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All right, welcome to Against All Odds, part of the Extra Points podcast that we're cousins out coming to the steel producer, Jim Cunningham. Oh my God, it's not just me and Hill producer, Jim. I'm going to be honest. My gurus of gambling, my wizard of wagering, my barons of betting, my overlords of the odds of the trifecta, Harry, brother Bri and Darren, the Parly kid. They're joining us as well. What's happening, fellas?


What's going on? Sal, what's up? So what's going on?


But we k I mean people can't see right now but Harry is dressed like an elf and what does that a mistletoe coming out of your head. What the hell is going on. Yeah. Mistletoe. I am. Yeah. Mistletoe. I'm giving Darrin like a virtual hug and kiss right now. I would like one back.


Oh that's adorable there. Is that what Harry was doing in California area audition for the American Horror Story series.


Well, it is pretty frightening right now. That is pretty frightening, I will say. I did want to ask you, Harry, because I feel like I need a cleansing after being on the wrong side of both the seventeen point underdog that won and the fifteen point underdog that won both within 24 hours when you were you lost 52 pounds and 50 by what you did a cleanse.


Right. I need some kind of cleansing. I did. I did. What did you do, Machado? You shot oil up your ass or something? Got figure. I did. I did do that. I did do an enema, but I also did do a cleanse where the cleanse was like it was a five day cleanse and the last two days really kicked in where I lost like eight pounds overnight leading into that Friday into Saturday when I told you I didn't think I was going to make it.


And then I checked and I'm like, I lost eight pounds overnight. Right. And look at you now. I mean, I don't know. I'm not into this Cleanseas that normally I feel like you spend a lot of money. You just have diarrhea for like six days. But where are you right now? I can't even to harass Arizona.


California, I'm in I'm in South Phoenix. I made the drive yesterday from Southern California down back to Phoenix, drove through Yuma and then missed half of the game. But I'm back in Phoenix.


Everyone's jumping around. It's so it's so hard to stay on top of who's I try to get Jim Cunningham and sending gifts out to everybody, you know, and the Extra Points podcast network. I'm like, Jim, where will you be January six? He's like a I don't know, Scott Horton. Same thing I did. All right. Well, what if I delay the ship until January 13th? Still, I have no idea, Jim. You don't know where you're going to be either.


No, it's a good question.


You know, it's a really good question. All right. We're going to answer a lot of questions. We have the NFL games that go over the four big ones as I see them, college football, the semifinals are set. We're going to go over best bets with these fellas. Our friend Brad is coming on. You may remember he came on last week. He was one of seventy nine entrants remaining in this super big eliminator pool. It's down to thirty four now.


And he has to pick two games and we're going to help him, although I think he has his mind, what's left of his mind made up. But let's get right into Steelers. Bengals, my God. Fourteen and a half point favorite. I just like I wanted to end the week with the Rams and put them on MONEYLINE parlay. I did that with the Steelers. I had them with Appalachian State. I had them with the Ravens Sunday and another ten I think Tampa Bay Saturday put down seventeen.


Nothing had half their offense. Doesn't move parlay kid. I don't know what to make of this team. I don't know what to make of the money line parleys. But let's start with the Steelers. Are they done for the division? That's a tough call. I don't I you know, what do they have to they lose out, they lose to the Colts and then lose to the Browns and the Browns?


Yeah, I think they are. I don't think they can win. I don't think they can win either one of those games. So I said I remember actually when they were sitting at 11. And if you guys remember on the podcast, I said I thought Ben Roethlisberger just wasn't right, though, either. Even during that time, he has not thrown the deep ball. And all lately, I don't know what's happening with that team. I don't think it helps when they go on the road and Juju is dancing on the logos of the other team.


I think these teams up put a nice, pretty nice little thing about that up yesterday. That was fun and it people off, so they just look shut. You know, you never know what's going inside in the locker room. Right. And I almost got the sense that these receivers who who have dropped a ton of passes this year. Or looking at Ben almost like, yo, what's up, what's up, my man? You're just yeah, you're not you're not the guy anymore.


Sorry, but unfortunately, Mason Rudolph said backup. So they don't have really another option, right? Well, I don't think they're not winning that debate. I'd be shocked if they can beat the Colts or the Browns at this point. Super fan Dave Dameshek joins me on extra points and has minus three with Jeff Schwartz. And they did a halftime thing and he was distraught and but he's been talking about this offense. We see the offense doesn't work, but it really is designed to protect him.


I mean, he has to get rid of that ball immediately. He doesn't do he doesn't even do used to do the pump. Fake it. Right. Right. Oh, is the great pump fake better than anybody? Yeah, he does. It's very rare when he does it.


Very rare when he doesn't know what it's like Brother Brian, because you know, he's not thrown deep. I don't think he threw deep until that last drive. Actually he he had Claypoole.


Well he had those back to back throws right here. Yeah. Right. I guess. And Johnson and Johnson.


But that was it for the most part. It's like you're playing softball and one of the guys on the other team wants a son to bat. And so the outfielders move in a little bit. Right. Everybody moves. And nobody's you know, there's no that's what they're doing with the season two. Yeah, yeah. No, that's it.


And that's the thing, right? You start off the drive, one incomplete pass and another five yards, even if you complete it five, it's third and five and you're in trouble kind of right away.


And the hell, man, yeah. It's it's crazy. I don't know.


I was asked by the Steelers last night, was this bad of the like if they were the worst team and they have like four and outs, the starter three, four now for three and a double.


Yeah. Three turnovers that fifty nine yards receiving by Johnson was the most on the team. Can't run the ball. And I did say about six weeks ago when we went over teams that had good odds to win their division. I did six weeks ago give the Browns to win the AFC North.


It's looking like we'll hit that side. It I mean, that's it's unbelievable how they've collapsed here. They went from one seed and without really an injury like I see if you're on your third quarterback. All right, this makes sense. They're going to drop their last five or something. And yet they were so close to beating Washington on that crazy was at a Monday game or Tuesday game, like an afternoon game like that could have turned everything upside down.


Anyway, our friends are props. Slop. No, as great as it is to brag about, the better you win. Not that we're doing that. It's even more fun to complain about the ones you took on the chance time to deep dive into the collectively crushed soul of the degenerate trifecta in a segment we hate to call bad aches when the best makes you sick and you make the wrong.


It's a battle. All right. Yes, it is a bad egg, it's a headache for all of us. Like I said, mean more than these guys, I'm all over those dumb money line parlays. And for what? I think that is going to be basically the focus of our bet this week. Parlay kid, you made a bold statement. You said you're never after the Rams loss. You're never taking a big four digit money line favorite again on a parlay.


I think that's it. We get stung every time I like to do it to add odds. I tell you, the reason I do it is I want to look up at the TV and see one of the scores. Check out of my games as of twenty one three. Good. I don't have to really watch that. That's fun. Has not worked out like that at all. Biggest upset in twenty five years. The Rams. And what are we going to do.


That's your bed. You had them too are you.


That's what it was really doesn't like. You know so many diabetics with these like crazy plays that caused the loss. This was a slow, painful death watching this game right where you like. This is basically the last game on. Several parlays that you have for the day and you're seeing it where. The Jets scored first, by the way, the Jets have scored on their opening drive, eight straight games is a crazy eight straight games and scored. Yeah, scored first in eight of the 14 games.


It's such a crazy stat. But you're watching this game and you can't believe how bad the Rams are, kind of like the Steelers were last night. So what? McVeigh has let us down right since we've met him. He's been nothing but a letter. I love the guy. I really do. If he was coaching the Cowboys, I'd be happy with that, but. Just seems how was this team not prepared for this game? They played a very they didn't have to have much of an effort on a Thursday night game against the Patriots.


So they had three extra days rest. They weren't banged up from that game. The Jets have to go back across country after getting drubbed by Seattle, now have to go back playing a Rams team that sees Seattle win. Right. So they have now taken a lead. So this is like a big game for the Rams, no less. And they lose. And I don't even think it was so much that the Jets play such a wonderful game.


I made maybe for the Jets. They did, but it wasn't a spectacular performance. I'll tell you what, they pressured Goff.


They pushed off more than the Rams pressure Darnel, that's for sure.


It was crazy. And and then. Yeah. And then at the end of the game. What about those last few play calls by the Rams, a brutal third and four you throw into a running back down the sideline and then a tight end down the sideline. That was your last two plays? It was it was devastating, like you said. It's it was it's just to add on, it's more of a psychological thing, that's all. Yeah.


You know, instead of winning, you know, for you, you started thousands of dollars, you know, sort of winning for the average better. One hundred dollars, you add the Rams are going to win one hundred and four dollars now. Right. You know, it's it's crazy. So I am done adding four figure. Pirates' family lives forever changed my life. It's like minus a thousand minus eleven hundred, it's I'm done with that done part of the kit when he put that out too, when he when he sent that statement on Twitter at that point in time, he also had the Steelers to scrap the disclaimer.


