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Hi, welcome to October 1st, spookies officially begun. We're talking it's Halloween time.


I went to do this at the beginning, but I got stuck talking about sunshine again.


I meant to say, oh, no, we totally forgot about that. I think my biggest fear is that I'm going to forget to do it around the holidays.


Do you find yourself, like, sporadic throughout the whole year?


Like, I better if I can remember people like still email me about certain things that I've said in the past, like remind me around Christmas time. And I got a bunch of emails recently that were like, I know it's July, but I'm not going to remember. You need to tell me in December. I'm very excited for every November basically and December and post Christmas episode, I'm like gearing up with my Halloween rendition.


So if you like that, I love it more.


I gave you gave me the right chills, you know. Good.


Oh, God. Yeah. Also for you to decide what I mean by that. Take it for what you will.


I also let a beautiful autumnal candle. It's called falling leaves.


I love when Christine says autumnal because I can't say it also autumnal like like Sir Tumnus. That didn't help.


What are you talking about, Sir Thomas. OK, I can't do this. You can't. Is that is that a children's book? Amethi. It's just too early for this. And by early I mean it's five o'clock here. What is. And I have Tumnus from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.


Oh, I never watched that. It was played by I don't know, Britney was weirdly obsessed with him.


And it became clear to me it sounds like a children's book about someone who's hungry, like who's like a like a royal like Sir Tumnus and his tummy feeling. Am I wrong here? Yes, you are. He has.


I am certain. Yes. That's actually what I'm trying to get to.


His race is forn he's like a half human half dear. I think you're a fan as a dear and I guess I can't. I'm like I'm just I it's James McAvoy. Oh.


I thought he was like a center or something. Yeah. He looks kind of like that. He's just like a really graceful one. Can I say if I send you this, does it show up?


Probably not. It's probably just texting on my phone next to me if you text me. Oh, OK, good, I'll do that. I'm sending it to our group chat because I can't find the time to find your text only.


So he was going to do he was going be like, what is going on.


That search is gone.


Oh oh that's.


Wait I'm sorry.


You say that he's automatable, is wearing a skirt. No, I'm not holding a big Tomalin.


He's a special package.


Well, OK, I'm not kidding. Is that a big ass to Molly. No, I literally think it's just a special po. I'm so hooked on Satomi's just always being hungry.


Listen, Rene was like obsessed with him and it became a problem in our friendship. So I just stuck in my brain also evea hearted the image. And so I think we're all in a good place.


OK, well, someone can you please Photoshop my face on this, but also make this package optimally? Because that's the second thing.


I want to send it to Rene and make her feel really just distraught about her childhood.


Anyway, you said a terminal and that really took us for a ride. So let's avoid talking about seasons. Let's do it.


Let's talk instead about the scary, scary Halloween stories I've picked out for us today.


That's I'm very excited about this. So, by the way, snaps for Eva across the globe. Let's all do a little drawing for Eva for picking these glove holding hands across America. And, um, so, yeah, apparently there's not a theme to this. The theme is just General Spooky. So I'm very excited.


Eva said she was very excited about this, the series of stories in particular. So I'm ready.


I'm especially stoked because I go first. And the first phrase that I see, I mean, this definitely has a lot of what we say. Buzz, buzz words, buzz words. It has the name buzz words.


Yeah, I read the first sentence and I was like, oh, I'm I'm in. So this is from, uh, Danielle. OK, Danielle goes by users.


She her pronouns. Thank you for normalizing pronouns. And the title to this is Toronto Film Industry Haunting.


So I'm reading you, it really is like a combination of all of your personality traits in one. We'll get ready for this. The first one says, I'm a prop master in Toronto, Canada.


And I was like, see how you do it. You're like, me too. Now, I guess. I guess I'm not now. I'm moving in. And for those of you who don't know what a prop master is, the person who handles all the props on movie sets.


OK, I'm a prop master in Toronto, Canada. I've been listening for years and I'm so excited to write in for the first time. This is a bit of a ghost story as well as a really funny coincidence. Lovegood coincidence. A few years ago, I was working on a film that was filming in Hamilton, Ontario, about 45 minutes away from Toronto. We were filming in a 200 year old wine cellar.


Oh, hell yeah. Buzz word for Christine.


I've always been terrified of ghosts, but I have never had a personal experience and thought that when I did, I wouldn't be able to handle how scared I was. And when I first walked into this building, I instantly knew it was haunted but didn't feel scared or any negative energy. This building was on one story above the ground, but had three levels of basements. That sounds like, oh, you're I mean, that's a haunted mansion right there.


Oh, my.


It's like, oh, we have four floors. Three of them are basements.


All three of them are basements, 75 percent of our house basements, 100 percent of our house, because it's just like underground, like eighty thousand leagues under the I suppose I, I don't know, maybe we find out more about that. Hang on. Basements. OK, I was the only one in the building for the first few hours and they had to prep it for filming. I had to board up some windows to make it even creepier than it already was.


Yikes. Great. So I had a couple of basic tools with me in a room that was probably a room that was probably 12 by 12 feet. Sidenote it was October, which gets pretty damn cold in Ontario. So I had a winter coat on and the first thing I notice most in this room was that while I was working, there would be some cold spots where I could see my breath like it was negative 40 Celsius.


Wow. Oh, shit. But two feet over in the same lighting and with and without the temperature changing, I could I couldn't see it. So there's like massive cold spots. The next thing that happened throughout the day was specifically to my tape measure. I would set it down on a table, turn around and do some work and come back to find it across the room on a stool or another surface. OK, well, no, thank you.


Moving objects is another thing that creeps me the hell out.


It freaks me out because it's like, OK, so you're strong enough. I don't even the worst part is I never know. Is it being picked up in Levittown or is it teleporting? But see, my watch is worse. Which is which which is worse because you're right.


Because it's like you never see it happen. Well, so I guess sometimes you do, but typically like if it disappears, you never see it happen. So it's like maybe it literally just poof.


