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If there's one thing I found out in the last year, it's that the best date that I have ever been able to give me and Allison is Hunter Killer. It has been such a wonderful game. It's full of mystery and you get to feel like a detective and it's just too much fun.


Yeah, it's great because it's like something to do, but also like fun and exciting and a bonding experience. With each delivery, you'll sift through piles of documents, evidence, audio recordings and case files, eliminating suspects, identifying murder weapons until you crack the case and catch the killer. It's like an escape room delivered to your door. I mean, it's like the dream, really, for all of us, without question.


That's exactly what it is right now. You can go to Hannah, killer dot com slash drink and use drink for 20 percent off your first box. Again, make sure to use drink for a 20 percent discount. Do you have what it takes to hunt to killer.


Hello, it is March twenty twenty one. Welcome to our listeners episode. You know what this means? We're a six done with twenty twenty one. That's that's not right. Yeah. Six, 12, 18 months. There's 12 months. So that would be it. So we're a. Oh, I see what you're saying, cause we finished February. I thought you meant like through March. No, we're not a six done after this month will be a quarter done.


I see them after March.


Will be a quarter done. I don't know.


Listen, I don't know why I'm challenging you on math, but welcome to our March show. Eva sent us a bunch of stories and said, don't look at the subject lines and then said, sorry, I yelled at you.


So I don't feel like I feel like last year, Aarthi, like we had a theme every month for stories. And I feel like this theme now is just different instructions from Eva every time to not look at a certain part of.


Yeah, I kind of like it because I kind of like being told what to do, so I don't have to figure it out myself. And so it kind of a relief honestly.


It's like takes the pressure off. So yeah, I guess it says you go first and then she apologized to me. So there are a lot of apologies going around in this email.


Oh OK. I haven't accepted the apology yet.


We'll see how I feel after the episode is over. But to your deep, typically I did just tell you I was like, as long as it's not like a subpoena from Zach Begum's. Yeah, probably. OK, OK, wait.


And then you've said it's the opposite of that which we really let's all go on a journey together and try to figure out what the opposite of a Zach being legal doctors. Yeah. From the Haunted Museum. So we'll see what it is.


But I understand already I think what the theme here is.


Tell me you figured it out after looking at a subject not like off the top of your head. No, no.


I figured it out because I just opened the first one. So I just said after looking at it, you figured it out, right? Oh, after looking yet because I haven't seen anything, I was like, you are way too smart for me today. OK, so I haven't seen anything. So you can surprise me then.


I will I think right away. Well, I don't know. I don't even know if you will understand if you remember the reference.


I probably don't. I'm glad that you recognize how terrible my memory is. So.


Well, I only say it because it was one small like random tangent brain thought that I said out loud and you were like, what the fuck?


And when was it? Was it when I was editing or was it before I was. No, it was a couple of weeks ago. I'm just going to go and I think if you remember the reference, maybe this is even the theme.


But I have a hunch this is what Eva was talking about. OK, OK, I'm just going to go and if you don't know it by the end, I'll tell you what I'm referring to. Perfect.


OK, so this one first of all, if the theme is what I think it is, thank you to everyone who listens to me and that random reference, this makes me so happy and my dopamine levels are at an all time high.


So this this entry is from Mothman. Oh, I know. It's a freakin slam poetry or whatever by cryptid. You have got to be kidding me, at least for that. I remember this.


Listen, I am so happy even if this is only like a one off. But for those of you who don't know, I mentioned a couple episodes ago that I thought it would be really funny if people submitted slam poetry as the as cryptid and we would see what the Krypton's would sound like out of slam poetry contest.


So I, I couldn't be happier here.


This is I said this was all I wanted and I meant it.


So actually I'm going to lay here and imagine that Mothman is serenading me with his poetry because that feels really romantic and like right down my alley. So I'm just gonna lay here. You you go ahead.


I'm going to OK, candles are lit, the lights are low, the door is locked. Lower the blinds and my fainting couch just in case.


And this one and also it's a two week it's a a belated gift for Valentine's Day as I'm.


Oh yes. Very romantic. Good point. So this one by Mothman who goes by they them obviously. Obviously the subject line is Red Love, which I imagine has something to do with their eyes.


I see. Okay, here we go. This is Red Love by Mothman. And remember, we do we do snaps at the end because we had to write a coffee house with this poetry slam. Oh, I see. OK. My eyes are red and they wash the world and hate, anger, loathing, laughing during slam poetry.


It's not as romantic as I thought. I feel like I need to, like, snap out it.


So we need to move like a what's that like a tambourine or something.


OK, my eyes are red and they watch the world and hate, anger, loathing and keeping the tempo of my wings beat faster and faster. Oh I see. OK, I see. Let's start over. Hang. I'm sensing I'm seeing the theme here. OK, I got it. I'm ready to do the snap but I'm on it. I'm, I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm sorry man. OK, ok. My eyes are red and they wash the world and hate anger loathing.


My wings beat faster and faster hunting, chasing, catching.


