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Previously on Blood Ties. FBI Agent Novak. Agent Novak, this is Dr. Michael Richland. I wanted to see why I'm now having to call the FBI for information on my parents death.


Well, you know, I can't speak to open investigations or not in particular, at least. I move that we press pause on the roll out on Vereker until the data shows it's absolutely safe. I won't allow it until the board votes on the motion already in full. And then I move that in light of recent conduct detrimental to the company and its shareholders. Michael Ridgeland be suspended from the board of directors of Richland Health Services. But no, hold on.


You can't do this all in favor. I'm all against. I'm against. So am I going to go see that? A listener note, this episode contains adult content on. All right, ready? Ready as I'll ever be. Oh, shit, hang on, I forgot my toothbrush. Oh, Jesus. My God, sec.


My dad is alive, some part of me must have always known, because when I found out he was alive for sure, I didn't feel surprised going to see him again, being face to face with him again after everything that's happened. That scares me.


OK, let's go to the town cars right out there. Going somewhere, I got that's the guy, the NTSB guy, I don't think he's NTSB or FBI, actually.


Nice to see you, Eleanor. Michael, we spoke on the phone. I'm Agent Novak. What is going on here? We have a search warrant. What?


Maybe tell your driver that you're going to be a minute can go ahead in boys and girls and let me see that documentary evidence, communications related to securities securities fraud violations. Here's the deal, guys. It's a major felony for the CEO of a publicly traded company to in any way mislead about their ability to run that company. If, say, the beloved CEO of a major health care corporation should survive a plane crash, but pretend not to at the very same time that he is the subject of seriously damaging media reports.


Well, that's a real problem. Know what? My people find any evidence in there of either of you communicating with your dad? I'm going to make this as clear as possible. We're not talking to anyone without our lawyer. OK, there's something I want you to hear right where I am, I need your memory. That's a voicemail that your dad left for your mom. So what message number? Twenty six. Thirty four a.m., December 26th, three days after your father supposedly died.


So you can see why this is problematic. God, those messages went all the way to New Year's Eve. So naturally, we were wondering, is there anything that we're going to find in their. Agent Novak, I've got to tell you, our lawyer. Where you two off to talk to our lawyer? Well, it's a free country. Just making conversation. Excuse me. My brother and I have something to discuss in private. Like I said, free country.


I'll be right here. Great to meet you. OK, come on, follow me. Where we going? Out the back. What? I think these fuckers here do this house because no one here will call someone to get over here. Don't you think it's a bad luck to literally flee out of the back of our house? We got to get to Dad now. The headlines make it clear that 20 20 is a year of national global turmoil, a time of profound and uncomfortable changes, many are experiencing personal feelings of anxiety or depression that they're not accustomed to.


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You better be and you'll find your fortune falling all over town in pennies from heaven. This is Episode five, Heart Failure. Here I am on a plane stone sober, not a sedative in sight, heading to the island again, the place where dad first proposed to mom when he was broke, med student, the place he kept coming back to with us every year, the place where he faked a major clinical drug trial and then faked his own death.


Another holiday in paradise. You know, you never answered my question before, but question how you got over your fear of flying. Oh, I just, you know, worked on it and I just said you were so terrified of it your whole life. And I guess I'm asking because I'm I'm impressed. I admire oh, I just started by climbing to the top of the tallest building in Portland every day, and then I go on the roof and forced myself to look over.


And then when that wasn't so scary anymore, I started to get my pilot's license, you got a pilot's license? Well, I started, but then I couldn't get past the simulation. So then I decided maybe I'll just do the craziest thing I could do. And so I went skydiving. Skydiving, huh? Scarey. Oh, yeah. Right, it's kind of. Governor, come with me right away where your dad is in the hospital. Had he collapsed his second heart attack in six months, the first time we took care of him in my residence, but this time I insisted he come here, place double bolus, 100 mg.


Good, good that we're here. Our air here, OK? We know who did this. We know who killed mom. Who made the plane go down. Michael, who are you referring to? David Hammer. He said he was late to get on dad's plane, but he was there. We saw the surveillance footage. Come with me. I have to share something with you. This room will do. Both of you sit down, please.


I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest with you. Yeah, you could say that last time I saw you, I knew your father was alive and I hid that from you because he asked me to. I'm sorry. I also knew from the beginning why the plane crashed, what my search and rescue teams found the plane's black box not long after the crash. Obviously, it shows your father survived so it could never come out. And even though he's a mentor and a benefactor and a dear friend, I didn't share this with him either because of what it might do to him if he knew you have a recording.


I do, I want to hear it.


We need to hear it, your father and sister to reach out to Rockhound passing out L'Italia information. I was praying on our three HAUTALA. I wonder what kind of tell you at this point. The flight data recorder shows that not only did your father engage the right against the terrorist advice, he also increased to you got it. Rockhill three three three oh oh oh. Oh, my God.


God, nobody tried to kill your father. Nobody tampered with the plane. The only person Peter Ridgeland has to blame is Peter Raichlen, himself governor.