Yeah. Appear somewhere so creepy.


I feel like that makes it creepier because I feel like if it's getting lifted and levitating then I'm like, OK, it's at least still in this physical world.


Yes. Yes. Like the physics match up. I feel like then it becomes quantum related and I'm like, we're getting some heavy shit.


If all of a sudden the teleports than that proves that like this is not the only string theory is really.


So it goes also like Crono and it's unraveling. Yes. And oh no. Let's see. OK, so then the next thing was extra unsettling. Oh great. I would walk into a small room and it would be it would absolutely reek of ammonia. Like a hundred cats had just used it as a litter box, Wolf. I mean, meow, meow. I would walk into the same room a few minutes later and the smell would be totally gone and you would find it in a different room.


Oh, I hate that. The next creepy thing happened in cells that were made from a previous movie on the bottom basement level. So there was already an old movie set, a jailed and here too super. There was one light bulb we for some reason could not control in any way, shape or form. It would just turn off for an hour, then turn on for a bit. There was no pattern or flicker like it was just a poorly connected wire.


The way it turned on and off was very deliberate, it seemed. And finally, on the second last day of filming, I was walking down these stairs and I'm assuming that I'm assuming we're built. When the whole building was so like two hundred year old stairs, I was five stairs from the bottom and carrying some props. And suddenly the stair broke out from under me and I fell down the rest of the stairs.


Oh, no, everyone was convinced it was a ghost. But in that moment I didn't feel any malicious energy. Nothing touched, touched me or pushed me. I think it very well could have just been the assembly, a very old set of stairs. But then again, I also like to pretend that like, you know, a ghost pushed you through stairs. Yeah, yeah.


I like no, I get it because I'm so clumsy. I fall down the stairs all the time, but I wish I could use a ghost as an excuse.


I would love to like just accidentally try and be like the ghosts again. Come on. All I mean we probably kind of already do that.


Maybe we should just come in full force, just be dedicated to our lives. I was excited to have my first paranormal experience and thrilled it wasn't going to keep me awake for months. But I'm also happy to not have another. Well, amen to that. Unrelated to this particular story. I was driving home late, late at night from Hamilton. It's where we fell most of the Ontario film and TV while I was. Listening to the episode about the Poltergeist curse and when you talked about the 2013 reboot and mentioned the directors accommodations and how they became haunted, that was in Hamilton.


I was absolutely horrified for the rest of my drive home. Thank you for keeping things spooky. I'm so excited to finally be able to write in from Danielle.


Oh, that's so cool. Very funny. That's like that is very Halloween have like a haunted movie set that is cursed. You know what I mean. Yeah.


Like, literally I've never heard of a three basement home. That's so. Yeah, that's scary.


Also if you are a ghost, that's the biggest flash and it's like it's like that sweet life of ghosts and poltergeist or whatever you live in in a haunted mansion with one basement.


OK, well we know who's better here. You know, remind me not to come over to your place.


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Thank you. Danielle Smith glutes. Wait a minute. Oh, that's our new workout tape.


Tim, Tim, Tim. OK, this was sent in by Kiona. OK, who's this year. Pronouns. Thank you Keanna.


First of all, hello. It's called Death Creepy Dolls and a Distasteful Ghost.


Oh ok. OK, ok, let's go. Let's crack into it. Let's first of all first of all, hello.


Spooky pals, pups and petrified fruits.


I am aggressively team Mercado PTW OK and that's a hashtag the easier Le Mercado.


You know Mercado I have nothing to say.


I've been wanting to write in for a long time as I have extensive experience with the paranormal and now seemed like as good a time as any. The story has a bit of both true crime and paranormal activity, which I know you all love, so let's crack in it. I was a junior in high school back in 2012, living in Tempe, Arizona. We lived in a town home near ASU. My dad had been back from the hospital for maybe two days.


His only kidney had started to fail, but they were able to get it working again. My mom received a phone call from a neighbor saying she saw our house on the news and there was a dead guy out front.


What? Oh, my God. What?


My mom worked at my high school, so she was able to find me and my best friend quickly sign us out and take us straight home. Don't go home. There's a dead guy out front.


I would be I would be anywhere else. My mom rushed upstairs to find my dad passed out in bed. Oh, they thought maybe it was their dad.


Like maybe it wasn't about I body. It was just their dad not laying in the grass. No, no.


Maybe they because. Because their dad was right. Maybe they they race to identify like maybe the man wasn't identified on the news. Everyone probably like, duh, what the hell are you thinking.


Yes I got it. I yeah.


We're caught up and that your dad was just laying in the lawn for fun I guess until the news show.


It sounds like a dad thing to do to like a lie to lie on the sidewalk and be like I'm tanning on my jeans like, you know, you're going to be the world's coolest.


Oh my God. Don't mind Funchal. They're just just hanging in there.


She tanning in my flannel and my jeans.


I can't with this. OK, who. OK, I get it now. So we thought it was that's why I said don't go home. I thought it was like a stranger that was you know what I mean. OK, gotcha. Sorry. So my mom rushed upstairs to find my dad, passed out in bed from the meds he was on but thankfully alive while my friend and I being the morbid weirdos, we are open the front window and push our faces up to the screen to.


The dead body, they had taken the body already, but we watched them clean up. Oh, God, blood and chunks of brain.


My God, what happened in your yard? We later found out what happened in our yard. Perfect. Two guys, one being the next door neighbor, were fighting over the same girl. So the other guy showed up with a gun at my neighbor's house, shot said neighbor who ran through the house to the back door before collapsing, then killed himself on the front porch, just mere steps from my front door. Oh, holy crap.


Unfortunately, the old lady next door on the other side passed away around the same time as well. So now we're at three deaths and that's when my dolls got weird. OK, wait a second.


Now, act two. OK, I wasn't prepared for that.


