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Have you done any virtual or non virtual dating in the context of the pandemic, do you see this?


A question for me. Yeah.


Have I been dating during the pandemic?


Well, I don't think anyone Virgile is.


I don't I don't I don't they don't date. And so what does that mean? This is not a thing that I do. What does that mean? I hang out.


Oh, boy. You know, I've begun hanging out. It's one of my favorite activities with the day.


I like to think of myself as something of a professional and hanging out in some ways, the pretty boy he's known, it's no, I wouldn't call myself a party person.


No, no, no. I hang out and in some ways that's how I describe my job. I mean, that is what being a professional podcast's or is is someone who's very good at hanging out. People develop strangers, develop a pair of social relationship with you. They imagine that they're your close friend because they listen to you talk to other people every week who you are friends with. And they have this idea in their head that, you know, oh, these people must be really fun to hang out with.


They must be experts at hanging out.


And the fact is, that's that's completely true. That's absolutely the case.


In my experience. I am hanging out at a level that, frankly, ninety nine point nine percent of humanity is simply not a good visual art.


You sort of a romantic like I could see, like, don't you like, ever, like, want to take girls on dates or do you sort of like big overtures for the sake of romance?


Well, you know, I don't spend a lot of time in self-analysis, but I have been told that I am a romantic.


Oh, you've been told. Is there a context for this? I've also been told that I'm just a decadent materialist who likes to think he's romantic. So there's there's competing conceptions of me out there.


What behaviors of yours do you think have led to you being described as romantic but the most romantic thing you've ever done? Yeah, Virgile. We have a second virtually, we're asking Virgile, right? Yes, I don't know why the question why the questions posed to me, but I would like to know Rachel's answer.


I feel like maybe she's someone who seems more the most sybaritic of the three of us.


So perhaps to ask her next, she has. Well, I don't know. She's I I'm I do not know where you offered yourself up to.


Two things happened. One, you made a distinction between hanging out and a date. Now, my brain said hanging out seems decidedly less romantic than dating.


We're hanging out can be very romantic. OK, well, if you're going to say something like that, then I need you to substantiate it. So what is romantic about what you're doing? What's the Virgile magic in these hangouts?


I'm I'm between a lawyer and a hooker poet laureate right now, and it's just kind of ping ponging through me.


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