the Super Bowl and so you have to ration it out and whoever wins, you have to pay that person. Everybody has to pay that person that amount, however much they're up. Plus. So if you have if Derrick Henry is the only one to score first touchdown in the whole playoff run and you had it at four to one and had twenty dollars on it, everybody has to pay that guy eighty dollars doesn't work like that, but it's harder than it looks.


There's a lot of luck involved also of by the way.


Yeah. The Fat Farm Go fund me page. Yeah.


Taking a little bit, a little bit of a dry spell right now. A little bit of a dry spell. Yeah well we didn't get our endorsement. Did you get the private jet part out of there or that. We did get the jet. I demanded the private jet part out of it and it got taken out. But still, it's it's it's it's a little cold right now. Maybe.


Why don't you do like that? You're going to walk to the fat farm. I think that'll be much more money that way. Absolutely. We could do that.


We're going to have to ask Lombardi for some money. It was all for it. Paul Icard, you're at the Chalk Talk about the Chalk Talk to Sally. I'm looking forward to our little contest we'll be doing. I guess we've got some other things cooking, too, right? We do. We do it.


That's going to be coming in to a couple of these games and yeah, grab yourself. And look, let's be on Reckoner. We can all agree here. And Brother Bride knows this for sure. Harry's a Giants fan. He blatantly rooted against the Giants this weekend. And people should know that. People should know what we're dealing with. He rooted against the Giants hard. This he was sending me texts like all these damn giants are going to win this game.


I was getting pissed. I was pissed at Dallas offense. That's what I laugh about when I was on, you know, come on.


He wasn't rooting against dysphonia. Starger Giants New Year's Day, another winner. All right. Cunningham, the eyes are ones where are you on Twitter at Jim Cunningham and the eyes are ones. I don't have any Chinese basketball tips. Shame on you Chinese restaurant tips, so. Oh, good. All right.


Yeah, roll closed. Everything in place. Clothes get out of.


All right. That'll do it for another episode of Against All Odds. Watch Fox-Pitt live on their Monday through Friday, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on FS1. Follow us at Extra Points Pod and me at discussants. Now these guys, the degenerate trifecta give our picks every single day on extra points dot com for them, for Jim Cunningham and for Mike Lombardi. I'm still saying so long and happy handicapping now.