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Welcome to our second episode, I'm never, ever the second episode that I'm sitting with my hair like, you know, how you guys like to listen backwards.


We like to record backwards. And actually, we've tricked you. This is only episode two in reverse.


Or you know how when you play Led Zeppelin backwards and it's like demonic.


Yeah, that's what that sound. If someone plays something, if they play us backwards. What do you think of the track. Sounds like literally had this.


Oh I love limbered. So what does that sound backwards.


Because I played a frightening welcome. It is a nice smoky day in California. Our eyes are stinging and I am I'm the unsub today wearing my criminal mine sweatshirt. I like your big whoops. Think you I've been watching a lot of criminal minds are trying to get a character.


You know, I like your ensemble today is different than what you're what you're really about.


It's only this headband, I guarantee you. I don't know what it is.


The only thing I've changed this is meant as a compliment. You're not going to take it that way. But I don't care. It's meant as a compliment.


You look like classy trash things. You look like you look like. What's the word that I'm thinking?


It looks cushy, clashing, trashy.


No, it's meant as a compliment, I promise. And look, you look like I could not pull that off.


Well, I did move back to the Midwest and, you know, back to my roots.


So maybe I mean, I've really classy trash really was like the like I'm glad I preface the Virginian.


I'm from Ohio. We both get it. I get it.


No, you look really I'm very like, I can't stop looking at you. What's happening when we were when we were recording the last. But apparently I'm under classy trash. Actually, we're learning a lot.


I think it's got to be something with the head and hoops in the habit. These are also we're like five nine, you know, and it clears.


So I'm pretty sure I'm really actually you just look like someone at the barbecue who like is really like. Comfortable with yourself, and that's OK, but it's also I've never, ever, ever been called comfortable with myself.


So this is a new I don't know what the German kid who tried to email couldn't cut it. I'm going to think of the phrase later and then I'll be like, that's what I'm going to text me that specific word. I'll text you like nine year. I appreciate it. I take it as a compliment. I do truly, I promise you, I've never been classy anything. I mean, no one's more fashionable than this. As I say, you look also that you're I understand if you feel jealous about my looks, I think you're just trying to overcompensate, make me feel better because we know who's who's the upper hand in this scenario.


I'm still wearing their hair up in this lovely situation, mushroom situation. Before we started recording, I said, Christine, it's called fashion. Never heard of it.


And I literally went, I haven't. Thanks for asking. Look at me. I'm going to find because you're reminding me of someone you're giving off very specific energy today. I'm going to find that person or I'm going to send you the picture. And that person, by the way, is beautiful. And you can be like, oh, shit, that's what I look like.


Is it going to be me? What if it's like yourself? You're like, see, I'm just looking in the mirror. What if it just turned out that you were really attracted to yourself and you were like, I see you in me, and that's why I'm so attracted to you know, I'm saying, you know, it would be convenient. Yeah. Because I walk with me every day, you know, it's like something my mother would do or I like to give her.


And she's like, you look so great. And I'm like things. And she's like, you look just like me. When I was like, you're just complimenting yourself, you know what I mean? I think it's something I don't know. It's like maybe again, it's like the sixties thing of like this and the big whoops, maybe you're helping that like but you're bring it to a modern time. Yeah. Like a little modern trash. Anyway, take me out.


I wanted to say something. After all that phrase, I had something to say.


You put me out. I just feel so bad someone's going to be like real classy.


Try and should say. Oh, for you. For me. Yes. Or do you really. Congratulations on being verified on Twitter.


I felt so bad for you. Happy for you. I feel so bad for you. I really I don't like not a joke folks. It has happened again. It's happened again. If you thought Christine's role can come tumbling down any further, it has. I don't care.


While I was down by the social media gods, we I still have not been able to get verified on Instagram. And a lot of people are throwing conspiracy theories around, which is so much fun for me to read because I'm like my right honestly at this point. Like, I know like people like made jokes and stuff. But now that I'm also verified on Twitter and you have been verified on either now I'm also on board like something's wrong, something's up because here's what's wrong.


It's because on Instagram I'm like, maybe there was a hold up with my submission or my account or something. The fact that now it's on Twitter, which is a completely different company, I remember, and the podcast and you got verified the same day on Twitter. And I you and I both in the bio of the podcast. So you and I were both in there and I just was like, and we have the same amount of followers.


Like, there's no reason you have to be blacklisted on something, something. Right. You have to like either I fucked something up, which is entirely possible, but I don't know what.


But also like here's the thing like and this is not going to make you feel any better trash. But I, I didn't even ever once apply to know that's what it is.


Because remember we were talking about I was saying like, oh, they're reopening Twitter verification. Like figure out how to do it. No, no. Like they're doing it like they're doing it on there. And now for verified accounts, they're like they did this for white and chrome because remember Winogrand was like we didn't submit, we just got verified. And all three hosts got verified when their podcast got verified. And I was like, great. So when you would think by association I would also be blacklisted, then you'd think, wouldn't you?


I have no idea what's going on.


I don't either. And it's almost like comical at this point.


I kind of wish like even if you didn't get verified, I would still want to I would sleep easier knowing why. I just want to know why.


I kind of want to I kind of do and I kind of don't because I'm like now I feel like actually worried I did something. They're threatened by you because you're so pretty with your eyes.


So you knew there was a reason you were trying to compliment me anyway. Point being, I'm still very happy for you because I know how badly you want to be verified on Twitter.


I have I have said I felt I literally have no leg to stand on, but very selfishly speaking, I like no leg to stand compared to like you right now.


Would you have near me if I know legs, I'm on the ground.


Yeah, but I have been like, if I'm verified on one, it feels off kilter to not be verified on the other. So I have on my own very much wanted to be verified on Twitter for a while now. But I also knew like I really shouldn't be talking about that, considering, like you should at least get Instagram first and then we can both fight together.


You know, I'm I'm very happy for you. I'm very happy for the podcast, whatever. I mean, at this point, it's like I'm just kind of laughing at it. I'm happy, but I'm happy for myself.


But at the same time, it's like so bittersweet because I'm like, I don't really want to jump up and down for no, I want you to be happy.


But I, I want you I like I want you to be happy.


But I'm also citing you like but you better not marry someone else after my demise. Oh right. Right. But I still want you to be happy.


Very no. Not that happy together. Now leave me.


No I, I just, I do. I'm at the point to where I think you absolutely are blacklisted.


What we saw I texted our manager, I was like, hey, this is like not urgent by any means and this is not a huge deal. But like, can we actually figure out what's going on? Because I'm worried that I've done something wrong and now it's like. Our listeners are on the Facebook Patrón group and stuff like talking like what did Christie do about like to get this, to make this? Also, it might be because so many people were trying to be helpful.


That's all that we might overhear. We might have overloaded Instagram, our email or land.


A lot of people, like people have sent us screenshots of them cussing out Instagram. Yeah, that's not helpful. You're going to get me back on that list. All youths of all, they probably very upset.


Yeah, a lot of people were like, I got drunk and then I like, you know, shit posted on Instagram and all this stuff in your name. And I'm like, well, that's not going to help me. They're not going to want to verify me after that. So I appreciate all the support on my behalf. In other news today, anyway, apparently someone either hacked Zach Dagan's profile or they someone made a fake Zach Bacons profile on.


A bunch of people were getting added and everyone thought Zach Pagan's was adding all these people. Oh, geez, apparently it's not Zach bands, but that's that's what I've heard.


Maybe that motherfucker blocked. Remember what he blocked me. He's got to know someone on Instagram got like the other fucking girl she is. So the podcast and em can be verified. But this chick, it's too far.


I like to blame Zach or to blame most people. Actually, that's the conspiracy most people live by in our listener group. Most people I'm like the 20 people that I've read on Reddit who actually talk about it. But anyway, I don't want anyone to think I'm like being very petty and upset and whatever. It's just like at this point I'm like, what did I do?


It's only I don't think it sounds petty. It's just it's it's just funny, as Megan would say, because, like, why would it happen to one of us and not the other?


It's just in our podcast. It's really strange to add on two different companies.