It's a hurtful world than I opened my mouth to screech buzz cry for no one can understand the pain and side clawing, fighting, hurting. But then I see you you who are tall, hairy, beautiful. Thank you.


You who walks with a speed that is crushing, deadly, fantastical. You who understands the loneliness, fear, pain.


And suddenly my red eyes see the world with passion, lust, love all the time, my heart is the one beating faster and faster, searching, yearning, wanting my mouth bends open to shout shrill mo or nothing.


And there's a different pain inside that's clawing, pushing faster because you are worth it all.


My Etman grizzly bear Bigfoot rated R rated adventure high and mighty also.


Hi, my name is really Melissa. She her and I hope you all enjoy this poem. I had a lot of fun writing it. I will be here to write more cryptid or ghostly poems if you want. I have a degree in creative writing for just this personally. Thank you for all you do. Oh my gosh. That really I thought they were going to say I'll be here all night.


I was like, OK, we're ready for you are here all night. I'll be I'll be over at the smoothie corner of the house. Yeah.


Yeah, I'll be at the espresso bar because well I feel wired already.


I am overwhelmed. That was I didn't I had no idea what I was going to begin or end.


I just opened the folder and I see the one you just read like from afar and I can see how they're separated like versus beautiful. Beautiful. Oh wow. You really are killing the game here.


Just bravas. I don't know if all of them are spoken.


The next one is not, which is probably good because I feel like I wouldn't live up to what you just did for me. OK, well we'll see how the rest of the night goes I suppose.


Yeah, that was really beautiful and romantic. And I think I know that this is putting a lot of pressure on you because this comes out the day after the next episode. But can we get some, like, smooth? Well, actually, let me listen to it. Maybe the snapping works, but if not, we can put some smooth jazz underneath.


If if there's future spoken word that we cover in this, we will. We'll leave the snapping. Yeah. Yeah, sorry. And then we'll do a little smooth sax on then we'll do some like low baritone.


Some bass.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Perfect. We can even have some like in the background like an espresso machine like hissing. It'll be beautiful.


I actually just look up coffee shop ambience. Yeah. That'll be that great idea.


There's probably like free royalty free coffee shop music by also.


Speaking of which, let me do a shout out to my favorite ambient you taught me about this.


I'm it's great. I love them. It is Nemos Dreamscapes. I don't know who you are but bravas you are what I listen to every time I have to do any computer work. Please go listen to Nemos Dreamscapes if you. It's awesome.


It's delightful. So I my personal favorite four four focus is the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify. I swear to God it puts my brain in like a trance.


I think it's like those binaural beats and it like gets in your head.


It's amazing.


So depending on what you're doing when in a pinch, when in a pinch, I just look up fires like like like like like a trampoline. Yeah. Yeah. A crackling or like a like a windstorm.


I love a good rainstorm. There's, there's one like that on YouTube that's like campfire by the lake. And I'm like that's a little bit of everything that's nice.


I start sometimes I get anxiety like it just kind of builds up where I'm like what if there's someone hiding behind a tree? And then I'm like, this is not good. I need to go back to my deep focus. It's it's actually your tall, hairy Bigfoot, my red eye. Lemann's upon you wanting weight and calling the OK.


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So this is probably embarrassing, but I actually made a recipe that I found on Tic-Tac yesterday.


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I don't even use those anymore. And by the way, it's beautiful. So I feel real fancy. You know, it's uniquely sloped. Handled not only allows you to chop more efficiently, easily and safely, but it's elegant and you want to show it off instead of just putting it away in a drawer.


It's almost like a one stop shop for a knife, but it's a one stop chop. Get it?


No. OK, beautiful. Yeah. Step up your cooking game and maybe even your Puhn game now and head over to mizin dotcom lasting for 20 percent off your first order. That's MEAC and dotcom slash shrink for 20 percent off your first order.


Mizin dotcom slash drink. Anyway, this is from Gab's who uses chère PR..


Thank you Gav's and this is called Quarantine Station Haunting Hyphen.


Very topical. OK, thank you.


Hey, and that's why we drink spooky. I am an American who has been living in Sydney, Australia for eight years.


My hot Australian boy. OK, all right. OK, it's all sexual. Maybe she can get it. OK, you're just humble bragging seriously and honestly. Like go for it man. I'm proud of you.


I'm only jealous. That's, that's what you saw just. Well that's the energy you're hearing right now is just jealousy.


That's all. My hot Australian boyfriend and I decided to go on an early Valentine's Day staycation at the quarantine station. Originally, the site was used from the eighteen thirties to 1984 to isolate people migrating to Australia suspected of carrying contagious diseases. Extremely topical. Thank you, Gepps. If ships entering Surya's like a gab's like in case you don't know, like what's been going on.


I really do appreciate that. She really is our faith and our in our ability to understand the world which like you're not wrong, know you're on top of it.


If ships entering the heads had a sick patient on board, they were required to hoist a yellow flag. I have heard about that before disembarking all passengers, not just the infected ones here. They were scrubbed within an inch of their lives, had their luggage autoclave and were kept away from the local Sydney residents for several weeks or months.


For healthy passengers, it was an extended holiday. For others, it was a frightening experience of disease and death. In total, 600 people died here. They used acid water to wash the workers and staff.


Experimental and non-scientific practices were used to try and cure people of diseases.


Oh my God. It's now a national park with lots of native animals such as possums, echidnas, bandicoots and little penguins.


Oh, so sweet. I'm also quite a range. I love it very. Australia of you. There's five big spiders too that you're not telling us about. Yeah, you just neglected all the snakes we know about, all the snakes and all the spiders.


There is also luxury accommodation in the renovated healthy quarters, which is where we stayed for one night. As you can imagine, this place is super haunted. They have ghost tours and we did and we did go on one, but it wasn't too spooky for me. I had a moment that shook me. I got a migraine and heard heavy breathing when I was walking through the morgue workers quarters.


But it's nothing, but it's nothing compared to what I experienced overnight in our room.


Oh, I know.


I always wish, like, ghost experiences would like stay isolated on a tour so that you could go home and talk about it. Not like go home.


And it's like you wish you wish was like like a movie like oh that time in the theater was crazy about moving on with our life.


Now let's have a glass of wine and just like chill without any interruption. Yeah. Yeah.


Oh our bed was really big. So as we drifted off to sleep, we rolled over to our respective sides of the bed. I woke up startled at around three am seeing a full body apparition of a shadow man lying in between us. Oh, on his side mean facing me.


So good fucking bye. OK, bye. Hey good. Can you. I just like it took me a second to catch up with the fact that they were in bed with you. That's just next level stuff. Yeah.


Because you always assume like oh it's at the foot of your bed like original you know in the doorway or something like at least there's a little space removed from you and then like it's nothing like really close.


Yeah. Like we know the perimeter of the mattresses like your space and like they can just appear over. But once they're lying next to you and also like literally barricading you from that's what I said to say, like you, they're in between you and the only other like safety person in the room.


Every time I wake up, this happens kind of often, which is unnerving. But I wake up kind of often feeling like there's someone in the room. And I just tell myself, like, no, I had a bad dream and I was rattled and I should just go to sleep and ignore it, but. I usually wake up and I for sure can feel that there's someone staring at us, but at least I can, like, scoot closer to Boston as if she's going to fucking protect me.


But, like, I at least have that light, that mental safety net. But if I looked over at Alison and said I saw a ghost corpse staring at me like I'd ever sleep again, I really don't.


I don't know. No, absolutely not. Especially in, like, a strange like a strange hotel room.


Let's see.


I woke up to a full body apparition of a shadow man lying in between us on his side facing me. I jumped out of bed screaming. It didn't wake my boyfriend. It was so bizarre. I thought maybe I was having a nightmare and shook it off. I get them, but they're usually caused by visions of bugs in the bed.


Does not happen at all. Or am I not supposed to talk about that?


No, you don't talk about that. I, I haven't gotten permission, but it's certainly something I have to deal with. So something everyone else. Believe me, I am far away now.


I know Allison has this really cute habit where she'll wake up and have it's like the most attractive thing about her. She she'll wake up with these weird nightmares that there are spiders all over her. I don't know. They're not spiders. They weren't cockroaches, although they should be with trauma. We've had all lot. But she wakes up with something on her and she freaks the fuck out, like she'll like like wake up like Robocop, like just like like the Terminator.


And then she just freaks out and she's like like gets out of bed and she's like dancing around like she's trying to shake things up. And I'm like, what the fuck. And then she'll just look around like never mind and just go back to that as well.


Was about say it's weird because I lived with her for like three years and this never happened.


So this must be a new thing. It's got to be one of those things that, like, it depends on what you eat or something because it's only happened twice.


Oh, I thought it was more often. It's happened two times to fuck. And you definitely call it a habit. So in my mind, I was like, oh, this must be like a weekly. Well, so Allison has a weird sleeping habit where she will have full conversations with me.


And yes, that I'm it's definitely happened when we live together.


And a lot of them are borderline threatening to my safety where she'll just like, oh no, she looks like she's going to fucking fight me. Like there have been a few times where I've backed out of the room because she just looked terrifying while she was like, she'll wake up and stare me down.


Her eyes are open and she's staring into my soul. And she's like, she'll literally point at the door and go, no, as far as I'm like, get the fuck out. And I'm just like, it's me, it's me. I'm right here. And she's like, no. And I'm like, OK, I've got it.


I got the man. Got it. Yeah. So it's either that or fucking bugs all over her. Both are pretty bad. Not good anyway.


OK so Shadowline but right. Yes. The corpse shadowman on the bed. Sorry. Oh yeah.


Yeah we're still there. Let's see. But I had, I thought I had a night. Terror shook it off. I get them. But they're usually caused by visions of bugs in the bed. I tried to go back to sleep, tried but I kept being pushed awake.


I'd look around the room and see the figure standing in different places but disappearing at the blink of an eye.


I know it didn't feel aggressive or evil or even scary. It was more annoying than anything. I didn't sleep very well. Needless to say, quarantine station in Manly, a suburb of Sydney, is absolutely haunted and spooky, but also stunning. I couldn't recommend it enough as a story you should cover and a place you should stay and.


OK, well, we'll see if you're ever in this hemisphere. I've been listening to you since twenty eighteen. Can't thank you enough. If it wasn't for you, Norman normalizing the paranormal, I wouldn't have had the courage to stay at quarantine station.


OK, don't put this on us. This is not your fault. But thank you. We didn't tell you to do this kind of effort, but no, I guess we are now using this for content for our show.


So if you've been there twenty eighteen, you know, the first thing we would have said is get the fuck out of there. And just so you know, I have shared and that's why we drink with so many friends here in Sydney. We love you all the best Gabs. Wow. That's spooky.


That's the kind of place where I would be like I'll handle the travel arrangements and then I will surprise. And then I'd knock at the door and be like, I regret everything I've done.


Oh, Christine, you would do that. You have done that for two tours.


Now, how do you how how quickly the number of haunted places I've stayed in a skyrocketed because you were responsible directly for my travel.


Oh, God. I guess.


And Gab's situation in at least it didn't feel threatening or ominous was just an annoyance. But still it's like that's even weirder. It's like what are you doing to get around?


That is weird because because you'd think any strange presence would feel threatening no matter what.


But the fact that it didn't feel threatening is really alarming to me.


And and I always I always kind of operate under the assumption that if people around you aren't waking up during this, it's because they don't want them to. Yeah. And so it feels like they. They wanted your attention and to annoy you and have nobody else be able to help. So lying next to you in bed, so goodbye. Good night. OK. Also, thank you so much for the very topical story.


Gets extremely topical. It really was. I appreciate you making sure we knew that though. Additive. Yeah. OK, number three. So there's another freakin poem. I don't know. It looks like it sure is, yeah.


Why do I have to get serenaded. Why can't I serenade you. All right.


Because you shut up Christine. You've serenaded me so many times. If you don't get it.


Finally getting me back for this. OK, thank you Śiva for at least this time we're not on stage and you're not holding my hand and staring directly into my heart. Oh, I miss those days. OK, here we go. This is from Aubrey, who I think is writing on behalf of Mothman like abuse. Is she her pronouns? I'm assuming Mothman uses them pronouns still. And the first part of it says, Sorry, Christine, but as soon as I heard M suggestion for cryptic poetry slam, I had to pause the episode and go write this.


So here we go. It's called Moth Man's Lost Love. And this is where we insert some sort of like ambient jazz. OK, I take flight, yet I do not flap my wings. I make no noise as I saw over a pleasant town. Am I lost or did I lose something? Someone I don't know. I take flight. This world is unfamiliar to me and I am unfamiliar to myself. What am I searching for that has been lost?


My home, my sense of self, someone I care for. I take flight. Suddenly I feel something, a familiar presence, a tug I tug in my chest, pulling me like a magnet. I take it there is a loud beating, but it's not for my wings. It's from my heart. I am flying. Then I see eyes meet eyes as red as mine. I found them the one I have been looking for. We embrace at last.


I am Paul.


Oh, wait, there's more, there's more, there's more. OK, we are two creatures stuck in this foreign world together. We don't know how and we don't know why, but we have each other and we are happy we take flight, yet we do not flap our wings and we make no noise, as we saw over a pleasant town.


OK, why are they all love poems I. Don't I'm not even questioning it. It's exactly what I wanted. I imagine Michael Mann has, like, this law of like looking for love, right? So, like, it kind of makes sense.


Yeah. Fair point for point. I guess I'm just jealous, so I just wish someone would write. I think that's why you had such a resistance to this earlier. I think you just want someone to pretend they're Mothman and write you a love letter. I get it. Is that what's happening? I see it. I see it. And I get exactly what's going on right now. Your feelings. I'm just saying I think you wish someone in real life like a like a high school dream, you would open your locker and there'd be a note and it'd be from your secret admirer.


But then, yeah, that's like exactly what I want. It's not a secret. This is like. Exactly. Everyone knows it and it's valid.


It's valid. I just wanna thank you. Yeah. You're seen and heard. Thank you. I appreciate it.


So this is from Casper who uses Daylon Pronouns.


And the subject is My DNA is helping solve a murder mystery.


Good bye, casual. Hey, Christine, Maeva, Ghajini, Mooney and Lemon. I'm a long time listener, first time writer minus an Instagram D.M.. I sent em in twenty. Seventeen. OK, cool.


Well you left on red because that's usually what happens. I don't know, I try to, I try to at least heart everything that comes their way.


I always feel like an ass when I do that because they're like right along message and that I just like hard it and they're like I like to, I like to think that if I heard it, they at least know that I acknowledge what they said. But there's just an a very wonderful body. There's too many messages where if I had the time to write everyone back, I would. But there's just too many. I haven't opened messages since twenty eighteen.


So there are probably like ten. I mean there's so many I appreciate tried. I appreciate them.


It's just that there's a lot and it would be unfair to pick who I write back to. So anyway, there you go. Hi Casper in there.


Yeah. Hi Casper.


OK, I just listen to the beach to you Sandy. Episode about Putina is in Canada where the challenge was to find reviews of shocking DNA results. And I think my DNA results are right up Christine's alley.


My grandpa got me an ancestry kit for Christmas in twenty eight because I'd always been curious about my heritage, seeing as my maternal grandfather was adopted and I was kept away from my dad and his immediate family for my safety. So I only ever heard about my maternal grandmother's family history. The heritage part wasn't super surprising, but the message I received from Yolanda McClary from Cold Justice certainly was.


Oh, apparently I am a relative of the Eldorado Jane Doe, a Eldorado.


Jane Doe was the name given to a woman in her 20s or 30s who was found murdered at the Whitehall Motel in Arkansas.


Well, did you not catch that with Jane Doe? No, I didn't. I think her name was actually Jane Doe. Her name like Jane Doe. This is why Gab's let us know that that one about quarantine was very topical because. OK, well, I need to be reminded, every doe typically in true crime stories is the victim without an identity. I got it. I was just excited to hear that there was no I'm usually very on top of that, but I just assumed that there was like I got carried away with the excitement of finding out something about your ancestry and the end.


Sorry I saw your face drop when I said murdered, you were very surprised.


OK, Elderado Jane Doe was the name given to a woman in her 20s to 30s who was found murdered at the Whitehall Motel in Arkansas in July of 91. The police knew how she died and even who her killer was, but have yet to figure out her true identity.


Her short life had involved drugs, sex, work and possibly even a bank robbery that had led her to use ever changing aliases when meeting people.


And even when she was arrested, her murderer, who was her ex-boyfriend, James McCalpin, claims to know her true identity but has been dismissed as unreliable. I'm related to her on my dad's side, and the murder happened before I was born. So unfortunately, I wasn't much help being able to recognize her. But hopefully my DNA will help narrow down which of my great grandparents, great grandparents, eight children, was potentially her parent as my dad and his mother refused to submit their DNA to help narrow it down.


So, yeah, talk about a DNA plot twist. I love everything y'all do, Casper.


Well, I won crap.


Did I miss this or do we know why the parents wouldn't want to submit their DNA? I guess there could be a million reasons. Yeah, I don't know. I mean, a lot of people just don't feel comfortable with it.


I think totally valid. I, I just think if I heard the like I could crack a case and be like I'm on it, put me in coach, take my blood, you know. Yeah.


Well it sounds like there's a lot of stuff in the family history that's trying to be avoided. So like the danger from the paternal side.


Wow, spooky.


So that's crazy that Yolanda from Cold just has reached out to you. Sheesh.


I mean, that's pretty dope. Also is the total side, total side bar.


But I really like the name Casp. And maybe I'm primed because of, like, the friendly ghost. It's a great name, it's a great name. So I also love the name Jasper. So, see, I'm more of a Casper person.


And I think that's because of the ghost priming, the the fact there's a ghost out there named Casper.


But I do like it. I just when I think of Jasper, I think of one of the 101 Dalmatians robbers.


So, you know, go on. OK. Anyway, I think of Casper, I think of the two animated guys, but you know, well, Casper uses they then pronouns, right? Mm hmm. So I don't. Anyway, if you are Casper, I sense you have them then pronouns. I'm wondering if maybe you changed your name and decided on Casper. Maybe not. Either way, it's a dope fucking name.


It is. I love it. Congratulations. Great taste. You have an.


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That's hello. Fresh dotcom slash drink twelve and use co drink twelve for twelve free meals including free shipping. OK, my next one.


Oh my goodness. OK, here we go.


So if you are caught up and speaking of extremely topical hashtag gabs, my most recent episodes have been about Kuhnen. And so this one, the title is Kuhnen Casualty is My Mom Thinks I want to kill her.


Oh wow. OK, so we we really shifted from Mothman. Lost to gears. Yeah. Yeah. So this is from Seona who's a she her pronouns.


Thank you for normalizing pronouns and this is the story. Let me make sure that this is OK. Hi y'all. First off, I really appreciate I'm covering the story of Kunhardt and the obvious empathy they have for the topic. Oh, thank you. Obvious empathy is really what I was shooting for, so thank you. It's really hard to hear it treated as a joke, especially since I have lost so much because of it. I don't know if this really fits as true crime or paranormal, but I want to share my personal crazy story about Kuhnen, so let's crack into it.


My mom has always been into conspiracies, so in Kuhnen came about. She was all in. I don't know how she found it, but she was in on the ground floor and was sucked into Kuhnen pretty much as soon as it started in late. Twenty seventeen she would send me all kinds of crazy videos that seemed funny to me because they were so out there and the editing looked like it was some kind of Tim and Eric's sketch. But she steadily got deeper and deeper and I watched her cheerful, kind, optimistic attitude drained from her come summer twenty twenty in the midst of the pandemic, which she didn't believe was real, by the way, and the Black Lives Matter protests, which I, as an antifascist antifascist, participated in, and she was completely off her rocker.


She would incessantly send texts with screenshots from Cuba, drops or breadcrumbs that I talked about on the show and tweets and wouldn't stop despite me begging her to eventually. Oh, she was sending screenshots of Q drops and tweets and wouldn't stop despite me begging. And eventually I threatened to block her no if she kept it up. When she found out that I was going to Black Lives Matter rallies, she started calling me a terrorist and a pedophile. Oh good.


She was she was convinced that I was killing babies, which if you are if you haven't caught up yet on Q and on stuff, one of the reasons that the mom might be thinking this is because Black Lives Matter, according to Kuhnen, is a distraction from the bigger issue, which is that the media is involved in a human sex trafficking ring, especially with babies of baby trafficking ring. So Black Lives Matter equals feeding into this this industry that is actually doing some really shady shit and therefore you are pro killing babies because you're enabling the system.


One day I posted a cab on my Instagram and my sister saw it and sent it to my mom because my dad is a retired cop and my sister and my sister is a narc.


I was about to say, OK, yeah, my mom stopped talking to me for about three months after that. When I told my sister that that we haven't been talking, she said, yeah, that's because she thinks you want to kill her and dad. And she told me that my mom has been telling my family that I'm a terrorist and a pedophile because I believe that black lives matter and fashion is just as bad. Anyway, in July twenty twenty, there was a defund the police rally in Boise, Idaho, where I live, and it ended up being overrun by literal Nazis.


And that rally, which was a few blocks from my house, I, I walked home alone about ten minutes after I got home. A group of armed men. Nope. We're talking in the street in front of my apartment. I'm nosy as hell. So I peeked out my window to see what was going on. And I heard one of them say, quote, Yeah, it's a little girl. She lives upstairs and they pointed to my apartment.


Oh, God. I'm the only, quote, little girl who lives in my building. Nothing ever happened from that aside from me putting another deadbolt on my door. But part of me is very concerned that my mom was somehow involved with it. Yikes.


And the sad thing is thing that could be so true, that could if you think someone's a terrorist, are going to kill you, make if you really believe it, even if it's your own child, maybe you find people who can protect you before something like it happens.


I mean, it's heartbreaking. I have slowly started to to talk to my mom again, but it's been extremely awkward, like getting back together with someone after a really sloppy breakup. Things will never be the same between us because of Kuhnen. I'm sorry for the long story, but I wanted to thank you again for bringing attention to the topic. I think my friends thought I was crazy for telling them about and on three over three years ago. So it's really refreshing that people are starting to pay attention.


Thank you for all you do is OK. So Gossip Girl with mommy issues. P.S. I'm using a pseudonym because I have a pretty unique name and I don't want this getting back to me. OK. So anyway, thank you.


And yeah, that's so.


In the last episode I just covered, we talked about how in a very broad stroke way because there was just not enough time in the world to do a case by case situation. But in general, a lot of people aren't just losing family but are being threatened by these brainwashed victims. And so it's this is just an example of that. I guess so, yeah. Thank you for telling the story and helping spread the word. Yeah.


Because that adds to that adds like a level of humanity and personal story to the whole.


Yeah. Issue. I think the whole thing, the whole I don't even know what to call it. Yeah. If you do want if you are someone who that, if that related to you in any way or if you felt something from it and you are dealing with something similar, you can check out, especially on Reddit right now, which is ironic, but you can check out Q And on casualties and also recovery with a Q and those are two really good forums that people are using as sources to find other people with their similar situation.


So awesome. Yeah, and that episode, the final in the three parter came out yesterday when this episode comes out. So yes, it's out already. OK, cool.


And it might I haven't edited it, edited it yet, but it's probably going to be like over four hours.


So sorry about that. Our longest yet but yeah. My bad.


My bad. What are you talking about on Elmsford. OK. I have something for you. Oh, God, we're going to shift gears here, we we seem to be doing that.


I seem to feel like I'm getting fucking whiplash over here. This is from Elizabeth, who's she, your parents like Elizabeth. This is called a Mothman at a poetry slam.


OK, well, I haven't heard of that yet, so Eva clearly was like rolling her eyes when I was like, why don't I get to read one? Like, I'm literally a petulant child, so I apologize for complaining before I even knew I get to read.


One even knows this too well. Did you read number five just now? I did.


OK, so make sure she's that she's not like this isn't for you, Christina. OK, so here we go.


This is from Elizabeth. Hey, friends, listen, I'm not one person screaming in my car because I think you're not that one person. There's apparently a lot of you because I think cryptid slam poetry night is the best idea and has ever had.


I know that a lot of ideas, you guys.


So there's been sandwiches. There's been all sorts of stuff.


I still have. I'm so glad because I was saying it and I felt ashamed that the idea was so random. But OK, thank you. So people are into it. Clearly, I'm already trying to figure out how to include this in my poetry unit with my fifth grade kiddos. I teach at school in West Virginia. By the way, I'm not a professional, but here's my attempt at spoken math, poetry. So much love and light and lamp.


Get it? Math joke to all y'all.


All right. This is called an ode to lamp and self-love.


So am I going to read this as if I were at a poetry slam? OK, I've never been so ready for a performance.


I get to serenade you again. Yeah, well, we knew it would come to this. It all started with a wrong turn. You just can't trust your antennae these days, too many new scents accruing in abnormal air, darkness dissolving the familiar. I asked for directions attempted.


At least they were rude. No, rigid.


Not that either ruthless. I understand. I am not a looker. Beauty walk past my door charm. Missed the bus to my place.


It got the truth. I'm trying to read a poem up here on stage and you're corrupting the fly.


I'm. I'm, I'm the positive heckler who is like keep God.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I spent about three weeks memorizing this.


So now could you see the part about charm again? It makes me so happy. I asked for directions attempted, at least they were rude, no rigid, not that either ruthless, I understand I am not a looker.


Puti walked past my door charm, missed the bus to my place. Allure. She never left the house, honey, but I like me well enough.


I think the pink creatures would have liked me too had they moved past the radiant round rubies on my face and the elongated elastic extensions along either side of me. I find my wings elegant. Thanks very much. Nevertheless, I digress. Loneliness is a friend I made many moons ago.


I just ask that next time please help an insect person out with directions or I may never find that fleeting, flamboyant fluorescence again.


Fiend, you were meant to recite poetry and that person was meant to write it. Excellent beyond a bravas.


Just give me a week to really like practice where the beats are. And I mean, listen, we can start something, Elizabeth.


We can start something we should make like we as in and that's why we drink. We should have an annual poetry slam where we did a live show, people presenting their cryptid poetry.


Why was it not on board with this right away? I think it's because you said Bigfoot and I just was like, he would just grunt. But Mothman was like something I hadn't really imagined. And it seems like everyone's gone that direction. So I'm bored.


Think of Slenderman, think of the top, think of think of the jackalope. Think of, oh, jersey devil. I mean, we've we've got a lot we could work with, a lot of options here.


Nessy would probably have some some really bubbly things to say.


The Portugee he's the weirdo in the group, surprisingly not really very careful.


We're at a very safe space here in this poetry slam. We're at the safe space. But he's the one who's like, trying to like I think he's a little too serious with his art and people can tell. But that's OK. That's OK. We're all Aulani.


I mean, you're the one yelling at everyone on stage.


So if you happen to be the person who sends unpackaged poetry slam, I will mentally marry you because that would just be OK. Next, let's say this is. Not poetry, but a wonderful story. This is from Amber Hughes, is she her pronouns and the subject is Rajneesh Yay we know about.


Oh, so here's a story. This isn't really a huge story I like. There's no high or anything. It's like let's kind of like that, though. Let's fucking get to the chase. But every time people do that, we end up filling so much space talking about how they don't have a hello that just like waste time anyway so they know what they're doing.


OK, so Amber says this isn't really a huge story, but I was listening to your most recent episode and I wanted to share this little tidbit. My family is from eastern Oregon and my mom was a young woman when all of this was happening. She remembers when members of the cult world came into the town and some people she knew got sick when they poisoned the food at that restaurant, the salad bar with salmonella Hauf.




So no, at a bar at our Giants. OK, the actual funny connection is that after my grandparents passed, we were cleaning out their house and apparently my grandmother being the sensible, frugal woman she was, bought several large pieces of furniture from a sale after the Per was shut down. When we moved, these pieces were large, were large posters with the leaders face on them and were pasted all over the backs of the furniture. We all had a good laugh about it, but still a freaky moment in time for a an area full of small little communities.


And that's it.


But I mean, yeah, that is chilling. Super chilling.


Wow. To clear out a space and find like remnants of such a traumatic, dangerous time, it's that's really eerie.


It's like a time capsule. Yeah. Yeah. Because it all got dismantled. It's just it's so removed from the present. So it would be weird to look at it and hold it and be like, wow, there was a whole other world and community dealing with this the last time someone ever saw this stuff.


So while yikes, that is spooky. Who is that from again. Do we say that was from Amber. Thank you, Amber.


OK, so this is the last story then we get ready.


This is from Kiona. Is she her pronouns? Thank you, Keanna. And the subject is spooky. Slam poetry.


My gosh, people are really on board with this. I'm telling you. Thank you for letting me read some, too.


I'm sorry. I got a childish and whiny about it earlier.


She's like, I knew you would. So anyway, she's like, this isn't my first rodeo with you.


And I both like your siblings. If we don't if you don't share the space, then someone's bad.


Yep. So it starts. Hey, y'all said they wanted some cryptid Shūgo slam poetry and that there's probably one person interested in that. Well, here I am.


Well, you know my number four, but you're in you're in line. You're in the first group here. So many of many of us apparently.


Well at least for for well I'm saying of many because I imagine many more will will present itself. I feel like there were some other people who wanted to send in stories, but then they were I mean, there might have been more, but I've just picked four, to be fair.


I'm sure maybe more of you or maybe they're like, I don't want to be the only one who said something. And now this episode will let everyone know, no, no, this is a safe space. Kind of trying to stream it.


Yeah, yeah. OK, well, here I am. So I guess knuckle and buckle and let's go.


There's a car blasting Radiohead outside. So give me a moment.


It's well that's actually like perfect to like really get yourself mentally of Radiohead.


And also I love that it gives me an extra second to really prepare for the another award winning performance from Christine Cheevers. Oh, thank you.


You're going to take a few breaths here because I think I'm going to have to really get into it.


OK, really get into. We don't even know who this is yet, if it's Mothman or we'll find out, maybe it's not Pacquiao talking about, maybe it's. I feel the pull once again, calling to me, summoning me from the darkness, the voices echoing inside my head, my hands are cold as death.


I don't know where I am. I stumble a single step forward, blindly arms outreached, fingers searching another step forward.


The darkness breaks ever so faintly, a dull glow just ahead. The pull is so strong this time. I know I don't have long right, left, right, left, fester until my hands feel the barrier firm yet giving under my touch. The voices are no longer in my head. I can hear them just across from me, just behind the barrier, calling to me, calling out my name. I start to see them, the faces distorted from the side.


I call back to them as I push against the barrier.


All that comes out is a raspy screech. My hands forced their way through. They stop calling out. I call frantically for something, anything. If I could just get a hold, I could pull myself through the faces, start to vanish.


I call out again just a scream. I curse them for leaving. No sound escapes. Why do they always leave me?


They must know I'm trapped. Why do they never help me through? The faces have all left without them. I pulled back into the darkness, haunted by their chance, wishing desperately that they would start again. So I wait. I'll wait forever. If I have to wait for the call that swirls through my mind. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary.


Bloody Mary. Bloody. And Pulitzer Prize, Pulitzer Prize.


I didn't expect that.


I thought it was a I thought it was a moth stuck in a lamp, a completely other what I was trying to think I was that one had like a little like like a twist to it.


I did not I did not accept writing. I was like, who's chanting? And I get it.


Now, at some point I thought it was just like a plain old a plain old haunting and like a general ghost, you know?


No, I was picturing lamp the whole time.


I thought we were doing a lamp joke, but wow, that was spooky. OK. Well, she said, hope you enjoy it. I definitely had a blast writing this. Stay spooky friends.


Oh, that's fun. Oh my gosh. OK, well, there you have it. If you want if you needed a sign that maybe you should try your hand at some cryptid poetry. There you have it. You go.


And now I want to write one. This is fun. You were right. I thought of that. I think, you know, I am so into this right now. Thank you. That's all.


I wanted to hear you, but thank you for letting us get this out of our system and perform it on air for I mean, I really am not.


And I'm not like a poet, a poetry reader. I certainly don't know what I'm know.


Like love to read anthologies. Well, like when I was like doing my two Mothman ones earlier, I feel bad because I'm like not and I don't know how to deliver poetry quite like you certainly know, I, I it's only because my dad used to read me a lot of poetry about, you know, dying and death mostly.


So I tried to bring that kind of mystique into it.


And look where you are today and look look how healthy I've turned out.


OK, well adjusted, I think.


Dad, thank you, everyone, for sending in your stories. We very much appreciate it. If you would like to submit your own stories for future listeners episodes, you can do that, too. And that's why you drink at Gmail dot com.


Yeah, I'm going to start a new one called like I'll come up with a title, but like a slam encrypted slam at Gmail dot com. We'll work on it. Submission's, I think.


I think it would also be fun if there was like a narrative at some point where someone describes the scene like what the like what the what the poet is seeing in the audience.


All of these people like interior, interior, six rows of folding chairs, an espresso machine hisses in the background and three rows of black eyed children on a field trip.


You know, like I like my children. OK, let me see.


There should be there should be two poems where they're from different perspectives of different black eyed children. Hang on a second. Well, you're a poet, a poetry. We're like ones. The ghosts of ones, the live person. They're both dealing with their own version of the hot.


Yeah. They see the different experience from each other. Take me out. OK, ok. OK, ok. If you've got spooky poetry, paranormal poetry, I'm trying to think of alliteration.


Kiona, you did a great job with this. I mean all of you did. But amazing Mary was such a twist. I love it.


What you got. You get chills with a cryptid poem.


I didn't think that would happen and it did.


So I'm very impressed by all of you. Well, I appreciate everybody. Please send in other personnel, true crime or paranormal stories as well as your cryptid slam poetry. I would love. I'm genuinely serious. I would love to have some sort of like in your poetry slam and have people come 100 percent on board now, like I thought I was like, oh, this is silly.


No, no, I am like one I want. I'm in, I'm on it.


I'm in oh a vest. Like, I don't know what you need for me to see it. I don't know, I don't know what I can I can use a staple gun. Is that helpful. You can use a cricket cutter. You've got I can use a cricket, I'll make some vinyl.


OK, we're all going to have t shirts. It's going to be fun. I am so excited. You heard it here first, folks, and we'll figure that out at some point. And at three a.m., I suppose.


Yeah, definitely. It will be late into the night after a lot of wine. We will see you next month for our April listeners sorry, which is April 1st, April Fool's Day.


Oh, that's right. Oh, get ready. And that's why we drink.