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Usually for Valentines, we just have dinner and a movie, but that's been the plan for everyday night recently. So this Valentine's Day we are going to solve a murder.


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Hello and welcome to The Month of Love, where you're deejay's master love and Mr. Love I hold, I say, can you rewind?


You're going to say Master Love and and can you rewind on live radio?


Because I want to say this and say, yeah, I can do this.


Why would you do it? Well, there you go.


Welcome. Welcome to the Month of Love.


I'm your deejay. The Broad of Broadcasting Week.


I'm Jay Cupid in the house.


I don't know how many tapes we got because I need a lot more.


I feel like I feel like Cupid and that like I do you because you look like Cupid. You because I'm cute. I wear pants, you know, you're a chubby baby, baby. I'm just having a good time. So Sally are always naked flying around.


It's like stop throwing things at people.


As long as the quarantine has been going on. I have been at least 50 percent naked the whole time because like thighs, I mean, I think they all have been thighs. I don't remember the last time I wore pants.


I mean, I really I used to wear joggers panels, give or take, depending on who you're talking to, because some people don't think joggers out of my house you didn't do well.


I used to, like, only wear like sweat pants, joggers. And I'd be like, oh, I wear jeans on fancy days and now I don't even wear fucking anything. Jeans and now are pathetic.


I can't even picture jeans anymore. I even put on jeans and I think if I put jeans on I would have a rash from like I was outside.


The denim would probably hurt your skin like I think it must be.


And I have all these like shoes where I'm like, why would I, why did I wear shoes? Like, now I just wear like giant boots.


If I have to go outside, talk to you, we're just reverting back to like cavemen time where it is less shoes, less less pants. Like just say in our case it was just fuzzy on my skin feel.


Oh anyway, welcome to and that's why we drink.


This is our listeners episode where we read stories that you sent into us that are your own personal true crime or ghost stories. And Eva said that these are about love.


Questionmark their love and Jason, some Adjaye summer love, some some maybe are hate. I don't know who knows. It's a close.


It's a the circle is it's a circle. I mean it's a circle. Dealer's choice in the dealer was Eva. So I don't really know what this what these stories are going to look like. But I've heard that love is an aspect sometimes which I've heard that love is a rhombus. Oh. Hmm.


We should go back. We should reach out to Song French again and see if they could write us a love song to each other about a rhombus.


Oh, my God. I love song, Finch. Well, where are they? I don't know. They were like our first sponsor ever. They should we should get them to write us a love ballad about right now.


Song Fell in Love from Rhombus.


Oh, Love Romp. OK, you know how it is the rhombus to love. Shall I write that down, because remember that time when we were talking about Love Triangle and I said more like a love rhombus and then nobody cared about it? Well, I want to care about it again, just like you for I to care about Xena. And I want everyone to care about my love from this idea. You know what?


And forcing everyone to love Xena and really worked. So I did. I think I think I think you're on to something in terms of a formula of just for specific force.


Everyone to like Lemon except you. I'm still working on that.


You will never someday at this point, it's like you just stop trying, like at some point, you know, it's just not going to happen.


It's getting almost embarrassing. I would say Lemann's embarrassed and he's a fucking woman. So, like, just give it up. There's always going to be one hater in the room. I happen to be in this situation.


You happen to be the only one in the room and you're gone. OK, well, just naked and full of hatred. It's now pants less than full, no pants, but lots of it.


So I'm going to start because Eva said I'm allowed to start today and I can go first.


Finally, something good is happening on your end. I am appreciating.


Wow, this is good. Has happened to you, Christine. You can finally go first on the episode. How does it feel? We threw you a bone.


Oh my God. It feels saucy today.


I mean, in terms of the losers, because I always go first and you always want to go first.


I'm happy you actually go first in literally every episode. That's true. Ever. So I'm happy that you're finally getting your moment after, like, thank you for years or whatever. You seem thrilled to learn from the master.


Finally, the excuse me that we changed it very well.


And really, the broadbrush is about to go to school. Wah wah. Oh, this is bad. This is bad.


This is getting worse. OK, I'm just going to read this.


It says Post Valentine's Day, attempted murder. Questionmark. And this is from Jess. Is she her pronouns? Thank you, Jess. It says, hi, everyone. I recently found your podcast.


Oh, dear. Sorry you're in for a world of hurt. My apologies. My bad. I must have been living under a rock, I guess. Probably safe and go back to your rock quickly. Go back, Hatrick Star. It's too late for the rest of us, but you can go back. I love your dynamic's so much.


I just wanted to submit one of my true crime stories.


This happened while I was a sophomore in high school. There was this cute early 2000s goth girl on my bus. What does that mean? I remember I was with you. I was.


Oh my God. What's her name? Christine. She's like screaming about fall out boy or something. Drive over me with a bus or whatever the hell.


Like I used to sing in my journal or write in my journal, my poetry.


Well, that was I should do a podcast, just reading my poetry. It's actually so bad no one would sponsor that one song finished would be like, no, thank you.


You will be punished as if we held like actually actually Tom-Tom. If anyone is out there and thinks this is a good idea, let us know. We should do like a like a spoken word, poetry slam. But that's this. No, no, no, no. But as we should have people as like a listeners episode, we should have them send in spoken word as if they are different like Krypton's or ghosts or something. Oh. Oh, I thought we were going a different route.


What like we what I look. I don't know. I didn't hear you talking.


OK, ok, mtm, tmt. I'm doing it. You can have it. You guys, I don't get a little too late on my H.M.S. right now but I'm thinking like what if like Mothman wrote spoken word, I would like to know what that looks like or if like Bigfoot had like spoken word, I think people should submit their own.


It would be like, oh, OK. Are you happy now? Are you satisfied? OK, but for our for our March listener episode, it should be that before like an hour long. Just that one. Oh yeah. That'll definitely get people in our dynamic.


One person who's listening to this is interested in what I have to say and you let me know if you want to say something.


But there's one person in every room that is interested in any idea, and it's em alone in a room, the fucking story and go back under your rock.


OK, I thought you were going to say your poetry thing.


You were wrong or was I right now I was wrong. OK, sorry. There was this cute. I was not cute. So this is not me.


There's this cute early 2000s goth girl, my bus and I didn't know her outside the bus. However, every morning she talked about her college boyfriend. Oh definitely not me.


Yeah. It's actually you could have get farther from me if you tried.


She is fifteen at the time and how cool he was with his massive knife collection.


Oh I'm glad you're Chris. Oh God.


