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All right, welcome to Against All Odds, part of the Extra Points podcast network doesn't sound coming to you with producer Jim Cunningham working the board and my gurus of gambling, my wizards of wagering, my barons of betting, my overlords of the odds. Degenerate trifecta, Harry, brother Bri, Darren, the Parli kid. What's happenin, fellas? What's going on?


S Hey, Sam, what's up? Hey.


Or for the rights of first right there for Brother Brive by one of my wizards of wagering. Someone cast a spell on him last night, probably the worst beat of the year in terms of how many people it affected. Brother Brian was wise to buy the Browns to plus three and a half. And then that craziness, craziness at the end and oh my God, led to a safety, went to five. Really, really crazy. I'm sorry, Brian, that that's as bad as it gets.


Are you intoxicated right now? It's funny.


I was going to get some beers and drink it while we were doing this podcast and then just hang up after the segment. But I'll stick. I'll stick around.


Stick around. We are going to talk about that. That will be our only better hit. We have a lot of wow, what a weekend. This is going to be great. A lot of NFL action playoff implications all over the place. Conference championship Saturday. Plus NFL action. There's two NFL games Saturday plus five big conference championship games, some of them bigger than others. Some of them have been made up on the spot.


All right. So let's get right to it. You know, our friends are props. Swap know.


As great as it is to brag about the bet you win, it's even more fun. It is to complain about the ones you took on the chin. It's time to deep dive into the collectively crushed soul of the degenerate trifecta. At least one of those members of a degenerate defect in a segment we hate to call bad eggs.


You know, that makes you sick and you make the wrong. It's about kids, it's about a man.


Well, let me tell you something, that song has taken on a life of its own. When brother Brian threatened to take his life after the big bad loss I saw in the replies on Twitter.


It's like when a bet makes you sick, you know that people are quoting lines from the song and everything. I don't think it made me feel any better. But this really set the stage. I mean, it's the craziest cover also is maybe the best game and also just insanity with the Lamar Jackson. And we got to have fun with him leaving the field, what seemed to be a bathroom break. Right. Because he ran he sprinted off the field.


It looked OK, but then he was gone for 40 minutes of real time. Like, does that really a bathroom? Maybe they found an injury after he went in there to try to shit. I don't really know what happened there, but it was a lot of fun. Get him back to middle school again and just making jokes on Twitter for a half hour. I was like, oh, my God, I hope we don't find out. His aunt had cancer and he had to say good bye to her over the phone or something.


But it doesn't appear to be the case. No one's denying the Shiting and then bri the Browns shit all over Europe plus three and a half lateral laying over there. Oh, my God. And making it a five point game. I'm sorry, but what are your. I've spoken too much. What do you say about this?


Has it been fun at all lately? I've had I had the Florida game on a money line to the shoe throwing incident. I had Oregon State and Stanford, a crazy, crazy catch the they invited the Falcons. I Buffalo hit over forty one and a half lands at forty.


Whatever it I just I mean, these last few days have been just terrible. So I decide on the Cleveland game. I'm like, all right, I'm going to buy this up to three and a half. It was only minus one twenty to get the three and a half.


So I take that Cleveland once Cleveland goes up thirty five.


Thirty four with six minutes left. Right.


Lamar's out of the game. I'm pretty good right there. Your plus three and a half is looking at. I'm feeling great because minus five hundred bucks. Yeah. McSorley's still in the game so best case I'm like all right they lose this game by two. I figured they're going to be conservative with McSorley. They're actually the biggest play of the game for the Ravens, I still think was McSorley converts a third and ten. Yeah. On that drive that Lamar comes back in, he ends up getting hurt.


Two minute warning, then that crazy Lamar touchdown. So now at this point in time, you know, they go down five, they get the two point conversion. I'm already texting you guys like I've had enough. This is this is it. This is bad eggs. I'm calling in the court after better tomorrow. I'm done. Right. So Brown's comeback score really quickly. So now I'm like, all right, this is this is great. If they lose by three, it's fine.


I also have a Lamar. If Lamar if Lamar throws another touchdown, I hit for thousands and thousands of dollars because I had a multiplayer prop. So I'm like, all right, if that's the only the only way I'm getting screwed here is an overtime rushing touchdown. I had that in the back of my head. So what is Lamar Dooley driving down the field, spikes it with seven seconds left. I knew at that point in time I'm like, shit, there's going to be one last play now.


Now it's this is just what gets crazy. You have that spike with seven seconds, then you have Tucker trying to squib kick it. He tried to a line drives it. Not to say there wouldn't have been a safety on that squib, but it lines it right through the end zone.


They let it go and then that crazy goddamn safety higgins'. I don't know how Higgins kept getting the ball back, right? He drops it at first I thought maybe he was tackled down, but I guess he did fumble it backwards. Then he gets it back again, throws it into the back of the end zone. Five points I lose. I'm just going crazy. I'm basically numb at that point saying, you know, I wanted to start off the week.


Right. I started even worse than I ended the weekend.


So I'm sorry about or out some espresso for you here or something. I mean, that was that's as bad as it gets.


And it's like, you know, we talk about taking insurance out on these things. First of all, what do you think the odds are? I was arguing with Todd Fermín about this on that play there, snapping it from their own, what? Twenty five forty. You know, there's going to be four laterals to follow. You know, there's going to be a fumble. It could die on the first lateral or whatever. I think the odds are getting closer and closer to even probably like four to one odds that the Browns don't cover in that scenario.


It's not crazy to think that that's I think it happens in college more. But for God's sakes, Parli kid, what should you be able to take insurance out on that you can take insurance out on a blackjack hand, which happens all the time. I feel like you should take better's insurance on that. And those that offer it can pay whatever there's a deductible and everything else, like, OK, if you make I get three thousand dollars, but they're not going to cover all of it, but they'll pick up 500 bucks if you lose on a dumb lateral at the end inside ten seconds.


Right. Isn't that fair. Sure, why not. Maybe it's another business Harry's boss can could maybe get yourself involved in. So. Yeah, absolutely.


Now look, I know on Fox, but live it when I was starting to get crazy with these laterals and everything, you did have the Ravens to win by seven to 12. I had that in my mind.


I know that was looking good for a minute to like into the fourth quarter. I'm going to hit that bet at some point, seven, 10, 11 overall nice clean numbers. But whatever. I mean, that's. Yeah, I mean, if you had if you had if you had Cleveland on a teaser there, that was in jeopardy too. Right. That was everything. Everything really. It was, it was it was interesting because like you said, I actually thought that you caught a break by the Browns not returning the kick because now you're starting at the twenty five rather than starting at the goal line.


And laterals, you're right at the goal line. Right. Or at the ten. So you caught a break you figure. How do you go back. Twenty five yards actually they went back thirty five yards being that ball ended up at the back of the end zone. Right. Well that's incredible.


Well there they actually completed the pass to like the thirty four yard line and then went all the way back 40 yards and for a while they didn't have anyone behind them. They like that levee is like there's nobody behind them, the lateral two and like. All right, well they just going to throw it into the end zone by the way. I'm thinking about it as you said, Brian Higgins fumbles. Higgins fumbled the first two receptions, right? Yeah.


How many times do you see that? Like, the same guy bowl twice in a row and then Nick Chubb gets a first touchdown. But anyway, that's that's besides the point. Yeah, I don't know. I don't know what to say. That game had everything. I mean, Lamar Jackson stuff was so much fun and we haven't figured out what happened with him, but he came back. That's the Browns ought to be ashamed of themselves. I think Lamar Lamar, I think is recently saying he didn't have the shits.


But we all have to say that Roberto Duran has said that. Look, I know that guys that that's happened to be in an Applebee's before guys like why are we even debated?


We have the world's greatest crapper here. And Harry. Oh, yeah. Why don't we ask him what he told me at eight? Am I ready to take it? Three dumps today. All right. That's all. So why don't we ask him? I mean, he's got to know what Lamar was going through. Go ahead. I didn't like that.


He did look a lot like you trying to scurry back to the locker room. Did he go to the police station to shit? I'd like to find out about this. I wonder, maybe he did gone for forty five minutes.


He may have they have to say something. It was forty five minutes, right. It didn't seem like long, but it was a couple of drives. It was a better part of two drives that he was gone for cramps. I don't know.