And the thing is, I'm texting halfway through this game. Guys, does anybody else have the Rams? Please tell me you could suffer through this game with me. Oh, yeah. Like, I don't want to be the only guy here because we know Harry doesn't know. We know he doesn't play that game.


Left that game alone, baby, you know, and Dad and Paul, I can't really honestly, the play calling was bad towards the end. But they also and I argue with Todd Ferman about this, and he's right for the most part is like, that's not a bad beat. That's just a bad. But I think it was eighty percent bad bet. Twenty percent bad beat when ACRS is real enough. Twenty yard rushes and it's called back holding twice.


It was back like shit. All right, now Goff does have to throw the ball. This is a weird ending now and there's no Gregg Williams to to screw things up for the Jets and they're going to win the game now Bri you jumped on and solidarity like the Parli kid said, he's like, hey, does anyone else have the. Well, it's nice for you because you got him. It basically even OD's the Rams, right, when they were down 10.


Well, yeah.


So they were down 10. Partly kids like is anybody on early in the game park because I'm having a good day. It this is the problem I'm having. I'm having a good weekend. A decent Saturday, very good Sunday. So I'm feeling good. I don't have that game. So I'm like, all right, great, this is all working out. And that part of that kid's like, oh man, tell me somebody else is on this.


Tell me something on that. So I was like, were you sent out the live lines? I think late in the second quarter I was like, all right, I'll wait till halftime. I'll see and then I'll jump on with you there. So then I jump out at halftime. I put a lot of money on the Rams, that half basically to just win the game so I could join in part of the kid's misery. I feel like, you know, at that point in time.


You know, what's ACRS scored, I didn't see the penalty right away, so I just assumed the game was going to be all right over. But bad job by me jumping on there. And I almost did it again last night with the Steelers, but I managed to stay away from the second half.


Hey, Steelers Cincinnati ball on the twenty last night.


About to go up. Seventeen. Nothing. I still I got a live line of a plus to ten on Cincinnati. Well and they went up seventeen. I mean it was. That's insane. It's a pro game. Yeah. I mean it's good. It's good. You got that back. How are you. And you stay away from all the football nonsense. But you did have what is this? Arizona State College went on Wednesday, call it college basketball.


Arizona State, Bobby Hurley's team minus twelve hundred at home against you. Step up aid at halftime get outscored by twenty one in the second half at home, lose by double digits, minus twelve hundred on a sixteen parlay. Cosmetics money.


Damn it. Damn it, I hate it all. College basketball seems to be more of those though. And also you don't know what's called what's going on with the Kobe thing like football.


We have the we have a team that is trying to lose and the Jets and they can't even lose someone on Fanjul. About fifteen dollars on both money line dogs, Bengals and the Jets, it it brought back about eleven hundred and ten dollars. So good for them I guess every twenty five years that'll hit. Right. You have you make your own stimulus package that way every quarter of a century. But yeah, it's terrible. Terrible. All right.


So we're done brother. Bri, what do you predict the parlay kid. How long before he gets his next four digit money line favorite. I'd probably say forty minutes. Oh interesting.


Very well. I will say this to me on the kid had a pact about a month ago where we are now. It's not double digit favorite, but a month ago we said we were absolutely done taking Falcons games, period, no matter what side of the game. We're we're not taking them. We were on we were on you know, we were on the Falcons at the games this past week, and I'll be on against them later.


So have you made them your best bet, the Bucs, and then and then bet the Falcons? So, you know, Larry, in fairness, in no fairness, there had a very nice week. I had a very nice week winning. And I was only doing it for a little bit of a hedge and I got lucky. So even though Tampa could have kicked the field goal to cover the spread, did not deserve to go over there at all.


And I did probably not to win. Yeah, but anyway, he's betting big money, bigger money on his hedge than he is on his best bet.


Yeah, that kind of made four figures this past week.


Boy, pathetic. All right. So can you confirm that for us?


Plays that Harry made for Vegas, by the way, by the way, Palek, get the problem with McBay if you are asking you him dating guys, they're all shady.


I don't know what's going on with it, but it does seem like he has a conversation with Jared Goff. Every other week is like, look, remember what you did two weeks ago, do that. And I don't even blame Goff that much. My God, he didn't ever, you know, have a chance. A lot of these plays host that. Such a fucking weird, weird game. Both of those games. I hate the Seahawks by twat twenty this week, polychaete.


I put out a poll Saturday. I was like, who screws up on MONEYLINE Parly? I actually put out that poll. You Dekkers Alabama, Ohio State. Who is the fourth one? Brother. I wasn't even on the Bills.


It was a Clemson. Did you have Clemson? Clemson. Yeah.


They all on Saturday was easy. If you want a money line. Yeah. I guess it would just be for that easy. Everyone would do it. The money line parlays. All right.


That was another bad, very, very sad installment of FedEx. Let's hear the song again.


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No questions asked. The buyer has a chance to win thirty one thousand dollars. Everyone wins. Well, unless Clemson loses. Right, but this is the new way to bet on futures.


Go to prop flop dotcom or download the prop swap app. I had a North-Western so when nine thousand dollars and I had some nice offers on that ticket just to win the Big Ten title and Ohio State got into that game and it was ten, six at half and I had some even nicer offers and I held on to it. Brother Brai and brother I said, oh wow. Ohio State minus seven 1/2 in the second half I was like, all right, well, now I know I'm cooked.


Now I know I don't have a chance. And the Northwestern score in the second half? I don't think so. I don't think so.


Well, that was the thing. They had a few opportunities, right, to score. And then Ramsey just had a couple of really brutal turnovers. And that was that was the game. And they couldn't stop the run. I mean, for a team of plays defense, you'd think they'd be able to stop the running game, couldn't stop the run, couldn't run.


It looked like they were going to be able to run a little in the beginning of the game now. Didn't happen. Oh, Cousin Sal, against all odds at Gmail dot com. If you have bad beats, bad bets yourself. FedEx hit us up there, Cousin Sal, against all odds at Gmail dot com. This must have come from a week, not last week and the weekend before this guy, Zach S. writes back to back weeks. I was sixty six to one player, Paul I by one reception, seven players to get at least six receptions.


Davante Adams, Keenan Allen, Stefon Diggs, DeAndre Hopkins, Travis Kelsey, Tyler Lockett, Allen Robinson, Darren Wollar. Last week was bad enough when I won all but Keenan Allen, who had five catches, rest at six this week. Everyone had six plus except Lockett, who has five catches with a minute left in the third quarter, then sat the whole fourth quarter because the Seahawks were killing the Jets. I am in pain. Zach from Virginia Beach.


Sorry, Zach, I don't know where you making these crazy bets, but that is that is really, Rob, to be able to watch these guys. I mean, that's just a different fun way to lose. Probably just you're not letting twelve hundred minus twelve hundred.


I will say I'm getting killed on some parlays slightly like that. Yeah. It's not fun. We just got to survive. Let's survive these last few weeks, get to the playoffs so it should be fun. And the NFL Christmas Day game Vikings, Saints, Saints are favored by seven. Fifty one and a half is the overunder, according to Fanjul. Now you guys know I have this eight game winning streak on Thursday Night Football. I have this pregame spot with Troy Aikman in a comedy bit in which at the end I'm going to have a pick go nine in a row.


I have to go straight up, not against the spread, is there any if anyone objects to my saints pick speak up now. Is there a reason to take the Vikings? Other than that? They're the Vikings and I'll screw anything up like they did an easy game against the Bears. It's not easy. Three point favorite, but they don't ride momentum. Good. I know you want to jump in there.


It's going to say, you know, to straight for the Vikings over the Saints, Minneapolis miracle and last year in the playoffs. Look out. Right. So you would think after a loss, the Saints, a little little bit of payback. I don't like what I'm seeing out of Brees. I have to pass on this because I can't make this pick until Christmas Day. But, Harry, it seems like you're passing on it to you're not taking a side.


You're going to little air.


No, no. I'm going to take a side here, your side, and I'm going to help you out. So I'm going to help you out. It's Christmas and lay the point. You can lay the points with the Saints.


They're going to win the game to straight to to that. And he sent us over and he say he's going, oh, I said say, all right, whatever.


Go ahead. Well, it's two straight three point losses for the Saints, but they have not lost three in a row since September of 2016. During that time, it's happened four times where they've lost two in a row. In the third game, they've won all all four of them by an average of fifteen points. Like I just mentioned, they owe the Vikings one or at least two in the last two years in the playoffs. And Brees just obviously needs to just get rolling a little bit earlier, find Emmanuel Sanders.


He found too late in the game against Kansas City. I think he'll do a lot better job this week. Vikings at twenty third overall in defense in the league. Twenty fourth against the past. Saints get rolling. They win this game by double digits. Oh, man.


