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Previously on Blood Ties, I am the governor of this island. I have armed guards around this entire property. Now, you were my teacher and my colleague and I respect you enormously. But if you try to leave here, you will be shot and dumped in the ocean. How dare you? You ask for my help and I give it. But this goes both ways. And if you turn up alive, then I go down and that isn't happening.


So you're saying, did you see the time stamp there in the corner about three hours before your parents took off? That's the Piper Saratoga that your parents were in that a car. Oh, that's a 67 Corvette 88. That's a pretty sweet ride. But we're we're actually looking for grandma left to see that. What is he doing? Maybe nothing, maybe maintenance. But we checked and he doesn't work there.


The trials dad did unfair core before he well disappeared. They all say the same thing that sometimes not a lot. But, you know, sometimes the drug kills people. Excuse me. Don't sell your shares. Don't give up the position of authority you have at Richland. We need to work together now. We need to stop them from rushing this to market or people are going to get hurt. National Transportation Safety Board. How may I direct your call, Agent Powell, please?


I'm sorry, sir. That tape has been transferred. What does that mean? It means I don't have any information for you and you have to contact the FBI to what? New Federal Bureau of Investigation. A listener note, this episode contains adult content on. FBI agent Novac Agent Novak, this is Dr. Michael Ridgeland.


Yeah, what can I do for you, Dr. Richland?


I wanted to see if maybe you guys have any new information on on why I'm now having to call the FBI for information on my parents death.


Well, you know, I can't speak to open investigations, sir. Not in particulars, at least. Is it because you suspect foul play? Foul play? Yes. Yes. In fact, we're gathering all the suspects in the parlor room. I think you know what I mean. I'm sorry that a little bit of humor there. Listen, sir, here's what I can do. Once you come in, we'll sit down and talk to the whole thing.


Wait, sorry.


Just just to be clear here. Is this an interrogation? Do I do I need a lawyer?


Well, I don't know, Dr. Richland. Do you know? Hell, no. No, I'm sorry. Took the little more Asian humor again there for you. Too early in the morning for them, I guess. No, no. This would just be a friendly chat. Yeah. Yeah. OK, OK, let's talk. Great. Great. Tomorrow night. See you then. Right now, come on, show your face, show your face right here.


Perfect timing. I need better software, something I can get High-Resolution resolution on this I can't see with. What are you doing? Stop. Stop it. I need the phone and take down all that garbage off the wall. Maps out the entire plot. Yeah, some of the stuff. That's it. That's months of research. It looks like a child's art project is just on my wall. I'm getting very close to finding out who did this to me.


You are getting very close to being caught. I got a phone call today from an Agent Novack at the Federal Bureau of Investigation wanting my help in finding a certain individual with a key and some might say obsessive interest in your plane crash. If tracked him to this island, that could be any one. You should Google me. There are people all over saying they've spotted me. It's like Elvis all over again. I got I've got fans in Mozambique who I where you all the documents I could get my hands on flight logs, the internal NTSB report, everything I could obtain I got for you.


Well, it's not enough. The answer isn't there. Their incompetence. The job is too big for them. Give me your cell phone. No cell phone or jail. You don't mean that. Fine. Now, please enjoy the rest of your stay here in peace, unplug, read a book, Binge Homeland, but stay quiet. I'm wondering, this is the second season of blood ties, and every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven, Jupiter, and you'll find your fortune falling all over town in.


This is Episode four, Foul Play. Are you sure this is Santeros apartment? I mean, I think it is. Oh, thank God. We need to talk to you, you maybe this guy. No fucking way. You know, we've been talking to the board at HHS House. They're going to let you in. Oh, yeah. Yeah, we're going to finish what we started. Thanks. But I'm not interested.


No, it's it's what you're owed you and your mother trying to make sure you get really, really, really rich. Hey, fuck off, man. Listen, I was out celebrating all night. Because I made my deal what? I settled for what I saw a paper that said, your dad is not my dad and I have no right to those shares and I got six million bucks for doing it. Oh, Santino, did your shares were worth more than 50 times that?