And his timing was impeccable coming back. Right. Oh yeah. It was like perfect. I think I texted you before I got Lamar is coming back in here. He was coming. What would they have done? Like Dobbins takes a snap on that fourth and four something. I mean that comes up and I was that was something else. Well, Bri, I'm sorry. I don't know how we can make it up to you, but that's that was really awful.


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That makes you sick and you make the wrong. See, when you make the wrong pick, Bri, you just made the wrong pick. That's my problem. That's my fault. You're not alone. Of course, it was a bad beat of the year. Reach out to us like Sal against all odds at Gmail dot com. That's why I urge you to reach out to us with your bad beats. And someone else did have it be andrews' rights in high school.


I know you'll get plenty of bad beats on the Cleveland game from Hunt not going down before the line with a minute to go instead of going into the end zone. Brown scoring twenty two in the fourth and not covering Lamar clocking the ball at seven seconds. That's five seconds. There were no more plays to the last awful play. It was on the end of a four legged multiple highlight for me. Colts Raiders over fifty two and a half Kansas City money line Buffalo minus two and a half browns plus three and a half brutal.


Cheers Brett and Sydney, Australia. We got to go to Australia. That's yeah we got a lot of friends. There absolutely are maniac maniacs.


John Legend you are. Is that where your legend Harry why don't you move down there? You don't really have a place to stay. Why don't you go down there and just zoom in? It's just as easy. The time change will be different. You'll be calling from like a Saturday and it'll be Tuesday here still, but we'll figure it out. All right. Felsenthal against all odds at Gmail dot com, reach out to us. Bad beats. We'll hear them all better.


And yes, we need a new inductees into the Degenerate Gambler Hall of Fame. Construction was halted a little because of the covid stuff, but is still been erected in Pahrump, Nevada. All right, Brian, we're not done with you. Thursday night Chargers at Las Vegas. I'm going for eight in a row here on Fox NFL Thursday, pre game show, eight wins in a row, seven in a row so far. Now I only get to pick against the I don't get picked against the spread.


Have to do straight up. But it's over 20 to one odds if you do that thing where you string them all together, which you wouldn't do. But anyway, Bri, your team is favored by three and a half. Fifty three is the overunder is we're going to see the completion of the collapse or do they step up against. We went to this game last year.


It was in Oakland, right? Yeah. We had a good time. Yeah. Yeah.


They won this game. They were.


It was that was a great, great Thursday night game.


I was pick pocketed in the back and the black hole was a fun Thursday night game and I think they covered but they won.


They one like twenty six. Twenty, twenty six. Twenty four. I think it ended up right where they were up like two scores, two touchdowns and they almost decided to blow that one. Right.


All right. So let's look at the look. So I have to pick one here against the spread. I need to I'm just looking at the last three, Bri. They lose the Falcons by thirty seven. They should have lost to the Jets and they lose to the Colts by seventeen. Talked me into the Raiders are of.


Well, I'm not going to be helpful either way. I like I like you know, if this line was three, I would think about the Raiders three and a half. That scares me. I'd probably wait to see if you can get at three. The Raiders team's been pathetic. I'm just sick of watching them. They finally, finally fired Paul Guenther, but way too late. They should have fired him weeks ago. I mean, the guy they played like a few good quarters and they kept them.


But I, I don't know this game to me at first. I told you like last week. Definitely take the over. Definitely take the over. What. It's fifty three. What I'm now thinking is John's got to realize now Marinella. He's coaching the defense this week. John said look I know. Good luck with that. Right. But I think John's got to be thinking we got to play ball control this week. We have to play ball control.


We're just going are mostly even though car's been hit or miss, we're just going to we're just going to run the ball. The Chargers offense hasn't actually even been that good the last three weeks. So I think this is similar to last year where it's probably like a. Twenty seven, twenty three type of game, I have no idea at this, I think what's going to happen is Raiders when a really close one, then we get blown out to Miami, then lose to Denver.


We finish the season eight and eight. It's really, really disappointing to take that.


You would take that.


But I'm not help. I'm not helping you at all. You have a third. Take the over. Take the Raiders.


Chargers. You know what you're getting with the Chargers, right? They're not going to be up fourteen with two minutes left. They got to be it's got they've got to pull your hair out with them. Right. There's going to be some stupid time thing before the half with the Anthony Lynn I'm convinced is off off shooting the last two minutes because I don't know who gets to get stomach problems when these games get close.


But, you know, I don't know. All right. We'll see Thursday night. I'm going for eight in a row. I have to think about this very, very, very the studio guys don't give a crap that I've won seven in a row, but I'm going to make a big deal of it in my pre game. I apologize. I'm going to bed.


I apologize in advance for the Red Sox.


Screw you. Either way. Can they flex this? They can flex it. It's already in there. All right. The best game, though, Kansas City and New Orleans would have had a little more juice if the Saints didn't blow it to sorry to the Eagles last week with Jalen Hurts and Myles Sanders running for over one hundred yards each, which hadn't been done against the Saints in fifty five games, was interesting.


The chiefs only favored by three and a half fifty one and a half. But then again, they can't cover either. Harry, which way you going with this right now?


I'm going to go with Kansas City though. Yeah. Five straight games. They've won, but our own five against the spread. Mahomes wasn't great against Miami. Three picks that was unlike him, obviously very sloppy, but still very fortunate. When you have Kelcey in and Tyreek Hill, they're amazing. You mentioned the Saints, Taysom Hill, two picks this year. Right now, seven fumbles. He's lost three of them. He's got to be great, though, to be able to beat Kansas City.


I don't think it's possible here because Kansas just has too many weapons. I mean, like I said, they've been fortunate. Kansas City magin when they're on clicking on all cylinders, I think they win this going away. The Saints have won some games. I mean, by that, I think they've got like five games would have won by like three or less points. I went to Kansas City. I think they win this game going away, especially in the dome.


No, whether anything, they won this game by ten. Wow. All right. Yeah.


I mean, it's the same kind of thing with them, right? They should have covered last week against the Dolphins. They take three knees and I believe they cover I think they still kick that field goal and cover. The one thing I'll say is Mahomes people have they want to beat the Chiefs, right.


So you don't have a good memory, like, OK, they struggle with Denver. They didn't cover last week. Don't matter. It's going to he's going to outselling Taysom Hill. I saw enough. Atay. Somehow. How about this? The MVP numbers have really tightened up Mahomes now minus two ten I think it was minus five fifty when we did this last week. Aaron Rodgers plus one fifty five. Rodgers getting some buzz for MVP. Mahomes may want to show off a little.


He has drives where he doesn't even handoff at all. That could be one of those games that said something's up with this. I think there's a lot of traps this week. I think this is one of them. Casey wins. Twenty four. Twenty one. I'm a butler field goal. One thing the Saints can do is they can pressure you defensively. I know their running game against the running game. They were awful last week, but they can pressure you defensively without sending more than four so that they may keep Mahomes in check a little bit.


But I think chiefs still one twenty four. Twenty one. Take the points there. All right. Cleveland at the New York Giants. Harry, I notice you didn't want this game you like. Go ahead, take it. Pass it. I'm done with the Giants. You can't figure out your giants or your Cardinals, whatever other team you like.


He hasn't been a problem anyway. It doesn't matter now what's going on with that area. Why aren't you watching football on Sunday? I am watching football like he's starting.


He started. We started whispering. It's definitely something's going on where something's going on, where Angie's. And you must be telling them something about either he's gambling too much or watching too much sports. Something's happening.


Well, that's all I don't know. Oh, come on. Tell us, Eric, why? What happened? But how are you?


Can't say you're watching your text. You text all day when you're watching, like, every six minutes. And then it's like one like. Well, Trump can't say he doesn't have Colvard because he hasn't tweeted in thirty hours. He's got to be in that Walter Reed Hospital, that same thing with you. You're not watching. I am watching. I'm sending intelligent, thoughtful texts about middle of the game stuff and then I get reprimanded. So then I back off a little bit.


Intelligent, thoughtful text, you guys. Are you privy, Danny? Who are you sending these to?


You know, I'm going to have to look. All right, all right. Anyway, the point is the Parli kid has taken on this game, Cleveland, at the New York Giants, Cleveland, four and a half point favorite, no over on their after last night. Vendel hasn't doesn't put the total up just yet, polychaete.