You know, I saw something positive out of Alvin Kamara towards the end of that game, and it made me think maybe that's offensive, Pat, but with no Michael Thomas until the playoffs and then Can Smith got hurt. And I'm like, where? Where are his weapons? Outside of Kamara. I know that's a great little outlet screen pass when he wants it, but I don't know that they figured out what they want to do with their offense. Still up Taysom Hill, down low, the goal line.


And sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't feel like Brees could get pulled any time. And yet they're the better team. They play defense, the more consistent team, and they're at home. And they all this Vikings are. And I have some thinking before this Friday, Christmas Day pick Paul in Indianapolis at Pittsburgh when Simmons and I did the line. On Sunday, it opened that Pittsburgh, I think Pittsburgh was minus two and a half, and now this morning it went after that atrocity.


Last night, the Colts were favored by two and a half and now it has settled on Fanjul Colts by one and a half. Forty four and a half. I would love to be playing contrarian here and say out on out Pittsburgh, they're going to get their shit together. Colts on the road. They can't keep doing this on the road. They got lucky twice in like three weeks against Houston with the fumbles inside the ten. But I look at a 60 minute game and I'm like, I don't know how this Pittsburgh offense outscored the Colts who are all over the place defensively.


Yeah, the Colts, they're the better team right now. The Colts have a lot to play for, too, right? So there's a chance Titans have the Packers this week. So this is a chance for the Colts to win that division, basically by beating a Steeler team that is, you know, on the team has taken a turn for the worse. So we got two old quarterbacks here. This might be one of the oldest matchups in history of football, but rivers, for as much as some of us want to hate him here, he has definitely been the better quarterback this year over Ben.


Right. So at least as of late now, that could be different in a cold Pittsburgh environment. But, John, Jonathan Taylor is also really emerging here as a weapon for the Colts to when the Colts have a very good line. And that might be the biggest difference between Rivers and Ben is that line that the Colts have. The Colts can run the ball, they can throw the ball and their defense, the defense is, I think, a kind of similar here.


I think the Colts is just a little bit better team. They need the game for that division. Pittsburgh needs it. I think the Colts get it here. I think that's something missing Pittsburgh might do internally with this team. There's something not right with. Right. And they're on a short week again. And the Colts are better. And, you know, to your point, Philip Rivers might be cold out in Pittsburgh, but over the last six weeks, I think he's the most efficient quarterback in the NFL percentage wise.


Yeah, I'm not going to overthink this. I'm taking the Colts and I think it comes down to Browns Steelers next week for the division because I think the Browns will beat up on the Jets. The Jets can't be too stupid two weeks in a row. And and as it is now, I saw that the Steelers are minus three thirty to win the AFC North. If you want to jump in on this area, I don't think even if you like the Steelers right now, you take that right.


I think you wait until that game. Seventeen if it comes down to it. Well, I don't know. What are they going to be like a four point favorite?


You'll get better, you know, just going to say, OK, let's say the Steelers lose here in a close one to the Colts and obviously the Browns beat the Jets. You still I mean, the Browns haven't won the division since out when we graduated high school in nineteen eighty nine. So. Well, that said, yeah, Steelers are probably still just beat based on home, based on knowing that they got to be. I'd say that's exactly the number, maybe four, maybe four and a half.


And Harry's right with the numbers. We both graduated high school in eighty nine. I graduated college in ninety three. He graduated in ninety seven. So yeah I think, I think that's right.


Fire. I don't think this ever was a diploma given out to Harry. I don't know I it was. No, no he got an elf costume and stuff.


I think it's in a, I think it's in a backpack somewhere in my car. I believe it. You have a car now. Wow. Ram Seattle, Seattle.


One and a half point favorite. This open that I want to say three. Yeah. Seahawks are a three point favorite Sunday night, one down to one and a half. People are betting big time on the Rams. Forty seven and a half is the overunder rams one. That's twenty three. Sixteen back in November. Brother Bri AXA's should talk about the How to Harry about this because this is the classic try by Cuspid. Right Arry Seattle beats the Jets by thirty seven or whatever the hell it was.


The Rams lose to the Jets and now the Rams brother Brian I agree will handle Seattle. It really is that way, I mean, you would you would think that the I mean, again, we've mentioned this a month ago, the weirdest team in the NFL, I said this a month ago was the Rams. You can't I mean, that game against Tampa Bay on Monday night, golf was amazing. Three hundred seventy five yards was flawless. And then they lose.


And then what happened last week? It's totally beyond recognition. It is. And Brid, so Seattle, by the way, the Seattle got off. They were lucky, too, right? They lost that game. I get it. Russell Wilson, the offense didn't need to do much to beat the first half version of Dwayne Haskins in the Washington team. They were rolling and then Haskins came back on that defense. Makes me think Jared Goff could get right against this defense.


If push comes to shove and they shove them around in November, I don't even think it was really as close as twenty three. Sixteen rams dominated back down.


Yeah, for sure.


Yes, I like the Rams here plus one and a half. It is funny though, the Rams are just every time they suck you in right there. Three days ago I thought they were the best team in the NFC and then if you lose to the Jets, there's no way you could be called that again. Goff at times Goff can be again gave wasn't even necessarily his fault the other day. But there's no more inconsistent quarterback in the NFL than than Goff.


I mean it just it must drive McVay bonkers. Yeah, but that being said, this week is the biggest game of the season for the Rams. They win this. They take back the lead in the division. It's I know they had extra days, but they were probably just thinking the Jets game was a gimme and this was the game that counts in the first meeting between these two teams, the Rams, like you said, that it really wasn't close.


They dominated that game. They sacked six times. They forced three turnovers. They're going to be able to move the ball on the Seahawks side. I think the Seahawks are going to struggle to move the ball on them. I just like them.


The bounce back here, that line is that line is a little low, which makes me like, you know, makes me like the Rams even more, dare I say, after we killed parleys and putting all these things together that the Rams plus seven and a half on a teaser, a plus eight on a teaser could be a nice way to go if you could find it down with them, link them with somebody. But. All right. I'm going to say I agree with you.


I think the Rams get it done. They beat Seattle, an overrated Seattle. By the way, if anyone has any doubts of why the Rams melted down last Monday, I beat them to win the NFC. So that was what they had to know. They want to know.


I will say to the Rams, this is a it's really kind of I mean, it's not a must win game, but they still are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs. They could be out if they lose the next two and the Bears win. If the Bears win the next two and they lose the next two, they're out.


Can you imagine what goes on? And so?


Well, as long as certain things happen, as long as certain things happen there, I guess it has everybody has to have a and and they have everything next week to. But that's what I'm saying. They have to it has to be a three way tie I think between ours. Yeah.


There's a lot but but still but still Sunday night. Harry, Tennessee at Green Bay. That's a good one. That open the Green Bay minus four is now down to three people betting in Tennessee. Fifty five and a half is the overunder. I like Green Bay, I'm all over Green Bay all year, I don't love them in this game. Now, titans of the top, I mean, the best offense in the league and I know it sounds stupid, but Derrick Henry gets it gets more and more difficult for him to tackle him come December days drawn out.


But how are you like the Titans here? Yeah, like you said, I was four. Now you're not even getting three and a half. You're only getting three. Makes me like the Titans even more. They lead the NFL in points scored with four hundred and thirty six Green Bay look. Still lost in the meanwhile and lost by twenty eight to Tampa Bay. The Titans rolled Indy in Indy, put up like forty five there, a scoring machine like you said so and Dalvin Cook against Green Bay this year over two hundred yards in two games, five touchdowns going up against Derrick Henry.


That's going to be a tough task. Tennessee, it's one for last five, three of them by nineteen or more. And in those four wins, Derrick Henry is averaging one hundred and sixty eight yards on the ground. Tannehill has been great to thirty five total touchdowns this year, but I think maybe more than anything, the X Factor here might be Tennessee in terms of they can turn get the ball turned over. Bye bye bye. Rodgers, like he did against Tampa Bay, Tennessee, leads the NFL in turnovers sports with twelve.


So look for that to be a factor, too. And I do, like I said, another three and a half. You're only getting three with the Titans. I like that a lot.


I'm looking at this because this was going to be the game. I predict like, well, if Rodgers makes his move for MVP, this has got to be it. And I'm looking for MVP odds. OK, so Mahomes is up to minus four hundred at a good game beat up on the Saints, although I thought that was close, I thought they could blow it. I think the chiefs are beatable. We don't even talk about that. Rodgers now.


Plus three fifty Paleckis is Rodgers have a chance. It's funny. NFL Network is listing their stats and they didn't list the yards like Mahomes is like six hundred more passing yards than Rodgers. But then like in the first quarter, like Aaron Rodgers, that is the least yards air yards in the history. I like what air yards? I mean, what are we doing here with this guy? Does he have a chance or is it Mahomes is the one?


I think Rodgers has a chance. I don't. I don't. Yeah, my. I think the chiefs who do they have this week, I'm trying to think, right, well, they they have Atlanta, but the game, I think they could lose and win.


That's what I'm saying. Right. So, yeah, I don't think Mahomes is an absolute lock. I think this is such a tricky bet. I would like to see, you know, what I'd like to see actually maybe emerge into this conversation with the win this week would be Tannehill if they were to beat Green Bay and he puts up three or four touchdowns if he did. And he was all of a sudden at about the thirty four thirty five touchdown area, closing in maybe on four thousand yards after week after the last game of the season.


I think he could kind of jump into this conversation if they win twelve games, win that division, beat the Packers, he could be the sleeper here. I'm not sure what the odds are there.


So it's one hung over. One hundred to one because a Derek hangs out on his team. Yeah, you're right. That's where it gets you.


Hey, what's what's Henry right now? Because, well, Fandor doesn't have it up right now, but we're talking six thirty to one I saw last. But let's just say the Titans win this game going away. Henry has another monster game and has a couple touchdowns. He's got sixteen hundred and seventy nine yards. Two hundred more than seven hundred more than he'd have to be.


He should be in that conversation now. You're right.


They just don't give it to the two thousand yard line. Gurley with that insane year and touchdowns and they just don't win their division to boot.


Hey, we will get back to Tannehill real quick.


We saw that set. We got set to start this week at his last twenty four games. Catch up with Mahomes last twenty four games, almost identical. Yeah. In terms of statistics, it's, it's, it's amazing. He really deserves more credit. But you're right. That's why he could. You're right. So how stupid.


No that's we're all we're all shaking. Hey listen, I got I got Tannahill to win them and I got to do. How are you doing. That's a lie.


You bet that I bet. Ball Yes, I did. Brian Way Tannehill A.. And Henry, both of and Henry.


One hundred forty to one to start the season. All right, you're going to lose, but good effort. I don't know. Let's have the Titans win here to create 200 yards at Green Bay and three touchdowns. You've got to be in the conversation.


I guess so. I guess. I think he just ran out of games there. All right. Let's take a break. Talk about Vandelay this season. Charles Barkley has joined the Fanjul team is the best. Santa Barkley giving away over 30 million in gifts to all Fanjul customers, such as free fantasy entries to customers, free site credit, risk free bets. Charles Barkley, Odd's Booze. So glad he's on board from the opening tip to the final buzzer.


So many ways to bet on Fanjul Sportsbook this NBA season. We have two games starting things off tonight. And if you sign up today, fans will let you place your first bet risk free, first bet up to a thousand dollars. If you don't win, you don't have to track down some shady bookie for your money. They get your winnings in as little as twenty four hours. Do me a favor. When you download Fanjul Sportsbook app, sign up with promo code against all odds so they know we send you.


That's Vandal's Sportsbook promo code against all odds. And there you go now.


College football, the Forcett Bama minus one sixty Clemson plus two seventy. Ohio State five to one. Notre Dame twenty two to one. I'm OK with these four. I get it. A sixteen playoff is better, an eighteen playoff is better. What's your problem. You just the fourteen team. That's the big deal. Like you want to put Cincinnati in there. They'll get you're not going to do better than Notre Dame. And in terms of a game in terms of like what are they.


Sorry, it's a Notre Dame is now a nineteen and a half point underdog to Alabama. Cincinnati was going to be twenty four, twenty six twenty seven point underdog. They were there are eight point on the doctor Georgia third rate team in the ball game. It just was going to be Texas A&M. They got blown out by twenty eight to Alabama. Ready. So what do you want to what are we complaining about everybody? I said that you could round robin these three teams and that's the best football you would see for three weeks.


OK, you might not yield a winner. I think Alabama would go to a.. But I think that's the best football. So what do we want, the best football or do we want to be fair to Cincinnati, who barely beat Tulsa? And the I they don't pass the test is the fourth best team in the country. Does anyone disagree? Harry, you're are you crazy about Notre Dame? Get in fourth. No, I think it's I think it's OK.


I mean, they didn't they lost by twenty four. They didn't get steamrolled, steamrolled, but they still lost by twenty four. But still, I think you're I agree with you s and m we mentioned a couple of days ago beat Vanderbilt 17 to 12 this year. They beat two teams that had winning records. So I think it's fair to keep Notre Dame in there. Yeah, we get it.


There's a drop off sometimes drop offs at six. Sometimes it's up to this year. It's OK. We had to choose the fourth guess what? The fourth best team is going to get killed by Alabama. But anyway, we'll go over those games next week individually. Odds wise, they'll parlay. Kid, I love Alabama. You love Alabama. Minus one sixty doesn't seem to make sense to me. And furthermore, to put it in perspective, the chiefs are minus one thirty five to win the AFC.


I would much rather have. I know it's twenty five cents different. I'd much rather have Bama to win this title. Right. I agree.


So the only thing I would think about with this, with this line is. If after Alabama gets by Notre Dame, which again after this weekend with the with the Rams and stuff, I don't know if that's always going to be the case, but what would they be against Clemson or Ohio State anyway? Are they going to be around this number anyway?


So I think to 40 to 50 against Clemson. What do you think? And then Ohio State, three fifty.


Well, yeah. Yeah, it's funny because, I mean, we'll get into this because I think Alabama and Clemson are pretty even overall. But yeah, if you're looking at odds, Clemson right now would be because Clemson is plus 270 to win it. Also against Bama, there would be like plus according to the odds right now, they'd probably be like plus one seventy five against Bama, which I think which I think is so, so Bama right now, minus one 60.


Jump on it to me. You get a free game. Exactly. Exactly right.


So and I, I do really well on free games but you get the free range. I again I, I can't beat this now as I've said, but I mean at least I can't beat it on the money line. But the one sixty though. I can't, I can't, I can't. And I think Alabama cruises in this game against Notre Dame and that's like Notre Dame should have a chip on his shoulder. They want to they want to prove they belong.


But Alabama's school, they just they just. Yeah. They can score at will.


Sure. Imbrie Imbrie, you like Clemson, but to pull the upset eventually, I'm guessing you think they'll get to Alabama, right?


Yeah, it's funny because I, I like I love the Clemson odds at plus 270. I think that's really good odds. But also I'm actually it's funny because I said right away the other day I was like, I'm taking Clemson over Ohio State, but Clemson minus seven and a half against Ohio State's a little. That's a little high. Yeah.


Last year you had it. It was like two and a half. Three, right? Yeah. Yeah. So coming into this year, I thought Clemson was going to be the best team. They're finally healthy now.


So I think I'm about I think they're pretty even I. I mean, you got to give the edge I guess the Bama a little bit, but Dabo two and one, his last three against Bama. I don't really see either team stopping one another, but I'd probably back Lawrence a little bit more to make a few more plays. Again, like I said, I'm a little concerned, Dabo, giving Ohio State some bulletin board material, putting them at eleventh.


Yeah, no, no. I don't know why you would do that.


It doesn't really seem to make sense, but I don't know if he's just a jerk.


I know he comes across as this like, all right, great Christian man.


And then like something like this though. And he's likeable, unlikable like Harry.


But I don't know. I don't know. It's possible. The one thing is we didn't really see at a conference games. Right. So it's possible the SEC. I don't know. It's possible. They're not great this year.


They're not defensive, especially just offensively, defensively, really bad.


Like, I think Clemson would put up, you know, fifty four. I think Clemson would have beaten Florida by seventeen point two. Yeah. Maybe twenty points. I think these teams are a little closer than those then those odds reflect. So I'd like to seven Harry. Have anything to add but Clemson.


Yeah, look, that won the championship for the last five seasons, Travis at the end looked fresh versus the Irish, the defense is forced twenty two turnovers more than any of the four teams in there. And in terms of Ohio State, they played for bad teams, two games versus good teams in that game. First game against Indiana Fields had three picks and they gave up 500 yards passing in that game. And last week, the Northwestern Field's only 140 yards and two more picks.


So definitely like Clemson in the game here in the first game. And yeah, Alabama can score tons of points. We know that. We've seen that. But also did give up forty six last week to Florida and earlier this season against Mississippi. Of all teams, they gave up over six hundred yards of offense and forty eight points to the rebels. So Clemson, I think has the better defense here, much better than Alabama. I definitely give them a shot.


I have to give Harry credit here is being able to read the notes in front of them with the mistletoe bobbing up and down in front of his head connected to that control. It doesn't look real, right? Doesn't it look like it's like a car? Like a version? Yeah. Yeah. We're getting a little fun. Green screen action. All right. Harry confirms it's real Heisman Trophy. They give it out January 5th so they'll be able to see the semifinal games.


The voters, I don't know how it goes. Maybe they do have their votes in by then. But it seems the January first semifinal games will at least be played before the fifth. The ceremony. Devonta Smith. Davonte Smith, sorry, yeah, he goes by Devonta Smith and ends with an A.. This is something I'm going to have to get over. Everyone calls them Davonte, but it's Devonta. I guess he wants to be called Davonte.