OK, the denouement of the story, the chef's curse, if you will. Uh huh, I'd collected porcelain doll.


Well, that's your first mistake. I'd collected porcelain dolls since roughly age four and had a waist high bookshelf filled with them. At this point, the bookshelf was right next to my bed and I would arrange every doll to face at a 45 degree angle away from my bed every night before I went to sleep. I liked them all uniform, but I also didn't want them watching me sleep, you know? I mean, like. Yeah, right. I guess I get it.


I mean, we're already light years further into this than I would be, which is not owning them to begin with.


But I think you could angle them however you want.


It's OK. Oh, OK. Let's see. After the murder suicide next door, one particular doll, a dark haired bride that was on the edge closest to my bed would move. Oh, my God. I did just all of them before bed. Then wake up the next morning to see her facing me with one foot forward like she was trying to step off the edge of the bookshelf. I literally have, like, Crazy Goose came from us.


This is so finite, especially if you do this every night, you arrange them a certain way and then all of a sudden one starts turning around.


Yeah, like if anything, you would, you know, your dolls better than most if you're like, yeah. Putting them in a very specific Yeah. Way and then they're like like they're kicking one is like defying, you know.


OK, let's see, I'm a big believer of the paranormal, but I try to be logical first about any experience. So I asked my parents and my two brothers sorry.


So I asked my parents, my two brothers about it. None of them had touched the dolls because they knew I would straight beat up anyone who did. I was very protective of them since a lot of them were given to be my to me by my great grandma before she passed away. So they were the only things I had left from her.


And now I'm an asshole again. I'm like, where do I keep being? Like, Don't go home. There's a dead guy. And then it's like, oh, maybe is my dad. And I'm like, shit, now the dolls.


I mean, if we ever have a spinoff show, it's just be called like step one.


Open-mouthed two and three apologized profusely and then drink, I guess. And then four. Don't be shocked when it happens again. Yeah.


Then start it all over again. Repeat the process. I still didn't quite believe someone wasn't messing with me, but that one doll unfailingly would be facing me every morning. My nightmares, which I've had since I was a kid, started coming back during this time and I started seeing shadow people more often. I got in my own head about it and freaked myself out even more. So I decided to pack up all of the dolls, thinking it was all connected somehow.


Good call. Yeah, it's twenty twenty now and I haven't touched that box since. I recently brought it up to my mom again and she swears that no one was moving that doll. There was too much weird shit happening all the same time for it to be anything but paranormal. And a little side note about the neighbors that moved in after the murder suicide. It was October of the same year and the new neighbors were out decorating for Halloween when my mom and I started our nightly walk.


When we returned home, they had hung a large ghost over their front door right above where the body was found.


We weren't sure if they were aware of the suicide that had taken place there half a year before, but we were too uncomfortable to bring it up to them. So the distastefully hung ghost stayed out.


Oh, oh, it says, oh well, oops. It says if this happens to get picked for the September listner stories, it's my birthday month. So happy belated. Yeah, yeah. We're reading this in September technically.


So maybe your birthday's today for all we know.


Happy birthday. You guys are the greatest. Keep making killer episodes and happy spooky seasons.


Well I'm like I'm like that. And then can you imagine coming home and they're like, look at our cute ghost. It's hanging right above this weird stain on the front porch.


It's like, oh, I don't know. Oh great. Well thank you, Eddie. Also keep those dolls in that box and never leave. Yeah.


Don't ever open that or send it to Zebb. He probably. Don't some of us actually actually Senator SBY before you. Yeah, thank you, Kiona. So this next story is from Jesslyn. She her pronouns, thank you for normalizing pronouns. And the subject line is bootlegging ghost in a liquor store.


Oh, there's these are my buzz words.


There's Christine, the afterlife. OK, so this is what says, uh, hello there.


I have recently started listening to the podcast and figured you guys would enjoy my ghostly experience the most, especially with Halloween right around the corner.


Oh. He's yeah, since I was a kid, I've always had paranormal experiences from dreaming about my grandfather's death the night he died to a possible alien abduction, but over anything I could prove to people until 2018. Oh, my goodness. And also, by the way, in the subject line, I don't think we're there. So there's a link that we can look at later.


But I'll even link the video and once said she wants to put it in the in if we can. If they give us permission.


She said we should put it in the wall by episode in the subject line. It does say that there's video with this. So that's probably what the proof what she means by proof.


OK, ok, cool. Well then we'll ask who was going to ask to see if they'll let us put it in the oh even just texted the story or the video.


Thank you. Perfect. I, I kind of hate that you moved so Tumnus out of the screen. I was kind of looking at that but I guess thanks for the link.


Christine was just pretending Sir Thomas was telling her all of these stories instead of you.


I just put his face over you and just like let you talk. OK, so listen to Sir Thomas.


Okay. I was previously working in a liquor store in a very small suburban city in central Alberta. Oh, another Canadian. Oh, my God.


I think there was a theme that was growing here.


The city has quite a bit of history, but most notably, it was built for as a fur trading and police fought in the eighteen hundreds. My work was built around 100 yards in front of where the remains of the fort and jail used to stand in the historic downtown. Wow. I don't know. When I started working there as a young 19 year old with no friends, I would have to close by myself and always got the most eerie feeling.


When the store was empty, I swore I'd see I see shadow figures behind the shelves and the occasional sound of someone lightly walking. But I would rationalize it as my imagination playing tricks on me because I was nervous about being alone. Fair. Fast forward a couple of years.


I was now managing the liquor store, OK, and I would have to open it by myself. The shadow figures and noises never stop just because it was daylight and things actually started to get a bit more active, possibly because the assistant manager and I were now acknowledging that they were there. Aha. So being more open to it.


OK, gotcha.


Giving them power, giving them that energy. So she would tell me I the assistant manager, she would tell me about the man she saw walking behind the shelves of our warehouse.