You like I can't tell if you like Cleveland as a team. Well, we're just busting our friend Alex Balls because I like Cleveland as a team.


I really do like them. I know if you look at that point differential, it's not great. I understand that. But what's there not to like about a team that compound the ball with two running backs? Mayfield is making plays. Maybe their defense, if anything, has been a little underwhelming as of late, especially last night. So that being said, I kind of think I nailed this whole giant talk last week when I told all the giant fans settled down a little bit.


Right. Like you have five and seven. You're not a good football team. Right. And I said, let's go with the Washington team to win the division. And it's playing out exactly like I thought it would. So that being all being said, just a look on the Cleveland Browns face a face of last night. At the end of that game, they were devastated. They left it all on the field last night. It was a heartbreaking loss.


You know, just seeing Mayfield at the end of the game, I really think they were really devastated. And now they got to travel to New Jersey here to play the Giants on Sunday night, whereas I think they can win the game. I think it's going to be tight. I think the Giants defense will rebound. They'll play a really good game here against the Browns. They're going to keep this game tight. Cleveland is two and four against a spread on the road this year, that one in four when they're favored by more than three and a half points.


And that's the case here. So I think this is going to be a tight one. Can we stop giving Jason Garrett a pass here to the Giants offensive coordinator? He stinks. Daniel Jones might be falling into the same Donald category here. Maybe it's time Harry starts looking at that as well. But I do think the four and a half with the Giants defense, I think they they they play their guts out here. They move this to a primetime game.


Yeah. But now they're probably saying, do we really have to do that? But they did it. Maybe they'll move it out again. Who knows by Sunday. I doubt it. But so let's take the Browns. Well, the Giants, the Giants getting the four and a half I flip flopped. Giants getting four and a half. They're covering. They'll cover this one. The Giants. I mean, they have to be excited.


They've got a nice primetime performance out of the Browns yesterday, that's for sure.


Now, yeah, that might be too much prime time for the Browns, but and polychaete, I'm with you. I've been trying to trying to get some traction with this Jason Garrett thing. And we're at fault, too. Like everybody plays, they play hard for Joe Johns. We're missing the point that this offense is like fifteenth. It might be sixteenth in the NFC now led by the great Jason Garrett. Whatever. I can't I can't go crazy about Mike McCarthy and how he's turned the Cowboys around.


But Jason Garrett was not the answer. It was it was the right call to get rid of them. I do think they'll like it. I know they're distraught. I know Miles Garrity came back in that game, so he'll be playing last night. I think this is one of those games where the AFC just shows they're better than the NFC. The second tier teams in each conference are squaring off. And I'm not excited about Daniel Jones putting up big numbers.


I think Cleveland wins this like twenty twenty seven twenty or something like that somewhere in there. It's funny to think right, that this is the second best game on Sunday. It really. Yeah I know. Like when you look at it. Right. Yeah. Besides Kansas City, New Orleans, this is the second best game which is I want to try to figure out some of these other games.


There's some fun storylines like Seattle, Washington, Harry, Seattle, six point favorite. Forty four and a half is the overunder they dispatched of the Jets, what, forty to three Washington won out there. I mean, I need to know if Alex Smith is starting this game now. I don't need to know. I think Seattle is going to win and cover. I think they're kind of similar score to Cleveland Giants, as I said. Twenty seven.


Twenty twenty eight twenty. How are you like it under the total. Yeah I do like under the total here.


Look, Washington was two and seven with wins just against Philly and Dallas. Now they've won four in a row, three of them on the road. But it's been their defense really to guys that's been turning heads, their defensive line. Young what? Kerrigan really good. They've given up in that stretch of four games, just fourteen points a game. The last four leading rushers against Washington. Nineteen yards. Thirty two yards, Zeke. Fifteen and sixty five.


And that's for the Seahawks. The defense in the last five weeks has turned around. It's improved. They're just giving up sixteen points a game in the last five. Seems like a lot has to do with safety, Jamal Adams, he's been all over the place, broke a record for safety in terms of sex for season against his old team, against the Jets, against old teams, though under forty four and a half. Here seems to be the play.


Seattle defense is trending the right way. And Washington's defense has been really it really has been spectacular, I guess.


I mean, Seattle needs it. They're not in the driver's seat to win that division by any means. So you can't think that Washington is going to know. You're right.


But you can't you can't just can't just think it's the NFC East. Oh, well, this Washington defense is real.


I know. But they have to. I mean, if it's Haskins, you don't believe in this team. So what is it? How many touchdowns is chasing green screen?


I don't know, but I'm all right. But I'm saying I'm taking the under. No, I know. I'm just I'm looking at the game. I know you love taking the under. And then I have to make a case for the game, Harry, because people want to know who the fuck is going to win and cover the game. So I'm looking at this now and I think it's a good teaser game for Seattle. KAF Titanosaurs, the best Alex Smith could ask for.


Right. As a diagnosis. Right. For that that horrible leg. I'm going Seattle. I think you've got to think in these next few weeks, teams like the Giants and Washington, I can't believe we go over this division every week, minus two eighty five Washington. Now, to win this division, I don't see Washington, Philly Giants. Maybe they each have one more win the rest of the way, which means Washington probably is the smart money there, partly, but at minus two eighty five.


Do you want to take a team that may be led by Haskins the rest of the way? That's right. That's I mean they were plus one sixty last week. So you could say that flip. The crazy thing is the team with the probably the best shot to win the most remaining games is the probably the Cowboys. I know vision based on the schedule that's left for them. But I think Washington only has to win one more game. Right.


Have any tiebreaker over the Cowboys. So so it could kind of. Yeah, yeah. I mean they're twice by almost 50. Exactly. So I, I guess it's if you want to jump on the Washington I don't know. I mean the Eagles are six to one odds. I don't I hate that team.


I hate what I see from that team. But that might be best value. Yeah. The value now is probably with the Eagles but now I don't know how much that's saying. Really.


All right, Paul, I kid New England at Miami. The Dolphins favored by two and a half a little shady. Forty one and a half is over on their first game of the year these teams played. And I said Florida should make a statement. He should put two in and say, hey, Coach Belichick, this is what you're going to see for the next five years, however long you want to hold on here. But I guess he's got a shot here, here now where Miami needs to win to keep that seven spot.


Yeah, I kind of think Belichick I think you're going against me. I think Belichick doesn't have two bad games in a row, although I'm not sure if Cam Newton should start another game for this team. So is it Stidham against Tua? I think the defense steps up. We're not going to see what we saw against the Rams. Very soft defense, though. I've had ten days rest. I'm taking reluctantly taking the Patriots and an ugly 1917 type game that I think you're banking on that two and a half right there.


All right. So I'm I'm banking on the dolphins squeaking over that and winning by thirty four points here. This is a first of all, the dolphins, a six and one against the spread at home this year. Overall, the ten and three against the spread. They've so they've been very good. And look, we vote the Patriots always have trouble traveling to Miami for some reason. It's always a game down there. It seems like so. I this Miami has to win this game, if you look at the Ravens last three games, the Ravens are going through, you know, which is which is the Dolphins have to kind of match that so that they have to start with the win this week.


Right. So after this weekend, the dolphins are in Vegas and in Buffalo. That's that's a lot more difficult than the Ravens took home against Jacksonville, home against the Giants and at Cincy. So they are winning their last three games. The Ravens. The Dolphins got to keep up. They have to win this game. So I think the Dolphins defense is going to be the defense that steps up and really limits. The Patriots are scoring any type of points in this one.


I think the Dolphins want something like the 20 to 13 or 17, 13, and they each one out the under might be in play. It's at forty one and a half, but I'll take the dolphins here to win this. So it's interesting because I think like, like I said, like Bill Belichick, the remainder of his career, I don't think unless there's a major change somewhere, they have to get new guys in there. You can't do it with just athletes like Belichick has done it for so many years.


But if that doesn't happen, his team is just going to have to play spoiler. And this is one of the few games he could actually play. But this is where we'll find out if and if they've done a lot of traveling to sell out the Pacers. Right. They they were in L.A. for probably what seemed like a long time and a couple of weeks they got to travel back to Miami. It's a lot of travel for them, too, so.