Only if I could ever get them. My mom's living off of a Go Fund Me campaign. Do you have any idea how humiliating that is? Getting seven dollars online from our mailman because her legal bills are so high for something we never wanted? I'm so sorry, but you guys have come to me first. No one will hire my mom because they think she's bad news. My mom, bad news. This society is fucked up. David, what the fuck did you do?


I just saw Santino and he told you how much money did you get? It's ridiculous to do right by him. That's what I did. No, I asked you to give Santino what he was owed, in my opinion. Oh, he was owed.


Wow. Well, guess what, David? I've changed my mind.


I'm not selling any more money than I've seen in their entire life. No, because I've got my brother Michael right here next to me, Dave. And he told me the truth about Vereker. Michael and I are blocking this until we know the numbers are good. We're taking it to the board and we're blocking it now. You can't do that. Of course we can. You don't have the votes. You're sharing three, Eleanor.


And then you made Santino sign a document saying he wasn't my father's son. So I guess he was never in the will after all. Michael and I have the shares to block this and you know it. Quite a legal conundrum. Go ahead. It sounds like this could take years to untangle. Want to fight me? Fine. Go to the ball and say, well, we will. Great. Just remember your shares in this company. Was phone call.


If there's no company, we don't care. You don't want to be rich. I don't believe that for a second before we do anything extreme, you may want to go your brother's name first, but see you in the board meeting. No, what did he say? He said, Google your brother. We're here at a hospital in Boulder, Colorado, where Dr. Michael Ridgeland went on a drug addicted rampage last week in an effort to kill his estranged fiancee, slapped him with a restraining order.


But that's his legal problems because he's being sold for malpractice after one of his patients died from a botched hash tag. Baseball salvors doctorate's with the horse. OK, Michael, you cannot keep watching this. Give me your phone. Double scotch. Neat.


No, no, no, no, no, no. Actually, I'm sorry, but can you get a club soda or a coffee, please? Michael, come on. It's enough. We need you right now and I need you sharp and on point.


I'll give you a thousand dollars to stop saying that because I don't feel very on point right now. As a matter of fact, I feel very so very off point, Michael. There is a way through this we could hire our own PR team to trash that story. I mean, it's bullshit. It's not true.


Oh, please, just leave me alone.


I'm sorry, but can we just fuck you for what? What is it? It's coming back with a great answer. Michael, talk to her. She's fair. She can help you. Nothing. You could use someone like her in your corner right now. I mean, she can't make it worse than it already is.


Oh, I couldn't possibly get where she is now officially. Gentlemen, this is rock bottom. We've yet come right back with Michael.


How are you doing? Do you really care? Not really. Just looking for confirmation or denial. And if I'm being honest, personally hoping for confirmation, what she's saying, confirm or deny. Sorry, which is it? Just tell her, Michael. Yes, it's true. It's all true. Michael, wait back to that. I'm estranged from the mother of my child. She's filed a restraining order because she considers me a threat to the child safety on her own.


And yes, I'm addicted to opioids, OxyContin, mostly others in a pinch. Got all that. Yeah, but so long.


Honey, honey, please don't print that here. Sit with the wait. Why did you do that? Because it's true. I'm a drug addict. One of my patients died last year and this is happening to me because I'm a fucking mess.


Yes, Connie, why don't you tell me all that, because I'm tired of lying to everyone all the time and I wanted to see what telling the truth would feel like. How did it feel? Good. OK, so then I have to ask you something else. Sure. Dad alive.


Connie, I never thought I'd say this to you, but I think it's time we finally meet in person. Hey, 1-3 listeners, I'm Nikki Boyer, host of The Daily Smil. Every day we bring you heartwarming stories that lift you up, shine a light and make you smile like our episode about Miss Utah USA. Rachel Slosson, a pageant queen who made history this year by doing something pretty radical, being her total authentic self to hear competing to be herself and other feel good stories of the daily smile.


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Life is short, can be heard wherever you listen to this podcast right now. Hey, you got a phone in here? Oh, and I double scotch and soda back. Thanks, Michael. Michael Uloom, I need your help desk question now is not the best time. Listen, you have to get me out of here. I can't take this anymore. What are you talking about? Where where are you calling from right now, Dr.. But I have to go, please get me out of here.


All right, well, come with me right now here. I need more information about who killed my wife.