But when she went back there to tell them that this was for staff only no one was there, or the voices that she heard having a whispered conversation to each other before the store was open, I would tell her about the shadows of feet walking by my office door so you can see shadows of you.


That's very not OK. And the smell of rotten meat that would come and go, ha, very demonic.


And the store alarms being triggered almost nightly by nothing. Yes, you're right. This sounds demonic. Yeah, I always had a strong feeling that one of the ghosts haunting my workplace was Florence Lisandro. Sure.


Me too. Yeah. That's what I think to Miss Flo.


As they say, she was a local bootlegger during Prohibition and only and the only woman to be hanged for murder in Alberta. What?


It's a pretty mosquito lie. It is. And also I like that name, Florence, and I don't know if anyone else likes that name, but I think it's a cool name.


I like Lisandro. That's a pretty fun name.


That's also a cool, uh oh. So I even printed out a picture of her to hang in the office to see if that would affect the activity. That's pretty smart.


That's such a great idea. That's a great idea. We m let's talk about let's talk about ourselves.


Can I can I put a picture of the people who is please.


You can do whatever you want your own house, but do not put it in the apartment that we share rent.


Well, we don't know who died there. We know who died in here and in my house.


So do whatever you want on the other side of the country, Christine.


And OK, OK, one day in September I was but also, by the way, like this really that was such a genius move.


It was so smart, so smart. I love that. Maybe that's why I don't ever see my grandpa is like, where the fuck is the picture of me?


He's like, I'm waiting for my oil portraits above the mantel. It probably wouldn't hurt. OK, one day in September, I was on my lunch break and killing time by reading Dear David, which is an episode that we've covered. Hell yeah. And that creepy online story by Adam Ellis. The story sent shivers up my spine and I was fully invested in it when I thought I heard the plastic Tupperware lid of my lunch scrape across the desk. Yeah, as always, I brushed it off as my imagination, trying to scare me because I was reading a scary story, which, by the way, it is a very scary story.


And if you're invested in reading it. You will get creeped out, it will like it really will get in your head, right?


Yes, with you, it convinced me there were like things in the ceiling and oh, my God, when I told my assistant manager a few days later, she said, well, did you check the cameras, genius?


This is like the ghost hunting duo we need.


I'm like, wait, these are people are smart, very wise.


I completely forgot about the camera set up in the office because it was mainly used by head office to spy on the staff.


Well, sure enough, when I checked back, you could see the back lid move up the desk and my head whip around to look at it. Oh, my gosh.


You can. You can.


I think that's the video that work. Is this where I watch it right now? Sure. I'll watch it too. OK, let's watch it together, ok. Click on it. OK, I'm clicking it. I'm turning my volume down so I don't accidentally. OK, OK, here we go. Oh, my God. Oh, no. Holy shit. Wow, OK, so that for sure moved. No, no, no, no, no.


OK, that is so creepy that OK, well, he's a ghost, that's a ghost.


Look at that in our YouTube video. If if she agrees. If Jess agrees to that. Yes, Jesslyn. OK, and also if she agrees her username is Heff underscored.


OK, why so if if and if for those of you who are just listening through audio right now, basically it's exactly what we just so it's a camera showing the an angle of her at her desk and her Tupperware is pretty much right in the center of the shot. And you can see it scoot up up the counter by itself. And she whips her head around at the exact moment that she would have heard it.


OK, I think it's also creepy because I always, you know, how we talk about like how much energy does it take for ghosts to, like, do something?


And I wonder if, like, oh, a Tupperware lid is really light and like, maybe it had enough force to move it a little bit. Right. To get her attention. Well, I'll think of like that the earlier story we talked about with the tape measure, like, you know this around. It's like, OK, well, if it's not moving interdimensional, pick a lane.


If it's not moving through different worlds, which is right. A totally different type of fear. If it's just being picked up and moved, that's like how strong was that spirit that that's a heavy weight measure versus a Tupperware lid that's a bit like versus like moving a Tupperware.


Or maybe it's because when you're not looking me, I don't know, because I feel like when things get moved really far, it's usually when you're not looking right.


But like you don't you typically see it fly across the entire house to another room over time.


It's like, you know, you going to the gym and you working out and gaining muscle. Like, I wonder if over time you get stronger and therefore your energy is able to lift heavier things. But also, it seems like in the video that Jesslyn sent us, it looks like because it was so close, like they wanted her attention, like, yeah, it was right next to her.


Yeah. Like they could have moved anything in that room and they picked the thing right next to her.


OK, it's like it was standing behind her, OK, it's like it was standing like standing at her shoulder and it's kind of like boop boop.


Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. OK to this. And imagine that happening as you're reading to her.


David Yeah. It's actually a really good point.


I'm with her. I would have convinced myself it was just in my head to like, spare my sanity.


I think to this day it's not something anyone it's not something I've shown to anyone that I've been able to that's been able to explain it. Sorry, the sentence was a little weird there, but has never been able to show it to anyone. And that has been able to give her an explanation. It has been sitting in the same spot for almost an hour. It had been sitting in the same spot for almost an hour before it moved and nothing I put there ever did it again.


It's it's it's still gives me goose bumps when I watch it. And since that incident, nothing as dramatic has happened besides the usual shadows and sounds. But we did notice that they were more active in September, which is when Florence was murdered by the police in nineteen twenty two.


Wow. We also we did also have a delivery driver ask if the place is haunted because he had seen a figure crouching in the back corner when he was unloading.


No thank you. See Guy that's horrifying. In March I actually lost my job so I don't have any more work. Ghost stories. Unfortunately I'm now waiting to go back to university in January and trying to find a job I can do from home. In the meantime, all I'll binge listening to and that's why we drink and watching Ghost Adventures. Thanks for the weekly reminder that it's Sunday and making me feel like I'm not alone in my apartment. Sorry if this was a little long, but I want to include as much as I could.


No, perfect. This was great. Wow.


That was cool and creepy. Oh my goodness.


Alan, thank you so much for that and for giving me. Yeah. How frightening.


