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Over the years, host Erin Manque and the team behind law, unobscured and cabinet of curiosities have scoured the globe to bring you tales from the past with a hint of darkness, from superstitions and folklore to the curious and the bizarre. They gave you a front row seat to stories that explore a whole new side of world history. But now it's time to bring that journey home. Because while America's history books are filled with people, places and events that sit on lofty pedestals, there's a whole other side of American history that's been forgotten and pushed into the shadows.


But unlike those surprise, Barn finds the kind where someone discovers a rare classic car hidden in the back of their grandmother's garage. These shadowy tales might have been left to be forgotten for a reason. Tales of unlikely heroes who worked behind the scenes to make our country what it is today. World changing tragedies that tested this nation's resolve and tenacity and legends that are powerful examples of this country's unique spirit. Some of these tales are terrifying, while others are delightfully bizarre.


All of them, though, are eye opening, and we've tested them off and brought them all together for a brand new show that we call American Shadows. Each episode is handcrafted by the grim and mild team and narrated by Me Lauren album. And while we might be guiding you down some dark and lonely roads, you're bound to learn a thing or two along the way. After all, you can learn a lot about a place by looking at its shadows.


Get ready for a tour of American history, unlike any other. Get ready for American Shadows. American Shadows premieres Thursday, August 13th. Listen on Apple podcasts, the radio app, or wherever you get your podcasts.