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Wow. Saturday is going to be fun. Know I talked about it with Simmons. Like this is usually the day you got to go out and buy. The kids have to buy presents for relatives and stuff like, God damn it, I'm stuck in Walt Whitman Mall. What am I doing? Checking my phone. But now everybody's got to stay inside. You're ordering online. You could see this full slate of games. Lots of fun. I think it starts at noon Eastern.


Let's start with Florida. Alabama. This should have been more fun. This is Alabama. Massive spread. Seventeen and a half. Seventy three and a half is the overunder. Brother Brian, let's bring it back in here. And we saw what Florida did. And you had him, too. And I had him on a money line. And everyone's like, why you put in Florida on a money line? Like, Well, I like to have one free game, right.


I like to be able to look up on my screen and one teams up seventeen three as I eke out all the others. I don't know. It's just a psychological thing. I know I'm adding six dollars to my parlay. We're degenerate, so we like to have something on the game.


So, you know, not much is made of that interception that tip off inadvertently tipped off a defender and then the receiver and every one involved in that play. Brother Bri, early on, I think it was ten seven when they turned it over, but was Amila inch away from being out of bounds?


And that was crazy as well. That was yeah. That was one of the craziest picks ever. Yeah. There was like three guys that basically were almost almost touch the out of bounds. I don't know how that started, but you could kind of tell right away like, holy shit, I think that's an interception. So yeah. Yeah. Add that to add that to the list of stuff in that game. So they're not, they're not that bad.


Their defense. I mean it's funny because we had Alabama on a couple of things too, like, oh, this is a shitty field. They're not going to be able to score after watching a couple of minutes of that and then they end up in the fifty. Right. So it's like, yeah, man, could they just name their score? But I don't I'm going to take the seventeen and a half here. I don't think Alabama has too much trouble winning this game, but Trask's between Tony has over sixty receptions and Kyle Pitts, those are going to be mismatches.


I think so. I don't know that Bama gets to fifty. I think Florida gets to thirty plus I think forty seven. Thirty four. I'm going to take Florida to barely hold on to the spread here. All right, so I like Alabama in this game. I like them 17 and a half. I like them really. I probably like them more even to take in the first half, whatever the lines. Not out yet on Fandor, but whatever they are, first half is probably be like 11 points or something like that.


But this Alabama team is like the teams from a few years ago where they just killed everyone right there. Last five games that they were forty nine, thirty eight, twenty nine, sixty and forty one. Crazy to think they scored fifty two last week, could have scored much more. And Mike Jones didn't even throw a touchdown to Florida for his defense has not been like it used to be, especially against the pass. This might be one of those games where Bama just doesn't punt once and scores basically on every possession.


I think this is going to be a monster game for Mack Jones to win the Heisman.


Whatever fan I will say, whatever fan sets for Mack Jones over under, it'll probably be like around three fifty.


Go over on that one.


Really. I'll probably put that out later in the week, but I know seventy three and a half so ridiculously high. I do think Bama gets to fifty. I think this is like a fifty to twenty eight game. Both teams will be throwing a lot so the clock's going to be stopping. So I, but I do like I feel like these Bama games you go against Bama and then again I feel like this goes back to the Bama Patriot stuff from years ago.


When you lose games betting against Bama you're like, God damn it, that was so easy. Why did I why did I even think about this? That's right. So I would take Bama minus seventeen and a half. They they'll get enough stops on defense. All right.


Well Brother Bri likes Mack Jones over if he thinks three fifty. So keep yeah. Keep in mind he'll have three fifty seven late in the game. He'll throw a seven yard lateral pass to Devonta Smith and that's a and by the way, Smith is the second best Heisman odds now. Well, I'm not going to have that pawlick. Is it up on Fandor? I you know what? I'm trying to pull it up now. I can't pull it up.


But it was he was like minus one eighty last night or something like that machos minus one sixty. Devonta Smith plus two hundred plus two hundred plus eight hundred. Trevor Lawrence plus twenty five hundred. I guess you could make a case for Trevor Lawrence throwing for like five hundred yards against Notre Dame.


And isn't it weird like Lawrence. What did you say Lawrence and Fields are at this point. It's so crazy. Those answers Lawrence is twenty five downfield is fifty on field, just didn't play enough game play enough to have been right in that.


Yeah. No I get it. Hey, is there a way that Florida gets in with a win now. Right.


There are 100 to one on Fanjul to win this whole thing. I'm Bama. This is the first week. Bam is a minus there minus one thirty. Florida can't get in. Right.


Uh, if Notre Dame so Notre Dame would have to win and would have to win.


Ohio State would have to lose. They would need probably even Cincinnati to lose. Yeah, and is ahead of them. Yeah, and I'm also beat them during the year, right? Yeah, yeah. Let's stay away from that ball.


Can I just say one more thing now? This is I didn't get to say it. The SATs have I have gotten killed unlike three.


So I think everyone knows I said, OK, OK. I just wanted to remind people, are you are you the reason you good on like Tuesdays. What days.


Oh crap. Lately. It's funny. Yeah. I like I've been struggling Saturdays, usually on Sundays except for this week and then. Yeah. Like Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday I'll hit a few shitty college basketball game or something.


You know, I think the key is you can't bet on days where Harry's not watching the game. So it's like six and a half days. That's true. I guess I was say I asked Harry the other day what he liked for the Sunday night game, and he told me he liked the Kings plus six and he's awesome.


They end up not. Yeah. Kings plus eight and the over and the Laker game and both won with ease.


Thanks. All right, let's get through these. Notre Dame, Clemson, this is ACC Championship. I guess Notre Dame likes being in a conference at least this year. They do. They're going to have a shot at the playoffs. They've made it a few years ago. But this was they've got to do it the hard way. I guess they could lose and be in.


Right. I think most people saying they're in with a loss here.


They obviously they beat Clemson without Trevor Lawrence. Earlier in the year, where Gillislee brought him back was close with forty seven forty. Now Clemson, nine, ten and a half. Six and a half is the overunder. We both like Clemson here. Yeah, well, the spread, you know, a week ago was seven and a half, so it's moved up. That being said, it is we all know how difficult it is to beat a good team like Clemson twice, especially within basically a month.


Yeah. So I just don't see that happening. I really. And here's the weird thing about it, too, Sal, is how much better can Lorance play than D.J. played right now a month ago? I don't even know how much better he can play is a better one. Have them in that Davis better running threat, I think. I guess I guess you could say that. Look, they didn't rush the ball well here against Notre Dame.


Etienne was eighteen for twenty eight or something like that rushing. That's going to be better for Clemson in this game. Notre Dame can win the game up front. But I think once Clemson made some adjustments in the second half in game one, they did outscored them twenty to ten in the second half of that game. I think I think that's going to happen here in both halves. I can see this game being like forty one twenty Clemson winning this game there, the better team.


And they obviously for them it's a must must win game. Right. So to make this it's so we say must win.


And I think it's a must win, but according to Fanjul is a foregone conclusion that these four in Alabama minus one. I don't see how that's possible. Clemson plus two fifty. Ohio State five to one, Notre Dame eight to one. And then Iowa State sixty to one. Oklahoma sixty to one. These are all on the outside looking in Texas A&M. Sixty to one, Cincinnati. One hundred to one. Yeah. I think they need to win to be in.


I think that's baked into the line kid.


You're not getting the value now because as you said, it went five, seven, seven and a half to ten. But the fact that this is a Clemson team with Trevor Lawrence, that kind of needs to win one. If we had that situation before in an ASC championship game for Clemson in the last few years, I think forty one twenty eight sounds like a good final. And Clemson's favorite, by the way, the Notre Dame defensive coordinator is going to Vanderbilt, where he's going to lose like thirty five games over the next three years.


So good luck there. Ohio State, Northwestern, this is another one.


The I can't kill the Big Ten there. You want your best representative in there. There were stupid to make the rules ahead of time that, well, you got to play so many games, otherwise you're out like, yeah, why didn't you think this through? And what if Ohio State get screwed? What are you going to do? Well, what are you going to do? Are you going to put them in the championship game against Northwestern? Twenty and a half is the over under fifty seven and a half I'm sorry.


Fifty seven and have twenty half was the overunder. I'd have a guaranteed winner but it's not twenty. Twenty and a half is Ohio State. Fifty seven 1/2 over under Harry. You like the under in here. I need Northwestern to cash like a nine thousand dollar swap ticket. It's worth about exactly what I paid for it now because of all the finagling. But you're not touching this. You like. You like the under. I do like the under, but I'm rooting for you.


Okay, look, anything can happen in 2020. No fans, one at Northwestern or at least a close, hard fought defensive game here like Indiana's did, gave Justin Fields. Fitz forced him into three picks. Pat Fitzgerald's defense is real. They've given up just more than 20 points, one time in seven games for the season. They're averaging giving up just fourteen and a half points per game. They're averaging more than two turnovers. Force a game.


I think this game is close in this type of situation. Not going to be a blow, a blow out, not going to be Ohio State running up the total with tons and tons of yards. I think the states maybe within under fifty. What's on there? Oh, the whole game, the total. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I had thirty 13 written down because I know no Northwestern is going to like pass efficiency and stuff like that, but you got to eventually put up points against this team.


I don't know, just fields when he throws a Lavan wolves like those guys average like two touchdowns in over two hundred yards between and it's just going to be hard to stop them, even if it is even if it is like twenty eight to three at some point, you know, and Northwestern just can't move the ball and can't get in the offense going.


How far is Ohio State going to really run it up when they don't really have to because they're already in.


I think a better question, Harry, is are you going to rap again this weekend? You put out a video, a rap, and you had a losing pick. That was hilarious to all of it. Was Georgetown over Villanova, right?


Oh, that was a pick back. I'm getting talk about it, Eric. Oh, yeah, that was tough.


Ten and a half points getting ten and a half. They're up. I'm tweeting like a jerk when the right. Eighteen points in the first half. Georgetown and Bri, I mean, Bri, we're actually texting back and forth during that. I don't recall seeing a more awful second half in college basketball. I can't remember one.


I mean, it was so I thought it was fun. I enjoyed it. I didn't say it wasn't funny. I'm just saying how bad. Seventeen points and went to the free throw line zero times and just turnovers galore.


Well, how many times did Harry jinx himself that night? Right. Because he said we have a group chat with like eight guys out and he's sending you know, he's sending text saying up eighteen, he's given a score update. It was so great that they didn't cover Hoya mania.


Everything was a different kind of mania. Like Brady, he also needed their buddy, Joey, a buddy.


Joey's getting a little too brash for his britches lately, by the way. He is. All right. You hear me? You hear me? Konza, your Steelers think Harry, right? You needed the the Bells Steelers game to go over. Forty one and a half to. Right. Yeah. Brian, you had that too. Yep. I can't remember.


Oh by the way, you were right.


It was, it was forty one. There should have been a pass interference. The Steelers should have scored at least again.


I thought we were with better like a half hour versus what was it. Harry jinxed himself on that one to claim victory and then it never went over so well. No, actually you jinx me Darren. When Buffalo got the pass interference call down to the one you send me. There you go. And the ball stupidly throws down the middle loss of four and then they kick the field goal.


I think we lost more than you did by having to witness that rap video, although you witnessed it, too, by having was actually you.


But yeah, please don't do that. Rhymed it arrived. Oh, my goodness.


All right. Iowa State, Oklahoma, Big twelve championship. I like Iowa State. Here's the catch in four and a half.


They won Oklahoma in this game. They started oh. And two, they fought back. This Breeza is pretty damn good, but Oklahoma has been decent against the run. I think they haven't allowed a 100 yard rusher in the last three that said thirty four thirty.


I think Iowa State wins, but I think it's going to be one of those crazy games. Brother brought you in on this.


Yeah, like I say, two plus the four and a half I wish I got in the line. I think it was six or six and a half to start. Wish I got that. These games have been really close the last few years between these two Iowa State, one earlier in the year. Thirty seven to thirty. But that's when both teams weren't playing well at all. Iowa State's been playing really well the last few weeks. Both teams have been really good defensively, getting four and a half though.


I just trust tarries boy Brock Purdie and Bri saw a little bit more in this game. Party is very. It's funny when I watch parties very similar to Sam Ellinger. Right. They look like look very similar on the field. Yeah. Pretty makes a lot of plays with his feet. I think they keep this one close. I would just trust them getting the points a little bit more. I think I think you're right. I don't know if that's going to be.


It's hard to say. There's been some good defense played in the big twelve. Yeah, it's true. It's weird.


It's weird. More so than ever. More than the SEC. Yeah. Yeah, it's crazy.


But I do like the four and a half a lot here. All right, let's do one more game. And I know Joel, I said in the beginning of the show, it's USC, Oregon. What's the matter with you? I changed it. USC, Oregon, three and a half. Sixty one half. Lot of finagling here in Washington, dude, because a covid there out of this game. This is just a fun one to watch.


I think it doesn't make sense that these two teams are playing Oregon didn't play Washington. Who's in their division? Harry USC didn't play Colorado, who is second in their division. And yes, it's three and a half. They've not turn the ball over USC. That's one thing as it's love is pretty good, not turning the ball over. But this is packed. Well, like, this is just just strange. Oh, he is connecting, OK, we'll put him on before oh, we're putting them on right now, OK?


No, I just want to try to get in let's see, Harry, real quick, USC, you're going under in this game 61 and a half.


No, no, I'm going USC. You are OK. Oh, I had on the. All right. What do you like?


We like you just mentioned, the PAC 12 has been a disaster this year. I'm taking USC. And before when we before when we. You gave it on the show up against all odds when we gave out who we thought was going to win. Well, I did give out USC at plus 220. So they got a win here. And listen, I think it's going to get in Slovis. Fantastic play of the year for the for the conference.


Fifteen touchdowns, four picks, over 70 percent completion percentage. But I think it comes down to defense. And just Oregon doesn't have it. They've lost the last two games of the Beavers and the Bears and and USC forced fifteen turnovers this year. Oregon, only four, only four all season. Give me USC. I think the line should be more than three and a half. It's a little fishy here, but still USC wins. It moves on.


What was I don't even think about that. USC fans get screwed or bettors get screwed a little bit. What was the line against? Washington was a little higher, actually. Maybe it wasn't that much higher before Washington bailed out. Do you know her? No, I don't buy. You know, was it like that?


Maybe it was like for four and a half ago. I think it was close, though. Yeah, it wasn't that big. All right. We're both going USC there. That's just a fun one to watch. We've lost enough money on Oregon. We got. We got. That's got to be enough, right? Just take us cheeseburgers.


Is Brad with us, Brad, Brad can hear us. I can hear you fine. Can you hear me? I do. Where where'd you go though? So we had a nice visual of you and then you went away.


Yeah. That's not going to happen. This is a dear friend of mine. I watch football with him every Sunday. I used to before the world went on fire. Most of the day at least we'd watch football usually passes out before halftime. He's drunk, but he's with us now.


Brad. Randy, what's happening, buddy?


Well, I'm so glad you're done with all the experts. And now you're going to have one of your ridiculous friends, Mr. Brookman. But you were the one to eighty, bro. So there are all the experts on talk and you're ready for ridiculous friend.


All right.


Yes, there's a ridiculous friend. All right. Let me explain what the ridiculous friend is excited about. We've been in this. Hold on. Let me set it up. I've been in this this eliminator pool for many, many years.


And now how many started in this pool this year that I can't hear? What the hell you said? What how many?


Thousand five hundred ninety five to five thousand and change.


And we're down to how many left, including you. Seventy nine. Seventy nine left.


This is eliminator pool. You pick a team every week. Once you pick them, you can't take them again. And for the last two or three weeks you've had to take two teams, right?


Every four weeks I've had to take two teams. There's one point four, seven percent of the people at one point four seven.


All right. So I try to I try to calm down a little because I worry about his heart. But I say if you were in a room, it's great that they're.


Seventy nine people left. But if you were in a room with seventy nine people, you would run the hell out of there. You like this is to man to this is too much humanity. So you look at it a different way as if these people were in a stadium scattered. You're look you're in good shape. Right. Right.