So that's it. Minus one eighty favorite teammate, Mack Jones, plus one fifty five. And then he got Trevor Lawrence. I've seen him at plus 550, vandalism at 16 to one odds. Brian Lawrence plays that he missed two games or three. Missed two. Right.


Yeah, it was at least two.


One. If he has five touchdowns in those two games, is he your favorite, I wonder?


Well, that's the thing I'm trying to think about. I just get the sense based on the odds is that most people have their voting and before then. Right.


Yeah, I think I think the voting is due before those games. Right.


I think you're right. I thought I thought I read that.


I mean, I don't think the odds reflect accurately. I mean, I do think Lance should have a better shot than what they're giving him right now. Sure. I mean, sixteen to one on Vandalise should have. I mean, I mean, if he played the full season, you'd probably give him the nod because I'm sure. I mean, you have three Alabama guys who are all worthy of a Heisman this year. Yes, nuts.


And what's interesting is nine of the last 10 years, much like the NFL MVP award, nine of the last 10 years, the Heisman has gone to a quarterback. And coincidentally, the year it didn't, it went to Derrick Henry in twenty fifteen. Right. So this would be something if Devonta Smith gets a minus 180, but we'll look at that next week at all, actually just completing seventy seven percent of his passes.


I know. I know it's weird with that team, that team is ridiculous, at least you call Mac Davis this time, Harry. Did you call Mac Davis? Yeah, it is one of his articles. Oh, no.


Yeah, I missed Daryn. Daryn, maybe in my in my article by accident, I remember back by the way, why don't they wait for the bowl games to be over for the trophy.


That's such a big part of who the best player. It doesn't it's never made sense to me. It should be a big factor. Maybe the biggest factor to who wins the Heisman Trophy. I guess like a guy like a car.


Some guys that come from smaller schools, it's not fair. Right. Or they don't have bowls or I guess it doesn't matter this year especially. Right. All these teams are in the final four. So let's let's see it play out of it up. Hey, Daryn. Darren, I got a question for you, though, Darren. Yeah. If if if Smith wins this and Jones doesn't win this biggest travesty to give the Heisman to a wide receiver since nineteen speaking in nineteen eighty nine, 1989, when Bryan's Tim Brown won it over Syracuse's Donnie McPherson.


You're really giving the guy that shot me. I know, I know, but Macpherson's and Dembrow did not want that.


You're not even close. I don't know about that, but. All right, no comment. Let's just say I bet he had a good year.


Notre Dame's there on TV a lot. Harry Browne had no right winning that that.


Well, that's that's the Hill Harper is going to die on. Hey, NBA is back tonight, Tuesday, if you're listening to this Tuesday, Brooklyn Nets.


Kevin Durant's team, favored by seven and a half over his old team, the Golden State Warriors, and then the nightcap is Lakers. Clippers, that's fun. Lakers three and a half point favorite Clippers. Technically, the road team, I cannot believe basketball's back. I know. And we are on this one text chain where it is just inundated with preseason basketball talk and lamella ball and these Knicks who are going to go away and do nothing. But we do have to cover it.


Let's go. You know what? I'm going to take the nets. We'll go we'll go teams first and then we'll go. Players will break this down. I'm going to go nets at six to one. I kind of like that. It's what if the ranch just dominates? What if he is the player that he was with? Golden State obviously does not splash brothers by his side, but he makes players better. They didn't have to get rid of Dinwiddie DeAndre Jordan's good in the paint by the rim Jarrett Allen They added Jeff Green and Landry Schmidt but Joe Harris still there.


This could be a team that goes through now if Harden gets traded to the Sixers because it seems like you call your shot in the NBA. If you want to be traded, they'll make it work like within a week. Then it's a different story. But I think he can mow the nets, can mow through the east and at six to one odds. I think that's a decent number parlay. Kid, you like another team in the east all of a sudden we forgot about the Bucs.


Yeah, we shouldn't forget about the bucks have been a pretty dominant team over the last few years and I think it was actually just a couple of weeks ago I could be wrong. I think when we had Bill on when we were talking draft, I jumped on the nets because I thought they were actually even like twelve to one at that time. Yeah, I went down to win. The right said, oh yeah, really come down because I really do like the nets.


I think Joe Harris bringing him back in the fold was huge because you saw that, that stone-Cold shooter, you know, and they're just they have just a lot of talent. I just got a feeling Kyrie could ruin that team.


I just I didn't even mention Kyrie. I know you even mentioned. That's why I got an extra like if it works I don't as yet.


You could be awesome but I just don't know what the chemistry, how it's going to play out. I think it can be very little coaching going on with that team. Right. The players they're going to play which is fine. That's what they like to do. Excellent. But I'm going to still roll with the bucks here. So they still have plus four or five. Plus five fifty. Yep. Jrue Holiday. Bringing him into the fold is a huge addition for this team.


Even a minor acquisition like D.J. Augustine is a very good pick up. Solid veteran backup point guard who can contribute just makes them a little bit more well-rounded of a team. Giannis is going to be his dominant self He's got his huge contract now he's got to live up to it. I think the bucks take the next step this year and I have them winning this whole thing.


All right Barry you you're on my side. All these for the nets to win the east. Yeah. What do you have to add. Yeah, yeah, I mean, two years in a row, the box, enough of the box, they've tanked in the playoffs and yet Katie and Kyrie just stay healthy. Joe Harris in the playoffs last year averaged 17 and 10. LaVert had twenty five points in the bubble They got a great bench and Dinwiddie like you mentioned South twenty and seven for the season one of the most underrated players in the league.


I like the nets in the east at plus 270.


All right, let's jump around here because we'll get to the player props in a minute. Bri nailed all the player props so we won't hear from him for a little bit. But Paul and the Mavericks to win the Southwest at minus one ninety five. That's interesting. Yeah, well, I mean, who else do you like, rockets, pelicans, grizzlies, spurs in that division, I think one ninety five minus one ninety five is still really good value for a team that has probably the leading MVP candidate on its team in Donchak.


And another guy we know pausing is who? Could almost on some nights equal Donchak better for him in his production, right? So you got to, you know, want A one B top grade players. The question for the Mavericks is, who's number three on that team? I've never been a Tim Hardaway guy. Right. So but I still think this is the best team in this division. I mean, the rockets have the second best odds for the division that teams that mess right now.


Harden doesn't want to be there. He might not be there much longer. So let's roll with the Mavericks at minus one ninety five. I you know, I don't usually love it. I think that's actually good odds. And I don't normally say that. I think that's good odds for that division. Right.


I like that too. I look about look at it. I think the rockets fall apart. And then you're asking a lot of the pelicans to jump up, jump that much in the Mavs were one of the more fun bubble teams. So we'll probably keep it going. Harry, you're going to the Pacific Division and wow, a lot of child care. Lakers, although only minus one forty. I know only one 48 look, clippers are like the like the bucks, they're chokers, too.


I think this Lakers team is better than the team that just won the championship for two reasons. One, their acquisition of Dennis Schroder. He had 19 with Oklahoma City. He kept them in the in the playoff series first round last year against Houston. He had two monster games. And the second reason, Mantra's Harrell above this guy, nineteen and seven. He's going to help out add Downbelow plenty for his career shooting. Sixty one percent on the field.


Going to take a lot of pressure off them down low. And like I said, the Clippers are chokers, Lakers minus one forty but Pacific seems like a steal.


Yeah, I just wonder they're a load management. That's the one thing we can say. Right, polychaete? You said we can't tell what's going on in the locker room in an NFL game. We have no idea what the plan is for load management for any of these teams. There's a LeBron play 50 games. Do they care that they win the way I guess they do? You want to be home, you know, have to travel so much.


I'm not traveling.


If the Clippers win the Pacific, I think there's going to be a lot of load management for that Lakers team. I mean, LeBron is on record of basically saying, yeah, he's kind of on cruise control for a lot of the season. That doesn't mean he's not going to turn it on to the playoffs. I mean, he's absolutely going.


Darren, Darren, it. Still, though, a lot of pressure on Paul George to he was bad in the playoffs. Terrible, terrible. Yeah, yes. And I mean Kawhi right. He's he hasn't seen is the one guy that is going to be available in free agency. So, again, I think there's a lot of stuff going on in the Clippers locker room. That's right. That's off. Right. And the Lakers with their load management, it's really going to be a really strange season this year.


I'm actually more pumped for NBA than I've been in a long time.




I can tell I can tell at this texturing that I'm going to have to remove myself from brother Brian. Let's bring you in the Grizzlies to make the play in game plus one fifty on Fanjul. This is a still a thing to play in game. Well, that's funny.


I like that. And then I kind of changed my mind a little bit on that one. But I do like that. I'm a plus one fifty to make the play in game. That's a it's an interesting pazzo in that one. The reason I like it's kind of cool is like you'd have to finish between seven and ten, right. Yeah. To be in that play in game. They're not good for the top five for sure. You know, between the Lakers, Clippers, Mavs, Utah, Denver, I think Phoenix.