Please come with me before this becomes an international incident and something I want to show you. I know who killed Marie. Michael Commy, nice to meet you. Hi, Connie. I'll hold up a vodka soda, so I'm right. Right? Yeah, he's alive. Wait, how did you know? Look at this. Nancy Reyes's go fund me. Look at these donations, 10 bucks, seven bucks. The biggest donation over a three week period, 65 dollars.


And then this 40 grand. Who gave her 40 grand?


I thought Eleanor did. It comes from a holding company registered in the Caribbean. How would that make you think of me? Because the company's called Eleanor PR. What? So initially I'm like, oh, PR public relations firm. But it's not a PR firm, is it? Oh, it's my middle name. Page Eleanor Page Richland. Eleanor PR. Yeah. And here's the thing. It's a wholly owned subsidiary of Richland Health Services, so it's a payoff.


Well, that's what I thought, but I asked Nancy and no one said anything to her. So, I mean, it's kind of pointless to pay someone off if they don't know you're doing it. So I thought, how do I know who's arrogant and rich enough to do something as stupid as that? Peter Richlands, I mean, he was never stupid, but he makes this donation. And then there's this.


What are all of these? These are the internal organs of a very, very sick company.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, guys, but one little push and this company is going down. And when the world finds out that the CEO of a public company faked his own death, that's not a little push. That's more like a giant shove down the stairs. You know, be the driver, why don't you take us around through the garage? Two days ago, I wanted nothing to do with any of this. Why do I feel so anxious right now?


Don't go up there. We tell the board what we know and let the chips fall where they may. And blood will flow when flesh and steel. One more poetic, Mr. William Shakespeare. I think that's starting, actually. Well, whatever it is, it's true that this is going to be a bloodbath. And I'm just glad our father isn't alive to see this.


Oh, I think he can see perfectly well. I think he's looking up at us all from his special little corner of hell right now. All right, enough. I've wanted him to see this for 12 years. You know, my second year. All right. Yes. I screwed up an important sales call. My fault made a mistake. And he made me wear a dog collar around the office for a week, though it was hilarious. That's when I decided I was going to take over this company, no matter how long it took.


How much shit I had to eat. I was going to take it over and make it bigger and better than he ever did. And that day is today, so I hope he's watching. And cue most awkward elevator ride in history. OK, everyone, if I could please have your attention. Thank you. All right, so I'm passing around a new data set on Varicorp. Please take a quick look kind of you, Michael, but they already have it.


No, this is the actual data. This set been weighted according to lab standards and double blind protocols internationally. And it shows that Vereker has killed 23 individuals over the course of testing. These are the real numbers. With that, I'd like to make a motion. You can't I move that we press pause on the rollout on Vereker until the data shows it's absolutely safe. No, I won't allow it. David, it's not up to you. This is a board meeting, not your fucking birthday party.


I won't allow it until the board votes on the motion already in front of them. Sorry, guys, because you weren't on the email. I moved that in light of recent conduct detrimental to the company and its shareholders. Michael Ridgeland be suspended from the board of directors of Richland Health Services. While he will remain as a shareholder, his shares will temporarily be shifted to common non-voting status. What? No, hold on. You can't do this all in favor or against.


I'm against. So am I. OK, so 10 in favor. One against two. Thank you all. Now, this has been a really emotional day for this company. A lot of turmoil. I think this company might need a dose of paracord.


This vote is not going to make the drug any safer.


I believe the data is solid. The FDA does, too. This board has the best interests of this company at heart. Richard, Michael, Michael. Michael, slow down. Now we need to hurry. We're going to go see Dad. My God. Oh, my God, Michael. That car. Sorry, it ended this way, David, that's a very nice car. It is. Is it a Corvette? Sixty seven. Eighty eight.


Listen to her sing. You know who that was back Addicks, give me another chance, a piece of shit acting CEO of a dying company, that and the guy who killed our mother. From Hungary, this is episode four of six of season two of blood ties. If you'd like to help us spread the word, please give us a five star rating and a review and be sure to tell your friends subscribe on Apple podcast, Spotify, the one area or wherever you're listening right now, join one plus in the one area to listen ad free and early.


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