You know, the date Yuva gets verified and you're not Blaze's like is even verified.


And I was like, I can't I can't do this. I'm looking to tomorrow. And I was like, you know why? Because she would never tell me. She would probably, like, find a fucking she would find a hacker to hide it from me to make sure she got verified.


She would D.M. Instagram be like, hey, can you observe? Obviously this doesn't ever go like this and oh my God, no.


I mean, listen. And my brother was like, this is not a joke. I'm very serious. I got to be shut the eyes. And he was like, I could actually he's like, this is what used to be a funny joke. He's like, Now I could legitimately be verified before you. And I'm like, Now that will upset me if my brother gets verified and I'm like, I'm in two of these and they're both very well.


Oh. Also, that being said, a lot of people for whatever reason, are finding she's hanging out and not knowing that I'm the host and being like she sounds just like you. Well, I know I have another podcast people don't seem to know that called Beach U.S.A. wanted to. And since I'm not verified, I'm just going to plug that instead. So check that out because people keep having me now. I'm going to just this chick sounds just like you and I'm like, interesting.


You should go listen to that one episode with that other person. Sounds just like me. That was spooky spots in Salem featuring the Ms. Schultz, who's verified, by the way, on Instagram.


If you knew how you had a verified person on your double show. Yeah, I brag about it all the time. Wow. Anyway, congratulations to you. Thank you. That was my note, and I think that's all I had to say.


You don't have any other notes. I think I have one that you're going to want to talk about. Oh, yeah. What is your mires brigs?


Oh yeah. I finally took it again and then I found an old thing and it matched. It was I am f p t.


What does the T stand for, Christine. Turbulent. What does that mean? I've looked it up.


My mom is an INFP, which is assertive and it means I feel like maybe I the last time that I took Mires, I used to take them especially like in college when I was like surrounded by other psych students. Like our favorite thing was rationality tests. I've taken my breaks probably a million times and never seen this.


Like secondary is a beauty I've only seen before a lot.


And then I did a poll on the close friends on or and it was just on Instagram and had people guess and a lot of people guessed it right. And I was like, that's surprising. A lot of people did it. And they, they're like, e t what j.


I was like literally the opposite of all this, I guess.


But yeah, the times were turbulent, which I guess means that I don't really have a grasp on reality myself or my goals, which like Shucker and my mom's is assertive, which is like you're more you don't care as much what other people think I think is the total.


And I want to start Amita's I want to take it again, man. I already know.


And I took it on like I think I was like 16 personality traits, dot com or something. I don't know. So, yeah. Anyway, so fun fact. That's me now.


I mean, maybe that's I'm upset because I used to be IFJ, which apparently is like the most rare one, and I was like, oh shit.


Like no, because everyone DMM was like I'm the most rare one. And I was like, you can't all be the most rare one.


Well in that case then I thought was the most common one. I don't know. I was the NSA for a long time. And as I've gotten older, the I keep getting INFP.


That's what I am right now. So now you're upset. OK, I guess F.J. sorry is the most popular I guess Jay. I don't think I'm any of those. I'm your I introvert. Yeah. Yeah I'm an F and turbulent. Yeah.


Well I'm a fucking mess anyway so that's that. All right. Anyway, OK, thank you for letting me talk about my personality test for a minute.


Well it was, it was funny because we're both I and I and I think. Yeah. What's peace for proceeding right. Versus judging. Right. Well, I'm surprised you're not the judge. You just called me classy trash, you know, that was a great judgment. I agree with what I'm not saying.


It's a bad judgment. I'm saying it's an accurate judgment.


And that's why you should be able today say I'm also perceiving you as trash, but in like the best way, apparently, that I kind of weirdly makes my heart fuzzy and warm.


I hope you're not offended because I'm offended. You know, when I'm offended, I yell in my eyes. When I'm offended, I need to find the picture of what I'm talking about, and then you're going to see it and be like, holy shit, that's a nice compliment.


Really too exhausted to even be offended that I'm not, like, verified on anything. Like, I'm just to I and f whatever to be. You just look like someone I want to hang out with at the barbecue. That's what I'm saying. It's literally I've never received a nicer compliment than that. So I promise you I'm taking it very, very well. Well, OK, so let's get into this little barbecue. Oh shit. I thought we're going to the barbecue.


All right, fine. Hold on to that because I'm going to get back to it. And the answer's always yes. Great.


Christine, I know nobody can see your paws or your feet right now, but I have a hunch that you're wearing something pretty nifty on your bottom paws, even when I'm dressed as a fox.


If this is probably going to come out before that episode, but I'm dressed as a fox and I'm all right. It's all you need to know about me. Hi, I'm Christine.


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Last episode I covered Nely Butler, the apparently first ghost in America.


She wants you to believe that Nely and she's kind of full of it. She's like the mongoose all over. She wrote the notes because like, first of all, you wrote your notes. You know, he was from the 18th century. But like, we've had ghosts in America for like another couple hundred years before America has like, you know, there were people here in the sixteen hundreds before Nellie and her, you know, European friends. Yeah, exactly.


What's not like and I'm just talking about the European settlers like an asshole like. No, no. But like, I guess since America was colonized is not apparently even the word we're supposed to use now, like. Oh really. Yeah. Now I don't want to say because I'm going to go no know. This is this is good education. But apparently, apparently there's a new phrase.


Forget I saved it on Instagram so I could read it later. No.


Wow. OK, good to know. We'll look that up. But yeah, no there's like hundreds of spirits before this one. But apparently she's the first documented one in America and she's probably not even really, I believe a lot of things.


This Nely, I think you and I confirmed for ourselves at least like she's probably a hoax. Think you and I could pull off this exact haunting.


I can stay in our apartment, talk in a cellar like she did. You and I certainly do talk in a lot of sellers. Yeah.


OK, so I this is new. Instead of this being America's first ghost, this is New England's last vampire.


Whoa. I mean, OK, there was the record scratching or something like that. I can't do the scratch sound.


Just go to the barbecue. OK, sorry. So last vampire where the New England's last vampire. OK, got it. Didn't know there was one to begin with, but apparently there were enough that this is the last one. Got it. So up the rear. Her name is Mercy Lina Brown, the lady vampire lady vampire, a lady vamp.


And this is Mersea Olina Brown.


OK, so this is an Exeter, Rhode Island, and which, according to the Exeter Historical Association, is the town is described as rocks, rocks and more rocks by the historical site.


Oh, my God.


I love when people can own their own classy trash. So just like own it. Just like live it. Beat it. OK, so in the 19th century, Exeter was dealing with a lot of bad luck and the town was very quickly declining.


They lost like a thousand people right after the Civil War because with the invention of railroads, a lot of people left for industrial jobs.


And so instead of all their careers and rocks that they were having, you know, there was just they were there were too many rock people, a lot of rocks.


So when one guy there, he was a farmer named George Brown.


Mm hmm. And he had a wife, Mary Elizabeth, and they lived in Exeter with their three kids. So George and Mary. Oh, no, not Mary Elizabeth. Sorry, Mary Eliza. I just added the second you got out of it.


Have you ever thought of how many nicknames come out of the word, Elizabeth? I actually have, because Elizabeth. Liz was. Eliza. Elizabeth, buddy. Libby. Libby.


Ellie, Ellie.


You could literally have all the children named Elizabeth and like, we lived all too much time together. Yeah. And I will, by the way. Oh, well, that's right. You got someone I mean, maybe I'll have like two sets of quadruplets.


That's easier, right.


That's that's easier biologically. So.


Also, I'm trying to think like, what's a name with even more nicknames than Elizabeth? I think Elizabeth.


I think I might win. Yeah, I've actually thought about that. Maybe Charles, because you got like Chuck, Chuck, Chip, Charlie, Chaz, Chaz. Is that centralizes? Short for Charles.


And it's wild, though. Charles might take the hit because it's one syllable of a name. Right. And Elizabeth has so many. Yeah.


With Elizabeth, you got a lot to play with. Charles, you really have to stretch it. You got to chuck it, chip it.