He's awake now. Thank God. I'm going to go see him. He'll be glad to see you both. I'm here, Dad. I'm here. Michael. Hey, Dad. Oh, thank God. I'm sorry this happened. I'm sorry. Just just relax, Dad. Please relax. Please don't have another heart attack. I did this. I did all this. I killed your mother. The footage of David Hammer. I could have sworn that there's no damage.


There's just a fucking kiss ass. I hit on that. Dad, calm down.


David wanted to come with us on the plane. And David, he had his bag back. He had a goddamn hotel room rented in the Four Seasons to work through the holidays. With me now. I said, no, thank you. Not in those words.


What did you say to him then? Dad, I already had a fucking family. It's two kids who are extraordinary in every way that he is not right. I think I called him a glorified secretary, but we need to get him a few weeks or get him to the ICU, for God's sake. Absolutely not.


You leave me here and when I die, Dad, you're not going to die. God damn heart attack. That's poetic justice at this time. I've got to stay, Dad. Come on, Dad. Look, I. I didn't want it to turn out this way, I want a better feel for everyone. I had. And I love him, let him rest. I want to ask him a few things, I've got some questions for him.


He's got a lot of medication. He needs to rest. All we can do is hope and pray.


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Four Seasons Hotel police actually know the National Trust Bank downtown, please, what why you said you have questions. I think I know where the answers might be. Dad, dad has a safe deposit box. How do you know that? What's in there? I've never seen anybody make me a cosigner on it.


Did. Oh, shit, Connie. Answer it, he sure. Yes. What do I say? Oh, the slow play. Find out what you know. Hi, Connie. Oh, the news about the FBI raid is coming out. Yeah, yeah, we know the feds are not fucking around. They know he's alive, or at least they suspect it is OK. Oh, God, I don't even know what I am at this point.


I I'm about to close a story on your dad. When? By now. Oh my God. She's about to run her story. She knows she can't tell Michael. It's about to come out one way or another. You know, I'm just calling for comment. Put it on speaker. No, I'm fine. Connie. Connie. Hey, can you hear me? Yeah. Hey, Connie. Off the record. Off the record. OK, we're down here with him.


Wait a minute. You're there. You fled. I know it looks like that, but our dad had a heart attack. He's not. Well, I. I'm sorry. Thanks for your concern, Connie. Listen, I won't share where you are, but I need a comment from you, a comment for the story. Do you have a comment about your dad being alive? Oh, my God. Hello. What's the deal, guys?


The deal, Connie. The deal is we're probably going to prison for felony fraud, Michael. At least I am. And I'm definitely never going to get to meet my son.


No, you don't know that. Michael Skakel here, guys. Connie, can you just please hold off? Listen, I. I can't I'm telling you that there is a bigger story here about Rachel and Health Vereker. What are you talking about? Go to the Sisters of Charity Clinic in the Bronx and ask for Dr. Gibbons, and he will give you everything you need. I'm sorry, I don't write for the frickin National Enquirer. I don't horse trade stories, Connie.


Trust me, this is a better story. This is the story of a company on the edge of collapse. It's about an acting CEO who ignored all the red flags and data, tricked regulators all to bring a dangerous drug to market. Just could you give us a day, OK? OK. Sisters of Charity Clinic in the Bronx, Dr. Richard Given's. The story has got bottom. We're here for a safe deposit box, voice identification, please.


Michael Richland, password, please. Welcome, Dr. Richard Olney, thank you. Insert joke here. Take your time, let me know when you're done. Ellie. How much is in there, this, in case you ever wondered, is what a million dollars in hard cash looks like, along with a thumb drive? And here in the desk of Peter got here. Remember the stationary password? Oh, this is a go back. How long has it been here?


Five, seven years, at least.


Wait, wait, wait. If the feds do come, why not look even worse if you're carrying a million dollars in cash in a bag like a fucking gangster. Not leaving it here with the password. Torcy.


Oh, God, that's a lot of money. Can you take us back to the hospital, please, as quickly as possible? I am into Bank of Canada. My God, it's empty. Holy shit. This one, too. First federal overdrawn. This one says you are not recognized. Do you think he moved accounts since he wrote this or used it on? How's he doing, Governor? Don't go in now, we need to talk to him.


I'm so sorry I was trying to call you.


He's gone what when, 15 minutes ago. I'm sorry.


He was a great man and he died in his sleep. Honestly, I think in the end he died of a broken heart. Never stopped asking about your mother. Let's face it, these last few months have been hard and it's only going to get harder. Maybe this was. For the best. Elena, still don't go in. Which my dad. We've removed his body already, and I don't understand we want to see him one last time. I'm sorry, but the less you know from this point forward, the better.


Excuse me. I have a plan to make this all go away once and for all. From Wall Street, this is episode five of six of season two of blood ties. If you'd like to help us spread the word, please give us a five star rating and a review and be sure to tell your friends subscribe on Apple podcast, Spotify, the one area or wherever you're listening right now, join one plus in the one area to listen ad free and early.


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But Berlusconi's wealth, charisma and control over the media made him one of the most influential men in the world until three women and two words brought him down.


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