I think Phoenix finishes top six to so just base.


It's funny, everybody's kind of down on Memphis this year. I still feel like they're probably the ninth tenth best team in the West. I guess the main thing is we don't really know. Again, I mean, if Houston falls off or if Harden's traded, that's another team to eliminate. Right. You can eliminate. OK, OK. So you can eliminate OKC from last year. Houston is up in the air. I mean, Houston can be anywhere from like a three seed to the worst team in the West.


Right. I think it's going to you know, it's going to come down to. Them or New Orleans, Portland. But I do like their upside on that team. You know, it's just it's just going to. I love Clark on that team, but I do feel like they're going to be like the ninth or 10 percent plus one 50. I thought that was interesting because, well, here's what I'm doing, because I this is what kills me.


I'll make a team to make the playoff teams to make the playoff parlay or team to not make the playoffs. And I always get killed and it's always in the West, like OKC killed me last year making it or and pelicans not making it just destroyed me. I don't know. I still don't know how that happened. I think Portland's the team that doesn't make it. I think I know everybody loved them. There are great bubble sensation with Dame Lillard and what they traded.


They basically are swapping is Kantner four for Covington. Still have defensive problems to not make the playoffs plus one sixty four. You got Golden State like I said in the mix. Memphis, Phoenix Spurs even a lot of competition for that seventh eighth spot that Portland barely barely got last year. Well the thing is to with, with, with the playoffs too. Right. You have to think you could be the seventh or eighth seed and technically not make the playoffs.


Right. So sure. The way they're doing it. Right, if you're the seventh seed, you play the act.


If you're nineteen, you play the tenth and then the winners and losers play. Yes. This is after the play.


Yeah, right. So you could be the seventh. Portland could be the seventh, eighth best team and still not make the playoffs. So it's an interesting bet.


I've been texting with Joe House about this brother Bri Lukáš to win MVP is plus for ten now. We went from twenty one points a game to twenty nine. I think he's twenty two years old in February or something. Yeah, something crazy. What's a better bet that or for him to be. The high score points per game leader at plus 470 hardness plus 170 yards. I write that down plus seven fifty four points per game later, but my thinking is they give it to a top two seed usually save for Westbrook that one year Dallas may not make the top two seed.


I know they don't want to give Luke, they don't want to give a third straight MVP. I don't know that they don't want to, they just don't do it that much. It's it's happened only two or three times in the past and Harris Pop and on and off here, I don't know. It's like a Christmas miracle is able to break the cycle. But anyway, what's a better bet, bri MVP or points per game for Lukáš?


Well, I like MVP because I think Luke is definitely going to be he's going to be top three. I mean, as long as he's healthy, he's going to be tough. Three MVP scoring is a little tricky because especially with no fans to. Right.


Especially early on. I mean, because you're going to go hard and you're going to go Giannis Trae Young could be in there Lillard could be in there So there's a lot of guys fighting for that high score but I think look at plus for ten is still really high. I mean some sites are significantly less. I mean I all I know is I'm betting and Giannis probably for the next seven eight years I feel like those guys will win. Right. They'll win every other year.


I feel like it's up right over the next right there. Those guys are probably in for I mean the guy averaged twenty as a twenty year old basically or twenty one twenty, twenty one you know twenty nine, nine and nine and less than thirty four minutes a game. His three point shooting was actually really poor. His free throw shooting wasn't great. So that's where you could say so maybe he could be the high score because you figure his three point shooting is going to get better, is free throw shooting is going to get better.


But I do think he's going to average a thirty point triple double this year. I guess the question, like you're saying with Westbrook is, do they have to be? I think Dallas probably still has to be a top three team in the world. That's it.


The thing is, I don't I don't know when you look at the odds, I can't see ads being healthy enough and sharing it with with LeBron that he win it. CDV healthy and back to normal. That's probably the biggest threat. Tatum's probably a year away. Yeah, I look at all these other guys and that's why I'm like, if you get Luka and Yoni's both over four to one, I would I would jump on both of them.


I don't know that Giannis one to Let's get through these polychaete you have Lillard points per game plus nine nine that flies in the face of my Portland sucking back But yeah ten to one odds for an assassin like that. Probably not bad.


Yeah he average thirty points a game last year and he was the darling one of the darlings of the bubble play and he continues to raise levels game. I like those odds right there is Harden looks a little out of shape. Normally I would, I think I've won money the last couple of years on him at least last year of him being the points leader. Yeah, I just maybe take a step back without some very strong team there in Houston and I could see Lillard raising his level to.


Thirty two points per game here for this season, and at those odds, I kind of like it 10 to one. Harry, you have now defensive play of the year.


You still seem to always go to Rudy Gobert or like Kawhi Leonard I think Draymond Green one one a year Giannis won it last year I'm trying to look for odds here for let's say you like you like for Defensive Player of the Year Anthony Davis. Yeah, at plus 240, I think, you know, he got a little shafted in the voting last year with the honest getting it, I think got shafted for MVP in the finals with LeBron. Got it.


It's still had a tremendous season last year, almost 10 rebounds a game, two and a half blocks a game.


I think the Yanase Awards might be over after they the bucks of tank two years in a row in the playoffs. I like Davis and like I said, he's getting a lot of help from Herro. I think now with this team, I like him at plus 240, definitely worth the shot. And I think voters might feel that way a little bit, too, that he got a little shafted in both. So maybe they give him a little more credit here, plus 240.


I think it's a good bet.


Well, again, I think a lot of this depends on load management and how much he's going to take off. It's such a shot in the dark he's the favorite plus 240 Gobert three to one Giannis the defending champ plus three ninety Bri you like some of these mid-range guys for defensive player of the Year.


Yeah I really do and it's funny. Defensive player is one of the few few bets good bets I've given out for futures. Last year I gave out Giannis last year at six to one I gave out go back a few years ago but I do like there's two guys but the first one is Ben Simmons at sixteen to one he finished last year fourth in voting he was first team all defense. He'd led the league in steals. He's probably definitely the most versatile defender at the moment.


I feel like with Doc Rivers is the coach. They're going to focus even more on defense. Some people thought he probably should have won it last year. So I feel like at sixteen to one he probably should be like seven or eight to one sixty. No one is really high odds, I guess you could say. The worry would be all of a sudden it is, I guess, if Simmons gets dealt to Houston for Harden or something like that, that would that would significantly change it.


But maybe that's maybe that's factored into the odds at the moment. And then the other guy, just quickly, as bam autobio fifth last year in voting, made so many great plays in the playoffs. You guys remember that that crazy block on Tatum that won that series essentially at plus nine 50. He seems like the type of guy who over the next year he's more offensive, obviously, than Rudy Gobert but I feel like he's a guy over the next two or three years is going to win one of these.


Yeah. All right.


We have a few more. We have Brad in the waiting room. I don't know what's funny, having him wait or going to him right away, but let's get through these last few real quick actually. How are you Trae Young.


When we talked about top score out of the twelve to one odds look twelve to one yet he was fourth last year, twenty nine point six his rookie year at nineteen so he shot up ten points. Harden like Deron mentioned thirty four points last year but he's not happy right now. Bradley Beal with second but now with Russell Wilson Westbrook on that team has got to deal with him having the ball a lot and the Hawks team is better I think a ten point jump significant Trae Young Fantastic twelve to one.


I think that's pretty good value. Brian, Mr. Sexers over forty two and a half wins when we talk teams. Yeah, I do really like them. It's really just a question of how fast they're going to get going. They had a down year last year, but if this is based on two or three years ago, this goes over.


You may not like Doc in the playoffs, but he seems to be a really good regular season coach. I love the acquisitions of Curry and Danny Green. They needed three point shooting. Green is just a winner. He's going to help significantly with defense. And they are they should be a really good defensive team. So I do think they're going to be atop probably a top three or four team in the east.


And I think they go over that. Forty two and a half.


All right, Paleckis, we're going to give you the honors of the last one. And this is the last time we talk NBA in twenty twenty now.


Now we'll be talking NBA exclusively in February, I'm sure. So, for God's sakes. But Mitchell Robinson blocks. You heard it here. Like it? Yeah. Go. Mitch Robinson blocks AirCell from the Knicks. Averages averaged two block shots, basically one for ten minutes. He's playing on a team now that is going to emphasize defense. He's long. He's very lengthy. He's a natural shot blocker. I think he's going to come close to averaging about three a game this year, which would probably win him the title.


And that plus six fifty. Those are pretty good odds. And again, play for defense, some money coach antipodal with the Knicks. And he's going to get a lot more than twenty minutes to game this year by looking for, you know, close to twenty seven. Twenty eight minutes. Yes. There you go.


All right. That's NBA. Well we have our friend Brad. Jim, first of all, do I tell Harry that is this Kamras the wrong way or does this just go off the rails as a matter.