I was like I thought I was jealous. No longer, no longer. Not sure why this was cool, but to each their own. As the months went on, she didn't talk about him as much until this particular February.


On February 11th, she told her best friends that she broke up with him over A.I.M. and he was not taking it.


Well, the next day she told the same friends that he started calling her every hour till she answered showed up at her window. Then I. For and actually freaked her out, she told him that if he didn't leave her alone, she'd have to call the police. February 13th, she said the ex showed up again and her mom called the police. By the time they got there, he had left the police that they couldn't do anything because he hadn't physically done anything yet and there was no physical proof of him harassing her.


Multiple phone calls didn't count, I guess, and he never texted or messaged her. Now it's Valentine's Day and Gossip Girl has a new man and seemed happy.


I assumed her issues were dealt with. I was very wrong. On February 15th, we had finished the school day and we were all being dropped off at our normal bus stops.


She gets off the bus, the bus closes the doors and is getting ready to leave.


When we all hear a blood curdling scream, I look out my left side window and see her fugly creepy ass ex with his arm around her neck brandishing some giant hunting knife.


Oh, my God. The bus went completely silent. Somehow, my shocked brain kicked in and dialed nine one one before the rest of the scene unfolded. As I'm trying to give the address of where we're at, Goth Girl's mother shows up in heels and goes running towards them like a badass Barbie.


He threw Goth girl to the ground and went after her mother, which cut her off guard.


She also fell back and he stabbed her twice.


OK, what the. What is going on here? Oh, my God. While all of this is happening, the bus driver tells us to calm down and we have to wait until the police arrive before he can drive off. Her friends on the bus were screaming to be let out so they could help. And thankfully, the driver ignored them. The ex went back to the Goth girl and oh, my God, OK, this is way worse than I thought.


OK, before you say let's all remember that, like, so what the bus driver has done has locked everybody inside of four walled window where they're just watching this happen to their friend and they can't help.


But what is he going to do, let them off and get a towel? I get it. I get it. No, I'm not blaming him. I'm saying, like, these poor children, like like there's no shielding yourself. No, there's no curtains on the bus.


You don't think you've got nothing but windows and waiting for the cops and to be her friend like her friends are watching this.


OK, so it goes like really bad.


So just OK, her friends on the bus were screaming to be let out so they could help. And thankfully the driver ignored them. The ex went back to the Goth girl and cut her throat, stabbed both of her legs a few times, and then started cutting her hair with the same knife. He must have realized what he just did or had a moment of clarity or something because he took off running to a nearby house before the police arrived. Luckily, they lock their doors and he couldn't hide in the house.


He tried to throw the knife away in some bushes, like the smart guy he clearly was. I mean, come on, there's tons of witnesses watching him throw the knife around. This time is when the police and paramedics showed up, the bus started driving off and we're all screaming for him to stay. He didn't listen to us and he continued to drop us all off at home. I had my mom take me back to give a statement.


I had to give a recorded testimony since I was the first person to call and I had a, quote, perfect view of the scene. Her mom ended up suffering from a collapsed lung and oh, thank God Goth girl had a superficial cut on her throat and legs, but nothing life threatening. Oh, my God, you scared me.


Just jeez, I thought I thought this girl's throat had been so I thought both of them were gone. Gone. Oh, my gosh.


The new paragraph. Oh, sorry. This new paragraph equals time.


Jump after he was. Thank you.


Actually, that's very polite. Yet after he was found guilty, he only served fourteen months because he was a minor and goth girl started dating him again.


Oh my God. Imagine the parents, the mom being like I still can't breathe because my lung is collapsed. Oh my God, I will never understand this. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Tea milkshake. Yes.


OK, well can you imagine, like, first of all, mom coming in heels like a fucking bad ass to, like, kick his ass and then getting stabbed in the lung?


Oh my God. Wow. Thank God they survived. Oh, my God. Wow. I can't imagine being the parent being like, oh yeah. She's dating him again. Oh yeah.


He's coming over for family game night, like especially when you're fifteen and like so angsty already and you're like, what's the big deal. You just stabbed her in the lung. Like you're fine now, right?


Like the poor, the octomom, the poor girl. The poor, poor girl. Sure. The the bus driver really should have just kept everyone on that bus lock the door and drove them straight to therapy because like, can you imagine all of them taking a detour? If I were the bus driver, I'd be like, I know exactly where everyone needs to go. I'm actually amazed. Like, that's a fucking bad ass bus driver.


I'm sure they don't teach you that. And bus driver school, I mean, maybe they do like lockdown procedure, but like, I doubt it, maybe.


But also, like, I feel bad for the bus driver, too. We're like he was watching someone get hurt and like, knew it was better he couldn't do it for the greater good to not get off. It wasn't so terrible. Understand. She's sorry. My watch.


I don't I don't understand either to be me neither Serena either. Oh, you're acting real fucking special all of a sudden, like you're the only one who's confused.


If we're supposed to explain it to you over it anyway, get over yourself. So yeah. Anyway, wow.


Also, I like how this person, the writer just said that they just started listening to our show, which means there's a chance that they just started listening to Episode one. And four years later we'll find out that we've read their story.


They'll be like, well, that's a weird story.


Oh, wait, this sounds familiar. Yeah.


Well, thank you, Jess, your turn and thank you. And also hope you got that therapy.


But you desperately right? Not clearly not because you're listening to our show, which, as we all know, we're all a bunch of troubled folk, huh? That's us bonds us together. We should all just actually this podcast is just a waiting list for our car pool where we all go to therapy together, as we say, group therapy.


Are you guys in? I'm in. I'm in. I've been in. I've been waiting.


We can go to Olive Garden afterward. I'm sorry, Cheesecake Factory.


I was going to say that was really blasphemous and I apologize, really. That was honestly the most fucked. I've actually worked on this podcast. I'm actually acting out a little bit and I want to apologize to you. Embarrassed? You should be. I'm really embarrassed. We'll talk about it later. I mean, I think my head in shame over cheesecake.


So this is from a pocket ninja. Oh, hell. Which I respect right away. The what I can I think of the word the subject was. Thank you. The subject line for this email. Is a paranormal and true crime, a love story for the ages, maybe? I love that all of these end in question marks which now make sense.


Why even said maybe the fact that even the writers themselves were like, you fucking decide if this is on you dealer's choice, as I said earlier, dealer's choice. OK, so this goes deeper and that's why we drink to hello and thank you for reading my story. I love your show. You are all hilarious, adorable and have got me through so many tedious days. Oh, I fallen a little behind. OK. Wow. Fucking rude on the podcast since I joined the Navy.


OK, ok.


OK you let you walked me right into that one. You had the advantage of reading ahead and you walked me. Right. And we both know I didn't have the advantage of reading it. So I heard it come out of my mouth and I saw your eyes roll.


Sorry. I read as slowly as I speak and comprehend something to ok. I've fallen well behind on the podcast since I joined the Navy and I'm currently rushing to catch up. So sad. I miss all the Halloween stuff, but I'm back at home with Valentine's Day approaching and I decided to interview my parents and submit their love story.


I'm ready. Ready? I'm ready.


That is precious. And because of my genius spoken word idea earlier, I'm going to pretend that this person's parents are big foot and mouth man.


OK, you keep speaking ahead. And then if we find out something like really upsetting, you're going to seem like a real asshole. So am going to find out like and then my father said, now, wait a minute. I find out that they were like in the Navy and you just like called them Bigfoot or something.


I don't know.


OK, well, my parents are both Indian and were born and raised in central India. My Bobba or my father had immigrated to the United States with the. Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


Sometimes when I have too much like an exposure people I guess I don't get I don't get to complain about that.


Sometimes when I'm alone in a room, my body just kind of like reacts as if it's physically ill, bodily it just a complete refusal of acknowledgement. It's yeah, it's sort of like a rash.


But inside my whole body and outside my whole body, it's like a rash on your soul, you know. Yes.


So my Baba or my father had immigrated to the United States with the rest of his family, but returned in October 1987 to marry a beautiful lady and his family that his family had picked out for him. With the formalities concluded, my father went back to the US to prepare his house for his bride while she waited for her papers and made her farewell farewells to her family. A month later, she and her brothers were on their way to visit family when their cab driver, who was later found to be drunk, had a head on collision with a big rig.


Oh, oh fuck. Baba's wife was sitting in the middle seat and I instantly know her brothers survived. And I can't imagine the survivor's guilt, her brother's experience. I mean, surely that's just fucking terrible. Terrible, especially as she has switch seats with one of them to make him more comfortable. Oh, what? That's the fucking worst.


You know, that poor brother is just like beating himself up. If I if I didn't switch seats, if I didn't mind being uncomfy, she'd be here. That's so sad, huh? Understandably, my Bobba fell apart. He experienced a lot of grief and anger. And because mental health is a taboo subject in my family and nobody thought to get him counseling so soon, he also somehow managed to convince himself that it was somehow his fault for not being there and swore he would never marry again.


Wow. Oh, my gosh. Huh? However, after six months and no improvement in his emotional health, his in-laws ordered him to remarry again in the hopes that the responsibility would force him to get his act together. Baba felt duty bound to oblige them by returning to India, but didn't like any of the woman his family introduced him to. Meanwhile, my mom was living and working in my dad's hometown, where she'd settled after obtaining a law degree.


OK, Mom.


Oh, well, she had just broken up with her fiancee of many years because she found out he was cheating with his boss's daughter, ill dad any time Tuesday that his with his boss's daughter, that his family was complicit in the deception. And this was the reason he hadn't come from his work in Malaysia for five years, you know, five years, five fucking years goodnights. OK, yikes. Well, sounds like your mom with a law degree ended up making it out.


Pretty, pretty snazzy. Dodged a bullet.


I guess mom decided men were trash OK and was never going to get married. Instead, she decided to run for city council.


OK, Mom, what should I do?


I don't want to get married. I like I if I didn't get married, I'd be like, I guess. This crossword puzzle from 2002, and she's like, I'm going to run for city council, like, that's the difference here. My mom was very unusual in ways that a lot of people at the time in her part of India found India found unattractive. She wore pants. She didn't cover her hair. She was educated. She was running for public office.


Sounds like she was what I call a trendsetter. Her family accepted that she was a spinster at this point and for the most part, left her alone. Wow. I wonder how many wonderful things you have to do for your family to just be used to the disappointment. Yeah, just like pants. Again, I'm a success left and right. One day she was hanging out with her friends on their porch. And when a local Hindu astrologist approached them and asked her friend who she was, he abruptly turned to my mom and asked, How many kids do you have?


My mother was offended and was offended and said, Are you crazy? I'm not married. And the astrologer just looked at her and said she would be very soon and that she was going to go overseas. My mother again called them crazy customs and essentially told them to fuck off. A few weeks later, on March 15th, Mom got a call from an aunt saying there was an emergency and she needed to come right away. Mom left her place looking like a hot mess, hopped on a bus and was sent on a wild goose chase around town that ended up at her uncle's house.


Nobody was there except Babba, who was waiting for her on the porch. Why? What?


Nobody was there except Babba, who was waiting for her on the porch. Baba had been expecting to begin the trip back to the US that night, but deferred it because one of his aunt's friends recommended he meet my mom. Oh, I don't like that.


They called it an emergency and sent her on a as Jay Cupid. I would like to know a love emergency is still an emergency. Okay. All right. All right. Red alert. I'm pretty sure if like in another world you hadn't met Bleys and I just ran into him, I'd be like, Christine, get your ass here. It's an emergency.


And they'd be like, I'm an astrologer and I feel like bullshit. What are you talking? I'm Cupid. Get over here. I've got something to tell you. What to expect me up. They talked for hours while they waited for the people who lived there to show up and found that their lives had been strangely intertwined since childhood. Mom found out that Baba was the kid from school. Her cousin was always telling stories about. This, of course, meant that she already knew some of my dad's most embarrassing moments growing up since my dad was bullied a lot and she knew all of the mean nicknames.


I have a I and she still calls them.


Yeah, and now I know all of them and now I use them every day. I have a mental image of her saying, so your silent farts stop and they don't have to be the what do you know.


It's amazing.


I wasn't going to out anyone until pocket and just said I was. I guess so. Anyway, by the way, you imagine like this hot, like super bad ass public office and comes up with pants and is like, oh, you're silent.


I mean, I would literally fall on the floor and be like, just just marry me, take good bye.


I'd be like, take me away. They like each other immediately for many reasons, namely that they both had an impression of the other being trustworthy and honest. And because after being with a cheater for so many years, my mom love that. My dad was just an open book who wore his heart on his sleeve. Later that evening, the ruse was revealed and the next morning my mom agreed to marry my dad.


Wow. Oh my God, it's love.


They were married on March 19th, nineteen eighty eight and are still going strong. Thirty two years later, they have three kids, a house in California and love animals. And as a side note, my mom inquired after the astrologer after the wedding took place and took Bobba to meet him. She brought the seer a gift and apologized. And he apparently had a great sense of humor about the whole situation. Thank you for reading my story. I know it was long, but it was condensed as much as I could.


I hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day and gets a spread a lot of your love and joy to your partners, friends, family and pets. Lots of love and respect. Pocket Ninja Pocket Change.


I would read a book book series about your family. This is beautiful. What a story. I like how the astrologer was like, yeah, I knew I was right, but thank you for your weird about. Thanks for my present. I already knew this was like in the stars.


So like what a weird way to start is. Like how many children do you have anyway. You're about to get married tomorrow. Bye. It's like really. But no like truly. Like what a weird way to enter the conversation. I already know something's going to happen. Oh boy.


Christine just screamed into the void, by the way, I did I love my knife and I was like, where are we going? And then I realized that she was talking about mizin.


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Step up with your cooking game now and head over to mizin dotcom slash drawing for twenty percent off your first order.


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That's code drink at Flex Flex fits dotcom anyway.


OK, so I have a story. Oh my God. It's the shortest one I've ever seen on the show. Literally ever. It's called It's from Brianna and it's called My Mom Contact contacted me through Yul's show.


Oh, wait a minute. This might this might be a time to a person. So I'm prepared for that in this writing because someone someone said something like this during a tee time Tuesday. And I was like, oh, my God, please email us. I feel like I remember seeing that.


Yeah. So maybe this person, maybe not. They didn't mention it, I don't think. But maybe there's just maybe there multiple monies coming through.


Maybe there's a lot of ghosts listening to our show and being like my fucking grandkids.


Got to hear about this. But I love that it's mom's. I love that. It's like moms are like, oh God. Oh, OK. I need to step in here. There's a lot of problematic things learning how to warn them. Yes.


So this is from Brian. It says, Hello, Eva. I'm Christine and all furry friends. My mom and I are both huge fans of the show, but sadly, she passed on January 19th, 2021.


Oh, my God, my God. Even like that's eight days ago. And we're watching this. I am so sorry. Oh, my gosh, my dear. Oh, my God. Goodness gracious.


OK, I'm OK. Wow, I'm sorry.


Well, this episode is dedicated to your mom. Yeah, well, let's see what mom has to say. Mom might be like, no, thank you. Unless Mom comes through a Ouija board and says, never listen to this show.


We'll find out.


OK, my mom and I are both huge fans of your show, but sadly, she passed January 19, 20, 21. She wasn't a huge believe in ghosts, but still enjoyed my ghost stories. Nonetheless, while listening to your newest episode on the 24th, off my speaker in my kitchen, the speaker started acting up almost like there was some sort of interference. I disconnected my phone and tried again, and I still got the same thing.


Someone else's voice came over the speaker.


Oh my God, I was Cam.


Right now I only know I can see it in high def. Oh, my God. Oh wow. Look through shivers OK, I disconnected my phone, tried again and I still got the same thing.


Someone else's voice came over the speaker and it said, Hey, kid, I'm OK.


I'm. And then went back to normal and started acting like nothing happened. I can't help but think it was my mom telling me she was OK and she was enjoying your show with me one last time. Thanks for reading this.


Lovely. Let's to. One last time, so she said, even going to hear this one where we're talking about her. What do you oh, she's going to come back for this. She's going to come back from wherever you are. We're talking to you specifically. I hope you're doing OK. Oh, my God. Oh, my gosh.


That's so crazy. I don't know what else to say. That's it. Also, that happened January 24th. That was three days ago. Oh, that was three days.


Wow, that's spooky. Oh, I'm so happy that you got that experience. Yeah, that's so that's eerie. But it's very, very lovely. It's very lovely.


Love that it was probably while Ed and I were talking about how M interrupts me and then it's like, Mom's like, hang on, I'm going to interrupt.


Like, well, while they're are one of their stupid tangents, let me take a moment to like say so a little more meat to it.


What a story, though, that you heard an entire sentence come out of this. I mean, that's incredible. Yeah, that's weird, because usually you would think, like, oh, I just heard, like, some weird little static or. Yeah, but I'll also. Hmmm, that's really nice. Beautiful. Well, Brianna, I'm so sorry, so, so sorry for your loss and thank you for still listening.


I mean, the fact that you and your mom sound like a lovely duo. The fact that that happened three days ago and you're still probably in, like, wild grief and you were like, I've got to. Right. And that's why we drink.


I mean, thank you for inviting us and your story also. Oh, my gosh, please. If you were looking for like a reason to go by, like, the biggest carton of ice cream and like, just snuggle under a blanket right now, please go do that. This is your side. Yes.


This is your sunshine. I wish you would give me a sign like that sometimes. So please just go, like, take a fucking break. You deserve it.


Thank you, Brianna. Wow. OK, well, your turn, tough act to follow, but here is story number four and it is also warming, I think I'm hoping because it at least is titled Pets Listeners Stories. Oh, God, that makes me nervous. But hopefully I could be really, really good, though, OK? It could not. I'm right there and I'm prepared.


And this is from you see, I don't know if there's a name at the end of this one. I don't know if that was on purpose or not, but maybe someone doesn't want to be mentioned. But this says pets. Listen to your stories and it says, Hi, Eva and Co.. My name is Shelly.


I was like, and look at the first line, but I was like MNAs to do that.


I, I like to scroll down to the bottom first because sometimes they'll say, like, Anonymous and I'm like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Because otherwise they'll say, like, my name is Shelly, but please don't use my name. And the in the episode, Heidi Evancho, my name is Shelly and I use she her pronouns. Thank you for normalizing pronouns. Thank you Shelly. I wanted to tell the story about my little boss man or boss for short and let's crack into it.


My boyfriend and I have some or my boyfriend.


I have just come home from the gym and we saw a precious little samed boy, which was his color next to our gate. We pulled into our garage, got out of the car, closed the car and garage doors and he was still there. No sudden movements we made. I crouched down and he came right up. I gave him a few pets and thought he would be on his way, but I was wrong. He followed us up the steps into our home.


He rolled around, sat on our laps, purred and loved.


OK, I was like, we don't know what animal this is, OK? It's a cat.


It's what I'm assuming. And then his eyes turned red and he had fangs and beat us.


No, I'm just getting sick. So it's a cat. I think it's a cat. OK, I was like, this could be a raccoon. This could be don't know what I'm going to say it again.


Could be moth man. I don't know. It couldn't be so good. You don't know you weren't there.


I'm just saying I also wasn't there so it balances out. Person loved us. We let him out an hour later as we didn't know whose cat this was.


OK, I was wrong. It was a madman, but we were very sad and doing it every night for two weeks after that, he would come in and hang out with us. But every night since day one, he would come in, chill on the couch, sleep in our bed and act like he owned the place.


Hence the name Bozman. Oh, after we let him out, he didn't leave. He stayed on our porch and either slept or meowed on our porch until we let him back in. Oh, when we let him outside on our porch light would flicker the whole time. And when he was in it was completely fine. We thought he, we had to change the bulb and I found myself rushing home on my lunch breaks just to see and feed him.


He was always waiting on the steps, waiting to come in and snuggle. He was always left out in the cold and rain, always getting in fights and coming to me, scratched up the baby. Just let him inside. Oh, my God, baby.


I mean, I get it that like, there are a lot of like where I grew up, like there was like a neighborhood animal where, like, you didn't want to necessarily feel if there's an outdoor cat, it's really hard to keep them indoors if they're already at Outdoor Cat. When I first started this and thought it was a dog at first, me too, I, I know that there's like like where grew up. There was like our neighbors had a dog that was just like always going from house to house and you would pet and play with them and they would, they would go home at night.


But like I mean it was just like it was just a dog, the one around we were like we were like in like a cul de sac, basically. So like no one was coming. It's not like it was like a busy street where the dog could get hurt. Well, you mean the tiger that was Tiger you did for the weekend. That's about it. It was actually a tiger suit you could just unzip and the dog would come out.


It was just like a hole out. Oh, yes, trysting. But the but there was a dog that just walked around all the time and you just knew it was like, I'm not going to say the neighbor's name, but you knew whose dog it was. It was like, oh yeah, there's that dog. So I, I was thinking at first with this cat, I was like, maybe they didn't want to take the cat in because maybe it was a neighbor's cat that just kind of wandered during the day.


Yeah, I get it. But at the same time it'd be like if this kind of hanging out during in the rain and the cold and scratched up as I'd be, I would take it as a sign as like this. This is where they feel safest. But anyway, we grew connection on the very first night and we would get visibly sad letting him out. And when we would let him in, he would do this little high pitched meowing that would show up to is very excited.


I came home after some errands on a weekend and he waited for us and he was scratched up. His tail looked like something bit into it or got caught. I couldn't stand the look of it. We went out and bought everything to make sure he had his permanent home. A few moments later, I saw, ah, a few months later I saw a psychic for the first time and she had known about boss without mention. Boss came into our lives on June 16th, just a few days before my birthday and before the worst.


Year of my life began as she picked this up, oh, as she picked Boss up mentally, I was like, what? As she picked Boss up, said your life took a turn. But one to two weeks before this, you had a cat come into your lives. My guardian had manifested into a cat and came to me as my protector. He is always at my feet, always excited to snuggle and rushes to the door to see me.


He knows his name and is totally sassy. When I use my mom voice on him and with the eyes when I use my mom's voice on him with the eyes and the little meow he does, he has made a full recovery and he is our little chunky boy. He will go up to everyone that comes into our home and shower them with lap snuggles and love. We recently got him a little brother and they play, play, play, then sleep and back to it.


I thank him for showing up and coming into our lives right when we needed him because he saved me from so much that I've dealt with this year. And I'm sorry that this is long for reading, but last Christmas I said, I'll see you in person one day as everything was pushed. My boyfriend made that come true as my anniversary present this year. And I'll be seeing you when the tour comes back. Yay! Enjoy some pictures of Boston Benson.


There's a new boss. Yeah.


Can the cat can use actually maybe boss can just have like his own chair. That'd be really sweet.


Maybe this could be on my lap during the show.


Each of us will hold one of the cats. Yeah. Yeah. That is so sweet.


And I totally believe that pets do come into our lives for certain reasons. I always forget the name, but it's like an animal or an animal or something. But it's supposed to be like one of your protectors coming down an animal form. And it would make sense to you because like every time he was outside, the lights would flicker. But then when he wasn't near the lights, they would be fine. It was those lights flickered.


Yeah, it was. Oh, I miss that. How did I miss that?


Where did I know why I'd miss that can sit on our porch and when we let him inside at night, our porch light would flicker the whole time. But when you opened, he was inside, it was completely fine. So we thought we had to change the bird because almost like his energy was, he was like, I'm here with the energy from the light when we was around.


Oh, yeah, that's super creepy, but cool.


And Crutchley and the psychic was like, oh yeah, don't worry. I know all about the cat.


So I just showed up literally two weeks ago. It's it's a pretty cool story.


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This is our last story of the February listeners' upset. But the listener February listeners, you said, right. Oh OK. Oh it my brain. My brain wasn't sure.


I'm like you said it right. It was like, no they didn't. Actually I've been doing something recently where I've been noticing. I don't know if a stutter or a stammer is the right thing, but I'm like I'm repeating things that already like the word already got finished out of my mouth. It's not like I only got halfway there and felt the need to.


Do you think it's a medication thing? I know. I don't know what that is called, but I've been noticing that also like. Like, if I were to say my name is M, it's like Porky Pig, I'll be my name. My name is N, it's very hard to name a name, but that's all, folks. OK, I'll say that after the story, when it actually is, I'm going to hang out.


So you tell me before you do it, I'd like to be gone when that happens. Thank you.


Know, I need everybody to be involved. So I know this this one is called. You're going to miss out, Miss Allison.


Yes. I mean, text Allison taken over. I mean, I'm only talking to Miss Allison, but Miss Christian's in front of me. You're going to like this one, Zack begins. And and how my. That's just the first half this Zack begins and how my grandmother ended up as an exhibit in his haunted museum.


What is your grandma also?


Because if so, we have a bone to pick with you.


That would be fuckin Eva. And like you read these stories and then just like keep it on the side and not even tell us about them. Oh, yeah.


Even the thank God we didn't. We asked in our interviews, what is your zodiac sign?


Speaking of Zodiac like because and then when Eva said Pisces, we were like, we can work with that, because if we had another Gemini in the mix, like, they would be like, guess what, don't tell em.


Or like, don't say this.


I want you to know I would literally be in the group chapping like I know you're supposed to act surprised when the episode comes up, but this is what it's called. Yeah. Yeah.


I want to tell all of them to you before you read them. Act surprised.


Some people like to call home or like talk to her cats about all the crazy stories.


Just be like, yes, yes, yes, yes. What is about to go down? Yes.


OK, can you imagine being in his neighborhood hearing like Shadow? Guess he have the Zodiac cipher. Look, I'm pretty sure she only has cats. Like what does she do. Oh my gosh. That's their.


I can't imagine the Zodiac cipher says and like little do they know it's real. OK, the FBI approved it so you can just calm down. Thank you.


OK, well, this is let me make sure that I can say their name. This is from Miranda, who goes by she her thank you for normalizing pronouns. Miranda and Miranda says, Hi, Eva, thank you for putting Yeva first because she deserves it always. Hi, Eva. I'm Christine Juniper. Gwen Moonshiner. Oh, I love the podcast and have been listening for about a year now. I love your listener stories episodes. And I thought maybe given yours Zach Begin's obsession cough Christine obsession.


How dare you.


More like a really intense, one sided love.


But yeah, once it's I would call it a an unrequited fascination and interest that I really wish were requited.


We put it the nail on the head. Yeah. Love is a strong word. I wouldn't go that far.


Did you hear me nail on the nail on the head. Oh, I didn't even notice.


Weird. So maybe I just don't even realize it. I certainly and I think you've always done that. I think I have to. And it's just I'm I'm sensing a little clarity. I think I'm just noticing.


Interesting is your medication. I'm just aware of how fucking annoying I've always been.


OK, maybe you've read too many iTunes reviews or you like saying rude things about really fucking Porky Pig and that bizarre Fagin's lover is all the way over here. Ouch. That's crushing for you. My feelings.


OK, I mean, given your Zach Bacon's unrequited fascination, something that I wish were required. Yes. You might be interested in hearing about how I got a part. Stop it now.


I'm angry. I already know I'm mad and jealous about whatever it is you are.


See your fucking face. And I'm laughing like that. That's like schadenfreude, a face of like. And Christine said to be pissed. I can't see you right now, but she's laughing to fuck you.


What is it? Say read it to me. You might be interested in hearing. Put a stake in my heart.


Go ahead. I'd be interested in hearing about how I got a personal call from Zach Pagan's out of the blue.


Actually I'm not interested, so I'm going to go and you can talk to em. Just kidding. I, I will never stop thinking about this and I would never think of anything that we're going to do a role play real quick.


OK, now protect your Miranda, OK.


Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring.


Oh I don't have phone anxiety excitement. Usually I would just silence my phone but ok. Hello, this is Miranda. Hello.


Why are you laughing. I mean, hello. Click, click, stop calling me that I told you to stop calling me.


This is an unrequited relationship. I don't love you the way you love me, OK? So sorry. This is a role play that I imagine in my own head.


You really put yourself into the Maranda Zach couplet there. It's called a love rhombus. All right. But OK, you may be interested in hearing about how I got a personal call from Zach Baines out of the blue one day regarding an email. I sent his museum about my late grandmother, a supreme spooky lady, L. whose last name I shall disclose for family privacy.


OK, but we know the name is Elle. Or maybe not.


Maybe it's a double file spelled like Elly, just the letter L.. Oh, OK.


Just I think it's for family privacy, but also we should get that other person with all the ciphers to help us out there because here's a letter.


It's well, can you tell us exactly what this means? There's a cipher within a cipher.


The FBI is going to lock us up. Oh, I want to be like, OK, so their name starts with an L, but also that's like a one twenty sixth of a chance. Can you about that also means that Zach begins reads the emails fun fact or that he has a team who at least forwarded him the interesting one.


So we have a chance if we make it interesting enough. So maybe he has an EVA who's like, ah, you got to see this one all of a sudden will be everyone we know will be blocked on Twitter, the second loop and email on. All of a sudden we won't have a Twitter. Twitter will be like you and Donald Trump are no longer.


You've gone too far. When I was about 17, I, like many of us, fancied myself a writer or a blogger. LOL live journal.


Hello, Rice Pudding nine Zanca Zenga. I kept my day terrible online blogs that I now have no ability to delete because I cannot remember the passwords. It's the worst. All of our problems try like black butterfly thing.


I feel like you're a millennial without telling me you're a millennial. Yeah, I can't login. I can't delete all the shame on the internet.


Yeah, I stupidly wrote a post about my grandmother. Well, with far too much personal info included for the Internet, am I about to find out that Zach Dagan's read someone's fucking live journal and.


Well, that's probably why he actually blocks me now. It's making a lot more serious. Yeah.


L was always a fascinating mystery to me. I never got to meet her, but her stories were the stuff of family legend. That's how I'd like to go, by the way. That's I want my own grandchildren to know that you and I both know we're not going to go that way.


Our grandchildren, like God, they always wanted to be the stuff of legend. They were obsessed with it, and yet they weren't.


They were. Gemini's the end. Everyone still talks about l when I see them at family events, she was the life of the party, always the center of attention. Even now in death, she was raised in a very traditional Jewish family in Baltimore with a prodigal, a piano player and incredible was a prodigal prodigal. My saying that right. I feel like I've said it to me like a prodigy prodigal son of those words. I just said too many times it doesn't feel real anymore.


She was raised in a very traditional Jewish family in Baltimore, was a prodigal piano player, an incredible visual artist.


She went to Juilliard for concert piano, OK, and many other prestigious universities.


But I'm honestly not sure how much of what I know about her is even true. Wow. She really is like law. Maybe that's what the L stands for. She is the mythical creature in my mind. She was friends with the Muhammad Ali. This I have photographic evidence of married multiple, very wealthy Jewish men, my grandfather and her second husband, who I affectionately have called Uncle Jay throughout my life. She was always pulling off insane stunts that garnered the attention of everyone in her life or just strangers nearby.


She thrived as a center of attention. She kidnapped my dad when he was about ten years old, jetted off to Europe, then Egypt. For months, he had to be kidnapped back by the U.S. government. Long story. And a guy. And then I was born. And then when I was born, she was just becoming so erratic and scary that I wasn't really allowed to know her.


I just took a turn, Wolf. My parents didn't trust her. And she was, after all, an egregious narcissist. I should really write a book of all the incidents I've heard. Yes, you should. I will read it. Zach will, too.


Apparently, I'll read it and then I'll tell em all about this. Thank you. I appreciate it. But as pictures were in good shape. Oh, that's true. We sure are sorry. We knew she was very into various new age movements and practices, but didn't know what that all entailed. I mean, she did meet Uncle Jay by reading his palm and declaring them soulmates. That's the shit that I should have done with.


And that would have been and he did do that with Allison. We need to do before with your superhero, whatever obsession. The second that I meet in Avenger, I'm just going to look them in the eyes and be like we're meant to be.


And then they'll call security, you know, you're going to touch their hand and you're going to be like put in prison forever.


Hold for a second. I thought you said I'll I'll be put in. And I was like, that's right. I'll be fucking melted on the ground, Pete.


I will be I'll be quaking in my gross.


So, OK, let Uncle Jay by reading his poem and declaring them soulmates. He introduced her. He introduced her to his parents that night after she told them this in their palm reading. She's also a bit eccentric. OK, that's cool. Yeah. So I stupidly wrote about her in this blog post all those years ago, including that I am her only female descendant in the post, which is still true.


Whoa, whoa. Then about five years ago I started receiving all these strange emails and messages from people around the Internet asking me about her ghost talking machines.


Holy shit, am we know who this is?


I just dropped my phone and my whole body erupted in, like, sweat pricks one and I are obsessed with this has been trying to figure out remember, we literally went I literally called the museum and they won't.


Tell us any information about this. This is like tried to cover this, but after after Christine's bachelorette party, I have been trying to get more and more information. And a few months later, I said, am I really wish you'd cover that one?


And I was like, trust me, I've tried because I was like, am I a request? And I was like, trust me, I fucking tried. So I Googled it thinking I could find anything, you know?


Little did we know we should have just checked. Live journal. Whoa. OK, I have full blown Glooscap so I'm freaking out just like to be. I'm completely using my platform here. But if you could email us and tell us what that full story is, I won't even report it.


If you don't want me, we won't even report. I just we've just wanted to I just have to know because the only time I ever heard any information about it was on the tour. And then I called back to get more information and they were like, oh, we're only gonna talk about it if you're on the tour, but also on the tour, you can't, like, take notes or anything. So, like, I've only heard about it one time and I don't even remember all the details.


I remember being so fucking chill em.


And I got em and I got like like that was one of the few things from that museum that, like, haunts me, that room that was and I remember being, like, waiting for em to cover it and being like, that's going to be my favorite episode. And then I was like, I can't. I've tried to.


Wow. So we sometimes I bring it up because every time we talk about the news and we're like, remember that one room that's that's scary. Secret Room decided.


This is when I tell you my freaking life. Like, I don't know if you can see it.


I get like it's I also don't think even knew that if even Dennis Util even didn't know, this is real fucking weird for this to have happened. But I think even so known for this to be the last story even was with us on the trip. No, I know, but I don't know if she knew like that.


We've tried to figure out this story. I'm sorry. I've tried Googling it. And I was like, I don't even know what to put in the search time. OK, well, ok, ok, ok. It makes sense. Now, why they wouldn't give us information really makes sense. Yeah. OK, so that is chilling.


What's so crazy about that is like and that's why we drink.


Part of it is that we went and that story was the one that showed us and a descendant of that story listens to our show that oh I'm so, so in a story where I said, I wonder if any more moms are going to come through and talk to us through like that is the that's like such an honor.


I was like, wow, like I am.


So I related to that story listening to our show.


Well, I'm like fan growing right now.


This is really bonke like. And then I had one of those weird moments that's very rare where our eyes went like I don't know, I don't even know how to describe.


I didn't even finish the sentence. Okay. Hand sorry. Well OK, I just freaked out.


OK, so since you apparently can't delete this because you don't know the password, can you just send us the link so we can read your blog post please.


OK, we won't say again, we won't say anything. Then about five years ago I started receiving all of the strange emails from people around the Internet asking me about her ghost talking machines that they saw in the museum or just asking for more information on her life. Color me confused as someone who had never really taken much interest in the paranormal or known much about my grandmother's life spirit work, I assume she meant she. I assumed they meant they had questions about some artwork of hers and some museum, but came to understand that l had machines.


She used to contact spirits and these devices that were now in the haunted museum in Las Vegas.


Mm hmm. OK, so OK. Well now I feel bad that we like, literally begged for you to tell us the story, but apparently even you didn't know it.


And also in like we are the people who are now bothering you on live journal. So sorry about it. Also, first of all, you already gave us so much more information we would have ever gotten from Bozak Museum. But like there like the wringing with Uncle Jay and like palm reading all but OK, so, OK. When I started getting these strange messages, I reached out to the Honda Museum in Vegas once I realized.


So wait, Zack begins himself, tells you the fucking story is I was this is about to be I'm going to scream, OK, this is the wildest student ever.


If you still want to keep your family's privacy and not tell us that story, can you please God at least tell us what the experience of talking to Zach on a phone was like?


That is the other thing. Yeah. So you don't have to tell us. Just has her anxiety hood on right now. And I put my thumbs in the thumb holes.


I'm going back to my my pretend goth years, my teenage self. I'm hiding in my sweatshirt.


When I started getting these messages, I reached out to the Honda Museum in Vegas. Once I realized their exhibit was where this was all stemming from when I sent the museum a general email telling them who I was and I was asking for more info on her exhibit items, I got a personal email from Zach with a phone number asking me to call him. I pray to God that's his real phone number. It's probably not is probably a museums number, but still I, for whatever reason, was too spooked and didn't call him for years.


Me neither. I wouldn't have either. I would have called instantaneously.


I know you would have. I would have been like before and before I fucking chickened out. I got to do it now.


But about three months ago, this is Scott.


So I just got chills again because I feel like the last time I went to L.A.. For Halloween, you and I had another conversation about this fucking story, which was literally three months ago to the day, almost about three months ago, when I was, of course, deep into your podcasts and uncovered Zach Bacon as exactly as perfect as a gift for Christie to me and made me recall that emails sitting in my inbox. Oh, my God. Did I hang on?


I hang on.


This is getting really bananas. This is so meta. So the story we've been obsessed with, we manifested this Christie.


You and I sat at a slumber party with ourselves only and we're like, I remember that because you and I were watching quarantine Zach Dagan's quarantine. And we were like, I wish we knew about that fucking room. Oh, my God.


We we literally said at some point, I mean, we were obsessed with this storyline. And now someone who listens to our show, who happens to be related to that story, listens to us. Talking about Zach Begins and Full Circle spoke to Zach Fagin's because we reminded them and this whole story. And so now we get the story that we want to do.


OK, I'm sorry I made it about me, but I am overwhelmed. OK, OK. Three months ago I covered Zach Bane's as a gift for Christie and it made me recall that email sitting in my inbox at the bottom collecting dust. I emailed Zach back finally and almost immediately got a call from a Vegas number. I didn't know. I knew it must be him. But I'm a high school art teacher and was in class. I answered anyway and told Zach I'd have to call him back.


That's right. That is how you do it. How stupid.