Is there something interfering with your happiness or is preventing you from achieving your goals? If so, better help is there for you, just like it's been there for two of us? That's right.


I honestly have had a hard time. And that's a shock for everyone to hear that, you know, quarantine has been somewhat difficult.


But, yeah, better help is so just like the best service. I'm like, thank God we live in a time where this is a service that's available to us. Truly has it. It really is. Just like it's just such a huge help. Better help assess your needs, match you with your own licensed professional therapist. It's not a crisis line. It isn't self-help. It's actually actual professional counseling done securely online. And you can start communicating in under 48 hours.


So you don't wait to get an appointment somewhere. You don't have to leave the house to sit in a waiting room.


It's really a great service and the service is available for clients worldwide. So no matter where you are, better, better help can be there for you. You can log into your account any time and send a message to your counselor and you'll get a timely and thoughtful response. Plus, you can schedule weekly video or phone sessions so you won't ever have to sit in an uncomfortable waiting room like with traditional therapy. I know one of the most awkward things I wouldn't say was terrible, but the most awkward things about traditional counseling was just sitting in a room with a bunch of other people being like, what is going on with you?


You here for?


So it's nice to kind of be able to do it literally from your bed. Just sit there and, you know. Yeah, if you've got if you've got something you want to talk about, you can do, especially like on a timeline that works for you.


I know a lot of people are working from home and it's just kind of hard to squeeze squeeze therapy and in general. And so nowadays it's so much easier to be able to do it on a schedule that works best for you.


So visit better help dotcom slash drink. That's better l.p and join the over one million people taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional.


In fact, so many people have been using better help that they're recruiting additional counselors in all 50 states. So good for them. And so there's a special offer for and that's why we drink listeners where you get ten percent off your first month at Better Health Outcomes Drink. That's 10 percent of your first month at better help dotcom drink.


Christine, so one of my favorite horror movies ever is The Blair Witch Project.


I was hoping you'd say that because that's one of the only horror movies I actually like. And it's like we don't ever have this kind of thing in common. So I'm amped that actually you and I both really love this movie. Oh, I loved it.


Especially so my my step mom used to tell me that she grew up next to the woods where they filmed that and she saw the Blair Witch herself.


So I always used to freak out that maybe it was kind of true and it may probably not, but I still don't really know. Anyway, the best part about the Blair Witch right now is that they have turned it into a game by Hunter Killer and the killer has created the there Blair Witch game.


I am.


And I could not be more excited.


Yeah, we are. And so basically, Hunter Killer has partnered with Lionsgate to bring a story to life that takes place in the Blair Witch universe. And it is scary just how we like it. With each delivery, you'll piece together the history of the Blair Witch by sifting through cryptic documents. You know, I love a good cryptic document discovering audio recordings and solving some disturbing puzzles.


You know, Christine loves a good disturbing puzzle, but it's like a terrifying escape room delivered right to your door, which I couldn't get better.


No. So perfect. It's a perfect activity, especially right now during social distancing. If you have like a date night, I'm definitely like making blades do it with me, which he's actually having a good time. So I'm happy about that. And if you think you can handle it, the Blair Witch scheme is designed so you can play by yourself also. So it's basically the creepiest thing if you want to creep yourself out at home, which you're listening to this.


So probably you do.


Hunter Killers Murder Mystery Game already has 100000 active subscribers and over two thousand five star reviews. So you know that they're good at telling stories and this is maybe their best one yet. I'm not kidding. I the second I found out there was a Blair witch hunt, I got so excited. I'm going to make Alison play with me. Then after you make plays, play with you, we'll both kind of know it and then we'll play together. Yeah.


Then we can take it to the apartment and play it again.


Bingo. Bingo.


Right now for our listeners, you can go to Hunter Killer dot com B.W. like Blair Witch. B.W., drink and use promo code. B.W. Drink at checkout for twenty percent off your first box.


Head to Hunter Killer Dotcom slash B.W. Drink for twenty percent off and to show support for our podcast Hunter Killer Dotcom Slash BW Drink.


See if you can survive the curse of the Blair Witch we've done.


We probably won't, but no CBD.


OK, great. So I have a story here. This is from Destiny. He's a she her pronouns. Thank you, destiny. And it is called secret Mexican. Oh boy.


Brujeria. Oh I don't know how to say that.


Where is it from Korea brujeria. No, because it's the the accent is on the.


I bruriah maybe. Yeah. I don't know. English is not your first language and Spanish is none of my languages.


Spanish is certainly not my any language. OK, hey there. I'm Christine. Eva, sweet babygro, handsome juniper and anyone else I might be forgetting at the moment. I'm about to catch up. Nope. I'm just about caught up with the podcast and since I have some actual downtime from studying, I wanted to refer all the way back to I think listeners episode seventeen where I said something about a secret exorcism.


Hmm. It reminded me of something that I witnessed happen when I was about seven. So here we go. Did you experience. Oh, no.


To start off, I come from a household filled with family members who believe heavily in white witchcraft and spiritual healing.


Some of us are more clairvoyant than others without even realizing it. This can come with the territory of spirits attaching to you, sometimes unknowingly. Well, that is exactly what happened to my uncle.


My uncle is actually one of those that tries to not believe in things like this because the world just makes better sense that way. One day he was at a cemetery visiting some family members who have long departed from this world rest in peace and decided to snap some pictures with a disposable camera. For the following years, he would have constant back pains that no type of therapy could fix, and upon getting actual scans, they'd be normal. My grandma ma, being the very Catholic but spiritual woman she is, decided it was time to make a secret visit to a thank you for the pronunciation guide.


Koranda Curandero Quindaro. OK, Curandero, I can't roll my eyes very well that. Oh I don't know.


It's hard when there's multiple rolled R's in one word I just wanted, I just wanted to be in on the fun that's all gone.


I hope you had fun.