If you're in an arena with five thousand two hundred ninety people, there's five hundred and twenty thousand up the court and get it. And all of a sudden the nine of you left. Yeah, they go five thousand one hundred and something. Yeah. You get a different look at it and just do seventy nine before. And it's not just random, I mean eighteen in a row does qualify me as an expert. But you know we can't see your face.


I mean the experts aren't afraid of hiding their faces. That's what, that's what I learn. Come on, come on. Bring the video back on Randy. Where are you? Did he go away altogether? Now, we lost them, so I got greedy, I want to a video now, we lost the audio on them. Can you hear me now? Oh yeah, now I hear you. Where the hell are you right now? I'm in I'm in an alley in downtown L.A..


Yeah, he's not even joking. By the way, this guy, he's on his fourth phone. It's December. He's on his fourth phone this year and he's bragging about the five G but yet can't connect to assume so. I don't know what's what's going on.


I could probably do the zoom. But here's here's the thing with the zoom. Randy Quaid, the guy. Yeah. So, OK, so it's been nine months. I had no social contact with a guy that really depends on it for his well-being. So I'm not going to give that I could look at you, but I can't really interact, so that's not going to work. So the downside is that the one guy I wanted to see in person thought to would happen and those other experts have it.


So I can't interact with you with the one person I've been trying to avoid for forty seven years is looking right back at me. Oh, you put. We'll turn it on and then just don't look at the phone. I think people want to see what you look like here in cheeseburgers. Hang on. All right, good. Yes, I want to do my least favorite person.


Well, I guess I was the least favorite. Are you going to win hundreds of thousands of dollars now? I worry about Randy. I want him to win. Of course. I don't want him to lose.


This is quite a streak he's going on, even though I think we're still two weeks away from really getting excited about something like this.


But I. To the world, how much money do you think you win?


If you if you if you collect their. Well, I it fear of the equity, the equity, right, he's about nine grand, right? How much I lost you.


What is it if you split it up now? I think it's like nine grand, I think. Right. No, no, no. I know if you win the whole big prize.


Right. Well, what is it how much what's the grand prize, five hundred eighty thousand or something, five hundred twenty thousand five hundred and it's five two nine five. So five hundred and twenty twenty nine thousand fifty. OK, no, I worry if you have that access to that money.


I really do. I don't know.


I mean is what goes with the. I know. I worry that if you collect that money I don't know. I think you should try to split it now with the other seventy people.


Listen, Bernie raised doing is past the great Pringle's years. I think it's time.


OK, it's time. Go ahead, Harry. You want to say something? I was just going to say, Sal, wouldn't it be fair, though, if if Randy did win this, he just runs out a rib shack somewhere and treats you to ribs and everyone the ribs? Yeah.


What's the plan if you win this money, Randy? I think that they go to my dad because he he yeah. We've been doing this for ten years. Yeah. He he does the website and all that, which was last year when I had eight in a row and he forgot to put a pick in.


OK, maybe, maybe he doesn't get half then.


I don't know if it six in a row but yeah. So well no I mean so, so I say two hundred grand I got. All right. So some folks think I owe you eighty bucks or. Yeah.


So maybe Brad, Brad, Brad.


Before you think about who are you going to pick this week. Are you, can you, do you think maybe if you're stuck between having to pick the two teams you might confide in Ken and who he thinks you should take.


If I'm stuck between, what, two teams?


What if you if you're not sure who to take? Exactly.


Maybe you can confide in Ken and who to take is wondering if you want to bring Ken on to ask who seems like a good time to bring in that guy. Right. I've got I've already been there. That's all you do. You've had a bunch of success. Call that dude.


All right, Brad. So what are your options for this week? You have to you have to win two games. I have to win two games. It looks like, obviously at the Jets and the Jaguars now. Yeah, not them. It looks like the best options are cowboys. Cardinals, the cowboys and Cardinals were the ones I was looking at. Oh, man, Rylander options are lanta, Detroit, the Giants, the Bengals, and there's only 14 left and two of them are the Jets and the Jags, so there's really 12 left.


So let's look at really let's look at the easy ones. You can't take Green Bay over Carolina, right?


No, I can think. Carolina. Yeah, OK. You're not let's not look at underdogs yet. You can't take Green Bay. You can't take the Colts over Houston. That's a big one.


The Jets I've already taken you've taken Baltimore, you've taken the Rams.


You take them over the Jets. OK, so now we go to the the mid-range spreads. You've taken Buffalo. You can't take them over Denver, right? You can't take Seattle, Washington. Go ahead. Sorry. Stop with the underdogs.


Let's just go. Bye, love. You can't take Seattle right over Washington. No, no. You can't take Tampa over Atlanta. No, you can't. You can't be right. Wow.


You can't take Arizona over Philly. Kansas City's probably. Yes, I guess I can take I really can't take Arizona, you can take Arizona, OK?


Yes, I think that's got to be I don't want to I don't want to lose you this money. But for God sakes, if you have to take two pics, I think that's got to be one of them, right? Yeah, that's what I had to keep going.


All right. Kansas City's out. You can't take them. You can't take you can't take Cleveland or you can take them. No, I took the Browns. You can't take Pittsburgh over Cincinnati. We saw that doesn't matter. All right, so now we are looking at actual underdogs, unless you take so Dallas is a short underdog. That's what I'm looking at.


What about for anorectic? No, I don't. Oh, wait, yes, I did. They played the jet, right? Right. You can't can you touch the Thursday game charger's in Vegas? I have no doubt they both played the jet. You're right. OK, I kind of see how this is working. Oh, man. All right. So now you're stuck with on their dog. So you go if you win Arizona and you're stuck with underdogs or a pick them type game.


You got Dallas, yeah, you got Washington or No. Would they play the Jets to now of Washington and out you have the Bears NFC East team yesterday. Shit, I don't know what to tell. I really don't know what to tell them guys at Cardinals has to be one, right? Ballers and cowboys? No, I don't even know that the cowboys fuck.


Well, you have you have said you have Ostrander, you said you have you have the bearer's available, huh? Bears, the Bears, Falcons, NFC East, Jets, Jaguars have been the last few years have been very good, very good against the Vikings, I think at this point it's like which if you got to look at it like if I picked this team and lose, what's going to infuriate me the least.


Right. The way this team would be tough, would I should I have seen this coming with this team and when you stuck with all underdogs, they kind of check all those boxes that I'm bringing up.


You have the New England no jets. Miami played the Jets, obviously. I better get to know, guys. I think it has to be, as Harry saying, either Chicago, you took Minnesota, right? Where they played the Jags, right, the when one that was the big one that weekend, that 30 minutes when the Jags when the Vikings came back and beat the Jags in Raiders threw that Hail Mary. You had both of those that week, had both of those.


And that that was a crazy half hour, right? I mean, that's just crazy to get because the Jaguars tied a two point conversion. That was tough. And I had the Patriots over the Jets when they kicked that long field goal. Those were this sucks.


This sucks. I got to say, I know it sucks for the other seventy eight, but I almost. Oh, you can't take Chargers or Vegas. Oh, my God, I don't know. So, Terry, it's either the guys who see the Bears or San Francisco or Dallas, Dallas Bears, Dallas or the or the Giants, those are the three.


Randy, you got to go down with the Giants. Have you taken the Giants? No, I have not I take no energy. You have to take the Giants, this is your team. Did you see the game last night? I did. You see the Giants the day before.


The Parli kid says the Giants at least. Plus the point.


Can they give you points on this thing or is it when you look at that thing and it's 10 in a row and then to two each night, do we say it's I mean, I know there's still seventy nine left and it's ridiculous number of people. But forty eight went out last week. Right. It was eight. Sixty five three weeks ago.


He's obsessed with the numbers. I know it is. It's still we still need a second game here. Which, which, which of those teams has the closest spread. Is it, is it the Forty Niners. Yeah that's the close. I mean that's pick up two and a half. I don't know. It's right in the two and a half. So I mean if you just use the spreads right the Cowboys would be. Yeah, yeah. If you want odds wise the Cowboys is the better pick, slightly better than Chicago.


But the Giants, you know, they're all in the same range there. I think. You know what, Randy? This would be a lot easier if I could look you in the eye. I think we would come up with winners. But you're making it difficult.


My zoom don't work the tie and stuff.