The man is busy and it took months to get another call. Oh my gosh. Today, bagel by today, bagel bites gave me a call back after after a few texts back and forth, which means this may not be a company phone. This may be a real.


Tell me he has like a Motorola suit. You have Zach bigot's fucking phone number. Yes. We've determined this already.


I, I it's hard to believe this is no. What is this me Mojie look like.


Because I imagine it looks ridiculous how many social media profiles it did him being in your contacts connects you to. And does he have secret ones we don't know about. Does he have a secret Snapchat or something that you can only find as a friend of his? Now, I got to not now.


They're not going to tell us anything. We've ruined it today.


Bagel Bites called me back after a few texts back and forth over the months talking about how we would connect again soon, but never quite got the chance. He, of course, ignored my note in the email saying to call me any time after three because I'd be teaching. But I took a sounds about right, but I took his call anyway in the middle of my class because I didn't want to miss it and have to wait months longer to get the info.


Turns out my grandmother was building spirit, contacting equipment with the help of professional engineers or writing her own formulas for spirit intentions. Zach begins at one point referred to them as spells. OK, and according to him, she was doing work he had never seen before anywhere else, he told me he bought a lot of her belongings on eBay and spoke to a realtor for the family who fildes him in a little bit on what had happened. She was found unresponsive.


This is the person.


Yes. I just got chills again. Oh, my God. The story scares me so much. She was found unresponsive in her home, surrounded by these machines when she died, like truly surrounded, like there are in the museum.


There's a scary thing about the exhibit is like they set it up with a mannequin to look like when she died. It's like so chilling.


They also have like like black and white, like crime scene photos of her literally surrounded by equipment. And when I say surrounded, I mean like like in a circle around her while she's on the carpet or in the in a chair or something like it was like on a couch. Yeah. It was like it was like, oh it wasn't like an image.


It was like a mannequin is seared into my brain forever.


Like I was so freaked out also to find out that your grandma is like on exhibit as a mannequin like that must be pretty tough also because they make that whole room so like not necessarily interactive, but like they put they have like speakers in the corners that make it like on display. They have speakers in the corners playing what the sounds of those equipment sounded like. So you can always so you feel like you're walking in on her like dead in her room while the equipment is going off and you can hear all the signals and the the static.


And so it's so scary. It's real eerie. She OK, she was found unresponsive in her home surrounded by these machines and she died. I remember this incident from my childhood. My parents had to take me to a friend's house to stay the night while they rushed off to Baltimore. We're still not sure what killed her. When my parents went to her house, they found Hexis plastered all over her windows, crazy ingredients for various potions she'd concocted and all manner of other paranormal paraphernalia, Zach Baggins mentioned that she had many books on the occult, even a satanic Bible, and had personal journals detailing her own work that mentioned that she had, quote, been to the seventh hell.


Oh, what whatever that meant. He believes that she was working on some really dark stuff and may have been summoning demons. He mentioned many other researchers. Do you hear these fucking neighbors of mine?


Is that what that is? Because I was like, it's the demons. Yeah. His name's Trey Songz. You kidding me? And every time we call them and ask what it's like, we'll call them, be like, hey, you're being loud. What are you doing up there? They say, mopping.


Get over here. OK, you're messing with the wrong end of the map. You're mopping with a couch. OK, let me. OK, let me just say that because I need a process that begins mentioned that she had many books on the occult, even a satanic Bible, and had personal journals detailing her own work that mentioned she had been to the seventh hell. She believed she was working on some really dark stuff and may have been summoning demons.


He mentioned many other researchers who had worked with similar concepts. But mysteriously, each of those people or couples he mentioned had died, either murders or suicides. With all that in mind, I'm content to let this go to life for now. Mentioned potentially creating a documentary or movie about her. But I told him I'd have to hear more and talk about it with my family first. I know this was a hell long listener story, but I knew I had to share it as soon as I heard Zach's voice on the phone that day.


You thought of the song.


I love your podcast. Don't ever stop. Thank you for your friendship and how you include us, your listeners, it yours and ghostly goodness.


Miranda, Miranda, you have a legacy.


Talk about a ghostly good I am I inside myself. This was written from beyond.


I think when am said the the machines I feel like my body like collapsed in on itself. We talk about this like I think about this pretty regularly, like at least once a month.


I think about that exhibit, it's almost like ared me. So that's like your relative shoved Zach Baggins into your face was like Emma. Christine care about this one.


Oh this is. Oh my gosh that's so wild.


But also I'm so sorry we made that so long. Like Miranda is like oh sorry that was so long. I'm like no, no, we're sorry, that was so long.


But so it sounds like Miranda didn't know that, that we. Oh no. I don't think we've ever talked about it on the show.


I think Miranda's mind is going to be blood when you realize how important we've been looking for you. We've know we've literally been like hand looking. I thought we gave up because and was like I literally called the museum and they were like, no, which is like we thought that was the end of the road because how else are you supposed to figure it out?


Did you whisper to him on the phone that, like, there's a podcast that talks about him, did you accidentally call him bagel bites? Oh, my gosh.


Oh, is that why we've been, like, blocked by the FTC on every single. Wow, OK, what a story to end on.


Thank you, Miranda. I don't think you realize there you do now and you probably regret it. So I apologize that we've just put you on blast like that.


But I you really you really hit a hit a nerve there, I think. Wow.


OK, I'm so sorry about this. By the way, these fucking they're mopping.


I don't hear anything. I don't know. You're talking to me. I don't hear anything. Oh, good for you. Because they're really pissed me off. Well, what a great way to end this with that story. Thank you for all of your stories, submissions. And you will see another one from us in March. We put one out on the first of every month so you can submit your stories through our website. And that's why we drink dotcom.


We have a submission form for you to send all of your personal true crime paranormal stories. Also, is it too early for us to announce? Oh, sure.


I don't know. I don't know. No, let's just say it. We're doing a live show.


Yeah, OK. We'll get more information soon, I guess. But we are doing a live show. We are doing and it's February 26.


So basically, if you lasted all the way to the end, you got a special surprise, which is more of us and the next.


Well, we'll talk about it in future episodes to catch you up. But if you are listening, we are doing another live show that will also be listener stories, virtual live show, to be clear, virtual, unfortunately, as much as we've begged the universe.


Anyway, we'll give you more information on that when we can. But thank you so much for listening and and we appreciate you. And happy February. We're already a 12th done with twenty twenty one.


Oh fuck. OK, well thanks. Thanks. I'm signing off. It's the Broad Broadcasting and D.J. Cupid and. Well that's why we.