It was a blast curandero which is a spiritual healer that can also help lift curse is similar to a witch. On arriving to the shop, she meets with the healer and only gives this person my uncle's name without any other type of knowledge. The healer then told my mom that there was a spirit that has been attached to my uncle's body, which is what was causing all his back pains. The only way to help my uncle was by secretly cleansing his spirit because he would just brush it off and tell me she was crazy if she ever went up to him.


OK, but that's like I mean, imagine if, like, all the bullshit that we try imagine like Blaise like something that. Ablaze or something, attaching to Alison, who like I mean, assemblies are pretty much on the same level of like either believing it or not wanting to admit it or not believing it. They're like mad about it. And imagine, like, for all the shit we do, something attaches to one of them. And it's like, OK, well, they're not we have to secretly know what to do, right?


Exactly. Exactly. Well, interestingly, like when I took Reiki courses, like, you can't do that unless someone's accepting it. Right. That's you. Can't you be open to it. Right.


But I wonder if that's different, depending because that was Reiki. I don't know if that's don't. I'm sure that's a completely different thing. But yeah, I definitely learned, like, don't try and look like Bleys has to say. Sure.


Which is exactly what he'd say. He would not say, yes, I accept this.


He would not say yes, please. Here you go, Kristina, or whatever, you know, if that's what you want.


Oh OK. Sorry. Anyway, so with that info from the current daro mom went to work at and did what we call a oh my gosh this is about a burrito davo a burrito we wrote which is an egg cleanse.


Get wow. I heard Raivo and I want to.


Oh my God.


OK, ElBaradei however, which is an egg cleanse to get rid of all the negative energy attached to a person, she recited a special prayer in a whisper while my uncle was asleep, cracked the egg into a cup of water and would place the egg under his bed. She would do this for approximately three nights or until the egg didn't appear cooked or turn white on the outside overnight, all without his knowledge.


Huh. Um, I feel like you would just smell rotten eggs eventually when you.


I think you just do one at a time and then take it out and then do another one. I see. I see. Until it's not like cooked. Oh OK. Sorry. Yeah.


I think all after all was said and done after a week my uncle finally noticed that his back wasn't hurting any more without realizing why it didn't hurt anymore.


Only my mom, my mom, my uncle and me knew and have been the only ones to know about for about 18 years.


Oh he does not listen to the show, you know. Yikes. And since then, my uncle has never had to step foot into a doctor's office for his back again. To add, probably about a year after mom did that cleansing, we ended up getting a whole bunch of film from disposable cameras developed, one of those being the camera my uncle took pictures with from that roll of film. There was one photo that looked like he took a picture of himself in a mirror and there was someone in the picture.


But we couldn't make out who because the picture was blurry.


Goodbye. Holy crap. My uncle said he didn't remember ever taking that picture from years ago because he was one outside. So, like, the mirror doesn't make much sense. And too, he was alone. So my mom, mom and uncle sorry. So my mom, mom and aunt decided that maybe the person in the picture is a spirit that stayed clinging onto my uncle for so long. Anyway, thanks for listening and I can't wait to see if this ever pops up in a listeners episode.


It sure like if I can find the picture I'll try and send it one day.


Love does. Hopefully you're not in the car with your uncle when the story and then all of a sudden he'll look you like what the fuck did you do?


He'd be like, that sounds like such a familiar story.


Yeah. I wonder why some of us don't. But yeah, if you ever find that photo does send it to us and we'll like, I don't know, put it on with this episode with the with the Tupperware.


Also, I want to learn more about egg cleansing, because if all I need to do to correct my ancient impact is throw an egg under my bed and let's do it.


OK, so the next this next one's from Elizabeth, who uses she her pronouns. Thank you for normalizing pronouns, Elizabeth. And the subject is a science story. Oh, hi all. I just discovered your podcast and I've been listening nearly non-stop for the past several days. Yay! Team whine Oh yay. The story I have to tell is actually my dad's story, so I probably won't get every detail right. But it's so spooky I have to share.


When my dad was a young teenager in the late sixties, he went one afternoon with one of his good friends. I'll call him Tim to a girl's house. I'll call her Lisa, who already had one of her girlfriends there. So they're going over to Lisa's house, who has a friend over on one detail to keep in mind is that Tim was a super, super blond boy. All right, OK, I will remember this.


After running out of ideas for stuff to do, one of the one of them suggests they have a science. OK, that person's name was Christine.


Yeah, you misspelled Christine, right? Right. Lisa and Christine, actually.


So they sit in a circle in the living room. And my dad sitting directly across from his blonde friend and the two girls across from each other after attempting to contact many famous dead people, Lisa suggests that they try to contact her uncle, so they proceed to start talking to him. And Lisa's mom has been in the kitchen this whole time and comes over at this point to ask what they are doing so that.


Woman's name is Renata. She's like, not again. Christine, give me my candles back and turn the light. She doesn't even go here.


She just knocked on doors and asked to have seances. So Lisa tells her that they're having a seance to try to bring back Uncle Paul.


Her mom's brother, Lisa's mom, begins to reminisce and start telling the kids about her brother. And after a while, my dad feels the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He looks up at Tim, but Tim is no longer there. Oh, shit. Instead, it is a grown man with dark, wet hair dripping down the front of his face. My dad and Lisa both starts screaming because she had seen the same thing.


They quickly turn on all the lights and describe what they had seen. And Lisa's mom tells them how her brother had really died. Apparently, he'd gone into some really bad trouble with gambling debt and they found him beaten to death in a bathtub full of water.


Oh, holy shit. My dad says he's never been more scared in his life. He says for years afterward, he would get that same sensation he got before he saw Uncle Paul and would just turn it off for fear of what he might see.


One thing to note is that my dad may be the most skeptical person on the planet. So hearing this from him makes it so much more chilling.


And then at the end of cheers, cheers indeed. Holy. But yeah, I hadn't even thought of that. Like, what if you think about it for too long and like, almost manifest it, manifest it.