Anyway, if you've got a name longer than Elizabeth that gets the award, let us know.


OK, so George and Mary Alysa had three kids, their names were Mary, Olive, Mersea, Lena and Edwin. OK, so I know I said earlier, Alysa, so it's Mary Iliza. They're their kids are Mary Olive Marcelina and Edwin Arnow. Edwin doesn't have two names, but apparently back then, at least in early America, the first name was usually honourary and usually like the name of a grandparent. And you didn't actually use the first name, you would usually go by your middle name.


Interesting. So the first name was just like, oh, in your name you're named in honor of this person.


But I go by this other name for you. So Mary Eliza was probably named after, like Grandma Mary, but they called her Eliza. Got it. And then they had kids. Mary Olive were like Mary was honourary for something, but they called her Olive Q Marcelina. So even though her name is Marcelina Brown, people knew her as Lena Brown and Marcy was nice and honourary. A nice name. Yeah.


And then fucking Edwin. So Edwin is it named after nobody in the bighead. And so in 1883 there was Mary, Eliza was 37 years old and she contracted and soon died of my favorite consumption.


So if you don't know what consumption is, it is tuberculosis. This is episode two, so you might not know yet if you're playing this backwards. Consumption's my favorite truly, because I didn't know it was so I think that was literally episode two.


Was it because it was a clotheslined cookies? I think so, too, because you were like, oh, it's eating too much cake.


I was like, I also have consumption. I'm so hungry right now. And I kind of just stared at you for like eight seconds while I like one dumb ass.


So often so fun fact tuberculosis.


I didn't think we could have more fun facts about it, but here we go. It was actually coined in the 30s from the Latin word tuberculosis, which means a small swelling bump or pimple. Oh, so now next time you have a zit, you actually have a tuberculin.


Oh, bummer. Cance tubercular. Bummer tubercular. No, I'm glad you have that one. OK, so that's the fun fact about tuberculosis. Another fun fact about consumption is that that phrase was coined from ancient Greek and the word pithiness, which meant to consume the life out of someone.


Oh, so that's where some dementor of them. Yes. So also, if you're reading Harry Potter, the Dementor is probably IV consumption or there are at least going to throw consumption your way to infect you with some pimples.


Play with that however you want. Yeah. So consumption wasn't the only plague in New England because there was also a plague of vampires apparently named the colonies.


But in the so from 1870 to nineteen hundred, New England was known fun fact again as the Transilvania of North America. Yeah, I didn't know this either. Oh yeah. Damn you are smart. No I'm certainly not. But yeah, apparently 30 years are really wild. The Transilvania of North America because of its hotbed of vampires and rocks and rocks. So that's quite what is the personality they've got got vampires and rocks, really.


I'm trying to think of a fun pun that melts bats and rocks. Now, someone else, someone's going to tweet us and I'm going to hit my head against a wall with a bat or Iraq.


Wait a minute. OK, so the belief in vampires goes back to Babylonian times and they were spirits or demons who weren't buried properly. And therefore they come back from the dead and try to suck the life from mortals to to come back to life fully.


And in 2004, it's at least since then, it's still been like a belief.


And some families in 2004, there was one family who exhumed a body of relative, cut out his heart with a pitchfork and burned it because they.


Apparently, their family member who died right before he died, he had drank their blood and after he died, all of them were sick. So they felt like, oh, he'd become a vampire and remotely was like killing us slowly. And that's why we were getting sick. Maybe it's because he drank all your blood, what? I don't know I don't know the rest of that story. I should have looked it up, but that's something fun for you to Google.


Oh, OK.


It was they were like they were a Romanian family in 2004. Maybe they were involved.


I mean, they must have been involved with he got all of their blood, like, I don't even know how much of each of their blood or if it was just one of their blood or did they voluntarily give their blood thinking like there's a lot of things I should have a lot of moving parts here.


And I chose not to.


So allegedly. Yeah, allegedly because he drank their blood. So in 1784 was the first American scare because there was a letter to the editor and one of the local papers in Connecticut where Councilman Moses Holmes warned people of a doctor who was urging people to dig up and burn relatives to stop consumption in the thought was because they were trying to come back to life remotely.


Oh, by taking by like, you don't have to be spreading the illness. Yeah. Or like sucking your life.


Oh, right. If you if you burn them and get rid of them, then no matter where in the world they are, they can't suck the life away from you. So you also die of consumption.


So there is this weird. But then also you're digging up dead bodies that had been infected with consumption's that you're probably just like bringing the illness back. Probably.


So I it's this is a lot. It's a lot, but. Yeah. So there is a I'm trying to think of the word there is an overlap I guess, and the world at that time, or at least in New England at that time, where consumption and vampires meant the same thing. So like if you had consumption of vampire might have been the cause of this, or if you had consumption, you might become a vampire later on, because there were those theories, too, with like witchcraft, where if people fell ill, it was like, oh, it must be witchcraft.


Someone is right. A witch is making you sick.


Like the cause of consumption for a while was thought to be vampires, right? Yeah. Wow. So so the guy who was warning people of a doctor who was digging up bodies and relatives to stop consumption, the same man who was reporting that said that he had seen bodies being exhumed at the doctor's request. And so that was he said, I think the public ought to be aware of being led away by such an imposter. So he was one of the people who said, like.


We're we're really going to go with this vampire, like put the shovel down, so one of the bodies that actually was exhumed by this doctor, ironically, is also named Nely. The guy's name is Moses, by the way, which we did. Oh, my God. Yeah, I was going to say I was going to say until you said Nellie cross me. And I went, this is the second Moses and the second Nellie that we've ever covered on the podcast ever.


OK, so both Moses, as I've ever mentioned and both melodies were in each other's stories back to back.


Some was going to be like literally eight episodes ago. Gosh, yeah. I don't remember if you're listening backwards.


Right. Because the next episode as a Moses and I'm like, yeah, wow.


Weird, right? Maybe just because they're vampires, they like they just live for it.


And Ghost, I don't know, maybe it was the same time period, right. Yeah.


So maybe it was just those were common names were so stupid. OK, I say OK, I'm, I sort of thought that's what we were going with until you did. So Moses was saying, look out for this doctor because you he was me bodies. One of them happen to be someone named Nellie Vaughn, whose grave is supposedly curse to this day because like no vegetation will grow on it, even if they try to plant things in the area.


And at the bottom, the inscription on his tombstone says, I'm watching and waiting for you.


Well, I wouldn't plant anything there, supergroup your carrots there. So anyway, that's all I have to say about that. But it is a fun fact. What a creepy thing to put on a headstone.


I hope I put something creepy. I was just thinking I'm like, I'm a little jealous or something. That's like very you and I are going to have the dumbest fucking headstone. We're going to be like, it'll be so mysterious.


Maybe we'll be buried together, like next to each other. And mine will say hi, Christine. You'll say hi. And we'll think that's so clever. What if mine is yours and mine says that's why then people are going to go and why drink?


I don't get it.


It won't make sense to anyone but us. That's all that matters. Model say hello and the New Year will be the other side of the country. And all that is funny.


Oh my God. So I used to think my skin goals were unattainable in that I thought I was just destined for kind of dry, semi wrinkled skin for the rest of my life.


Thank God I found neurology. And actually, more accurately, they found me. And I am so thankful that they did. So whether you're trying to take control of acne or acting is no longer your top concern. So if you have fine lines, dark spots, occasional breakouts or clogged pores, which I definitely have all of the above, all of the above, it happens to us.


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So by eighteen hundred, apparently two percent of New England's whole population had died from consumption because let's let me know if the sun's topical to you, because people didn't know yet, nor did they pay attention to the fact that it was spreading through the air. So if one person contacted it in your family, it didn't take long for every other person to get it.


I love that you just said no one understood or paid attention to the fact that apparently I just loved that it was like even if they knew, they just fucking ignored it. Like, that is topical and history repeats itself, I suppose.


Fortunately so. Seven months after.


Holy shit. Was his name also George? No, George Brown who married me realize it's right. So there's a Georgia Moses. Farinelli, where's Abner?