I mean, the thing is, is trying to save the players right on offense. We're like, I can root for Zula Elliott for an afternoon. I could remember Amari Cooper and Gallop in those boos like, you know, the Giants this whole my whole life I got a room for.


I think you got to. I'm going to I'm going to recommend Giants for that second pick, I think Arizona's obvious whatever. If you lose that you took his favorite, you could. But there's you can't kill yourself. Randy, I'm giving you the bears. I'm giving to the bears, Randy, because the bears I'm leaning towards the bears, too. I think just because you know what, they are healthy. Minnesota's kind of done themselves. And bears are, you know, the bears out to play good defense.


Dallas's defense could be atrocious this week. The Bears are at least going to play some good deals, most likely, right?


Yeah, that's why I say it's about the bears. They had a good six in the last seven weeks. All right.


Now, come on, Randy, what are you going to do? Your style of Montgomery's been good, Montgomery. Good. He has been good.


Let me just say, though, the only thing is based on the team's Randy has left the Bears play Jacksonville next week. Oh, then at Jacksonville. So I guess you got to also factor some of that bad call. Brian got back.


You got a good call. That's that's a good call because the I almost to Dallas this week, Dallas is my other pick. You couldn't take a covid take each week just in case the whole thing comes burning down.


Dallas should be labeled your call covid pick every week. I don't care who they're playing, but.


Yeah, yeah, I'm trying to look at that. Would you take the Giants again? And they're Dallas now. You're not taking them at the Ravens.


You might take them home against the Cowboys if you got that far in the last week has been good.


But it's Haskins starting or is Alex Smith. We don't we don't know yet. I think it's going to be Alex Smith. Why? You don't have them. You don't. Yeah. You still you do what? You have all the NFC East teams.


Yeah. I he might be right, maybe the way to go is your first instinct with the Cowboys there at that point. If you have, you can keep the Bears for the next week and also have the giants against the Cowboys in the last week. That might be the way to roll. I think the Giants think you're going to really be upset with yourself, if you like. I didn't take my loss and I didn't take my favorite team of all time.


What am I doing here?


I mean, that that would be difficult if I put the Cowboys and the Giants won. That would be tricky. Right. Right. You know, I get that. I get that completely.


Randy, Randy, you take the Giants and Jones will have four fumbles by halftime, you know.


All right. They're yeah, they're not good. And I really I like the idea of rooting for something, you know, like those Dallas guys. There's talent all over the field on offense. There really is no that the for like Wayne Gallman, Travis, even I don't know who their running back is even, but I don't think they have him.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah right. Yeah.


So it's like well I don't know, it's a tough one for sure.


I'm just watching football with your body. You continue to go to the warehouse and watch with Adam. Right. And Scott. I haven't.


I went one consistently and then he didn't show up or do doing other things before the election or or the week after the election. And then then I went home to see my dad. So I haven't I haven't seen him in like five weeks.


I think he moved to Texas. He keeps saying he's moving to Texas. So Adam, there maybe maybe he maybe the warehouse belongs to you now.


Maybe he just gave it over and went a couple of times. It was just and then Scott moved back. He moved he and Adam. Right. Right, right.


Nobody knows these people. Nobody likes Randy. Uh, good luck, buddy. I don't know. I say giants. Paulie, what do you say for that second team? I'm going to go. Well, you know, I would have said bears, but I think it might be smart to hold on to the bears. And so I'll say, oh, boy, you know, I'm going I was on my team. But I guess in those in those circumstances, I'd say you guys really, like I say, the Cowboys, we go to the Cowboys.


We just did forty five minutes on how we hate all these teams. And now now you're asking me to stick five hundred and twenty nine thousand dollars to one of them. I don't know. That's tough, Randy.


Well, let us know. Please let us know and we'll tweet it. And so before you get there.


Before left. If Seattle had beaten the jet, they did beat the Jets. What, Seattle or left? Wow.


All right. You only you only seven times. You got Seattle that game, didn't you? So I had them against somebody. I had them against the Raiders. Yeah.


All right, Randi, nice job. We're going to get you a better connection either way out of this 500000 win or lose one point for seven percent. You're in the 99 percent, Randi. How many times has anyone told you that you're in the actually, you're in the one percent, right? Yeah.


Yeah, I'm in the one percent, Larry. Horse race. I think I'm in the two percent. Right. Exactly. All right.


I try not to get incarcerated. We'll check in with you hopefully next week if you keep this going. All right.


All right, Hanson, everybody. Well, good luck to you. Good luck. All right. I choose I do this thing hanging out with the well.


He's probably going to be on for another ten minutes or so. Cheeseburgers. Who called?


What the fuck? Do we just sit and listen to this for a while?


Zoome contacts. Dhoom. Joan. Well, I'm sure to understand this raw power of nice. Note that it is still up there, I don't know. All right.


I think he's done. I don't know if we gave him any good advice so hard. That's hard. I know.


I hate it. And there's still 79 people have. I know he should be excited, but it's still seventy nine people. My God. All right, guys. Well, now it's up to you. Brad can't help you. I should ask them to stick around and help you guys. Bri, as bad as things were last night, you won your shark tank pic and I jumped on with you last.


You jumped on. I've hit three in a row. Like, when I give out pics, they're not bad. It's just such a degenerate. I just bet everything and it just doesn't work out.


Yeah, right. I know. All right. Well, who did you have last week?


We had in Iowa. Iowa gets Wisconsin. Iowa. Yeah, that was nice. Yeah. Screw they suck. That was good. All right.


Who do you like for Shark Tank this week? All right.


So I'm going to go with San Jose State plus six and at first Boise State. What am I missing here with this line? San Jose State's been every bit as good as Boise State this year. I guess this line is just based on reputation. It's at a neutral site. I think it's in Nevada, San Jose State six and oh, this year, five on one against the spread. They're very good defensively. I was really impressed with San Jose State last week against Nevada.


This is a game parlay. Kid had Nevada on. Nevada was about to go up twenty one points. So they were they missed a few opportunities on the goal line. San Jose State came back one by ten. They but most impressively, as they shut down Nevada's offense in the second half. So some big when you look at Boise State, they had some big wins, but it was only a matter of their special teams score. It got, you know, got a few different scores for them.


Six and a half is way too. I actually like San Jose State to win this game, but I love getting six and a half here. All right, Harry, it is up. You've not won three in a row. All right.


How'd you lose with last week at the Alabama Arkansas game to go over? Sixty eight and a half. Oh, yeah, yeah. Crap. I was awful.


Who would have thought Arkansas would be so bad?


All right, Harry, who do you figure they still score? I'm going to take them to go back to the NFL. I'm to take Tampa Bay minus six, maybe the Bucs after their double digit win versus Minnesota back on track at forty three. Brady still has thirty three total touchdowns this year. Atlanta all of a sudden the last three four, they're averaging just three point seven yards per carry. Tampa Bay, it's first in the NFL versus the run.


And Tom Brady career wise against the Falcons. He has six to No. One games by an average of more than ten points per game. He's got thirteen touchdowns, two picks against Atlanta's career. Give me Tampa Bay, minus six against the Falcons.


All right, Parli kid, you got you're stringing together like the whole league here. What do you got? Yeah, well, look, after my UFC debacle the other night, although that fight was great, right. That Figueredo of I was absolutely awesome. It's not that that fight burned me. It was the Ferguson get torched. Yeah. That left me a little disappointed. But whatever. So let's rebound with you know, what I think is, you know, what I always like to do is put together these big money line parlays.


Right, with heavy favorites. So you tell me, which one do you think is going to lose? Because most likely one of them will lose. But I still like this side. So we got Packers minus four oh five against the Panthers, Packers, their home. In fact, I think I think all these teams at home that I'm giving you so that it helps out at the Saturday and Saturday. So you got to make sure you're ahead on that.


So I like the Packers, the Titans, the Lions. They got to keep up with the Colts. They're minus six hundred over them. I like the Colts, over the Texans. I feel like the Texans now, they just don't have enough weapons for Watson on offense. And their defense has been absolutely brutal lately. Cold, so minus three. Twenty Ravens minus 750 over the Jags. That's a given. And the Rams minus fifteen hundred over the Jets.


That's a given comes out to plus one twenty eight. So yeah. Packers, Titans, Colts, Ravens, Rams and I guess they're all home here. So that's a bonus for you if you want to throw the Steelers into that too, you could. Yeah.


And start looking at those five I know the least about Brize Pickfair, San Jose State, although I was watching Nevada game plus six and a half over Boise State. Now, man, TB in the coverage.


I mean, they never should have covered last week.


Falcons always screw us. Come on. Either way, they screw us somehow or another.


We didn't even talk about Dan Bailey and what the what happened. Oh, God, that was awful. I hated that. Add that to the list.


Now is another one. I mean, I bought up to plus seven and a half and they couldn't even cover that because, I mean, it costs them like ten points alone, thirteen point.


I don't know what it was, 10 points points, I don't know Harris and Atlanta, you know, it's funny, we just went through the roster with Brad of teams. We don't trust Atlanta either way. Detroit either way, Denver. Either way, I feel like I have a list of like seven or eight teams and I'm just done betting or betting against the rest of the year. And Atlanta is one of them. That was ridiculous. Matt Ryan, two interceptions.


I know until he doesn't suck and he hits Ridley for three touchdowns. I think Julio Jones, is he done or C, could he be playing this week? That's a big factor. Yeah.


Paul, I kid I'm going to go with yours, I got to be honest, I do worry about the Packers a little bit. Like I said earlier, they haven't had their weird game. They had that weird snow game, I think it was a couple of years ago with McAffrey stuff that the goal line or last year is something they have. Not that you look at their schedule, they have a win over the Saints, no great wins. I like them.


I think they're flying under the radar here. And and it's a it's a good spot for them. Now the floor comes out and says, hey, Aaron Rodgers should be MVP, is like, hey, just shut your mouth. You guys are doing a good job keeping quiet here. Quiet one seed as it is. I'll go with yours. Plus one twenty eight Rams, Colts, Titans, Ravens, Packers just to win. What the hell could go wrong.


Plus one twenty eight. I'm going with the parlay kid. All right fellas. Paul, I can't. What do you got going on.


Not this great week of sports. Right. And yeah, we've got NBA starting next week. So with the real action. So a lot going on. A lot for us to watch. Very curious to watch that picture in the background behind Harry is of. That's nice. What's going on here? What is that?


What does that Harry know? That's what he stares at instead of watching games.


He's just looking, I guess, sets up a chair. And I know. Gary, come on. You got to get into it this week. This is. Come on, please. This this is a good week to start. You, Harry. Getting world needs you. Yeah. If you need me. Definitely invested in watching game after game. Enough for this. You need me, Darren. I'll be there for you.


OK, we need we need this. He's going to at least be checking in on the Tampa Bay Atlanta game.


So Sunday at 1:00 pm Eastern, he'll be he'll be ours to evaluate. Art Harris, what do you got going? You are in California?


No, I'm in I'm in Phoenix. And Harry, go to Best Buy Corner, check out all my articles and pics as well. But also for people who are wondering, I did make the fantasy playoffs. Oh, you did make it. I did go four and one for the year versus the three. You guys, um, and I can still face Paulie and Tony, the team that has Mike Evans in the finals. So it could come down to that if I get there.


So I am in the. That'll be fine.


You owe me half a beat, John. I got you that seat. Harry, my team, who you trashed all year is what you got.


You a better seed. Yeah. Did Edmund start for you last week? The. Yeah, but you know what, Mike Evans doesn't start for them, not like that you're not no one's beaten that team. That's a crazy ass team.


I mean, that might be the family that beat them two weeks ago. If he if he doesn't start car against the Raiders and he starts Roethlisberger.


You got Colin Johnson in your lineup for the Jagwar secret weapon, baby secret weapon.


They this fantasy team.


I know no one cares. Mozza Parmesan has their closest loss was I think you're ten points against or was it again, was that did you lose to them by ten.


Eleven, eleven. All right.


That's their closest loss this year. And they won last year. I mean, they're dominant. They have Derrick Henry and they got to keep them the last two years. But and knowing and and cook, I want to bet you on this. And Harry, it appears as if you're you're growing you're trying to grow a playoff beard in some spots of your face.


Is that what's going on? That's coming off later on today, too? Oh, interesting. All right. You're at a Harry brother. Bri, let's stay away from the crazy games. I don't know how we know, but at night, brother Brian, I'm at the brother Bri.


I'm going to be I'm going to try to keep it low during the week a little bit.


I guess I've got some college basketball fun tonight, but yeah, Saturday I'm going to go crazy because I like some of those games.


Just don't let the Raiders do you in at least survive.


Yeah. Yeah, I know.


I know. I will. I probably won't go that game. I won't go crazy because I don't I don't love that one. But Saturday, Saturday will kill me. That's what killed me all year.


I can't get I can't get more than a few games. Right.


And look, Bri, Bri, I've given you three NBA preseason games. I'm throwing it all away. So what do you want? Thank you.


I think we're going to be checking in definitely on against all odds. Next week. We will be previewing the NBA season a little bit. We'll give you MVP odds. We'll give you some good over others and some odds for conference and and division. We may have something live in the meantime before that on NBA. We will be checking in also Thursday on Twitter on the extra points handle during halftime of that Raiders Chargers game. Hopefully I'm still alive.


My streak of seven in a row trying to make it eight on Thursday. So this week we still also have a good memory card. It's got some good, good fights on the card. I can work Greg Hardy's fighting. Right. He's finally got a pick them fight. Yeah. Hardy Tuberose fighting. Morrice fought the good fight. I really like to see Kat the cast. Williams Mike Mike Pereira I think is really good.


Mike Pereira's fighting. Yeah, that seems like so it seems like it seems like a mismatch. Just ill-Advised to watch the cast Williams fights that one should be a great one. I don't necessarily love the Wonderboy Tompsett main event, but the other day, although I was going to say although those this week.


Right, yeah. That guy Vares awesome too. So that's that's like a really get up and comer so. Yeah. Like that. And then the Cornelio fights this weekend. All right. Smith Oh yeah. I kind of like Canelo. I think Cornelio on points is like plus one ninety five. It's interesting. Smith is a big dude so it could be he's never been stopped.


I mean the competition's definitely last but it's partly kid I'm surprised you're in that spotlight. Canelo is like minus four hundred or something right. Yeah it is. Six hundred and six on. Oh. So I think Pskov all right.


But yeah he's Smith is pretty good. So I like what saying I could see that going the distance by my decision. Yeah. I'd probably go. I think the overunder is nine and a half rounds.


I feel like it's pretty good. Yeah. I got lucky with Spens going bye bye decision. I feel like I'm not going to be able to hit that again for another three or four years. Have to pinpoint a fight like that. All right, Jim Cunningham, jump on in here. What are you got? The eyes are ones.


Yep, the eyes are ones. That's about it. I love that you never even explain what the hell that means, I'm trying to give you a common name. I don't know. And someone has that Jim Cunningham, we're talking about Jim's Twitter handle. And the eyes are ones if you plug in Jim Cunningham. Joel, what was the most entertaining thing this hour or hour 20? I mean, there's just so much, but it is probably trying to make out what Brad was talking about.


Yeah, all I wanted to see his face.


He didn't want to look back at himself. I thought that was a way we could all be happy there. All right.


Here, I will say Harry's starting to get upset that you're not going with his picks. Is that true? You are. Every time he's shaking his head. No, I saw it this time. It was Joe. You nailed it. Yeah, absolutely.


By the way, Tampa Bay, I don't know. It's a listen up, by the way, Sal, also on Thursday, last week, Brian probably has numbers, but our halftime show on Twitter with extra points for the halftime between Patriots and Rams. Yet we give out tons of winners at halftime. And we did tons of winners.


We had a bunch of people watch. That was yeah, we could give out that on Fanjul. They sponsor that and they have a million props up for the second half. So even if you think you're done or you want to add your winnings, jump on there. We'll we'll give you some winners in the second half.


And so that'll do it for another episode of Against All Odds. They watch me on Fox Bet live Monday through Friday, 5:00 pm Eastern on FS one. Follow us at the extra points pod and me at the cousin Sal for the DeGennaro trifecta. Jim Cunningham, Joel Solomon. Oh, so many more. Michael Sacconi and Brad. Good luck this week. Brad, I'm still saying so long and happy handicapping now.