It doesn't matter, OK? You guys quickly want to do Shark Tank. Let's do it. Best bets, how do we do it? I went with you. We had a money line parlay. Was it the Rams that beat us or was it someone else before that? The Rams said, OK, all right, that makes a lot of sense. But you are staying away. You've told us in the beginning of the pie you're staying away from four digit money line favorites on the money line.


Who are you going with this week?


Let's just go with some favorites. This week I, I said four digit favorites. I didn't say right. You know, so I got I'm going to three teams, ten points here. Cell chiefs home against the Falcons. We're buying this down. The Chiefs are minus a half point against the Falcons. We got the Browns at the Jets are the Jets. So I think they got their win. That will be enough. The Browns will look fantastic.


When they they feel good. They are what they're going to be getting plus a half a point against the Jets and the Ravens home against the Giants. It's a must win game. The Ravens have to win this game to stay in the playoffs. They will be give a minus five on this three team T, cell chiefs, Browns, Ravens.


How do you not love that part? It's staying away from the big favorites.


Not only that big, I meant those huge ones.


Also not getting any Atlanta games the rest of the year.


I mean, only made two to two rules for himself to follow two rules.


Stay away from the Falcons. I told you for forty minutes. It's really accurate at this.


This can't look I. This is going to jump on this not losing. This is not a loser. All right. This is how our great little view of the Jets beat the Browns.


The chiefs lose and then they win next week and get the one seed out of the Jets. Browns would be great. Oh, my God.


Well, it was it's an old new old year resolution, I guess, is what it is, not getting the four anyway.


All right, brother Bri, jump in. What is your show?


Well, I'll say I. You won last week. Yeah, I had. I've hit four in a row. You have.


On this. OK, yeah. I'm not getting your current benefit right now and I'm not getting any, any credit but yeah. Fornero I debated the Eagles of the Cowboys but I don't, I don't want to jinx Brad whatever he's doing. So I'm going to go, I'm going to go against my team. I'm going to take the Dolphins. Minus two and a half the Raiders season has done just a pathetic ending. The only saving grace is Mariota look pretty good in that one may have something for the future but now the Raiders have been terrible for four straight weeks.


Yeah, I don't know. I don't know if this team has quit or not. We can't stop anyone. Miami's defense is going to force a few turnovers on us. They've been forced turnovers in all these games. We're not going to be able to stop them. Dolphins are eleven and three against the spread. It's a must win for them. I really I mean, I hate going against my team here, but I do love the Dolphins minus two and a half.


All right, Harry, real quick, because we now I think we now really do have Brad waiting. But go ahead. Real quick, I'm going to go with Darren's one of his best listeners on the podcast, our buddy Ben Kelly, I'm going to do the anti Ben Kelly pick. I'm going to go against the Jets. I'm going to take the Browns minus nine, and I'm going to lay points again. They've won five or six. That can still win the AFC North.


As we mentioned, tons of motivation. Chubin Hunter, special one two, punch the backfield. Mayfield has been magnificent, magnificent the last eight weeks. Fifteen touchdowns. Hello, Donald Magnesite. Six games, thirty seven.


Twenty twenty fumbles and give me Cleveland by twenty Browns and Browns in the last two years against the Jets Myles Garrett. I'll get to him to Jets get rolled by the Browns.


I mean these are all spiteful picks. That's a spiteful pick against Ben Kelly who just obliterate you on Twitter.


Just get just kills just because everyone is funny when he's, when he's funny you guys let me know, OK? All right. I mean, you just put you in your place. I know that is funny. You just just just so untrue. It's a Browns minus nine that that makes five year old Hanse.


Brother Brai with a spiteful pick against his own team of Dolphins minus two and a half, and Parli kids biting his own caveats. Not that sad, but damn it, kid, that looks good.


I'm going with it.


Casey, say, oh, no, you can't train yourself to think differently. It's just so hard. It's hard to train yourself to think differently. It just is. Whether it's politics or anything else, it's gambling. You see Casey minus 11 you like. Why would I take them in 11 when I get them at minus a half and put them with the Browns and Ravens who don't look like they're losing any time soon? I know.


I know. Oh, no. Oh, no.


I'm going with the poly kid with my sharp tank. Hey, all these guys give out free picks on extra points. Dotcom, Harry does a little video sometimes he's dressed like an elf. Sometimes he's not dressed at all. But let us bring on right now. Is he there, Jim? There he is, my dear friend. When we last left him, he was trying to figure out how to exit a zoom call, and that was Tuesday.


I eventually figured it out sometime Friday afternoon. Brad Molk, what's going on? Randy connecting to audio. All right, so this is the problem. He did not connect the audio, we just got no that he didn't connect audio. Oh, man.


Randi, are you there? Yes, sir. How are you? Good morning to you. All right.


Well, you guys just missed was like 11 minutes of trying to patch Brad in, and we finally got him.


Randy, how are you feeling? I feel quite well, I feel quite well, I'm out here in that same alley and it's nice outside and it's. Cheeseburger, not the best alley. All right, so time to go. Well, times are good for you. You know how many started in this eliminator pool? Over five thousand, right? Five thousand two hundred ninety five five two nine five, and it seems like now it's down to thirty four with that Steelers loss.


Thirty four remain. You're one of the thirty four, correct.


All right. Last I checked, it has improved slightly by that lasted ninety nine point six four percent of the people. It's pretty amazing.


Like I laughed at you a couple of weeks ago when it was down to one ninety or something. I got right. That's still a lot of people, a couple of hundred. But now you're down to thirty four. If you survive this man, you're probably under twenty. I don't know what it is, but now let's go over your options. You have to pick two teams to advance two teams that you have not picked before. I don't think we led astray.


But you were pretty you were pretty hellbent on on the Cardinals, which ended up being a crazy game over the Eagles, the Cowboys over the Forty Niners both. Actually, I couldn't even imagine what you were like to be around watching those games for two games that I never saw.


The second week in a row. I never trailed for one second. It didn't feel like that. You know, they both fall both in the fourth quarter. Cisco more so than the other one, felt like it was going to go south. Let's just point out that I did have a different Cisco left. I didn't believe I did, but I did. So I went and took a four point underdog with the favorite available right now. If I get a little blue, if I get a little blue here, that pulls on top of bulls before, well, it just caught the ball.


They were home. Who is there? I had the say it's five hundred thousand dollars. That's bulls on top of six ball, I guess.


But it's six bulls and no brains because you forgot you had San Francisco, but you got you lucked out. That's not that's neither here nor there. We got to figure out who to pick this week. OK, who do you think? Rather than go through every game, just tell us who you have remained.


So. A giant eagle, giant eagle, Washington Jets, Jags, Lions, Panthers, Broncos. Maybe, maybe a Bengal's, and here's what I'm thinking. And there you have the bears right in the bears. So here's the thing. I'm taking the bears probably I don't know if if if Arizona wins on Saturday, are the bills are the bears eliminated? Which I would assume. But here's the bigger issue you can look at yourself to. Here's the biggest issue is it looks like it's the bears, then the NFC East.


OK, so my choices basically are Washington or Philadelphia. Now, the trick is I don't take I got to take next week as they play each other. Right, right. Well, because there really aren't any other options unless I like Denver over San Diego or the Chargers. So that's the what do I take? I mean, I like Philadelphia look good. I mean, it was I mean, day that there's a lot there, too, because the cardinals were up twenty six to 14.


The Eagles scored two touchdowns in a row and somehow didn't take the lead right now.


Look, there's going to be long. This is going to be painful. And have you not have you pick the bears at all? You haven't picked the bat. You've not watched the bears rooting for the bears. It's a it's a different kind of pain that. What's the worst pain you've ever felt, Randy? Let's put it that way. What is the worst pain you've ever felt?


Yeah. Yeah. That can't be talked about the why. All right. What's what's two through five. Oh, can't be discussed either. No, yeah, two, three, seven are bad. Well, let's just talk. Let me just say this about obviously the bears are terrible and rooting for them is impossible. But what's the mood? The mood? Here's where I'm thinking and then let me know if I'm a stray I like. OK, so I've had it written out for well over two months.


These last seven weeks, probably three months I've had since the Patriots Jets before Patriots that I've had these 50 picks mapped out.


OK, so what did it look like this week? It looked like what I had a map that I had. Washington, Chicago. But if Alex Smith. Here's my thing. If Oh OK. So here's my thing. If Al Smith plays, I think I got to take that. And then but then I had to come back with Philadelphia the next week when they're not probably playing for anything. Well, it's tricky, yeah, but you got to take that, you can take that game anyway, right?


Wash it down. I take that wash to oh I say shit.


Why am I like I like Philadelphia over Dallas and then come back with Washington the next week.


Well, Washington may not have anything to play for either, am I right, fellas? If Washington wins and Philly loses. So. Right. This is tough right now, but there's a lot of Rivera.


Is Rivera going to lose to his former team, Brad? That's not what he's saying here.