Can you imagine every time you get that feeling and you're like the last time I got this feeling I looked up and like saw a dead man.


It also makes you close your eyes. It also makes me wonder, like, was he seeing like so Lisa's mom was talking about her brother. Maybe it was like her last memory and he saw that image.


Or is it like after you die when your ghost, is that how you look still like why are you like that and sort of peaceful and happy?


Well, maybe that's maybe they can manifest a show like a message or, you know, like I feel like a lot of times you hear when ghosty by some traumatic event that replays or that is like cemented into the world.


I don't know so many options anyway. So, so many fun options, so many ways we could go about this.


But it's a very creepy nonetheless. So thank you for that. Oh, thank you. Who is it again? That was Elizabeth. Thank you, Elizabeth. That was spooky.


We got one more story. I got one more story for you. Oh, my gosh. This talk about a buzz word. I think I saw the I saw the subject line. I was like, I'm sure I've strategically placed this. So Christine would read it.


Oh, she certainly did. It's called it's from Amy. It's called Amy in Seattle.


And the subject is I live in the haunted Death Cab for Cutie House and was asked earlier, like, what other music did you listen to here? Death Cab? I listen to a lot of death. I still do literally like when we started.


I don't know where where they're going to start the episode, but we were literally in the middle of talking about our fate.


Oh, that's right. Yeah. Because then we were talking about hello, goodbye. And like. Yeah, yeah. Full circle. Wow. Circle one time.


I don't know if I ever said this on the show, but one time I was being really IMO and listening on my iPod to Death Cab for Cutie and my dad walked in. It was like, oh, what are you listening to? And I said, Death Cab for Cutie. And he's like, you shouldn't listen to this. And I was like, Why? And he's like a name like death camp graffiti can't be very good music.


And I was like, death camp graffiti. And he was like, isn't that what you said? And I was like, Yeah, let's go with death camp graffiti.


The only thing I have like that is it's not even totally like that, but it brought back this memory for me. But back in the day, guys, if you wanted to learn a song, you would look up the lyrics and then print them out at least three to the eight to zero lyrics dotcom.


And so when I was I was like thirteen. And I printed out lyrics to like, whatever the newest I think it was, drop it like it's OK to sound like Snoop Dogg song that was really popular.


And I guess I had left a copy of the lyrics in the printer.


So my mom found them and she was like, what are you what are you typing? What are you what are you.


Oh, and she thought I was thirteen and I wrote the lyrics for Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg, which if Oh my you read it, it is very explicit about a lot of doing drugs and oh my God I remember getting reamed at like just screamed then she would you imagine she's like this poetry that you're writing is so inappropriate.


I think that was the first time I ever I mean the phrase wasn't out there yet, but whatever the the 2005 version of OK Boomer was, I remember feeling that for the first time and I just took it. I didn't even try to explain myself because I was like, I don't know how to explain this to her, though.


Do you think she still thinks that you wrote some weird over sexualized like in the club poem that I don't know.


I wonder. I wonder. And like the funniest part, though, is most of her. Screaming at me was that she was like, you shouldn't be talking about, you know, pop like this. And I was in in hindsight, now that I'm an adult, I'm like, she was the biggest stoner I'd ever met.


That's probably why she recognized all the, you know, was like, I know what this is like. I don't know what is. I mean, I feel like I printed those out and I was like, what does this mean? And then now I'm like, oh, God.


Anyway, oh, I apparently was the ghostwriter for Snoop Dogg in 2005, so. Well, that's actually a beautiful tale.


I know. Thank you. But that in your memoir.


So I, I'm reading this about Death Cab for Cutie House. OK, this is from Amy in Seattle who says, Dear family, I am a few months behind and realize you will have already covered synchronistic stories, but I wanted to send this one in anyway. I love synchronicities. I'm down some of them all day long because it is noodle's all the way to the top.


I think Christine will find it particularly delightful. OK, my name is Amy. She her thank you. And I moved from California to Seattle in the mid 2000s. I had a few CDs in my car. Oh my gosh. Trans Atlanticism. I had that CD in my car as well.


Amy in my car for the long drive and when I played on repeat was Trans Atlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie figured it was appropriate for a Seattle relocation. And I am a big fan. Fast forward to 2014 and I am a newlywed. My husband and I stumbled across a cute brick house for sale in Ballard, Seattle, that was out of our price range. We made the offer anyway and it was surprisingly accepted. While we were away on vacation.


While we were gone, my in-laws walked around the property and the neighbors greeted them to tell them it was the former home of Ben Gibbard, lead singer. I can't do this.


This is actually giving me a lot of my lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie.


Did I ever tell you how I got kicked out of a music festival for trying to propose to Ben Gibbard?


So you didn't tell me.


But I feel like when I heard that I spiritually already knew, I tried to climb the fence and I was like, they were like, you can't behave this way.


You know, that's the same kind of like chaotic energy that I still get from you any time I see you drunk carrying a purse or like it's just everything around you just slowly falling to bits.


And there's other people you don't know being like, you can't do that.


You can't do it. You have to you have to keep your Social Security card on you. Ma'am, is this your credit card anyway?


Point being, don't climb. And then and then when we started having a podcast and had live shows, I was like, oh, my God, if someone tried to, like, climb in here and propose to me, I would like first call security immediately. So I was like, I don't blame him for rejecting my advances. You know, I don't I don't blame him either.


But I do like that. Like, it's I only knew you as an adult. And so it's fun to see the like when I see you do things like just like throw your license, like on the floor and then intentionally walk away from it, I, I like knowing, like, oh, this didn't just show up out of nowhere like this, this was like long.


It's a long standing just like that ghost you're talking about.


I just build the energy up and up and up and like it just gets worse, just the really impulsive decisions to do things that will make great stories one day like it's always been with you. I think that's why we're friends, though. I feel like that to that energy pairs well with one another.