Bring him on right now. I need him back right now. I miss him dearly.


What do you chlamydia. She's always here. She's always. Your spirit is in our heart. She's always a little too nearby, a little too close contacts. So seven months after Mary Iliza died, who was George's wife, their twenty year old daughter, Mary Olive, also got consumption and died. Here's what's weird is the whole town turned up for her funeral.


But like, as you'll see in the future, like the town doesn't show for the other family members, like they really gave a shit about Mary Olive.


Well, maybe when did she die? First she died because I'm thinking like maybe at that point people were like, I don't want to contribute.


Still fresh and scary. Yeah. Or they realized they didn't want it and they didn't want to be around.


People didn't know it was spreading. Right. And then by the time others died, they, they were like, we're not leaving our house friends.


You shouldn't I say as I'm in another part of the nation. Yeah.


Oh. So what's interesting also is that so many people showed up to her funeral, even though she had just joined the church like two weeks ago.


She was pretty new, like, but everyone showed up for her funeral. Wow. Five years after her death, her brother Edwin also was getting really sick from consumption, not wanting to risk losing any more of his family. His father, George, had already lost two of his three kids, Furneaux. He'd already lost his wife and his and one of his three kids. He rushed his son to the doctor and he did have consumption.


And the doctor said, OK, well, we're going to send you off to Colorado because back then they would send you somewhere to quarantine fresh air to isolate from others.


OK, yeah. Are you getting the hint? Are you inside right now? Am I getting the hell? Are they getting head? I don't think I'm getting the stay inside. Oh, I thought there was like something like deeper.


Clue to the story, very direct, very direct and very clear. So they sent him off to Colorado to quarantine and isolate. But months later, apparently their middle child, Marcelina, also had tuberculosis. Oh, no.


So Herr's apparently was called galloping consumption, which is a whole new phrase that I'm very in love with that I don't know.


But I guess it meant that she had actually gotten it a long time ago when, like, her brother was still around when she had it, she had a dormant dormant the whole time.


And galloping means like out of nowhere just shows that's frightening. So you could just have it.


And it's not like not laying in wait. Exactly. Oh, no. So she died almost immediately, so she thought she was in the clear and then just like basically within a week that was done.


So she was buried in what was then called Shrub Hill, but now it's called Chestnut Hill or historic cemetery number twenty two. Mm hmm. But because of the harsh temperatures at the time where she died, it was like super cold out and they couldn't dig into the ground there to wait for it to fall. Right. So she was in a holding vault.


Oh, and so that becomes important. Later, during waiting for her to be buried, Edwin's condition got worse and Georgas family became the talk of the town of like, holy shit, everyone in your family is going to die from this.


So local law suggested that the more deaths you had in your family from consumption meant that there was more of a chance of a vampire. Like if you have five people in your family and four of them are dead, like there's a reason they couldn't have possibly been because you're near each other and it's contagious, but it's because there's a vampire.


So people assumed that in George's family there must be a vampire. And some people reported actually seeing a woman walking in the cemetery through the fields. And so as Edwin got worse, he was also saying that he felt like someone was sitting on his chest and suffocating. Oh, no.


So even if it was a ghost, they're like no ghosts, a vampire, even if it was a ghost or like you just have to furcula or you just have to bring closure.


So apparently back then, the signs for a vampire were different than today, were like afraid of garlic or can't I see the reflection?


Vampires then were a blurry shape with no skeletal structure, and they had snouts instead of noses that they sucked their victims.


That's like way scarier. That's way scarier. Right? Like sort of just sharp.


No skeletal structure and blurry and a snout. Apparently after like a month of being a vampire or sucking the life out of people, you slowly take more of a human form.


And because you become stronger and stronger in life from them.


Oh, no. Yeah, you're you're they're transferring their life or life into you. And so you instead of being blurry, you slowly, like, take more of a shape in a form, and therefore you're stronger and therefore harder to kill.


So. Another fun fact, apparently in the Balkans for regions that were that believed in vampires, they said that fruit like pumpkins or watermelons could also become vampires.


Oh, my God. None of us are saying your kitchens. It's Halloween coming up. Very nervous of your pumpkin brew. Oh, my God. You're drinking liquid vampire.


Actually, pretty, pretty spooky. Apparently, they would become vampires if you left them out for more than 10 days or you didn't eat them by Christmas.


I would be screwed. And a drop of blood on fruit. So, like, even if it was like a bug or a, I don't know, a person who wasn't very clean.


Well, if you're cutting fruit and you cut yourself. Right.


So if you had a drop of blood on fruit, apparently that was also a sign that it could turn to a vampire. Sounds tasted your life.


This this peach is like this nectarine is out to get me. I want to be a human now. What the fuck?


Well, apparently, if you throw seeds or a fishing net outside your door, it also keeps vampires away because they get compelled to count the seeds are the holes in the net. I've heard of that. And it's like distracts them until sunrise.


And then you're saying, I love these just like vampires, that they're like, well, then let me count this.


It's a blurry shape, but if you throw a net outside, your watermelons will be fine. It loves mathematics, though.


So anyway, so the townspeople are talking to George basically like a vampire intervention and they're saying like he's about to die.


You're about to lose every member of your family, like he's the last months ago. We have to find out who the vampire in your family is that is sucking the life of all of your relatives. So they wanted to reopen all of his family's members coffins and exhumed them. And if one of them happened to be a vampire and looked like it was no longer blurry or like it was like taking more of a human lively form, they would assume that was the vampire and then deal with it accordingly.


So the food, the corpses are blurry with Snout's and then they'll be fine, like bingo, bingo.


This is the same logic of the side so that so go anywhere good while telling signs to know whether or not this thing, the, the dead bodies were vampires, telling signs would be if they still had liquid blood on them that hadn't dried or coagulated, it would be fresh blood sugar and therefore it would have been more recently or more alive than the I mean that makes some sense.


So others thought that the dead could come back and less. Once you exhume the bodies, you burned their organs or their entire body.


And then until they were ashes, don't take the time to remove all the organs, just get the whole justice.


HOLLEYMAN So March 17th, 1892, was the the grand old day that they decided to exhume these bodies. And it was held by chief medical examiner Dr. Metcalf. It was three 17. That's St. Patrick's Day, right?


Yeah, it is the lucky day of the Irish.


And so Dr Metcalf, he even discouraged that they exhume all these bodies. He he was getting paid. She was like, I guess I'll do this. But like, I don't understand. This isn't medically makes sense. Like he was on board, that this was not cool, but he was getting paid. He was like, fine, I'll do it. And George didn't want to do it, but he was like, my neighbors won't shut up and like, just leave me in peace while my son died and everybody in my family is dying also.


There's that right. So he was like he did it basically to appease his neighbors, which is an awful reason to think he was just like probably sad.


Yes. And alone.


So mercy, the the middle one, the one who died recently from galloping consumption or remember, she had been placed in the ground yet because or she had only recently been placed in the ground because the ground adjusted in the tomb.


Right. So the mom and the oldest daughter, they had been buried for a lot longer. Right. And mercy had been preserved until she could have been buried, which was only a couple of weeks before this happened. Right. But so she had only been buried, I think, for a month. And some sources say that mercilessness, mother and sister, they were the first exhumed and they had decomposed at a natural rate. So, like, OK, it can't be the wife or the or the daughter and.


Basic oh, hang on. And then and then they dug up Mary Marcelina and obviously, like she hadn't totally decomposed yet, even though she died a while ago, but she was still preserved by the cold outside in a vault. So like she and also she died later than them, like five years later than them. So she looked less decomposed and therefore they thought she must be the average person on blurriness.


Schnepp laugh Her snout is more of a nose pronounced. So real quick before I carry on.


And twenty twenty one of the primary vampire historians out there, which is a very cool job really.


His name is Dr. Michael Bell and he wrote a book called Food for the Dead.


And it's basically this extensive interview with descendants of Marcelina. And one of those descendants is still a resident of the exact same town, Exeter, Rhode Island. And this in the book. This is one of the excerpts from one of mercilessness ancestors, their descendants. Sorry. His name is Everett, quote, Everett heard the story from people who had actually been there, the newspaper says they exhumed all three bodies, but Everett said they only dug up Marcelina.