He's saying we've got to look at this point.


All right. Well, that's my pick. That's why original pick. It's just that I go into the next week and I'm with the Giants and I'm with the Eagles.


All right, listen, I know you had it mapped out and everything, but I think survive in advance is the way to do it this time. Right.


So it went as well.


So Chicago Chicago is a definite. I know you think they might be. I looked it up. I don't know if Arizona wins of Chicago's out. Yeah. You'll never get a seven and a half point favorite. Yeah.


And the other thing is, you're the black. The dealer has a six. You're playing against the Jaguars who really need to lose. So you got that double whammy. Maybe Chicago doesn't need to win, but Jacksonville definitely needs to lose. I don't think those teams screw that up the rest of the way to get that first pick. So bears are in. OK, so now it's between Washington and Philadelphia, Philadelphia on the road against Dallas, a team that helped you.


And this is how this is how you repay them. So that would be Philly on the road or Washington. They move that game because it's an important game. They moved it. Brother Brian had that game moved to four Eastern home against Carolina. I don't know. Go around, fellas. What do you guys think out of those two games, Philly or Washington?


Well, I liked Philly this week, but that's just that's just me.


All right, Harry. Well, it hurts looked really good, he moved the ball and, yeah, they easily if if that game all went to overtime, somehow they would have won that game. Their offense looked good.


All right, Paul, I. I agree Hertz's is going to be hard to to be stopped this week. So I kind of do like them there. But I kind of like what I was saying and what he did against.


Yeah, you know, right? Yeah, the cat was going to have a hard, hard time stopping her, having her to defend, like a little mojo going for them right now.


The Eagles say they do so. All right, Murray, great against Dallas's defense to run in the ball. You're not kidding. And then here's the other thing that's interesting is of the thirty four cheeseburgers the Eagles have eagles, 20 people have already taken the Eagles. OK, well, 20 to 30 for of taking the Eagles, so that, I think is another notch in the taking the Eagles column. Right, right, right, right, right.


So I have that saying that nobody else has. There's no thought to take in Denver. No, it's just these two.


Yeah, I'm looking at them. So Jaguars, you're not taking you're not taking the Lions. Big underdogs against the Bucs. Broncos big underdog against the Chargers. You and you have four weeks of even if you're looking at week 17, you have a few options like I mean, I being a Raider fan, I think that they lose they lose to the Broncos in Denver week 17. Yeah, yeah.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. So there are it's amazing. I had the choice of of of three favorites this week. Right. Well it helps that I've already taken the Chargers and the Texans, Randy.


I like the I like the Eagles pick because if they screw you I no longer hate the Cowboys most in the division. Right. The Eagles will be your most hated team, maybe in sports, let alone the NFC East. In that cowboy game was somehow the local game in Los Angeles, why watch that their defense is something else that they're not both the most. It doesn't get hurt or they don't have the JV quarterback in. I think San Francisco wins that game.


Yeah, you're right.


I was going to have such a hard time stopping Heartsease this the Eagles are going to probably put up thirty, thirty five points against the Cowboys.


All right. Well, then it's decided we can't we can't talk to you off of this.


Now, Zanders and Scott are healthy. Jefferys back. Yeah. Wait a minute.


Titans, Hertz, Hertz and Goddard have been playing well. So, Brad, that's. Yes, sir. Denver has.


I just checked Denver has beaten the Chargers three straight times. What does that.


Yeah, I'm not I'm not on the straight time when it comes to football because it's the right out the right years. One six out of seven over years, coaches, players maybe in college basketball. Yeah, that works. But we use an NFL team. It's just like to be an echo chamber. Like if you want to take a team you could find some stat in completely different teams, completely different years. You know, I don't really go for that one.


That's why you go. The Steelers are beating the Bengals for the last 40 years.


Yeah, yeah. That will. Oh, that. How about the four people who had the Rams. Yeah, we were four now or three of them.


At least twenty thirteen of the thirty thirteen of the September. Eleven, seventy nine to thirty four. Twenty one had the Niners only Randy had the Cowboys by the way.


Nice job. Nice. Forty one had the Niners.


Thirteen had so much the. Because you'll make some ground on the Eagles because twenty you said had the Eagles can't take them again. So this could be good.


Maybe half of them or more will lose with what other. Well every other other team they play.


If the Eagles win and somehow the Redskins lose, I mean Washington loses. Yeah. I mean, we're in the single digits, probably. I will say this quickly before you let me go. I did try the where's my phone in the world.


I am way down the street. The oh. So I did try to zoom over the wig to try to test this out, do the doom, OK? And I did try today, just didn't work out whatever technical. But this is what I found with the zoom like so what. OK, so the picture looking back at me, which is obviously some kind of weird thing, it is May in ten years is is it OK what I'm saying in what, nine, ten years looking back at me saying always the same.


So OK, well I can hear myself saying, but what me ten years from now, looking back, I mean that quarter saying two different things. Wow.


This is more confusing than I think. But yeah, I know what you're said. I think I think I know what's a lot. And so how do we make that work then.


Why are we try again next year? I was ready to give it a shot.


I couldn't get that. You know what, Jim? I want you after this. If it takes five, six, seven hours, I would like you to work with Brad to try to get a proper zoom connection going where we could hear him and see him.


Would that be good last week? I can hear you guys immediately. See you guys immediately. This week I could see, but not here. And it wasn't like I mean, I'm not cheeseburgers. There wasn't like a finger with a microphone. They simply didn't click that had a big X on click I, I look up like that in there.


Don't worry about it. Harry was sideways for the first forty minutes and was wearing an elf costume and it's still wearing them and I'm the last one I know I didn't date that time.


Hey you have Damasak against Kohlhaas in the finals of our fantasy league. Damasak could win this thing again. Kohler's has voted you out three out of six years or three out of every four years.


Yeah, yeah yeah yeah. I, I've played for of seven years. He's won three out of seven and kick me out every time. Yeah.


You've given him a good reason so no one else is giving them the reasons that you have. I mean this call them the C word on, on, on, on email. I think you've hit back this year though. I may I may have done those things. All right. All right. Well, Randy, good luck. So we could pretty much pencil in the Bears and the Eagles for everyone rooting for Brad.


And you should be all right, Brad. I just I'd rather work for than hat.


And if you make that call, if you make that money line parlay on sandlots plus one 19 in solidarity with Brad Bear's 370.


But you guys you guys nailed your money game. Can do it probably last night when you have the dealer's money line. The deal is quite different. And it's the one we just saw in 20 minutes about how we suck.


What do you want to know? All right.


All right. Let me just say that you made three picks, one over five.


Well, listen, hopefully you have five hundred thousand dollars. You can lend us some of that. And and, Harry, you get involved in everything.


All right. Consider it.


Dorando, I really hope we're talking to you next week and just win these games. All right. Good luck, Brad. We're rooting for you. Get it done, Brad. Get it.


20, 20 in a row, 20 in a row. Go get it.


All right. Bye bye.


Oh, there you go. Eagles. Bears. Seems easy. Shit. I feel like he's not in the driver's seat, but he's in better shape, from what he explains, than some of the others. Most of the others that are still left in this, like like Brian said, having a seven and a half point favorite out there available. It's great.


Harry, I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas. You're at a Harry. That's right, everybody have a great Christmas. Merry Christmas. See you later. Also, check me out on this back corner dot com with articles and my podcast, too, every single week as well.


All right.


Parli kid at the Chalk Talk, at the Chalk Talk or sell Merry Christmas to our listeners who celebrate Happy New Year, although I guess we'll be back before the New Year. So we have a chance to wish you a happy New Year. We're very grateful to have our listeners and hopefully we have a good week. There's so much going on. So you know what? Maybe we'll do a check in on Saturday or so, one of the Saturday Games or so.


I'm sure we'll do it. Let's do it. Yep. Brother Brize out.


He probably has like a Tinder date or something set up around it. I had the brother, Jim. Jim. I don't know. I don't know. Yeah. I don't. I don't think I only pick up and leave the house to pick up my daughter and I'll leave. It's all right.


It's all sports. But maybe so can we get Fanjul to do like a bedposts with Brad's pick? Oh, interesting. Let's pump that up to life plus one fifty. Yeah, that'd be awesome. I like it. I like it. We should do it. All right. Well, Jim Cunningham, the ones are eyes. You don't know where you'll be January 6th or 13th or 20th, right? That's correct.


Jim is like the opposite of like a comedian. Like he will not be performing the sixth, the 13th and 20th and we don't know where, but try to catch him at Jim Cunningham on Twitter. The eyes are ones and that'll do it for another episode of Against All Odds. Watch Fox-Pitt live Monday through Friday, 5:00 p.m. Eastern. Yes, we're working Christmas Eve. Follow us at extra points pot and me at the cousin Sal. These guys give out free picks and extra points dot com every single day for the general trifecta.


Jim Cunningham and Brad, I'm still saying so long and happy handicapping now.