I mean, I'm like I'm poking fun at you, but like, let's not delve into my childhood because you'll understand a lot of things.


I mean, I've read your poetry about like thongs and whatever. I'm like I don't want to know much about what you're up to, but I do feel like the universe waited to introduce us as friends until after we had known each other for several years.


To be like this is too much too soon, you know, like, let's wait.


If we knew each other when we were both climbing fences to get into festivals, yeah, we would have met in prison. I think you're really like you were totally right.


It would have been like way you would have just been each other's worst enablers because we had no concept of the law yet.


The law?


No, certainly not. Now we're just like, let's just eat cheesecake. Like, that's as far as our chaotic energy.


Take so much cheesecake. It's a legal. That's our decision. Yes.


Yes. OK, sorry, Amy, that I keep derailing your story. So Ben Gerber lived in this lived in this house and I'm freaking out. Who did we have tickets to see play live when we return from vacation. You guessed it. Fucking Death Cab stars were aligned. I was thrilled. And we named the house narrow stairs as he lived here during the recording of that album. I know that this is the most I can't even deal with.


This is like my dream. This is like my fanfiction that I wrote in high school.


You know, I also love that they named the house. I love when houses of names.


I do too, and especially when I have such like a perfect combo, like narrow stairs. It's just great. It's perfect.


It does need my explanation.


OK, built in 1930, it really does have some very narrow, weird stairs.


We have found notes from Ben and a guitar pick in the house and we still get his junk mail.


I'm freaking out right now. Five uneventful years passed in the House until one night in May. Twenty nineteen I was having. Trouble sleeping, so I left my husband in our room upstairs and slept in the guest room on the main floor as I was lying awake on the bed at two a.m., I heard very clearly the sound of feet coming down the stairs, pausing at the bottom, then turning to go into my office. The wood floors clearly creaked and I could hear the sound of bare feet on the floor.


I'm sorry I tried to look up to for dramatic effect and then I immediately lost my mind.


I mean, this is dramatic. So traumatic that my heart is racing. And Amy says my heart was racing.


I called out nothing, no answer. I ran upstairs to see my husband and cat asleep in our bed.


There was no one else there.


I went back to the guest room on the main floor, and as I tried to fall asleep, I even more clearly heard slow creaking footsteps walk from the office, turn and go back upstairs. I yelled to my husband to knock it off, got up to investigate and again there was nothing. No one. I was completely shaken at this point.


At that point, I wanted to ask the previous owner if the house has a history, but I had lost her contact info. The owner prior to her was Mr. Death Cab, and he's not exactly taking calls from Brandos. Yeah, I could have told you that.


I tried many times and he wasn't interested.


I gathered. I wonder if some of that that junk mail is just like me writing fan mail, you know, back in 2005.


That would be like, OK, whoever you are. And if you're still in that house and you're still looking at his junk mail, make sure the return address isn't from like I'm always crazy for four oh oh.


Oh, my God.


Yikes. Could you imagine getting fan mail from someone called?


I'm always crazy. You would be like that. We're really in trouble, ok. Oh my God.


OK, I figured we would never know. So the very next day is warm and we decide to walk to get ice cream at our local shop. As we walk by the pizza joint, my husband says to me, you know who you walk. Just sorry. You know who he just walked by standing outside. That's been Gibert. I looked and it was true.


And at that moment, my husband knew without a doubt what I was about to do.


Well, we know what you're about to do. Can you imagine if it's like. And then we went home at the end. OK, good move.


I walked straight up to bed and like a total weirdo, I said, excuse me, Mr. Gebhard, but I live in your old house. Was it haunted when you lived there? Of course he was taken aback. But when he realized I wasn't going to just be a creepy fangirl and truly wanted to know, he laughed and said he never had had any experiences. He even stuck out his hand and said, Hi, I'm Ben. And then she says, We know, you goof.


Hi. AT&T is still trying to give you that promotional card.


So I know you don't told me your name is Ben. I know way too much about you. Right?


I know all of your rewards numbers. However, at the table of his friends and family, a woman said, oh, you live in the old house here in Ballard. I hated that house. I always heard creaking in the hallway near the stairs.


We froze. We had not mentioned anything about what I heard, where I heard it in the house, nothing. I looked at her incredulously and said, Yes, that's it. That's exactly what we heard. Que the goose cam. Indeed. Everything has been quiet in the house since said. And I want to say for the record, Mr. Death Cab is a really kind and friendly person. But of all people, I could have run into the very next day after hearing the footsteps, I ran into him wild, keep up the great work and the sweet, sweet content.


You are much appreciated. Amy in Seattle, I this story is getting me good. This like rivals the one where they met fall out boy.


Like I'm I'm like in a place in a place in my head right now.


Now I just need to find like one more alt band and you'll have your trifecta like, oh, you like ran into like did a ghost tour with Panic at the Disco or something. OK, don't you.


And you're getting me a little too riled up. Oh my gosh. Well thank you Amy.


And thank you everybody for your stories. These were a trip. Obviously we had a good time I think.


Yeah, we did. Thank you so much. And I hope everyone is gearing up for the spooky season. Next time you hear our listeners episodes from us, it'll be it'll be Halloween day number two of you know what I'm saying?


Yes, I know what you're saying. It'll be the morning after.


It'll be the morning with a you after week.


Hang on. Hang on. Anyway, can't wait to see you on October.


Thirty seconds when you hear the next round of sorry. Thank you so much. If you are if this is your first time hearing these, we put these out on the first of every month and if you would like to submit your own story, you can do that through our website that we have a submission box there for you.


And if you've ever met Sir Tumnus, let me know because I need a trifecta here. Wait a minute.


If you had a Death Cab and Sir Thomas, what kind of like weird credit baby would they have?


Oh, my God, yes. A giant damali.


OK, well, thanks, everybody. And that's why. We drink beer, which is in 20, 20, 30 days. Twenty nine. I don't know. OK, well by.


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