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On June six, 1984, a well-known Beverly Hills con artist named Ron Leverne vanishes without a trace.


Eight weeks later, a wealthy Iranian exile is kidnapped out of his home and is never heard from again.


At first, the two disappearances seem unrelated, but soon suspicion falls on a group of young men united by greed and privilege. They are the golden sons of LA's wealthiest families. They drive matching BMW, wear tailored Armani suits, lunch bags and run up tabs at LA's hippest hot spots. They call themselves the Billionaire Boys Club. They are united by a common goal.


They want all the riches and status they were promised since birth and they'll stop at nothing to get it. Their leader is Joe Hunt, he's 23 years old, charming and charismatic and a master of mind games, but Joe's real talent lies in fleecing millions of dollars from wealthy investors in a high stakes Ponzi scheme. It's a scheme that will slowly implode and put its members on a path to revenge, kidnapping and murder.


I'm Tracy Patton. Join me and my co-host, Timothy Olyphant as we dive into Hollywood in the 1980s when capitalism is king and greed is good.


How did Joe Hunt managed to con millions from investors? Why did a group of privileged young men had it all follow him down a road of destruction?


This is the true story of the billionaire boys club, where the end always justifies the means. Billionaire Boys Club premieres on August 18, subscribe on Apple podcast Spotify, or you can listen ad free and binge all six episodes right now by signing up for 100 plus in the Wonder app.