He implied that there was some sign that Marcelina was the vampire. Everett said that after they had dug her up, she was turned over in her grave. But there's no mention of that in the newspapers or eyewitness accounts.


So even if she was the only one dug up, I think they assume that she must be the vampire because she clearly moved around in her coffin like she.


I thought they turned her over. No, she was found. Turned.


Oh, yeah. What do they think?


That's really weird that they still can't come up with an explanation for unless like for all we know, they were digging her up and like, knocked her out. Yeah. Like the coffin. But so I think they according to this descendant who has heard eyewitness accounts, they only dug up one person. But then it was suspicious enough. They didn't dig up the others.


They were like, we already found her. Right. One for one.


But the law is that they dug up all three and she was the most alive looking, which like, again, is not even Lorqess.


That's probably true.


It's factual because she was most five years less decomposed. She's been dead once.


No. Right. So when they opened her coffin, her eyes were open, her face was flushed. Apparently, her lips were full of color. Her hair and nails had grown, which the others didn't. And when they prodded her, she was still filled with blood, more blood than the other decomposing. So they assumed it must have been her. So apparently the townspeople, they cut her chest cavity open because you're supposed to remove the organs and burn them.


This is a quote. The newspaper said her heart and liver had blood in it. It was liquid blood, which they interpreted as fresh blood, and therefore she was alive.


Poor dad is like, oh, my God, I just wanted to fucking appease my neighbors and prove that everyone was dead. And now they're like my kids messing around with her body aches.


So they they removed her heart and her lungs and they burned them on a rock nearby, which the local legend is that the rock that they burned her organs on still shows next to her grave. And you can still go to her. Great. By the way. It's still there. And apparently the rock next to it, there's like a from what I heard, there's some rocks that do have scorch marks on them.


Like it could have been like just some like shooty teenagers, like trying to make it look scary.


But that is creepy if. Yeah, if it's true. But so they burned them on a rock nearby.


Others apparently beheaded her. Oh goodness.


And yeah, I remember like the dad did this to just satisfy the neighbors.


Beheading is that's horrifying. And to cure Edwin because he was still alive.


Oh God. He's like so so they got just to make sure.


I think the idea was if she had been sucking the life out of him, then he could get the life back from her. And so secure when the ashes of mercilessness, heart and lungs were added to either his medicine or water and he had to drink it.


So he had a sisters who he drank his sister ill and then died anyway, two months later.


Oh, no. So he was but he was the last to die from consumption in the town and therefore they thought that they cured vampirism, he was just like because he was the last a martyr for this cause.


Oh, my God.


So they think because he was the last one to die from it, no more vampires were killing people because vampire equals consumption. If no one's has consumption, there are no more vampires. So I think they stopped it by killing Marilena again. Right. So anyway, this made the town think they solved the problem. And there was never another case of vampires in Rhode Island. But Lena was put in a vault before being buried, and so she was probably just better preserved.


It had nothing to do with the fact that she was a fucking vampire.


But no one to this day can't explain why her body was positioned the way it was when they found it, although there are no records suggesting that maybe they just knocked her over. Right, her grave.


It wasn't that not even in the newspaper.


Like, it was just like, yeah, there's a guy said it was just eyewitness.


There's minimal accounts of this. So who knows what happened. Right. So Marcelina Brown's grave has now attracted many visitors that are especially interested in vampires or spooky things like everyone who listens to the show. One visitor apparently was the stage manager for a theater company called Bram Stoker. Bram Stoker's the guy who wrote Dracula.


And when Bram died in the 90s, they actually did find in his personal files clippings from Lena's case. So they think that maybe there's a chance she helped influence his Dracula Scrivner.


And some think that she was the inspiration for the character Lucy, which is interesting because Lena Mersea sounds a little like the name Lucy Ugueth Cam today, Mersea Lena.


Is said to haunt the cemetery, people smell roses near her grave and they get a piece of her talking. People also say that they have been shoved near her plot. If they get too close, some, like, stop cutting it off. What else do you want, God? Some say that they have seen strange lights in the cemetery near her grave. People report seeing particularly a bright blue light. They've also seen mercy walking around town in the cemetery through the fields.


Apparently, she also visits locals who are near death. Well, many have reported talking to her right before passing.


Oh, that's nice. It's like helping people, helping people cross over. And people who aren't sick have watched their sick relatives talking to someone.


I'm like, who are you talking to?


And they're like, oh, mercy, mercy, mercy. Lena, Lena right there. Oh, God. Let's see. The grave now is a tourist hotspot and people will leave mementos for her, including fake vampire teeth, which is kind of fucked up. But there is one that I appreciate it. The people will leave like candy and flowers, but someone left a note that says, you go, girl.


That was also one of our listeners. I like to read. I like to think in.


Her headstone has since been tied down with iron straps because so many people try to steal her headstone, assholes trying to steal her headstone.


There is a rumor if you knock three times on her grave and if you say Marcelina Brown, are you a vampire? She'll appear before you in some way. And her surviving relatives reportedly save any local newspaper clippings and a family scrapbook for her.


Oh, and I don't know if this is true, but according to some travel sites, there is a Tupperware container next to her headstone that has a communal notebook for you to sign when you go there if you want to say something.


Wow. So that's the story of you. Go, girl, you go girl. Mercy Tina Brown, a.k.a. New England's last vamp.


Goodness, what a story. What a story. What a case. What a time to be alive.


What a coincidence that there was a George Moses. Only a little weird, huh? We really have to go back and look and see how many like what the famous famous what the popular baby names of that time were. I bet you there.


I mean, George makes sense, George. George is pretty universal. It's always there. Hmm. I wonder what names of today are going to be like now. They've been created as baby names are going to be like universal, probably a whole list.


I'm not going to do that. I'm going to offend somebody. So I'm just going to leave it at that. Huh? The name is M. Schulz.


Hopefully this becomes trashiest now of all time. No, that one's Christine. Oh, my bad. Yeah. Which live together and you get credit. That's true. That's that in a Tupperware note.


I need to save that forever.


I have a tale for you and for you too. It's a tall tell tale. Oh, a tall tall tale. Or is it just a tall tale. It's actually just a tale. Oh kind of short tale. So especially not short. So a medium tale medium. OK, average tail average Joe.


This is the story of Juana Barraza, Juana Juana Barraza on them, the old lady killer.


That's a fun name.


Also Mexico City. Again, this is also not again, because it's the first time I'm seeing it. But you know the type you know what I'm thinking.


I there are a lot of names here that I'm going to attempt to say out loud, and I apologize for that. Oh, are they are they taking place in Mexico? OK, let's just put it that way.


So right now we've got Juana Barraza. Yeah.


OK, so Mexico City, 2005.


Mexican police are faced with an alarming slew of murders, although it was thought that since November 2002, thirty nine people had died at the hands of a cruel serial killer. Oh, no. Yeah. With the same M.O., he would strangle his victims. But more interestingly, his victims were all the same demographic.


They were all older women, most of whom were abuelo or grandmothers. Yeah.


So the media named him. Oh, boy. Here we go. El Moravia. He does not appear. He does. The old lady killer. That's how I'm going to remember element of this old lease, my attempt at it.


The problem was they were having trouble catching the guy.


So I listen to an MFM episode on this and apparently they even hired older women to bait him like they would hire older women, not people dressed as older women, like older women to sit in the park.


I don't know about the victim right now. We have young people that can run dressed as older ones. Yeah, yeah. People with bad hips and knees. It's really not a nice idea, but it didn't work, so they weren't able to catch him. Even the chief prosecutor in Mexico City at the time was quoted as saying, we're dealing with a brilliant mind. You just say the cute the chief prosecutor.


Oh, my God. I think even the Q prosecutor couldn't do it. He thought that's about all the good qualities.


He's super hot, though.


It is like, OK, magazine, maybe there's a picture coming. Super trashy, super. The chief prosecutor, Supercute, was quoted as saying, We're dealing with a brilliant mind, so the murder streak was finally sorry.


That made me think of basically what I said to you after the space camp video, which is what we're dealing with, a brilliant, mind you, really lunatic.


We're dealing with a brilliant lunatic emphasis on the lunatic part. So the guy's. The serial killer's murder strike was finally halted when on January 25th, 2006, a landlord spotted someone running from his tenants home. When he entered, he found his tenant, Anna Maria de los Reyes Alfaro murdered.


Oh, so as the serial killer fled the scene, the landlord chased him until police arrived and apprehended him. That's the landlord. Yeah, that's a lie.


To be fair, a couple sources said it was a tenant of hers, that it was the landlord.


So it's unclear, like if it was the landlord or if it was anybody like that one, not the one. It gives me cockroaches. Yeah. Yeah. You need to trade out, I think. Yeah. I want the one who's going to chase you.


You're going to get murdered like you might as well. Sure.


So he chased down the serial killer until the police came to apprehend him. But when they cuffed him, they were shocked to discover that the serial killer was not the man they expected. In fact, it was not a man at all. It was a woman. Oh, no.


Was it an old lady? Was she just killing her own kind? No.


OK, it was 48 year old Juana Barraza. OK, a woman name you already? Yeah. Yeah. I was hoping you wouldn't notice. Nope, didn't. According to an NYU paper, when Baraza was arrested, the only thing she asked for was a phone call so she could let her daughter know she wasn't going to be able to pick her up from school that day.


That's sad. But also, you're a killer.


Yeah, that's kind of the entire story of this part of me wanted to go. Oh, that's kind of the entire story, right? Actually. So Juana was born December twenty seventh, 1957, in the Hidalgo region of Mexico. She was born to house to some perio, who is a sex worker who struggled with alcoholism and had had Juan at a young age who I don't know if that's how you say it, but I'm going to try style.


Jay, you stay.


That makes me think of star, which apparently means lips, according to a vegetable song. Hosta. I don't know.


That's as far as I get when it comes to I'm sure it's not just us. So I'm just going to try according to true crime all the time. She was willing to do anything to get her next fix and that comes into play with her parenting. Got it. Hannah's father is a guy named Trinidad Baraza and he was a police officer and cattle rancher who was apparently known for raising goats and procreating.


Sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure.


In fact, in an interview, Trinidad claims to have fathered thirty two children, so it was not fucking around. Thirty two children.


Doctors say it Quanah's parents weren't married at the time and had met at a nightclub when Giusto was only thirteen and she was living with her mother and her mother stepfather. So, OK, I'm sorry she had fathered. She had mothers, she had not father that she had parented, she had birthed Juana when she was very young and then Trinidad, the dad, just kind of pissed, like he had thirty one other children.


I have some some other things and some kids. Oh, get it. Kids and goats, both kids and kids. So you have kids and kids and kids to attend to.


So he kind of peace. Daddy wasn't like part of the picture. And so then Juana was raised. She was living with her mother and her mother, stepfather and the her mother stepfather prevented Juanita from receiving an education because he believed it was a waste of time for a girl to be educated.


And then, of course, Hannah's mother started a relationship with her own stepfather.


So that's great.


And in general, she was not a great mother. She lived by not great. I mean terrible. She would often abuse her. She would she would trade her for beer and alcohol and O etc. to grown men.


At one point in 1970, when I was 13, Houston sold wonna to a 60 something year old man called Jose Luco for three beers, only for good, like for good and half an hour for three beers.


Yep. Wow. So tragically, Juwana, quote, lived as a slave in this man's house for five years. She was 13, so from 13 to 18.


So can I guess now that all of her or all her, her killings were a revenge restringing, trying to get it back on her mother?


Ding, ding, ding. Yes, exactly. So José raped Juana regularly, would tie her up to bed frame. She became pregnant by him twice and lost both pregnancies. At age 16, she became pregnant with his son and nine months later gave birth to him.


His name was Jose Enrique and that was her oldest child. It was around 1980 when I was twenty three years old, when her mother died of cirrhosis of the liver. Apparently she felt nothing about her mother's passing. Why not? At this point? Not shocking. So this was liberating enough for Juanita to pack up her things and leave Jose with her son, Jose Enrique. And she didn't have an education, was illiterate, but she took whatever jobs she could find to try and feed her kid.


After two serious and abusive relationships that ended badly, she married a man named Miguel Garcia. He was also abusive, but she stayed with him for four years and they had a child named Erica. So now she has two kids. She was surviving off her wages, working at a chocolate factory.


OK, that's the best part. I've heard of that also. There's also a truck factory in the. What you might call it episode, remember, it was a Geoffrey Thomas, as Geoffrey Thomas is like, not Ted Bundy.


The other one, one of my bucket list things as I would love to be a chocolatier one day one. Well, apparently it doesn't end well, so.


Yeah, well, I feel like maybe I'm a serial killer if I want to be a chocolatier. So I think maybe I hope that I hope I can separate those two. Hope myself.


She lost her job working in clothing like delivering clothing delivery when her boss slapped her one day. It's just like it's just she's having a really rough time. Yeah. She the saddest life of her.


Sorry. This last moment of her life was in nineteen eighty four. She called it the size of her life when Jose Enrique, her eldest son, died at age twenty four of injuries sustained in a mugging after he was hit with a baseball bat. Wow. She really can't just like not winning. Yeah. So three years after that in nineteen eighty seven juanas step father, step grandfather, the one that her mom, stepfather who had had a relationship with also passed away.


And this was like the only other person she like felt close to in her life. So she really had like a break. Nobody, nobody. She did have her kid, her other child, Barika. But you know, she just felt like she lost a lot of important people. She that same year, a guy named Felix Ramirez, and they ended up living together for more than ten years and had two more children together named Jose and Emma.


And she, alongside her jobs of cleaning houses and working at the chocolate factory, want to find another job which was probably the most like right turn, left turn, I don't know, a plot twist, jobs of all time.


She was a professional wrestler. Luchador Lucchitta.


Hey, now, now we're talking or you go from chocolatier wrestler bada bing ba boom. She was selling popcorn and helping organize wrestling events for small town Fiesta's when apparently she was recognized or not recognized, she was like. Noticed selling popcorn and was like asked to choose to scarper, discovered, yes, exactly her name or Hollywood story. This is her Hollywood story. Pretty true.


Hollywood to her maybe true story. Her name was Ladar Model Silencio, the Silence Lady.


That was her stage name. And so there's this thing called gangster named Dotcom, where you can get your Mexican wrestler like your Luchador name. So do you want to know your daughter's surely cool.


So mine is surfer Raho, the red surfer, which sounds like I'm just on my period, but I'll take it and then wait.


So is your is your alias Aunt Flo then Evers' is Hailo picante, which is like spicy hair which actually lets kind of literally a redhead. So that's one then.


M. Schulz is El to Pantalone is the burrito without pants.


You know I've never felt more seem that's that kind of is how my life has been during all of this and just burrito's and no pain.




I'm like jealous. I'm like my period which is also sort of like how this whole Claudine's and I'm just like in pain all the time on the couch.


Oh, how do you say it again. L Burrito burrito scene pantalones. I love it. Yeah. I mean I love it. I'm probably but I'm about to get that spicy hair. Red surfer in the burrito. I'm going to change my name, that legitimately the funniest thing I've ever read. So she was just a fan of wrestling and she used it as like an escape and then had to feel really liberating. Yeah, well, so but originally she just used to like watching it and like watching it as an escape.


And she was a big fan. So then when she started selling popcorn and helping organize the event, she was spotted by a Lucha Libre promoter when he saw her selling popcorn, and that's when she started training and actually participated in the sport. She was short, but she did weight training twice a week and had tremendous upper body strength and was able to lift two hundred and twenty pounds the same.


Yeah, only in Burrito's though. Yeah, well, I'm like selling popcorn and not having pants on. Yeah, she can just lift that. Yeah. So when asked why she chose the name LA model Silencio, she said the reasoning was because I am quiet and keep myself to myself. So she would fight in these Lucha Libre matches, which relies on a lot of like performance. It's sort of like WWE where it's like scripted and like they have characters and there's like soap opera style plotlines and they wear masks.


I'm going to show you a picture of her and her mask. It's pretty, but that could be made out of Tertius.


Yeah, there you are. There she is.


There I am. That's not you.


That's amazing. Right. Amazing outfit.


She is wearing the purple stripy spandex with a butterfly, like a Power Ranger, like a Power Ranger. And this is a butterfly mask, is it? Yeah. Oh, I'm. Oh, that's fun. She's kind of scary.


So anyway, so it's this like soap opera style, like really dramatic. And she identified as a villain and said she was Rudolf's, which is like the villains to the core, which like yeah, we learn that pretty quickly after that she'd compete wearing a pink Power Ranger. So outfit with oh my goodness. Seapower. Yes. Look at me go. I just somehow thought you like I was like, Oh, I'm Mighty Morphin gets my nose.


It was seen as an incredible dishonor for a Mexican wrestler to be seen without their masks, so she'd often wear it out and about in her daily life.


Yeah, I know she becomes a serial killer, but like I said, in her fighting career, she fought famous fighters such as La Pahlka and Charlie Manson, which was I looked him up. He's one of the guys doing this. She'd earn around 300 to 500 pesos per fight, which is around fifteen to twenty five dollars. And so in 1995, she had two young children to feed. I think Erica was older at this point and she had to think of a way to earn more money as wrestling wasn't really paying the bills.


So she started stealing from shops out of necessity to support her family, and then that evolved to burglarizing homes. So ultimately, Juwana and a friend named Araceli in 1996, they decided they were going to come up with this plan to steal money from elderly women, as well as trophy objects such as ornaments, religious items, including crucifixes, rings and Bibles. And they targeted older women because they were easy targets, often alone, more trusting, especially of two women.


And they like they wouldn't fight back, especially when she could fucking lift two hundred twenty five. Right.


Like they wouldn't fight back. And even if they did, she would they wouldn't win. Yeah.


So they would both dress up in white clothes and pretend to be either nurses or social workers and would come in like offer help to these older women and one of them would keep the elderly woman occupied while the other would steal the objects and they wouldn't even realize what had happened until long after the two of them had left. I see. So at this point, Juwana was like burglarizing people by day and a wrestler by night. So wild story line. What a story, right?


I really wish I didn't have to hate her so far.


That's what I'm saying. The whole thing is like for I really feel pretty everything that she's had to go through and then like what?


Like an underdog story of a great career. It really goes south. So Juwana had met another untrustworthy and disloyal person in her life, unfortunately got kicked again. Araceli was in a relationship with a guy named Moisés, almost Moses fully. Sure.


I know that's weird. I didn't even realize until just now named Floras Dominguez, who was a police officer, Moises Flores Dominguez, who was a police officer. And our and her boyfriend conspired to extort Wannna because they had now this dirt on her. At this point, Juanita had started doing solo missions where she was basically she was apparently a very good mother to like she was very loving, very kind, never laid a finger on her kids. Basically, all she did was to get money to feed them.


So after what a little Robin Hood was so little Robin Hood. Yeah. And that actually kind of comes back. So at this point, Juanita had started doing these solo missions after one solo burglary. Police Officer Domingo's was outside and he demanded twelve thousand pesos, which is five hundred and fifty five dollars in return for not arresting her. So he's extorting her now. So now she's like, shit, I need five hundred bucks to pay him off.


But now he's keeping an eye on her. So she's like, she can't rob you. Yeah, exactly.


So the risk is so much higher now. But she kept going. She would target the the woman whose house she was going to burgle. Then she would offer support and either carrying groceries or offer cleaning services or she would dress up as a social worker with like actual legitimate paperwork that she probably has stolen. And like, they never stood a chance. She had like the actual paperwork she would come to the house.


So when she was 42 in 1999, she and Felix Ramirez split. And then the following year, she was injured and had to quit wrestling. So double whammy. Yeah, she is not in a good place all over again. So this all everything kind of culminated when on November 25th, 2002, when after intending to burgle a house, she strangled Maria de la Luis Gonzales, an older woman, to death. Apparently, she didn't go in intending to kill Maria, but just snapped or Maria had insulted Juana, who later said, quote, When I saw them, I felt much anger and more when they acted out of the ordinary because of their money, they could humiliate me.


So she was just like she snapped. Yeah. Um, the the event, like, obviously shook her because she didn't really she probably never planned to kill. And yeah, it wasn't the plan at all. But then once she did basically four months later, she's like, I won't keep doing that.


It's like once she's maybe one I'm assuming.


But once she hit that high, she like she is like she's like the she's like the the pumpkin that tasted human blood. And now she's just coming out of the watermelon to eat ASOL, you know. You know.


That's right. There's no singing. So March 2nd, 2003, she murdered her second victim, Guillermina Liohn Oropeza. She then went on to murder seven other elderly women that year between the ages of seventy six and eighty seven went from zero to 60. Yodle quick. Yeah, actually zero to seven.


But yeah. Well, she gets to sixty though, don't we. Oh my God. Really, it's a lot I don't think it's 60, but maybe it's close, the fact that it's almost that it's a lot closer, it's over a dozen, let's put it that way. Wow. So in 2003, she was spotted and her mask, she was spotted without a mask and the right police began to take things more seriously at this point and believe there's actually a serial killer.


So in one of these murder burglary instances, Juwana had entered the house believing she was alone. However, her victim's son was in the house.


He spotted her another little just another little Justin. That's right. Yeah.


So they were able to draw a they didn't draw. They I'm sure they did draw it, but they also created a bust like a clay bust of her face. OK? But remember, they think it's a guy at this point. Remember, they kept thinking they were looking for food.


So they got fingerprints because how many horrible like how many women can live like two hundred miles, you know, and there's a whole thing here where the Mexican well, it gets bad. So from the son's description, police released a wanted poster and then a bust of El Moravia. He tests. And interestingly, the use of El again indicates that they thought it was a man. Sure. And to be more precise, according to a paper called Performing Mexican IDOT Criminality and Lucha Libre by Susana Vargas, Savani, a man between 35 and 45 years old with homosexual preferences, is who they thought because the son said that he was dressed as a nurse.


So they were like, oh, well. It's a man posing as a woman, so you must be a homosexual, quote unquote, must be a raging, raging homosexual. So the police couldn't fathom that a woman could, you know, do these crimes, but they knew that the killer was dressed as a female nurse. So the police had these sketches. One was feminine, one was masculine looking, and they believed it was a man wearing women's clothing to gain access to the victim's apartment.


Other people came forward with vague descriptions like saying he was tall, some saying he was wearing a red blouse, like there were all these wild things they added. So she killed in 2004 alone, killed 14 more people. So, wow, at least once a month when I was building up her M.O., like at this point, exactly what you said, the psychology is wild. Like she's literally offering to help these older women who are all over 60.


They range from 60 to 90 to people who reminded her of her mother and she believed they were a hindrance to society. And they really line up to kind of her mother's own persona, like she literally pictured them as her mother and was seeking revenge after her tumultuous upbringing. And there was like a strange coincidence that it was sort of a red herring. All three of her victims had the same painting. It was called Boy in a Red Waistcoat. And it was like this painting that they all had.


So they were like maybe somebody something of targeting this or this particular painting.


Yeah. And like Georgia, my brother said something like they probably all went to the same market and like all these old ladies, like the same painting, you know, like it's all like the same reaction to the same magazine.


Exactly. And apparently also she tended to target like wealthier people. So it might have just been like they had these fancy paintings, all had a baby grand piano.


It's a shot to be had mother of Pearl.


They all had some just parking themselves when we got there.


And she would then strangle them either with a stethoscope, pantyhose, stockings, phone cables or scarves or anything, anything she could find. In mid 2005, she started dating a taxi driver called Jose Herrera, but he was known as El Freehold.


The been I was going to say his name was look, I know that word. I sense I am the a lot of area.


In April alone of two thousand five, she killed four people in seven days from the 13th to the 20th of April. Killed was a busy week for people. Wow. She must've been in a bad mood. So total now is 35 people.


Yeah, she's getting up there. Then September 28, 2005, police found the body of Carmen Kamia Gonzales Smiggle, who was 82, an extremely wealthy and the mother of noted Mexican criminologist Luis Rafael Moreno. Gonzales, so now mother, wealthy, mother of a criminologist. Now the police are like, OK, we're actually going to launch an operation and figure this out. Finally, one of these grab Ozomatli. Yes. Yeah. So they finally this is when they started paying elderly women to act as bait in parks.


They started like brothers with the cop.


Probably ought to be a musician. Thomas Yeah.


Now, this is where things get really fucking dark in October. I mean, they already are. But in October of 2005, the police arrested forty nine trans women who worked as sex workers as they strongly believe this was the demographic of the father because it was a man dressed as a woman, quote unquote, absorbed, first of all, that a man BNR sluts like.


God forbid. Yeah. First of all. Right. Yes. Also, this is like its own fucked up.


And they couldn't even conceptualize the fact that this could have been a woman to begin with. Like, right. There just couldn't be. So during this time, she got away with one more murder on October 18th. And interestingly, a week before her next murder, she did a TV interview about wrestling. So she's still like in the wrestling world on TV.


So was this like a celebrity scandal that I just.


Vertov sort of because I kind of like the rock.


Did he know or he would never he would never be such a soldier.


On October 25th, 2006, Juwana was going about her normal business, you know, struggling people, as you know, because you do, according to Banaras news, she was targeting a woman named Anna Maria de los Reyes Alfaro, and she strangled her with a stethoscope. And that is when either the landlord or the tenant or whomever saw her leaving the apartment chased her down. Police apprehended her. Now, they knew who their the guy, quote unquote was.


So she was picked up by a passing police patrol. She was carrying a stethoscope, a sphygmomanometer sphygmomanometer.


Oh, those I have five. Yes, I know. In your burrito. In my pants.


But they're in the other room and that's why you don't remember they measure blood pressure if in fact. Place you listening? No, OK, he was like, yeah, I knew that. So I told you I had to say that she was also carrying pensione forms, a social worker ID card. She was not a social worker. And the names and addresses of elderly women who received monthly relief checks once arrested, she yelled, Yes, I did it.


The police. Yeah, well, yes, but she only admitted to that particular one. Interestingly enough, the police obtain a search warrant for her address, found a newspaper clipping clippings of all her crimes methodically stored, as well as trophies from her victims. They also found an altar in her home with figurines of the folk Saint Jesus Malverde, who's often referred to as the angel of the poor and a sort of a Robin Hood type figure. I say, interestingly enough, I guess you really need Robin Hood.


You're like, quarantine has been doing favors for me and my cartoon. Now you wash your burrito.


So also to Santa Marta, who within Mexican folk, Catholicism is the personification of death and is often looked up to when walking up to a trial. A reporter asked how many elderly women she had killed and she supposedly said this is the first, according to L.A. Times. So she was like, I only did one. She was tried for 30 murders. She pled guilty to the one where she was caught saying, I only killed one little old lady, not the others.


It isn't right to pin the others on me. You can't possibly think it's me. I only have one murder, by the way.


She looks just like the bus. Really? Yeah.


I hope I have a photo of it. I see. It might have gotten covered up, but I'll show it to you afterward, we'll put it in the oh, here it is. Whoa, is that creepy? That's oddly it's like unsettling someone did a really good job with that.


But some of it is a a sculptor. A storyteller. Yeah, yeah. So she only admitted to one, even though, like, she definitely did more. She was found guilty of 16 and 12 bank robberies, according to The Guardian, when she heard the verdict, she said, may God forgive you and not forget me.


Oh, OK. I mean, like, if this were like a strong, powerful, confident feminist who had done nothing wrong.


Just like your tagline, I'd be like, OK, if that were like a witch at the witch burning thing, like may God forgive you and not forgive me, it'd be like hell. Yeah, that is a factor. You go girl. What's what's Nalley.


No, Mary. What's the one under Selena Marcelina you go girl go girl.


Because I'm like, yikes. Yeah. Like I really wish I could respect you so I could empower you. Yeah.


But like we're not going to accordant don't kill people's grandmothers please. According to the Guardian. Yep. She said that. Sorry said that already. So Juan is currently in prison in the Santa Marta Kortedala Prison on a sentence of seven hundred and fifty nine years but only has to serve 60, which is the maximum sentence in Mexico and is currently on her 12th. She's very popular. She prepares tacos, sells them in the courtyard Monday to Wednesday.


So, you know, she also started courting A or was courted by another inmate named Miguel Angel, who courted her through letters. And they began a relationship over writing. And slowly she fell for the guy. And in 2015, 58 year old Juana Wedd, 74 year old inmate Miguel, who is being held for murder, they had never set eyes on each other before the wedding. They'd only written love letters to each other. Love is blind.


Love is blind. It's like the original. Oh, my gosh. But their ceremony included food, music and cake provided by prison officials.


Wow. So apparently 48 other couples have gotten married in the same prison which the Mexican government promotes in a program called Laszlo's and Preclusion, which is bonds in confinement to help inmates forge personal relationships. That's nice. However, they didn't last very long in 2016, a mere year after being married to Miguel, they divorced. They had only seen each other three times for a cumulative total of forty minutes during their marriage.


But that was, I guess, enough for her to be like Namwon. She was like, OK, I have forty five minutes, I'm going to kill you. That's true. It's like, get out of here. Listen, you don't want to screw with her. Since her sentence in 2008, Juwana has since admitted to killing four other women. So now she's like, well, I killed five.


So like she killed more. Martine Barone, who interviewed her in twenty six for his book, which is in English called The Not of Silence on the Trail of a Serial Killer, deduced that, quote, Aside from the excitement that came from robbery and homicides in the history of Baraza, additional excitement is found in the fact that at age 30, she started to practice Lucha Libre.


So if you're like, I need to know more about this, Juana, which I think we all are. There is a song called LA Maravilla Retests by Mexican singer. Oh my goodness. Um, um. I hear people laughing at me. I'm so sorry, everybody. Amanda to Tito, which features the lyrics and I'm not going to sing them, but I will read them. They want me hold your hand.


No. Okay. No, that's enough of that.


Too much already.


Love Moravia. He does wants to get rid of your grandmother. No one can stop this shameless person. She is a professional wrestler. She used to call herself La Damadola Silencio. No one suspected or could have imagined such a thing. This killer could be your neighbor. And that is the story of a lot of you. He does. La Damadola Silencio. The old lady killer, Juana Barraza. Wow. It's a good story. It's pretty wild, huh?


There was a lot of ups and a lot of Dacus, lot of ups and downs in a costume. Yeah. So anyway, that's the that's the story for. That's it. That's the one. Well, thanks for listening. Well, good job. Thank you. I really like that one. It's good, right? Yeah, very weird. I was allowed to emotionally be attached to parts of that story.


Yeah, yeah. We could feel for her while also condemning her actions. Think if you can feel for someone and like understand where they come from but also like. Yeah. Not approve of their behavior.


Yeah. I don't condone it but I don't get it. Yeah. It's at least like listen I've been watching a lot of criminal minds as I said, and I'm wearing a sweater that says unsub for anyone just listening in audio. But yeah, you know, the mind of a killer, sometimes you just got to trace it back to childhood. Yeah, I think actually there was an episode based on her on Criminal Minds because really there's a criminal minds like page bio on her on the Criminal Minds wiki.


So you I'm I'm I, I am me.


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I don't know what you're saying anyway.


I just think Matt Gubbay, Qamar or there's a lot of people on that show that I'm just very attracted to. Well I'm sure you're not alone. No, I'm not, because I mentioned the quote I literally said on the show, all I want to talk about is Matthew Gray, Gubler and all the frickin Gen Z Youth came at me on Twitter like I'll talk about him with you.


And I was like, great, I'm glad I'm not alone. So I want to talk about. So thank you guys for listening.


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