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Hello, podcast listeners, my name is Andrea Lopez v Virginia, host of American Coyote, the new podcast about a man named Heldon kid who crossed over 1000 migrants from Mexico into the United States using a variety of wild, comical and heroin schemes to outwit authorities on both sides of the border. You're just seconds away from hearing the exclusive new trailer for American Coyote. But don't forget, you can listen to episodes right now on Apple podcast or wherever you get your shows.


Here's the trailer. It all began one night under the stars in the Mexican desert after the trip, I drove my van back with all my equipment.


Alden Kid, a 20 something Southern California beach boy, a father of five, and the owner of his own adventure tour company was returning from a trip he'd led through the Mexican jungle.


I stopped in Veracruz in the mountains, pulled over in a desert clearing and went to sleep.


At that time, I could hear a little bit of whimpering and crying and noises with a walk out in that night, and I thought that it could have been some kind of an animal would change his life forever.


I looked in the back where my equipment was stored and there were two teenage girls that had stowed away.


Written on one of the girls hands and smudged black ink was a phone number, a residence in San Jose, California. When Heldon called, the father of the two young stowaways answered.


The father pleaded with me, Can you bring him up to the border? At least bring him to the border?


I agreed. And that's how it came to be, that Heldon kid found himself driving north towards the US Mexico border. Two frightened teenagers in tow about to knowingly commit his very first felony.


And I thought, can I do this again somehow from the team behind American Skyjacker comes an epic new crime series about a man who became a coyote, a man whose reputation earned him the trust and faith of over 1000 migrants in search of a new life.


After doing this and adjusting my moral compass, I decided this is something that I could do to make a living and a man whose size and stature has made him a legend to the people and to the families of those people who he has crossed.


But being a coyote is a dangerous business, and you have to be prepared for the worst.


Join us as we explore Elden's 14 year long illicit operation from the Pacific Ocean, the swimming at the beach at Tijuana. It was a calculated risk and it was a worthwhile danger because I was sure I was going to get caught to the Texas desert.


There's heat, there's dehydration, there's cold and lots of snakes and all the dangers in between. He had forty five and when he saw my group, he would rack a shell like a rattlesnake, rattling his rattle from an ever changing and treacherous border.


They took me to the bathroom. I was on my knees in front of the toilet and I'm thinking my teeth are going to get broken out. This is it.


This nightmare, right, to the corrupt authorities on both sides.


My boss admitted to me that he was organizing the smuggling of drugs into San Diego County.


I was put into Mexican prison and subjected to torture.


Comparative entertainment and Pecola Pictures present American Coyote, the unbelievable tale of a legendary coyote named Heldon kid. Listen on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows.